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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  WABC  April 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news at 6:00. another knife attack at a new york subway station. this time a man is cut in the neck near breaker street. >> bernie's battle. the presidential contender fights for home field vantage in the race for the -- advantage in the race for the white house. >> question for you, what happened to spring? >> i don't know. >> another blast of winter weather headed our way in time for the coveted weekend. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. friday, april 8th. you are never more than seven
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meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> the coveted weekend. not soon enough for some. 44 smithtown. babylon 45. 45 bridgeport. we are looking at winds out there that have been tough this morning so far and have been gusting up around 7 to 14 miles per hour. wind out of the west to southwest. here is a look at what is happening this morning as far as the view outside. a nice view with a beautiful sunrise heading your way as we look down the beach here at asbury park. but just to give you a head's up, there is snow on the way that is coming for tomorrow. we will talk about that. 48 by noontime. 51 this afternoon. great baseball weather. we will talk about that and snow tomorrow and bitter cold on sunday. can you believe that.
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>> go mets. hope they win. as we head to the 4 and 6 trains, problems bypassing at bleecker street. it's ongoing police department activity. let's see what is happening on the cross bronx west at third avenue. construction wrapping up, delays back to the bruckner. problem on the garden state parkway northbound at 138 and kenilworth, overturned car. one lane is blocked. watch for slowdowns as well as you take it to 79 north at main street in freehold with a collision there. outside, a look at the l.i.e. l.i.e. westbound picking up volume out to little neck parkway. more volume into woodhaven boulevard. alternate sides are in effect. >> all right, debbie. thank you. breaking news in manhattan. nypd investigating another knife attack on the subway. >> this happened a couple of hours ago near the bleecker street station at lafayette. diana rocco is live in no. >> reporter: we learned it was
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victim bleeding and called police who are bringing in k-9s to look for evidence. here is a live look at the scene. the bleecker street station is closed while police investigate. this happened on the 6 train platform around 3:30 this morning. there was a dispute or argument on the platform at the station. the man was slashed in the neck and hand. he is now in stable condition at bellevue hospital. there is no word on the suspect. we are told that the suspect fled the scene right after the incident. however, this is the second slashing at this particular station over the last couple of months. in january an elderly woman was slashed riding the d train during her morning commute. her attacker also fled. back live, police are at this moment interviewing the victim trying to get more details on this incident. again, the bleecker street station is closed for the time being which means the 4 and 6
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that is the latest from noho this morning, diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new details this morning in a subway stabbing that left a 13-year-old boy in the hospital. police arrested a 15-year-old girl in wednesday evening's attack in brooklyn using facebook to track her down. her name is not being released because of her age. investigators say she stabbed a boy in the stomach while they were on a c train in bedford- stuyvesant. the victim is in stable condition. in the race for both democratic candidates are trying to prove to voters that they are new yorkers through and through. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton hit the pavement literally talking to voters on the street. with 291 delegates on the line, this primary could make or break the race wide open. >> sanders had a pair of rallies in brooklyn.
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dray clark has more on the campaign from mid wood, dray? >> reporter: good morning, guys. they are expecting a large turnout for the bernie sanders rally set to happen later on today. you can see an nypd car blocking off the 1500 block of east 26th street where the boyhood home of bernie sanders is and where the actual rally will take place later today. they have been towing cars from the block. meanwhile, the exchanges between bernie sanders and hillary clinton turned nasty. >> keep our eye on what is at stake in this election. >> reporter: it began with clinton turning on sanders staying he -- saying he spent the last year talking about issues without knowing or learning much about them. sanders fired back saying clinton is unqualified to be president. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you raise millions of dollars from wall street, an entity whose greed, wrecklessness and illegal
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economy? >> reporter: the candidates could be headed for a, no brawl. sanders has the muscle for it. born in brooklyn and a guaranteed draw pulling in 20,000 supporters to his last massive rally in the bronx a week ago. >> secretary clinton thinks because i'm from a small state in vermont we will come to new york and go to new york, pennsylvania, they will beat us up and go after us in some kind of really uncalled for way, that we won't fight back, they can guess again. >> reporter: so, we are noticing a lot of no parking signs throughout the neighborhood, another indicating of the crowd they are expecting. bernie sanders in recent days had been drawing a lot of people, thousands to his rallies. the rally in mid wood, brooklyn, is set to happen at 3:00 this afternoon. live in brooklyn. dray clark, channel 7
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picked his candidate. his candidate is donald trump. giuliani says trump is a friend picked his candidate. his candidate is donald trump. giuliani says trump is a friend and he plans to vote for him in the upcoming new york primary. giuliani did not make an official endorsement because he won't do campaigning on trump's behalf. >> primary is 11 days away. we will bring you the latest from the candidates as they zero in on new york. one senate republican who had refused to meet with supreme court nominee merrick garland is changing his mind. senator lindsey graham, a member of the judiciary committee plans to meet with garland in what is being called a courtesy sit down. the spokesman for the senator still believes, however, that the next president should pick the next nominee for the court. president obama is in california. he arrived for dinner with house minority leader nancy pelosi and an a list of hollywood stars and executives. tickets cost up to $67,000. today he is going to attend two more political fundraisers in l.a. before heading to san francisco. secretary of state john kerry arrived in baghdad to pump up the fight against isis. we have new video in. he is meeting with the iraqi prime minister and other top officials. the iraqi army is fighting village by village to reach and retake the city of mosul from isis, iraq's second largest city. the military move could be slowed by military struggles. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> well, this morning we take a look from our camera here in rutherford. beautiful rutherford, new jersey. the sun is coming up. we have a little red, orange sky. we will have a nice day. we really are. going to be pretty. maybe not the warmest to head to the beach but it's pretty,
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pretty morning from our look at at bury park. temperature around 45 degrees. we will look at temperatures that are a little warmer than normal for this hour of the day, 3 degrees. a couple of sprinkles to the north and west of snow. that will drag by to the north. there might be a passing sprinkle in this. humidities are way low. probably dry out before you get across the mountains to us. noontime 49. 53 this afternoon. normal high is 58. we height that yesterday. cooler today than yesterday. at the bus stop, kiddos, three out of four huckleberry's surveyed say wear a jacket and sweater today. 44 to start out. after school, there will be nice weather. 53 degrees. get outside, kiddos, tomorrow is a slop fest. we will talk about that next. weather then heather, debbie duhaime in for heather. what is going on. i'll tell you what is happening. good morning bill and everybody.
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here heading to green point avenue approaching the greens midtown tunnel. accident reported. as we go to the maps, l.i.e. westbound at green point. watch out for a collision. delays by clearview. if you are heading to the 6 train, still business passing at -- bypassing at bleecker. diana will have more from the scene there. garden state parkway north, 138 and kenilworth, accident involving an overturned car. 78 in freehold an accident being cleared. new jersey turnpike moving smoothly up to newark. back to you, ken, lori. >> all right, debbie, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," two institution.
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of texas are mourning the death of a classmate. 18-year-old's body was found in a creek on campus tuesday. an autopsy revealed the first year dance major was assaulted. police have not said how she was killed. her family released a statement which was read to the students by the school's president. >> she was a passionate and dedicated dancer. and a student. she was so happy to be a student at u.t. she was looking forward to the chance to perform again as a dance major. >> police released this surveillance video showing a man they say is a suspect in in her murder. he was spotted near the school's drama building, the last place she was seen sunday night. parents in newtown, connecticut, still stunned after a teacher was charged with bringing a loaded gun to school. the arrest lead to an emergency meeting last night called by newtown's school superintendent.
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the arrest comes 3 1/2 years after 20 students and six educators were killed at sandy hook, elementary. >> it was an egregious error of judgment to have that weapon on person on school grounds. >> it should be an eye opener that we should find out if our secure enough. >> adams is on administrative leave. he has a valid gun permit but connecticut doesn't allow guns on school grounds. a man escaped psychiatric hospital near seattle. surveillance pictures show him buying a bus ticket to spokane where investigators say he stopped by his parents home but took off when his mother called police. he was held in a lower security unit after being found too mentally ill to stand trial in
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another patient that with garver was arrested yesterday. time for a check on the forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios. >> we have a west wind coming in. we start out crisp, chilly. we have a beautiful sunrise in progress as we look from our roof camera across central park to the east side and out to queens. look at the pressure 29.51, that is low. the atmosphere will be unstable with low pressure leaving and a windy day today. winds will be out of the west mostly. a dry wind that will keep the humidity low. winds around 12, 15, 17 miles per hour out of the west may make it feel chilly this morning. dress warmly. saturday night into sunday, there is a freeze warning in effect. so, be ready for that sunday morning. a couple of snow showers, sprinkles to the north and west. giant low upstate will keep going into canada, pulling down
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the system west of the great lakes that will be an alberta clipper coming in tomorrow. expect snow tomorrow starting around mid-morning, lunchtime. north and west, you see it's higher. the reason being 1,000 feet in altitude, colder temperatures aloft. more moisture will create snow in northwest new jersey. a coating to an inch will be around. streets and sidewalks will be wet. 50 after school in a lot of spots. game time temperature 49 as the mets home opener, first pitch 1:10. a lot of sunshine. have the warm mets gear and also make sure you have your sun glasses. a little sprinkle north and west. sun and clouds today. 53. tonight brisk and chilly. low of 42. tomorrow that cold air keeps pouring in.
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tomorrow starting around 10 to 11:00 into the afternoon, windy, cold, a real dumpster fire tomorrow, a chilly raw day and a treacherous travel afternoon. so, that ends tomorrow night. temperatures drop like a rock saturday night. we will have sunshine and a chilly day sunday. at least the temperatures are going to rebound nicely as we go into next week. it's friday. so, aids time for my children to show up on the broadcast. where are my children? good morning. that is siri. this is lulu and the big one is elton -- what's your name? maximus. say it to my face. the kiddos are here. i can't hear you. you guys have a great weekend while i feed the family.
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microphone. >> i love that aggressive girl. >> that girl got the feed bag on. you go, girl. >> they are hungry this morning. >> good morning, ken and lori. as we take it outside to our webcam, the l.i.e. westbound is busy into green point avenue, an accident approaching the b.q.e. over to the maps, l.i.e. west at green point, watch out for a collision. 6 trains bypassing at bleecker with ongoing police department activity. garden state, kenilworth, overturned car, two lanes blocked. main street at freehold a crash. here is the grand central parkway westbound stop and go out to the rfk bridge. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, lori, ken? >> thank you. happening today the party continues for the newly crowned
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50,000 people are expected to line the streets of philadelphia to honor the villanova wildcats. they won with monday's buzzer beater. players and fellow students receive another present today. classes have been canceled. you expect marriage proposals to be memorable. this did not disappoint. a helicopter was called in to rescue 27-year-old michael banks from a giant rock off the california coast after he staged a pretty risky proposal. he became stranded on a ledge with his feet dangling 80 feet off the ground. the good news is that his girlfriend, who was watching over face time said yes. the bad news, he was issued a misdemeanor citation for trespassing and will likely have to pay for the helicopter ride. >> we just learned yet another weapon has been brought into a city school. wait until you see the new picture ahead at 6:30.
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on the money, u.s. markets had the biggest loss in a month and a half as banks and technology tumbled. wall street futures are pointing to a higher open. >> nikkei and hong kong hang seng index finished half a percent higher. believe it or not the price of stamps is going down. starting sunday, the price for a first class stamp drops two cents from 49 to 47 cents. the reduction is the result of a program ending that allowed the post office to raise stamp prices in order to make up for lost revenue after a drop during the recession. senator charles schumer is
6:25 am
standards for minimum seat size on airplanes. the average distance between rows has gotten tighter. airline industry groups says the government should restrict itself to setting safety standards and not regulate market forces or seating. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> here we go. we are looking at skies that have lots of sunshine here. we are looking at, our camera from asbury park looking south, a pretty morning. a couple of sprinkles to the north and west. not a big deal. the next seven hours, we will be looking at temperatures that climb into the low 50s today. it will be a nice day. look at the weekend. spring snow tomorrow, chilly day on sunday. we will talk about that coming up next in depth. debbie duhaime is in for heather. what is going on up there. >> i'll tell you what is happening.
6:26 am
the volume on the l.i.e. westbound past the b.q.e. into green point avenue. heavy traffic approaching the queens point midtown tunnel. this is the l.i.e. at green point, an accident blocking at least one lane. 6 train still bypassing at bleecker with police department activity. garden state parkway north and kenilworth an overturned car. in freehold an accident being cleared. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, ken, lori. >> debbie, thank you. in the next half hour, breaking news new greenwich village. a slashing on a subway platform. diana rocco tweeted this photo from the scene. we will check in the latest on the seven for the attacker. >> the final moments before a deadly hit and run in queens.
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as if all of us were saying together:
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breaking news in manhattan, bleecker street subway station roped off after a slashing. >> new at 6:30, another weapon inside a city school. we will tell you where this dagger was found. >> and it's time for the mets to meet their fans at citi field. the first game of the 2016 season is hours away. what the amazins hoping to pennant. >> i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's friday, april 8th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. good morning. we have a beautiful sunrise in progress. sun is up. a pretty day with a lot of sunshine. temperatures are chilly with the wind at 45. 45 is warmer than the normal overnight low. a little wind out there. 43 montclair. 38 up in hopatcong. these numbers are not bad. central park temperature later
6:31 am
check out the wind. the wind is west at 12 to 25. 53 this afternoon. great baseball weather. snow for tomorrow. we will talk about that in the accuweather forecast. heather has the day off. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center. >> thank you, bill. a problem on the l.i.e. as we go to the webcam. the l.i.e. westbound moving slowly heading out to green point avenue. an accident approaching the queens midtown tunnel. going to the maps, l.i.e. at green if you are heading to the inbound lincoln, reports of an accident at the center tube lincoln. holland 15. george a good choice. you can see traffic is moving slowly. 6 train bypassing bleecker street, ongoing police department activity. more with diana shortly. all right side parking rules are in effect. back to you, ken, lori. breaking news. police are on the hunt for an
6:32 am
the neck on a subway platform. we learned that police k-9s have joined in the search. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live on the scene in noho. diana? >> reporter: good morning. the k-9s are looking for evidence and the victim, the man you were talking about is recovering in the hospital. he is listed in stable condition. a live look at the scene this hour. the bleecker street station is closed while police continue their investigation. this happened on the 6 train platform about 3:30 this morning. we learned that a passerby saw the man bleeding, the victim. they saw him bleeding and called 911 rendering aid until police arrived. there was a dispute or argument on the platform at the bleecker street station. the man was slashed in the deck and hand. he remains in table condition. no word on the suspect. police say the suspect fled the scene after the incident. this is the second slashing at
6:33 am
last couple of months. in january an elderly woman was slashed on the d train while she was heading to work. it was during the morning her attacker also fled. police are interviewing the victim. he is in stable condition at bellevue. the six train is bypassing the bleecker street station while police conclude their investigation. we are live in noho this morning. diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. also developing one man is dead after flames tore through a multifamily home in suffolk county. investigators say the fire started in the basement of the house on grant avenue in bayshore. 62-year-old curly tut was killed. several adults and children that lived in other apartments escaped. the cause of the fire does not appear to be criminal. a queens high school student is facing charges after police say he threatened a classmate with this knife.
6:34 am
of holding the dagger against a 17-year-old girl's neck at newtown high school. he is charged with possession of a weapon and harassment. earlier this week parents filed a lawsuit against the department of education citing the number of guns found in new york city schools in recent weeks. local leaders are holding a news conference calling on the hit and run driver behind a deadly accident to come forward. a silver or gray four-door sedan moments before it struck a man yesterday in astoria. the impact so hard it left broken car parts strewn across the road. the driver sped away. been released. nypd released surveillance images of three people suspected of robbing three children in central park. it happened near west drive. police say the men approached three boys, ages 10, 14 and 15 and asked them what they had in their pockets.
6:35 am
forcefully went into the boy's pockets and bags, they stole their belongings including cell phones. no one was hurt. new details on the controversy surrounding the conviction of former officer peter liang. the judge will meet with juror michael vargas. liang's attorney wants the verdict set aside because vargas didn't say his father served time. republican party leaders have new reason donald trump. a poll shows 7 out of 10 americans have a negative opinion of trump and shared by nearly half of republican voters and in the south where he scored his biggest victories. the associated press poll puts it as unprecedented high among every race, gender and political viewpoint. house speaker paul ryan is dismissing a flood of rumors that he plans to jump into the republican race.
6:36 am
accept the g.o.p. nomination in a contested convention and he feels the eventually nominee should be someone that ran this year. bernie sanders campaign manager said it could end with a contested convention. there are 18 delegates up for grabs tomorrow in the wyoming democratic caucuses. sanders will meet with the hosts of the view today at 11:00. you can see that here on channel 7. expect a packed house as the defending mets play the home opener today. the philadelphia phillies are in town for the home opener. they along with 45,000 fans will watch the mets raise the 5th nl pennant in team history. yesterday governor cuomo was there as the players received their rings for winning the
6:37 am
they are ready for another big season at citi field. >> it's nice to get back and walk around the streets the last couple of days. you see the excitement in the fans faces and it carries over to the players. >> first pitch at 1:10. jacob degrom starts for the mets but he may have to leave early because his wife is set to give birth to their first child. he says if he gets the call, he is heading home to florida. and we will be there for every pitch of today's home opener. sports anchors rob powers and laura behnke report from citi field beginning at noon on eyewitness news. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> mets lead the league in hair, the best hair between noah and jason. here is what is going on this morning. beautiful morning. a lot of sunshine.
6:38 am
empire state building to one world trade. in the distance, long island. letter we look across to the sunrise, a nice day. plenty of sun. 45. cooler than yesterday's high of 58. this is what it should feel like for this hour of the day. maybe a degree or two warmer. clear to partly cloudy skies. back to the west a couple of sprinkles that will rotate around. it's dry. it will dry out before they could get into our neck of the woods here. so, 48 at 10:00. 49 at noon. game time temperature about 50 degrees in flushing. cooler spot there where citi field is located. in the low 50s this afternoon. it will be great. after school today, kiddos, not bad. wear an extra layer if you have after school sports. 50 degrees. windy. that's about it. the rest of the weekend, we have spring snow for tomorrow. weather and traffic every seven minutes. heather has the day off. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center. >> we head out to the l.i.e.
6:39 am
the leigh westbound out to green point avenue. accident cleared but stop-and- go traffic approaching green point avenue. let's go to the maps. inbound lincoln an accident in the center tube. 30 at the lincoln. holland 20. george is a nice choice. grand central westbound a brake check to the area of rfk bridge. 6 train bypassing bleecker street with police department activity. diana at the scene giving us that info. 6 train bypassing at bleecker. the garden state parkway north at 138 in kenilworth, an accident involving an overturned car. two lanes blocked there. 79 northbound, that is slowing down into freehold by main street with an accident blocking one lane. n trains earlier problems cleared. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. coming up, the vatican signals a potential major shift
6:40 am
deals with marriage and divorce. >> a near disaster averted on
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welcome back.
6:43 am
car collided with a train in new jersey overnight. this happened on south midland in saddle brook about 3:00 a.m. police say the car was crossing the nj transit bergen county line tracks when it crashed into a freight train. no one inside was hurt. police searching for two people that ambushed a 71-year- old man inside his home attacking and robbing him. luis rosario said at first he ignored them when they knocked at the door. when he opened the door, a man pushed his way inside. a woman sprayed the 71-year-old in his face with something. the man took a switchblade to his neck. [ indiscernible ] >> he said stop crying or i will kill you? >> i said, okay, no problem, you take all you want. >> the two thieves stole his
6:44 am
the door outside the building location so police say it's likely that somebody opened the door. that's how the robbers got in. two men lead police on a wild chase, where else, los angeles. the burglary suspects were in a mustang convertible with its top down in the rain doing boulevard. they later encounter a tmz tour in. they got through. after about 90 minutes, the suspects then stopped and gave high 5s to bystanders snapping some selfies. arrested them. incredible. next. let's check in with george >> crazy. >> we have a lot to get to including the shocking murder at the university of texas murdered. police are honing in on a suspect.
6:45 am
i will talk to the chief of the austin police. more on the race for the white house in new york. things are heating up here as well. ted cruz getting heat for his comments about new york values. donald trump bringing in big guns and bill clinton had a clash with a protestor in philadelphia. we will have the latest on everything in the race for the white house. end of an era, "american idol" says good-bye. a lot of the former stars after 15 seasons here this morning right here on gma. >> incredible show they put on last night. >> sure was. >> thank you, general. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> a little wind coming through on the upper west side. you will run into that. grab a jacket, sweater, you will need that. more comfortable today as the temperatures increase. beautiful sunrise in progress. gotham looks morning sun.
6:46 am
west wind 6 to 18 miles per hour. at times the wind is gusting to around 25. that is because we have low pressure to the north and high pressure out of canada. you see the pressure there, 29.53, that is low even though it's rising. that means the atmosphere is windy. yesterday's high 58, the normal high temperature for this time year. almost a tenth of an inch of rain yesterday. breezy and cool today, dry, great for baseball at citi field. tomorrow is a wintry -- we call it spring snow. it will feel like winter sunday with the sun. we are looking at 45, 46 around the five boroughs. 45 up to poughkeepsie. these numbers are a few warmer than normal for this hour of the day. it's mostly a west wind which is a dry breeze. you see the wind gusts in the last hour around 30 laguardia. 29 j.f.k.
6:47 am
breezy weather today with sunshine. saturday into sunday, freeze warning in effect. you will have your pets and plants indoors by then anyway. just to remind you, cold overnight saturday into sunday. with the low upstate new york around plattsburgh into canada, swinging afternoon with a sprinkle to the west. you see in the guidance by the time we get going into the afternoon, 49, 50 degrees. go weather for baseball. normal high i was showing you is 58. look at the guidance for tomorrow. there comes the snow and the rain. by about 11:00, noontime swinging through mostly to the south. so, as we look at our guidance, you will see we will see a lot of sunshine today. a lot of sunshine as we go into the afternoon today. there you go tomorrow starting around 11:00, noon you see that swinging through with rain and a snow mix. as far as accumulations go, the sidewalks and roadways will be wet.
6:48 am
jersey, higher elevations, a thousand feet, air mass is colder aloft, it could squeeze out a couple of inches of wet snow. warm gear at the bus stop. 53 after school. 49 at 1:00. first pitch temperature at citi field flushing bay just a little cooler. 53 by afternoon today. 42 tonight. a little chilly. tomorrow one of those days where you got to hunker down. wet snow starting around 11:00. kids sports tomorrow, wind that down by lunchtime. then in the afternoon rain and snow mix. bitter cold saturday into sunday morning. we warm back up, rebound nicely next week. that is your accuweather forecast search day forecast. be careful traveling around saturday and have a good weekend. >> you too. >> let's go back to debbie duhaime. we will go to the maps.
6:49 am
30 minutes in at the lincoln. holland 20. that is the inbound lincoln tunnel traffic moving slowly. downtown 6 trains bypassing bleecker. uptown running on time again because of the police department activity. downtown 6 express running local parkchester because of other mechanical issues. garden state parkway north 138 and kenilworth, an accident involving an overturned car. volume heading to the garden state parkway, you can see the headlights coming toward us. that is the volume on the garden state parkway northbound through clark. in kenilworth you have a problem because of that overturned car. expect delays there. now, traffic is moving along slowly on the southern state parkway westbound to eagle avenue. keep in mind, the ride to the l.i.e. westbound out to green point
6:50 am
completely cleared out of the way. signal problems. alternate sides in effect. back to you, lori, ken. >> thank you. new this morning, pope francis is telling catholics that conscious, not rules must guide their faith. the pope says priests and bishops must no longer sit in judgment and throw stones. he is calling for a more lenient approach to divorced catholics encouraging the communion. he lays the out the position in a 256 page document called the joy of love. he said it's time to reject the emphasis on black and white rules for the faithful. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," thieves bust into a gunshop making off with dozens of weapons.
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6:53 am
many of the guns that end up in new york are stolen from down south. police in arlington are searching for a gang that forced their way into a gun store at 3:00 a.m. they grabbed more than 50 handguns and rifles before they loaded it into a ford truck and took off. police put the video on youtube hoping somebody will see it and call in with a tip.
6:54 am
off a florida coach had a close encounter with a shark. a go pro camera was strapped to the surf board when a spinner shark came out of the water and took the surfer out. he was not hurt but just surprised. the jump wasn't an unusual move for this shark. spinner sharks gets their name because they spin out of the water while feeding. >> it didn't feed on him. that's the good news. >> lucky. >> we are learning details on a breaking story. >> a man slashed in the neck in the subway.
6:55 am
6:56 am
the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children.
6:57 am
and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. breaking in manhattan, new details on the man stabbed in a subway station downtown. >> eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is in noho with an update. >> ken and lori, as police continue the investigation we learned new details about the victim. he is an orthodox jewish man in his 50s. he is in stable condition. what we know around 3:30 this morning the man was standing on the 6 train platform when someone came up behind him and slashed him. the suspect uttered something to the victim here but police say they are not able to determine what that is because of a language barrier. passerbys saw him bleeding, ran
6:58 am
the victim was taken to the hospital. the suspect took off on foot. we do know that six train service is bypassing this stop on the southbound side. that's the latest from noho, diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. bernie sanders is barn storming in new york and he is going back to his roots in brooklyn. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in mid wood with the story. dray. >> bernie sanders was planning to hold a rally in front of his childhood home in brooklyn. there are close to a million registered democrats here across the borough in brooklyn. you can understand why bernie sanders and hillary clinton plan to spend so much time here leading up to the new york primary. meaning while, the tone between the two campaigns has turned nasty with hillary clinton claiming that bernie sanders is talking about issues that he knows little about. sanders has said he believes hillary clinton is not
6:59 am
now, both sides in a sense have called for peace among the campaigns. meanwhile, the rally for bernie sanders is set to happen at 3:00 this afternoon. live in brooklyn, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dray, thank you. it's banner day at citi field today as the mets play the home opener against philadelphia and this afternoon the team raises the 5th pennant in club history. 45,000 fans are expected to pact citi field for the first time since november. game time is 1:10. yesterday the team received its rings for winning the national league championship. we check in with debbie. >> 6 transbypassing downtown getting into bleecker street with ongoing police department activity. f train downtown delays with signal problems. inbound lincoln a stalled car. 40 in. holland 30. george ten minutes into town.
7:00 am
back to you, lori, ken, bill. >> thank you. here we go. sunshine on this friday. a great start to the day. a little bit of wiped out there. scarves and and things. 45. pretty morning. armonk 43. 45 long i happened. sunshine. great weather for baseball. wear the nice warm mets gear. 51 game time. wet snow tomorrow and cold. >> thank you, bill. >> that's the news for now, i'm good morning, america. deep freeze. 20 states from the midwest to plunging. snow coming for millions. this lot going from this to this overnight and more on the heated clash. former president bill clinton campaigning for hillary faces off against protesters.


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