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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: when the smoke and flames finally cleared, investigators found the elderly couple in the same room on the first floor of the home. >> they're in the house over 50 years so they've been married for a real long time. he was a korean war vet. and he grew up in patchogue. he's a native of this town. and they've been living there forever. >> police are not yet releasing the identities of the victims because they are still in the process of notifying their family members. we're live in patchogue, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to weather, heavy rain hammered the tri-state, but we're not out of the woods yet. more showers and possibly a thunderstorm are expected tonight. snow could be in the equation for saturday. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside our studio with the latest. >> a little sunshine on the george washington bridge. conveniently moving aside for the evening commute, the rain did. it will be away for a little while. still spotty showers in to the
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so have the umbrella handy. you'll notice the winds around the area whipping about. what a pretty sky after looking so gloomy a couple hours ago with a low ceiling and lots of delays around the area. we're at 57. doesn't feel too bad. still have a wind advisory for long island, it includes brooklyn and queens as well. they've come off their peak and will continue to do so in the evening hours. that advisory might be dropped during the 6:00 show. there's been big time delays especially laguardia and newark but those delays are on the way down. rainfall amounts, big range. heavy rains on parts of long island. not so much over new york city and central new jersey. there's the radar right now. all the yellows and reds pushing offshore, leaving east end. also a couple showers pivoting in from the south and west. after this low for the evening commute, there will be more showers. i do not anticipate it being widespread and heavy as it was earlier but there will be more showers. if you look at the futurecast,
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shows a resurgence of the showers. then it should wind down as we head to the midnight hours. showers and thunderstorms overnight. we're calm through tomorrow. but chilly air is coming in tomorrow night. that sets the stage for tracking another shot at spring snow. another april snow this weekend. we'll tell you about the saturday snow threat in the main accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. politics now. and a number of presidential candidates in new york city today. the cruz, kasich, and clinton campaign setting up new york moments in delis and bakeries, even the subway. we begin with rob nelson live outside ted cruz's event at a jewish bakery in brooklyn. >> good evening. in fact senator cruz just left this bakery behind me about 5 minutes ago. he wasn't here too long, maybe
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not a big crowd outside but an enthusiastic one. cruz is in last place here in new york and the bottom line is he probably will not win here, but the goal for cruz and governor kasich is simply this, to get enough delegates. to stop donald trump from getting to that magic number of 1237 which of course would force the brokered convention in july. that's why the new york state primary has become so important. >> reporter: governor john kasich's really only hope of becoming the republican nominee is a contested convention in july. but that did not stop young supporters from coming out today to this deli in the bronx to lend their support to the long shot. >> he's the common sense candidate. i think he's the only person who's got a proven record. >> just hold on. it ain't over. this is the bronx. it ain't over till it's over. >> reporter: kasich is running a distant second in new york behind donald trump and he's in third place nationally. still, the ohio governor is refusing to drop out, and today
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ted cruz's now infamous new york values comment. york values. >> reporter: she topped by this jewish bakery in brooklyn, drawing a relatively small crowd. >> i love ted cruz. i love his policies. and i'm really happy to be here today. >> reporter: cruz told his upstate supporters, do not believe the polls. >> our friends in the media tell us that donald trump is unstoppable in new york state. but you know an interesting thing has happened in the last couple of weeks. we have seen this race nationally turn. >> reporter: the texas senator had a rough day campaigning in the bronx yesterday. not just facing protesters, but also being forced to move an event out of school after students there threatened to walk out, calling cruz racist and homophobic.
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well here in new york but he's coming off a big win in wisconsin. analysts believe his win there, a sizable win, almost guarantees there will be that contested convention come july. one more interesting political nugget to pass along tonight. we've learned in the last few minutes there are reports that former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has decided to endorse donald trump. now to the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders now sparring over who's qualified for the job. this as clinton campaigns on home turf new york style, riding the subway and lunching at a diner. here with more. >> over the last few months we've certainly seen the republican race become embroiled in attacks and allegations. now it's the democrats' turn. hillary clinton is determined
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new york, her adopted home state. the next primary, april 19th. >> tuesday, april 19th from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. hillary rodham clinton for president. >> reporter: maybe she thought riding the subway would polish her new york credentials. like many of us, she had to swipe her metro card several times before it worked. she did ride the 4 train two stops before yankee stadium. >> i understand bernie sanders seems to think you're not qualified. >> [ laughter ] well, it's kind of a silly thing to say, but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me. >> that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. >> reporter: a new tv ad, now running in new york, under scores her take that she's better qualified. >> the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who will make a real difference for you. >> reporter: in philadelphia
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accusing clinton of going negative and of starting this whole dust-up over who's better qualified. >> if secretary clinton thinks i come from the small state of vermont, we're not used to this, we'll get used to it fast. we'll fight back. >> i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> reporter: clinton today tried to move beyond this new round of bickering. riders were just overjoyed to see her, despite a crushing crowd of reporters and secret service agents, clinton got a rousing show of support. >> you're going to be a little surprised to see hillary clinton here. >> yes, i did see her in the south bronx. that was a shocker. i'm totally surprised. >> bernie sanders recently caught some grief for talking subway. he is from brooklyn. and that was certainly true years ago. today clinton pointed out, no, we of course use the metro card,
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happened in 2003 when she was senator. clinton admitted she doesn't take the subway much at all anymore. she thinks the last time was about two years ago. >> you can count on eyewitness news and abc7ny for complete coverage as we count down to the april 19th primary here in new york. we have exclusive video tonight of an out of control taxi that crashed in greenwich village, hitting a police say the driver suffered a medical condition. this happened at east 8th straight and university place. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is there with more. >> that video shows how strangers came together and tried to help the victim right here. we now know she's an nyu graduate student. at one point they tried to lift this cab which is being towed away right now off of the 33-year-old woman. and another clip of video, too disturbing to show. one second you see the woman walking on the sidewalk.
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the taxi appears. then she simply disappears. >> i heard a crash and i went to go look and she was under the car. >> reporter: he's talking about this yellow cab, this exclusive cell phone video captures the agonizing chaotic seconds after the taxi hit, dragged and severely injured a woman. this is the man who was behind the wheel, the cab driver had nothing to say when asked what happened. but jay saw it all. >> it was just really nauseating to see. >> reporter: he was one of many who right after the accident dropped to their knees and tried to help the victim. one person called out to her. >> hello? hello? >> reporter: she didn't answer or move. >> and i just saw the cab fly up on the sidewalk. >> did she have a chance to get away? >> no. >> reporter: the victim was walking along university place just before 11:00. she was by herself. the sidewalk was packed of students heading to nyu to class. you'll see in the upper left
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it's heading east on 8th street. but then veers left, jumps the curb, then suddenly heads the wrong way down university. it jumped another curb, plows in to a planter, then hits the victim, who in a split second appears to simply vanish. the large skid mark on the side of the building is where the front of the cab made contact. the crowd instantly focused on the victim. >> there was a doctor on scene too, so he was saying they might have to lift the cab but people were unsure if they wanted to lift the cab or not. >> reporter: they didn't, waited for paramedics who did get the victim out. sources tell eyewitness news the driver suffered some sort of medical emergency. witnesses say during all of this, he appeared to be in shock, didn't say a word. >> he went in to get something and everyone told him to get out of the car because he was like put more weight on the car. >> back here live, this is where the cab hit the building and then hit the woman. the cab towed away just a short
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at this hour this is still all under investigation. as for the victim, we now know she is a 33-year-old nyu grad student. she's in critical condition in the hospital. for now we're live in the village, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a suspected drunk driver under arrest tonight on long island, accused of triggering a deadly chain of events. police say a 34-year-old man crashed in to a median on the long island expressway in jericho just after 2:00 this morning. when he pulled over to check his bumper, a car hit him and pushed him in to traffic. that's when a second car struck and killed him. police took the driver of the first car in to custody for dwi. the manhunt is underway tonight for the hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian in queens. police say a 45-year-old man was struck by a red toyota near 21st street and 30th road in astoria last night. the force of that crash knocked the victim out of one of his shoes.
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across the roadway. the identity of the victim has not been released. still ahead on eyewitness news, dashcam video. cops say proves a public safety director interfered with a traffic stop when his friend was pulled over for drunk driving. plus -- >> i thank that man for saving my life last night because where would i be? >> a woman jumps from a burning building to the arms of a police officer below. the twist in how this fire started coming up. >> hear from the family blaming two funeral homes for what they
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a woman is give thanks tonight. she jumped from a burning building and safely in to the arms of a police officer. a person is under arrest charged with setting the fire. marcus solis spoke with the grateful survivor. >> the fire was concentrated toward the rear of the building. you can see there's a fire escape. she had no choice but to jump. luckily there was someone there to break her fall. >> reporter: she feels grateful and guilty. april jackson hayward, who was trapped by smoke and flames last night. she said she had no choice but to jump in to the arms of first responders three floors down. >> i know i hurt one.
5:16 pm
>> reporter: mount vernon police lieutenant marcel oliviers hurt his back when she jumped on all made it out safely, including nicole desilva who was in the shower at the time. >> i didn't have time to get clothes on so i grabbed him and ran downstairs. >> reporter: soon there was a police investigation. witnesses reported hearing a first floor resident post she started the fire. >> just cursing in the air, cursing at someone and she's alone, in the air. she'll come out and just talk to herself and things like that. she was just mentally disabled i guess. >> reporter: gorham has been arrested and charged with second degree arson. >> the person in custody is emotionally disturbed but still they have to be held responsible for their heinous action. >> reporter: as for jackson
5:17 pm
lucky to have survived her 49th birthday. >> i know it's his job to save us but i thank that man for saving my life last night, because where would i be? >> jackson hayward suffered a bruised thigh but she's otherwise okay. the police lieutenant taken to the hospital. he's home recovering. for the first time since last month's terror attacks, a flight from new york is going to take off from brussels. delta airlines announced it's resuming flights from jfk airports starting tonight. chuck schumer says passengers will be safe because u.s. authorities have given their approval but adds brussels needs to step up its security game. >> belgium should not regard the resumption of flights that they're doing everything right. they're not. most of the european countries are better than belgium. they're the weak link in european security and that's got to change. >> in belgium authorities released new video of one of the accused airport bombers.
5:18 pm
walking in the airport with the two other bombers who died. these images were captured in the minutes following the the metro. new rules could be coming square. the city council voted today to approve a measure to give the department of transportation control over pedestrian plazas. members of the council say they can't and won't interfere with performers in the tourist hub and visitors will still be able to snap photos with them. >> what we can do is set up some rules which are not content-based, which allow us to regulate where and when certain activities take place. >> city council members say they plan to work with performers to create a better environment for both tourists and new yorkers. charter school in new york got a visit today from first lady michelle obama. she was learning about the school's eco space's education
5:19 pm
she ate with the students. the school says the ecospace's program teaches students about growing and eating something the first lady promotes. >> white house garden must be getting underway soon. though it's been a little chilly there. >> i'm just glad the sun is now out. >> give it a minute. you know this day, it's gloomy, gusty. we have to deal with some showers as we go through the not as widespread. really pretty skies. clouds have been racing across the skies. it's been more blue sky for the past hour or so. now that may fuel some of the showers to build a little bit during the evening hours. we're at a comfortable 57. at least our temperatures have recovered a little bit. the wind is gusty, currently out of the southwest. it will go westerly later on. before that front comes through, we do have the shower threat. so right on target with the average high, unfortunately below normal again tomorrow. rainfall is actually underperformed in new york city. we had heavier amounts over parts of long island, connecticut, and the hudson valley. there are your sunrise and
5:20 pm
and about .15 of an inch of rainfall. wind advisory there in to the early evening hours. numbers approaching 60 in lakehurst and wrightstown yet it's in the 40s in monticello right now. there's your gusty breezes coming out of the south. you can see where the wind shift, where the arrows change color. front right here as that swings through in the overnight. that will shut off. we can have a scattered shower, even rumble of thunder, first part of the night. by midnight, mostly cloudy skies. by morning, clouds, little sun. stray shower first part of the day in to the early afternoon. then i think clouds will be prevalent through the middle of the day will try to break during the afternoon. the mets game may start out mostly cloudy, then go partly cloudy. they play and it's dry. heavy rain moving away from the east end. away from the hudson valley. couple sprinkles maybe from yorktown over to kent cliffs and hopewell junction. then you have more showers off to the south and west. this whole thing has to pivot through. a lot of this will diminish
5:21 pm
a few will survive the showers. see all that cold air? that's going to rotate to our north. the cold air plunges in tomorrow night and sets the stage for the snow chance over the weekend. while we're in this nice break here, see how the showers try to come back over the evening hours? still have the umbrella. won't be as widespread. morning clouds. a little bit of sun. a stray shower. then more sunshine late day and clearing in to the evening hours. numbers tonight will be in the upper 30s in newburg, sussex. low 40s islip, bridgeport, belmar. upper 40s and lower 50s during the afternoon hours. so it's a spotty evening shower, thunderstorm despite the fact you see sun now. partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow it's a high of 53. there's just a stray shower around, mainly north and east of new york city. clouds and sun. but a noticeable breeze and it is cool. partly to mostly cloudy skies and chilly at 37. here's what we're working on in the 7-day at 5:30. is accumulating snow looking a
5:22 pm
i'll get in to that. no matter what, maybe icy roads on saturday night for your plans. and a rapid recovery next week. will temperatures start to bounce back? is there more consistent spring in the 7-day accuweather forecast? that's coming up at 5:30. >> let's hope so. are you waiting longer for your subway? a look at the slowest and fastest lines coming up. >> a lacrosse coach at princeton fired because of what he did to a player during the game. >> looking for insta fame? meet the new yorkers who have taken off on social media and
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students at iona college gathering today to honor a classmate who was murdered. friends and family members came together on campus this afternoon to remember brandon lawrence. the 18-year-old was shot and killed early sunday morning in lincoln park in new rochelle. police say he was hit by a bullet intended for someone else. police have charged stivenson sear with murder. a fire broke out in the basement of an older building
5:26 pm
newscopter7 was above as firefighters worked to contain the blaze from the roof. the flames quickly spread up the walls. four people suffered minor injuries. a manhattan high rise known as the tower of power went up in flames yesterday. two firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation and a third for a minor injury. billionaires live in the building. the death of a teenaged girl in texas blamed on an exploding airbag that's been part of a massive recall. the 17-year-old was killed last week after crashing her 2002 honda civic. officials say she is the 10th person in the u.s. to be killed by an exploding takata airbag. takata inflaters can literally blow up given too much force, hitting drivers and passengers with shrapnel. honda said it issued a recall for the civic that the teen was
5:27 pm
checking on wall street, stocks suffering broad losses during a down day. trading banks and other financial companies taking the biggest hit. it's the third time this week the stocks have closed with a loss. the dow closed at 17, 541. s&p 500 lost 24 points. questions about possible tampering during a traffic stop. coming up on eyes news, did a public safety officer in new jersey cross the line? what dashcam video and a police officer's report revealed tonight. >> and the latest on the manhunt from one of two dangerous prisoners who escaped from a hospital. >> out of bounds. the repercussions for an ivy league coach's unnecessary roughness. >> have you been waiting longer
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new at 5:00, a top public safety official in new jersey accused of interfering with a police officer during a traffic stop that involved a suspected drunk driver. >> dashcam video shows some of what happened. the officer says bergen county's public safety director ralph rivera showed up at a stop in hackensack and distracted him multiple times, saying that the driver was a friend of his. >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in paramus with more. >> that traffic stop was conducted by the bergen county sheriff's office and the arresting officer wrote in his report that he was overwhelmed when he found out that was the bergen county public safety director. he said he continued to interrupt the traffic stop even after he was being told he was being recorded and after the suspect was putting handcuffs in
5:31 pm
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: 27 years as a new jersey state trooper. part of the credentials that got ralph rivera, jr. the job as the bergen county public safety director. but it wasn't enough to hook up his boy and get him out of a dwi last month. >> reporter: this is dashcam video from march 19th around 3:30 a.m. according to a bergen county police report, francisco almonte was driving his wife's jeep cherokee when he was pulled over on main street in hackensack for failing to use the turn signal twice. shortly afterwards rivera showed up in a county vehicle and according to the police report, interrupted the traffic stop four times.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: i told him that i would not be willing to put my pension on the line at any point tonight in regards to the arrest of almonte, writes the arresting officer. i will treat this like any arrest i've made in the past. rivera has now been suspended with pay. this afternoon the bergen county executive issued this statement which reads in part any additional action on behalf of the county will be determined following the completion of the prosecutor's investigation. >> and this afternoon we tried to catch up with rivera as well as almonty for a comment. we were unable to do so. it was after that that we received the statement from the bergen county executive's office that this is now under review by the prosecutor's office and rivera is suspended with pay. reporting live in paramus, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. the parents of five children
5:33 pm
district on long island, claiming it did nothing after learning a teacher was allegedly abusing students. the parents are filing a lawsuit against a long beach school district. special education teacher lisa widesman is suspended. she's filed a countersuit against the district. princeton university has fired its men's lacrosse coach over a move on the sidelines. a video of saturday's game at brown university shows chris bates hit a player on the opposing team with his elbow as the player ran off the field. bates was in his seventh season and led the tigers to ivy league titles three times. the team's offensive coordinator will step in as interim coach until the university finds a replacement. you may have already noticed this. the amount of time new york city subway riders spend waiting between trains is getting longer.
5:34 pm
by the office of state controller thomas denapoli. as of june 2015, only 74.8% of trains actually arrived on time. the mta's goal is 80.7%. the number 5 train rolled in as the worst of the bunch with a success rate of just 66.5%. and that is followed by the number 6 train, which has just a success rate of 66.8%. the a train is at 67.4%. the best performing line, the g train, at 81.3%. the report blasts the mta's use of wait assessment, saying it gives riders an inaccurate view of how the system is performing and that it that the subway is working better than it actually is. the mta is denouncing the findings, saying the audit includes misunderstandings and outright misrepresentations. i guess you'll just know when you ride the subway.
5:35 pm
an accused killer who escaped from a psychiatric facility. authorities say mark alexander adams and anthony gardner broke out of the hospital in washington state yesterday. they were both deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial. adams, who was suspected of domestic assault, was caught today in a nearby town. but garber is still out there. he's accused of gagging a woman and stabbing her 24 times before slashing her throat. >> it's a pretty serious crime, obviously. the worst that you can imagine. and he's got mental illness. so we don't know what he's thinking. we have no idea. he could just be trying to escape and go some place, but the opportunity to commit a crime is there if he's out and that's what we want to prevent. >> the fbi says garber is an experienced survivalist who threatened to blow up government buildings. politics and terrorism fears are apparently causing a spike in gun sales.
5:36 pm
year. background checks totaled more than 7 million in the 1st quarter of 2016. analysts say the san bernardino paris terror attacks are spurring many americans to purchase guns, and the push for stronger gun control in the driving sales. a new proposal to help award a state takeover of atlantic city was shot down by governor christie today. the bill would let casinos make payments to the city in lieu of property taxes. under this new proposal, the state would step in if certain performance targets aren't met. but christie says he won't even consider the measure which will be posted for a vote in the full assembly next week. the second annual tunnel to towers stair climb is now back on at one world trade center. last year a thousand people raced up nearly 2,000 steps to honor the first responders who died on september 11th.
5:37 pm
said the building would not host the event this year due to logistical concerns but after pressure from governor cuomo the climb is back on. the climb will go all the way up to the 102nd floor. stop and shop is making a massive donation to a long island food pantry in observance of passover. the store brought over one ton of kosher food to the kosher food pantry in woodmere today. they canned vegetables. the first night of passover is friday, october 22nd. attacking school violence. how families of students are taking their battle from the hallways to court. >> and students slammed. an investigation underway after video surfaces showing a school officer body slamming a girl to the ground. >> plus, harry potter and the expensive chair. someone just paid a lot of money for a piece of the magical world.
5:38 pm
a change to the wind advisory, now only out for eastern long island till 8:00. much of long island, brooklyn and queens dropped from that advisory. we're in between showers now but there are more headed our way from the west. >> we're following breaking news in california where police are chasing two suspects in a convertible mustang. this is taking place right now on the streets of hollywood. you can see this car is going at a high rate of speed. at one point they put on quite the performance, even doing donuts. it's not clear why cops are
5:39 pm
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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making their voices heard. they filed suit over violence in a public school. these parents in the group are called the families for excellent schools and they say the d.o.e. does not do enough to protect children. parents say when bullying occurs, it often is not properly addressed, and now they're calling for a change. >> no more punishing the victim like my son. no more sweeping the violent incidents under the rug. no more hiding the truth about violence and bullying in our >> the d.o.e. says it works closely with the nypd to provide are students. a video is going viral of a school police officer body slamming a 6th grade student to the ground. it happened last week at a middle school in san antonio, 12-year-old janissa valdez says she was just talking to another girl but other students in the hallway expected them to fight. that's when the officer threw
5:43 pm
valdez says she doesn't remember the incident. >> his arms went around my arm so i couldn't move my arm. >> do you think you were knocked out? >> i don't remember nothing, so of course. >> justice, for something to be done for my daughter because she didn't deserve that. >> police and school officials are now investigating. the officer has been placed on paid leave. valdez went to the doctor and other than a bump on her head, she says she is fine. a chair once owned by author jk rowling just sold at auction for nearly $400,000. she said she used this chair when she was writing the first and second harry potter books. after her success, she donated it for a charity auction. back then it went for $21,000. then in 2009 it sold for $29,000 on ebay and now an anonymous private collector owns it for $394,000. that's the chair that keeps
5:44 pm
>> my goodness, that's an expensive chair. a big mistake with a mother's remains. coming up on eyewitness news, a family furious. two funeral homes tonight, the botched handling of their loved one's ashes. >> instant celebrity. how one post on social media can bolt you in to stardom. >> and the next chapter in the star wars saga with a brand new
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rogue one of star wars stories got millions of online views. the film introduces a new character played by british actress felicity jones. >> she has an incredible determination and focus and has to be tough maybe when she doesn't necessarily feel it. >> so if you want to see the entire movie trailer, go to our website, abc7ny. movie produced by disney, the parent company of wabc tv. >> also on abc7ny, see the trend from 4:00. they review on it which is pretty cool. >> you took all the kids last time. are you going to take them this time? >> of course. >> i want to tweet something. i said passover is october 21st. it's april, but someone tweeted me and said it's because it feels like october.
5:49 pm
we've got one front that's leaving us but we've got another one that's coming. we're talking about cold, possibly snow. >> are you looking at my surface maps? yeah, we've got a couple fronts coming through. we had this beautiful sunshine the last few hours. look what happens now. clouds have built back in. there are a couple showers now. not nearly as widespread as it was in the afternoon hours. temperatures at 57 degrees. mostly cloudy. still wind gusts over 25. damaging wind gusts not a concern anymore. the wind advisory is going to expire this evening over eastern long island. showers leaving here. more showers off to the south and west. near albany there's a severe thunderstorm warning. there may be a gusty shower that tries to swing through through the evening hours. have the umbrella. i'll make sure to keep you updated on social media. you can see showers across central pennsylvania that will pivot in. there's chilly air behind that. cooler tomorrow, not terribly colder but then the cold air starts coming in and we have to watch this disturbance. that's the culprit for the potential snow on saturday.
5:50 pm
moment. moment. the next seven hours as we go through the evening, resurgence of a couple of the showers. temperatures aren't all that bad. the winds, it's breezy. not as gusty as it's been. tomorrow night it's on the cool side. there's an isolated shower threat north of new york city tomorrow. not a big deal. clouds will be in and out in the morning hours. i think there's more sun later in the day, a little breezy out of the west for the mets game. 49 degrees. west wind 15 to 25 miles per hour. in terms of the futurecast, watch what happens here. there are the showers coming back during the evening hours, pivoting to the north and weakening overnight. there's still clouds around through midday tomorrow. maybe even a stray shower. more sun as we go through late day in to the afternoon. high should be in the lower 50s. then this happens. cold air comes in tomorrow night and a storm pivots underneath us and there's going to be a band of rain and snow. it won't impact the entire area. right now there's a trend for this track to be a little farther south but also going north at times. our challenge is to figure out exactly where the band is going to be.
5:51 pm
be heavier it comes down as wet snow. the best chance of seeing accumulation will be western morris county, hunterdon and warren counties. coating of snow on the grass would be the worst case scenario. as this pivots away, snow may start to brush against long island as well. there might be some coatings. certainly slippery travel saturday night as temperatures get colder. this computer model is not showing any accumulation whereas earlier in the afternoon it was showing a coating to a couple inches. something we have to watch. play ball tomorrow at citifield. we're in good shape at 53. on saturday we've got that wintery mix, wet snow in the air. it's cold. cold at night. sunday is breezy in the morning. winds back off, 46. nice recovery early next week. 58 on monday despite increased cloud cover. rain will return on tuesday with 60-degree numbers. one more dip in temperature late next week. then up, up, up. >> we love it.
5:52 pm
more than just a place to post your selfies and video. lately the social media app is launching everyday people in to full blown stardom. >> they're calling insta fame. shirleen allicot has some of their strategies. >> i definitely feel like i have an aesthetic to my page. >> reporter: his instagram is filled with celebrities dawning couture. >> people know that it's really about fashion for me. >> reporter: what was a hobby for likes became javon rosario's ticket to insta fame. everything changed for the struggling artist from queens once he started drawing his muse, kim kardashian. >> someone told me that kim was following me and i couldn't believe it. i'm like, no way. why would kim be following me? then one day she reposted my work on instagram. >> reporter: and his followers shot up. jumping from 3,000 to nearly 300,000, setting his career in to motion. kim even hired him to do art for her website. >> when she called me i dropped everything.
5:53 pm
meet the mogul and her rapper husband, kanye west. their seal of approval spawning even more opportunities. but influencers of social media aren't just of the human variety. >> this is renee charles nyc. >> reporter: he's the sassy, a little bratty, and fashionable french bulldog more than 60,000 people have come to adore. >> he's been recognized on the street. >> reporter: he works for google and had no idea what he got himself in to. taking on a second job, being his pup's own paparazzi, and has paid off. >> people are sending us things for our dog to wear and eat and chew on and play with. >> reporter: he was recently offered a publishing deal, so soon you can get your hands on a renee charles book. >> we've been working on photos and captions that will be exclusive to a book that will be out in the fall. >> reporter: he says for anyone
5:54 pm
launch pad for a career, no matter your passion -- >> the more time and energy you put in to it, the bigger you can grow it. >> reporter: shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> great stories. a major mixup with the deceased woman's remains.
5:55 pm
a family furious about a big (vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
finally at 5:00, a major mixup over the remains of a beloved mother. >> her body was accidentally cremated and her ashes have disappeared. now her sons are suing the funeral homes responsible for the blunder. >> eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in lower manhattan with more. >> this family was handed the wrong ashes not once but twice. this after their mother was cremated by mistake. now we just got done talking with this family and their lawyer. he said this case is one in many and these stories are
5:58 pm
>> reporter: so devastating, it's hard to believe. emilio says his 66-year-old mother, conswalea rivera, died last month in new jersey. because of a mixup involving three funeral homes, her family still has no idea where her remains are. >> we can't even take her home because we don't know where she is. >> they stole that from us. stole my last kiss, my last goodbye. >> reporter: according to a lawsuit naming all three funeral homes, rivera's family at first planned to use this one but then changed their minds and moved it to ortiz funeral home. they were to transport her body, only the unthinkable happened. >> they said they cremated her. >> yes. by accident. >> reporter: first avenue had no comment today but the owner
5:59 pm
us, quote, they made a mistake whatever they did. the body was never in our possession. meanwhile, the manager telling us, quote, myself and our staff feel heart broken about this. no family in one of the most difficult times of their life should have to deal with this. our responsibility ended when ortiz arrived to remove mrs. rivera. adding further insult, the rivera family was given the wrong person's ashes twice. >> you just don't make a mistake like that. you don't. >> reporter: according to their lawyer, mistakes like these made all too often. >> they make huge amounts of money on these funerals. and i think the health department needs to better regulate funeral homes. >> and their lawyer says he'd like to see legislation mandating funeral homes to give
6:00 pm
laying out what funeral homes can and cannot do. he says this family's anguish is proof that these problems and this confusion needs to be fixed. we're live in lower manhattan, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. police tonight are searching for the driver who killed a man in queens, ran him down, then never stopped. >> and suddenly, new york voters are a hot commodity. the presidential candidates invade new york from riding a subway to touring a bakery and a deli. a busy day for candidates in new york as the rhetoric heats up 12 days before the suddenly


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