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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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little bit better today because we're minus the wind and it's a few degrees warmer to a high of 46. normal high is 58. we'll get to that tomorrow, but we'll have a rainy afternoon with maybe even a thunderstorm. it's going to get chilly again this weekend. >> all right. >> that's all i'm saying about t. i'm not saying any more. >> you're done >> better off. that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we're back in 25 minutes with an update. "good morning america" is good morning, america. cruising to victory. ted cruz, bernie sanders win big in wisconsin. hillary clinton. >> so let me just say, hillary, get ready, here we come. >> as front-runner donald trump suffers a huge setback and lashes out at his own party.
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for a contested convention. and bernie sanders surging. >> we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house. >> racking up another win and cut into hillary clinton's lead. both front-runners feeling the heat this morning. new overnight, mystery murder. one of america's biggest universities, a student in her 0s found dead in a creek. the fear on campus and the investigation right now. freezing cold and record lows blanket the east. a huge dust storm and wildfires plow through plains. the storm-chasing couple who saved this man as he ran from the flames. >> get in, hurry up, hurry up. >> we take you inside the incredible escape. and the uconn women seal the deal overnight breaking record, the incredible fourth championship in a row. the secret to how they made
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and good morning, america. we had a big night in politics and a big night in women's basketball. there they are, the uconn huskies celebrating a record-breaking win over syracuse. >> yes, that victory, their fourth championship title in a row and that is something that hasn't happened in college basketball in more than 40 years. we are going to have much more on that big celebration. >> so the big stars of that people, one, two, three, four, four year, four championships, just incredible. we are going to begin with the race for the white house and wisconsin voters dealing a blow to both front-runners, could be a real game changer. take a look at the results. there is ted cruz's big win over donald trump by 13 points. bernie sanders takes home a solid victory over hillary clinton, 14 points. >> we have team coverage of both the republican and democratic races this morning. let's go to abc's tom llamas who is milwaukee with all the latest on the republican side. >> reporter: amy, good morning. senator ted cruz tells me that
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campaign had a wonderful night. as for donald trump, he was touting a surprise in wisconsin and some are saying that surprise was how badly he was beaten. this morning, a reset in the gop race for president. senator ted cruz with a huge victory in wisconsin stopping donald trump who predicted a victory. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard-working men and women from wisconsin to the people of america. >> reporter: the win possibly setting the stage for a main event at the convention. trump versus cruz in a round-for-round fight for delegates. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: at his victory party, cruz told me momentum is
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>> well, i think the people of wisconsin has sent a message and it's a message that americans are sending all over the count. this is now four states in a row where we've won resouping victories. >> reporter: but trump still holds a commanding legal in delegates and overnight his campaign releasing this statement, ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses atempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. and one of trump's closest allies, roger stone, known for un unconventional campaign tactics threatening to hunt down delegates who go rogue on trump. >> we will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal. we urge you to visit their hotel and find them. you have a right to discuss this if you voted in the pennsylvania primary, for example. >> reporter: trump is saying the candidate with the most votes deserves the nomination. >> where i won louisiana and then i find out that i'm not
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delegates as a person that beat. what kind of stuff is that? and somebody said, well, there's a rule and another rule -- i don't care about rule, folks. i go out, i campaign. we win. >> reporter: now, both trump and cruz have made it very clear they are not happy that john kasich is still in this race. the ohio governor who tally has less delegates than rubio who dropped out held no campaign events yesterday, made no remarks yet overnight his chief strategist said this race is now wide open. george. >> he says he'll go on hoping for that contested convention and move on to the democrats and bernie sanders on a roll. wisconsin his sixth victory in the last seven contests giving him a burst of momentum ahead of his showdown with hillary clinton in her home state of new york in two weeks. abc's cecilia vega is here and, cecilia, hillary has that big lead in delegates but this fight is still fierce. >> reporter: it is. this is the result hillary clinton had expected and the one that bernie sanders had hoped for. clinton tweeted her
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overnight, also telling her supporters, forward and that is a look ahead to the next big showdown right here in new york. bernie sanders overnight celebrating his big badger state win, a decisive victory that puts momentum on his side. >> this campaign is giving energy and enthusiasm to millions of americans. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but wisconsin upset means hillary clinton has now lost six of the last seven contests, no victory party for her overnight. she was hundreds of miles away in new york. >> well, i'm also with you. >> all: i'm with her. i'm with her. >> reporter: with the delegate map still in her favor she has her sights on a different opponent. donald trump. >> reporter: the fellow from new york, i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and walk the
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because peddling, peddling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way. >> bill clinton also in an empire state of mind, feeling the pressure about what's to come. >> the whole shape of this country from here on -- this campaign from here on out is going to be directed by the new york results. >> reporter: but hillary clinton says she remains undeterred even joking with the women of "the view" about the battle ahead. >> my attitude is, if you're going to be in public life you have to have a thick skin so i have developed a thick skin and anybodies who a interested, i have great creams for it. >> some humor there and clinton's team still confident she can win the nomination but the next two weeks will be critical for bernie sanders. he needs employeeout victories in the big delegate rich stays which is why we'll see them both campaigning in pennsylvania today on the calendar. >> let's bring in abc's jon karl with a look at the all-important
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now, the ted cruz and bernie sanders have both won big in wisconsin and all this talk of a contested convention what is actually going on on the republican side? >> this was a big blow for donald trump last night and just got a lot harder for him to clinch the nomination before the convention. look where the numbers are right now. he has a big deal among delegates but a long way from the 1,237 that he needs to win to get there now, he needs to get 60% of the remaining delegates, extremely difficult. cruz, it's virtually impossible, he needs 87%, kasich, it is impossible to get a majority before the convention so what does it add up to? it's virtually certain we're headed to a contested convention. >> speaking of considerable lead, clinton has has one in terms of delegates but bernie sanders still has that momentum. >> reporter: what a victory last night in wisconsin but if you look at the overall delegate map, hillary clinton has a huge
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than bernie sanders but why? mostly because of those so-called superdelegates, democratic officials who can vote however they want regardless of how their states went. if you look at the states bernie sanders has won 15 states, almost as many as hillary clinton. now, she's still got many more votes and can only win 35% of delegates going forward and still clinch the nomination. >> nothing boring about this election. all right. thank you, jon. and let's send it over to george. >> let's pick up with matt dowd, our little analyst. when i sat down with hillary clinton yesterday she said she didn't have to wing new york. that's not exactly true. >> no, i think she has to win new york, not because of the math of the situation, but because it con dates the party and goes into a general election. she doesn't want to be in a situation where she's lost multiple states and loses her home state. makes it difficult headed to the general. >> big win for ted cruz. what you saw there, you were remarking donald trump's support
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it's just ted cruz consolidated all of the anti-strum or almost all of it, which means a delegate-by-delegate, district-by-district fight going forward. >> likely to go to a contested convention. for donald, he'll have to decide if it's his waterloo or alamo and he'll have to make that difference and to quote "invictus." he was the pastor of his fate and master of his control. >> jon, you're back here right now. if he doesn't get to that big number of 1,237 we have this open convention. means. first day a vote over who is >> that's right. this is unchartered territory in our lifetimes. last time we had a multiballot open contested convention was 1948 so have that argument over rules and first ballot which essentially follows how the
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all those become free to how to vote and you have an entirely new election with simply those 2,500 delegates. >> they have all the power at that point, matthew dowd. a lot think if he doesn't win on the first ballot he can't get there. if ted cruz doesn't win on the second ballot they'll look for somebody else. >> their highest number for him is trump and ted cruz for the second. trump said he doesn't care about the rules but the rules matter and he'll have a problem if he doesn't figure that out before the convention. >> thank you. now to those freeze warnings in the east, record lows being set this morning. and, unfortunately, it looks like the cold isn't going anywhere any time soon. ginger tracking it for us. >> that blue sky in times square, it's beautiful but it means cold. it's 30 degrees here and broken records already from baltimore to providence and we'll do more in the next couple of mornings and into the weekend. what happened here, rochester, new york, frozen image even
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below average, yes, you should be warmer and frost advisories from georgia up to new jersey, back to ohio and that is in place and light winds, take the blanket right off, reprieve from thursday into friday and starts to get cold again and i mean really cold by the weekend and talking teens and even close to single digits in some places in the states. let's go back to george and much more coming up. >> teens and single digits. my goodness. we move on to the latest on that scandal rocking alabama where they're moving to impeach the governor, he is fighting back and steve osunsami has the story. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. state lawmakers are telling the governor of alabama to leave on his own or they'll do it for him. it's no longer just his critics leading the charge. this morning, calls for alabama's governor to step down are coming from friends in the statehouse who say they've supported him for years.
7:13 am
a governor, but the process starts today. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have filed this resolution, it accuses him of firing his top law enforcement officer based in part upon his discovery of the inappropriate relationship between governor bentley and his political adviser. >> he truly loves the people of this state. he'll tell down. he'll relieve us of this pressure and burden he's placed on us. >> reporter: these tapes that keep embarrassing the governor are conversations between bentley and his alleged girlfriend and they came to light last month after he fired his law enforcement secretary. >> if we're going to do what we did the other day we're going to have to start locking the door. you kiss me. i love that. you know i do love that. >> reporter: none of the r0r8dings sound like the traditional christian values he celebrates and has been apologizing ever since. >> have i made mistakes, yes, i have and admit those. >> i point no fingers at anybody else. i make no excuses for that.
7:14 am
her and i'm apologized to my family and state of alabama. >> reporter: now they're pointing to campaign frns records to show he spent more than 1,700 of voter money on disposable cell phones. the fired law enforcement director who alleges the governor hid the affair says bentley didn't like e-mail, preferred texts and would change phones often. the governor denies any cover-up. a spokesperson for the governor says it's perfectly legal to use campaign funds to buy those cell phones. the governor of alabama is refusing to leave and promising amy. latest on that. a shocking murder on a college campus. a student's body found in the creek at the university of texas in austin, security increasing there as they search for the killer. abc's kayna whitworth is in austin with the very latest. good morning to you, kayna. >> reporter: amy, good morning. that young woman's body was found right behind me in waller creek. authorities say students
7:15 am
led them to the scene. now, this is a really popular area on this campus and right now it's a crime scene. while they search for clues. >> our home has been violated. >> reporter: this morning students and investigators alike searching for answers after a classmate was found murdered at the university of texas at austin. >> this is a tragic day for every student who walks across our beautiful campus and expects to be safe. >> reporter: police scouring the campus for clues tuesday morning after the body of an unidentified female was found in a creek near the alumni center. police ruling the woman's death a homicide and sources telling our affiliate overnight nieves a u.t. student in her 20s but investigators are not saying whether she was the same woman who was reported missing just three days ago. >> the investigation is labor intensive and may take some time. we will not be releasing the information on the identity until the next of kin have been
7:16 am
president gregory anyonefenvest saying they're doing everything to ensure safety and while the campus remains open during the investigation and school officials don't believe there is an immediate threat to any other students they are encouraging everyone to practice personal safety while walking on campus, especially at night. >> don't walk distracted by your phone or ear buds and be aware of your surrounding at all times. >> reporter: counselors will be on hand for students here today. of course, this entire campus is on edge right now as they know the killer is still out there. amy. >> very understandable. kayna, thank you so much. the united airlines flight attendant accused of deploying her plane's emergency slide even though there was no emergency has been fired. the airline says julia price deliberately activated that slide after a flight from sacramento to houston, tossing her bag from the door and then sliding down to the tarmac before any passengers got off the plane.
7:17 am
remains unclear. her family says she is doing well and calls the incident a private family matter. and soccer star abby wambach has pleaded not guilty to a drunk driving charge in oregon calling the police standard procedure. in a document filed for her case wambach acknowledges trying cocaine and marijuana about a decade ago but during a previously scheduled event last night she would not comment only saying her dui arrest has been a challenge for her. >> i'm a human being and, of course, the last couple of days have been hard. >> wambach said she is eager for the truth to come out and promises to be transparent so a lot more to come on that. lara, i know you have an incredible rescue. >> i do, indeed. those raging wildfires in oklahoma and a dramatic escape caught on camera. a storm-chasing couple rescuing a man from the flames just in time and abc's clayton sandell has the story.
7:18 am
jason perks driving that giant road grader is overcome by giant flames. >> there's a road grader that's getting stuck over here. trying to get out of the ditch. >> reporter: perks digging a fire break to stop this oklahoma wildfire is suddenly trapped. >> he needs to get out. >> he can't get out. come on, guy. get out o >> that's what a husband and wife storm chasing team with oklahoma city station kwtv roll up just in time. >> get in. hurry up, hurry up. >> thank you, guys. >> you wouldn't believe what just happened. you would not believe what just happened. >> i was just hoping not to burn up. i didn't really have time to be too scared. was trying to save the houses which i think we did. >> reporter: not only did perks survive, so did his road grader. just hours later he was back in the firefight. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver.
7:19 am
let's go to ginger with more on those fires. >> i wish i could say the conditions were better. that's not the case from oklahoma up through parts of nebraska.
7:20 am
heat building and we could see and with 55-mile-per-hour gusts it's not just fires but a wall of dust and a lot of things to look for in the plains. >> welcome back, ginger. thank you. now coming up that former prep school student owen labrie convicted of assault is fighting for a new trial as we learn what his life is behind bars, locked 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. called out kerry washington taking on a top magazine for photoshopping saying she looks nothing like herself. we'll have the latest. you can never get enough of.. now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health
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good morning. it's 7:24 this wednesday, april 6th. i'm ken rosato. and topping headlines at this hour, nassau county police preparing to deal with a donald trump rally this evening at the hold grummon site in bethpage. up to 10,000 people are expected. trump is trying to take the sting out of losing big time to ted cruz in the wisconsin primary. the win on the democratic side went to bernie sanders. cruz will be campaigning today in the bronx. we're seeing new video giving us a clear look at the suspect in a series of burglaries. police have identified this man as 26-year-old mark wiggins. they say that he's stolen more than $13,000 in electronics, jewelry and designer clothes over the last three weeks. police say this video shows him just two days ago as he tries to break into a home on east 163rd street in morrisania.
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:26. city lawmakers will hold their first vote today on whether to restrict costumed characters and topless painted women in times square. the city council's transportation committee will vote on a new set of rules for pedestrian plazas throughout the city. that would include busy tourists sections in the crossroads of the world. the full council expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. time now to check the commute. here is debbie duhaime. >>reporter: thank you so much, ken. we're going to go so tomorrow footage right now, newark light rail an accident this morning over in newark over at franklin avenue and the investigation continuing. right now you're seeing 15- minute delays on the main line between branch brook and grove street. lirr, metro north running on or close to schedule. 1, 2 and 3 on time. no problems on the subways. cross bronx east at the alexander hamilton bridge a collision. inbound george 40, lincoln 30. holland a 30-minute delay.
7:28 am
westbound ramp to the clearview a collision. going over to our webcam, here's a look at the l.i.e. eastbound through the clearview, very heavy because of that problem. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you, ken. >> debbie, thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast >> well, we've got sunshine but it's chilly. we've got less wind so it feels a little bit better than yesterday's harshness. it's 30 at newark, in the park and 33 at laguardia, 30 jfk. 18, 19 now down the shore, 12 monticello. this is what happens when you have a clear sky and a calm wind, that temperature just drops right off. later on today we hit 46. that's still much cooler than our normal high of 58. but tomorrow we get to that number, but we got some rain and some thunderstorms in the afternoon. we'll have some nice weather for the met's home opener friday when it's sunny. it's cold back this -- the cold back this weekend. ken. >> thank you, bill. that's the snus for now. coming up, the twitter war between amy schumer and glamour mag gleefnlt were she claims she was feature in a plus-sized
7:29 am
7:30 am
fr^o atr*s este fin de welcome back to "gma." you're looking at those wildfires in oklahoma tearing through the plains this morning. evacuations are under way right now and we are tracking the new warnings. also right now, ted cruz and bernie sanders scoring big wins in wisconsin and what could be major setbacks for front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton.
7:31 am
the race here in new york, and uconn's women's basketball team champions once again. celebrating a huge victory. this is their fourth national title in a row. the secret behind their success coming up. >> unbelievable. and that's not the only supports headline. take a look at these two at the yankees game. you see them right there, right? dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles and there's apparently reason. >> donatello and donatello and rafael all there. a secret reason why they're wearing those costumes. who is behind that coming up. i didn't used to dress like a ninja turtle when i was a kid. >> i was going to ask you to do it again. too much information. new developments in the owen labrie case convicted of sexual assault is appealing that conviction from jail and brought in a new lawyer to lead the fight and gio benitez is here with the latest. >> reporter: that new attorney
7:32 am
hours ago and surprisinge ingingly it takes position with his high-powered attorney saying not enough was done at trial. this morning former star student owen labrie officially appealing his convictions requesting a new trial in the 2015 prep school rape case. >> i was raped. >> reporter: in a 29-page document obtained by abc news labrie's new attorney claims the now 20-year-old's original defense team including jay carney, best known for representing mob boss whiteny bulger failed to challenge his felony charge of luring a minor for the purposes of sex by computer. at trial, also claiming that they failed to obtain information from his accuser's facebook account which would have been used to challenge the credibility of the allegations made against the one time harvard bound student and the motion argues labrie's lawyers failed to ensure the jury received proper instructions claiming that if they had, they would have had to find him not
7:33 am
charge. >> guilty. >> attorneys make mistakes and when they rise to the level of creating a constitutionally deficient performance at the trial, then the remedy is ineffective assistance of counsel and a new trial. >> reporter: this as we're learning more about his life behind bars. assigned to solitary confinement for his own safety. only able to leave his cell for one hour a day. this after his bail was revoked last month, a judge finding he violated his curfew. his attorney telling abc news that he's now passing time reading and writing. his parents and close friends visiting regularly. >> he had to withdraw from his college courses when the judge revoked his bail. took a little bit of time for him to get books but now he's reading but that's mostly what he do, sits in his cell and read books. >> a rep for the accuser said they have not seen a copy of the filing but told us they were
7:34 am
motion seeking a new trial. his original attorney jay carney has not responded to our requests for comments. >> let's talk to dan abrams about this. this is kind of a legal hail mary. >> that's right. ineffective assistance of count counsel is an incredible high standard. you generally have to have a lawyer that was drunk or on drugs or not showing up to court to win. i mean it's really, really tough to win on that. what you can't win on is to say i wish my lawyer had made other strategic choices. and that's what this motion feels like. this motion feels like they're saying, well, he should have challenged this and he could have challenged these witnesses and this law should have been challenged more, et cetera. >> does it just get dismissed. >> they will reject this particular argument, but, look, he does have one issue which is the only felony that he was convicted of which is the this using a computer to lure a child for sex, they can challenge that on appeal.
7:35 am
probably not. but they can make an argument that that law should not have applied in this particular case and that's their strongest argument. >> because he broke probation he's in jail. >> the idea before he was be out pending appeal, right? he gets to wait when the appeals are concluded, he then goes to jail assuming he loses the appeals. now these appeals could take more than a year meaning more than his sentence so he could be sitting there throughout the duration of his appeals. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right, george, now to "scandal" star kerry washington calling out a major magazine this week saying "adweek" photoshopped her on its cover and not the first time it happened. eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we all love a good filter on a picture, let 'be honest. "scandal" star kerry washington admitting she is no different but this morning calling out "adweek" for taking it a step further in what they are fans
7:36 am
in this instagram post, it felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different than what i look like when i look in the mirror. it's an unfortunate feeling. this is how we're used to seeing her on "scandal" as olivia pope and kruring it on the red carpet. compare that to this cover, social media quickly speculating that "adweek" made her less like herself and more like a certain blond bombshell. it is like if scarlett johansson and kerry washington had a kid what it would look like. james cooper tweeting that the editors added volume to the hair for dramatic. no disrespect. adding kerry washington is a class act. we are honored to have her grace our pages. to clarify, we made minimal adjustments solely for the cover's design needs. this just the latest in a series of photoshop cover issues for
7:37 am
first it was "lucky" and then this "instyle" cover which sparked a firestorm debate. accusations they lightened her skin and may have changed her nose and lips while washington instagramed, i have to be honest, i was taken aback by a cover. she also added that she hopes her fans will pick it up because these happy with what is inside the magazine saying "i'm proud of the article." and it is what's inside that really counts. washington goes on to say she really does like some of the pictures inside. the magazine she was just surprised a little by the cover. >> she did look more like scarlett johansson. crazy. >> her fans were crazy on twitter about it. i mean, they did not let loose. >> all right, eva, thank you so much. coming up next, millions tuning in for the "the people v. o.j. simpson" finale. that, spaing new project, the fallout from the big project next. a look at the hottest new
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we are back now with the big finale for the hugely popular o.j. simpson series, the so-called trial of the century captivating the country once again and now inspiring some new projects. abc's linsey davis is here with what is coming next. good morning, lins. >> reporter: it started out as the network's most watched premiere and "the people v. o.j. simpson" sustained that. one person not watching, the juice itself because fx is not available at his prison. he's well aware of all the people trying to cash in on his story, we're told. tuesday night's finale of "american crime story: the people v. o.j. simpson" brought in millions of viewers and while there were no surprise endings -- >> not guilty. >> reporter: -- the success of
7:43 am
the trial of the century and one channel wrap a 12-hour marathon special airing highlights of the courtroom. our sister network espn is set to air a foo i have-part documentary under their "30 for 30 banner" and even martin mean is jumping on the bandwagon. his executive producing a new series attempting to show the juice is innocent. allegedly revealing new evidence behind the deaths of nicole brown and ron goldman and offering a new theory behind their murders. while simpson was acquitted of the murders he's currently serving a sentence of 9 to 33 years in a nevada prison convicted of robbery and kidnapping after bungling a robbery in 2007 trying to retrieve sports memorabilia he said had been stolen from him. he is eligible for parole next year. yale galanter was o.j.'s attorney in that robbery case.
7:44 am
a point of view that is very favorable to the defense. a lot of it is fact but it's mostly fiction. >> reporter: while many people are rediscovering that interest in simpson, among those watching, fred goldman, ron goldman's father. several years ago a bankruptcy court awarded them the copy right from "i did it confessions of a killer." >> you don't take the slaughter of two people and turn it into a money-making proposition. there is plenty of ways to generate money without taking two murders and turn it into entertainment. >> reporter: fred goldman told us his daughter described it like pouring salt into an open wound. o.j.'s most recent attorney says he expects o.j. to be released at the end of this year or beginning of next year and that's when everybody will be watching. >> you have to remember those families, though.
7:45 am
coming up on "good morning america," those teenage mutant ninja turtles spotted at the yankees game, there they are highlighted but who is behind the costumes coming up next on "gma." you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. lowe's one year guarantee on plants means anyone can have a beautiful garden. finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy.
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7:49 am
it's good to be alive if you're uconn celebrating a huge victory, huskies winning the championship over syracuse becoming the first ever college women's team to win four years in a row and jesse has all the highlights. >> that's right. uconn has won a staggering 75 games in a row. but last night's win was one for the record books. >> the national championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row. >> reporter: history for the huskies. >> the design city fulfills its destiny. >> reporter: the uconn women's basketball team winning four national championships in a row. the team powered behind the senior triumvirate of moriah jefferson. >> she drills the three. >> reporter: morgan tuck. >> nice dish. >> reporter: and breanna stewart. >> stewart will pull up and knock it down. >> wanted to come on and make sure our last game was the best one.
7:50 am
the winners walking off the floor together for the last time straight into the arms of 11-time championship coach geno auriemma. >> he is the lord of the rings. >> reporter: there's three key ingredients that go into this kind of success. one, two, three. >> we're going out with a bang. we're going out with a bang. that's it. >> reporter: and the next record uconn's sights taking down the record for the most consecutive championships in college basketball history. that one is held by the men's team at ucla coached by the legend john wooden and won it seven times in a row. >> seven. >> you got to remember in college sports it's so hard to repeat. in pro sports you can keep michael jordan and wayne gretzky for years but guys graduate in college. >> from the sublime to the ridiculous. these fans at tuesday's astros/yankees fans.
7:51 am
spilo did it because hbo's john oliver challenged hem to invite the high priced legends seats at yankee stadium apparently premium ticket holders don't like when someone buys a seat nearby. he sold them for 25 cents and i'm guessing they really don't like it when teenage mutant ninja turtles show up. >> i gist we'll see a couple more coming. a lot more coming up. stay with us. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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back here on "gma," wind advisories, and the gusts from 25 to 40 miles per hour. birmingham, 30.
7:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the venture card from capital one. earn unlimited double miles you can use on any airline any time. good morning. it's 7:56 on this wednesday, april 6th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines at this hour, there is a faceoff today in new jersey over the proposal to ban uber at newark liberty airport. uber drivers and company executives plan to attend newark's city council meeting today. they're upset with an ordinance they say would require drivers to pay $1,500 each year to continue making pickups at the airport and at newark's penn
7:57 am
also happening today, mayor bill de blasio will sign a new bill banning chewing tobacco at arenas and stadiums. de blasio says the early focus will be on education and warnings, but the mayor says that officials will not hesitate to fine any major league baseball player who ignores the ban. new york city would be the fourth city to ban chewing tobacco in its ballparks. it is time to check the commute. here's debbie duhaime. >>reporter: thanks a lot, ken. we'll start with long island railroad, a 25-minute delay on the new haven line with some mechanical problems. newark light rail back on or close oof an earlier accident. lirr on time. on the f train downtown delays with switching problems. watch for delays west side north at 125th, emergency activity with that possible retaining wall collapse. cross bronx east at the alexander hamilton bridge a collision. inbound george one hour, lincoln 45, holland 40 and grand central parkway west at 188th a collision. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you, ken. >> debbie, thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast >> well, we have sunshine and
7:58 am
going to be degrees, right at the freezing mark. but we have very little wind. 25 at white plains, cold air, 16 monticello, 27 toms river, 18 at brick where it's feeling brick. and it's 46 this afternoon. it'll feel a little bit better. tomorrow we warm to our normal high temperature, but that comes with rain thunderstorm in the afternoon. some nice sunshine for the met's home opener on friday, and then it gets cold again this weekend. ken. >> all right, bill, thank you. and coming up are those veggie chips you see in the grocery store really better for you than potato chips? "gma" comes tot snack rescue.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. ted cruz, bernie sanders sweep wisconsin scoring major wins over donald trump and hillary clinton. the front-runners now feeling the heat. we have the latest on the race for the white house this morning. amy schumer slams "glamour" for labeling her plus size. the magazine firing back saying
8:01 am
now both sides respond in the new backlash over body image. new this morning, janet jackson just revealing doctors have ordered her off her tour. plus, what she's telling fans about her plans to tart a family. music video magic. the new app everyone from ariana grande to jason derulo and all of our kids are obsessed with. >> if you're not on it now, i mean, you're late in the game. >> 60 million teens and counting making this app number one. regular people becoming ernight sensations. we're going inside and muser nation. and you know him from "swingers," "elf" and "ironman" and you love her from "twilight." jeffery and ashjohnn favreau and ashley
8:02 am
square.on favreau jon favreau and ashley greenhouse taking over times square. look who is out there in times square. jon favreau himself, the man behind so many of our favorite s here live this morning. he is reimageing "the jungle book." we'll talk to them. >> i like how him saying good morning, america made you laugh. everyone is obsessed with including ariana grande, keke palmer, vanessa hudgensen, my daughters, lara's daughter. george's daughters. we've all been dealing with in our house. >> we have some excitement at home just the fact that we're doing this. >> you would think it was like the president coming to visit in our house and ginger zee giving it a go singing justin bieber's "sorry" and one of the biggest stars of, i actually
8:03 am
her name is baby ariel and has 7 million followers. some of them may be your kids. they're definitely ours and we'll talk to her live. >> first amy with the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning a resounding victory in wisconsin for ted cruz. pushing the republican party closer to that contested convention. cruz calls his win a turning point in the race after beating donald trump by 13 points and abc's tom llamas has the latest from milwaukee. good morning, tom. >> heal, good morning again. senator ted cruz says momentum is now on his side. a big win in wisconsin last night, a double-digit victory over donald trump. trump had touted a surprise in wisconsin but he lost and lost big, that said trump still leads by a wide margin in the delegate count but some say with this victory, ted cruz can now take this race all the way to the convention where the delegates will decide who the next gop nominee is. last night i spoke with senator ted cruz who told me he feels fantastic that his campaign had
8:04 am
message for hillary clinton. >> so, let me just say, hillary, get ready, here we come. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now the next big primary is new york and is the home state of donald trump and right now polls show him far out in front. but senator ted cruz is still going to compete in new york. the cruz campaign also looking at pennsylvania and indiana further down the calendar but donald trump hoping for a big win in the state he calls home. amy. >> all right, tom, thank you. bernie sanders is also celebrating a big win in wisconsin. he has now won six of the last seven states with overwhelming support from young voters but sanders still needs to win 67% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. well, a $160 billion merger in the drug industry heavily criticized during the presidential campaign has been called off. pfizer was about to acquire allergen, the company that makes botox.
8:05 am
headquarters in ireland its home base and avoid u.s. taxes and presidential candidates blasted that merger and president obama has called on congress to close corporate tax loopholes. the rising cost of life-saving medical treatment is raising concerns, the price of insulin has tripled in the last decade putting it out of reach for many patients. the number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled worldwide since 1980. well, a new battle over gay rights is expected now that mis's governor has signed a law allowing businesses and government workers to deny service to gays if it violates their religious beliefs. some of the state's biggest employees oppose it and in north carolina a similar lawment proed paypal to cancel its plan to create 400 jobs in that state. a massive wildfire is raging out of control in northern oklahoma threatening a small town there. hundreds of residents have been urged to evacuate as dry, windy conditions fuel the flames.
8:06 am
look at that. this may be one of the largest alligators ever captured. 15 feet long. 800 pounds. it was suspected of attacking cattle. some people didn't believe that the picture was real but the photographer insists he measured that gator himself. a special moment for a very special little girl. 5-year-old lizzie meyers from ohio got her wish. she just met privately today with pope francis. lizzie is slowly going blind because of a rare genetic disease and wanted to meet the pope before she loses her sight. the trip is part of what her family is calling her visual bucket list which included a visit to a giant telescope so she could see the stars. >> sweet little girl. >> very special. >> very touching. >> thanks, amy. over to lara.
8:07 am
morning menu." body back slash. amy schumer taking on gam gam for feeling her in their size issue. what they're saying about it. the hot new app taking over your teen's phone and not just your teens but everyone is into it and big stars are sharing all their secrets on it and we have one of the biggest stars on today and this guy, "the jungle book" director. "twilight" start ashley greenhouse, brand-new tv show and we'll talk about that and "the jungle book" and i'm sure a whole lot more coming on on "gma" in times square. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will.
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8:12 am
>> why does it feel so good. >> good morning, jason derulo. we're going to show him right now from "if it ain't love" posted on all our kids know about it. yours do too, 60 million teens are using it and we'll hear from jason and a lot of other stars coming up. >> my kids are getting -- going to be late for school because they're waiting for watch -- >> that's from tough mom, too in you could be five minutes late. first amy schumer is making headlines this morning calling out "glamour" magazine for naming her in their chic at any size issue saying those side labels only seem to be used for women and it's time for a change. "nightline" anchor juju chang is here with that story. >> good morning. you know, amy schumer is not just one of the funniest women but one of the most outspoken among the loudest cheerleaders for body positivity and this latest salvo is another reminder that when it comes to these labels one size definitely does
8:13 am
>> i'm just a modern chick who does what she wants. >> reporter: she's the comedy queen known for being comfortable in her own skin. but this morning, amy schumer sharing her serious discomfort with being included in "glamour" magazine's new chic at any size special edition featuring plus size cover model ashley graham. the "trainwreck" star highlighted with melissa mccarthy and adele as those who inspire her posting her disapproval on instagram saying i don't think there's nothing wrong with being plus size. plus size is considered size 16 in america. i go between a size 6 and an 8. "glamour" mag put me in their plus size only issue without asking me or letting me known it doesn't feel right to me. young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size, not cool, "glamour," not glamorous.
8:14 am
cindy levy taking to twitter and apologizing. we love amy schumer and would never want to offend her. to be clear glam you are mag never called her plus size. leive said she was included because of her body positive image honoring her with a trailblazer award. >> i'm not going to apologize for who i am and i'm going to actually love the skin that i'm in and not be like striving for some other version of myself. >> reporter: leive writing women of all sizes can be inspired by one another's words. so sorry if implication was otherwise. the comedian seems ready to put the plus size misunderstanding behind her tweeting this video late monday writing, bottom line seems to be we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women. >> nothing like flying a kite in a bikini in protest, right? even women who are technically
8:15 am
against that label. ashley graham who is the "glamour" cover girl calls it outdated. think about it, 67% of american women are size 14 or bigger. that's two out of every three women. so maybe it's time for a new word. >> or no word. >> no label. >> we don't talk about what size a man is. it's not necessary. >> exactly. >> you guys if you want to, go ahead. >> we'll just call you handsome. >> thank you, juju. and on that note thank you very much. we're going to move on now to new music video app 60 million teens are using called everyone from ariana grande to jason derulo are fans and one of the app's biggest stars baby ariel will join us in a moment after we learn more about it from skwooes. hey, jesse. >> i'm getting foam over here. everybody talking about it. i feel like i'm one of the only 60 million not using it. this new social media network topped the charts and how easy and fun it is that is making it popular
8:16 am
run back to me >> reporter: move over vine and snapchat. a new video app that has teens singing its praises. >> reporter: it's called where users or musers as they're called record 15 second music videos of their favorite song. then edit the speed of the video, add filters and even play the video backwards before sharing it with others and the popularity is surging. 60 million teens are on which recently landed number one on the itunes app charts. business insider calling it the new app teens are most obsessed with. >> it just kind of organically through from teens telling each other about it and it just kind of exploded. tell you something >> i really, really -- >> celebrities like ariana grande, vanessa hudgens and jason derulo are getting in on the found.
8:17 am
me because it just kind of spreads the word but when i find something that i feel like that i enjoy that i think is dope, i just kind of want top share it. you know, and is one of those thing, one of those things that i love personally. feels so good >> if you're not on it now and you're going to be kind of late in the game. >> reporter: but teens are also using it to become internet sensations. in the hallway can't say nothing >> reporter: like top user 15-year-old baby ariel. >> you're my right hand. you're my go to. >> reporter: who gained a massive following of over 7 manager in the last year. >> i don't think all the teens that are graph separating towards this are trying to be celebrities or trying to get famous. i think they just see it as a really fun creative platform. >> reporter: and another cool feature, users get notifications if someone was inspired by your
8:18 am
young people inspiring each other which is just another reason why this app is so successful. >> immerse yourselves in our lives. >> total fomo. >> fear of missing out. >> let's go to the big star. she is known as baby ariel, real name ariel marr and joins us from los angeles. you heard amy's kids are staying home. all our kids and harper sent a text saying she must say hi to you. what is your secret? >> i love it's a great app and it really helps me express my creativity and i love to do it so amazing. >> ariel we mentioned 60 million teens are using this, in fact, my daughters are watching right now. they're so excited they sent in a couple of their musical.lys. i think we have anna up first. this is my 9-year-old. late at night when you need my love call me on the cell phone >> she's a pro.
8:19 am
miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty >> the hand movements. it's all about the hands, right? >> camera movement there and ariel, i understand, hey hey there delilah is one of your favorites. how many types do you have to do it to get it right? >> it really all depends on what kind of i'm making. if it's comedy or lip-sync musicals, either way it takes from one take to like 50. it all depends. >> ariel, how did you go from, you know, discovering music li to having 7 million followers? how long did that take you and what do you think your secret is? my daughter kate would love to know. >> it's been about ten months so it's got -- it's been really crazy and i think it just -- i express myself on the app and i like to i like making, singing musically.
8:20 am
>> i would probably say just use good lighting. hand motions that you like to make. >> what is it about the hand motions? always like they're all does doing this to their face and why is that? >> it's the song when you hear a song like let's say it says go up. i'll put my hands up or -- >> okay. >> railroadariel, you're actually the pro and can you show us how you make one of your music lis. >> of course. i want to do "love yourself" by justin bieber. >> okay. don't lie you my momma don't like you and she likes everyone and i never like to admit that i was wrong and i have been so caught up in my
8:21 am
bit. you got into it. >> you have to have crazy synchronization between the hands and the head. it's really choreographed. >> slow motion. >> and all of you -- is sorry, i want to say i'm predicting we'll see a music li from jesse soon enough. i think you inspired us. studying your moves so thank you for explaining it. you are like our translator to our teens and for that we appreciate you. >> thank you, and all of you at home can see the video baby ariel made on her twitter and facebook page. you let them play their video on television and mine were begging for it. >> oh, well. >> there's always tomorrow. george. >> outside to ginger. >> mason here who is 13 today.
8:22 am
>> we're a >> any time i see a sign from michigan i'm like where are you from. we were talking burch run. some outlet shopping. did someone say outlet shopping.
8:23 am
begin with breaking news that has thrown the rhythm nation out of sync. just this morning janet jackson has abruptly postponed all upcoming concerts and made the announce announcement. here it is on twitter. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. please, if you could try and understand that it's important that i do this now. i have to rest up, doctors' orders. >> all right, so the 49-year-old not saying whether she is or isn't pregnant. certainly intimated in that message. janet, this was the second leg of her unbreakable world tour which many are saying now on twitter clearly is breakable. at least temporarily. so we hope she's doing great. good luck to them and just keep us posted on when those concerts are because andrea, my makeup artist is streak freaking out. in casting news joel mchale
8:24 am
casting to play chevy chase in a netflix movie. "the hollywood reporter" saying it's called "a futile and gesture." he co-wrote "caddyshack." joel mchale has his own personal relationship with chase having worked with him on "community." kenny played by "snl" alum will forte. a futile and stupid gesture starting production this month released on netflix. i'm interested. yeah. >> played football at the university of washington, by the way. >> yeah? >> you learn something every day. >> welcome, amy. so, this time of year can be just agony for high school seniors wondering if they'll get into their dream college or what college for that matter.
8:25 am
just been accepted to not one two, but all eight ivy league schools. we're talking yale, brown, princeton, columbia, upenn, harvard, dartmouth or maybe to the other four schools. she was accepted to and nyu, johns hop kin, m.i.t., presence lahr polytechnic institute. >> i've heard of them? all fantastic choice, the daughter of nigerian immigrants, augusta is the value kick tore of elmont memorial high school and credits her teachers for her success and visited nigeria many times and realized her cousins didn't have the same opportunities and made the most of hers and whatever she does she wants to make sure she has an impact on them. >> bidding war begins. >> yeah, all-star. >> i feel insignificant. i achieved a lot in high school. whoo! >> go, gators. >> go, gators.
8:26 am
snack rescues. veggie chips sound healthy. apparently it looks like maybe they're not. what's really in them.
8:27 am
>> i'm just going to eat.tt2w`tn_`:t- bt@q.#\ tt2w`tn_`:t- "a@q>/8 tt2w`tn_`:t- bm@q5$4 tt4w`tn_`:t-" dztq =5d tt4w`tn_`:t-" entq m1$ tt4w`tn_`:t-" gzt& t6\ tt4w`tn_`:t-" hnt& d80 tt4w`tn_`:t-" iztq .qh tt4w`tn_`:t-" jntq
8:28 am
nassau county police will deal with a treump rally -- donald trump rally in bethpage. trump is trying to take the sting out of losing big time to ted cruz in the wisconsin primary. the win on the democratic side went to bernie sanders. cruz will be campaigning today in the bronx. when we come back, we're going new jersey transit's newark light rail is running back on schedule after an
8:29 am
bellville. service was briefly suspended around 6:30 this morning. 17 passengers on the train were not injured. the driver of the car received a summons, though, for ignoring the traffic signal. let's get a check on the commute with deb dpeb. hi, debbie. >>reporter: hi, michelle. thanks a lot. we'll start on the subways, over on the f train delays downtown with signal problems at 179th. metro north new haven line 10- minute delays. new jersey transit, lirr on time. watch for slowdowns southern state east at the meadow blook with a collision. also the southbound side of the van wyck getting into the belt, watch for a collision. two lanes blocked there. and the southbound new york state thruway exit 10 approaching the tap a crash. let's go out to the webcam, i want to show you the volume here. again, this is the southbound thruway approaching the tappen zee bridge, an accident being cleared. still delays of an hour at the inbound george washington bridge. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you, michelle. >> all right, debbie, thank you so much. bill, just a little more cold? >> well, you know, it's going to warm up a little bit today, the harsh wind we had
8:30 am
should be about 42 for this hour of the day. but it'll be a slow warmup. but it's only going to be one more day of this really cold stuff. but it is pretty outside, bright sunshine, 18 around monticello, looking at a temperature of 46 this afternoon. it should be at 58. we're going to get there tomorrow. it's just going to come with some rain, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. and then we got great weather for baseball for the met's home opener friday against the phillies, about 48 at game time. and then chilly this weekend. michelle. >> all right, good stuff. thank you so much, bill. that's the news for now. more "good morning america" after the break. don't welcome back to "gma." we got "jungle book" director jon favreau taking over times square. directing his own segment. his wish is our command. we've got a little "jungle book" going on and cannot wait to talk to him in a little bit. first over to amy. >> all right. yes, as becky said more snacks
8:31 am
it's time for our snack rescue series this morning and we'll take a least closer look at veggie chips. sound healthy and the packaging says they're made from real vegetables but does that mean what it says it means. >> if becky is here project mott. >> there is good news. if you walk around our you'll see people snacking on veggie chips in the hopes they're making a healthier choice. but, are they? >> eat your veggies. >> try to eat more veggies. >> veggie, we get the message and so do snack mappic. almost $200 million 2015. >> what makes them a source of vegetables. >> potatoes are technically a vegetable. mayor says the main ingredient
8:32 am
>> the average consumer will think they're having broccoli, spinach, nonstarchy vegetables when they're having a starchy vegetable, potato and potato star shall. >> reporter: many have other vegetable ingredients that aren't whole, pumpkin, pea and red bell powder. >> reporter: they have marketing materials that says inside this brilliantly green chip lives both spinach and kale and using strictly fresh greens -- but maya says. >> you'll be surprised. when you look at the nutrition facts label it's quite similar to -- >> tostitos? are you kidding me? aren't these more fattening. >> not at all. 7 grams per serving of fat. >> nothing i get from that small amount of kale in the chip that's going to boost my immune system?
8:33 am
nutrition facts label it's insignificant. >> reporter: we reached out to the company that makes it and said the composition of our chip chips are always as close to whole ingredient as we can and the fresh greens for the spin and kale chip make up 30% of the treat. so snack wisely, read the nutrition label and it's all about moderation. >> all right, and becky has more healthy alternatives. becky so if eating a veg very chip is similar to a potato chip what's a better option. >> we have good, better best. here are three options i really like. these are susie's rice crackers. look how thin they are. not like your typical rice cake where you're like, aargh, but they're crunchy and thin. zero fat. >> awesome. >> i've had these before. >> this is the good vending machine option, real and ideal. this is only two grams of fat
8:34 am
about getting less from your chip and then mary's gone crackers. these are my favorite with five grams of fat. they have quinoa, flaxseed and good omega three. >> hummus is great on them. a great option. >> now you have the better option. >> right. >> which we all know. >> this is what we want to do at home if we can. make them yourself. so baked with a little olive oil sweet potato chips and has a viewer with a great kale chip recipe and they're easy. >> funny you should mention that. we have said viewer on skype. christie ryan is joining us from salina, kansas. you have this quick and easy kale chip recipe. what is it. >> i just take fresh kale and break it off from the stem into bite-size piece, toss it with some olive oil and salt, cook for two or three minutes in the microwave until --
8:35 am
>> two or three minutes. >> kale chips from the heartland. >> there you go. you have a healthy fat, great nutrient. salty, crunchy. >> i can hear the crunch. >> they are good and we have some right here, christie. in fact, ginger is outside i believe handing out your kale chips. what's the verdict. >> it's good, right? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> happy? >> happy. >> look, everyone happy with these kale chips. i can't believe they're microwaved. >> i'm eating these and they're salty, crispy, light, really great. thank you so much. no excuses now. >> we appreciate it. >> this is the best. >> yes, the best option here, we all know this is if you want more vegetables in your diet eat real veggies. here's the thing, is it crunchy, crackers and chips, it's a habit and food scientists know this, it's mouth feel. we love that crunch but you have
8:36 am
off that and on to the fresh stuff. just try it and maybe you can break your habit. >> you have some kale in there. maybe i do too. >> i'm not smiling. >> you can get christie's recipe at on yahoo! if you have a healthy snack, tweet us and you may see it on an upcoming show and head back out to ginger. >> we're still eating. this stuff is good and saw this young lady.
8:37 am
>> chantal this weather report brought to you by olay regenerist. >> thank you, ginger. now big screen battle. "captain america: civil war" is the latest in the avengers series and nick watt is taking us behind the scenes on the set with the stars. >> you know i wouldn't do this if i had any other choice. but he's my friend. >> so was i. >> reporter: it's the avengers but gone wrong. it's "civil war." captain america versus ironman. >> i have a strangely serious investment in the films.
8:38 am
>> it won't be entirely predict. predictable predictable. characters make choices that surprise you. >> you seem defensive. >> the comic books were wonderful pieces of literature. >> reporter: and the basis for the film but it will diverge from the source material. >> i think that marvel likes to keep the fans excited and guessing. curious, all that stuff. >> reporter: are you a good person or bad person. >> i think we're all good and bad in this film. >> you're all good and bad. >> because it's a civil war. >> downey is playing a much darker version of tony stark than he's ever played and just crushing it. >> sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth. >> reporter: russo says you go to a dark place in this movie. >> good. >> reporter: there are two teams. are you on the same team? >> i can't tell you. >> that's none of your business. >> reporter: chadwick. >> i'm on my own side.
8:39 am
bozeman is -- >> try calling me that. >> reporter: we're on a hot and muhammad set outside atlanta. >> we have cooling systems, literally that like fit underneath their uniform? my dad was a roofer, you know, so i've seen the workman's half of reality, so when i'm out here in a costume and they're liepg, oh, we need you to run in the heat in a costume. done, so i don't have to get on the roof, let's do it? can't complain. >> you're out of your mind. >> get to come and play and eat and they feed you -- >> free food. >> reporter: which can be a curse or a blessing. >> i got food poisoning from chicken noodle soup last night. ugly scene. so sad, it was such good chicken noodle soup. >> reporter: one thing he learned off set stay on the straight and narrow. >> you don't want to do something in your private life
8:40 am
>> reporter: it's a romance between cap and bucky but with a redonculous special effects. nick watt, abc news on the set of "captain america: civil war." >> on the roof. >> hey, everyone. >> i love that idea. i like that. we don't know who is going against who. we'll find out soon, "captain america: civil war" out may 6th. coming up all-star director jon favreau is with us. he is taking over "gma" as we speak. oh, wow. from directing to camera operating and he's opening up
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
tt2w`t+o m$< bt@q-0l tt2w`t+o m$< "a@q=
8:44 am
>> jon favreau joins us now. cannot wait to see this movie after seeing the trailer but it's going to be a bit of a challenge taking a classic like this. >> yeah, sure, i grew up with the film and came out in '67, the last animated film that walt disney worked on. but now we have all this photo real cgi and learned a lot working on the "iron man" films and speaking of disney maybe it was time to update it and see if you could bring a combination of the kipling version from a hundred years ago with the movie to life and it's pretty spectacular what the artists are able to achieve. >> what does it mean to bring it to life in modern terms? we have one live action kid and everything else around it is computers. so all the animals are either motion captured or hand animated. the backgrounds are generated so the sets weren't much different than what we have right here. >> it looks so real when it's happening. so many big stars in it, as well includeing idris elba and ben kingsley and heard bill murray.
8:45 am
>> you got to tell the story about getting bill murray to do a job. famously unavailable. >> have you ever had him here? >> no. >> he's not easy -- not like you call an agent or publicist. he runs his own business. you get ahold of him. he reaches out to you and moves around quite a bit and i sent him letters and artwok. i've been wanting to work with the guy. an idol of mine since i was little and i remember in "meatballs" how cool the relationship with the kid and i thought i would be perfect and finally got aphone call from him. >> out of the blue. >> after i sent letters and sent messages and said let's do it. ever sijsz then he's the hardest working guy and loves to get it just right and i've gotten to know him and work with him and it was a real highlight of my career. >> i bet it was and you found a way to bring the movie to a real broad audience. >> the original was like a g-rated musical that was more for kids and this we have made a pg movie.
8:46 am
the animals are real so there's scary moments but there's humor and hopefully covers all the ground in the disney tradition? all right. we have one of your super fans will join us via skype. courtney had done. the jimmy fund headquarters in massachusetts and a few colleagues. >> hi. good morning. >> good morning. what do you want to know? >> thank so much for having us on. super big fans and so excited to the jung sung-ryong. we have a question for you about your background. we were wondering what is the role or the opportunity that got away? >> well, as an actor, unfortunately those people out there who know you auditioned for hundreds of things so a lot of them got away. but for directing what happens is sometimes you develop projects and they don't get made. sometimes they get made later. there was one called "magic kingdom" i was developing with disney about disneyland coming
8:47 am
artwork and scripts and that one didn't get made. but by meeting everybody over at disney "the jungle book" opportunity came up so sometimes what you think is a missed opportunity turns into a different opportunity and also you never know. maybe those s cop up again but that was a project i really wanted to do that i haven't had the opportunity to do but maybe in the future. >> could come back. thank you, courtney. you're making this one. you do -- you act in this, as well. a few voices. >> i do voices like in "elf." remember there was a lot of little animated characters like the narwal. if you see it every year, bye, buddy. hope you find your dad. that's me. [ applause ] that's me. thank you. so in this one i'm a pygmy hog and his wife is like this -- what's going on up there? >> so you see i only have one voice i do. i have one voice but you make the characters look different so i'm a little pig that gets crushed by honey. >> hitchcock move.
8:48 am
don't have to go through hair and makeup like this every day. and not tuck my shirt in when i'm realizing. >> we can't wait to see it. thanks for coming in. "the jungle book" hits movies
8:49 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo,
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at very excited to talk to ashley greene who loves to go to a flea market but sissy acting playing, of course, a vampireal list in "twilight" movies. all of them now going "rogue" playing an n. is a contractor on the brand-new show which airs on at&t audience network. here's a clip. >> i don't know what's going on. i don't know who is after me but i need help typing them. i can't do it by myself. >> it's not my problem. >> look, it is your problem. okay, you think it's just about me now. huh?
8:51 am
whenever they think that i know, whatever they think that i did, how do you know they don't think i told you too? >> so the show itself is kind of rogue. will you explain to viewers what the premise is. you're the newbie on the show. in season three. >> different for me to be the new kid on the block so, yeah, the show basically is kind of authority versus criminal activity and whether or not you would go rogue depending on your situation. i come in as mia and ethan kelly who cole plays. he's had a checkered past and gets an assignment to find mia and she digs her talons into him and leads him down this rabbit hole and ends up in the beginning comes off as this kind of victim and you start seeing through the course of the series that she actually might not be as innocent and vul fleshl as she says. >> interesting. >> yeah? that's got to be a lot of fun to
8:52 am
>> it is very fun. matthew park hill writes very -- very complex manner and complicated manner which is sometimes difficult but really fun to sink your teeth into and be able to like -- >> funny choice of words. sink your teeth into. >> i just can't get away from "twilight." >> so many fans don't want you to get away from it. do you miss it. >> yeah, there's definitely certain elms. doing something of that scope and for such a long period of time became this big part of my life so, yeah, i think i'll always miss -- camaraderie. these people became my family and the fans kind of did too. you know, you get used to that sort of thing but this, i think, hopefully they'll like, as well. i think i've certainly grown up a lot and it completely is a different way to see me because rather than being this kind of positive uplifting character like alice, you know, mia is -- >> complicated. >> a little missysterious and
8:53 am
i got to do a lot of my own stunts and got to learn how to disassemble and reacentralable assault rifles. >> did you have to learn that stuff. not something i would think comes naturally. >> i have a lot of cops if my family so i've shotguns a lot. but to assemble and disassemble took like three hours and test and quizzes on me of what piece is this and what parts does this do and to be able to look like you know what you're doing is not the easiest with that piece of machinery but it's fun and that's part of the fun, i think. >> the show is really fun. you have to be very focused watching it because there's lot of twists and turns and do a great job. we'll talk flea markets later. but meanwhile, "rogue" airing wednesdays on at&t audience network.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by microsoft surface. thanks for watching but before we go we have baby ariel's video she made on "gma." take a look. she likes everyone and i never liked to admit that i was wrong
8:57 am
my job good morning. n r, everyone, 8:56 right now on this wednesday, april 6th. i'm michelle charlesworth. new details on that school bus fire that happened in merrick, nassau county. officers say a driver and 10 children safely escaped these flames, scary pictures, though. the bus was stopped at a light at merrick avenue in lakewood. the fire appears to have started in the engine, spread quickly, scorched the front of the bus. nobody, again, was hurt. new york city lawmakers will hold their first vote today on whether or not to restrict costumed characters and topless paibilitied women in times square. the city council's transportation committee will vote on a new set of rules for pedestrian plazas throughout
8:58 am
include the busy tourist section in the crossroads of the world. the full council is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. let's get a check on the commute with debbie duhaime. hi, debbie. >>reporter: hi, michelle. thanks a lot. over on the f trains seeing delays still downtown because of ongoing switching problems at 179th. metro north, new jersey transit, lirr on or close. cross bronx east at the alex, lincoln 35, holland 30. going over to our webcam, here's a look at the northbound garden state parkway up by 163 an accident being clear. alternate side in effect. back over to you, michelle. >> all right, thank you so much, debbie. bill, good morning. >> good morning, michelle. here's your 9:00 temperature. last hour 32, we're up to 34 now as we look across over toward hoboken and up the hudson river. 35 around laguardia, 36 around jfk. and we're finally starting to slowly warm up out at montauk, it's 37. we'll get to 46 today, a little warmer than yesterday. it'll feel better because the wind is gone. tomorrow, however, we warm up to our normal high, but it will rain tomorrow.
8:59 am
and then we've got some breezy breaks of sunshine friday afternoon, just in time for the met's home opener. looks like it's going to be cold this weekend. michelle >> all good. thanks, bill.
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of the comedy, "the boss," melissa mccarthy. and from the new film, "the jungle book," jon favreau. plus, actor and author david duchovny takes a seat at the co-host desk.


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