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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news at 6:00. and a cabbie in new jersey shots in face. this is a live look. the vehicle parked outside the police station in east orange. >> westchester county family is desperate to find a missing teenager that may need medical help. >> and rain to start the day. and the helps will be feeling anything but spring like. good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken. it's monday, march 28th! >> and no more 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. ask here's meteorologist bill evans. >> wanting to show you a scene without all the fog this morning. this is the best we have at the moment. looking across the east refer river.
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that's where it's been hanging around most the morning. west hampton, cooler at 49. 40, white plains. and around wrightstown, 45. here's the heaviest rain along long island. and central jersey toward philly. this will be surging and you and in through the morning commute and a good batch of rain through 8:00, 9:00, through noontime. then the sun will broke break out later today. we could have a temperature near 60. heather! the son sun will come out -- >> in a couple hours [ laughter ]
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bronx, manhattan bound, an accident has been cleared away. on the bqe northeast at the brooklyn bridge, another accident cleared away. a heavy delay into that spot. and 96th street between broadway and west end. a water main break. and that is out there out for a while as well. so something you'll have to deal with as you travel along the west side of manhattan. long island railroad, metro north, all fine. george washington bridge, lincoln, holland, all doing just fine. and a quick look at the web cam. show you sunrise highway and all the activity that goes with that accident i told you about. street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle, lori, back to you. a taxi driver shot in the face while in his cab. amazingly he was able to drive himself to police headquarters. >> and that shooting happened just hours ago on davis place. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in east orange. darla?
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again, that cabby's car, the crown vic is sitting here on east orange on east munn. i want to show you where you see officers standing here. we've actually been moved back from the crime scene. after this rockets they'll expand the perimeter a bit more. this all started on davis place. this is what the scene looks like there. according to taxi company dispatcher, they received a call around 3:00 this morning discussing a pickup from that location when the driver arrived. at some point, left shot in the face. this is on east orange. only about 3 minutes away. so the driver did get himself here. he's being treated in newark at this time. we're told he has been able to speak to police. no word on his injuries. in terms of official
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to get -- still waiting on getting official statements. >> thank you, darla. today the man accused of killing an nypd detective will go before a judge. demetrius blackwell pled not guilty to the killing of brian moore. his attorney is considering an insanity defense. all right. now police are searching for a teenager way mental health condition missing in westchester county. john carlos rivera is a diagnosed schizophrenic. the 16-year-old was last seen yesterday afternoon near his home on hawthorne avenue in yonkers. he was wearing black jeans and a white long sleeved tee shirt with a graphic design. 6:04. and an manhattan hasn't been seen by his family for several days.
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early friday morning. his nephew says sharfstein, whose family escaped germany and fled israel, is not showing signs of dementia or failing health. but late thursday night, workers at his building say he seemed agitated and road rode the elevators for a while before walking out around 1:00 >> he was wearing a light coat. i saw his scarfs. he left without his wallet and i. d.'s which are upstairs. we're very concerned. >> that family is putting up posters around the city hoping someone can help find him. this morning, three people detained over the weekend during raids in brussels are being held on terrifying moments related -- terror related charges.
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to produce self-described fashionists protesting -- fascists protesting. the first funerals are underway in pakistan following a deadly bombing in the eastern city of lahore. 70 people, we now understand. that's the number. they were killed in sunday's attack targeting christians celebrating easter. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the suicide attack. 6:06. and happening today, the president's nominee for the supreme court is on capitol hill. has met with several senators since his nomination. but tomorrow, he'll meet with the first time with a republican senator. mark kirk became the first republican to break from his party calling for a vote on garland's nomination. since then, another gop lawmaker called for his
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>> here you go. you're never more than 7 minutes away from traffic and weather. bill evans with your forecast. >> here you go. this is at fort lee, new jersey, near the george washington bridge. and looking toward the west. look at the east and west side. we can barely make out the west side in this rain. and here's how it looks like much the area. rain, scattered showers, light rain. we'll have this puddling here. make sure you have the right footwear, boots, umbrella, raincoat. the local be chilly with a northwest coming in at 42 degrees. heavier rain is down the jersey shore to our south and a batch to our west. this batch comes through at lunchtime. this low right here in cleveland is going to keep cutting up into canada. the local make this afternoon. and as it continues into canada, chilly air for us tonight and tomorrow. have your rain gear handy. by lunchtime, it tapers off. and by early afternoon, we have brightening skies. and breaks of sun and 60 degrees by the time we roll toward 5:00. and then clearing skies for tonight. at the bus stop, kiddos, you'll need your rain gear on. the hubbleberries have their rain on, as you see. >> uh-huh. >> after school, it should be great! >> yeah. >> and that all dressed for playing in the sand box this afternoon. >> that's right. a little wet in the sand box. hopefully it was covered. [ laughter ] >> but we'll be there. here's a look at sunrise highway. we'll explain what's going on. it remains closed both ways with an accident. we also have this problem as you travel on the north state throughway south near exit 14b,
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and right near north avenue close to newark airport, another collision. i checked in. all the airports at this time are reportedly running on or close. but it's not a bad idea to get in touch with your individual carrier this morning. 96th street between broadway and west end. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. michelle, lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you as we continue this morning. an elderly woman becomes the latest victim in a violent robbery free spree in brooklyn and queens. she's talking about her terrifying experience. >> a discovery in central park. a twist in a truly strange race for the white house. >> and a final four stunner for syracuse. the orange is moving on in the
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presidential hopefuls in both parties are gearing up for the wisconsin primary. hillary clinton has two events today in wisconsin. this comes after her opponent bernie sanders gained sweeping victories in three states
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john kasich and ted cruz are in wisconsin also today. kasich says his continued candidacy is what will prevent trump from getting the office. a headstone was discovered in central park yesterday. at the bottom of the headstone of "donald trump" was "made america hate again." officials removed it shortly after this photo was taken. happening today, we can find out whether the supreme court will hear a former illinois governor easter sunday bid to get out of friday. the democrat attempted to sell an appointment to president obama's old senate seat. five of his 18 convictions have been tossed out. he's asking the high court to overturn the others. 6:13. time for your accuweather forecast.
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outside our studios on the upper west side. hi, bill! >> good morning my hell and lori and heather and everybody -- good morning michelle and lori and heather and everybody. we have rain. it's chilly, damp, raw. you need your rain gear, boots, umbrella, all that good stuff. wet roadways, sidewalks, that kind of thing. taking the subway, getting in the car, getting in the subway, bus stop, taking the train, get all your gear. this is our roof top camera. to the north, cloudy skies. east wind at 13. and an east wind is always rather raw and nasty. and we'll see a falling pressure meaning atmosphere unstable. means it's going to get windy, too. normal high is 54. 55 yesterday. and the sunset at 7:17. take notice! buzz we should have a pretty sun -- because we should have a pretty sunset later today. 43, long island.
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wind out of the northeast. rain coming up from the south. and that's classic nest around the area. so you'll need your gear. wind picking up today. 7, the 14 miles per hour now with gusts near 20. the heavier rain near long island and south. that rain south comes up and over us today. that's what will give us a rainy commute and day. that front to our west slides through which will make it windier today. and behind that, much cooler air. at least with the wind the local feel much cooler for tomorrow. so here is rainfall amounts so far. nearly 2/10 down the jersey shore with the rain. it's 9:00, 10:00. here's the heavy amount of rain over us. temperature hits 52 by the way we get to lunchtime. with the sun breaking out late in the day and the southwest wind, 60 degrees in new jersey. near 60 near the park.
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but look at the snow upstate. heavy, wet snow. we always say wait until after a normal easter. easter is early on the calender. how about another week? tomorrow will be starting off with chilly temperatures near normal. and the local feel kind of chilly tomorrow with the wind. so today, kiddos, for school this morning, grab your rain gear after school. sunny breaks and temperatures near 60 degrees. the local be winds go southwest. the local feel nice. overnight, clear, windy, and colder. the wind goes northwest. so tomorrow is a chilly day with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour at the coast. and we're looking at plenty of sunshine with the chilly wind out of the northeast. making it feel like the 40s all day long. then wednesday's a nice day. we end march on thursday in the upper 60s. ten we kick off friday, april 2nd with some weather. but cold air shoots in here for the weekend. >> so be sure to plant the
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do it next week after this weekend. me, i prefer big boy or better boy tomatoes. just my favorite brand by the way if you're planting those. [ laughter ] >> yes, they are very good! >> big beefsteak tomatoes! >> i like a jersey tomato! >> grab your rain gear. nasty out here! >> thank you, bill. so if you're waking the -- taking the subways, we have some issues. expect delays at willow's point. and multivehicle accident here. but check out the delay as you go southbound on the connecticut turnpike, i-95. looking at a problem here on the new york state throughway near exit 14b. that's a vehicle fire. and sunrise highway, we still have this accident. so all lanes are closed down. that's in both directions. going into new jersey, routes 1 and 9 north near north aver,
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you can see how -- avenue, that's another collision. airports are doing okay. ten minutes apiece holland inbound. street cleaning rules are in effect today. >> the final four is now set in men's college basketball. and you can color one-half of saturday's national semifinals orange and blue. the orange comes from central new york. syracuse overcame a 16-point deficit to knock off acc rival virginia last night in the midwest regional final. the orange is the first no. 10 seed to ever reach the final four. the blue that lori mention mentioned comes from north carolina. the tar heels are back in final four for a record 19th time and beat an acc rival as they knocked overneater dame -- notre dame. they're the only no. 11 seed remained in the -- no. 1 seed remained in the tournament. the championship game is next
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it is 6:18. and a commuter alert this morning. for subway riders in manhattan. >> details -- pardon me -- details on the big construction work disrupting travel. >> and movie fans not discouraged by the reviews. iphone users are reporting a possible bug with ios9.3. >> it causes a wide range of apps to crash and freeze, mostly on newer devices like the iphone 6s plus. they're reportedly working on a fix. >> a big day if you've been waiting for this head severe thunderstorm. >> it officially launches today -- head severe thunderstorm. it officially launch -- headset. it officials launched today.
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wall street futures are pointing to a higher open. the dow starts the day at 17,515, overseas, japan's average lost. the no. 1 composite gained 1%. and reports say microsoft is in talks to secure financing for the purchase of yahoo. a sell could cost up to $10 billion. paperless prescriptions are now the law of the land across new york state. doctors, dentists and other health care professionals must should you electronically send prescriptions directly to
6:24 am
paper scripts to patients. the new law is aimed to fight painkiller abuse and reduce handwriting errors. the highly anticipated epic superman" topping off the box office sales. it's the fourth biggest domestic opening and could be brothers. >> no more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. and meteorologist bill evans. >> rain, clouds, fog. all that stuff here. and the clouds kind of low here around. and we've got rain coming up. another batch of rain to the south. that'll be swinging through central and northern new jersey through the commute here. some of the rain heavier toward suffolk county and the river and coastal connecticut. we'll be looking at more rain coming up here through the morning commute and afternoon.
6:25 am
northeast wind here are on the chilly side. low 40s. a northeast wind at 16 miles per hour. the local only get higher. 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. it's weather with heather every 7 minutes. how's it going out there? >> this is the inlincoln tunnel. it's -- lincoln tunnel. 495 eastbound at the top of the helix, an accident. holland is a so-minute delay. george washington doing great. problems at willow's point. expect problems. the bqe southwest, another collision is cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. workers and labor advocates will rally at the new york state capital to raise the minimum wage.
6:26 am
to raise the minimum wage to $15. the governor wants a state budget negotiated on this week. it would gradually raise the minimum wage eventually hitting the $15 mark in new york city in two years. 6:25 right now. heads up if you ride the one train. a large stretch will be shut down each night the next two weeks. beginning tonight through next friday next week, there will be no trains overnight street to deitman's street. free shuttle buseses will be available. take the a or c train as an alternate. still ahead this morning, a taxi driver shot while on the job. live in east orange, new jersey, with the search on the gunman. >> and a shooting in upper manhattan now becoming a murder investigation. >> and time square's more
6:27 am
additional heat today from business leaders at the crossroads of the world. >> and how long is this rain going to last today?
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anan new video just in, one of the brussels terrorists, as the death toll jumps again. >> police in new jersey are trying to piece together a shooting that left a cab driver seriously hurt. >> i think they were in the house and i was down on the ground. >> a woman talks about her run- in with a violent robber in brooklyn. it is an eyewitness news exclusive. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> thanks for starting your monday with us. it is monday, march 28. you are never more than 10 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> visibilities have very low. you can barely make out 59 the
6:31 am
low visibilities this morning. that is the rink to the right there. it is a poor visibility morning. you might want to check in with your air carrier. 42 degrees. east wind at 13. 43 around brook haven. these numbers are a little warmer than normal. but a northeast wind coming in. rain along the coastal connecticut coast. and rain headed to staten island. a good old batch of rain coming up through the morning commute. and the front around williams port to pittsburgh, that pushes through at lunchtime. it will get windy this afternoon. we are looking at rain. until we get to about 1:00. and then later today, we could get to near 60 degrees by the time we get between 3:00 and 6:00 and toward sunset. which is pretty this evening. pretty chilly this evening. we will have that coming up. >> you mentioned the airport, i checked in. at this point the airport is
6:32 am
schedule but it is not a bad idea to check with your individual carrier. inbound the lincoln tunnel, an accident eastbound 495 at the top of the elism. that accident -- helix. that accident is being taken care of. washington bridge. signal problems in areas. and connecticut turnpike, going multi-vehicle accident. result. check out the delay. as you come southbound on the connecticut turnpike as a result. and then this ongoing problem here, on the new york state thruway, a vehicle fire. and street cleaning rules are in effect for today. over to you. >> heather thank you. 6:32. breaking news in new jersey. police in east orange are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a taxi driver mid ride. the shooting happened about 3:00 this morning. on davis place. the victim is now in the hospital. eyewitness news reporter darla
6:33 am
outside the police headquarters. darla? >> well, within the last half hour, we have moved locations to the opposite side of the crime scene. and i want to show you there the car was here, but it was recently towed, again, within the last half hour, and you can see just a little bit of the vehicular traffic, because the avenue here is open now. it wasn't open initially. let's go to davis place where this all started at 3:00 this morning. that's where according to the taxi dispatch company, they received a call for a pickup around 3:00 this morning. now, at some point, we are not clear, as if the shooting happened on davis place, if it happened mid ride, but we do know at some point that taxi driver was shot in the face and managed to drive himself about three minutes away here to police headquarters on south munn avenue. we are told that the driver is talking, and he is at university hospital and being treated. now, we are still waiting for an official word from the east orange police department. again, we saw lots of police
6:34 am
and evidence collection here at the vehicle. before it was towed away. within the last 15 to 30 minutes. again, we are waiting for word from them. but no word on any suspects at this time, either. reporting live in east orange, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. new details in the shooting of a teenager in east harlem. police say the young victim has died. 16-year-old du juan tav res was shot in the head friday afternoon outside the jefferson houses on third afternoon. he died yesterday in harlem hospital. the shooting happened across the street from a middle school. police say the incident started as an argument between two groups at the housing complex. no arrests have been made. 6:34. sentencing day for a man who tried to kill a suffolk county a year ago. mark hollands was shot twice in huntingdon station, it happened after a handcuff following a
6:35 am
239-year-old was convicted in january. he faces 40 years to -- the 23- year-old was convicted in january. he face 40s years to life in prison. an eyewitness news exclusive. a latest victim in a violent crime spree is talking with her run-in with a dangerous thief. the 84-year-old woman was left with dark bruises on her face and this morning, we are getting a new look at the suspects. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in brooklyn. diana? >> reporter: michelle, good morning. police say this morning, that that suspect is wanted in other attacks throughout the city. that 84-year-old victim is recovering this morning and talking exclusively to eyewitness news about the terrifying moments she said she heard, a knock at the door over the weekend, she answered it and a man with a gun pushed her way into the apartment. this is a look at the suspect. this is a new sketch of the suspect police have just released. they believe he is responsible for four other crimes. on elderly people in brooklyn and queens the last couple of months and caught on camera leaving the victim's building
6:36 am
attack. just before 5:00, saturday evening, police say the man followed the 84-year-old woman, erika von kendall inside her building. when she went in the apartment, he knocked on her door. when she hoped it, he hit her in the face with a gun. listen to what she says happened next. >> it was something in his hand, it was larger than his hand, and i just got it right here. >> what does it feel like now? >> awful. he needs somebody to just grab him and put him somewhere where he can't get out. like jail. >> reporter: the suspect took off on foot. nothing was taken from the victim's apartment. she believes it was her dogs that were barking that scared the man off. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers this morning. we're live in the kensington section of brooklyn, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. 6:36. breaking news. we learned four more victims in
6:37 am
bringing the death toll now to 35. as police release this new video, showing one of the airport attackers. now, it is the first time we have seen moving video showing the man in the hat who many thought was in custody. and now it appears that person in custody is not the man in this video. and police are working to identity him. nypd is also responding to the violence overseas with a meeting today on counter- terrorism efforts. the mayor will sit down this afternoon with the police commissioner and other police official force an exercise in the city's efforts to fight terrorism. they are expecting to learn more about the nypd's plans this afternoon. it is 6:37 right now. today, a tradition more than one century old will get a new twist at the white house. the first family will welcome thousands of people for president obama's final easter egg roll. and for the first time, the day's festivities includes a fun run, as part of the first lady's let's move campaign.
6:38 am
egg roll was held in 1878. a long time ago. >> right. it is 6:37. and more than 10 minutes -- no more than 10 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill? >> hey, hey, hey, our camera from rutherford, new jersey, across 109. and well, we can't really see manhattan from there. but we can see the tidal wetland otherwise known as the swamps of miami. here we go. a look at -- of new jersey. here we go. here is a look at other cameras. the roof cameras, can't see really anything. kind of a pipeout. 42 degrees. rain. low clouds. fog, east winds coming in. it makes for a raw nasty mess. heavier rain to the south here around monmouth and ocean county. and mercer county. trenton. that is moving on up by 7:00. to the five buroughs, to northern new jersey to long island and eventually coastal connecticut. rain through the morning commute. at time moderate to heavy. the wind picks up this afternoon. the skies brighten just after lunchtime.
6:39 am
and it is 60 degrees, before we really get chilly tonight and tomorrow. at the bus stop, it is the tale of two bus stops. here with the huckleberries this morning, we have the rain gear after school. great weather for after school sports today. around 58 degrees. sun and clouds. and it will be a little on the windy side. and chilly, windy weather tomorrow. we talk about that, next. weather, then heather. and you are still busy with the sunrise highway. >> sunrise highway is still a mess. but we have a glimmer of hope. let's go over to the maps and i can tell you that sunrise highway, we have the ongoing accident investigation. right near the oyster bay expressway. all eastbound lanes are closed. but westbound, there are two lanes closed. there is some traffic now soming westbound on sunrise highway. and -- coming westbound on sunrise highway. 495 east at the top of the helix head together lincoln tunnel, an accident at the tox the helix, about -- top of the helix, 10 minutes getting into the toll, once you get bast the
6:40 am
washington bridge, a -- my another delays. and the kosciuszko bridge, another mess that is cleared away. the connecticut purn tike south. right near 13. a multi-vehicle accident taken care of. new york state thruway has a vehicle fire near 14b. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori and michelle, over to you. >> thank you so much. new video of a lake of fire, a fast-moving fire, destroyed a row of boats. >> and what rapper azalea banks is saying about her arrest in manhattan at a nightclub and what this video reveals. >> rain this morning, remember, you can track weather any time
6:41 am
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a video showing the flames that tore through a dock on an oklahoma lake. that fire started last night on a houseboat and it quickly spread to several other boats. firefighters were able to pull the boat away from the dock, and then they put out the fire. several people were trapped on the other side of the dock when the fire broke out. firefighters rescued them. and mo one was hurt. pluesive surveillance video shows a fight that spilled
6:44 am
it happened in a store on 179th street and washington heights this weekend. a man in a hoody is seen fighting with a woman and shoving her. then a second man joined in the fight. the first man grabbed a large knife. ran outside. and stabbed two people. one of them was critically hurt. so far, there have been no arrests. >> rapper azalea banks returns to court today to face charges that she attacked a security guard at a nightclub in chelsea. now, this appearance comes one day after banks posted video on the confrontation of the twitter account. the 24-year-old was thrown out of the up and down club during a scuffle with a bounce ner december. police say banks bit the woman escorting her out and tried to punch her in the face. she was arrested and charged with assault. and wrote on twitter, questioning why it required three men to forcibly remove her from the club. opening day approaches for the yankees and the mets, new
6:45 am
mayor bill deblasio says he will sign the ban in the next two weeks. deblasio says the early focus is on education, and warning, but the mayor says officials will not hesitate to fine any major league baseball player who ignores the band. new york city would be the fourth city to ban chewing tobacco in its ballparks. 6:24. "good morning america" is coming up next. we check in with robyn roberts live in times square. good morning, robben. >> good morning. coming up on gma, the latest on the wild weekend in politics. the personal attacks between the republican front-runners, not letting up and of course the news for donald trump, the g.o.p. candidate becomes a grandfather again. and a really good weekend for bernie sanders. that and a lot more ahead. >> and also ahead, that severe weather over easter weekend. many hit by hail. record rainfall. and a new storm is developing out west. and sweeping across the country. what you can expect. >> and caught on camera. thieves quickly clearing out a car dealership. they stole multiple cars.
6:46 am
within minutes. >> wow. >> we have the video of the fast and furious. you will see it here, on gma. "good morning america." [ laughter ] >> have a good show. thanks. >> thank you, folks. 6:45. a check on the accu-weather forecast. we will check in with meteorologist bill evans outside. >> make sure you have the rain gear. a little light mist right now. low clouds, fog, rain, the accu- weather, heavier rain coming from the south. and coming across here for the morning commute. a look outside. this is our camera this morning. right here, in astoria. looking south. from astoria, queens, where else would you find a princess, but in queens? as we look down the east river here, clouds, fog, rain, 42 and east wind at makes it nasty and chilly and raw. yesterday's high on easter sunday with sunshine was 55. it was a really nice day. later on today, sunsets at 7:13. it might be pretty light. but we have rains in the morning commute. until early afternoon, and then
6:47 am
will get windy, and the wind out of the southwest, and that could warm us up to 60. tomorrow is going to be a chilly wind. good morning. and then we are going to be looking at a warmer end to the weekend, into march. and march is going to go out screaming. but the rain is going to return. and we have a chilly weekend coming up. 42 up in the hudson river valley. 41 to armonk. and 45 down along the jersey shore. the east wind is picking up over the last few hours. mostly out east, as it picks up, and makes it feel kind of chilly and raw and rainy. the visibility down to two miles toward white plains and then down the jersey shore. about 8-mile visibility. not bad and not great either. the rain we are talking about this morning. the rain in central southern jersey moving to the north. we will be seeing that rain and that batch of rain, off to the west, and sliding through the area, this morning, and as we are going to be on with the front, pushing in toward lunchtime, early afternoon. and then that low comes up into the great lakes. and that will give us some windy weather.
6:48 am
toms river and everybody else. more rain, by 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00, moderate rain. and temperatures get to 50 by lunchtime. and leftover showers. and then the sun breaks down this afternoon. and we get to right at 60 degrees. in the park. and then tomorrow morning, we start off with temperatures in the low 40s. and it will be windy. it will be chilly tomorrow. around the low 50s tomorrow. you will need your warm gear, for the day tomorrow. after your rainy gear today. kiddos at the bus stop, for kids to school today, back to school, back to work, after school, breaks of sun and windy and 60 degrees. tonight, 41 degrees. with 30s in the suburbs. and it is chilly and windy. and tomorrow the wind gusts tomorrow, at the coast could go to 40 miles an hour. and 25 to 30 miles an hour wind around the rest of the area. looking at 54 on tuesday. and 55 on wednesday. and we will look at what is going to be some warmer weather to kick off a nice day friday. and by the weekend, arctic air coming down.
6:49 am
so as we always say, you know, normally, easter is next weekend, on the calendar, a little bit early this year, and wait until after easter to plant. plant that garden. you know. folks, plant the tomato, and more. >> and the butter beans. and green beans. >> oh, man, i do not have a green thumb. >> now i just want mayonnaise and tomato and salt sandwich. >> the best. >> yes. >> i grew up on a farm. >> which is why i love doing the weather in new york city. i don't have a green thumb either. [ laughter ] >> get back in here. >> okay. >> back to heather. we are going to be talking about the signal problems, and you can expect delays. and we have a huge accident at fdr drive southbound. and that is an accident where all lanes are subject to closure. we are also taking a look at the lincoln tunnel trying to get there via 495 east by route 3. an accident. once you get past that, that earlier accident atop the helix
6:50 am
40 minutes inbound at the lincoln. a stalled vehicle out of the upper level tolls. a 10 minute delay. the holland tunnel is 20 minutes. sunrise highway, this problem is still with us. and an accident investigation. eastbound, you're closed. westbound side, we do have at least one lane getting through that area. feaskt in fact we can take a look at the web cam and show you that. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle, over to you. >> thank you, heather. up next, why some consumers claim a popular brand of deodorant really stinks. >> another costumed character is facing legal trouble in times square as business
6:51 am
6:52 am
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welcome back. 6:52, old spice is planning to sweat out a lawsuit, with underarm burns and rashes on men. procter & gamble that makes old spice says the reactions could be caused by a number of factors. happening today, and it means calls for changes in times square, comes as another cos tume character faces problems with the law.
6:54 am
demanding changes to plazas aggressive characters pressure for tips. the legislation is being introduced to regulate the pedestrian plaza. it is now 6:53. we are following a breaking story in new jersey. a cab driver has been shot on the job. the wounded cabby drove himself to get help. we will get a live update, on
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:56. back to breaking news we have been following all morning. out of new jersey. and a cab driver has been shot in the face. >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in east orange, with the latest. darla, good morning. >> good morning again, lori, michelle. this cab driver managed to drive himself pretty much to the front door of east orange police headquarters after being shot in the face. this all started on dairves place, which is about three miles away at 3:00 this morning. according to the taxi company, they received a call for pickup at that location. and now, it is not that the passenger got in the car or not, it is not clear, but at this point, this driver was slot in the face and drove himself about three minutes away to the police headquarters on south munn avenue and east orange. and we are also told that that driver is talking. he is being treated for his injuries at the university hospital. at newark at this point. we are still waiting for an official word from east orange police regarding any suspects. reporting live in east orange, darla miles, channel 7
6:58 am
>> thank you, darla. also, a teenager is dead, just days after being shot near an east harlem housing project. 15-year-old juan taveres was shot yesterday afternoon in jefferson house and he died in the hospital. the shooting happened across the street from a middle school. no arrests have been made. new video released this morning from brussels shows a man believed to be involved in the deadly airport attack. police are working to identify the man in the hat as the death toll from last week's terror attacks rises. this morning, belgian officials confirm four more victims have died. bringing the number of people who were killed in that to 35. >> let's get a check on the morning commute. a final check with hether. >> busy out there. >> let's go to the maps and talk to you about all of the problem, fdr drive, an accident, everything is subject to closure. the white stone bridge, queens bound, an accident.
6:59 am
the harlem lane, or the hudson line rather is experiencing delays. long island transit doing fine. route 3 east through the lincoln tunnel, an accident. and 40 minutes inbound lincoln. george washington bridge, upper level stall. delay. so pretty tricky. not a bad idea to think about mass transit if you haven't left the house yet. >> we mentioned the orange men. a lot of syracuse men and women >> yup. final four. >> yes. >> wow. >> very cool. >> here we go. take a look outside. congratulations to them. we have the rain and it is going to rain through lunchtime to early afternoon. we are at 42 degrees. we are at 43 white stone. and 45 cambria heights and 44 long island coastal connecticut. now we have some chilly weather. windy weather. look at the rain coming up from the south today. we will have the rain through lunchtime. probably a half inch of rain. kind of chilly. but the sun breaks out, 60 degrees. and the wind picks up this evening, and tonight, it is a
7:00 am
back to nice by wednesday. closing out the month like a lion. >> all right. >> thank you. have a great morning, everyone thanks for being with us. good morning, americas. severe spring storms tear through the heartland. reported tornadoes and golf-ball size hail pound the as record rains lead to flash floods in the south. now, more severe weather is coming. . southwest to the southeast on high alert. also breaking right now, new and chilling video of the brussels' terror suspects from the moment before the airport blast. a massive man hunt under way right now. the other horror, at least 65 people died in a new isis-inspired attack. targeting christians on easter


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