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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- a winter scene in april. spring snow falling overnight and temperatures plummeting. a wild week of weather just getting started. now. the presidential candidates crisscrossing the badger state, the next prize in the primary season and donald trump clarifying his latest controversial comments and calling for another candidate to drop out.
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cliff hanger, a car dangling hundred of feet above the ground after careening over the edge. opening day. baseball is back. the world series rematch coming down to the wire. and we say good monday morning, everyone. we'll start with millions of americans waking up to april snow showers. >> unbelievable. radar right now looking more like winter than spring. large area of snow in upstate new york moving into new england. boston could see up to 4 inches of snow. >> overnight, the snow falling here in rochester, new york, the plows hitting the street before opening rush. grounds crew in pittsburgh forced to remove ice. diana maceda is tracking the winterlike weather. >> another round of spring thyme
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crews are racing to try to get those roads cleaned up ahead of the morning rush. but in some areas that's becoming a very big challenge. officials are warning new yorkers to stay off the roads as some parts of the state brace for 8 to 10 inches of snow. a major pileup upstate. 16 cars and a tour bus all crashed on i-88 injuring about 30 to 40 people. all part of a wintry blast bringing dangerous in some cases deadly winds across the east. this fallen tree landed right on and in a louisville home. the couple's 2-year-old son was playing just feet away. >> it sounded like a train was coming through our house. i run out here and i'm like, oh, my god, what happened? i look up -- >> reporter: in indianapolis, wind gusts so powerful they
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car. the driver escaped injuries. the winds also tore down power lines. ignited right in the street. in new jersey -- >> our neighbor's awnings were being ripped off and we saw our fence blowing around the neighborhood. >> reporter: leaving 90,000 homes without power. behind the wind a blast of snow also hit parts of the midwest and the northeast. opening day in pittsburgh, grounds crew cleared ice and slush off the field before the pirates/cardinals today. opening day for the yankees is today, that could be postponed because of the winter weather. reena. >> diane, thank you. amtrak will operate regularly scheduled trains today. where a deadly crash took place yesterday it slammed into a
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two amtrak workers were killed and more than 30 passengers were treated at hospitals. they called the experience fright zblng it was an explosion. we got off-track and then it was like a big explosion, fire, the window bursted out. >> reporter: federal investigators are examining the train's data recorder. one of the primaries questions, was the backhoe or the train on the wrong track. turning now to the race for the white house. heating up a day before the pivotal wisconsin primary. >> as they battle it over their next debate, donald trump is acknowledging his recent missteps but he's also calling for john kasich drop out of the race. and john kasich is not backing down. but still holding out for a contested convention. it's "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis.
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busy over the weekend. glad handing their way through wisconsin before tomorrow's big voting day. wisconsin, you're up. the badger state will host the next make or break primary, making the rounds in the battle ground state, donald trump eating his own words. >> anything you said in the past week or so -- >>. >> reporter: on the sunday talk shows trump trying to clarify his comments on abortion. >> i'm not saying it's the appropriate answer. it's the doctor's fault or whoever performs the act -- >> why did you say the woman sf. >> because it was asked hypothetically. >> reporter: in a do-over he wouldn't have tweeted that unflattering picture of heidi cruz. trump who once led ted cruz in wisconsin, not doing as well, hoping to pick up some mow me momentum before polls open on tuesday. as john kasich tries to do the same as attacks against him ramp
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>> it's what you put up in a campaign. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are also neck and neck in wisconsin and debating over debates. clinton telling george stephanopoulos that she'll face off with sanders on "good morning america." >> i'll be there. >> reporter: sanders hasn't committed just yet but said he'd like a debate before the big new york primary. >> i suspect it will work. >> reporter: both candidates focused on the empire state. >> i would be so humbled and honored to earn your support. >> reporter: so the new york primary is about two weeks. but first, wisconsin tomorrow. sanders and clinton are in a virtual tie in the state. if donald trump doesn't win wisconsin he may have some trouble racking up delegates to snap the nomination before the convention this summer. >> an interesting night tomorrow. stephanie ramos live in washington. thank you.
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have started investigating hundreds of people named in a bombshell new report of tax evasion. leaked documents from a law firm in panama. political figures named in the reporting are from russia, saudi arabia and pakistan. even celebrities and some big sports stars are also among those named. new developments in the refugee crisis in europe. greece sent back the first. turkish officials say they're prepared to receive 500 immigrants today. the policy has come under fire from human rights activists. en emotional day in belgium as the airport in brussels reopened. the first passenger flight yesterday left for portugal. others went to greece and italy. the airport is not fully
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delta will not resume flights there until next spring. up ahead, controlling cholesterol. and scary side, a car and its driver sitting on a cliff after plunging over the edge.
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some frightening moments for philadelphia hockey fans as an escalator breaks down, witnesses say the escalator started to speed up and that sent fans tumbling to the ground. some fans tried jumping off the side to get out of the way. fans were leaving the game after the flyers defeated the ottawa senators, no one though was seriously injured.
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player abby wambach, has one of her sponsors taking action. she was taken into custody over the weekend in portland after she ran a red light. wambach is apologizing for the whole thing, calling it a horrible mistake. a car company is withdrawing its ads that feature wambach. ticket sales for the olympics in brazil is dismal. just five months ahead of the summer games only 50% of the tickets have sold. facing a string of challenges including the zika virus, political turmoil and security fears because of the crime rate. the bidding war for virgin atlantic is over. official announcement is expected later today. alaska airlines beating out jetblue with its reported cash bid of about $2.5 billion. virgin began as a low-coast
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and at the box office it was a steep fall-off for a couple of superheroes. batman versus soupman dawn of justice remain the top movie at theaters. down 68% in its second weekend of release. it brought in more than $52 million and zootopia, second, with $20 million and my big fat greek wedding 2 was third. >> i'm sorry about virgin atlantic. >> no longer the airline. when we come back -- a car and a plane colliding on a freeway. and play ball. the boys of summer are back. highlights from baseball's opening day, including a world series rematch. looking great and stepping out with confidence starts with beautiful feet.
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you see that little chihuahua running on the upper level of the bay bridge with a police escort. traffic was stopped as they tried to capture him. he was turned over to animal control where he's being looked after. >> look how clear traffic was on the bay bridge. road conditions were clear for ponch's run. from the great lakes into the northeast, wind gusts and snow
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commute. look out for wet roadways in the pacific northwest. if you're flying, delays possible in new york, boston, washington, d.c. and philadelphia. an interstate 15 near san diego, a plane ran into trouble in the very same place, this time with deadly result and witnesses rushed in and smash the plane's windows. rescuing the pilot and his passenger after they slammed into the back of the car. a roller derby skater was sitting in the backseat of that vehicle and was crushed to death in the crash. also in california, a man has an incredible story to tell, he lost control of his suv and crashed over a guardrail. somehow he managed to escape the wreckage. but was so disoriented he stepped into traffic and was hit by a bus. remarkably he survived both crashes
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left a car dangling on the side of a hockey hill, she drove through a parking lot gate and then shot over the cliff. the car came to a stop about 300 feet down. police are trying to determined what triggered the crash. new hope for people with high cholesterols who can't stake statins. most of those patients may be treated with an injectable drugs. dramatic drops in bad cholesterol levels. experts say more research is needed to see if the drug prevents heart attacks. tomorrow women's college basketball championship is all set. the uconn huskies will be there. they destroyed oregon state last night. the huskies will face the syracuse orange after they took
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syracuse won it, 80-59, to claim their program's first-ever championship game berth. tonight, men's hoops title game tips off in houston around 9:20 p.m. eastern. another baseball season is upon us. we get our sports highlights right now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. kevin connors and john anderson. opening day in major league baseball on sunday. >> the game that we're going to show you between the royals/mets was the end of the last season. how do we know a new one started? don't look, they got gold lettering, that means you're a champion and they are. rematch of the world series between the royals and the mets. not game six. game one of a new season. now theyis one was 4-0, k.c., home team, they rallied against the bull pen. finally, wade davis shuts it
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4-3, the royals. you may not have heard about this the golden state warriors are having a good season. averaging 69-8 on the year. steph curry and company taking on the blazers. curry, a three, second quarter. the 1,000th three-pointer for golden state. warriors in the third, riding curry's red-hot hand. he had 39. 136-111, the time. villanova and unc for the men tonight. >> who do you have, quick? >> i'm going villanova. jay wright. >> the ladies side. >> i'm going to go uconn. >> uconn. >> go ahead pick against me. >> i'm not going to do it. >> good morning, america. uconn is -- >> a dynasty. >> well said.
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there are a lot of ways to pack your breakfast with protein. but the most delicious way is to just add milk. new nature valley cereals. at least 10 grams of protein with milk, and a touch of sweetness for three new ways to power you through your day. all right, we'll start with the pulse with the first annual academy of country music awards where blake shelton crashed the opening number. >> he joined co-host luke bryan. >> shelton's ex-miranda lambert and her new beau walked the red carpet making their debut as a couple.
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moments dolly parton teamed one hits. >> parton was very subtle with her outfit there. >> you loved dolly's outfit. and we can't forget a newly blonde and dread locked justin bieber, the iheart radio music awards. >> the biebs revved things up with a special treat for his screaming beliebers. >> looking good there, biebs. another big event last night was the 32nd edition of wrestlemania. it was held near dallas before a record crowd of 102,000 fans. >> lot of those fans were stuck out for a little while. they were upset but they were able to see this, shaquille o'neal taking part in a battle royal.
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eliminate one other participant. >> how is it possible that shaq didn't win? it must have been rigged. >> what? this is all real. >> the rock was also there making a return to his wrestling roots. he was also credited to winning a match. and a new picture of taylor swift is going viral this morning. >> it's not making the rounds because of the singer, it's her body guard getting all the attention. take a look. he can't manage a smile during this ride at disneyland. they appeared to having fun. >> it reminded us of this picture from last month, the an are mom. >> one of my favorite photos. >> why so serious? >> i don't know. and an easter egg hunt turbid out to be far from
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quick-thinking kings near london. >> what happened when two burglars interrupted an egg hunt. the kids quickly dropped to the ground and made a human arrow pointing in the direction of the suspect and that giant arrow was clearly visible from the air above. kids are smart. got to give them credit for it. more news after this. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. eucerin intensive repair doesn't just moisturize dry skin, it intensively repairs it. with a unique triple action formula
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an overall nightmare from the midwest into the northeast. as for today's weather, frigid temperatures from the northeast to the great lakes, showers in the northwest but clear, warm and mostly sunny everywhere else. finally this morning, a rather unique place to raise a family -- it's standing and being lived in right now in denver. >> it's got plenty of room in which to stretch out and all the modern touches anyone could want. >> reporter: it sits next to this park. >> we have a few minor details, some finish work. >> reporter: it's probably the most modern building in the neighborhood. >> seven bedroom, five bath. >> reporter: it's made mostly from shipping container and a cluster of four shipping containers on this one. one, two, three, four, it mimics the same on the other side. we have this one container that spans across which makes nine.
4:29 am
over a year and a half ago to build their dream home from recycled shipping containers. >> once we decided on shipping container, we knew the's at the timic of the house would be modern. >> reporter: it's also equipped with a kitchen a double stove and oven. >> we love our big stove and the huge countertops. it's just a fun place to be. >> reporter: it certainly looks fun, but is it worth it? regan did a lot of the work himself. >> i think stacking them side by side directly on top of each other, making it as simple as possible would be very cheap to do. >> reporter: the landscaping isn't finished yet. other houses in the area with more than five bedrooms are retailing for $500,000 and his home cost about $100 per square feet to build. >> a for creativity.
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>> good job. >> you wouldn't move in? >> i don't know. speaking of fancy, later this morning on "good morning america" gwen stefani exclusive. stay with us. have a great monday morning. . smoke filling a terminal at new york international. live with new video.


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