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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a row of buildings destroyed in brooklyn. we have new details on the six- alarm fire that forced dozens of people out of their apartments. a pair of thieves scammed their way into a man's home and then they go on the attack. and he's standing by his man, donald trump comes out strongly in defense of his campaign manager after he's charged with assaulting a reporter. and good morning, i'm lori stokes >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. it is wednesday, march 30th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> well, good morning. it's a little on the chilly side. the temperature has dropped one more degree. it's around 37 to start your day. but we do have a calm wind, so that's what clous the temperature to drop off -- allows the temperature to drop
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you see the wind profiles, spread out like that, mean as calm wind out of the west and northwest. 23 port gervis right there on the border of pennsylvania. sussex 26. you get down into the city 37. believe it or not these are pretty close to the normal overnight low temperatures. we've been either way up or way down. well, today we're going to be right at normal. 54 at 3:00, 55 is our normal high. we'll be at 57 today. that's going to be great. we're going to warm into the upper 60s tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. the last day of march. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. that's heather o'rourke. she's going to do something with the word "n." >>reporter: that is true >> or the "n" train. >>reporter: that's right. expect delays on the ns because of an earlier incident at coy avenue stillwell avenue. just delays. no major issues there. were some subway disruptions with the ns, but everything is back on or close to schedule. all of our other subway lines are doing just fine. new jersey transit, long island
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belt parkway going north, leffers boulevard, tractor- trailer still trying to remove the tractor-trailer from the belt parkway. tractor-trailers not allowed on parkways. so you can see that we do have that delay as you go back into the area of the cross island parkway. now, we're also looking at woodbridge, new jersey where route 9 south right near king georges post road an accident. two lanes are closed down going into that spot. now, we're also looking at the sprain brook parkway south right near tuckahoe road this. was an earlier accident. this accident has been cleared away, but still a delay southbound on the sprain getting into this spot. we also have word that there is an accident on the taconic state parkway. here's a look at the helix comeing into the city. not a bad ride for you. in fact, it's a minor delay at the george washington bridge. lincoln and holland about faa- minute delay getting into the tolls at the lincoln tunnel. that is not bad at all. no major problems to report at this point. we have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. lori, over to you >> heather, thank you. new this morning and police are searching for this
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they're wanted in a violent home invasion in east harlem. detectives say the attack happened last month. the pair knocked on a man's door and claimed to be conducting a survey. well, after they were inside, they beat the man unconscious, then took jewelry, cash and electronics from his apartment. the victim is recovering from the brutal attack. new york's presidential primary is still three weeks away, but it's never too soon to stump for votes in a race that is narrowing for both the republicans and democrats. hillary clinton has a rally planned today at the iconic apollo theater while her rival, bernie sanders, will be in the bronx tomorrow. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in harlem with more. good morning to you again. >>reporter: good morning, michelle. hillary clinton's rally starts at 11:30 this morning, and with 291 delegates up for grabs, the first of two of her events in her home state. meanwhile also making news this morning is the rift in the republican party after last
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at a wisconsin town hall, all three remaining republican contenders backed away from their pledge to support the eventual presidential nominee. party officials got all candidates to sign the pledge last september. but with the delegate counts mounting and candidates falling by the side, all three survivors are clearly fed up with each other. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> no, i don't anymissouri. >>reporter: you don't? >> no. we'll see who it is. >>reporter: you won't promise to support the republican nominee? >> he was essentially saying the same thing. >> i gotta see what happens. if the nominee is somebody i think is really hurting the country and dividing the them. >>reporter: trump says next week's wisconsin showdown could be his best chance to knock cruz and kasich out of the race, and he continues to stand by his campaign manager in spite of the man's arrest in florida for battery on a female reporter. meanwhile, hillary clinton hopes to push bernie sanders out before reaching the convention. >> but we gotta finish the job
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then go forward and win with your help in november. >>reporter: clinton has fundraisers today in manhattan and tomorrow in westchester, but she's starting with a rally this morning at the apollo theater in harlem. with the new york primary just 20 days away, bernie sanders comes to town tomorrow to campaign in the south bronx. his jabs at clinton have grown more intense. >> we won -- have won six out of the last seven elections often by landslide victories. that's called momentum. [ cheers ] >>reporter: so the doors open here in just a few hours, also in town today is republican candidate and ohio governor john kasich. he will be at gino's pizza in howard beach. we're live in harlem this morning, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you so much, diana. we'll be covering each event here in new york as it happens. you can head to our website, to stay
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a former new york state assembly speaker sheldon silver has been disbarred. the 72-year-old was convicted in november in a $5 million corruption case. he is scheduled to be sentenced next month, but he is pushing for a new trial and his lawyers had tried to prevent his disbarment until after the trial. hundreds are expected to pay their respects today to former new york city fire commissioner nicholas skapetta. mayor de blasio will deliver remarks at the service at the children's center in kips bay named after skapetta. he served as head of the fdny from 2002 to 2010. and is credited with helping to rebuild the department after 9/11. he died last thursday of cancer at the age of 83. 6:is 6 right now. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and your accuweather forecast >> looking from our camera on the roof across the park here. it's going to be a beautiful morning. we're going to have a chilly morning, though, so dress warmly.
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to drop on off because we have hardly any clouds at all to hold any of that warm air down. so we're going to start out with a great day. here is our camera at 4 times square looking south. kind of a nice start to our day. just grab a coat, a jacket, a sweater, that sort of thing because our temperature is 37 degrees now, down another degree from last hour. normal overnight low is 39. we have clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. we'll have sunshine today, a nice tranquil day and an even warmer day for tomorrow out ahead of that front. by the time we get to noontime, it's 50 degrees. 55 at 2:00, somewhere around 3:00 to 6:00 we're going to hit 57 quickly and then temperature drops off tonight. at the bus stop, kiddos, the huckleberries will be there except one child seems to be missing and rather truant. we're at 44 this morning. it's kind of chilly, but by afternoon, after school it's going to be great, right there, 57 degrees and don't be late for cheerleading practice. afternoon, after school it's going to be great, right there, 57 degrees and don't be late for cheerleading practice. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. there she is. what's going on? >>reporter: we're going to talk about the van wyck expressway right near the belt. you can see the van wyck is doing okay in this spot by the belt parkway. but let's talk a little bit about the belt parkway as we head over to our maps. i can tell you that we still have this problem westbound at lepperts boulevard, unauthorized tractor-trailer wandered onto the parkway. this is a look at the belt parkway right near jfk. you can see unaffected by what's going on with that unauthorized tractor-trailer at this point. n trains expect delays. it was an earlier incident at coney island avenue, stillwell avenue, that has been taken care of. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north all running on or close to schedule. route 80 westbound exit 57, that's right around squirrel wood road in paterson, vu that accident being taken care of. and then this problem over here on route 9 in woodbridge southbound right near king georges road. we still have that accident, so two lanes are closed down as you go through that spot. we also have the taconic going south right near the sprain brook parkway with an accident. and then word of that accident on the sprain brook parkway
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that accident has been cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. lori, michelle, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 6:08. coming up, we're going to get the latest on that six-alarm fire that has destroyed several apartment build ntion bushwick. and if you have trouble driving at night, it may not be your eyes. still ahead this morning what a new study reveals about the quality of your car's headlights and the one model that perform the best. another alarming discovery at the indian point nuclear facility. what happened to hundreds of bolts designed to hold part of a reactor together.
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6:12. and new details this morning on a fast-moving fire in brooklyn that spread to five buildings overnight. nearly a dozen people were injured and dozens more left homeless. from the six-alarm fire on to cobb avenue. now, eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live now in bushwick with more information on how this fire began. darla. >>reporter: well, lori, i spoke to the fire chief on scene about an hour ago. he says that fire started at 1427 dekalb avenue. that is where a church is.
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now hitting hot spots. this just popped up within the last half hour. we know that part of this building has already collapsed. so right now they are hitting those hot spots and monitoring the structural integrity of that big. at the height of this fire, it started around 10:00 last night here in bushwick. it was three alarms and it went to six alarms taking 200 firefighters to put it out. you would think the wind may have had something to do with this, but in fact the fire commissioner daniel nigro says it's the way these buildings are made that cause it to spread so quickly. we do know that at least 40 people have been impacted, homeless at this point, 25 of those fire victims were taken on a bus to a shelter for the red cross. >> it was really, really bad. it was so bad that we couldn't even come down the steps. >> it was horrible, like there was smoke and the water from the firefighters and a whole bunch of fire, black smoke.
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the place. >>reporter: again, the fdny here hitting hot spots and the source of this fire, 1427 dekalb avenue. we do not know the cause of this fire at this point. the fire marshal is here on scene investigating. there were only minor injuries last night, only 11 people got hurt. reporting live in bushwick, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, darla, thank you. hundreds of missing bolts at the indian point nuclear power plant will keep the reactor shut down for several weeks. scheduled inspection found problem with about 220 bolts. each of them about two inches long and made of stainless steel. the reactor's owner says there was no danger to the public. but governor cuomo says the bolt problem raises deep concerns. the governor has called on the federal government to reject an extension of the plant's operating license. the city of toronto bids farewell this morning to former mayor rob ford, a wild
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ford died last week of a rare form of cancer at the age of 46. he'll be remembered this morning with a procession from city hall ending with his funeral at st. james cathedral in downtown toronto. 6:14. a new study finds this morning a wide range of effectiveness among car headlights or lack of effectiveness. the insurance institute for highway safety gave only one mid-size model's l.e.d. headlight as good rating. that was the toyota prius-v. the worst rating went to the bmw3 series hallogen head lamps which were only half as good as spotting objects in the distance. 1/3 of vehicles ranked poor. researchers hope the study encourages the government and automakers to improve standards. 6:15. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside now our studios on the upper west side. good morning, bill. >> hi, michelle, hi, lori, thanks for joining us on this wednesday hump day. we got a nice morning here, a
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the coats and scarfs on. you look good, dressed just right. good morning. you're waking up, let's take a look outside, let's get going, shall we? a beautiful sunrise in progress. this on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. looking into that dawn which is a little chilly, 37 degrees. but, remember, our normal overnight low temperature, our temperature at this hour of the day should be about 39. we have a rising barometer, we have a light wind and all that in the current conditions points to what's going to be a great day. 55 is our normal high, yesterday we were at 53. sun is officially up at 6:42, a half hour from right now. calm and cold by dawn. then we're going to warm up nicely by midday today. we're going to get warmer tomorrow to end march. march goes out like a pussycat, but april comes in like a lion with some cold air coming up, maybe even some wet snowflakes this weekend. we'll keep an eye on that, talk about it more. headed out to the east end 38. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 20s to mid-20s north and west. calm wind, light wind. that allows the temperature to
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this clear sky and so that's why it's on the chilly side this morning. clear skies and sunshine today will be featured all the way back to the great lakes. we'll have a lot of sunshine today, and by the time we get to 10:00, it's about 44, by the time we get to noontime we're about 50 and then this afternoon in the mid- to upper 50s. so it'll feel nice. but look at overnight. we're going to be starting the day tomorrow around 50. so by afternoon we're into the upper 60s and then west of the city going to be around 70 degrees to wind down march and we head into april fool's day. look at friday morning. we got rain for the morning commute on friday morning and rain much of the day friday, april fool's day. that's no foolin'. kids at the bus stop, you need your warm gear. after school, though, it's going to be great, field hockey, soccer, baseball, all that, going to be great. sunshine and mild, 57 degrees. we got a partly cloudy sky, 45. tomorrow is warmer. we got sunshine, last day of march, just a few clouds in the afternoon, temperature near 70. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast.
6:18 am
friday, and then saturday it's a windy, chilly 57, could be a little rain shower, could even be maybe even a wet snowflake, and then it's cold and gusty on sunday, and we're looking at chilly weather on monday. as we go to monday, we're going to be looking at some chilly weather for yankees home opener at 1:00. so dress warmly. dress really warm on that monday. >> yeah. >> okay. we will. thank you. >> have a great day. >> thank you, bill >> you too. heather o'rourke has another check on the commute. hey, heather. >>reporter: hi. we were talking this problem here on the belt parkway west the lepperts boulevard. we had an unauthorized tractor- trailer. it has been cleared away. we have newscopter 7 up above and john del gorno checking in with him. how are those delays looking with that tractor-trailer cleared, john in >>reporter: and good morning, heather. i'd say the delays probably a little bit heavier than what you'd normally expect at this time of the morning. as you mentioned, an unauthorized tractor-trailer out here west on the belt parkway, just beyond kennedy airport. it was blocking a lane. police came out here to actually shut the roadway down while they got that tractor-
6:19 am
that's all been cleared, all lanes are reopened. but you can see the bumper-to- bumper volume now, begins just before the airport and continues out through the exit for lefferts boulevard. >>reporter: thank you for that, john. subway status is running on or close to schedule. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north also running on or close. and another look at the belt parkway, john del gorno was just showing us our pictures. now, this is right near the airport. we're also going to take a look at route 80 going west right near exit 57 in paterson. that is another accident that is being cleared away. and then this problem is still with us in woodbridge on route 9, southbound right near king georges post road. two lanes are blocked off. street cleans rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you >> all right, heather, thank you. new this morning, members of a high school swim team are okay after being rescued while swimming. about 60 kids jumped into the waters off of la hoya, california to make a -- la
6:20 am
waves up to four feet and water temperatures in the 60s caused some of them to panic. >> a couple of them panicked which triggered others to get scared. >> i couldn't breathe, so i just raised my hand for the lifeguard. >> well, 20 students had to be carried back to shore. one went to the hospital. all of them are safe. check this out. the rough weather also spawned a water spout off of torrey torrey pines. it dissipated a few minutes after it finally made landfall. no damage was reported. still to come, the new partnership bringing ipads
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and honey getting made.
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on the money this morning, and wall street begins the day higher as the fed signaled interest rates will remain near historic lows. the dow starts the day at 17,633. the nasdaq jumped 1 1/2% tuesday and futures are also higher right now.
6:24 am
lost 1%, but hong kong's hang seng added 2%. some hopeful new information this morning on a hospital chain's battle against hackers. medstar health says that its hospitals in the washington d.c. area are making significant progress toward restoring their computer system. the fbi is investigating the cyber attack on 10 hospitals and thousands of affiliated physicians. medstar says there is no evidence, in the meantime, that any of its patients' information was stolen or compromised. new this morning apple is bringing some new technology to major league baseball dugouts. every team is now being equipped with ipad pros. the idea will allow managers and coaching staff to use all the new analytical data. the information will not be realtime just yet. all the numbers will be preloaded. 6:24. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> yeah. and also those tablets are -- you know, they're coded so that the sunflower seeds don't stick to the screen also. >> that's good.
6:25 am
>> so what's happening today? sunshine, a beautiful morning here as we look at our camera at the meadowlands across towards manhattan. temperature 36, 37 degrees, a light wind this morning. so this wind is not much of a problem at all like yesterday. we got dlie humidities and real feels are in the upper 20s. taking the ferry from staten island, jersey city this morning, a nice ride, a little light wind and a beautiful sunrise today. next seven hours temperatures rising to 51 by 1:00, and by the time we get into the afternoon mid- to upper 50s today. going to be really nice. at the bus stop kiddos, about 42 degrees, so dress warmly. and the enforcer will be there to keep things under control >> that's right. >> she's here right now. weather and traffic every seven minutes. weather then heather, what's going on? >>reporter: woodbridge new jersey, route 9 south king georges post road, downed pole, downed wires from an earlier accident. two lanes closed going through that spot. the l.i.e. westbound grand central parkway an accident and the fdr drive going southbound at 116th street another accident. our street cleaning rules are
6:26 am
michelle, over to you >> thank you so much. 6:25. mets fans can breathe a little easier now that the matt harvey medical mystery has been solved. the club's ace pitcher is scheduled to be on the mound in florida today for his final spring training start after being treated for a blood clot in his bladder. he said he discovered it on sunday which was his 27th birthday. happy birthday. harvey will throw a few innings today against washington and then start the season in kansas city sunday night. still ahead in our next half hour, parents on long island are being warned about a luring attempt involving two young girls. also coming up, children go wild on a commuter train attacking and spitting on other riders. new this morning their parents are speaking out. and a very different incident on a subway train here in manhattan.
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firefighters battled a huge fire in five apartment buildings in brooklyn. some eight hours later crews are still on the scene trying to figure out whether or not those buildings can be saved. new video just in of the man who hijacked a plane full of passengers as a judge orders him behind bars. and rally planned today as new york city lawmakers consider ways to crack down on costumed characters in times square. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is wednesday, march 30th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast >> all right. good morning, everybody. we're going to have ourselves a beautiful day today. we're starting out a little bit on the chilly side. the temperature is 37 degrees and we have a clear sky, just a light little wind here. 28 toms river, 29 wrightstown, 28 sayreville. so we have a clear sky, a calm wind, boy, does that temperature drop off. 23 in monticello, 34 around bridgeport, connecticut.
6:31 am
afternoon, by 4:00 parts of the area hit 57 to 58 degrees. it's going to be a nice day. even warmer tomorrow to close out march. we talk about that next. weather and traffic together that's heather o'rourke. what's going on out there? >>reporter: we're going to talk about mass transit times. always a great idea to utilize our mass transit systems. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are all running on or close to schedule. fdr drive going southbound, accident. and the s trains, we had some mechanical problems at franklin avenue, but it looks as those mechanical problems have been taken care of. new jersey turnpike, newark bay extension east right near exit 14c we have an accident. two lanes are blocked off as you go through that spot. we do have our street cleaning rules in effect for today. and newscopter 7 is up over this problem on the fdr drive. we're going to check in once again with john del gorno. good morning, john. >>reporter: good morning again, heather. yes. you mentioned this accident southbound on the fdr drive. it was out in the roadway. we could see it from a distance. it looks like police got out an they assisted getting it all
6:32 am
this is southbound right at the exit for 116th street. what you see now are slowdowns. this is a little bit heavier than normal. big delays as you travel southbound now. it actually begins up on the harlem river drive north of the triborough bridge an then bumper-to-bumper volume down through the 1 teens. we're live over the east side an the fdr drive, john del gorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, john. 6:31. developing now in brooklyn, you're looking at new video showing that raging fire that left at least 40 people homeless. >> flames erupted through the roofs of several buildings, eventually spreading to five in all. it took hours to get the fire under control. eyewitness news reporter darla miles has new information now. she's in bushwick. darla. >>reporter: lori, michelle, they are hitting hot spots, and there has been a partial collapse this morning. i want to show you where the fdny just put their ladder back up within the last hour to look at that collapse and to hit those hot spots. within the last hour about 20 minutes ago you saw them putting water on it. now that the sun has come out,
6:33 am
at the damage. the challenge is where that partial collapse has taken place, it's still hot underneath all of that debris, and so they have to continuously try to turn that debris to keep those hot spots from flaring back up. and you can see they're taking a good look now, again, at all this devastation and destruction. look at the fire, though. the fire itself was massive. it was a huge inferno. five buildings were destroyed, including a martial arts studio and a church. that church is at 1427 dekalb avenue, and that is where it is believed this fire started in that building. this was a six-alarm fire. it started around 10:00 here in bushwick, taking about 200 firefighters to knock it down. as you mentioned, michelle, there are 40 people homeless at this hour, and they told us they just grabbed what they could and ran out for their lives. >> we lost everything and we're going to a shelter or to a hotel for now, and then see what happens tomorrow. >> right now we just have to
6:34 am
we have nothing, so we have our family and that's it. >>reporter: so that's a live look at redeemed christian church. now, that's a three-story building. in fact, all of these are three- story buildings, so they're not clear which floor the fire started on, but that is where we're told there's deep damage in the rear of that building. the cause of this fire is under investigation. wou think with all the high winds we had yesterday that they -- that that may have been a cause. in fact, that is not a factor according to the fire commissioner. he says because of the way these buildings are made, that's one reason this fire spread so quickly. reporting live in bushwick, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, darla, thank you. new this morning, the police and the fbi want your help finding a couple of suspected bank skimmers. now, these photographs were released overnight. investigators say that soren safa and bogden anen siou skimmed bank customers' information from atms.
6:35 am
between last september and november. police say they hit five machines, one in brooklyn heights and the rest in queens, all of the atms were at td bank branches. police in nassau county are warning parents about an attempt to lure two 10-year-old girls into a car in wantah. the girls were walking early monday evening on briar street north of stratford road. the girls say the driver of a black four-door sedan tried to get them into his car and then circled back for a second attempt. the girls ran until they got home when they told a parent who called police. in new jersey homicide detectives are investigating the suspicious death of a woman whose body was found on the side of a warehouse. 73-year-old virginia wilson's body was discovered on saturday by a worker at the warehouse on amity street in jersey city. police say the victim had suffer multiple injuries. but have not revealed exactly how she died. lori. 6:35.
6:36 am
hijacked an egypt air flight and diverted it to cyprus is psychologically unstable. a court in cyprus has ordered the accused hijacker hell for at least eight days while prosecutors decide what to do next. police say the frightening incident was based on the man's false claim that he was wearing a suicide vest. officials now say it's less than an act of terrorism and more of a family feud with the man's ex-wife who had move to cyprus. he used the hijacking in a demand to see her. >> i thought he would just take the plane, crash it in the sea and just die or he's going to explode. >> even though it's proved to be more of a domestic incident it has raised the state of security in egypt just months after after isis bomb destroyed a russian jet over the sinai peninsula. heavy security marked the return of the french soccer team to its home stadium for the first time since november's
6:37 am
more than 1,700 police and private security guards surrounded the saint denis. snipers were there to help. one of the attackers could not get past security there. the new york city council meets today to discuss ways to regulate costumed characters in times square and elsewhere. the transportation committee will hear testimony on a bill to define areas for commercial activity in the city's 49 pedestrian plazas including times square. businesses and unions will rally on the steps of city hall before this morning's hearing. no action will be taken on the bill today, though. 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning, everybody. we got a beautiful sunrise, gorgeous. here we go looking from fort lee, new jersey, across the george washington bridge. man, we can see all the way out to flushing bay. really pretty morning here, gorgeous sunrise. here's another view of that from our camera at 4 times square looking south.
6:38 am
a bit chilly, but we have just a very light wind, not that 53, 58 mile per hour wind yesterday. but we have clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. we've got this front and this rain that will come to us on friday morning. so this high pressure ridge strong enough to hold that off for today and tomorrow. temperature today by the time we get to 10:00 it's 43. noon it's 50. 55, 57 for the afternoon. that's going to feel great. at the old bus stop, kiddoes, dress warmly, bus, subway, all that, after school will feel great at 57 degrees. it'll be bright, blue and beautiful. weather then heather every seven minutes. you look busy this morning. >>reporter: it's really busy this morning. now, this is route 440 which is doing just fine. but here is the new jersey turnpike newark bay extension. you can see eastbound is bumper to bumper. we have an accident by 14c. i'm going to tell but that, but first let's go over to our maps and tell but an accident, on the west side highway southbound right near 158th street. so you can start backing up by
6:39 am
and on the east side fdr drive south at 116th street accident still off onto the shoulder. this is the problem i was just showing you, the new jersey turnpike newark bay extension east right near 14c, we have this accident. at least two lanes are closed down. you are bumper to bumper as you go into the area. s trains we had mechanical problems at franklin avenue. they have been repair. we do have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori and michelle, over to you. >> all right, thank you. 6:39. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, shocking video, a group of unruly children going wild on a train. now their parents are talking about the shameful behavior. also a woman from new jersey says her fried chicken came with a little something extra and it made her family sick. plus it looks like a scene out of "inception." the mind-boggling vision of new york that could become a reality. and we want to hear from our viewers. join us tonight for an eyewitness news town hall meeting.
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6:42. and police in philadelphia have identified four young boys who were caught on camera last week during a profanity-filled
6:43 am
>> [ bleep ] >> well, the outburst was so foul, we cannot let you hear most of it, and the children were so young, we can't show their faces. police say the four boys are just 6 to 7 years old. one passenger who was attacked shotted video of them cursing, hitting and at one point even spitting at a passenger and slapping a woman. the children's parents say they're also so shocked, but they say that some adults on the train incited the children. >> ashamed because of such -- i never thought they would do something like that. >> they're not kids with silver spoons born. all they hear is curse words in the house and through the whole street and everything and this person recording them, getting a kick off seeing little kids be kids. >> police say they reached out to the parents but have not received a response. a health department in new
6:44 am
that a local fast food restaurant served tainted chicken. waffa arnez brought home an 8- piece chicken combo from the popeye's in lodi. she says the chicken appeared to have news print on t. she only noticed it after her children took their first bites >> my boys come in and said, mom, don't eat that chicken, there's writing all over it. i said what do you mean. they give me the piece, i take a couple bites from it and they say look at it. so when i look at it, i was in shock. >> she says her family suffered stomachaches after the meal. we have not received a comment from popeye's. "good morning america" is coming up next. let's check in with robin roberts live in times square. hi, robin. >>reporter: you got me, lori. good morning to you. coming up here on "gma," donald trump, as you know, under fire. the gop hopeful refusing to back down after his campaign manager was charged with battery. security video released by the police appears to show that the top aide grabbed a reporter's
6:45 am
this morning trump is going to join us live to discuss the incident. also ahead, the latest on that hijacked plane in egypt. passengers held the hostages as they made their escape on live tv. there are new details behind the investigation and what we know so far about the man in custody. and william shatner facing a $170 million lawsuit because a florida man claims to be the actor's biological son. what the "star trek" star has to say about the paternity claim. we'll see it here on "gma." lori. >> all right. thank you, robin. >>reporter: you got it. 6:45. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill evans who's ouz the studio. bill >> good morning, everybody. just need a jacket and a sweat are and you'll make it just fine today. we start out with just a little wind, nothing like yesterday's wind. we're looking at what's going to be a beautiful day today with a lot of sunshine and temperatures get mild really fast. this morning everybody is dressed warmly. you look nice. good morning. nice to see you. everybody is getting off the
6:46 am
morning and, look, what a beautiful doggy we have here this morning. here we go. we take a look outside, show you what's going on. sunshine this morning, beautiful morning, 37, 36% humidity, a light west wind, a rising barometer. all this points to what's going to be a beautiful day today. yesterday's high 53, but it's a little chilly this morning. we're going to call it cold by dawn. sun is up now and we're going to be looking at a warm day to end the month tomorrow as well as the start of april. it's going to come with some rain and then cold air comes in this weekend, might give us a little rain shower, maybe a wet snowflake or two. look at the temperatures to the north in the 20s. like we were talking about yesterday, with a clear sky and a calm wind, temperature really drops off. today that's what we'll be looking at to start the day. quickly it's going to get warm because we have a calm wind, a lot of sunshine. it'll be a very nice day today and tomorrow. this front back into the great lakes doesn't come into play until late thursday night into friday. temperatures today by the time we get to 10:00 we're looking at mid-40s.
6:47 am
50s to upper 50s. tomorrow morning we start in the upper 40s to near 50. and then by afternoon we're going to be near 70, hitting 70 in places like trenton and down toward mercer county and 70 in the urban areas of new jersey over toward morristown. but then you see by friday morning temperatures are in the low 60s, but it's raining. and friday the start of april, april fool's day we look to be seeing some rain into the area. now, i think we see much of that rain -- there you see friday morning through the day friday, into friday afternoon and then coming in, sweeping in behind that will be colder air for saturday, sunday and into next week. after school today, kiddos, great weather. we're looking at 57 for sports after school, plenty of sunshine. tonight we've got skies that are partly cloudy, 45 the low. tomorrow a great day to end march. march which is known to be like a -- you know, comes in like a lion, out like a lamb, that's for sure tomorrow. however, april is a beast.
6:48 am
behind that front it gets cold. we got baseball starting in town on monday. yankees' home opener against the astros. game time temperature about 42 degrees. so get ready for that as we go into monday and next week. it'll warm up by the end of next week. >> all right. something to look forward to. >> doesn't matter. always feels warm when it's baseball anyway >> definitely true. thank you, bill. now. >>reporter: right behind me highway. this is the southbound side. we have newscopter 7 up above. john del gorno showing us this two-car accident in the right lane as you head southbound at 158th street. so as john pans out and shows us that delay going back past the water treatment plant, all the way up into the george washington bridge, you can see it's even on the henry hudson parkway as you come onto the southbound side, but affecting the george washington bridge just a little bit, not a bumper- to-bumper delay, but i have a feeling that's going to change really quickly. let's go over to a webcam and show you another delay that we're dealing with. now, this is route 287 in new jersey. you can see this accident being cleared away.
6:49 am
getting by. we'll go over to our maps. it's 287, it's on the northbound side right near exit 3 with that accident. new jersey turnpike, newark bay extension at 14c two lanes are closed down on the eastbound side with a crash. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. well, thissed video will half to make your skin -- this video will half v to make your skin crawl. you probably want to put down your breakfast right now. it's a rat, a big one, crawling on a man who was taking a nap on a 7 train early sunday morning. well, the rodent got on board at hudson yards and then made itself comfy. fellow passenger caught the scene on video, but as you can see, he didn't even wake the man. the rat got off the train at times square. two designers have come up with a plan to sink central park, send its dirt to other parks and then wrap it all the way around with a brand new scrierp. check it out, the skyscraper
6:50 am
park which would be lowered 100 feet to expose its bedrock. the award-winning design would allow thousands more people to see the park from their windows. well, high drama inside a gas station upstate. the brave actions of one customer that may have saved lives. and don't you hate it when your food delivery gets messed up?
6:51 am
one woman (maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected.
6:52 am
6:53 am
a daring robbery caught on camera in upstate new york ended with a thief on the losing end. the gas station customer was grabbed from behind by a man with a large knife. and the customer says he was sure he was about to die. so he fought back with absolutely everything he had. working together with the store's manager, the pair managed to get the man out the door and call police. the thief, though, is still on the run. well, of all the important things to call 911 for, an incorrect pizza order probably ranks among the bottom. >> i ordered a small pizza, half cheese and half bacon, and they bring me half hamburger, so i called them back and they don't want to give my money back. >> that's not a police matter, ma'am. you'll have to work that out with the pizza shop. >> that was polite.
6:54 am
informed the woman that 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only. she did offer to have an officer meet her at the shop to help find a resolution. wow! the pizza shop in hartford, connecticut said the incident happened a couple of weeks ago and they would have been happy to replace the order, but the woman had already eaten half of the pie. >> that's a problem. coming up apartments destroyed by an inferno in brooklyn. >> fdny crews are still on the scene this.
6:55 am
6:56 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
6:57 am
newscopter 7 is over breaking news on the new jersey turnpike. >> let's get the very latest from john del gorno. john. >>reporter: michelle and lori, we've got quite a mess here on the new jersey turnpike in jersey city. you see that truck there. that's one of those trucks that carries plate glass windows and when that one gets involved in an accident, not a good scene. there were several vehicles here. we did see two ambulances leave the scene. but right now the issue is broken glass, all over the new jersey turnpike. you can see they've swept it out of the roadway and up against the divider. still, though, as you travel inbound on the newark bay extension towards the holland tunnel, two lanes are shut down just before the 14c tolls. we're live over the turnpike, john del gorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, john. 6:57 right now. now to a developing story in brooklyn. dozens of people were forced out of their homes by a huge fire. >> and this is the video of the fire shot by a neighbor last night in bushwick.
6:58 am
suffered serious damage, 11 people were hurt. at least 40 people are now looking for places to live. this is a live look now at the scene where firefighters are still putting out hot spots. firefighters also trying to pinpoint the cause of the blaze. we are headed for the new york primary and the candidates are coming to town. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live now in harlem. diana. >>reporter: lori and michelle, that race is tightening and both democratic candidates will be in town over the next two days. hillary clinton will have a rally here at the apollo at lech cl 30 this morning. also new this morning, clinton has just released a new campaign ad just for new york that looks to be taking a shot at donald trump. in it showing an assault from one of trump's campaign rallies. meanwhile opponent bernie sanders will hold a rally in the south bronx tomorrow with 291 delegates still up for grabs. sanders is trailing clinton, but seems to be closing the gap. doors will open here at the apollo later this morning. we're live in harlem, i'm diana
6:59 am
news. >> all right, thank you, diana. all right, heather. >>reporter: let's start with the good news. mass transit running on or close to schedule, no major issues there. now the bad news, and this has to do with what newscopter 7 was just showing us, john del gorno. this accident has been there for a while, so it's backed up all the way onto 78 before you get onto the turnpike all the way out to 14c where that accident with the glass over the roadway. 287 north exit 3 an accident. then you also have this ongoing problem garden state parkway express lanes north right near 117. that exit, we have that overturned vehicle. >> all right. really busy. clear day. >> busy. not me. let's take a look outside. we got a nice day in progress. look how gorgeous it's going to be. got a sunrise, a tranquil day, the wind is down. you know the temperature is 37, 39 in laguardia. this is where our normal overnight low temperatures starting the day should be, upper 20s to mid-20s to our north and west suburbs. sunshine today. we get into the mid-50s this afternoon. we hit 57 in the park.
7:00 am
what a great day, to near 70. a rainy day on friday on april fool's day to kick off what's going to be a chilly stretch of weather into next week. >> thank you, bill. that's it. that's the news for now. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. "good morning america" is up next. have a good morning, america. donald trump, taking back his pledge to support any other nominee but still backing his campaign manager facing charges. after police released new footage of this incident with the reporter who says she was injured. >> who said they were bruises from that? how do you know they weren't there before? >> and the new protest at trump's rally that left a 15-year-old girl pepper sprayed. donald trump joins us live. also this morning, severe weather outbreak, a strong storm tears through the south.


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