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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making us news in america this morning -- breaking overnight, severe weather hitting several states right now. large hail, dangerous lightning and high winds causing damage. the new video coming in and where the weather threat is today.
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ted cruz and bernie sanders are gaining ground with wins over the weekend and donald trump is getting frustrated. blasting his party's process. we're live in washington. caught on camera, a burger joint burglarized. the man accused of breaking in, helping himself to dinner. and epic collapse at the masters. jordan spieth misses out on back-to-back wins. good monday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. severe weather hits several states. >> moving through oklahoma. this as damage along the texas border wind gusts up to 90 miles an hour, leaving piles of rubble where buildings once stood.
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just outside oklahoma city. the severe weather hit after the sun went down. new video this morning shows constant flashes of lightning as those storms moved in. >> and images like this comes out of kansas. hail covering a deck south of wichita. >> line of storms in kansas and oklahoma. those storms are now moving east into arkansas and missouri. turning now to politics and the countdown to new york, just eight days to go before the candidates battle it out for the next big prize. >> bernie sanders clinched a victory over hillary clinton and ted cruz and donald trump returned to the campaign trail after an unusually quiet week. it's "your voice, your vote." lana zak joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. great to be with you on your
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most americans most trusted to make america great again is hillary clinton. donald trump is bristling at the suggestion that ted cruz, john kasich or even a noncandidate paul ryan could win the gop nomination at the convention. campaigning in new york, trump imagined what the state would have looked like if he had become governor. the editorial board at the boston globe also imagining a future with donald trump in charge could look like, publishing a fake page. while on the democratic side -- hillary clinton said the vision of her republican challengers is delusional. >> they're not held to a standard of reality, it's an alternative universe they inhabit. >> reporter: striking a different tone on criminal
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>> we overdid it putting too many nonviolent offenders in jail for too long. >> reporter: while bernie sanders took a different look. at coney island. the roller-coaster ride of this campaign, no less exhilarating for bernie sanders who says momentum is on his side even if the delegate math isn't. >> an exciting eight days ahead in new york. let's head overseas where secretary of state john kerry is making a historic visit to hiroshima, japan, he traveled to the city where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb toward the end of world war ii. he spoke this morning. >> obviously, my visit to hiroshima has a very special meeting about the strength of the relationship, the journey we have traveled together since the difficult times of the war.
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next month, still not decision has been on whether he'll become the first u.s. president to visit that same memorial. the investigation of the brussels terror attacks. they come from mohamed abrini who said he's the man in the hat seen on surveillance video at the airport. he said brussels wasn't the terror cell's original target. called for another round of attacks in france. abrini has been formally charged. a naval officer has been charged as well with espionage accused of passing secrets to foreign governments. he was arrested it a months ago but his name just become public during a pretrial hearing. he immigrated from taiwan when he was 14 and he became a u.s. citizen eight years ago. president obama is
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years in the white house. spoking with fox anchor chris wallace, he asked what he president. >> probably failing to plan for the day after what i think was the right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> president's referring to the capture of libyan leader gadhafi. president obama thinks the intervention went as well it could have. the sports note the golf season's first major championship turned into an epic meltdown. >> it was tough to watch. last year's winner jordan spieth ran into trouble on the 12th hole at augusta national. he put it in the water twice. an eight-shot slide from which he couldn't recover. danny willett took advantage,
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in the end, willett beat spieth. >> the whole thing ended with a rather strange green jacket. he looked like he was being sick helping willett into the green garment. >> he had to do that ceremony twice. >> he didn't seem to be too happy. coming up -- speeders be wear, police cars may be harder to spot. and a former nfl player shot in an apparent road rage incident. tributes for the victim pour in. plus a real-life hamburglar,
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a pilot is recovering from serious injuries after this crash in a neighborhood on long island. the piper aircraft apparently developed engine problems just after takeoff and was trying to return to airport when it was crashed. he's in bad shape w two broken legs and a head injury. his passenger is expected to be okay. this morning, new arrests after a temple fire in india killed more than 100 people. an illegal firework show touched off the blaze. those who managed to escape described the scene as complete chaos and panic. nearly 400 people were hurt. the experts all agree gas prices are accelerating upwards. one survey said the national average is up 8 cents in the past three weeks, others say it's 16 cents in the past month.
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$2 a gallon of self-serve regular. refineries are shifting to a more expensive summer blend. watch out speeders, ford is offering harder to spot flashing lights for the police suv. as you can see there. unless they're turned on virtually impossible to spot from outside the vehicle. they also don't interfere with a tall driver's view. experts say it was the closest weekend results maybe even. the boss starring melissa mccarthy debuted in first place. bat "batman v superman" dawn of justice was in second place. when we come back -- a
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jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. well, that early morning implosion caught some people offguard yesterday the blast brought down one of three retired boilers at a duke energy
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people said it woke them up out of a sound sleep. similar expotions in the coming weeks now for a look at morning road conditions, drivers may find flooded roads along the texas/louisiana coast. slick with snow? rockies. if you're flying, airport delays are likeliest in dallas, houston and memphis. now, to new orleans, where an attorney for the man being held for the murder of a former saints player says his client is innocent. >> the gunman who rear-ended will smith's car and allegedly took his life is 28-year-old cardale hayes. hayes was arrested after remaining at the scene. but his attorney said he was not the aggressor during the incident. >> also being held is the suspect in the murder of a female student at the university of texas.
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arrested late last week and is now charged with the death of a freshman dance student, her body was found in the creek. the suspect's family said he suffers from mental health issues and probably hadn't been taking medicine to ease his temper. it could be up to a year before a woman is extradited to the u.s. she's being held in the mexico city. she faces murder and other charges in connection with the shooting death of a dentist who was dating her ex-boyfriend, when she's sent back to the u.s. she'll face life in prison if convicted. the men were caught on camera with while they broke into a home during the middle of the day. he called the police as they rummaged through the house and they even gave his dog a treat. it didn't take long for officers
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this modern-day hamburglar. after hours inside a burger joint in washington, d.c., actually cooking two cheese burgers. he even toasted the buns while talking on the phone. he stole some bottled water before leaving. he's hungry. >> we'll be can cooking up something. a high school english teacher suffered a seizure and wasn't able to talk. they wanted to know if his heart rate was always that high, the fitbit had that information. it started three hours earlier and that told the doctors what to do. >> they shocked my heart. it was able to go back to a normal rhythm and it was sent home later that day.
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the man's life and bravo said he now wears the device every day. and did you hear the one about the goat who wandered into the starbucks. it really happened in northern california. just after the cafe opened for the day, giving workers quite a jolt, they offered the goat a banana but she preferred some cardboard boxes. her owner said she slipped her leash just a few days away. >> just wanted some morning coffee. now to some sports. nhl regular season is over. >> the nba is not far along yet. last night there was something of a playoff appetizer. details now from espn. good morning, america. kevin connors. nicole briscoe. we have been talking about it, the spurs had never lost at home. could the warriors get to 72 with the chance of getting to 73 on wednesday and the answer
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>> yes, warriors came into san antonio looking for their 72nd win of the season. warriors down eight, steph curry for three. moments later, warriors in transition, curry, three. warriors down two. warriors up one. curry, three. curry 16 points in the third quarter. then in the forty, the warriors go up nine points and they go on to win this game. 92-86. curry finished with 37 points. final round play at the masters, jordan spieth the defending champion came into the round with a four-point lead. but 12 it was a disaster. danny willett the englishman, 28 years old, two putts to par on 18. he wins his first green jacket, ten days after the birth of his first son. now we get to stretch and say you have a good morning.
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...except you. opioid-induced constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation, which may need a different approach. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. time for the pulse and we're going to start with the over the top mtv movie awards. >> kevin heart and the rock
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with a profanity-laced rap. one film that got no love at the oscars, straight outta compton took home the award for best true story and jj abrams accepted the best movie honors for the star wars. >> melissa mccarthy the first woman to win the comedic genius award. >> i liked straight outta compton. >> you have to realize these are the movies that go to see. well it had drama and suspense and it had viewers, millions of people tuned in to facebook live to see how many rubber bands could be wrapped around a water me lon. watching as the two buzzfeed
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more than 500 rubber bands. >> should try that around here. >> i wore my white dress for that. >> it was facebook live's biggest even ever. >> got to love the slow-mo there. 1,000 comments and 84 shares during this 45-minute live stream. >> should point out, we had a video of kids doing the same thing and it knocked out the lights in their apartment. >> hazards you don't think about it. 45 minutes that's a long time. >> that you'll never get back. and here's something you probably haven't seen before, the premise one the win over the rest would surely follow. that was the idea behind this little stunt.
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. checking our top stories -- the presidential candidates are holding events across new york state today ahead of next week's big primary as donald trump returns to the campaign trail, ted cruz swept the rest of colorado's delegates. a u.s. nav value officer has
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the lieutenant commander emigrated from taiwan when he was 14 and he became a u.s. citizen eight years ago. oklahoma being pounded by severe thunderstorms. heavy rain and large hail. looking at today's weather, rain for much of california and the lower midwest with violent storms along the gulf coast. and finally, the full story behind a heartwarming video. >> it's all about a 4-month-old child and his new glasses. abc's john donvan has the adorable details. >> reporter: we're going to show it to you. watch this expression of this baby's face. his name is leo, he's 4 months and this smile, here's why it means so much to his mom and dad. leo who has a rare disorder affecting his vision never had a good, clear look at the world.
4:29 am
to see getting the glasses was extremely fuzzy. >> yep, even upclose things like his dad's beard. >> he would look at him and instantly put his hands towards the cheeks. identify his dad or monday. >> reporter: so the glasses were there to fix that and the video shows the moment he first puts them on and looks straight into his mother's face and there's that hesitation and there it is -- obviously leo likes what he sees. >> that smile was so different. it was remarkable. >> reporter: yes it was remarkable. so here's one last look at this first look. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> only been a week but that 30-second video has been seen by nearly a million people. >> i love how they first put the glasses on he looks uncomfortable and as soon as he sees his mother's face, his
4:30 am
>> quite a vision. speaking of, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> how are you enjoying your first day. >> first day on "america this morning." >> you're awake. >> yes. in the wee hours. great to be here. >> a fun trip ahead. that's what's making news in america this morning. stay tuned for "good morning


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