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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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there's no contract, no risk and our money-back guarantee. come back today and we'll give you free installation with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. tonight." breaking news. a former nfl star shot and killed. tonight, the prime suspect appears before a judge. who played for the new orleans saints. gunned down after a traffic
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his wife left injured. was it a case of road rage? party crashers. donald trump's campaign accusing ted cruz of using gestapo tactics to raid trump's delegates. now bernie sanders also vowing to take his fight all the way to the convention. terror playbook. new details after the arrest of the man in the hat. revealing to investigators that attacking brussels was not their original plan. crime wave. the gang targeting women, especially mothers. stealing purses, then driving up to banks and draining accounts. and, saved by fitbit. a popular gadget, a fitness tracker. how it helped emergency room doctors save one man's life. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with that breaking
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star. will smith, shot and killed, and his wife shot as well. tonight, the man that rear-ended smith's car is facing a murder charge. here's eva pilgrim. with details and the emotional reaction. >> reporter: tonight, a football star killed, leaving a city and fans across the country in shock. former new orleans saint defensive end will smith, shot and killed over what appears to be a case of road rage. smith's wife's crying out as paramedics carried her away, shot in the leg. former teammate pierre thomas, described as a witness by police, seen clearly upset leaving the scene. >> the shooter's on the scene. we have one gun recovered on scene. >> reporter: tonight, cardell hayes charged with second degree murder. police say his hummer hit smith's mercedes near an intersection. the two drivers -- believed to be strangers -- began arguing and that's when hayes allegedly began firing.
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scene. >> it is certainly tragic on all sides. one life is over and another life is ruined. >> reporter: just hours earlier, smith posting this selfie on instagram of him with his wife in the french quarter, writing, "having a blast." the 34-year-old played nine seasons with the saints. including 2009, when he helped bring home the city's first championship. that team, and the sports world, now shattered by his death. lebron james tweeting, "prayers and condolence sent out to will smith and his beautiful family!" drew brees saying, "mourning the loss of a great friend and teammate. such a senseless tragedy. please pray for racquel and their children." the saints releasing this statement, "we are devastated and saddened by will's tragic and preventable death due to a senseless act that will leave a lasting scar on our community forever." hayes has yet to enter a plea. the new orleans saints revealing today that smith was voted into the team's hall of fame last month. they were planning to reveal the
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tom? >> eva, thank you. we move on to the race for the white house. donald trump, roaring back into action. speaking to an overflow crowd in rochester, taking on the electoral system, and attacking ted cruz, who just won the latest delegate hall in colorado. but new york's primary is the next crucial prize. here's mary bruce in rochester with the trump campaign tonight. >> reporter: tonight, he's back. >> there's nothing like a trump rally, folks. >> reporter: donald trump, loving his fans. but railing against the electoral system. complaining about losing delegates, even when he's winning votes. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. lying ted, he's a beauty.
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even accusing cruz of gestapo tactics. >> you go to these conventions, and you see the gestapo tactics. >> gestapo tactics? >> god bless the state of colorado. >> reporter: in a state with no primary, cruz sweeping colorado's 34 delegates. >> i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives. and on a subsequent ballot, we're gonna win the nomination and earn a majority. >> reporter: and if he fails? here's one take. the liberal editorial board of the boston globe today publishing a fake front page. envisioning a world under president trump, warning of deportations, riots, and a free press under siege. >> how about that stupid boston globe? it's worthless. sold for a dollar. >> reporter: trump has about 60% of the delegates he needs, but it's getting harder and harder to close that deal. tom? >> mary bruce, thank you. the democrats are battling
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prize as well. bernie sanders celebrating the wyoming caucus win, saying he'll keep the momentum right until the convention. hillary clinton saying she's confident she'll keep his lead. david wright with the democrats tonight. >> reporter: today at coney island, no time for fun and games on the boardwalk. bernie sanders grabbed a hot dog at nathan's near the world-famous cyclone. >> are you guys ready to go on the death ride? the one that goes all the way down? >> reporter: he could easily have been talking about the topsy-turvy democratic race for president. he's vowing to contest the nomination all the way to the convention. telling george on "this week," he'll fight to prevent a clinton coronation. >> i think the momentum is with us. we've come a really, really long way. and i think we can win this.
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insists sanders is wrong. >> i feel good, and i expect to be the nominee. >> reporter: new york could be the key to determining who's right. clinton is ahead in the polls and pulling out all the stops. bill clinton stumping for her. >> she's 2.3 million votes ahead. and 250 delegates ahead. how could you even ask that? >> reporter: but swiping through may not be as easy as she hoped 679. last night, she joked with new york's mayor about the metro card. >> will you just fix these metro card slots in the subway? >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. >> reporter: on "saturday night live," the joke was entirely at her expense. >> is this a working metro card? >> reporter: a little more than a week to go before the new york primaries, state officials have reported an unprecedented last-minute surge in registrations.
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investigation in brussels. a stunning new revelation after the arrests of several suspects. including the man in the hat, slipping away after the deadly attack in the airport. tonight, investigators learned that brussels was not the first choice of where to strike. here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: new troubling revelations tonight from the man in the hat, mohamed abrini. he told interrogators that the deadly attacks in brussels were not the original plan. instead, after the paris attacks, the terror cell intended to attack in france again. but, "surprised by the speed of the progress in the ongoing investigation," the prosecutor said, "they urgently took the decision to strike in brussels." authorities say abrini has admitted that after the two suicide bombers detonated themselves at the airport, he fled, the escape recorded by surveillance cameras. on the way, he claims he ditched his tan coat in the garbage, and
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>> anytime you arrest key players in a network it gives you the opportunity to figure out the network. >> reporter: abrini has now been charged with terrorist murder, along with osama krayem, a 23-year-old swedish national. seen in this photo at the maalbeek metro station with the suicide bomber just before the attack. belgian authorities are now saying that all the most important members of this terror cell are either dead or have been captured. but the hunt continues for others connected to these attacks and officials warn the threat to belgium, france and the rest of europe remains very high. tom? >> alex, thank you. from india tonight, a massive loss of life during a religious festival. a fireworks display that authorities had specifically forbidden triggered a fire at a hindu temple. at least 102 worshippers were killed, and nearly 400 injured.
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victims. back home to the severe weather threat in the middle of the country. after a weekend that seemed like the middle of december. a winter whiteout in michigan and sub-zero temperatures. flash flood warnings in nevada. in arkansas, a dust storm making for very dangerous driving. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: winter refusing to a fresh blast of snow hitting michigan today. round after round of snow over the weekend, from wisconsin to virginia. up to 10 inches of the white stuff across the midwest. whiteouts and wipeouts. >> we saw accidents everywhere. we were stuck in traffic for about 25 minutes before we got out. it's just a mess. >> reporter: signs of spring buried. temperatures plunging 20 degrees below normal. behind that front, further south, high winds kicking up this dust storm in northeast arkansas, blinding drivers.
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of battle against the elements. in las vegas, hail and record rain, triggering flash floods and stranding drivers. even that famous las vegas strip, under water. >> rob marciano joins us. you're tracking some severe weather tonight? >> time to turn the page on the cold snap, and turn to severe weather in the central plains. texas panhandle, a severe thunderstorm watch. some big hail in some of these cells. red river, oklahoma city under the gun, with maybe some isolated tornadoes tonight. here's what we see on the computer model. several rounds through oklahoma city, through tulsa and then through springfield. and tomorrow, severe weather threat down through texarkana, even college station, maybe a slightly higher chance of seeing a tornado. and a slow warm-up through the next few days across the east. temperatures a good 20 degrees
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d.c., getting to near 70, then dipping back down tuesday, wednesday. then warming back up thursday and friday. hopefully, the snow will be gone for good at this point. >> thanks, rob. new details tonight about the only woman on the fbi's most wanted list, captured in mexico. murder suspect brenda delgado behind bars after seven months on the run. mexican authorities tracked cell phones belonging to her family and found her hiding out in mexico. she's accused of masterminding the 2015 murder of a dentist. police say delgato allegedly to kill the dentist, who was dating her ex-boyfriend. and next to a pair of thieves that snuck into a home, and were caught in the act, thanks to a smartphone app. the homeowner watched a drama play out live. gio benitez on the simple technology protecting more and more homes.
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alleged burglars walk right into this suburban massachusetts home. the two men wasting no time, scoping the place for loot. computer. >> reporter: those brazen young men making their way from room to room -- even offering the family dog a treat. >> want a biscuit? >> reporter: but as they head upstairs, what they don't know is that homeowner damien girard is watching the whole thing from his cell phone. the police arriving minutes later, guns drawn. catching one alleged crook before he can make off with girard, who's now home, pitching in too. >> i saw the guy who hopped out the second floor window run into the park. that's when the cops got him. >> reporter: both men under arrest and due in court tomorrow. scenes like this play out around the country every day. with an estimated 1.2 million break-ins per year, that's one burglary every 16 seconds. just take a look. this camera is a lot like the one he used. it cost $200 and took just minutes to set up. right now, we have a live feed of the apartment. if it senses any movement, it
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tom? >> gio thank you. now to the fitness device that may have saved a man's life. many people rely on the fitbit wristbands to help them stay in shape. in one case, the fitbit provided doctors with crucial information. when the man wearing it had a seizure. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: high school english teacher jeff bravo was at school when he suffered a seizure. >> i woke up in the e.r. >> reporter: his heart rate wild, spiking into dangerous territory. emergency doctors needed to know precisely when his heart rate became irregular to save him from life-threatening blood clots or even more seizures. jeff couldn't tell them. his fitbit, a christmas gift from his wife, could. the e.r. team noticed he was wearing one of the popular devices, tracking his heart rate all day long. that data, on his phone, where doctors could easily see his heart rate shot up three hours before, well within the safe
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heart rate. >> they shocked my heart. it was able to go back to a normal rhythm and i was sent home later that day. >> i think the fitbit definitely saved his life. >> yes, i would definitely say it's peace of mind worn on your wrist. >> reporter: insurance for jeff and his family he now wears everyday. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> gloria, thank you. still ahead tonight, violence and youth sports. take a look at this video. why one female goalie turned linebacker is out of the game tonight. the shocking tackle, going viral. and a new crime wave. thieves stealing purses from cars. but that's just the first stop. and it's not the cash they're after. where they're going, next. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely.
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targeting women. teams of crooks nabbing purses left in cars or in playgrounds then cleaning out the victim's bank accounts. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: tonight, a warning for women. in seconds, this thief in dallas, swooping in, snatching a purse out this car outside of a daycare. the twist -- it's not just the cash in your wallet they're after, it's debit cards, checkbooks, bank statements, i.d.s, anything they can use to empty your bank account. >> a van next to me opened their door and grabbed my purse out of my car. from then on, it's been a nightmare. >> reporter: it's part of a nationwide crime ring. targeting parks, gyms, and stores. the group is called the felony lane gang because they take the stolen checks to the furthest lane at the bank. making it hard for the teller to
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this woman in kentucky, disguised in a wig. caught on surveillance three different times cashing other people's checks. >> they move through the area really quickly, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks is all they stay in one area. >> reporter: with hundreds of thieves in dozens of states, police say it's nearly impossible to stop this crime ring. and a warning tonight -- it's not just good enough to hide your belongings in your car. you shouldn't leave them inside at all. tom? >> thank you. when we come back, a major art heist. iconic works of pop art, suddenly missing. the investigation and search for the stolen warhol soup cans. and later, will and kate's vacation. where they're visiting, and how it takes a romantic twist. have earned the very best service in return.
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have been stolen from missouri. believed to be worth more than $30,000 each. and the stunning video going viral, to the right of the screen, the goalkeeper rushes, then full-on tackles a player, knocking her to the ground. the goalie, whose team was down by three goals, suspended for two games. the player was able to later walk off the field. now to india, and the royal visit. prince william and duchess kate, touring the nation for the first time. paying respects to the victims of the 2008 mumbai terrorist attacks. laying a wreath at the memorial. and took some time to play cricket with some children. and kate said, when they first got married, she told will she wanted to visit there, and so finally will took her. next, to an incredible moment caught on video. why this moment with the glasses
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fuzzy. but now, those bright eyes are taking on a whole new world. john donvan with the story tonight. >> reporter: okay, we're just gonna show it to you. so, watch this. watch the expression on this baby's face. his name is leo, he's four months, and this smile, here's why it means so much to his mom and dad. before that moment, leo, who has a rare disorder affecting his vision, had never had a good clear look at the world. >> most of what he's been able to see up until getting the glasses was extremely fuzzy or completely out of focus. >> reporter: yup, everything, even up-close things like his dad's beard. >> he'd look at him or get close to his face and instantly put his hands towards his cheeks, maybe to identify if it's dad or if it's mom. >> reporter: so the glasses were there to fix that. and the video, it shows the moment he first puts them on and first looked straight into his mother's face. and there's that hesitation. and then, there it is. leo obviously likes what he sees.
6:59 pm
it was just remarkable. >> reporter: yes, it was remarkable. so here's one last look, at this first look. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> tonight, all of us are smiling with leo. "gma" first thing in the morning, david muir will be back tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york, have a great evening. thank you for watching. good night.york,
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good night. ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ woman laughs ] [ woman laughing ]


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