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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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police homicide squad is now on the scene investigating. they are investigating the death of a newborn girl found in a bag on the back deck of a home on this street in glenn head. we're told the newborn was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital. we do not know her condition or this investigation. i'm expecting a briefing from the homicide squad commander in a few minutes. again, we we dopped know the circumstances -- don't know the circumstances of the child's death. they want to determine, oh whether a criminal act has been committed. again, a police briefing is minutes.
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"eyewitness news." >> all right, nj. keep us posted. we're also following another breaking news story. in virginia, two police officers and another person were injured when a gunman opened fire at a bus station in richmond. shirleen? >> reporter: right now, police are saying the suspect is in custody. the area is considered secure, but this is still a very active scene. we know the three victims, including the two virginia state troopers were taken to the hospital but their it's on a busy street that connects a residential district to the stadium and nearby restaurants and the ceo of the baseball
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>> i'm standing here watching the courageous people with an emotional moment. it's a lost activity and the situation seems to be very much under control. it looks like there's very much an investigation going on right now. it still seems to be secure but active. >> again, two virginia state troopers are among those injured in a shooting at a bus station. as soon as we get any new information, we'll bring it right to you. back to you in the studio. now to the race for president. john kasich, hillary clinton, bernie sanders all in new york campaigning ahead of the april 19th primary. >> as for donald trump, he was in washington meeting with the head of the republican party. just a few minutes ago, he tweeted "just had a very nice meeting, looking to bring the party together." the question is, how will he get that done? right now, there is a small anti-trump protest happening in columbus circle.
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pictures right now. you can see folks milling around right there with some signs up. despite the protesters, donald trump is enjoying a large lead over his competition in new york. according to a new quinnipiac university poll, trump is ahead over ted cruz. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a 12-point lead over bernie sanders. clinton focused her attacks on trump. >> donald trump is showing us exactly who he is, and we should believe him. let's remember this. all of the republican candidates want to make abortion illegal. if you make abortion a crime, then you make women and doctors criminals. >> bernie sanders is also in new york city today. he's sitting down one-on-one with political reporter dave everybodiens. you'll hear him -- reporter dave evans.
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and a man police say is targeting elderly women in brooklyn and queens. new video shows him near the scene of the latest attack this past saturday in kensington. police say he hit an 84-year- old woman in the face with a gun, breaking her nose. it was the fifth attack in the past two months. no plea deal for the men accused of killing an mbta bus driver in a stolen livery truck. willby is accused of stealing the truck after drinking in february 2014 and crashed into william pena's bus. today, pena's girlfriend demanded justice. >> william pena went to work. what he did wrong that day was get to work on time. his life was taken, you know? we will forever have to live with his loss. >> willby is the nephew of model tyson beckford. he's charged with several crimes.
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says the only way to save atlantic city from financial collapse is through a state takeover and officials have to act fast and aggressively. atlantic city government is expected to shut down next week. christie is calling for approval of a state takeover plan. >> even with the advice of the emergency manager put in place in 2015, atlantic city tack only modest steps to reign in their costs. they face a $100 million budget deficit. just the current deficit. >> the governor says he will oppose a referendum to expand gambling to northern new jersey if lawmakers do not approve a
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higher pay and safety training are being demanded. they want $15 an hour and also want proper training. the strike is not impacting flights. doctors say two mormon missionaries who were injured in the brussels terror attacks are in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery. mason wells and joseph were flown back to their home state of utah earlier this week. doctors say they will require more treatment for second degree burns and other injuries, but they are doing well. the parents say they are grateful their son survived but are heartbroken for the families of those killed. >> the love and support and prayers have been put out for
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we just feel grateful to be home. >> belgium is subject to the extradition after the man was caught after a four-month manhunt. wall street closed the day a bit mixed. two straight days of gains, energy stocks took a hit after the price of u.s. subs. in the end, the dow fell 31 points closing at 17,685. still to come on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00, a dog so vicious, postal carriers can't even go into his house. so who is this gratenning animal? we'll explain if that pet right there is a safety threat. >> plus, dramatic new video. look at that. tons of concrete and steel crashing down. we'll explain what was happening right before the collapse.
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for shoes or a new smartphone. find out why more than 200 people lined up at a mall in new jersey this morning. >> and nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass, especially when you are in central park. they are telling me it's taking about two days to finish the meadow. how about the next seven hours in terms of the accuweather forecast? it's mild and feels like spring. got a beautiful forecast ahead
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or we're following breaking
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came out of a building there. josh, what can you tell us? >> reporter: dave, wear at 51st and -- we're at 51st and lexington. just one floor up. that pane of glass that's missing from the wall from the side of the building. it landed. it fell right out of the building and landed right here where this hotel worker is right now finishing, sweeping up what's left. one pedestrian is walking here, the fire department says, and was taken to cornell with what is described as minor injuries. it didn't come from higher up in the building. as if the injuries weren't worse, in another stroke of luck luck -- we lost our signal there with josh. we're going to try to re- establish our signal with josh. he was talking about the glass falling from a double tree in midtown. no injuries. we'll move on to chilling video out of india as a bridge
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busy city street. check this out. surveillance video shows the moment a 300 foot section of the span, which was under construction, collapsed. at least 22 people are dead. scores of others are hurt. it's not clear how many pedestrians or drivers are trapped in the tremendous amount of rubble that remains. a top elected official said the private builder missed several deadlines for completing the construction. leaders from around the world are arriving in washington for a nuclear security summit. north korea is also on top of the mine. it's a rogue nation. president obama, secretary of state john kerry are also expected to strengthen ties with asian nations. they won the world cup but are they being paid like champions? five star players from the u.s. women's soccer team launched a
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they said the u.s. soccer federation pays them far less than their male counterparts. one example is they are paid $30,000 each from making the world cup team, but their male counterparts receive nearly $69,000 each. becky, took to twitter saying the decision to file was wholeheartedly supported by the entire team. lots of people wondering why the huge lines at the shore hills mall this morning. the sneakers and smartphones showed up to buy a car. those buyers are in line to pre-order the tesla model 3 at the tesla store there. the model 3 costs about $35,000, which is half as much as the other pricey electric vehicles.
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for the cars and test whether electric cars can go mainstream. central park opens to the public. i love this. before you get to enjoy the hundreds of acres of greening grass, it had to be mowed. this afternoon, meteorologist bill evans was kind of trained on how to do that, but he hopped on the mower, and he helped kick off central park's first mow. >> he's a natural. >> he may have been breaking speed limits there. >> he's doing a good job. he got a good start to it. lee now is the second part of our team. he's going to be providing the next level of gardening for us and also give an accuweather forecast. when i don't see him, i get nervous. i know, right? >> there you go. >> don't worry. you know, bill and amy get to ride the mowers, and they give me the weed whackers. i appreciate that.
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so they tell me that to edge the perimeter with every tree should take one to two days. i think i'll be in good shape. >> i'll see you later. >> marty breaking a sweat out here. these are my protective glasses. here we are. this is one of my favorite views in new york city, looking at the buildings of central park south. it's just so spectacular. here we are in the middle. you can smell spring. there are 194,000 bulbs at the central park conservancy plant and they mow this 15 acres along with almost 275 other acres in central park. so we'll tell you all about that. how about the accuweather forecast, which is very spring like. it's starting to feel humid out there. we look at the temperatures, which are working to the lower 07s this afternoon. -- 70s this afternoon. our actual current temperatures working into the low 70s right now. we'll see the pretty good breeze, which will be building to the south all afternoon. the temperatures in the area,
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south-facing shores, are only in the 60s. now, wind gusts had been over 30 miles per hour. the wind is busy bringing in that warm air. our planner as we go through the evening hours will be dry through 8:00 or 9:00 or so. showers can move in after that, so have your umbrella handy. the satellite picture shows high clouds. the rain is off to the west. that is a cold front moving through chicago right now. the first showers could come through tonight and tomorrow morning. the cold front doesn't come through until tomorrow afternoon. that could have gusty downpours with it. when you look at the futurecast, you notice we're dry into the early evening hours, but i think showers probably get more widespread later at night into tomorrow morning. then there will be a window sometime midday. maybe it's early now to get you an outdoor lunch. there will be a window where it's just quiet and showers and thunderstorms break out again.
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and strong into the early evening hours. spotty showers this evening, more widespread later on. watch out for a few downpours tomorrow morning. a break midday and more downpours could resurface during the afternoon hours. we'll be storm tracking on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00 and 5:00. then things start to dry out and clear out. coming up at 4:30, now the question is, will this front leave us alone over the weekend? there are some hints it may slow down and have you cloudy and a little -- have us cloudy and a little rain and then a big cooldown coming after that. we'll talk about a little arctic outbreak in april. you hate to talk about that, and also the new york yankee home opener on monday. there was a close call with a little rain there. once again, we are in the middle. it takes 7 1/2 tons of grass seed to get the park ready to go for the summer months and incredible amount of man power
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it's always on it and will be hopefully weather permitting the meadow and all of the lawns and ball fields will be open through the upcoming weekend. we'll be here with the next half hour. i have this urge with an empty netter. you are not supposed to throw a football and it is a 900 foot meadow. maybe we'll do a little eli to adele. >> it seems like something to be utilized. >> it's one of the things where you wish we had smell-a-vision. >> reporter: we all had it growing up. whenever you mowed, the neighborhood had the grass smell and it's great other than the pollen count which will make me sneeze while on the air. >> all right. go enjoy. toss that football around. >> reporter: yep.
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the presidential candidates were taking the rounds. john kasich talked about his big pizza eating faux pas. yep, you saw it right there. yep, he used a fork to eat a slice of pizza. he's getting a whole lot of flack for it. >> i want y'all to know that despite all of the criticism i'm debting, my wife who heard -- getting, my wife who heard about this on the twitter called me and said she was proud that i finally learned how to use utensils. >> did he say on "the twitter"? >> there's only one way to eat new york pizza. you fold it in half, put your elbow out and get the grease away from the suit and you post it on "the twitter." obviously, he's not the
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mayor de blasio said here's one thing i agree with. >> i'd like to apologize to all pizza lovers. new details on the controversial exhibit bill cosby. we will tell you all about it. >> up next, the feature of
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how a group of in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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the grocery chain was being sued because they too closely resembleed pepperidge farm's milano brand. they demanded to stop the future sales of trader joe's cookie. virtual reality is all the rage these days. fanny tells us what they are doing is going to change the way they watch movies. tell us all about it. >> the cutting edge is located at nyu where a small group of computer scientists are changing the face of entertainment. i went there after i was blown away by my first experience with virtual reality. once you go back to do what
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virtual reality. it felt like i was on with the wind whistling around me. >> professor ken is a scientist who won an oscar for his technical work used in movies like "inside out." today he's developing vital tools for film-makers in the future. >> directors could have the experience of walking through a very complex set and even modifying it before anyone has ever built it. >> sensors in the rooms see this movement, which is then placed within a virtual world, designed by animator david lobeson and manipulated by student conner defancy. what he sees is impossible for us to show on tv.
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drawing and wherever he walks, he's seeing it as a three dimensional sculpture. >> as cool as this may be, the near future promises to be even more true to life. >> instead of wearing cumbersome headsets, people will be able to slip on a pair of sunglasses, and in their everyday lives, they are going to be able to do things that now we couldn't imagine. >> reporter: how about this. instead of sunglasses, imagine wearing the next step contact lenses and seeing a different place and time in exact detail. add small ear pieces and the effect is complete. you could be standing in your living room, but it would look and sound like a completely different place. so one day you won't just be watching a movie, dave and liz, you'll be in the movie. >> wow. that's exciting.
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>> they don't want it to do withle -- to do well. the postal service is suspending delivery to a woman's home because of her dog. why the dog's owner thinks the postal service's actions are outrageous. >> we continue to follow breaking news. several people have been shot at a bus station in virginia. two state troopers are i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that.
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updating the two breaking stories from the top of the show today. a newborn baby found dead in the backyard of a home on glenn head on long island. police say she was abandoned, and now they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> also breaking, there's been a shooting at a bus station in richmond, virginia. at this point, we know there are at least three people injured, including two virginia state troopers that were taken to the hospital, but their condition at this time is still unknown. the gunman in this case is in custody.
4:30 pm
a police car crashes after a pursuit in northern new jersey. >> carolina is in hackensack with the details. carolina? >> reporter: there is a lot to this story. first, let me show you a live look at the scene in hackensack. you can see that silver car was in an accident with the police vehicle. this all started in paramus with a police pursuit. the motorcycle was driving on the road and police were trying to pursue that vehicle at a low speed and lost him. from there, hackensack police picked up the low-speed pursuit, they tell us, a police officer got into an accident with a civilian vehicle here in hackensack on summit avenue. as for the condition of the driver and the police officer, right now we do not have that just yet. from there, the person on the motorcycle kept on going and
4:31 pm
spring valley avenue. that person, the person on the motorcycle that started this whole thing, that person is in custody and has moderate injuries. at this point, as you can see, a live look here in hackensack. there is a very active police scene because of these two vehicles, the police vehicle and civilian vehicle that both got into this crash here on summit avenue. again, police right now are piecing together all of the different details. we have three different cities and different towns that were involved here. again, a police pursuit, low- speed police pursuit ended with these vehicles crashing here in hackensack. channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. also now this half hour, a woman from rockland county is in a dispute with the post office. it's all over her dog. >> the post office says it will not deliver the woman's mail because of this dog right here. this dog right here and part of the problem is that it barks
4:32 pm
there's more to the story. marcus solis is live with the details. marcus? >> reporter: the postal service says it's all about safety. the owner says it's a little dog whose bark is worse than his bite. this is leo, the 15 pound woman. she received a notice that her mail would no longer be delivered because the dog was unrestrained. she disputes this saying the dog is behind a locked door 95% of the time the mail is delivered. on the occasion someone is home, leo is behind the storm door. the postal service wants her so assure them that the dog will be restrainted during hours -- restrained during hours of delivery. is your dog dangerous? >> no.
4:33 pm
he has never bitten anybody, never attacked anybody. is he a loud barker? yeah. but he gets excited when he sees people because he likes people. >> reporter: as we said, the postal service cites safety concerns. thousands of alert carriers nationally are bitten every year by dogs. i'll have more on that and a new report coming up. marcus solis, channel 7 "eyewitness news." police in new jersey arresting a man for distributing child pornography. the passaic county sheriff's department searched the home in patterson. they found files on his storage cloud that he accessed from his mobile devices. detectives are still searching other devices and believe more files could exist. he's now facing distribution and possession of child pornography charges. a security guard at a high school in long island is suspended without pay for allegedly secretly taping a
4:34 pm
daniel williams walked in the boys bathroom in nassau county while a 16-year-old boy was inside a stall and taped him. he was arrested after police say he posted the video on snap chat on tuesday. >> the school was alerted of this through personnel at the school. once they found out, they called the police. detectives came and were able to view the nap chat. >> williams is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. he's due back in or the on april 11th. a gas leak scare is now over and it triggered the evacuation of ps204 in bensonhurst. kids were sent to 80th street. the 62nd precinct posted this photo of kids giving thumbs up as they headed back to class. a tweet by the state department is causing a lot of backlash today.
4:35 pm
the u.s. about but not a ten overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks. spring breaking badly." they deleted the tweet after a storm of criticism. they said they were trying to warn a commuter alert along the pulaski sky way. starting monday, southbound traffic will be diverted into a newly completed northbound lane. two ships will happen into all of this. the first expands to a spot just before the hackensack liver bridge span. the second covers the area past the passaic river span into routes 1 and 9 south. check our web site if you are confused by any of that. good news for new york's tourism industry. state parks historic sites and campgrounds have a 5% increase
4:36 pm
the boost was helped in part by the return of fire works to hiatus. the annual i love my park cleanup day is scheduled soon. >> head to central park. we've got lee over there and it's freshly mowed. coming up, new concerns about the zika virus.
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n concern of the zika virus coming to our area is on the rise with more of the tri-state area possibly being affected by it. the cdc has an estimated map that covers more of connecticut and new york. these are areas that may have the type of mosquito that carries the virus. health officials say that does not mean it will spread or come to those areas.
4:40 pm
for soda may be fizzling. consumption fell to a 30-year low last year. it's 13 servings less than the previous year. experts say some people are switching to what they believe are healthier beverage options. even diet soda took a hit as well. elton john is being sued by a los angeles police captain for sexual harassment. captain jeffrey weninger says he was repeatedly groped by the singer at a time he was working as john's bodyguard. he was employed through a private company at the time. a lawyer for john's entertainment group says the allegations are untrue. a new scandal surrounding the governor of alabama. his top aide has resigned after allegations he had an affair with her. the alleged girlfriend of governor robert bentley walked away electric her job yesterday. the two-term governor is
4:41 pm
her but admits to saying inappropriate comments. bentley has remained adamant he is not leaving office but did apologize to his family and the woman for the comments. a shocking discovery at an elementary school. three first graders are accused of plotting to poison and kill a classmate. the charter school in anchorage suspended three girls after another student overheard the children talking about the alleged scheme. officials say the girls planned to place gel preservation packages from their lunch marked with do not consume warnings. they are nontoxic but they do pose a choking hazard. >> the school resource officer thoroughly went over with them the repercussions of this kind of stuff and really tried to give them the straight talk and the big picture of what this could have potentially turned into. >> the alleged plot was not carried out. no criminal charges were filed
4:42 pm
letter asking them to talk with their children. a pro surfer survived being mauled off mambo beach wednesday night when he was attacked by a shark. it reportedly bit a large chunk out of his left thigh. his hand was also injured while trying to fight off the shark. a friend pulled him to the shore. they say he is in serious but stable condition. as you plan summer travel, tsa cut its airport screening staff by 10%. it's the participation that the pre-check system would be the answer to the long lines. not enough fliers enrolled in the program weapon with record numbers of fliers expected, passengers are advised to get to the airport at least two hours early. we've got an airline
4:43 pm
a picture of a woman and her hair. there it is, in another passenger's space. it's sparking huge reaction on social media. what do you think?
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call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get internet, tv and phone. there's no contract, no risk and our money-back guarantee. come back today and we'll give you free installation with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. the smithsonian says with will acknowledge the sexual
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bill cosby. it will display two items from his career. originally the directors said it would not reference any allegations made against him. the museum's founders said visitors will recognize that his legacy has been severely damaged. hamilton revered for its multicultural cast. the show posted on its web site that they are holding open auditions for "nonwhite men and women who can sing and rap. the actor's equity association union says the wording is not in compliance with this rule. the show says it regrets the confusion and says all performers are encouraged to audition. chipotle is hoping it will bounce back following e. coli outbreaks. they are filing a patent
4:47 pm
they say this is just a growth seed idea but mcdonald's and burger king may want to watch closely. the modding can be applied to a variety of food, chipotle says. when it comes to filling out ncaa tournament brackets but if you don't pick who you think will win, your bracket is incomplete. james is tied with two other people and he's tied with the yahoo bracket, but he didn't pick a winner which means he will not win the $50,000 grand prize. >> oh, my goodness! so close. >> should you tell him or should i tell him? who's gonna tell him? >> i know, right? >> i'll bet he's with lee goldberg and figured all he can do is mow the lawn. >> do you have anyone to talk to? >> so far, i'm 8 for 12 with
4:48 pm
i've thrown for 300 yards. >> in your brain. >> reporter: maybe when we come back from weather, we'll play the game "can you reach the, something. remember that game? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: having a good time here? yeah, i'm having a great time here because i have the sheet metal to myself. it's a once in a lifetime thing. my buddy bill evans was lucky go across. amy freeze will have a report on the 6:00 show. i got to edge a little bit, and we have a beautiful day for this. hopefully the conservancy can open this to the public on saturday, weather permitting. we may have rain in the morning but they're hopeful to get it in. worst case is a little dusting of wet snow on sunday morning. let's get into the forecast as we take a wide view of the meadow at central park. it's massive and 15 acres. it's beautiful out here, and everybody's anxious to use it
4:49 pm
we're at 70 degrees. it's partly sunny. we have a south wind gusting 20 in the park but over 30 and 40 miles per hour in other places. watch that wind as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. by the way, march now is coming to a close ready to put march in the books. look at all of the red. it's way above average. we're on pace for the fourth largest march on record here. we finished for the day and you can bump that high in the low 70s. in terms of the next seven hours, we'll see temperatures only slowly dipping through the 60s. a fire amount of clouds around with a nice, balmy breeze overnight. have the umbrella for showers that become a little more widespread. probably a wet morning commute for many of you. maybe even a rumble of thunder. a little concern late morning with a few downpours. there should be a window in the break early afternoon before more storms fire up with the afternoon heating. so be aware of that.
4:50 pm
watch how it changessage we go through midnight in the morning commute. that's when the showers blossom. even a couple of downpours could be just about anywhere. there is a little break midday and more storms which could actually have gusty winds and maybe a few strong ones coming into the afternoon and early evening hours. then we should be okay. so being out here, i can tell the tree pollen is up, especially with the breezes. tree pollson moderate to high today. it will be knocked -- tree pollen is moderate to high. it will be knocked down tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast. check this out. there is a lot to talk about on this. number one, we've got our storms off and on during the day tomorrow. your temperature is up to 73 or higher. saturday morning, clouds and some rain. i am hopeful to at least dry out in the afternoon. best chance of clearing north and west. sunday is a whole different story. i would not rule out higher elevations, even a coating or so. then we're struggling through the upper 30s and lower 40s as
4:51 pm
that is a nasty day. as we go through monday, i think for the eggy home opener. there might be a close call with that. at least we're about 53, probably upper 40s for first pitch. tuesday's chilly. we stay chilly through mid- and warm it up through mid- week. all right, david and liz. one throw, we go back to you. set, hut. he drops back, looks off to safety. >> oh, look at that! touchdown! >> reporter: i just broke my record of the day right there. [ laughter ] >> the giants and jets want you right now for tryouts. >> reporter: the jets are looking for a quarterback, you know that? >> why do you think i bring it up. >> tom brady's bff. here's what's trending. beyonce's latest trend into fashion. she got help from her daughter blue ivy. the active blue line is called
4:52 pm
the company says it merges fashion with technical innovation. fans of queen b are happy she's wearing just the hippest of gloves. the clothing line is being sold exclusively at top shop starting april 14th. halle berry is the latest to give up the personal boycott of social media by following twitter and instagram. two pictures there. the first one instantly got everyone's attention. a topless picture of herself standing in the thicket of bamboo. she says she's looking forward to sharing her world through images that reflect her emotions and perceptions. the new york international auto show is coming to down but if you want it now, check this out zooming up ski slopes in japan. [music]
4:53 pm
[ laughter ] >> isn't that cool? talk about all wheel drive. this is from short film "a day in the life" and was made with the help of red bull. >> was that a suitcase strapped to the top? >> i think it was a parachute. i'm not sure. whatever. finally, we know putting a kid so sleep that does not want to go to sleep can be a bit of a challenge. this little guy takes it to the next level. >> after one hour of trying to put adam to sleep, adam, no! come here! >> oh, my gosh, the cutest. >> something tells me mom is a little done with this act. >> you hear it in her voice. adam, no! he's so cute. >> he looks like a lot of fun. >> oh, look at the little feet. >> you keep looking.
4:54 pm
>> as always, check out the trend online. >> we've all been there before. we were just like, please go to bed. >> not again. >> go to bed. [ laughter ] >> so cute. all right. still to come, an airline passenger in the middle of a social media debate. her really long hair right in the middle of another passenger's face. up next, we'll hear from the person sitting behind her. >> we've got breaking news involving the evening commute. the long island railroad is warning its passengers of potential delays and cancellations because of a disabled amtrak train in one of the east river tunnels. we're contin approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
4:55 pm
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airplanes can be tight cor dorz with limited space. >> what would you do if a woman's ponytail started creeping in to your area like that? josh einiger has the story behind this photograph. >> ready to party! >> reporter: it is no one's idea of a fun flight, a seat mate who say less than ideal. >> passengers have seen it all at 35,000 feet, this man even duct taped after screaming and spitting at fellow travelers aboard his flight. this stranger used his seat mate's shoulder as a pillow. then there's this hair-raising in-flight violation. that's somebody's ponytail currently breaking the internet. >> we were just chatting and all of the sudden this large thing of hair flopped down in front of us. >> reporter: dante ramos tweeted congrats to the ponytailed young woman.
4:58 pm
to be awful at 35,000 feet. >> complaining about air travel is a staple of twitter. >> reporter: now the photo has sparked a twitter debate. do you have any scissors, wrote one commenter. a small piece of gum should do the trick. others are more sympathetic, writing a few words and the problem would likely be gone. ramos said that's exactly what they did. >> the ponytail flopped out of our sight and presumably back in to hers. >> josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i can see how she may not know that it was there. >> they know now. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> developing at 5:00, questions on long island after the body of a newborn girl was found inside a bag in the backyard of a home.
4:59 pm
a car plowing in to a crowd of people on the sidewalk in the bronx. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for sade baderinwa. tonight we're hearing from people who witnessed the confusion and mayhem after that crash, and learning more about the survivors. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is live in the fordham heights section with the exclusive video. >> eyewitnesses describe absolute shock and chaos here yesterday. that sidewalk was packed with pedestrians when an out of control car tried to swerve out of the way of a stopped vehicle in the right lane. it jumped the curb and slammed in to a crowd of people. quee have video that -- we have video that shows it but we have to warning you, it is graphic. >> reporter: exclusive video obtained by eyewitness news shows a packed sidewalk yesterday in the bronx. a mother with her baby in a stroller among the crowd when just seconds later an out of control chevy impala jumps the
5:00 pm
but somehow everyone survived. >> it was going at least 30, 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: eyewitnesses describing sheer panic after the 26-year-old driver lost control on east fordham road. this is cell phone video shot by an eyewitness capturing the confusion after the crash. >> the driver was walking around like he was kind of stunned. he didn't really look like he knew what was going on. >> reporter: the impact knocked this utility box off its metal brackets, spinning it around. it smashed the window. at the top of the screen, a bystander gets knocked to the ground, then gets right back up. >> laying down bleeding. blood on the sidewalk. it was a mess. >> reporter: he usually sits right where that car crashed but yesterday he went for a walk, a walk that may have saved his life. >> i may have been hurt. i just thank god for another day. >> reporter: three of the victims were rushed to the hospital.


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