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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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thunderstorms this afternoon. heather i was going to buy you lunch but it is raining today and you seem to have your hands full and very busy today. >> so you won't buy me lunch because of that? >> i'll buy you lunch, you
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>> reporter: here is an unfortunate accident on the l.i.e. all traffic diverted and the westbound side is picking up rubbernecking delays. let's head over to our maps. the l.i.e. seen right near exit 41, traffic diverted off at exit 41. 78 east near exit 41, tractor trailer fire, at least one lane is closed down. new jersey transit long island railroad metro north running on or close to schedule. near 138th street an accident investigation one lane is blocked off there. delays back to the bruckner, now on the southbound side, the west side highway north near 125th street energy activity two lanes are blocked off. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lowerly, over to you. heather thank you. developing this morning in queens, police are trying to find the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run in astoria. diana rocco is live at 30th
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>> reporter: this happened in the intersection behind me. police looking for a dark- colored sedan, possibly a honda or toyota. they say a 45-year-old man was crossing the street at there intersection last night right in front of the boys and girls club when the driver hit him and took off, leaving the man lying in the treat to die. the 911 call came in around 11:00 last night. the 45-year-old man was lying in the road with severe injuries to his body. he was crossing 21st street by 30th road right in front of the boys and girls club when he was hit, the impact leaving his the intersection. police are hopeful that pieces of the car will lead them to the driver they are looking neighbors say it was dark at night and this is a dangerous corner. they feared something like there may happen. >> sometimes cars come flying down here.
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people are moving really fast. >> reporter: so again that man elmhurst hospital. he was hit while crossing the street here. police now looking for the driver of a dark-colored toyota. it is some type of sedan, it looking for. it has front end damage and a cracked windshield. i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. diana, thank you. also the man accused of stealing thousands of worth of valuables in the bronx is now facing charges. surveillance video shows 26- year-old mark wiggins as he tries to break into a home in the bronx. wiggins is now charged with six counts of burglary, he is responsible for five break-ins last month, taking off with a total of more than $13,000 worth of electronics, julie and designer clothes. for the second straight day
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centered squarely on new york. hundreds of delegates, the candidates are focusing their efforts on courting the empire state last night donald trump was greeted by hundreds of protesters on long island. they were matched with rows of police and two people were arrested. today the stumping continues. trey clark is live outside trump tower. >> reporter: with the april 19th date suddenly approaching new york has become a must have for all the candidates as they continue to push for more wins and delegates to help lock up their nomination. >> we love new york. >> reporter: the hangar was packed with new york values as donald trump played to an overflow crowd, mocking ted cruz for attacking the city. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values
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hatred, with hatred of new york. >> reporter: outside the protest was smaller than expected but spirited. police on horseback and in riot gear maintained separate pens for trump supporters and trump protests. >> he is making americans afraid of muslims, afraid of mexicans and he degrades women. >> their suggestion is that somehow this president, potential president, is a racist. donald trump is not a racist. >> reporter: there was yelling in the bronx as ted cruz met with party officials. >> to receive this right wing bigot is an insult. >> reporter: cruz planned to visit a bronx charter school, but that changed when students threatened to walk out. tonight cruz campaigns from brooklyn, selling unity. >> if we come together we're going to win. >> reporter: and so you can expect to see a lot more of the
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for that april 1 primary vote. meanwhile drum has hired a new strategist that specializes in convention and his delegates in the event this thing drags all the way to the republican convention in cleveland. john kasich is back in new york hosting a town hall meeting today. and hillary clinton will be campaigning here today before heading off to fundraising events in denver, colorado and columbus, ohio. bernie sanders is edging ahead of clinton nationally by 49 to 47%. clinton has unleashed attacks questioning sanders loyalty to the democratic primary party. sanders says clinton is not qualified to be president. he said she doesn't measure up because of her acceptance of tens of millions of dollars from wal-mart and her support of the war in -- from wall street and her support of the war in iraq. the roof camera. over to the east side. cloudy skies, 432 park, the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. by next summer it will not be. there is another one going up. here we go. 53 degrees at 6:07. it is a very warm morning here. for this hour of the day, around 41. we have cloudy skies and warm air surge ago head of the cold front. the rain gets here later on today and into the afternoon. sometimes it is going to be heavy, the rain, starting around 10:00. a thunderstorm could be embedded. a half inch to an inch of rain.
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not so bad, it is kind of comfortable here and there is el as soon as at the bus stop. heavy downpours of rain. i think for the yankees game that is delayed, they'll be able to play it. they'll just have to wait awhile. heather has folks wait ago while on the l.i.e.? >> reporter: -- waiting awhile on the l.i.e.? >> reporter: yes this accident is still being cleared away. traffic diverted off at exit 41. a ton of activity with that accident investigation. let's go over to our maps. east near exit 41, but westbound you are caught in a lot of delays. 78 east exit 41 the tractor trailer fire. the shell is still out there, they have to clear that away. new jersey transit, long island railroad metro north doing fine. crossbronx a new accident westbound at the sheridan and
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investigation at least one lane is closed down. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. 6:09. new information on a stabbing at a subway station. a 13-year-old boy is attacked in brooklyn. we have an important new clue in his search. a grandmother is injured when a stray bullet comes flying into her home. and flames break out inside a luxury lie rise home to some of new york's elite.
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security stepped up on the university of texas campus after a young woman was found dead there. the body of a woman in her 20s was found at the bottom of a creek tuesday at ut austin. classmates say she was well- known as a dance student there, although police have not confirmed she attended classes there. extra police officers will be on patrol and shuttles are provided for students. there is anger in brooklyn as a grandmother recovers after being hit by a stray bullet in
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it is the top story on our abc ny app. rita pier was one of two hit by a stray bullet inside her apartment monday. last night the community came to plead for a stop to gun violence. pierre's son wants them to understand the pain they caused. >> everyone has a mother, my mom is a grandmother. i would like them to actually take that into consideration and think about that. >> mrs. pierre was hit above her right eye and dr. oz hope she won't lose her vision. she is in condition. three people are charged in the shooting. police say it started after a dispute involving two men and one woman. the white house is putting more pressure on congress to fund an emergency effort to contain the zika virus. it is videoing the word online and in person that mosquitoes carrying the virus are going to start spreading as the weather warms up. two-thirds of the country could
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transferred $600 million from the identified against ebola to combat the -- the fight against ebola. most will go to the cdc for research. >> the geographical range of the mosquito that carries this virus is significantly broader than our initial estimate. and as we learn more, about all of these things, you know, we continue to be concerned about the potential impact of this virus. >> reporter: president obama is asking for almost $2 billion to fight the zika virus but the request has stalled in the republican controlled house. 6:15. time to get a check on your accu-weather forecast. meteorologist bill evans. bill? >> reporter: suit weather. you don't have to have the overcoat. but you need the raincoat today and the umbrella. rain is on the way, should
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cloudy skies over toward one world trade. we have a high humidity starting to pick up. the barometer falling. so that points to a very unstable atmosphere. temperatures in the low 50s, you'll see about 48, 49 at the hudson river valley. they were way cold and now they are way warm. a southerly wind coming into brooklyn at about 29 miles per hour. wind out of the south that will keep pushing in moisture, making it warm. a couple of showers to the south of long island. might get to long island by the time we get to 7:00. but it is a sprinkle ahead of the front and the front gets to us around 9:00 or 10:00. about 11:00 you see the rain showers. look right over manhattan and into the west, showers, a thunderstorm or two in there. lightning with this in the afternoon. heavy downpours of rain. we are looking at the order of a half inch to an inch of rain and that might create pond omega healthcare roadways and that sort of thing. we are looking at a shower tonight and cooler air pours in here tomorrow.
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start the day earlier tomorrow. by the afternoon tomorrow sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s, get for the mets opening day at citi field. just going to be cool and rather crisp. then on saturday, we are going to be watching a clipper system coming across. normally you would see this you know, in the wintertime. we have a low coming in, with cold air with it. look at saturday, starting around 9:00, rain, rain hits the city around noon, 2:00 as you see, and then a wet snow with that, pulls down cold air with it, so there could be a rain and snow mix in the afternoon and into the evening saturday night. so that is just a mess on saturday. so at the bus stop kiddos, fine this morning. but after school 59 degrees, a shower, some rain and a thunderstorm. tomorrow first pitch temperature 48 to 51 degrees at citi field. great for opening day for the mets. we are looking at 5 degrees today, looking at a shower and a thunderstorm tonight, clearing skies, a low of about 42. and then tomorrow we have
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that is not far off our normal high for this time of the year. saturday a little rain and snow mixed. going to be looking at what is going to be a temperature around 39 on saturday. sunday we have sunshine, but we are going cool day for april. then we finally warm back up to 62 on wednesday. there you go. i would just classify saturday as a dumpster fire you know what i mean? not good. be ready for that this weekend. i say popcorn movie weekend. >> that sounds good yes. >> play in the snow. >> thank you bill. over to heather for another look at the commute. >> reporter: so we had this tractor trailer fire on 78 eastbound near exit 41 in brooklyn heights. john is here to give us an update on how the delays are looking. a little bit of a mess out there john good morning to you. >> reporter: we have a mess
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this one almost hung me on the way into work this morning. a big delay on eastbound 78 as you said just beyond exit 41. a tractor trailer fire during the early morning hours for awhile 78 was completely shut down. you can see the tractor trailer itself has been extinguished. there is another truck on the scene to try and get the trailer out of the way, but i think an extended clean-up. right now only the left lane is open just beyond exit 41 and you know how quickly delays begin and build here on interstate 78. you can see stand still volume now. it is all the way out beyond exit 43 and these delays are growing. heather? >> reporter: yes a road traveled well by the both of us. let's talk about what is happening on the l.i.e. ongoing accident investigation. eastbound traffic diverted off at exit 41, the exit for routes 106 and 107. i want to show you the scene. this is where all the traffic
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exit 41, which is routes 106, 107. your delays are inning out by south oyster bay road, so you are going to find some delays. right over here, this is the volume on the l.i.e. getting into the oyster bay expressway. all that traffic is diverted to marginal road or jericho turnpike. this is jericho turnpike near routes 106 or 107. this is where they are going to put you. mass transit doing okay. street cleaning rules in effect for today. big clean up this morning in one of the world's richest highrises. a fire damaged a luxury apartment belonging to ezra merkins. he is the wall street hedge fund manager who invested billions of his clients' money
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tt wall street broke a two day losing streak. a surge in oil prices led to the dow going up triple-digits to 17716, nasdaq and s & p 500 also began 1% high sneer checking stocks overseas, japan and hong kong finishedded higher. antitrust regulators were fighting the deal, but the issue vanished when the faa announced it is going to lift landing and take off
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the faa says it will mean more competition and bring in new carriers. today new jersey considers another plan to save atlantic city. lawmakers looking to avoid a take over of casinos, under the new proposal the state would step in if certain performance targets are not met. the move comes with a veto threat by governor chris christie who said he will only side the two bills passed by the you are senate. little wind a cross wind from jersey city. taking the ferries over from brooklyn and queens this morning that you have and the southerly winds have the water temperature warming up a little bit. 21 miles per hour wind from bridgeport back and forth here this morning. looking at a southerly wind
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be bringing in rain today and rain getting here around 9:00 or 10:00. take your rain gear with you. weather and heather every 7 minutes. >> reporter: all traffic is being diverted off at exit 41 because of this ongoing accident investigation. this is the eastbound side of the l.i.e., westbound side is picking up some rubbernecking delays as well. over to our maps, l.i.e. east right near exit 41, accident investigation and 78 east exit 41 tractor trailer fire extinguished, only the left lane getting by. street cleaning rules in effect. mass transit doing very well. "star wars" fans are about to enter another galaxy far, far away. today our very first look at the next fill p in the epic
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a new kind of storm trooper is clad from iron black armor. rogue one is the first anthology spinoff. "good morning america" the only place to see the new trailer, catch it this morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. coming up all new in our next half hour. a violent attack near penn station. days later, police have made an arrest. concerns over safety in new york city schools leading to major action today. and the potential hazard new york. 20 million people strong. no, we don't all look the same. we don't all sound the same either. but when we pull together we do the biggest things in the world.
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the search continues for a driver who struck and killed a man in astoria, queens. and here comes the rain again. the live accu-track radar showing showers heading our way. >> good morning i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes.
6:31 am
minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans? >> reporter: radar here quickly this morning. as you look on the accu-track radar, we are going to have these clouds for now. the rain is off to our west. the rain extends all the way back to chicago, but that first batch of rain is a little out of the atlantic. we are looking at closer toward 10:00 and rain at thunderstorm could be embedded in there this afternoon. that probably winds down around 5:00 or 6:00. yankees play at 4:00, that will be delayed. probably average an inch of rain and the rain should be gone by 6:30, maybe see a pretty sunset around 7:30 today. then we have all kinds of crazy weather to talk about for this weekend. weather and heather every 7 minutes. crazy commute going on? >> reporter: the one thing that
6:32 am
transit is doing just fine. all running on or close to schedule. subways behaving very well. taking the l.i.e. east, an ongoing accident investigation, eastbound traffic diverted off at exit 41, the westbound side of course rubbernecking delays. 78 east near exit 41, a tractor trailer fire extinguished, however only the left lane is getting by. delays begin all the way back to exit 40. i have a tweet a problem on the crossbronx. that accident is in the process of being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. 6:32. developing this morning a 45- year-old man has been killed while trying to cross the street in astoria. he was struck by a car at 21st street and 30th road. the driver did not stop. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in astoria with details. diana? >> reporter: ken and lori,
6:33 am
left in the intersection after the impact. the man was crossing the street here in front of the boys and girls club when he was hit and the driver never stopped. this happened at about 11:00 last night here at the intersection of 21st street and 30th road. police say the man was crossing when a dark-colored toyota or honda hit him and left the scene. the impact left pieces of the car in the intersection, the man was pronounced dead a short time later at elmhurst hospital. the car is expected to have damage to its front end and windshield. people say it is a dangerous intersection, it is not well- lit and drivers often speed here. >> you have kids coming out of the community center and you have to go here to cross or down there to cross the street. meanwhile, people have been trying to get a traffic light over here, but it hasn't happened. >> reporter: and the victim
6:34 am
police have not released his identity this morning, they are still investigating, and are looking if a dark-colored sedan, possibly a toyota or a honda. anyone with information here is asked to call crime stoppers. i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new details this morning in a subway stabbing we told you about on eyewitness news at 11:00. police released a picture of the suspect in the attack on a 13-year-old. detectives say the teenage girl stabbed the boy in the stomach last night. it happened after the pair had an argument on a manhattan- bound train. the victim's condition is described as stable. new at 6:30, there has been an arrest in a subway slashing near penn station. police say 44-year-old israel morales slashed a man in the back near 35th and 7th. it happened after a dispute over a drug deal.
6:35 am
12 days to go until the new york primary and we are seeing more of every candidate. >> reporter: after at least 10,000 people packed an old hangar in both page to see donald trump the overflow crowd ended up outside. police say the crowd was loud but civil. inside the hangar, donald trump had the crowd booing ted cruz for his attacks on new york. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values? like we are no good. like we are no good. and i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, our firemen, everybody. jazz covering the event cost
6:36 am
ted cruz will campaign in brooklyn this evening and john case sick has town hall meetings in the bronx and in brooklyn. the attacks are growing more fierce for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton is questioning sanders truthfulness and understanding of complex issues and in turn, sanders says clinton is not qualified to be president because of her votes on trade treaties and the iraq war and because she has accepted tens of millions of dollars from wall street. the new york city council is expected to vote on a measure that would make it easier to control custom characters and painted ladens times square. the d.o.t. would be given -- ladies. in times square. the d.o.t. would be given control all over the city.
6:37 am
is going to force big changes for the m, and q trains. it would run express and q train service could terminate at 57th street and 7th avenue until the 2nd avenue subway opens. and then the q will roll up to its new 96th street station. the w, which once ran through astoria, would run locally into manhattan to white hall street. 6:36. breaking news, firefighters working a fire on second avenue on the upper east side. >> reporter: john just arrived over the scene in news copter 7, john? >> reporter: there is a lot of activity here, i think it is because fire, the difficulty presented by the construction here of the second avenue subway.
6:38 am
94th and 95th street. it is a 5-story multiple dwelling. we see firefighters on the roof and also smoke. however it looks like most of this fire has been knocked down. again you can see on 2nd avenue, we have a big traffic problem as a result. half the street is shut down. that is the construction area for the 2nd avenue subway. if you are traveling on the upper east side this morning the big issue here is going to be a closure on 2nd avenue. all lanes are shut southbound at 96th street and the closure runs down through 93rd. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. back to meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: hey, hey. looking all the way down to one world trade. a gloomy look this morning. statue of liberty on the right and staten island in the distance and way in the
6:39 am
still good visibility even with the clouds that are lower and go thickening. rain is developing and really getting here this morning just after the morning commute. 53 degrees, warm. clouds just to the south. a couple of showers will cross long island around 7:00 or 7:30 but this line of rain comes in right at the end of the morning commute, midday and afternoon. temperatures will be mild, they will be warm. 58 by 1:00 with maybe a shower or thunderstorm. might see a good sunset. still going to be raining at 4:00. but at 5:00 or 6:00 the rain is kind of gone. if you are going to the stadium for the yankees game that, will be delayed for a little bit. kiddos, rain gear after school. a d, for damp. rainy and breezy, maybe a thunderstorm. we'll talk about the mets home opener tomorrow next. you have your hands full you and john. >> reporter: john and i have
6:40 am
northbound right here 138th street we have this ongoing accident investigation, only one lane getting by. delays go all the way back to the bruckner, in fact they begin at the hunts point drawbridge. northbound 138th street you saw it is right by the yankee stadium exit and your delay all the way back here to the bruckner. so a mess there. the other problem is the sheridan. i got a tweet from gbog by man, he -- bogey man. he told me about the traffic being diverted off. 78 east exit 41 only one lane open. mass transit is doing well. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. a dump truck smashes into a home, two people inside at the
6:41 am
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a driver of a dump truck from california was trying to go up a hill and he rolled backward into a home. he had to jump out of the moving truck, breaking his arm. two people were inside the home when the truck crashed through the front, but they were not hurt. violence in new york city's public schools a focus of a class action lawsuit. a group of parents suing for what is being called a systemic problem, ranging from bullying to abusive teachers. the suit comes after a number of incidents in which students were caught with guns in public schools. today the nypd hands out the last of smartphones to its officers. the phones provide officers realtime information on 911 calls. they can also see surveillance video and mug shots. the plan costs $160 million.
6:45 am
forfeited in a bank fraud settlement. 6:44. "good morning america" next. george stephanopolous live in times square. >> reporter: good morning. newsbreaking overnight. two patients escaped from a psychiatric hospital in washington state and one is an accused killer. there is a manhunt underway right now. and new york everyone coming here for the big new york primary on april 19th. donald trump had a huge rally and i caught up with ted cruz in the bronx at a restaurant, he got quite a welcome there. and hillary and bernie sanders are going at it too. all the latest on that this morning. and a shocking video released out of san antonio. a school officer slamming a 12- year-old girl to the ground right there, causing a lot of outrage as you might understand. >> that hurts to watch. that is something. all right thank you george. >> see you guys. 6:45. a check on your accu-weather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live on the upper west side.
6:46 am
you are going to need that and you might want the raincoat with you as well. we'll have the rain kind of whipped around with southerly winds today, already gusty up the jersey shore around jfk and brooklyn. looking across, cloudy skies, humidity moderate. winds are south, pressure falling. we are going to be looking at the falling pressure, the atmosphere becoming very unstable. yesterday's high 48. today we are back up and right at normal today and maybe even a little above that. 48, 49 degrees, 50 in long island and coastal connecticut. 55, 56 degrees with the southerly wind. the wind at jfk, 21 miles per hour. that is sustained. the wind is cranking bringing up the warm air from the south. showers screaming toward long island. you'll have a shower or two in
6:47 am
rain is now in pennsylvania and is coming our way. today we are looking at low 50s by midday. here comes the rain by 10:00, noon time. notice red spots in there on the guidance here. a heavy downpour of rain maybe thunder or lightning. by the time we get to 5:00, the rain is gone. yankees are at 4:00, it is probably delayed and they'll get the game in. there might be a passing shower during the game but they'll play tonight, just take your rain gear. tomorrow cooler, temperatures tomorrow in the afternoon in the low 50s. that will be great weather for the mets home opener at citi field. once again the passing rain for today going by and 5:00 or 6:00 it is gone and then i want to show you saturday on the guidance. saturday there is an alberta clipper coming. rain in the morning that creeps up by noon time. that low spins rain into the area but that, off to the west is snow. and that will mix in.
6:48 am
saturday evening saturday night, wet snow as that passes by, makes for chilly weather for sunday. rainfall amounts today, you see on the guidance, is running rain. after school there will be rain, so you have like soccer all. the lacrosse players are crazy, they always play from the rain. so be ready for that. tomorrow 48 to 51 degrees. 59 with a thunderstorm or two heavy rain this afternoon. tonight 4 -t normal. tomorrow a little cooler, breezy, 53 degrees, a lot of sunshine tomorrow. saturday as the rain ask wet snow -- and wet snow mess. cold. quiet on the upper west side today. quiet. everybody is scrambling for their rain gear, i think. >> they were listening to you. >> where did i get that
6:49 am
>> reporter: northbound side 138th street that earlier accident cleared but we have delays back onto the bruckner and all the way back to the hunts point drawbridge, so big time delays there. also the crossbronx west at the sheridan and the delays go back to the bruckner. we are also looking at this l.i.e. problem exit 41 ongoing accident investigation. eastbound traffic is being diverted off at exit 41 and it is not moving. the westbound side rubbernecking delays. as you travel to 78 going eastbound near exit 41 tractor trailer fire extinguished but what a mess we have. only the left lane is getting by before exit 40 ask your alternate would be route 22. that has an accident right near country club road. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. mass transit doing okay lori over to you.
6:50 am
makes a visit to new jersey's largest city today. she visits phillips charter school. it created the eco spaces education program that helps students to connect with healthy foods learning how it is grown and how it nourishes their body. donald trump's daughter ivanka trump may be feeling the burn. her line of luxury scarves recalled as a fire hazard. 20,000 of the made in china scarves are actually too flammable and pose a burn risk to women wearing them.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
breaking news on the upper east side. an apartment building fire has led to closures on 2nd avenue. >> john? >> reporter: ken and lori, the fire department having a little bit of a tough time with this fire. last time around we told you it looked like most of the visible fire was knocked down. within the last few minutes a lot more smoke coming out of the roof and in fact the fire department has requested additional equipment here. our location is 2nd avenue at 95th street. this is a second alarm fire that began just before 6:30 this morning. a 5-story apartment building. it was occupied at the time of the fire but we are told right now there are no reports of injuries quite yet. a big traffic problem now on
6:54 am
fire department activity. 2nd avenue is closed from 96th through 93rd street. channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:53. we'll check on today's rain and the big closure on the long island expressway, coming up.
6:55 am
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i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. developing in queens police
6:57 am
a deadly hit and run. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco live at the scene in astoria. >> reporter: ken and lori, police are looking for a dark- colored honda or toyota. pieces of the vehicle were left in the intersection last night when the driver never stopped. a 45-year-old man was crossing the street here at 21st street and 30th road when he was struck by the driver around 11:00 last night. the man was left to die in the road when the driver took off. he was pronounced dead at elmhurst hospital just a short time ago. neighbors say this is a dangerous intersection, it is very dark at night, and it does concern them. they often feared something like this may happen. now again, police are looking for a dark-colored sedan, possibly a honda or toyota. there is no identity on the man this morning, this is all still under investigation. live in astoria, diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. police say this teenage girl stabbed a 13-year-old boy
6:58 am
they want your help in finding her. the pair had an argument on a assistant . 10,000 people packed into an old hangar in both page and the overflow crowd traded cheers with protesters. in the bronx ted cruz drew a small crowd at a restaurant appearance. there are reports cruz will meet with former new york city mayor rudy guiliani today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are playing political hard ball. clinton is attacking sanders's truthfulness and his grasp of complex issues. sanders says clinton is not qualified to be president. big messes in the bronx and news copter 7 is up above the bruckner.
6:59 am
packed on the southbound side from the hunts point drawbridge northbound with an earlier accident cleared at 138th street. so the damage is certainly done. let's go over to our maps. ken was mentioning the entire borough of the bronx is completely red and that is just proof that it is. that is your delay, because of that earlier accident. >> wow. >> reporter: in addition to this, you had this problem on the l.i.e. eastbound. exit 41, ongoing accident investigation. eastbound traffic diverted off at exit 41 and the crossbronx west at the sheridan, an accident. exit 41, only one lane is open. mass transit is doing great. that is the way to go. >> that is something else. >> wow you have to add transmission fluid and water to the traffic computer. >> reporter: true. >> getting overworked. here we go, overworked in the weather department too as far as our equipment goes. it is going to be busy all day. 53 degrees right now. 51 laguardia, jfk.
7:00 am
so with warm air a southerly wind, a couple of showers coming up in long island. a couple of thunderstorms west of harrisburg, a few of those this afternoon. heavy rain gear, a half inch to an inch of rain. close to 60. sunshine and nice weather for friday afternoon for the mets home opener but then saturday is a mess. we'll keep you updated on that. thank you. i'm good morning, america. tornadoes reported tearing through the south. winds over 60 miles an hour knocking down tree, destroying homes and cars as freezing and spring snow head east. also this morning, welcome to new york. donald trump getting massive crowds in his home state and firing back at ted cruz. >> and i've got this guy


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