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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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slashing on a new york city subway. good afternoon to you. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill in for dave novarro. a man is remembering the moments when a tree fell on his truck. >> tony yates has our lead tony this afternoon. tony. >>reporter: incredible video, isn't it . that driver told us today he was just driving and in a split second, this happened and he had absolutely no time to react, but as it turns out, timing was on his side. >> you've seen the video. everyone's talking about the timing of it all when the tree crashed. the fact that buton township -- his dash cam captured the moment that a lucky driver escaped injury. we met alex >> it happened so fast, you know what i mean, and i didn't really have time to
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i hit the brakes, but it didn't help because by the time the tree came down, i was already impacting the tree, you know. >> police showed alex the damn cam video at the scene. >> i was shocked. i was happy that i was still in my seat, you know. i was lucky i went over the tree. i probably would have hit the windshield or the hood. >> these were pictures taken by the tow truck driver. >> i call trees the silent killer and thank god he was not hurt and there's not a scratch on him, and you know, thank god because that was something you could practice this a thousand times and watching that video is really something. >> the truck was brand spanking new. alex's future father in-law, daniel clover brought it for his business. alex works for him. when the dash cam video, it's all about the timing again.
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always think about it after the fact, but a second before, or a second after, it would be life changing. >> he wasn't only the one emotional. alex's mom and future wife has much to say about the tape and their 6'6" baby making it back home unshaved. >> we're going to hear from the two women in alex's life. his mom and girlfriend. that's coming up at 5:30. we'll tell you what his girlfriend told alex before he left home that sunday morning. live here in boot and township. the winds have died down, but the cold, it is not over yet. take a look at this. ground crews removed chunks of ice today. that's when the field at yankee stadium before the opening day festivities there and tonight, we're facing yet another freeze warning. meteorologist lee goldberg
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>>reporter: a fine day liz and bill. we have less winds, so it doesn't feel as harsh and the april sun is strong. look at the morning lows. they're significant. when you talk about lows in april in the low and middle 20s and teens out there. the official low in central park was 26. that's the coldest april morning since 1995. the first time we've been in the 20s in april since 2004. 15 degrees below average and that's more typical of a late january morning which is pretty crazy. freeze warnings are up again. so the second night in a row where a lot of blooms are going to get freezer burn and cover those plants and gardens tonight. we have mainly clear skies. it's not because we don't have sunshine. we bumped it up to 42. temperatures below freezing in monticello. there's a couple of gusts overnight. the wind chills 30s.
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the afternoon hours. with high pressure moving closer, our winds will die down, but we're on the eastern side of that high, so it's northerly winds carrying to canada and the northern states. we'll drop during the evening hours, but you want to have the gust winds. the difference tonight is the dramatic drop in winds. we'll drop into the teens many suburbs and we'll continue with the idea of not being as harsh tomorrow. we have rain to talk about down the road and we'll have the mets forecast at the end of the week. the accu weather in a few minutes. >> it's not baseball weather. >> no, it's not baseball weather. that's cc, but they played the game this afternoon all bundled up. we're going to check with the fans in a few minutes. a man accused of stealing a vehicle and killing the car's owner.
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63-year-old philip's flat bed truck and drove off. gravaza followed the thief. he tried to approach kirk and he fell and he was hit and killed. in queens, a robbery suspected recovering after he was sideswiped near a subway train. the 33-year-old suspect took a 13-year-old boy's cell phone on an amtrak and punched him in the face when he tried to intervene. the suspect ran across the tracks and he was sideswiped and charges pending. new jersey governor chris christie announced that the state will spend (1) 10 -- $1 million on led testing and it will address led concerns in low and moderate housing. people
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and cleaned. he said the extra money is important. >> as long as there concerns about this in new jersey, we want to do more and it's the right thing to do to protect our children and their families. >> testing one public housing unit could cost $20,000. now to 2016, wisconsin casting their ballots. that's important for sanders and more important for cruz who is ahead of trump in the polls in wisconsin. trump is in that state trying to narrow that gap. meanwhile, trump making news in our area. nassau county set up for the best page rally he's holding on rode island. right now, clinton is in brooklyn holding a town hall meeting. mrs. clinton not expected to beat sanders in wisconsin. that would make six win in a row for the senator of vermont.
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wisconsin with the latest. stephanie. >>reporter: bill, the candidates have been chris crossing the state of wisconsin trying to stir up support while gop insiders say that if trump does not win, it will be difficult for him to clinch the party's nomination. voters at the poll casting their ballots in this primary. >> it's going to be interesting. >> trump coming off his roughest week is not giving up making a last minute pitch to voters. >> the people of wisconsin are strong. they don't want other countries taking their job. >> president obama addressing -- mexico pay the bill to build a wall and the president calling it im practicalal. >> you're learning concerns about mr. cruz's proposals, which in some ways is just
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>> if trump wins wisconsin, he can lose delegates and if he loses and cruz wins, it's a gop convention. on the democratic side, sanders is ahead in wisconsin polls against clinton. he's feeling confident. >> we're on our way to the white house. >> do you see this sanders campaign white house, you would think staffers is busy inside. but it's not. they're at the poll s s trying to get -- they're at the polls trying crucial one for sanders. >> it could make or break somebody. >> thank you all. >> clinton is nowhere near wisconsin instead of making an appearance on the "view." >> here in was kon isconsin, one place -- a million people expected to vote. since wisconsin has the toughest voter id laws, thousands can't get into the poms. many of them minorities and college students.
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supporters. live in wisconsin, stephanie ramos. thank you stephanie. president obama is trying to end tax eversions. they're paying lower taxes. >> they renouns their citizenship and declare they're some where else and getting the rewards of being an american company without fulfilling the responsibilities to pay their taxes the way everybody else is supposed to pay them. >> the new rule is proposed by the treasury would make it difficult for company to relocate. president obama it's up to congress to close the loopholes entirely. speaking of big corporations and stocks -- it will roll in next week. let's take a look at the numbers as we look at the board. dow down 133 points closing above 17.603.
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an opening day no less. it was an awfully cold one. in fact, it was down right frigid. folk and players were dressed for the winter classic than for opening day. for die hard fans, there could be frost on the seats, and it's a perfect day to be in the stands watching the yankees take on the astro. marcus is outside of the stadium with more. >>reporter: this is one of the days you mark on the calendar. opening look forward to it all opening long. the fact it was postponed made it more anticipation for the yankee fans. >> it's the greatest day of the year. i'm a die hard. i'm going to die a die hard. i love them. >> 48th home opener for frank. he knows opening day is like no other. >> yeah. >> so yankee fans flocking to cheer on the bombers.
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bitter temperatures. maybe coming to the route of boys to summer, but came dressed like he is camacho mows, hats, scarves, blankets, necessary today. >> i've been waiting three months for this. i'm ready, and the weather is perfect. we're good. >> it's a great day. it's a new beginning and a new season. it's great. we love coming here. it's wonderful. >> the opening day draws the young and really young and young at heart celebrating the pastime and continuing that time honor tradition of dads bringing kids to the ball park. who cares if it's a school day. >> it's a great tradition and every year he has a sore throat this time of year. >> you must be so unlucky. how are you feeling? >> a little sore. >> there's ryan already a die hard yankee fan who almost -- his team is the red sox. >> we said you can put your red sox on under the yankees. i'm not playing. you have to play it's
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>> that was the die hard in training. the fans arrive happy. they are heading out of the ball park not so happy. yankees trailing 5-3. so if some folks leaving earlier, so that's the question. how are the yankees going to do. we'll have that in another live report at 5:00. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> a die hard and trending indeed. marcus. >> it's 3-2 in the 8th. >> there we go. all right. so, as we continue on this tuesday, a wild crash. two cars smash into a building in new jersey. we have new information on what exactly went wrong. plus, apart of penn station. pitch black, so what in the world caused this eerie scene inside the transportation? . we're supposed to be healthier. but you might be surprised to find what's
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a violent crash in new jersey. two cars smashing into a building. police -- a lem owe smashed into a parked car. that sent both vehicles flying to the limo hurt. and fortunately no one was in the store hurt. we're seeing dramatic video today of the moment a tug boat sank in the hudson river killing three people last month. a lawyer for one of the crew members killed released this video. in it, you can hear one worker yell that the boat the 84-foot long tug boat sunk a
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months to complete. at 4:00, the govern of mississippi shining a law to let private and public businesses refuse service to gay couples on the grounds of religious beliefs. governor phil brian says he's reinforcing the right to religious freedom. some of the state's largest employers are speaking out against this law. nissan and tyson foods says they're deciding what action they'll taking. they're calling the law an attack on citizens that will serve as a badge of shame. meanwhile, pay pal are saying it's scrapping expansion plans in charlotte north carolina because of that state's new law that limits protections for gay and transgender people. syracuse hopes to play soiler as it takes -- as it takes -- they're taking on yukon. it's 11-11 in
4:17 pm
they're a power house. the orange is playing for the first title, underdog. one -- it will be tonight. the forecast of the weather will go well. should we ask them to forecast the women's game. >> freezing lee. >> how can you go against yukon. syracuse has to keep it close, but i don't doubt that. that's the 7-day forecast in a nut shell. there you go. what do we have lee . it's bright and nice. perfect for a first day of yankees baseball and if you didn't have to wear the color, it would be nicer. >> the hat and gloves. >> pretty when the wind dies down, it doesn't feel bad. we're in a pattern that we're not going to get out of for a while. things will turn to the worse for the weekend. let's give you -- it's pretty as we look right here from midtown.
4:18 pm
across the hudson into wee hoc and clear skies. the air is drying so that's adding to the chilly feeling. occasional gust of 15 or 20. and the high today is current at 42. we head into the evening hours, we're 15 degrees below average. 80 the record high. we hit 80 last thursday. remember in monticello, it was cold and 41 in armock feeling like 42 in howl. wind chills in the up per 20s and lower 30s. a few places feeling like it's above freezing. the wind gust with us after sunset and after that, they'll continue to diminish, and they'll be light tomorrow morning under mostly sunny skies where you'll notice tomorrow it's filtered as the day goes on as clouds increase. as we're trying to warm things up, clouds may put a cap on how high we can get. we're clear, but out to the west,
4:19 pm
the center of the high gets closer. you'll see the front impacting us. temperatures will make a run at 60 degrees. along with it, rain and probably thunder as well. future casts looking like this. tomorrow morning, lows in the low 20s to lower 30s. i think we'll see teens north and west. that is conservative at the 22. i can see upper teens there, and we'll try to recover during the afternoon well into the 40s, but it will be with high clouds. i wouldn't surprised to see 50 south and west. that air mass is coming -- you'll finish the day with a high overcast. clear and quite cold tonight with less wind. teens in outlining areas. a high of 46. not as hard -- not as harsh. your numbers reasoned 43 in the early evening. we start to climb overnight. breezy
4:20 pm
start to see a couple of sprinkles. that's the question we'll work on at 4:30 is the timing of the rain. will we get that thunder threat. we'll deal with that and rainfall looks to mets opening day. i like the weather -- bill, liz, back to you for now. >> hopefully warmer for the fans. >> hopefully it is. if lee can do it, we can. >> this type of relationship with mother nature. >> just like that. >> it's different with lee goldberg. >> thank you, lee. apart of penn station is dark. the power went near the 7th street avenue. an electrical ward blew a circuit. power was back on in 6 minutes, but a lot of people wondering where they were going to get to where they wanted to go for a while. still to come on
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4:00, a legal setback in actor paul walker's crash investigation. we'll tell you what the judge had to say about the crash of the crash that took walker's life. plus this. coming up, we'll in introduce you to a shoe in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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some breaking news about your commute as if the commute isn't hard enough.
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the retaining wall mielth be unstable. engineers evaluating it, and looking at the structure of the wall. remember a few years ago, the wall came down. they're looking at it. one lane open. that's it on the northbound west side highway. be for warned if you're hoping to get home north of new york city. >> that's the start of a commute nightmare for >> [indiscernible]. >> we'll keep you posted on this. meanwhile, there's details in a lawsuit over the crash that killed actor paul waker. porsche will not held at fault. a judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence in kristin's claim that her husband died because the porsche gt that he was driving lacked several key safety features.
4:25 pm
-- he was driving when the car crashed and burst into flame in california in 2013. when it comes to people who inject insulin to control their diabetes, the cost of that drug for them is through the roof. the price of insulin tripling between 2002 and 2013. this according to a new study published. it's not just the price that has gone up. the amount of insulin prescribed by doctors per patient. more competition among drug makers could help this change gone -- 20 million americans live with some sort of diabetes. a woman from new jersey is reinventing herself by entering the shoe industry and she's hoping what she studied in college gives her an advantage. >> tiana has a love for shoes. >> i love stilettos. >> a good shoe can
4:26 pm
>> while she doesn't have a background in fashion, she has a degree in industrial engineering. >> engineering is about creating and having a foundation and building off that. i'm not using it the traditional engineering sense, but i'm using it in developing a shoe. >> she has a math degree, but she spent most of her post college years in it in consulting. her divorce sparked her move. >> i started sketching in a restaurant and i showed my friends. >> she took a class on shoe making and she launched her class. >> i love the shoe because it's sexy and edgy. >> from the edgy to the practical and something in between. ten styles so far, all while raising her son and working full time in consulting. right now,
4:27 pm
they go between $30 and $600 a pair. she's hoping to line up boutiques. she speaks to students about the importance of stem, math. >> it's important to show the journey i took and the options you have utilizing that strong foundation in math. >> she learned you never know where it will take you. >> i'm walking in my destiny. >> lauren glassberg, eyewitness 7 news. still to come on eyewitness news, first at 4:00, thousands expected to attend trump's rally on long island tomorrow. we're going to look at the security precautions that are being made to insure everyone's safety. also ahead, dozens arrested to catch suspects trying -- they're creating a fake university.
4:28 pm
a man flashed in a subway. we have details on what led to the violent encounter. we continue to monitor a town hall between democratic candidate the crowd currently enjoying what he's saying. dave evans is thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do.
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our top story this half hour, a slashing in new york city on a subway in the bronx. a man robbed of his backpack by young thieves and they slashed him several times. >> there were 900 slashing and stabbing in new york. that's up 20%. kimberly richardson has the store y. kim. >>reporter: liz, less than 12 hours after the police commissioner warns slashing and stabbing were not going away, yet another attack. this time here up on the number two train on the elevated tracks. at this hour, police are still looking for the suspects. >> there in the upper right hand corner of your screen, that's a number two
4:32 pm
into the jackson avenue station. surveillance cameras captured what appeared to be a routine 1:10. looks can be deceiving. onboard this train, two suspects -- one is a 26-year-old man. the pair approached the victim and robbed him and took his backpack and they did something that's all too familiar here in new york city. a crime the police commissioner admits is one of few that's on the rise to a level he says has has authorities concerned. as the train approach the station, the suspects pulled out a sharp item, cutting the victim's forehead. the victim was able to stumble off the train. this trail of blood on the platform shows where he headed towards the token booth. the worker on duty called 911. several minutes after the robbery
4:33 pm
surveillance cameras show police arriving at the scene at the corner of jackson and jack westchester avenue,-- in westchester avenue. but the suspects were gone. >> one thing to note, that's a -- right next to the tracks. we spotted several surveillance cameras there. cameras that hopefully caught pictures of of the the suspect. >> kim, thank you. may major crack down on a nationwide visa scam. 21 people are under arrest. federal investigators say the suspects were recruder who worked with the fake college. in exchange, the students would get kickbacks and commissions, however there was one major issue the suspect overlooked.
4:34 pm
schools they're working with, the northern school of university was run by the department of homeland security. it was set up by agents to catch the recruiters. >> the undercover agent specifically told each defendant in conversations that were secretly recorded that the university was a sham. devise to get immigration status for foreign nationals. >> the suspects were mostly from new york and new jersey. they face charn -- they were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. they exploded the immigration system for financial gain. a new round of common core testing underway in schools across new york city. five new york students opted out of taking them. the math and assessment test have been shortened. they predict large numbers of students will refuse to take them again this year claiming
4:35 pm
far enough. school officials believes most will take the test. first lady michelle obama will speak to 3,000 graduates scheduled on june 3rd. we mentioned earlier in this broadcast that republican trump is holding a rally on long island. protestors are expected. a broad coalition of black, latino and women groups are planning demonstrations outside, under the theme, hate is not welcome here. today, police are also making their own plans in preparation for tomorrow. long island kristin thornton has the information. >>reporter: 10,000 people are expected to attend this trump rally. that does not include the people expected to protests the rally. nassau police say they usually take about weeks or months to prepare for an event like this, but
4:36 pm
the past few days. as soon as they were notified by the trump campaign. this is exclusive video we got of the set up for this rally inside rum ones studio in beth page. the space holds 12,000 people and the rally happening at 7:00 tomorrow night and nassau place say no bag as lowed. people will pass through the metal detectors outside -- they'll be a one quarter mile free speech zone for both trump, pro-trump demonstrators ask anti-trump demonstrators. police have been monitoring social media accounts to get a sense of how many people will be there. police say they are ready to react at any moment to stop clashes that may happen. >> violence will not be tolerated. i'm going to make that clear. you will be arrested if you engage in violence, and we'll be
4:37 pm
behavior whether it's in the interior area of the rally or surrounding the facility. >> police would not discuss exact specifics of numbers of officers that will be deployed, but they say it will cost 300 to $400,000 in over time. that's how much nassau county will pay for it. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from the man coordinating this trump rally here on long island, and you will also hear from a woman who is coordinating the anti-trump protest. live in -- kristin thorn, eyewitness news. there's another hacking attack on trump. it's his hotel chain. the second time in six months that hijackers -- i should say hackers hit the hotel collection. the worry is some customer information including credit card information has been compromised. six months ago, hackers broke into the chain's computers
4:38 pm
effecting those in the u.s. and canada. coming up, an army vet outraged today. wait until you hear what she says happened that got her and her boyfriend kicked off a flight. they thought it was a joke. they found out how a teenager jumped into action when his coach collapsed. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. there's another freeze warning. another night like early january and february. we'll talk about a recovery all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows.
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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an news in the bronx, the yankees will not go undefeated. they lost their "er game. the yankees played under protest. dillon filled out a slow -- through it over the first baser's head and that allowed the go ahead run to score. the astros player was running out of the baseline. should have been called out, but he wasn't. the yankees won the blues without protesting. highlights coming up. rod powell at the stadium at 5:00. he's out of the baseline. >> oh. >> you be the judge. well, the gossip
4:42 pm
judge to reduce the $140 million reward it had been ordered to pay hulk hogan. they say evidence was wrongly withheld and the jury wasn't properly instructed. he said -- who suffer serious injuries in other cases. gawker's attorney says the award would ruin the website, which is worth $83 million. an army veteran kicked off a spirit airline's flight for bringing aboard her emotional support dog. jay fowler says she goes everywhere with her dog. she's with her -- on her recent trip to colorado. when she tried to go home on spirited airline, they said no. she thinks they profiled her lab mixed.
4:43 pm
an emotional support dog isn't a disability. >> she doesn't know why spirit led her on her out going flight, but not -- a spoke persons for spirit says they're looking into it. the captain would have to make that decision to kick someone off. there's a 13-year-old baseball player from arizona who saved his coaches life. boyer thought his coach was joking when he suddenly collapsed while the team was doing drills. he realized the situation was serious after he asked his coach was okay and he didn't give an answer. he grabbed his coach's phone and called 911 and the operator told him to go cpr. >> i remember boy scouts from a couple of years ago. it rang a bell. you need to lock your hands and start pushing on his chest. >> if he didn't get cpr, he would have been gone and dead. >> the coach suffered a massive heart attack. his girlfriend says she's grateful. the boy knew
4:44 pm
the 911 operator and saved her best friend. wow. great story. still to come on eyewitness news, first at 4:00, a heartless eve caught on camera stealing scooter from a make-a-wish-foundation. could he be --
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
the story is going to make you furious. >> a scooter stolen. the thieves made off with the autographed scooter. it was taken from san francisco giant baseball player -- they grabbed computer and other items and the organization helps granted wishes for sick children. >> that's terrible. >> really? >> exactly. >> really you could kind of say the same thing about the weather, too. >> really. >> a different situation. >> i appreciate it. thanks. >> it will take an edge off the really? >> fine. we have a little patch we have to get through. >> really? >> it's the second half of the month. you can see the reservoir that used to be
4:48 pm
the -- the blooms are holding off because of the cold and we lost some over the last couple of months and we have another freeze. if you're anxious to put those plants out, you have to cover them. we're clear as the eye can see. 40 and a lot of sunshine. numbers with the upper 30s across long island into connecticut and the hudson valley over to bell mar and tom's river. the numbers will drop in the upper 30s. the big number is after gust early, we'll go clear and lighter winds which is good news as we lose warm sunshine. 27 degrees. we'll be a degree above -- with calm and -- we'll drop into the teens in many spots. tomorrow, you'll notice blue skies and high clouds fading and the clouds will thicker later in the day. you'll notice the breeze is picking up,
4:49 pm
the mid-and upper 40s so it won't feel today. see how you're not seeing much cloudiness, but it's chilly. some of these numbers may be in the upper teens. we see clouds come in and filter that sunshine. 85 to 50. tomorrow night, the cloud z s will thicken. if you get an early start on thursday, you might be able to beat the rain. they'll be drizzle and light showers. i don't think the rain is steady for the morning commute, but it's getting heavier mid-day and into the afternoon. the evening commute will be worse than the morning commute. temperatures might try to spike. here's your forecast. a soaking on thursday, but we get into the upper 50s. here's the deal on friday, mets fan, even though there's an early shower, they'll be a lot of ridicule clouds through the mid-day and breaks in the day as the game wares on, but 48 degrees. there's a threat of a shower and i took it out of the forecast for the game. phillies and mets
4:50 pm
saturday, this is a tough one. we start getting colder again. so we'll have cold showers. bill, you know about those. we have rain and snow showers on saturday and then on sunday, 44 and a gusty wind and a mix of sun and clouds. guys, back to you for now. >> you didn't think i was going to catch that, bill. >> what? >> what? me says the weather man. we're looking what's trending this afternoon. and comedian amy schumer is lashing out at glamour magazine. schumer says without her permission, the magazine included her in a plus size bonus issue. train wreck star wrote quote i think there's nothing wrong with being plus size. beautiful, healthy women, plus size is considered size 16 in america. i go between a size 6 and an 8. she went onto write the young girls seeing my body type thinking this is plus size. what are your thoughts? hum. >> katie is breaking
4:51 pm
the first model with down syndrome to land a -- >> look how pretty. >> she had two heart surgery and overcame bullying in school. eventually became a special olympics athlete. way to go katy, just like your shirt says, you're fearless. >> did you stay up to watch the game last night? i know you did. >> you mean during the 11:00 news. >> we were up. >> afterwards, you probably saw the buzzer beating 3-pointer that helped villanova win the naac championship. did you happen to catch the reaction from head coach jai white. >> we did. >> as the crowd goes wild, the team celebrates. the says the word [indiscernible] and they shook hands with the north carolina coaches. compare
4:52 pm
barkley. [laughter] >> bang. totally under stated. >> no, yeah. come alm, cool, collected. >> i didn't know he could get on the ground like that. >> he used to jump all right when he was a player. >> he did however compose himself for first show. >> look at that. >> he has hops. >> the ones that coach and the ones -- >> finally how does a superbowl champion spend his retirement? [ music ] >> [singing] >> you could see why the band wanted him to sing. that's manning singing rocky time and
4:53 pm
than voice. it's the most famous this band has been. send us your trend ideas using the oolshow. >> he should not sing anymore. >> joining the show club. >> i mean, really. >> i agree. loosen up the tie too. >> the fact he was okay with his voice and accepted it like that, i think it's okay. >> that is apart of the process. >> i'm like that. accepting of everyone. >> up next, they can be a good on the go snack. >> or not. >> and popular, but just how healthy are the fruit chews, the ones you love to give your kids. i'll have to tell you about the ingredient you may not always think about. >> it's a story with a nest. a look at a highway. two
4:54 pm
retaining wall on 123rd might be unstable. the wall being
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
vitamin c and real fruit? they're a good send but read how much sugar they have. >> 10 grams, 12 grams, 15 grams of sugar. >> reporter: the world health organization recommends just 15 grams of sugar for the whole day for kids, the amount in just one of these, and there are only 8 or 9 of these in here, and what i give think to my kids, it's i want two packs. of sugar. >> that's are similar to giving them a pack of starburst, real candy. >> reporter: and the
4:58 pm
>> reporter: target said they are phasing out the snack packs. annie's said they are certified organic and don't contain high fructose corn syrup. horizon tell us that they add material flavors in the fruit snacks. the other brands declined to comment. >> wow. i have been sent back to the market when my wife reads a sugar level. even a loaf of bread. >> keep on top of it. so much more ahead including hillary clinton speaking in brooklyn. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. all new at 5:00, new exclusive video of good samaritans who helped save a man who jumped into the frigid hudson river and tonight, we
4:59 pm
plus, three people under arrest in an acid attack, severely burning a woman's face, and police believe they know the motive. good evening. we begin with breaking news on the west side highway. >> two lanes are closed because of concerns of a wall that may be unstable. this is happening in the northbound lanes of 123rd street. the facade of the wall is being evaluated. the work is not impacting amtrak which does have train tracks nearby but it's impacting traffic. we'll continue to keep a watch on this. now to the arrest of a woman burned with acid. for months, police have been trying to figure out why. >> tonight they say it was to an alleged crime. three suspects are accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands, and the woman worked
5:00 pm
>> reporter: the queen's district attorney is announcing the three arrests six months after the horrible attack and what's behind the alleged motive. the attack on alexandra dyer caused serious burns on her face and body as the attacker threw a gel-like chemical at her. she was approached by a man who investigators say threw the dangerous mixture at her caution the serious injury. >> she said she can't see. >> she can open her eyes? >> no, a little like nothing. >> reporter: her face? >> burned, yeah, bad, bad. gonna need some operations. >> reporter: now months after treatment, a queens grand jury


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