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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> he wanted to get out. he got so scared. he pushed the door like this. the door closed on him and hit his head. that's what happened. >> reporter: but a report by the city's department of investigation now reveals that a complaint was called in by a resident hours earlier. he did not take immediate action after the complaint. investigators uncovered multiple lapses in communication. a series of inspections found similar malfunctions in 80 brake monitors city-wide. >> on any given day a thousand people probably go up and down in an elevator and 80 of those brake monitors are not working. that's a lot of people put at risk. >> reporter: commissioner mark peters said his agents found failures from top to bottom.
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systemic level. there was not just one bad case. >> reporter: he and the city building's department stepped up inspections and added new procedures and training. unprecedented measures says a spokesperson to prevent malfunctions of this kind from occurring in the future, to ensure we never see a tragedy like this again, end quote. residents say their elevators are still unreliable. >> i'm scared to get in the elevator. boston road. the fdny was here a couple days ago to rescue people trapped in an elevator. the doi is recommending an investigation of ten of the staffers. >> thank you. investigators tonight are trying to figure out if high new jersey.
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the roof of a seven story building. tim flesher is live tonight with the story. >> reporter: this is a tragic accident. as you point out police are anxious and want to find out if high winds that we are still experiencing at this hour, caused this man's death. as the police investigators surrounded the scene where 57- year-old clifford la may's body was found they were looking at the possibility this was not only an accident but one that could have been caused by high winds. >> i'm in shock. it comes and goes. i wasn't expecting this. >> reporter: maintenance worker jose and others are left stunned to learn of la may's death after an apparent accident. police say he fell from this seven-story office building around 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. in a statement they say: . >> about 7:15 the guard downstairs called me.
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>> reporter: company officials say clifford la may had gone to the roof of the building in the glen point office complex to check on possible damage from high winds overnight. police say the investigation is investigators are trying to determine if high winds played a factor in his death. clifford la may was a building manager for alfred enterprises. in a statement the president said: >> reporter: a neighbor says clifford la may lived alone in a third floor apartment in this palisades park. he knew him only in passing but
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>> i believe he was a good worker. a hard worker that did his job. >> reporter: company officials say losing a valued employee is very difficult. high winds this morning brought down trees and power lines in our area. one large tree landed on a car in yonkers. lee goldberg is tracking the weather. >> once the sun goes behind the buildings it is gusty and colder. that's what you'll be dealing with. a the george washington bridge is a slow go. i don't think that's because of the wind. the wind is 30 miles per hour. northwest winds still gusting hour. peak wind gusts were over 40 miles per hour. last night 55 to 58 mile-per-
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you can see what the peak wind gusts are like over this last hour. gusts 35 miles per hour. airport delays are significant at laguardia and j.f.k. that will be the case in the early evening. they'll play a catchup later on. storm center found big winds near newfoundland. that will roll away. winds will diminish around 8:00 or 9:00. still some gusts over 30 miles per hour this evening. a dramatic drop in the wind after midnight. by this morning it is calmer. it is awful cold. 20s in the suburbs. then the recovery begins. we'll talk 70 degrees. the wind, one last gasp with the gusty winds and people are not liking it as we head into the evening commute. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. serious injuries and charges after police say a woman intentionally ran over another. kim walker was hit on a sidewalk in jersey city as a
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the single mom was critically injured and has several broken bone. speaking exclusively with eyewitness news a witness said it was clear walker was targeted. >> the car ignored the traffic signal and came across the street and mowed that poor girl down. >> i didn't know what to say. >> after the accident a crowd of people pulled out the driver of the car and attacked her. the driver went to the hospital listed in serious condition. she is facing criminal charges including aggravate assault. three people are under arrest in new jersey following a police chase that ended in a crash. witnesses say a car carrying robbery suspects sped down oak street in newark at 8:30. the driver tried to outrun police. witnesses say the police car rammed the suspect's vehicle pushing it into a tree.
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their guns drawn. moments later a second police car pulled up. >> cop cars pulled up. they jumped out of their car with their guns drawn. they snatched the gentlemen out of the backseat. they made the passenger female get out and took the driver out. >> that witness snapped this photograph of the suspect. to children inside the suspect's car did not appear to be hurt. police arrested a man on sexual harassment at the historic stone wall inn. this man sexually assaulted a transgender woman in the bathroom on saturday night. the man frequents the neighborhood. they are hoping someone will recognize him. investigators on long island are asking for the public's help tonight in a possible case of animal cruelty. remain of three to 7 dogs were
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tick bags in hempstead. the person found animal skull in the wooded area and called police. that's when detectives found the decomposing remains of other dogs. >> the evidence has been transferred for a post mortem examination to determine the cause of >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information on what happened to those animals. a tie vote from supreme court is resulting in a legal victory for unions tonight on what is the biggest case yet to be impacted by justice antonin scalia's death. unions can collect collecting fees from workers who chose not to join.
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month. today president obama's nomination to replace scalia met with a republican senator. he set down with senator mark kirk of illinois. kirk broke with gop leaders who have not met with garland and vowing not to hold hearings on the vote. garland met with several democrats. >> as we continued with eyewitness news at 6:00, just when you thought this presidential election could not get more bizarre criminal charges were filed today against donald trump's campaign manager for allegedly grabbing a reporter's arm. we get reaction from trump
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republican donald trump is defending his campaign manager who is charged with assault in florida. he is charged with battery for allegedly yanking a reporter who was trying to ask trump a question. political reporter dave evans is in the news room tonight with more. david? >> porter who was allegedly assaulted says it is terrible that his campaign manager is going through this. mischarged him with simple battery, a manslaughter.
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what he calls an abusive culture. >> reporter: the trump campaign is facing another round of trouble. this time one of trump's top advisors is accused of simple battery in an incident involving a female reporter. this incident shows michelle fields in the yellow shirt trying to talk with donald trump. he steps up and appears to grab fields forcing her back. today donald trump tweeted out wow! corey, my campaign manager and a very decent man was just charged with assaulting a reporter. look at the tapes. nothing there. >> it says nothing about the campaign. if you look at it he was trying to block her. that's the way i would view it. she is grabbing me and asking questions. she is not even supposed to ask questions. >> reporter: on march fields posted pictures of bruises on her arm and pictures on a phone captured right after the incident.
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>> reporter: in the past trump doubted the allegations. today he defended his campaign manager. >> i think it is a disgrace that something like that could take place and i'm shocked by it. i will stick by people. i know it is not politically good for me to do but that was unfair. >> reporter: today trump's closest rival ted cruz seized on the news. >> it is a very sad development. this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. >> reporter: john kasich says trump needs to do something. >> if it was me, if i was in this circumstance, i would take some sort of action. either suspension or firing. >> reporter: right now that is donald trump campaigning you are seeing live pictures of donald trump campaigning in jamesville, wisconsin. that rally began a few minutes ago. today's news may hurt trump with women voters. recent poll nationally shows
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in the poll have a negative opinion of trump. he is campaigning in wisconsin. that's the next big battleground state. the vote is set there for next tuesday. latest polling shows the race is tied between trump and cruz in wisconsin. >> thank you very much. just ahead on channel 7 eyewitness news, new bus flaws are in our area to make it easier for commuters to transfer between buses and trains. we'll take you there.
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bye to the high in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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transportation hub in new jersey has a bigger bus station. today new jersey transit opened a new bus station. a 590-foot long canopy will hang over the commuters waiting at 14 bus ports. local shuttle buses and private carriers will use the plaza. new jersey transit said the
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less than projected. good news there. it is good news that the winds are dying down. >> i wanted to tell my neighbor your cycle is on my lawn and your patio furniture is in my backyard. >> we were freezing down stairs because the wind blew open one of our doors. >> i got five hours of sleep. because it kept waking me up.
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[ no audio ] tomorrow will be a pretty day and pleasant in the afternoon hours. our next storm system is a combination of this low over the rockies sweeping into the great lakes. some moisture pulled up from the gulf of mexico. timing of that rain thursday night into friday. we may get a couple showers in western new jersey.
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time stamp 8:00 p.m. still gusts near 20. look how they drop off by midnight. calm readings into the morning hours tomorrow. it will be chilly. many areas freezing or below. 35 bridge port. 30 newburg. 28 sussex. mid to upper 50s in the afternoon. one thing to note as we peak in temperatures along the coastline the wind will turn offshore in the south. it gets breezy. these numbers will drop in the those quickly during the evening commute. clear and cold. by morning 20s in the suburbs. 30 new york city. high of the 57 tomorrow. it is a calm, chilly start. look for sun and clouds high in the afternoon. breezy late in the day. have the jacket ready for the evening commut. partly cloudy and not as cold tomorrow night. thursday it is warm wind. there is no rain in the scene. southwest wind will keep the
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inland numbers around 70 degrees. periods of rain on friday. our friday night plans looking to okay. saturday is the milder part of the weekend. sunday is blustery and cold. long range outlook for yankee home opener. 42 degrees. dry. definitely a chill in the air. i don't think the wind is bad at yankee's stadium. sunday's weather looks dry and on the chilly side. the foul balls can hurt in that type of chill. >> we are still talking baseball. we are not sure this time yesterday we knew what was going on. straight ahead matt harvey clears us up health wise. plus some of the best young
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i was going to say it is a whew for mets fans. mets pitcher matt harvey says he is clear to start the season in sunday night's opener in kansas city. yesterday the mets said harvey was unavailable for a medical reason. today he clarified. he had a bladder infection that led to a blood clot. all is good. he'll lay low today. be back on track to start opening day on sunday. a scare? you bet. all is well now. >> obviously people didn't know what was going on.
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about what it might be isn't very nice. mets battle marlins this afternoon. gordon gets to him. look at the shift. 3rd baseman over to the right side to start a double play. mets lose 1-0 marlins the final. yankees battling pirates, phillies and the rain. we start in tampa. c.c. hits. getting ready for the regular season. so is carlos belltan. only one run struck out five. game was delayed by rain then
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called off four innings. 7-1 yankees when they called it. jag st. ledger. remember that name. think'll be a great golfer. >> it will be a good learning experience to feel what it feels like to be under pressure. i'm going to have fun. >> fun for him. fun for the whole family. jag qualified for the national drive, chip and put competition on sunday before the big guys tee off at the masters. has playing augusta national. >> it is heaven on earth. imagine your son being there competing? i can't imagine. he'll be at the 18th hole where no one plays unless you are a professional. >> reporter: he wears black and red like tiger woods. he has been a golf nut since he was 18 months old. he makes it look so easy and effortless.
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on sunday he is one of 40 boys putting the swing to the test. this good golfer, this good kid with wisdom way beyond his nine years, with advice for any golfer. >> have fun. you should always have fun playing golf. whether you are good, whether our bad. you should always have fun. >> reporter: now, not just this huge national competition but a family trip. >> all because jag gets to do something he has fun with. he doesn't take it any more seriously than that. isn't that wonderful. >> playing golf is fun. >> how about jack. you can see the love of that game on his face. >> we met the whole family today. it was a treat to meet the whole family. the kid golfs at augusta before the masters. first time the family will be there. that's awesome.
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>> you have some work to do. here's what is coming up tonight at 11:00 we have details of man on long island accused of abusing foster children. it is every subway rider's nightmare. a rat caught on camera crawling on a tonight, donald trump's campaign manager now charged with battery. the video in question right here, as donald trump now fires back. our reporter takes you through the moments. new reporting tonight on the hijacking, the images, going through security. the passenger later threatening he had a suicide vest. americans among those onboard. and the crew member crawling out the cockpit window on live television. under investigation. the fiery collision. the car barrelling into a bus. the dramatic rescue, after a fire ball erupts, and


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