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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a passenger jet with americans on board, hijacked in the middle east this situation still unfolding right now, learning new details about the hijacker. two homes went up the flames over night just blocks from la guardia airport. and you'll want to check with your airport if you have a flight today, the winds are whipping and many streets are littered with trees. good morning i'm lori stokes. i'm michelle charles. it is tuesday march 29th. and you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. let's take a look at some of these temperatures you can look at our camera here in astoria queens, 45 degrees. look at those wind profiles out of the northwest, 44 long island, northwest winds are chilly wind these are the wind speeds that are sustained
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hour at flushing 26 in jfk, 21 long island here are the gusts from over night 47 white plains jfk we'll see moreof that off and on all day long today see the temperatures climb to 54 this afternoon which is right at normal for this time of the year. it is weather than heather ever 7 minutes is that causing any problems out there? we have this accident on 17 i don't know if wind was the cause definitely could have been 17 southbound right near high land cross an accident involving a tractor trailer and a car. we have all lanes closed down traffic being diverted on union avenue as you go through that spot. here is a look at the george washington bridge you see how bouncy that camera is. the outbound side moving much better than it was earlier and this is because we had an earlier accident on the upper level but the accident has been clearedded. inbound lincoln and holland 5 minutes a piece that will certainly build up. one train signal problems at 103rd street so you can expect some uptown delays as the result new jersey transit long
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running on or close to schedule degan south at the cross bronx, you have heavy delays as you come southbound our street cleaning rules are in effect. lori over to you. heather thank you. breaking news this morning out of egypt where a passenger plane has been hijacked the flight from alexandria to cairo was over taken and flown to the island of cyprus. according to officials, the hijacker is an egyptian national. told he is demanding asylum and wearing an exclosive belt. in the last half hour the president said terror i feel has been ruled out and that the hijacker may be a quote love sick man bent on reuniting with his former wife. there are reports that several americans were among the passengers. right now only 7 people remain on the also seeing video this
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area of towering trees that were no match for powerful winds thousands of homes and businesses are without power right now and we haven't seen the last of the strong gusts. eyewitness news reporter diana rocko is life in yonkers. >> good morning it is indeed a windy morning we've certainly been seeing and feeling the effects of that with the outages across the tristate as you mentioned a lot of people are waking up to scenes much like this one here on reymond place in yonkers the street is closed after the high winds brought this tree down some time over night uprooting the sidewalk and landing right this suv not a good morning for the driver of this car. elsewhere in west chester mount vernon saw trees and branches down on a line of parks cars near west fourth street more than 2,000 people in west chester are without power this morning. over on long island, nassau and
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down, dear park lines are down and police are on the scene over night at west fifth street and oakland avenue. back live the tree is down blocking the road here the lines are down so police are on the scene awaiting clean up crews to come and take this tree down so they can start restoring power to some of the people on this street. we are live in yonkers channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. new york city building crews are cleaning up another mess from the winds over night, shot this new video in hamilton heights after portions of a large sidewalk shed were blown down. about 200 feet of sidewalk was left uncovered near broadway and west 133rd street nobody was hurt. the cars parked in the area will have to be moved. now to a developing story a wind driven fire ripped through two homes in queens, darla miles is live there in east elmhurst. darla. well michelle one person who lives across the street
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started says he heard some type of explosion. i want to show you where the home is where the fire started and spoke with one person who lives inside of that home, he told me it was the banging outside that woke him up and got him out safely. as you can see the fire has been put out and everyone who lives inside of these two homes are all okay even their cat. but as you mentioned michelle the fire chief believes wind was definitely a factor in this fire that went from two alarms to three alarms more than 155 firefighters responded it started after 2:00 this morning on 91st street here in east elmhurst queens. the fire started in a home which is a rental property, there are two apartments and 7 people live inside of that home. it spread next door to this home where the husband and wife team who manages that rental property live. the flames started to approach on the homes behind these two homes. >> i woke up to wash my face and smelled the smoke and woke
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and we just ran out of the house. i looked in the back and i saw the flames shooting up high. >> we look out the window and see the house is on fire, so quickly, and happen in 7 minutes and everything, for the cops and firefighters, the house was already on fire so bad. >> now investigators are here on scene inside the home, focusing on the rear of the home where some water repairs are being conducted the cause of this fire is still under investigation in terms of the response there are again more than 150 firefighters responded here 6 of them suffered minor injuries. reporting live in east elmhurst, channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:06 police are searching for a suspect in an alleged sexual assault in the historic stone wall inn. this is the image of the man they'd like to speak with
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twice in the bathroom of the twice in the bathroom of the landmark village bar late saturday night. police say the suspect frequents the neighborhood and they are hopeful someone will recognize them. the case is going, people inside the stone well know him. >> to see a violent incident like this is very, very troubling. i have confidence based upon information that the chief just indicated that we'lapprehend this individual. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. a man with a court order to stay away from the capitol remains in the hospital after shot by a guard this is a look where it is expected to be much more quiet today authorities say 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee pulled a weapon while passing through a security checkpoint yesterday. he is in critical but stable condition after being shot by capitol police in october dawson was ordered to stay away from the capitol after disrupting house proceedings by yelling he was quote a prophet of god. >> the secret service is shooting down any idea of allowing guns in the rnc convention this summer in cleveland an online petition to do exactly that garnered more than 44,000 signatures in just a few days. supporters argue that a ban on guns at quicken loans arena is a violation of their right to bare arms specifically because ohio is an open carry state. the secret service petition or not the only people with guns in the arena will be authorized law enforcement. ted cruz or john kasich could get a much needed boost today from a former rival for the nomination. scott walker will announce his endorsement for president on a milwaukee radio show one week before the next republican primary in his home state endorsement is not expected to go to donald trump he'll make his first campaign stop in the badger state today. trump tweeted last night that there is quote no way walker endorses him after
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6:08 you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans. let's take a look from our camera here on the george washington bridge looking good here, got a pretty sun rise got some of those cumulus clouds, we've got high thin cirrus clouds all these are blow around and move out we'll have sunshine today we'll also have this windy day all day long today wind will be up around 40, 50 miles per hour around times cloudy and 45 degrees parks had 26 miles per hour wind gusts we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun this low is responsible for the wind so is this high pressure ridge here rushing in to fill the low pressure area and that's why we get so windy in the beginning stages of high pressure coming in as a low departs moves into the canadian times, noontime temperature, 4854 is the high that's normal for this time of the year. the bus stop kiddos dress warmly everyone knows it is
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waiting for you, 42 warm gear you need after school, it will feel pretty nice, 54 but still be very windy. you have baseball practice balls will be flying out of the park later on today after school. weather than heather every 7 minutes, i understand that accident is cleared. the accident is cleared away this accident on the degan pushed off to the shoulder so you can see the accident activity here there was a sign right about here and it was blocking the left lane about an hour ago, they cleared that away the accident is still out there you can still see we have delays on the degan on the southbound side getting into the cross bronx let's head over to our maps i'll pinpoint where it is, an accident moved to the shoulder route 17 is reopened southbound, earlier accident clearedded away one at 103rd street expect some delays there and our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle, lori over to you. all right heather thank you. new developments this morning in a double murder from island the prime suspect
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100-miles away find out how authorities tracked him down. a battle between the fbi and apple is over but who is the victor and what does it mean for everyone's privacy? and bad news for mets fans before the season even begins.
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. developing this morning the suspect in last week's deadly triple shooting on staten island has been shot by u.s. marshals and captured in pennsylvania. anthony moralas was caught last night in hamburg about 40-miles west of the new jersey border. authorities found moralas in his car and shot him several times he is recovering in the hospital, he is wanted for the murders of anthony and adel rivera. saying he killed anthony in a dispute over a car. adele was shot after she came out of her home to check on her son. another man was also wounded in the shooting. the fbi has given up efforts to force apple to help in the investigation in the massacre in san bernardino california. the justice department says it has found a way to unlock the iphone. the move comes one week after
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showed a possible method for accessing a locked phone. last year they ordered apple to help the fbi unlock a phone used by a now deceased gunman seyed farook. apple said it will increase the security of its products as data attacks become more sophisticated. take a look at this video out of southern california a blinding dust storm caused a pile up, 28 people were hurt in the chain reaction crash on a highway on monday. blowing dust and sand made it impossible for drivers to see in front of them and that was the result. 6:15. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. meteorologist bill evans outside our studios still feeling that wind? i was just looking at the latest wind speed, 50 miles per hour wind gusts across parts of the area, particularly jersey shore eastern long island and up towards the cape on into new england. we could expect wind gusts to be here today.
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a beautiful sun rise coming at you as we look from our camera on the roof, that's fair weather rembrandt cumulus clouds we have. 49, west winds up to 26 miles per hour pressure is rising and rising with low pressure leaving that makes it windy yesterday's high was 62, normal 54. we'll be at 54, it is going to feel chilly with the wind blowing right now because it is coming around the west and around the buildings. that around the 5 bureaus you'll notice it almost doubles thatwind speed. look at the wind gusts look at the wind speeds. this is a sustained winds we're at 21, 25, 18, 26 miles per hour winds sustained out of the west northwest and then we'll be looking at gusts so far that have been around 47 miles per hour. you really have to dress warmly be careful with the we'll have a mixture of sun and
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degrees but the winds will make it feel like the 40s tonight the wind dies down making the temperature drop down at 34. 20s in the suburbs tomorrow sunshine a nice tranquil day next to the last day of march we're at 57. we've got rain coming in late in the day on the last day of march we'll be warming into the upper 60s and you'll see on friday april fool's day, we've got 67 degrees with periods of rain. it is tuesday and my friends are all here and i have a big batch of friends for you this morning! it was so windy, the wind turns the dogs inside out! look at this! we have of course maximus, we have cooper, we have gracy and gracy is the little one here you probably saw gracy last week.
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she does not let that bother her whatsoever. she gets right in here. everybody up! who is tripping down the street [ singing ] everyone knows it is maximus. it is windy outside, dress warmly this morning. >> all right have fun with your puppies. >> a lot of dogs out there! >> it is a whiteout here this morning! yes they are so sweet. looks like he is getting attacked by cotton balls. arrival delays at la guardia one hour, if you are going to go to the airport to pick delays there. jfk, newark, you want to contact your carrier before you head out the door, 103rd street expect untown delays as a result the degan going south near the cross bronx expressway accident moved off to the
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route 17. the accident has been cleared away new jersey transit island railroad metro north running on or close to schedule here is a look as you come on the northbound side getting up into the brooklyn bridge, the bqe does have that delay. street cleaning rules are in effect today. 6:18 the boyhood home is now an excavation site. a team of archaeologists is digging up the yard a former home in rocks rocksberry massachusetts he was a teenager when he moved to that home in 1941. the home was named a boston area landmark in 1998. happening today get ready to see a bigger bus depot in new jersey. new jersey transit is opening a larger bus station today the $8
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longer than plannedded it came in $1 million under budget. the plaza now includes 14 platforms and nj transit says it can serve an average of 1600 passengers per day. 6:19 on this tuesday morning. still ahead hackers target a major hospital chain but is patient data at risk? and the star wars going up for auction from harrison ford
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. new this morning suspected hacking has forced a major hospital chain to freeze its computer system. med star health temporarily shut down the network to stop the virus from spreading unable to book piltz and doctors
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they are asking whether they demand a ransom, appears personal information was not compromised. nascar driver dale earnhardt junior says he is donating his brain for concussion research. earnhardt has had several concussions during his racing career in response to a story about other athletes donating their brains after death and earnhardt says he'll do the same. medical research related it to a brain disease that could lead to dementia and alzheimer's. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with accuweather forecast. that's the focus on our weather we have a beautiful sun rise as we look down the beach we're looking at temperatures to 45, la guardia, look at these winds this hour gusts 30 around elizabeth, jamaica queens 38 around la guardia the
6:25 am
upper 30s out here this morning the humidities are dry and the winds continue to make it a temperature go particularly if you are taking the ferries getting on and off the ferry, get in hunker downwind gusts at 46 miles per hour around the harbor going back and forth from statin i hand jersey city be ready for that. for the end of the day too, wind advisory until 6:00 today. heather what do you have going on here. if you are going to la guardia get in touch with their individual carrier, one hour arrival, so far so good onetrains we do have signal problems at 103rd street you can expect untown delays degan an accident moved to the shoulder and route 17 accident at rutherford has been cleared our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle over to you. listen to this heather harrison ford offering up a
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wardrobe, the jacket in hans solo going up for action. to raise money for epilepsy research. his 26-year-old daughter has been living with the disease and ford is a big advocate for the cause. bidding on the jacket starts at $18,000. we are closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news trees ripped from their roots we'll take you back to one neighborhood where the big clean up ahead of them. a woman in new jersey was run over by a car witnesses say this was in accident. the victim is now fighting for her life. and this is really a video of the day. knicks star carmelo anthony getting up close and personal
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news over seas new details on the suspected hijacker forced a passenger jet to make an emergency landing. a video showing the damage from powerful gusts of wind massive trees knocked on cars and homes, power lines as well good morning everyone i'm michelle charles in for ken rosato. it is tuesday march 29th you are never more than 7 minutes away. we have a pretty looking morning but the wind is the story looking across central park, thank you for joining us be very careful with that wind particularly in lower manhattan around newark where you could have that wind coming right through the buildings because it almost doubles that wind speed, over night low is 39 it is a little warmer than normal feels like the upper 30s with this wind right now at 21 miles per hour white plains la guardia airport, jfk, these are the gusts over night, nearly 50 miles per hour winds of white
6:31 am
more of that during the day now that the sun came up we are looking at sunshine but a bigwind all day long. lets you know how long these powerful winds are going to be going on all day that have toppled trees and power lines across our area. our eyewitness news reporter has been in yonkers all morning, what's the latest there, good morning. just in the last couple of minutes we start to feel that wind kick up but it has wreaked havoc over night you can see in yonkers this tree came down powerful winds took the tree down uprooting the sidewalk and toppling this suv the car looks to be totaled not a good morning for the owner of this car took out power lines but have people on the street who are without power at this hour, in west chester we saw lines down throughout the evening on north columbus avenue near the intersection of hamilton and
6:32 am
tree across the roadway here no cars were hurt this time but we do have some updated totals for outages no cars hit rather, there are about 600 people at this power still in west chester and long island, nassau and suffolk counties trees down throughout the morning this was the scene in brentwood at south avenue and first street police are on the scene here back live in yonkers where they are awaiting clean up crews to take this tree down so power crews can get out the lines and start restoring power to the people. live in yonkers channel eyewitness news. thank you. let's get a check on your morning commute. we'll tell you about airports so if you are going to the airport to pick somebody up that's where you have some delays arrival delays at la guardia, jfk, you want to get in touch with your individual carrier, you can expect uptown delays as a result. route 120 both ways between kip street and douglas road we have
6:33 am
at a problem here going south at the cross bronx that accident moved off to the shoulder looks like it is still there causing a little bit of a delay, let's take a look at the webcam a delay on the southbound side not too bad by the george washington bridge that's where that accident is off the shoulder we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today, michelle over to you. 6:33. breaking this morning over seas an egyptian passenger plane has been hijacked while on route from alexandria to cairo. according to egyptian officials the hijacker is an egyptian national we're told he is demanding asylum and may be wearing an explosive device, the terrorism has been ruled out and the hijacker may be a quote love sick man bent on reuniting with his former wife. there are reports that several
6:34 am
foreign passengers that at this hour three passengers remain on board with the hijacker, their nationalities are not known. developing in brooklyn, a woman is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest during a fire at a williams burg apartment building. started just before 11:00 last night on metropolitan avenue. two other people were taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalelation, investigators are also saying that a dog was killed. the cause of the fire has not been determined. the strong winds helped fuel a 3 alarm fire in queens over night, cell phone video captured the danger faced by firefighters in east elmhurst that fire broke out on 91st street after 2 a.m. our eyewitness news reporter spoke with residents. darla. well lori, yes i spoke with residents this fire woke up the entire block you have 2 homes
6:35 am
impacted by this fire, they all got out okay you can see the fire is out what you are looking at right now is the place where this fire started that's a rental property there are two apartments there and seven people who live inside right next door is the husband and wife couple who manages this rental property and the fire spread to that home but i want to show you that cell phone video from the height of the fire around 2:00 this morning started here on 91st street in east elmhurst queens you can see the concentration of the fire burning in the rear of the home, this call came in as a 2 alarm blaze and quickly rose to threealarms about 150 firefighters showed up to respond one neighbor says he heard some type of explosion right as the fire broke out and then a man who lives inside of this home where the fire started said the sound of someone banging woke him up and got him out safely. >> i was sleeping and someone banged and i came running out i saw the fire already taking off.
6:36 am
could see the fire just kind of swallow up the whole garage and the wind was blowing it really hard it was a fierce wind. >> took us over an hour to bring the fire under control thankfully we have no civilian from the buildings. now wind was certainly a factor in this fire but they are still searching for the cause, the fire chief on scene says there were some water repairs going on in the rear of this home and there were four propane tanks in the back of the home. the tanks did not catch on fire but that's part of the focus on this investigation. reporting live in east elmhurst, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:36. eyewitness news say a woman was deliberately run over by another woman in a car in jersey city near union street and mlk drive, hit the victim and knocked down a light post before slamming into a wall. people who saw the crash say
6:37 am
she hit and ran over had been physically fighting moments before. >> deliberate the car jumped while she was under drug her from there to there. >> my reaction was why? that was my reaction like why? why did it prompt you to run her over like with a vehicle? why would you get inside a car when you had time to think about it? why would you do that? like that was premeditated. the injured woman is in critical condition with two broken legs and extensive internal injuries the driver who has not been chargedded yet was also hospitalized. lori. it is another busy day on capitol hill for president nominee. will sit down with senator mark kirk of illinois, this will be garland's first meeting with our republican in the senate just like garland and the president. the senator is an illinois native. he broke ranks with leadership
6:38 am
nomination and tomorrow garland meets with new york senator. also happening today president obama talks about the heroin epidemic speaking out at in alabama wants to commit $1 billion in the abuse of prescription and illegal narcotics, deaths increased to a record 29,000 in 2014. wow. 6:38 you are never more than 7 minutes away with weather and traffic with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. and let's see on the camera where heather lives right there. we have beautiful sun rise and our camera on the roof looking across central park you know what we're doing on thursday in central park? it is the first mow. who is going to be mowing the lawn? that's right, i'm going to be right there, that's right.
6:39 am
that's the old first mow of the great lawn and also the sheet metal will be with the folks on thursday. 45 is our temperature now partly cloudy skies look at that, a great morning here but it is a windy morning just be careful with the wind watch out for blowing stuff around the temperatures will be 44 by 9:00, noontime 48 this afternoon we'll be looking at 54 degrees normal for this time of the year. kiddos dress warm for the bus stop after school will be okay windy, 54. a chilly start. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes what do you have going on with the george washington bridge? we had an earlier problem, the earlier accident cleared away inbound, there this was an earlier accident the inbound side of the george washington bridge is 15, an empty trailer ban on the george washington bridge, lincoln and holland inbound, 20 minutes a piece. we have one hour arrival delays, if you are headed to
6:40 am
get in touch with your individual carrier. it is not a bad idea to contact your carrier, jfk, newark, one train signal problems at 103rd street expect uptown delays if you are going into route 20 both ways, a downed tree heading through the area south of the cross bronx an accident pushed off to the shoulder. on 23 south at echo lake road that's another accident being cleared. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. thank you so much heather. 6:40 still ahead a case of meningitis turning deadly at a local hospital. an escaped prisoner on the run no more where they tracked down a convicted murder. a mysterious illness could mean trouble for matt harvey. and with high winds on the way remember you can get the
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6:43 am
. utah has become the first state in the nation to require women to receive anesthesia
6:44 am
gary hoopert signed the law that a fetus can feel pain after 20 weeks of pregnancy. the requirement raises the risk factor for healthy women. it would not apply to women who must have an abortion because of life being at risk or if the fetus would not survive outside the womb. a man hunt in ohio ends with a suspect in custody, john had escaped from a prison in southern ohio some time on sunday, his brief freedom led to the lock down of a college near by. the convicted murderer was captured late last night from the campus he is serving 18 to life for killing a woman back in 2002. 6:44. police released a clue in hopes of catching a man who assaulted a runner in the bronx. the nypd says the victim was running on the putnam trail last tuesday when two men approached him one suspect distracted the runner while
6:45 am
in the face. the victim was cut on his cheek. doctors say there is no risk to the public after a foreign national died from bacterial meningitis in rockland county. the person is not identified but we know the patient got sick while visiting relatives and reportedly checked into the hospital. the health department was identified or has identified people who had direct contact with a patient and they are being treated with antibiotics. 6:45 good morning america checking in next. good morning robin. of course we have that breaking news that you've been covering as well the egypt air flight hijack flight to cairo caring 55 passengers including americans diverted to cyprus, 7 people still on board being held hostage, what we know about the hijacker and what motivated this incident we have full team coverage as we learn more, a much lighter note,
6:46 am
dancing with the stars will be here on gma. they had a lot of fun last night. >> it is 6:45. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. bill evans is outside on the upper west side. >> we can tease them because he is our friend. did you see him dance last night? did you see him? >> he is better than the previous week. >> he actually was. we take a look outside skies that are clear to partly cloudy, a nice morning sunshine we just had this wind brand new high pressure coming in that brings in a new air mass and clears out we had some pollen issues because things started with the warm temperatures now we have a wind out of the west at 18 to 37 miles per hour. our normal high is 54 we'll hit that today yesterday's rainfall
6:47 am
to be pretty we have damaging winds trees knocked downpour lines still persist through the day today into the evening tonight we'll see that wind diminishing it is going to be chilly, we'll be looking at a big warm up tomorrow and the last day of march on thursday we could be seeing what would be rain thursday and into the first day of april, april fools is on friday mid-40s, 46 towards the eastern to wine country, on the jersey shore. here is the sustained winds, going to 25 miles per hour sustained, but when we look at these other winds that have been gusting we're looking at 47 miles per hour winds so far white plains and jfk. today we'll have a lot sunshine we'll have low pressure leaving high pressure coming in that's why we have the wind, the wind advisory the hudson river valley, new york city, long island, high pressure will dominate from the west pushing in it is rushing
6:48 am
and the pressure. windy with high pressure coming in by the afternoon low to mid-50s tomorrow we'll start out with the 30s, temperatures will drop off and look well north and west towards monticello and will be in the 20s, tomorrow afternoon we're back into the mid-50s probably to 57 by afternoon much more tranquil tomorrow because the wind will die down after school it is not a pad day just we still have this wind after school watch out for that. 54 will be the high today with the wind feel like the 40s tonight the wind dies down allowing the temperature to drop off to 34, 20s in the far north and west suburbs tomorrow sunshine a tranquil day a nice day on wednesday we're at 57. thursday is going to warm up to near 70 last day of march features rain late in the day showers on friday still warm first day of april, april foolles day friday is warm but it gets cold as we go into the first part of next week.
6:49 am
a roller coaster of march and april. make it a good day. thank you. all right let's talk about the one train signal problems at 103rd street you can expect uptown delays new jersey transit long island railroad, metro north on or close, one hour arrival delays at la guardia get in touch with your individual carrier no matter if you are picking somebody up or catching a flight at this point jfk on or close to schedule. degan south of the cross bronx expressway the accident is still off on the shoulder causing a little bit of a rubber necking delays between kip street and douglas road we have a downed tree. then if you are heading over here onto 23 in millford area near echo lake road that was an accident cleared away that's good news for us. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge an empty trailer ban on the george washington bridge lincoln and holland 20 minutes a piece let's take a look at a webcam as you head to the southbound
6:50 am
here on the shoulder that's been there since about 5:00 this morning. our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle over to you. thank you. 6:49. matt harvey is being evaluated today he may not be on the mound. scratches from spring training due to a nonbaseball medical issue. the manager says there will be follow up tests. the mets start the defense of the pennant sunday night into kansas city. it is 6:50 up next a new york city cabbie taken for a ride now out of $600. the super fan makes his
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
. 6:53. a woman's long distance cab ride earned her a trip to court. the woman accused of skipping out on a $600 taxi fare. took a taxi from a home in denver pennsylvania, that's a 135-mile trip. police say she got out of the cab and would be back in a few minutes to pay the fare. she opened the garage door walked inside and never came out. even when police showed up. >> sometimes a hug can make everything better unfortunately for carmelo anthony and the
6:54 am
last night a young fan decided melo needed some love during the knicks pelican game. a child runs out in the court gives the knicks star a hug. the boy runs off with the help of one of the officials, but didn't help the knicks. they still lost. >> breaking news over seas several passengers being held hostage aboard a hijacked egypt airplane. we have the very latest coming up. also dealing with very strong winds powerful gusts knockedded down trees and power lines over night. we'll get a live maxx life in store and online.
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. following breaking news over seas a man hijacked an egypt air plane and forced it to land on the island of cyprus, most passengers were allowedded off but four crew members remain on board with the hijacker this is a live look at the plane officials say the hijacking is not a case of terrorism instead the man asked negotiators to contact a woman who lives in cyprus and give her an envelope. good morning america will have much more on this breaking story next at 7 a.m. developing over night a wind driven fire ripped through two homes in queens 6 firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames the fire broke out in one house around 2 a.m. the high winds quickly had the flames jumping to the second
6:58 am
get out into the night thankfully nobody was seriously injured. high winds are making a mess more than a few neighborhoods in the tri-state area. diana is live in yonkers. good morning as the sun comes up in yonkers knocking down this tree which took out power lines and crushed the car here on reymond place where the street is now closed not a good morning for the driver of this car, scattered outages through the tristate area we are awaiting power crews to arrive on the scene there were thousands without power here in west chester that number is dwindling as crews are starting to tackle some of these areas where trees are down and they've taken out the wires but police are still on the scene here this morning, they are awaiting the power crews the power company to come so they can start taking down this tree
6:59 am
place. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. so we'll head over to our maps because we have a bunch of issues and looks like we're fine metro north, one train had signal problems at 103rd street, this is where our problems start we have an empty trailer ban, inbound 20 minutes lincoln, the holland is 20 minutes and south of the cross bronx that accident involving the sign on the degan at 5:00 the accident is still off on the shoulder causing a bit of a delay. if you have a full trailer, that's okay. >> empty trailer a couple of weeks ago, remember that. >> here we go let's take a look outside we have a beautiful sun rise lots of sun clouds pushed out of the miles per hour so far. 45 around the five buroughs. we'll have a fair amount of
7:00 am
the day today and that will continue with these winds at 28 miles per hour. be careful of that wind today. thank you bill. thanks for starting your morning with us, good good morning, america. breaking news, hijacked. a man saying he has an explosive belt take flight with at least 55 passengers on board including americans forcing it to land in cyprus. >> some passengers and crew still held hostage at this moment. the hijacker threatening to blow up the plane as authorities try to negotiate. the race to get hostages to safety right now. and we do say good morning, america.


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