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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 1, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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leisure line today. athletics meets leisure wear. it's got the behhive buzzing. who run the world girls >> reporter: he may already run the world. but queen bey's adding to her already formidable empire with a new athleisure line. joining the ranks of other celebrities who have run away with the trend. fabletics by kate hudson. calia by carrie underwood. ivy's line, a nod to her daughter blue ivy and the park she grew up going to. >> the park became a state of mind. the park became my strength. >> reporter: and on the may cover of "elle" magazine. let's get physical >> reporter: it's not a new concept. celebrities have been getting physical since the '80s. from jane fonda's original workout -- >> nice big stretch.
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workout with "golden girl" fitness love from the young at heart routine. >> i feel lousy! >> reporter: these hollywood stars keeping you looking flawless for decades. i woke up like this flawless >> reporter: with ivy park queen bey's certain to have fans in love once again. so pretty in love >> thanks for watching. tune into gma tomorrow. and as always, we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook
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the nypd still on the scene piecing together a bizarre crime. a woman in the hospital tonight after she says she was slashed on the street in manhattan. and she says the attacker made a disturbing comment as she ran away. good evening at 11:00. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. bill and sade are off. the attack happened as the woman was walking on broadway near rector street. josh einiger in lower manhattan with new details from police. >> right in front of trinity church where police are standing guard where a woman says she was attacked by a man with a blade. she says she went south on broadway toward the school she attends and that's where she
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but at the height of the afternoon rush in the financial district, police still have not found one person who says they saw her. >> reporter: hours after the alleged attack the painstaking search for clues was still underway. investigators scouring for evidence, for video, for witnesses, but so far nothing. >> we'd like to ask the public for their help. >> reporter: a 20-year-old woman reported a random attack, slashed by a stranger. >> she reported walking northbound on broadway an unknown male grabbed her by the arm, turned her and slashed her on the left side of her face. when he slashed her he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist and he continued to flee northbound on broadway. >> reporter: the woman is of middle eastern descent and from the back of the ambulance described to detectives how the man attacked her at 4:10 p.m.
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she walked past trinity church, afterwards retreating to a cosmetology school from which she called her father who called 911. this eyewitness didn't see the attack but did hear the commotion that followed. >> i saw somebody on the floor then someone said she was hurt and someone call an ambulance. >> the woman described the assailant as a white man, about 5'10", 180 to 200 pounds wearing a black jacket, a black hat and blue jeans. she was injured with a deep cut in her cheek. someone cut her. police are looking for your help to find out exactly what happened here so they can try to figure out exactly what that you are dealing with. we're live in lower manhattan, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following more breaking news. a missing baby has been found within the past hour. police say they have found the 7 week old baby that was abducted
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the king of prussia plaza wall in pennsylvania, northwest of philadelphia. police say the woman walked up to the baby bfs mother -- to the baby's mother and asked if she could hold the baby, then took off. both are safe, but we don't have any information on a motive. we're following breaking news in new jersey where there's an active police investigation. it's happening in butler. people who live in the neighborhood say police opened fire on a man. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid there with the late details. >> this all happened around 7:30 tonight. this police involved shooting. as you can see, we still as you mentioned have an active scene here with police and firefighters blocking off the road. this happened at 3 west bellevue avenue. the circumstances as of now still unclear. as you mentioned, neighbors say a man was breaking in to a home
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the suspect is taken to the hospital by a helicopter. but there's still very little information officially coming from the butler police department and the morris county prosecutor's office is looking in to this but have yet to release an official statement. but again, police involved shooting here in butler right around 7:30. the circumstances, still officially unknown. reporting live in butler, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. developing news out of albany tonight. new york governor andrew cuomo announcing a budget deal. it includes a $15 an hour minimum wage. cuomo has made his fight for $15 a priority. wages will gradually rise over the next few years. just this week pennsylvania and california announced their minimum wage will be raised to $15 an hour. we're learning tonight a driver whose car collided with a police vehicle in hackensack has died.
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events that began with a police chase in paramus. the officers were on their way to an accident scene this afternoon when the crash happened, killing a 67-year-old man from hackensack. the accident, the police were headed to involved a motorcyclist from whom police say fled during a traffic stop in paramus he was later arrested. tests showing more elevated lead levels. initial tests done on eight buildings in the district showed higher levels of lead. the tests were done on nontraditional buildings including athletic facilities, charter schools and student centers. this is the first phase of a new lead testing strategy in newark. an nypd lieutenant involved in the arrest of a postal worker in brooklyn now on modified duty. part of the arrest of glen gray was caught on march 17th. gray says the unmarked car nearly hit him and after words
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the lieutenant who was supervising is under investigation and has his badge and gun removed. the three other officers were placed on uniformed patrol. an autopsy is being performed on a newborn baby girl found lifeless in a bag outside a home on long island. police were called to the home on walnut street in glen head this morning. officers found a 20-year-old woman with severe bleeding which was later found to be from childbirth. officers found the full term baby in a bag on the back deck unresponsive. no charges have been filed at this point. turning to vote 2016, and donald trump's comments on abortion still very much the hot topic among the presidential candidates. both democrats in the race held rallies in new york city today. hillary clinton spoke in westchester county. bernie sanders gathered support at a big rally in the bronx. before that rally political reporter dave evans sat down with the candidate. >> reporter: on a wave of momentum, bernie sanders brought
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tonight, calling for a revolution, a campaign against the establishment. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> reporter: the latest polling shows hillary clinton with a comfortable 12-point lead in new york. that vote takes place in almost three weeks, plenty of sanders says, to catch up. >> if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the white house. >> reporter: earlier today we talked one-on-one with sanders and he blasted hillary clinton, calling her vote for the war in iraq a terrible foreign policy decision and he blames her for the rise of isis in places like libya. >> hillary clinton and i look at the world differently in terms of foreign policy. >> was she a good secretary of state? >> in some respects she was, in some respects she wasn't. she helped engineer the overthrown gaddafi in libya. >> reporter: hillary clinton enjoys a three-day home state
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she did face some protesters in person today but clinton seized the chance to remind everyone she is the frontrunner. >> as they're leaving, i say i've earned 9 million votes in this election already. i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and 2 and a half million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: bernie sanders promises he'll be back to new york a lot between now and our primary day, april 19th, and he now says not only will he do well in that election, he's now predicting he'll actually beat hillary clinton in new york. in the south bronx, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> meanwhile, both parties are speaking out against republican presidential frontrunner donald trump.
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seize on his controversial statements on abortion. trump was in the nation's capital to meet with the rnc chair. trump tweeted they had a nice meeting. new details at a bus station. a virginia state trooper who was wounded has died. officials say trooper chad dermyer was shot by a man he spoke to briefly. dermyer was taking place in a training exercise at the station. the gunman was shot dead by other troopers. binghamton university says one of two people wounded is a member of the women's track team. her injuries are not life-threatening. we have new information on the terror. we're learning the nypd warned police in europe about two of the suicide bombers one week before the attacks. the intelligence division provided information about
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the radical background was discussed with belgian police. but belgium's federal police department denies the information was passed on. meanwhile, private funeral services will be held tomorrow for two new york siblings killed in the brussels attacks. 29-year-old alexander and his 26-year-old sister sascha will be buried in the netherlands. they were heading back to new york city when one of the bombs went off at the airport in brussels. holding a rally outside the headquarters as the two sides remain deadlocked in contract negotiations. the union says they're calling on verizon to drop demands for worker concessions affecting job security and health and retirement benefits. a verizon spokesman says the company recently exchanged several proposals with the unions but its efforts continue to be met with opposition. a young girl on track to be a valedictorian dies.
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but it isn't. it's a gun. we'll tell you when this could be hitting the streets. >> plus, exclusive video as a driver loses control and crashes on a bronx sidewalk. >> meteorologist lee goldberg says get the umbrella out. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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i'm meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. light rain has developed over new jersey in to new york city. there's more on the way. your wake-up weather tomorrow morning, breezy and mild, a few scattered showers. have your umbrella. look at the mild start to april. 61 degrees. your 7-day accuweather forecast has snow showers in it. that's less than 3 minutes away. new at 11:00, a teenager with a promising future has her life tragically cut short while doing volunteer work at the beach. 17-year-old tran was overtaken by a wave and drowned while helping clean santa monica beach in california. she may have been in the water for up to an hour before she was found.
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her high school and candidate to be valedictorian. a pane of glass fell off the side of a hotel in midtown manhattan this afternoon crashing on to the sidewalk below. the glass fell from the first floor of the doubletree hotel and on to the sidewalk on 51st street between lexington and 3rd avenues. a passerby was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the buildings department is investigating. exclusive video tonight of a frightening car accident in the bronx. we first reported last night. surveillance video shows the car jump the curb in the fordham section around 6:00 last night and plow in to four people on a busy sidewalk. three of the victims ended up in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the 26-year-old driver was cited for failure to yield to pedestrians. a man accused of pulling out a bb gun at a checkpoint outside the u.s. capital earlier this week now facing federal charges. 66-year-old larry dawson of
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guard on monday afternoon and critically hurt after he drew the weapon. dawson was under an order to stay away from the area after an incident in october where police say he disrupted a house session by yelling he was a prophet of god. it looks like a smart phone but it's actually a dumb idea and potentially dangerous. take a look at this gun designed to look like a cell phone in a protective case. with one easy tug, the pretend phone reconfigures in to a real gun. production will begin in the fall. homeland security is expected to be notified about the device which could be possibly slipped through airport security. tesla unveiling its latest vehicle tonight and is billed as the affordable electric car. the tesla model 3 unveiled in los angeles. the starting price will be $35,000 before incentives. that's less than half the cost of the previous electric models.
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least 200 miles when it's fully charged. tesla's model 3 does not go on sale until late next year but is already generating a huge amount of interest. this was the scene at the mall in new jersey as potential buyers waited in long lines to reserve them by putting down a $1,000 deposit. they want that car bad. >> tesla has a lot of fans. >> it's a game changer. >> could be. you know what, can't complain about this weather. >> really beautiful. >> yeah, but a little less than 45 minutes left in march, fourth warmest march on record. first week of april is going to be a lot colder after we get past april fools. a great picture from a viewer in basking ridge. last year, snow on the grass and magnolias coming out this year. partly cloudy skies, super mild out there. balmy breeze. pressure on the fall. the high today, 73 degrees. we should match that, maybe go above it tomorrow in spots. the average high is 55. way above that.
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weather headlines look like this. april is going to start warm. but unsettled. not that it's raining all the time tomorrow but there can be showers and maybe a gusty thunderstorm. morning showers. in the afternoon there will be a period when a line goes through that they're gusty. maybe a few strong gusts and heavy downpours. slow clearing on saturday. arctic air is arriving on sunday. big difference. 59 on saturday. slow clearing. best chance of showers in the morning. might be a lingering shower. it's blustery on sunday. it feels like upper 20s and low 30s and worst case, actually snow showers north of the city in the morning that could drop a coating in spots. unbelievable change. upper 50s, lower 60s right now. very, very mild. as we go through the morning, have your umbrella tomorrow morning. it's not raining everywhere but there are spotty showers around. then you'll see occasional showers and a rumble of thunder especially through midafternoon. might be a few bright spots. clouds dominate. we'll get in the low and middle 70s and dry out during the evening hours. a few showers over parts of
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somerville and staten island, manhattan, just sprinkles right now. a few of these showers will blossom overnight. there's the heavier downpours with the front. that's more likely to happen after we get daytime heating tomorrow. severe weather down to the south. these are funnel clouds across the south. very strong storms there. we're in a very slighter marginal risk. futurecast shows spotty showers. this is less impressive than it was earlier in the day. we're not talking washout here. at times the skies will brighten a little bit. then there can be a shower or storm especially during the afternoon hours. and it will start moving away. there's still a broken line of showers that can come through during the evening commute then things will begin to dry out. clouds are hanging tough on saturday and we'll finally see drying a little bit later in the day. here's your accuweather forecast. breezy and mild. scattered showers. isolated thunder, very small chance. might take that out of the forecast. 73 tomorrow, windy and warm. clouds, limited sun and a shower or thunderstorm in to the afternoon hours. after that early evening shower will turn mostly cloudy tomorrow
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clearing will be slow on saturday. maybe late day brightening. it's blustery and cold. monday, here's the deal in terms of the yankee game. i have to introduce showers in to the forecast. they're going to play. i think there will be a couple scattered showers around but at least i bump the temperatures to around 50 degrees. if you're fortunate enough to have tickets, shouldn't be too bad. bring the umbrella. does get colder tuesday and wednesday. first week of april after tomorrow looks a lot chillier. bill evans will have an update in the morning. >> for a second there i thought you were the new player. we're going to play. >> sometimes i feel. >> you still have it. [ laughter ] up next, the mystery, how did part of a plane end up in someone's yard? >> also, another reason for pregnant women to get the flu shot. could it help save the life of their unborn baby? first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see what's coming up on today's show. >> bill murray is here from the jungle book.
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flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. new tonight, the faa is trying to figure out what caused an emergency slide to fall off a jumbo jet, landing on a woman's house. andrea self heard a loud bang, then her house in mesa, arizona shook. she walked out her front door to see this. the faa confirmed it somehow dropped off an atlas air boeing 767 as it was on final approach to the local airport. wow. no one on the plane or ground was injured. in tonight's health alert, vaccinating pregnant women against the flu could save their baby's life. researchers in australia found pregnant women who got the flu vaccine cut their risk of having a stillbirth by more than half. experts say the benefits continue after birth.
1:31 am
from the virus for the first few months of life. laura behnke in for rob powers. >> it's getting closer, opening day. only a few exhibition baseball games remain. the yankees played two today while the mets headed west for a national league championship series rematch as they faced the cubs tonight in vegas. also tonight, the rangers had a chance to check off their first
1:32 am
laura behnke, the mets fans have been counting the days to get the season back. >> they need the exhibition to be over because it's not going well. maybe regular games will change things. for the mets, florida now a thing of the past. kansas city and the season opener still three days away. right now it's all about las vegas. the final exhibition games of the spring. the first was tonight in the nlcs rematch against the cubbies. the mets offense has been struggling. lucas duda gets something going. 1-0 mets. all chicago from there. kris bryant with the go-ahead play in the 5th. infield rbi single puts the cubs
1:33 am
they'd add to it from there. the home run off hansel robles. mets now winless in their last 14 spring games. the yankees made it official, masahiro tanaka will get the opening day start against the astros. last day in grapefruit league play. split style. not the best day for the pitching. the cards would belt five homers, four of them off michael pineda. steven scotty who hit two long balls in this one, cards would go back-to-back 9-1. yankees lose. what about the other half? they were in lakeland to meet the tigers. not very much better in this one. also allowed four home runs. jd martinez had two of them. there was a bright spot. austin romine. on the day joe girardi announced he made the squad as the backup catcher he smacks a home run. the yankees fall. 10-6. the rangers could make it
1:34 am
spot with a win over the hurricanes. eric staal's first game against his old team since coming to new york. came up to acknowledge the crowd twice. then to hockey. after a miserable 1st period, the rangers came alive in the 2nd. here's rick nash powering his way to the goal. they'd lead twice in this one but carolina kept coming back. victor rask past lundqvist. they'd hang on. 4-3 the rangers fall. they're third in the metropolitan division behind the penguins. islanders trying to keep pace as they host the blue jackets tonight. isles on the power play. anders lee taking care of the rebound for the go-ahead goal. 4-3. the islanders now just 2 points behind the rangers with a game in hand. and finally, the devils also in action on the road in florida tonight. under 3 minutes to go in the game, panthers get some insurance. barkov, the goal. it proves to be quite important. devils would get a late tally but they fall 3-2.
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off a pretty huge win when they took down lebron james and the cavaliers at barclays center, one of their best wins of the season. so tonight brooklyn looking for a repeat performance. this time in cleveland. spoiler alert, not going to happen. lebron james had a double-double. he moved in to 12th and this one was never in doubt for cleveland. tristan thompson finishing the alley-oop. 107-87 the cavs roll. tomorrow night they get the knicks in the battle for new york city. both teams not making the playoffs. it loses a little luster. >> if only we had lebron james. oops, sorry. bad topic. we didn't get him, did we?


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