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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> all right, so, knowing . its sunny at 49 degrees. these are sustained winds of 28 miles per hour. these winds will continue coming out northwest. the wind gusts in the last hour, 38 in newark and 37 at la guardia. from overnight where we've had that damage until this morning, these have been the maximum win gusts, 46 towards la guardia. we're going to see the
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the wind advisory has been canceled for the state. litchfield county and from northern connecticut into new england. the winds are still cranking out there, 25, 35 miles per hour just not at advisory criteria: this high pressure ridge rushing in to fill the low pressure area creates the win. by 3:00 did -- wind. by 3:00, you can see the wings are in the 25 miles per hour spark then by midnight, they're in the single digits. we'll talk about the weather for the end of march coming up. coming up at 12:30, year going with to tank you to yonkers to the scene of that.
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can always get weather updates on our weather app. we turn to a story now that may also be related to the wind. police investigating the death of a man in new jersey who fell from the roof of a building. it happened this morning the 56 year old man's body was found lying in the court yard walk away around 7:00 a.m. investigators are looking into a number of reasons why the man may have fallen. a police pursuit ended with a crash and we have learned there were two children inside that car. now ark police say they -- newark police say they were following a robbery suspect. reporter: a source felts us this all started when a man walk into a
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told the police he was robbed by i group of people in that car. reporter: police spotted the car described at the one used in the robbery. two females and one male and two children ever were in the vehicle. the female driver tried to out maneuver the car. >> the police officers surrounded the car told them to get out. the other two cars pulled up at the same time and told them to stop. they pulled the male out and then female passenger and then female driver and then the two kids n she snapped this picture of one of the women whos was then handcuffed.
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told one of those women who was taken out of the car was pregnant. police have not yet released the names of the suspects. reporter: thank you. also developing, police in florida have charged donald trump's campaign manager with assault in connection with a reporter. a video appears to show him grabbing a reporter as she attempts to ask trump a question. meanwhile n the race for president, ted cruz today picked up a big endorsement. cruz knowhows the support of wisconsin governor scott walker. he attended a rally along carly fiorina.
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demonstrated and is demonstrate every day by scott wake, we need that courage, we need that principle in washington d.c. taking on the special interest. reporter: the democrats are also in wisconsin. hillary clinton taking part in a forum on gun violence. the wisconsin primary is next tuesday. miscommunication preinvented the housing agency from fixing a broke elevator in the bronx before a resident was killed. a elevator was was slamming by low priority. killed by the elevator. a woman from new jersey is charged with intentionally running down
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with her car. she is facing several charges includeing assault. is the car jumped a consider b -- curb hitting i light pole. police say after the crash, the driver was attacked and even maced by an angry crowd who witnessed the understand accident deliberate. the car jump while she was under it and drug her from there to there. >> my reaction was why, why why would you time to think about it. why would you do that. like that was premeditated. reporter: the w.h.o. woman who was hit is in critical condition with two broken legs and internal injuries. police have released new video of a
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stonewall inn. police believe this the person who sexual assaulted a transgender woman in the restroom at the stonewall inn. we are learning new details about the man who hijacked an egypt air flight. police say he claimed to have a bomb and overcame a plane with 50 passenger including americans. the plane was forced to land in the island of cyprus. reporter: certainly it was a scary morning for the passengers and crew on board but officials say it ended peacefully with no one hurt. we are now learning verse believe the suspect is mentally unstable. >> a hostage situation ended with the surrender of the alleged hijacker walking off
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him in custody. year old egyptian. he lived in cyprus until 1994. reporter: the stanoff lasted for -- stand offlasted for hours. >> a lot of flights in and out of here. reporter: according to egypt air, the plane was hijacked with 57 passengers and crew most were released early he was that female prisoners in egypt be free and fuel to fly to instan bull.
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istanbul. [inaudible] egypt, now raising serious questions about egypt's security lapses at the airport. reporter: as for this incident, authorities say from the beginning they knew this wasn't terrorism related adding they have determined that suicide belt the suspect claimed to be wearing turned out to be a cellphone. . >> thank you. stay with eyewitness news and abc news investigation egypt air flight. website, abcsevenny. a man was found dead inside a home gut by a huge fire. this is cellphone taken by a neighbor. police have not yet released
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are recovering in afternoon after they were injured through several homes in queens. the fire broke out around 2:00 in the morning. firefighters say high second home. extremely flames. >> as you can see out here, winds have kicked up. reporter: thankedly, no one was injured -- thankfully, no one was was injured. >> a substitute teacher has a melt down in front of his students, what
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. a major transportation hub in new jersey getting a new and improved bus plaza. this was opened this morning. it has a 590-foot long canopy to protect commuters. it has new lighting, security cameras and electronic signs but for
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be the best feature. for our right now everyone was cramped on the other side. reporter: local shuttle buss and private carriers will use the plaza in transit. sigh of relief. matt harvey says he is clear to start sunday night's opener. today he says he passed a blood clot in his bladder that was causing him discomfort. they did it again. the uconn women's basketball team heading to the final four for the ninth season in a row.
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>> right. the huskies are now only two wins away from a fourth straight national title. they will join three first timers, oregon state, washington and syracuse in the final four. there is something in the water up there in uconn. congratulations to the team. >> the ladies there are just a power house. >> still to come, chaos at the capitol. we have new details about the man accused of pointing guns at the officer. >> and cue the western music, a neighborhood dealing with an unusual invasion. we'll show you where this tumble weed epidemic has occurred.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . conference i woke up to a wet house because the wind blew open a door and it remained open all night wrong >> the wind around my building was howling and i woke up in the middle of the night and go who is it.
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>> was like oooo, i was like all right, there's a ghost in here. that was this morning. we've got on area of high pressure coming in, cleaning out the air mass, knocking out some of the pollen we had been seeing. we're going to have this northwesterly to westerly winds coming in which blows right across this way. we're going to be seeing that. still, some of these wind gusts have been around 20, 30 miles per hour at noontime. the barometer has been rising fast. we're almost at 30.00 this which is a mark of fair
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and high pressure is coming in. high pressure will be overus completely tomorrow and that's when we'll stabilize and see the wind calming down. this evening, we'll have a beautiful sunsets coming up. strong wind gust until late today. chilly through wednesday morning. it's going to be nice and tranquil tomorrow afternoon and we're looking at a warm up as we go the the end of march and the first of april but there's rain with that. temperatures 50 at sunset park, staten island, you're at 51, 39 at monticello. a bit chilly. its 51 in trenton. here's the winds at sustained speeds of 21, 28, 29 miles per hour. not completely damaging but some gusts can be popping up and these have been gusting at 38 miles per
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over toward jfk. a moment ago i was showing you the 47 miles per hour gusts from overnight. with the high pressure ridge filling in, we're looking at that wind slowly dealing down. this is the real feel out there, 29 rat monticello -- at monticello. now this pry pressure ridge will move over us quickly tomorrow and that will make for some nice weather. you see we just have these clear skies as we go into the evening. we're looking at clear and cold tonight. the temperature drops off, and then it's more tranquil tomorrow. tranquility is a nice thing. then we're looking at warmer air coming in for the last day of march. that's
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april fool's day, some people think that's also called meteorologist's day, there will be periods of rain on friday. look at next week, cold, arctic blasts. we'll talk more about that. >> the flowers will not like that. >> no, talk to lee about it when he gets here first at 4:00. >> pass it to him. >> coming up next, changes are coming to campbell's soup. we'll tell you about the makeover the soup cans are getting. >> everybody needs a hug sometimes. we're
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. a teacher's melt down in the class room, a tumble weed invasion and a young fan offering comfort to carmelo anthony. we're going to begin with the substitute teacher's out burst. the teacher reportedly was screaming at a sixth grade class over a box of missing rupper bands. -- rubber bans. the -- bands. the teacher was fired for
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>> we're dealing with winds here but high winds in new mexico blew out power lines and knocked down trees but they also caused a unique problems. dozens of tumble weeds blew into one guy's yard. the pile caused such a mess, bulldozers had to be called in. and sometimes, a hug can make everything better. unfortunately, for carmelo anthony and the knicks, it couldn't get a win. this kid runs out here during the middle of the game, no security. he must have decided melo needed help. the boy runs off with the help of an official. at the end, the mother gives him a little [ inaudible, heavy accent ] to the back of the head like don't run on to that court again.
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. hello again. >> we're going begin this half hour with the mess that the strong winds caused across our area. take a look at this. that's just one of the large trees that
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clipped some power lines. >> yeah, jeff smith joining us with more. reporter: let me set the scene for you. we're in yonkers along raymond place, this large tree that had a large root system falling and crushing part of this suv. earlier, before crews came in and cut the tree down, it was resting on some of these wires. needless to say, it was a wild need around here -- night around here. >> it was very loud. reporter: the wind has been downing trees and wires, in some cases sending them on to cars and homes. this resident moved her car to avoid the wind but wasn't so lucky. >> i moved it into my landlord's garage between two houses and the tree came from the house behind it. reporter: winds starting gusting up to
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let up a lot since. >> it sounded like something snapped. just one of many on raymond place that has concerned. >> i actually called the city two weeks didn't take care of that. >> these trees are a problem. said that. >> yeah, we got hit last year and this house has gotten hit for power still out here, presumably because of this tree. across westchester county, over 400 people without power and across new jersey 3,000 people without power. we have delays at la guardia.
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still get up to 40 miles per hour. the concern is the spread of brush fire so be aware. >> such a dramatic shot behind jeff in that live shot. let's talk more about the wind with bill evans. >> we have sunshine now and as we go in the afternoon, the winds will stay up. the temperature is on the chilly side when you add in that wind. the reason for the wind is this low pressure system here. that's leaving high pressure to our west is moving in. so wind speed this is afternoon, we're looking at 22, 24 miles per hour winds sustained by 4:00 and after sunset, these start dying off into the teens and then by midnight, we're looking at single digits. the temperature is going to be around 54 degrees and then clear skies and calm winds tonight.
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weather to start off april coming up. >> all right, bill. investigators say a fire overnight in williamsburg was electrical and appears to be accidental. one woman was in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest. two other people were taken to if hospital for smoke inhalation. a suspect in the murder of a mother and son now in the hospital after being shot by police. u.s. marshals tracked anthony morales down. police wounded the suspect during the confrontation. he's wanted for the murders of anthony and idel rivera last week. another man was wounded in the shooting. whys say there is no -- doctors say there is no risk to the country after a man visiting died from bacterial meningitis.
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know the man got sick after visiting relatives. the health department has identified people who had direct communication with the patient. [inaudible] last tuesday when two men approached him. one suspect distracted the runner while police say this man punched him in the face. we are learning new details about the man who brought a weapon into the capitol visitors center causing a lock down. he is well known by capitol police. reporter: the capitol visitor center is back open today and police are stressing this is an individual act by a person with a history of problems. as thousands of children were
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tourists were visiting the cherry blossoms, down the street the usual calm of the visitor's center was shattered after a man who believes himself to be a prophet of god entered the capitol with a weapon that we've just learned was a pellet gun. >> guns were drawn. >> police everywhere with guns drawn, people running and screaming and people dropping to the ground. reporter: visitors told to shelter in place, officers barricaded. >> the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect. reporter: now we've learned this isn't the first time the suspect, larry dawson of tennessee has been taken out by capitol police. last october, dawson began yelling in the house
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dawson responded in a letter that he would quote not comply with the court order. reporter: and it now appears that dawson fulfill fulfilled that threat yesterday. according to the hospital he remained in critical condition. a female bystander was also treated for minor injuries and released. >> thank you. still to come, a new york city taxi driver taken for a ride. we'll tell you about the pick up that cost him $600. >> and if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything -
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. ride cost her a trip to court. investigators say the woman took a taxi saturday night from new york city to a home in denver, pennsylvania. that's a 135-mile trip. police say she got out of the cab and told the driver she'd be back to pay. she apparently never came out even when police came out. governor cuomo ordered a ban on all non essential state travel to north carolina. this is his response to a controversial new law in that state. legislatures passed a law that requires transgender people have to use bathrooms that match the sex indicated on their birth certificates.
12:40 pm
and towns from providing [inaudible] a well respected united airlines pilot is on trial accused of running nearly a dozen brothels in texas. prosecutors say bruce wallace was a highly decorated pilot by day and by night was an alleged pump. they claim wallace -- pimp. they claim wallace rained awe. >> is the largest operation of this type that i have been associated with. >> this is hardly the case of the century. >> police say $50,000 can in cash and a dozen firearms were found in his home. prosecutors claim his accomplice was a suburban mother of five.
12:41 pm
security breech at nashville international airport. police say a woman got through security without being screened. they say she got on a plane and then refuseed to be searched. the boyhood home of civil rights leader malcolm x is now [inaudible] a team is digging up the yard. researchers are combing the property in hopes of finding any hidden art facts of the famed activist. for the first time, we hear from the woman at the center of the scandal that broke down the former head of the cia. >> plus, campbell's soup is
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. now to an abc news exclusive. the woman caught in the scandal that brought down general david petriyas speaking out. >> it was a shock today. >> it was a political sex scandal in 2012 that read like a hollywood sex scandal. >> breaking news. >> the new mystery about what really happened and when. >> the cia director and retired four star general resigning in disgrace after an fbi investigation into an extramarital affair and the mistress, his writer. >> describe for us the minute that the general admitted to you who the
12:46 pm
>> i saw him break down and he immediately looked at me in the eyes and said, it's paula broadwell. >> one of her alleged targets, jill kelly, a well connected ambassador for the general. [inaudible] >> how is it that you got so e meshed in the personal lives of some of the most powerful men in the country? >> i was close to their wives. reporter: you were portrayed as the vixen. did you have an affair? >> i've never had an affair with anyone. reporter: in her book, kelly sharing dozens of e-mails she exchanged and dismissing claims that she ever inappropriately touched
12:47 pm
dinner in 2012. >> it never happened. sadly, nothing was the same after that and nothing it was same after that. >> you were in her mind the other woman. >> i don't know why. reporter: you triggered an investigation that essentially brought down two investigations. >> the general didn't know that his stalker was his mistress. i didn't know he was having an affair. i found out when the whole world found out. months after a home invasion, a suspect was caught because of snapchat. a woman watched in horror as armed men broke into her home with guns. among victims stolen, a cellphone used on snapchat. >> one of them says the dude's name, the suspect's name. i looked him up on facebook, and i was like yeah, that's him.
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charges. . geologists believe an erupting volcano in alaska is now calming down now after filling up miles of sky. dozens of flights had to be canceled. the eruption generating a tremor, a plume of ash that rose 35,000 feet in the air. that's just a little of what it did. they had to rearrange flights all in and out of that area. >> that is an impressive photograph of that. >> that's a volcano. >> very active. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, we've got our own weather situation. reporter: yeah, the wind is starting to calm down. as we get toward the end of this month and head into april, we're going to be looking at some up and down weather to start off april and we're looking at
12:49 pm
some arctic air coming your way. we're going to see the camera bouncing around in astoria here. that's 59 street bridge and the fdr. we have plenty of sunshine. the humidity is in arizona type territory here at 29%. yesterday's high was 62. today, we're going to get very close to normal which the 54. the winds will make it feel a bit chilly. its 49 in poughkeepsie. there's that wind flow you see. wind gusts are still at 21 to 29 miles per hour. this will continue through the afternoon until about sunset. clear skies are back to the great lakes. high pressure is here, low pressure is here and if you look at it three dimensionally. high pressure here,
12:50 pm
rushing in to try to fill that. as that comes across, we get these winds. tomorrow we're in the center of the high so the winds die down. after school, 52 degrees with sun and clouds. we're looking at 52, winds diminish tonight. 20s in some suburbs, 32 long island. the wind dice down 57 is going to kneel nice. as we -- feels nice. as we go into the last day of march, we have wind coming from a front. friday, 67 degrees. then an arctic front, cold air pours in here. so we're looking at a normal high of 55 next week but we're only going to be around 47 on sunday, we have a shot of rain on tuesday which is 46
12:51 pm
cold weather next week to kick off april and then after next week, we'll start to see things winding up. >> really. >> yeah. >> really winding up? >> yeah, because baseball's coming our way in a week. >> yeah, we could use that warm up. >> she's trying to tell you something. >> i'm picking it up. >> i'm catching the drift. >> thank you very much. >> campbell's soup based in new jersey is changing the lining of its can. they will be and gravies and broths. bpa has been associated with an increased risk of cancer, and hormonal problems. the switch will be complete by the middle of 2017. well, the first contestant
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voted off of dancing with the stars. >> well, well is correct. pick it out. geraldo. >> awe. >> i think it was the wig. >> yes, there he is dressed at donald trump. you have to see it to believe it. he will be keeping his day job. he had surgery. he was a good sport about the whole thing. he said if he were not eliminated, he would have demanded a recount. but first, here's a look at what's coming up next. >> hey guys, today, we're celebrating our brand new book with the chew's essentials. i'm
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hire's what's -- here's what's coming up, a triple murder in north carolina with a connection to new jersey. the family killed are natives from the area. we'll look at the case and more about an emotional out burst in court. >> also, surviving allergy season, consumer reports will have simple solutions to allergy proof your home. those stories and more at 4:00 and of course 5:00 and 6:00 and on and on. i. >> i watched dancing with the stars last night, you know my girl ginger z, she's got it. >> she's looking good. >> geraldo not so good. >> he put in the effort. >> i'm sorry, are you okay? >> i think you had a little reaction there. >> i watched too. >> he dressed up for it. >> yes. >> it's not about dance moves. >> listens, we've got to end this newscast.
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instagram's new proposal [inaudible] you remember how the company said it was going to make feeds more like facebook, you know, don't panic yet it's not going into place. instagram posted this message saying nothing is changing with your feed. we promise to let you know. but people begged them not to change the order of feed. john mayer says it will hurt new artists. if you're not an instagram follower, everything i just said you're going
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