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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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wear layers today, it will be brutally cold for the weekend area. >> meteorologist bill evans is tracking the potential for spring snow, in the accuweather center. >> met fans can wear a jacket or coat today but tomorrow evening you need a parka. >> we have breaks of sun, sprinkles, a temperatures at noontime 46 degrees. so it's a little cooler than normal. we're in the mid-40s or mid-50s at this hour. it's a little cooler. with the cloud cover it's going to be cool and breezy now. for tomorrow night into sunday there's a freeze warning in effect. coastal connecticut, five boroughs, down middlesex county and ocean county to trenton. a couple of sprinkles still popping up. we had one in the five boroughs and a couple here. they are hit and miss. looks like they are all going
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however tomorrow this is the clipper system we're watching that is going to swing down, run around the this low pressure system and the high that is sliding eastward. we're going to find that coming to us tomorrow about midday. for baseball, 1:00 to 2:00, looking at the upper 40s. a little chilly, breaks of sun and we'll have about 50 temperature, after the game. then tonight temperatures are going to drop on down into the 30s, going to be cold. by tomorrow morning we're at 37 in the park. here comes the clipper system. that is going to be around 11:00. it will be warming up at that time but at the same time as the system goes from west-to- east it's going to pull down cold air in it mixing with rain. mostly rain long island but you see snow to the interior of northern new jersey, central jersey. as it leaves and we get to sunset there will still be rain and a snow shower out. so the mets game tomorrow might be delayed. they will play but it will be cold and at some point there will be a snowflake during the game tomorrow evening. and some cold air injecting into that.
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sunshine and clouds, first pitch temperature 1:10 and 49 degrees. we'll talk about the weekend in depth again with the snow and bitter cold, even sunday. in the 7-day forecast coming up. remember you can get the accuweather forecast and see live radar any time with our accutrack app. free to download from the apple app or google play stores. we're following breaking news in texas where two people are dead after a shooting at a military base. police are calling the shooting at the air force base near san antonio a murder/suicide. the gunfire rang out at joint base san antonio lackland which is about 160 miles northeast of fort hood. police say the officers who responded to reports of an active shooter found two bodies in a room in a building on the -- on the base, it's believed the shooter is one of the dead. >> deputies arrived, made entry
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they did a search where they went rooms open. went on different floors looking for an active shooter. they did find two people dead. >> law enforcement officers are searching other buildings and nearby facilities as a precaution. more breaking news, this time overseas, belgian prosecutors announced the arrest of several terror suspects. police officials confirm one of those arrested is paris attacks suspect mohammed abbrini. the rest come a day after authorities ask for more help after looking for a key suspect in the brussels airport bombings. into new york city police are looking for the suspect that slashed a man in a subway station in manhattan. police say the 55-year-old was attacked at the platform at the bleaker street station in noho 3:00 this morning. police say the man, from israel fell asleep on a bench after getting lost. that is when they say someone tried to rob him.
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times and we have reaction to the latest subway slashing in a live report at 12:30. in the meantime, 16-year-old boy under arrest accused of threatening a female classmate with a knife in a queens school. police say 16-year-old christopher mcquaid held this dagger against a 17-year-old girl's neck yesterday at newtown high school in elmhurst. parents of 10 new york city public school students are now suing the department of education over an increase in violence in schools. now to vote 2016 -- the battle for new york. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders goes back to brooklyn for a pair of rallies this afternoon. while hillary clinton vies for votes upstate. rob nelson is following the campaigns. rob? >> reporter: good afternoon. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both touting their new york routes again. bernie sanders will be in front of his childhood home in brooklyn, while clinton has been discussing her
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new york. right now secretary clinton is holding a roundtable discussion on jobs and income upstate. in buffalo later this evening she will be in rochester. meantime senator sanders has two planned events today in brooklyn. 3:00 this afternoon he will hold a rally in flosh in front of the home 100% -- in flatbush in front of the home where he grew up. he's a brooklyn native. at 5:00 p.m. he will speak to supporters in greenpoint as well. this comes after an appearance on "the view" where he discussed his controversial, to some, position on guns. >> you should -- i come, for example, an example, a small state. you own a gun shop. she goes in, goes through the instant background check, legally purchases a gun. you sell her that gun. she flips out or does whatever, she goes out and kills three people. should you be held liable for selling her that weapon legally? i don't think so. >> of course that position has
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families of the victims in newtown. meantime sanders also announced today he will travel to the vatican next week, he did not get an official invitation from pope francis but said he would like to meet with the pontiff while there. according to the latest polls sanders trails clinton by about 10 points in new york. as of course the race begins to take on an increasingly nasty tone. >> thank you. as for the republicans john kasich is also in the tri-state area. at a rally now in connecticut. before heading to syracuse later tonight. kasich is still trailing donald trump in the polls among new york voters. another new poll nationally says that seven in 10 americans have an unfavorable view of trump. the associated press poll also found that the negative views are shared by people across the racial and political spectrum. we invite you to make eyewitness news your home for coverage of the new york primary race.
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at our web site, abc7ny and follow us on twitter and facebook. today it's the mets' turn. this opening day at citi field. defending national league champs take on the phillies. >> and governor cuomo tweeted this photo after handing out the team's championship rings yesterday. >> eyewitness news reporter lawyer lawyer is live -- laura benke is live at citi field. >> reporter: there's a buzz at citi field as the national league champions return home to open another season. as you just saw there was a private ceremony yesterday with the governor as this team received its nl championship rings and today they will race at nl -- that championship banner. this team knows last season it came up short from its ultimate goals. there's unfinished business now, word series or bust. a different kind of home opener for the mets. for the first time in years expectations are high as in world series high.
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>> let's go mets! >> excited. we caught the world series last year, it was a season to remember. we think this year is going to be even better. >> colder here than it was on the world series. we're prepared for this. >> this is almost the same weather for the world series. you layer up. >> i think it's going to be a very good year. >> reporter: the players feel it too as they play their first game of 2016 in flushing. >> a lots of emotion in the stadium. guys pumped to be here, to get the season underway, start playing everyday. should be a good atmosphere. >> there's a lot of excitement around the team. and around the city. it's good to get back home. >> reporter: another way this home opener is different, the mets will raise their banner as 2015 national league champions. >> we are excited to get out there today and watch the flag go up. it's an honor. it's certainly, we're thrilled for our fans. what we accomplished last year. >> to get back here and pitch in front of our fans who gave
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i'm definitely honored to have this start. >> reporter: his biggest concern though is his wife is two days overdue with their plans to leave for florida as soon as she goes into labor. >> very exciting. after a good season last year we were looking forward to getting back and playing in front of our home fans and -- i'm expecting a baby boy. it's definitely an exciting time. >> reporter: jacob will start in place. he will find out as soon as his wife goes into labor, if she does, if that happens he will be at the game even if it is not over yet. the mets are hopeful they will get six innings out of him. if not, logan is prepared to step in. high school students in new jersey caught on camera apparently playing a drinking game involving the holocaust. the pictures sparking outrage on social media >> new developments in the murder of a college student
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we'll tell but the break in the case.
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one man died after flames tore through a multifamily home in suffolk county last night. investigators say that fire started in the basement of the house on grant avenue in bay shore. 62-year-old curly tutt whose was killed. everyone who lives in the other apartments safely escaped. new at noon -- police arrested a suspect in the murder of a university of texas freshman. investigators say the suspect is the man seen in surveillance video that they released. he's accused of killing 18-year-
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found in a creek near the campus two after she was -- two days after she was last seen. >> police responded to the location and the individual they saw on the video strongly looking for. >> haruka was in the university dance program. her death was the first murder 50 years. a fight on a flight is leading to a lawsuit against the airline. three intoxicated women blasted music on a spirit airlines flight and refused to turn it down. passengers complained and then got into a fight with them and are suing spirit airlines. their claim? flight attendants overserved the women playing the music. spirit says it hasn't seen the lawsuit so it would be inappropriate to comment. the weather forecast looks good for a rocket launch in florida this afternoon. the spacex falcon 9 is going to
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with this, an experimental inflatable habitat. nasa released pictures of how it will look when it's installed. once all set up astronauts will spend time inside to see how reliable and protected it really is. because you don't want to find out by mistake after the fact. >> no, you don't. no so far from home. pope francis making big news. tackling some controversial topics. what he's saying about divorce and the church. >> caught on camera, a surfer catches more than a wave. see what happens next. >> also taking a live look outside, our weekend might get off to a rough start but there's some nice change ahead. meteorologist
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what you have planned for the weekend? >> like old times out here. >> it is nice. >> i don't have a lot planned for the weekend because i'm going to keep an eye on the snow thing going on for saturday. just because i like to be in the game. amy and jeff will be here, i still put on my suit, sit in front of the tv. i'm ready to go. let's take you outside and show what you is going to happen today for baseball and the mets. the metsys and casey stengel used to say. looking across the sheep meadow, it's nice-looking but
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the humidity dry. west wind at 7, we've had sprinkles popping up. the atmosphere is very unstable and barometer 29.63, it's been rising a little but still well blow our fair mark of weather. breezy and cool but dry for the afternoon. wintry weather tomorrow with wet snow. still chilly on sunday but we get a nice recovery next week with temperatures back to 60 degrees. 46 in the park, 47 laguardia. 44 white plains. to the north, 34 to 44, monticello, come to poughkeepsie and newburg and you get a little warmer. 25 miles per hour at flushing and jfk. southwest winds, at times they gusted pretty good here. 31 newark, 31 laguardia. by the way this west wind at citi field, that is like from home plate out to right field so, see how many balls will leave the ballpark, how many home runs will be hit later today. a freeze warning saturday night into sunday. that is for the coastal sections and urban areas of new jersey and down the jersey
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boroughs of new york city. still sprinkles on radar. tomorrow we're looking at this system, a broken up disorganized clipper, not wound tight but will get that way as it heads south and east to the atlantic ocean and gets toward what is toward more favorable climate in the atlantic. going into tonight and overnight, 6:00 tomorrow morning we're 36 north and west. even in morriston, at the freezing mark. the rain by 11:00. snow to the west with the clipper, that pulls down cold air in here. so as we get to the end of the day the temperature will start dropping and then we see that mixing in with snow here. even at 7:00, baseball time, tomorrow evening for the mets there's a shower, then there might even be a -- to get the game started maybe a snow shower during game. that is how it looks now. lee goldberg will have more at 4:00 and we'll have more
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a few showers, breezy, cool, sun and clouds, 53. tonight, mostly brisk and chilly, 37. off to the races then. it's really just nuisance stuff, heavy wet snow, starts 11:00, mixing with rain. rain on long island. the farther north you go the less you are going to see. and a brisk and chilly day on sunday. we're talking about this on the morning show. it was a year ago, no -- it was 20 years ago tomorrow, on yankees' opening day it snowed. firefighters battling a massive brush fire in florida were stunned to see a bear cub walk out of the woods through the flames. this is "sj," stands for smoky jr. forest service officials gave the cub that name shortly after spotting him while trying to knock down the fire in lake county. smoky jr. had singed hair but
12:21 pm
>> walking out of the woods, whining. just out here, down the end of the road. >> we're just really worried about the wildlife. >> the bear has been turned over to wildlife authorities. anger over a video watched my millions. a woman attacked at a hotel as a worker and others watched. why no one stepped in to help. >> a fan frenzy. things got out of hand after a justin bieber concert and a
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a woman attacked in a hotel. a car chase with a surprising end, and a surfer's close call. just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with the disturbing video that china that shows a hotel worker not lifting a finger to help a woman in distress. a security camera in the hotel captures a man walking up to a woman in a hallway, grabbing her arm. she gets free but the stranger comes after her again, an employee walks up, does nothing as the man grabs her by the neck and tries to drag her into a room. a guest finally intervenes, the suspect runs. police however did say they've arrested him. also caught on camera, a wild chase in los angeles yesterday. two burglary suspects in a
12:25 pm
the rain and did doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. later they got around a tour bus that seemed to want to wedge them in. after 90 minutes the tires shredded and they stopped, giving high fives to bystanders and snapped selfies before police showed up. they put their hands behind their backs and got arrested. a surfer doesn't catch a wave, he catches video of a close call, yeah, with a shark. the man had a go pro attached to his surfboard in florida, where else? you can see he's running with the shark. the surfer falls off the board but wasn't hurt. turns out this shark is called a spinner shark. jumping out of the water like this, is normal for them. >> on the shark newscast it was that the surfer was assaulting the shark. >> exactly. >> nice. a girl is thanking a baseball star for saving her at a concert. olivia overton saw justin bieber in kansas city. after the concert eric hos
12:26 pm
champion royals was spotted in the crowd. olivia and her mother started to walk toward him but the crowd was out of control. that is when hosmer stepped in to save them. >> then all these girls almost fell on me. but hosmer moved them away from me. he pretty much is my hero. >> olivia says if she meets him she will thank him for not letting her be trampled by other girls. coming up on eyewitness news at noon -- police are investigating an apparent random slashing attack in a manhattan subway station. now one man is in the hospital. powerful message from the vatican. pope francis asking catholics to look inside themselves rather than rely on church rules. also, connecticut police making an arrest at a senior housing
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afternoon -- authorities say that two people are dead in an apparent murder/suicide at a u.s. air force base in texas. police responding to reports of an active shooter found two bodies at joint base san antonio lackland. they believe the shooter is among the dead. >> prosecutors in belgium say several arrests have been made attacks. one of those arrested is suspect mohammed abbrini, believed to be one of the last paris attackers at large. >> and the new york mets play their first home game of the season. they will host philadelphia this afternoon at citi field. hello again, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. another slashing in a new york city subway station. an israeli man is in the hospital and police are searching for the person who assaulted him. >> sefan is live in noho. >> reporter: another slashing attack and for the second time
12:31 pm
bleaker street station. leaving investigators searching for clues. the nypd flooding the bleeker street station after a man was slashed on the noho platform. >> you're walking out here early in the morning, don't feel safe anymore. >> reporter: the 55-year-old victim was slashed the left side of his neck, face and both hands on the number 6 train platform at lafayette street. police say he was wearing traditional hassidic clothing, from israel. he doesn't speak english. apparently became lost in the subway system, sat down and fell asleep on a subware bench and woke up 3:30 this morning when a man tried to rob him. leaving new yorkers wondering are they safe? >> i don't know. seems like somebody was quite sane. just be careful. >> reporter: the victim then walked out of the station, several tourists saw him
12:32 pm
a blood trail led investigators to a north handle on the southbound 6 platform. the suspect fled the scene. it's the second slashing attack at this station in about two months. in january a 71-year-old woman was randomly slashed on the train here. >> it's sad. very sad. it happened i think a couple of months ago. >> reporter: now today's victim is stable at bellevue hospital. detectives say that the suspect is described as having dreadlocks, orange hooded sweatshirt. her reviewing security cameras which appear to have been working. from noho, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a 73-year-old man is arrested in a bank robbery. thomas genovese was picking -- was accused of robbing the peoples bank thursday. police say he realized robbing it is a stupid idea and cooperating with investigators. nypd released surveillance images of three people suspected of robbing three children in central park.
12:33 pm
near west drive and transverse road number 4. police say the men approached three boys, ages 10, 14 and 15, and asked them what they had in their pockets. then the suspects forcefully went into the boys' pockets and bags and stole their belongings including cell phones. no one was hurt. officials in financially troubled atlantic city are awaiting word on whether they can make payroll. today a judge is expected to decide if the city can make a scheduled payroll payment. if not the city will be forced to shut down non-essential government services. state filed suit to stop the city from making the payroll payment because it owes its school district more than $30 million. a photo posted on a social media app shows students at a new jersey high school playing a controversial drinking game. this photo shared on snapchat
12:34 pm
version of beer pong called holocaust pong. cups are in the shape of a star of david and swastika. a girl posted the photo on her public blog and notified school officials. princeton high school officials say they are upset over the game. in a new vet can document on the -- vatican document on the family, the pope francis inside themselves rather than follow rules. >> reporter: in a new document called "the joy of love" the pope says individual conscience should guide sex, marriage and family. the pope urges more acceptance of divorced catholics, gays and lesbians and others who live outside traditional church rules. a pastor cannot feel it is enough to simple low apply moral laws to those living in irregular situations as if they were stones to throw at peoples lives, he writes. >> the key words are that the church has to understand, to
12:35 pm
people in difficult situations. >> reporter: in the lengthy paper the pope insists the church's aim is to reintegrate and welcome all members. at the same time rejects gay marriage and repeats the church's position that same sex unions cannot be equivalent to marriage between man and wife. >> we find here a reaffirmation of the church's teaching regarding marriage, fidelity and openness to life. >> reporter: the footnotes of the document the pope also signals a possible path for divorced catholics to receive holy communion. >> reporter: on thorny issues such as contraception pope francis stresses it's the couple's individual conscience, not dogmatic rules that must guide their decision. recognizing the complexity of a global church the pope pushes decisionmaking downward, to bishops and priests saying they are better suited to seek better solutions for their culture and local needs.
12:36 pm
for somethingary of state john kerry. meeting with the nation's primght and others. the visit with two purposes, first attempt to resolve a political crisis to lead to government and security stability. the second, a pledge from the u.s. of $155 million in aid. we turn now to meteorologist bill evans for the after school weather forecast. >> we have clouds, breaks of sun for the afternoon. it will be a little chilly, winds out of the west. our camera is bouncing around, temperature 46. after school another layer or two ought to do it for sports get outside, windy weather with sunny breaks, a little chilly but still getting out will be great for this afternoon. however tomorrow, getting outside will be very interesting. it will be very wintry and we'll talk about this next in the accuweather forecast. close call in baltimore. a bus stops within feet of a home. what led to the near miss?
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . welcome back. the tracks are now cleared where a car collided with a train in new jersey overnight. it happened on south mid-lend off in saddle d brook about 3:00 a.m. police say the car was crossing the nj transit bergen county line tracks and crashed into a freight train. no one inside the car was hurt. three people were hurt when a bus crashed in baltimore last night. the maryland transit bus collided with a car, both ended
12:40 pm
the bus hit the porch apparently damaging the foundation. three people were taken to the hospital. one in serious condition. a new report from the rushans civilian -- russians civilian authority said the crew of the fly dubai maybe couldn't do anything to stop -- plane couldn't do anything to stop the plane crash last month. the report claims a horizontal stabilizer was shifted to nose down. the plane hit the ground at 360 miles per hour. all 62 people on board perished. a former employee of whole foods is suing the chain saying he was let go for being a whistleblower. the former meat cutter in connecticut says he explained complaind to higher ups his store was selling tainted meat. according to at report former employee is suing for $15 million. also apparently filed a complaint with the local health department. whole foods says it vehemently
12:41 pm
prince william and kate set off charlotte and george at home for the first time. also reminding us all of princess diana's journey there. >> reporter: all eyes will be on prince william and kate as weeklong trip. leaving their two young princess charlotte at home. >> it's the first time kate has been away from charlotte for any length of time. >> i think they are going to miss them. >> reporter: they will have an evening with bollywood stars and an up close look at the largest population of endangered rhinos and the taj mahal. this is what williams's mother did, princess diana who was famously photographed in front of the taj mahal in 1992. >> he's bringing back memories of his mother. he's looking forward to
12:42 pm
said in his own words his mother's memory is kept alive. >> reporter: on wednesday kate previewed the sorts of designs she will design. at a london reception for guests in india and bhutan. >> you see kate pull out all the stops. taking more than 30 outfits we believe. we're going to see her choose designers to pay tribute to her hosts. it's possible she may also wear the emerald choker, a popular piece of jewelry with princess diana. originally from india. >> reporter: the royal couple are no strangers to international travel. during their five years of marriage they've journalied to the u.s., canada, singapore and in 2014, australia and new zealand with a young prince george in tow. this time no young prince but insiders say there will be plenty of colorful moments to go around.
12:43 pm
>> kate is stunning. still ahead -- a young superhero fights cancer. head on. what this brave little boy does to prove nothing can stop him. >> a young sea lion who paid a visit to a california
12:44 pm
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the keystone pipeline is shut down while officials investigate a leak that sent more than 16,000 gallons of oil into a field in south dakota. transcanada says the leak is now controlled but there is no significant environmental impact. however, estimates that the pipeline will still be closed until early next week. the shutdown is not likely to effect gas prices at the pump. a boy from minnesota using his superpowers to fight cancer. 2-year-old jack cassidy was
12:47 pm
leukemia last november and is getting chemo. every time he goes for treatment he becomes his alter ego, super jack. gets treatment at the mayo clinic. >> it's life for him now, right? when he goes to his chemo treatments he just like, kicks his shoes off, sits on the bed, and watches a movie. he's fantastic at checkups. >> jack's prognosis is good with the cancer slowly shrinking. good news for a seal pup who was found malnourished in a booth at a restaurant. >> the pup appropriately named "marina" by rescuers at sea world has been returned to the wild. she was nursed over the past two months and fault to hunt for her own food. the pup gained a full 25 pounds, more than double what she weighed when she was found. rescuers describe marina as feisty and sassy. >> sassy. seeing one albino deer is rare enough.
12:48 pm
check out the group that was spotted in wisconsin. it is believed that only one in every 20,000 deer is albino. there are laws protecting them from hunting. >> imagine they are not even related, they happened upon each other? >> they didn't run into a bucket of paint? >> no. they didn't. >> there should be a club now. >> that's right. >> you go on-line, you know -- >> there's only three of them though. >> she's right. look outside, we have cloudy skies, breaks of sun, little shower down there towards staten island and another little shower over towards brooklyn and queens. we still have the shower stuff going on, in this very unstable air mass. where you get a little break of sunshine, a little wind coming from the west. you got 48 degrees is probably
12:49 pm
we get to 1:00. 46 now. humidity dry. you get these breaks with the sun coming out, then a little shower popping up and winds west at 21 miles an hour. the pressure is 29.63. normal fair weather is 30.00. you see it's below that. the atmosphere is very unstable. well, normal high temperature about 58 degrees. we're creeping up toward that for the afternoon. so we're looking at 47 in northport in massapequa. up to the north, 44 poughkeepsie and 41 towards sussex county, around sparta. these winds though are cranking out of the southwest, 20 miles per hour at jfk. 21 laguardia. 23 newburgh. the wind gusts, since this morning, have been around 30 at newark, 29 jfk and out towards the eastern end, 23 montauk. so it will be windy, there will be breaks of sun, clouds. and we're going to be looking at saturday night for freeze watch. which means temperatures will get to freeze again below saturday night into sunday morning. near the coastal sections around the five boroughs and
12:50 pm
there's the sprinkles and showers down towards staten island and five boroughs. they kind of just pop up. what we're watching for tomorrow is this system that will kind of dive down and run around the base of this cold high pressure ridge. so by afternoon, 2:00, looking at 48, in line with the forecast for first pitch for the mets home opener. then 50 the high, to 53. then tomorrow morning temperatures are around that freezing mark to the north. that is why we have the freeze watch for saturday night into sunday, colder air really gets pulled in here. tomorrow at noon there's rain around mixed with snow. you see that snow goes all the way to the jersey shore. and the system itself, clipper, near the strength of it, the center of it is going to be down to the south toward the mid-atlantic, from dc southward toward cape hatteras. we're on the northern fringes. the farther north you go you may not see anything as far as precipitation from monticello to poughkeepsie. maybe flurries. as we go to 6:00, it gets colder towards sunset which is
12:51 pm
dropping, we see more changeover to snow. even 8:00 tomorrow evening there's rain and snow. then it's gone by midnight. we start off sunday rather cold. there's the freezing temperatures, that is why the freeze watch is in effect. we're looking at a few showers, breezy and cool, clouds and sunshine, 53. brisk and chilly tonight, 37. tomorrow a coating to inch is going to be common from i-287 south and maybe northwest new jersey a couple of inches of very heavy wet snow and a cold, nasty day saturday. equates to, like i said a dumpster fire, not a nice day at all. for spring especially. then we got sun and clouds and 46 sunday. probably going to jump up to 48. the next week we rebound nicely. back into the upper 50s to near 60. safe travel tomorrow. have a great weekend. a european airplane maker is taking the toyota prius concept to the skies. airbus plans to start selling hybrid passenger planes by 2030.
12:52 pm
100 passengers and have a range of 6120 miles, enough to get you from -- 620 miles, enough to get from new york to detroit. officials say the hybrid planes will take electric engines to reserve fuel and get to cruising altitude and then switch to jet fuel. average distance between size on airplanes has gone on 35 inches to a much tighter 31 inches. seats have also gotten narrower and an airline industry group says the government should restrict itself to setting safety standards and not try to regulate market forces for seating. believe it or not the price of stamps is going down. starting this sunday the price for a first class stamp will drop 2 cents from 49 cents to 47 cents. the reduction is result of a program ending that allowed the post office to raise stamp prices in order to make up for lost revenue. after mail volume dropped during the recession.
12:53 pm
drop in 97 years. we'll be right back but first, a look at what is coming up next on "the chew." >> get your p js ready, it's the chew's fifth annual slumber party.
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...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. here's what's coming up on eyewitness news. families still fighting fema over damage from superstorm sandy. bombshell accusations including fraud. and classic mediterranean dishes served up in new jersey. that and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. time for the feed and stories that got their start on social media. and are now getting shared and retweeted. 89-year-old holocaust survivor
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too old to follow your dreams. hemena hoich gained national attention when a video of her was posted on-line and the detroit tigers invited her to sing the national anthem. she said the opportunity has given her the strength and will to live so she can make it to her big day. not afraid to sing in front of a crowd because surviving in a concentration camp has given her courage. >> wow. do you need inspiration to lose a little weight? eight months ago, take a look at this dog called fat vincent. what they called him. >> hey. >> a jumbo dachshund, 38 pounds. he had high cholesterol, was depressed. his owner died and he was lonely at a county animal shelter in houston. then a group called canine angels rescue took him in. he's down to 17 pounds with the help of water aerobics. he's ready for adoption. follow his journey on facebook. >> i'm ken rosato.
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