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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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show you exactly what the scene is here on 31st street. you can see there's an nypd patrol car here. i want to show you the two officers standing in the middle of the street where this is believed to have happened. in fact they're standing, we're told, my sources here, that they're guarding the spot where there may be fluid here on the street. i spoke with one witness who said around 3:40 they saw one ambulance and lots of police cars. they responded very quickly to the scene. we know around 3:40 this call came in about a stabbing here on 5th avenue and west 31st street. we're told that the person has been transported to the hospital. no condition on them yet. but we'll tell you we're seeing lots of police activity in this area, not just here on 31st and 5th but also on the surrounding streets which suggest there may be some type of search for the potential suspect. at this point we know one stabbing has happened and that
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>> keep us posted if there is indeed an active search. darla miles in midtown manhattan york. now to the wild scene in new jersey you'll only see right here. a man sleeping in his car sudden ly targeted by robbers but he refused to become a victim. >> this could be troubling to watch. using his car as a weapon, the victim goes on the attack and he wins. >> it all went down yesterday in a parking lot in paterson. aj ross getting the video today. she's live in paterson with the eyewitness news exclusive. >> this is some of the debris left over from the crazy exchange. the victim pegged as an easy target. the man asleep in his car. you'll only see on eyewitness news, he not only fought back, he chased those guys across the street and taught them a lesson in the school of hard knocks they'll never forget. >> reporter: a botched robbery
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paterson early monday morning when three suspects ambushed a man who fell asleep in his van in this grocery store parking lot. the trio first approached his vehicle with hammered and tried to pin him in place with another car. he rammed their vehicle for for payback. >> it's a chaotic situation. think about it. you're sleeping, you wake up, all of the sudden you get crashed in to by a car. >> reporter: in this shocking surveillance video you'll only see on eyewitness news, one of the suspects can be seen here escaping down the street, moments before one of his partners on the opposite side didn't get very far. the victim claims he lost control of his van before it collided with the nearby wall. with the tables now turned, he wasn't going to let these guys get away. with one suspect detained, he returned for the third suspect with a box cutter and later ordered the remaining two to drop their pants until police arrived. >> he's trying to protect himself and what ends up
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makes them drop their pants to their ankles because they kept trying to flee. >> reporter: 24-year-old parte and 22-year-old marquan adamson were both arrested and treated at a nearby hospital for their injuries. they're facing robbery charges but the lesson they learned the other night is likely one they'll never forget. >> they picked the wrong guy. absolutely picked the wrong guy. >> definitely picked the wrong guy. police are still searching for the third suspect. if you have any information that can help them, please call the paterson police department. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. no decision will be reached tonight about whether the manslaughter conviction of former new york cop peter liang will be overturned. a hearing ended a short time ago will continue tomorrow with the cross-examination of the one juror who failed to reveal his father had a criminal record. liang was found guilty of shooting and killing akai gurley in the stairwell of a public housing project in 2014.
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postponed till next tuesday. action taken against a high ranking nypdficial in connection with a corruption probe. capul is being reassigned pending further review. federal investigators are looking in to the actions of four nypd commanders from brooklyn south to see if they traded special favors for cash or gifts. two businessmen connected to mayor de blasio's inauguration are at the center of the investigation. de blasio said his administration is taking action. >> i authorized yesterday a lawyer representing my 2013 campaign to reach out to the u.s. attorney's office and offer any southwestance assistance that we can provide. >> the mayor also said his administration was never contacted by federal investigators. now to vote 2016. for the state of new york, this is like the week leading up to the political super bowl.
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trying to win one job. a big job. president. let's start with the democrats. bernie sanders walking the picket lines of downtown brooklyn today with striking verizon workers and picked up two new endorsements, one from the transit union workers. hillary clinton also walking with workers and appearing at al sharpton's national convention in midtown manhattan. tonight at 7:00 clinton will be in the bronx at co-op city and sanders will be there for a large rally. already getting large as you can see from this shot. political reporter dave evans is down there covering the sanders rally for us. >> if you look at the latest polling, it gives hillary clinton a 10-point lead over bernie sanders and if you look over the last 10 days to two weeks, those numbers have remained fairly consistent. she has about a 10 to 13-point lead at this point.
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>> reporter: underscoring the importance of labor, bernie sanders joined the picket line of striking verizon workers. >> stand against the greed of verizon who wants to take away healthcare benefits, wants to outsource jobs billions in profits. that's the kind of corporate greed together we're going to take on. >> reporter: sanders picked up workers union. it represents mta workers. >> i say, and this union has always said if you don't stand up and fight, you can't ever win and bernie sanders fights the fight. >> after i leave here, and i want to again thank you from the bottom of my heart, i believe we're going to win here in new york city. and we're going to win here in new york state. >> reporter: but clinton snagged what may prove a significant endorsement from the new york daily news. part of its editorial reads democrats have in clinton a
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they have in opponent bernie sanders a fantasist who's at passionate war with reality. >> hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: during the lunch hour, clinton spoke at reverend al sharpton's action network. here she said white america must practice humility to try to better understand african americans. >> white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. >> reporter: sharpton urged supporters to wait and see who they'll back because bernie sanders speaks here tomorrow. still, many had already made up their mind. >> hillary is the most qualified. unequivocally, no matter what you think of her personally, she's the most qualified. >> i believe she has the most realistic agenda and i believe that she will follow through with the agenda that obama has established and started.
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a huge rally starting at about 8:00 tonight, just a couple blocks south of me in washington square park. roughly at the same time hillary clinton will be having an event tonight in the bronx. tomorrow night it is the big debate and election day this coming tuesday, april 19th. for now reporting live near washington square park, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's target new york for the democrats. it's target the northeast for the republicans. three candidates are hitting the region hard with john kasich in maryland and donald trump and ted cruz in pennsylvania. senator cruz speaking at a rally right now in erie. he says it's time to pull the country back from the abyss. >> we're here this afternoon because our country is in crisis. because we're bankrupting our kids and grand kids. because our constitutional rights are under assault. and because america has receded from leadership in the world.
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rally in pittsburgh. john kasich wrapped up a town washington. 40,000 verizon workers are picketing in nine different states across our area from brooklyn to manhattan to newark. they walked off the job to protest plans to move jobs offshore and cut benefits. verizon has hired thousands of nonunion workers to replace those on strike. an arrest tonight in the deadly shooting of a rutgers university student. the essex county prosecutor's office says 25-year-old marcus feliz is charged with murder and robbery. 21-year-old shani patel shot and killed in an off campus apartment. 23-year-old roommate also shot. he's in stable condition. meanwhile, another stabbing in new york city to tell you about. this one in front of a posh hotel in manhattan. the 29-year-old man stabbed in the stomach at the w hotel in union square.
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a dispute with another man, 30-year-old de la rosa under arrest charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. the victim expected to survive. all clear now in new jersey. a series of fake bomb threats forced the evacuation of 13 schools in bergen and passaic counties. the schools are in fair lawn, elmwood park, midland park, lodi, fort lee, leonia, engelwood, hackensack and hasbrouck heights. newscopter7 was overhead as students went back to school. some of the schools are on spring break this week. multiple threats have been phoned in to northern new jersey schools this year. a former new york cop headed to prison after a drunken rage that came this close to turning deadly. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, we have reaction from the courtroom. >> also, an eyewitness news investigators exclusive. a propane gas tank sitting right next to a busy rail line and very close to a bridge. it's now raising major security questions.
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>> and uber sharing your information with the government. so what exactly is the data being used for? >> we've had our fair share of april showers. we're overdue for a long spring dry stretch. that's what we're starting today. temperatures in the mid 50s, a little bit on the cooler side. temperatures still a concern with freeze mornings and frost advisories. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester,
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still following that breaking news. gathering crowds in washington square park in lower manhattan for a bernie sanders rally. it is 5:13 in the afternoon right now.
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senator sanders behind by double digits to hillary clinton in the latest polls, but a lot of new yorkers, many of them young, turning out for this rally that doesn't begin for nearly three more hours. we'll keep you posted. sentencing day for the former new york cop who shot up a car at a traffic light while he was drunk. brandon cronin will spend nine years behind bars. his victim, who still has the bullet in his chest, was there today and so was eyewitness news reporter marcus solis. he's in white plains. >> in court the two people who were in that car that was shot at heard an apology from the former nypd officer, an apology that was not accepted. >> his apology is in no way accepted by me. he can apologize to god all he wants. if god wishes to forgive him, then god will forgive him. >> reporter: the victims didn't mince words outside or inside the courtroom during today's
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apology from former nypd officer brendan cronin. >> first i most sincerely wish to express and offer the most heartfelt apology to the families. i'm so very sorry. >> reporter: cronin was sentenced for shooting at robert borelli and robert felice two years ago. the two were at a traffic light on their way home after playing hockey when cronin without warning or provocation fired 14 shots at their car. felice was hit six times. cameras weren't allowed to record victim impact statements but both men said they were suffering physically and psychologically. >> the bullet wounds will eventually heal, however, my arm will be steel for the rest of my life. i still will have scars on my back. and i'll have the remnants of this event till the day i die. >> reporter: cronin, a six-year veteran, admitted consuming 10 drinkss after a day of inservice training. he pleaded guilty to attempted
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>> your decision to drive while heavily intoxicated as well as your inexcusable and outrageous. >> reporter: he insists his client is sorry. >> he showed remorse. he takes responsibility. >> the criminal proceedings now over the focus turns to the civil trial. both victims suing the city and nypd for $90 million. live in white plains, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. one of dennis hastert's alleged sex abuse victims expected to come forward and speak at the disgraced former u.s. house speaker. they expect a man they identify only as individual d to speak. hastert pleaded guilty to breaking laws in a scheme of $3.5 million to ensure individual a stayed silent about
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student when hastert was the wrestling coach. the centers for disease control and prevention says there's no longer any doubt the zika virus causes birth defects. this comes after congress decides to divert $600 in unspent ebola funding to help fight a virus in the u.s. top republicans say they'll probably wait till september to grant a portion of president obama's $1.9 billion request for zika funding. the house also passed a bill to offer incentives to companies working on zika treatments. >> the zika controversy not going away. he was under the weather for a couple days. now it's all about the weather now that he's been back. >> part of it was under protest. so undependable, and raining. >> that's the reason you called in sick? no, no, you were sick. >> so now it's been a while since we've just been able to make plans on a consistent basis without worrying about rain, getting in to a nice stretch of spring weather and now we're
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outside we go where we have a mainly sunny sky. we have a beautiful afternoon. if you're in the sunshine and out of the breeze it feels great but you need the coat or spring jacket this evening because there's definitely a chill in the air. look at the humidity. 26%. the air is very, very dry. so without that higher humidity, you don't have that spring warmth in the air. definitely a chill in the air. barometer on the fall. managed to hit 57 degrees. average high 60 will get closer. i think we're right on it by friday. there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year on this date it was sunshine and 68. lows this morning were below freezing in white plains and sussex. once again tonight we'll have to go close to the freezing mark in our northern and western suburbs even though we're in the comfortable mid 50s from stanhope, clifton, new jersey. lakehurst is coming in with 53. poughkeepsie and white plains in the low and middle 50s. this evening mostly clear. there's an area of cloudiness
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that will try to hold temperatures up a little bit. mostly sunny skies. northeast winds kicking up at times. we still have a in western bergen and northern passaic. parts of the hudson valley and connecticut and much of new jersey still a frost advisory as the numbers get close to the freezing mark. feel like you can put out the plants now. the annuals. not ready yet with this type of pattern. there's a patch of cloudiness that's going to come in for several hours and during the overnight. that should leave the scene by tomorrow morning. then the weather map remains rather quiet for us. this storm is going to stay to the south. it's been a southern soaker. then this slow moving storm is going to be a late season snow maker for parts of the rockies. that's going to be a slow mover and we don't see that for a while. we have a long stretch of dry weather coming in. we'll watch the patch of cloudiness. they'll leave the scene early,
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again. but the numbers will be chilly tomorrow morning. definitely a chill in the air and then a nice warmup and pleasant in the afternoon. really nice spring weather just the temperatures aren't busting out in to the 70s like we saw at times in march. patchy clouds tonight. areas of frost outside the city. about 42. 42 tomorrow, a high of 58. couple degrees warmer than today. for the most part you're looking at sunny skies and a wind out of the north northeast. mostly clear once again tomorrow night. same drill. we go down in to the 30s again in many suburbs and probably have frost advisories. frost advisory just end over the upcoming weekend? we get in to the 70s by sunday and monday. we don't have a shower here early next week, we could have a dry stretch through late next week which would be pretty incredible. a time of year when you need a little bit more consistent rain for the reservoir levels. we'll talk about that in the next forecast. another subway slashing but this time the victim fought back. that story is just ahead.
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league baseball player arrested at a hotel in dc. plus this. >> eyewitness news gives you an exclusive look at what's behind
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the nypd searching for
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robbery on a subway train in the bronx that ended in a slashing. it happened in a number 6 train on the east 139th station in mott haven after midnight. police say three men and a woman walked up to a 29-year-old man and got in to an altercation. they tried to rob the man but fought back and was slashed. the victim is in stable condition at lincoln hospital. a state of emergency declared at a community in canada after an alarming number of young people tried to commit suicide. they planned an overdose on prescription pills. more than 100 of the nearly 2,000 people who live in the indigenous community have attempted suicide recently, 11 on the same day. officials blame poverty, addiction, and alcoholism. atlanta braves outfielder hector olivera is accused of assaulting a woman. police say a woman with visible bruises told them he had assaulted her.
5:25 pm
administrative leave. the team is in washington for a series against the nationals. uber's first ever transparency report shows the company handed over information from 12 million riders and drivers to u.s. regulators but the ridesharing service says it was critical of the data being requested. a large number of requests were reportedly related to stolen credit cards and fraud investigations. regulated transport companies by law have to provide information such as trip requests and fares to authorities. several national retailers now being asked to end the practice of on-call scheduling which lets them assign shifts to workers with just a few hours' notice. attorneys general from eight states and the district of columbia including new york's eric schneiderman writing stores like american eagle and pay less. other stores like the gap and j. crew agreed to end the practice.
5:26 pm
workers to scramble for childcare or quick notice before a shift begins. stocks making significant gains for the second day in a row. investors were encouraged after jpmorgan chase turned in quarterly results that were not nearly as bad as predicted. nasdaq up 75. s&p 500 adding 20 and today marks president obama's final white house science fair and some of his special guests are from our area. he took some time to look at the accomplishments of the honorees. that included a stop by the invention of three new york city teams. feeling frustrated about garbage fires, delayed subways, the students built a 100-pound garbage eating vacuum robot prototype to the president later addressed all the kids saying they set an example for the nation. >> you remind us that together through science we can tackle
5:27 pm
>> among the honorees is elmont high school valedictorian who we spoke to last week if you recall after she was accepted to all eight ivy league schools. this is the sixth annual science fair for the obama administration. a lot of good kids. >> smart kids. potential trouble by the train tracks. coming up, an eyewitness news exclusive. a huge fuel tank set up along the busiest rail line of the country. investigators expose its potential for catastrophe and the outrageous reason why it's there. >> from easy street to the slammer. the teenager who gained infamy for an affluenza defense learns his fate. >> proof tonight that love indeed can be blind. a couple too he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down.
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tonight an eyewitness news investigators exclusive. a hazard by the railroad tracks. >> a huge propane tank sitting feet away from the busiest rail line in the nation. it's a potential danger and the reason the tank is there to some experts is dumb founding. >> investigative reporter jim hoffer with his exclusive report. >> an mta worker reached out to us about his concerns of a thousand-pound propane gas tank ignored by his bosses. the placement of so much fuel so close to critical rail links between washington and boston has two train safety experts shaking their heads. we should note for security reasons we've left out specifics about the tank's location. >> i saw a few bags on the platform. >> reporter: the mta has spent millions educating its riders to speak up if they see something unsafe. >> if you see something, say something. say something. say something. >> reporter: that's exactly
5:31 pm
has tried to do repeatedly, telling his bosses about the potential danger of this 1,000-pound propane gas tank placed just feet from these train tracks. >> you have to realize the blast radius of a thousand pounds of propane is a very large area. >> reporter: he's right about that as this youtube video demonstrates with a similar size propane tank. makes you wonder who put so much fuel so close to the busy northeast corridor tracks used by amtrak and metro north. >> this is a ready made bomb right next to the track. >> for the most part, yes. all it needs is a detonation device. >> reporter: this huge source of fuel put there by metro north. they've been using the thousand-pound propane tank as a heating source for this tiny office on a nearby railroad bridge. >> i've never seen one located this close to a
5:32 pm
>> reporter: fred, rail safety consultant, says while the chance that a train derailment or terrorist attack would cause the tank to explode may be remote, it's foolish to take the risk. >> even if the probability is small, that's a significant impact and you have to try to mitigate the potential for that to happen. >> reporter: not only is the tank feet from the tracks, it's easily accessible, right next to a public walkway. >> it does look like a dumb idea. someone has dropped the ball somewhere. >> reporter: that's why this mta whistle blower is saying something. he's doing exactly what the agency has been urging all of us to do since 9/11. >> it may be a far fetched scheme but how far fetched is it when people are bent on hurting and destructing? >> in response to our investigation, a spokesman for the mta says, quote, we will investigate the report and make a determination about any necessary action.
5:33 pm
hour telling us they're in contact with metro north. if there's any cause for concern, amtrak says they'll work with them to take appropriate action. this story came to us through a tip. if you have a story you need investigated, call 877-tip-news. you can also e-mail us at the.investigators@abc police have a suspect in custody for grabbing a young girl in brooklyn and flashing her. 20-year-old akija hall is charged with sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. police say he approached an 11-year-old girl on a street in east new york yesterday as she walked to school and grabbed her arm while exposing himself. he ran away after she screamed. police are searching for two men wanted for a home invasion in washington heights. cops say the suspects shoved their way past an 87-year-old woman to get in to an apartment
5:34 pm
then they attacked a 21-year-old man in a back bedroom, hitting him in the head with a gun and tying him up. the suspects fled with an unknown amount of cash. police are looking for four suspects in a home invasion in the bronx. police say they pushed their way in to an apartment in kings bridge heights on april 4th, pretending to have guns. they then tied a man and a woman up and robbed them before fleeing in a blue minivan. the party is over for ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teenager. today a judge in texas ruling the 19-year-old will spend the next two years behind bars, six months for each of the four people he killed in a drunken driving wreck. >> reporter: 19-year-old ethan couch, better known as the affluenza teen, in adult court for the first time wednesday. >> not getting out of jail today. >> reporter: facing more jail time. the judge ordered just under two years behind bars after couch
5:35 pm
>> that's certainly the considerable time for anyone to serve in county jail. it's not a common occurrence. >> reporter: he became the focus of an international manhunt when he and his mother ran off to mexico last december. this after video surfaced online appearing to show couch at a beer pong party, a violation of his probaishz sentence received after killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash as a 16-year-old. his defense team arguing he was too spoiled to know the difference between right and wrong. couch was extradited from mexico late january after authorities found him in puerto vallarta and he's been in custody since, celebrating his 19th birthday this week in a solitary cell like this one. >> it's having an impact on him. i do believe that. >> reporter: mom tonia released on bond. we've learned from court
5:36 pm
unable to fully fit the bill for his court ordered rehab. according to reports, the state picked up much of the $200,000 tab for a teen whose original defense hinged upon a wealthy upbringing. police in new york have released a sketch of the man found dead along the bronx river parkway earlier this month. they say this man was found partially clothed along the roadway in yonkers. police say he's a hispanic male in his 50s and is 5'6" tall. police are investigating his death. it's unclear if he died on the side of the road or somewhere else. police say he unleashed a beating then bolted. detectives in brooklyn are trying to find amateur boxer josh luteran. authorities say he punched his girlfriend in the head so hard that she is now in a medically induced coma. the attack happened yesterday inside the couple's home in bedford stuyvesant. coney island hospital cited
5:37 pm
this over the death of a patient in the e.r. the state cited the hospital for six violations. it follows a complaint over the death of 47-year-old grizelle soto. she was suffering from meningitis but misdiagnosed for mental illness. mark messier asking a judge to slap the economic corporation with a penalty over a project in the bronx, claiming the agency failed to give him the kings to the kingsbridge armory to build the kingsbridge national ice center. he's suing to force them to turn over the lease and suing for money damages. new video of a russian attack jet getting too close for comfort, roaring past a u.s. navy ship. >> another shocking scene captured on camera. a worker senselessly beating two dogs in a backyard with a
5:38 pm
>> plus, new details in the murder of a super bowl champion. what the family attorney is saying about the road rage shooting that ended a football star's life. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. a little sun glare maybe for the ride home but nice on the west side right now. sun glare not bothering the traffic. our temperatures at a
5:39 pm
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cameras were rolling as russia fire jets did several fly-bys within 30 feet of a naval destroyer in the baltic sea. watch this. wow. attack planes getting so close, they caused wakes in the water. the commander of the uss donald cook reportedly said the actions were unsafe and unprofessional.
5:42 pm
formally protest. cruel and disturbing images. a worker beating dogs with a pipe wrench. the texas family catching the whole thing on surveillance camera. the worker from the energy company went in to the backyard of the house when the dogs approached. that's when he struck them with a tool. turns out the worker was at the house to shut off service. the company requires them to knock on the door first, workers are not authorized to strike animals under any circumstances. the company will help the family with their vet bills. road rage is one thing, how another. the former new orleans saints star shot eight times the night he died, seven times in the back. new information comes from the coroner's office. this as the smith family attorney speaks out about this here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: new orleans police say former nfl star will smith had a fully loaded weapon in his car when he was allegedly gunned down by 28-year-old cardell hayes. the attorney for the family of
5:43 pm
smith never threatened the man who shot him. >> at no time during this event did will smith ever brandish or carry on his person a firearm. >> reporter: in this surveillance video provided by the restaurant two blocks away from the shooting, minutes before shots were fired, you can see what appears to be the former new orleans saints star will smith's mercedes suv bump or get really close to the hummer resembling the vehicle of the alleged gunman cardell hayes. then the hummer pulls over. the suv keeps going. seconds later the hummer appears to follow. thompson says this was no hit and run. >> they slammed on their brakes on magazine street, did not believe they even hit the hummer. there's no damage to that car. and they went on about their business. >> reporter: thompson claims the hummer then violently rammed in to the back of the mercedes, shattering the rear window. smith got out of the car.
5:44 pm
the lawyer says smith's wife and another passenger went to diffuse the situation but as they walked back, shots fired. hayes' attorney says his client was defending himself. >> it would be safe to say that not only did my client feel threatened but citizens that were out there on that block felt threatened as well. >> reporter: the cor nr -- coroner's preliminary report says he was shot six times. in washington, stephanie ramos, channel 7 eyewitness news. a warning for anyone using job search websites. coming up on eyewitness news, a malicious new scam. it tricks users into thinking they got a job. then it rips them off. >> call them fools in love. a kissing couple oblivious
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a warning about a new scam that targets job seekers. a scammer pretends to be a prospective employer. they're told part of the hire is a sign-on bonus of sorts. then the crooked company sends a check. the seeker is asked to cash it, buy a gift card, and send the card back to the company. by the time the bank figures out the check is back, the gift card is already in the mail. >> with linked in i had so much luck with finding jobs in the past that i didn't suspect this to be a scam at all. >> as technology changes, the way that predators seek people out who are looking for these types of opportunities can change with that technology. >> linkedin and the job search company indeed both say they take immediate action on behalf of the job seeker when they hear about scams like this and they also take measures to prevent
5:49 pm
apparently love is blind. a kissing couple caught on camera completely oblivious to an armed robbery going on around them. surveillance video showing three men with guns robbing a bar in montana monday, this as the couple continues to have their way with each other. despite robbing other customers, the suspects didn't disrupt them. they stopped kissing long enough to spy the gun man running out. >> maybe they won't see us if we keep kissing. [ laughter ] >> we'll be okay. >> he's really in to his lady friend. >> and she in to him. >> you could tell. [ laughter ] >> you can look at the video at abc7ny and decide for yourself. you can also tell the weather is a lot better. >> the channel 7 softball season opens tonight. our general manager usually on the mound, i think added a couple pitches to his repertory. we'll see what happens. outside we go where they play on those fields right there.
5:50 pm
might need the channel 7 jacket. 57 degrees. sunny skies and a northwest wind around 5 miles per hour. as we go through the next seven hours, we'll dip in to the upper 40s. once the sun goes down there's definitely a little nip in the air. the air isn't humid at all so it does feel a little bit cool. that will be the rule over the next several days. really pleasant great spring weather. in terms of rainfall, we go in to this dry stretch coming up a little below average for the year, almost 2 inches below average. reservoir levels slightly below normal as well. we'll have to make up for this lost rainfall we have over the next week or 10 days. this pattern is looking drier. it's looking milder but not super warm. there will be episodes of warmth where we can get in to the 70s and above normal. there's going to be several areas of high pressure that give us cool dry air coming from the north and east. there's this high not far from toronto and a northeast wind.
5:51 pm
cloudiness coming in tonight. that will probably keep temperatures up a little bit. still going to go below freezing in our suburbs. 42 at 7 a.m. in the city will mean low to mid 30s in many of the suburbs especially north and west. otherwise a lot of sunshine tomorrow, a great day. after that morning chill, the afternoon should feel very, very pleasant. probably a couple degrees milder than today. then we'll step it up a few more degrees friday. a few clouds early on. we'll exit in the atlantic. a nice afternoon. wind won't be too strong. the air quality is good. the sun index is at a 6. a roughs stretch for allergen sufferers because there's not going to be any rain to knock down the pollen count. be prepared for that. on friday, 61 degrees. mostly sunny skies. a little breezy at the coast. as we start the weekend, the wind will also be up at the coast. in fact, over eastern long island, it will only get in to the 50s. here's where things change a little bit. by sunday we start to get in to
5:52 pm
that will help us get in to the 70s. now it's starting to feel really warm. on monday, in the middle 70s. our only chance for a shower will come either late monday in to tuesday. it's a very weak front. if we don't see a shower in that time period, even if we do, it's not significant rain. if we don't see a shower there, we may not see rain until next friday. temperatures will cool off a little bit after the sunday-monday warmth but overall real dependable dry stretch. if you're doing work around the yard, now is the time. any painting projects outside, next week is yours. >> we could use a little rain. >> we've had had our share but we haven't been drenched on a consistent basis. a battle over the changing look of a neighborhood. >> coming up on eyewitness news, a loud display of disobedience and scores of arrest. why demonstrators in brooklyn say taking a stand now is so important. >> and here's what's coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. new fallout in a corruption probe. another high ranking member of
5:53 pm
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
5:56 pm
in brooklyn today, outrage of a housing plan. residents are concerned homes would still be too costly.
5:57 pm
display of civil disobedience. eyewitness news reporter joe torres has the story. >> reporter: they were born and raised on these streets. now they fear gentrification will push them out. low income blacks and latinos so frustrated with the mayor's rezoning of the affordable housing plan, they came together in march to chant, even to get arrested. >> again and again and again. >> reporter: the message being -- >> you need to have an affordable plan. the mayor's plan is not affordable. >> reporter: not affordable, they say, because the mayor's low income housing plans are based owen a median family income of about $45,000 to $65,000. >> nobody from east new york making $45,000 or $65,000. that means it's affordable for who? it's affordable for middle class. we're not in the position.
5:58 pm
protesters ended their two-block march in front of the east new york office of city councilman rafael espinal. they want him to vote against the mayor's plan when it comes before the council next week. well, mission accomplished. >> i will vote no the way the plan currently stands. we have to remember there's a lot of moving pieces to this. there has to be a jobs plan, community infrastructure plan, and has to be a housing plan. >> reporter: mr. espinal told us his city council colleagues often follow the leads and wishes of the council member whose district is most affected by the proposal before them, meaning if nothing changes in the mayor's plan, he doesn't think it will pass. at city hall, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. donald trump stirring up controversy once again. this time at an event on long island and it involves an immigrant who was beaten and killed in a bias crime.
5:59 pm
new york primary, election fever. washington square park in manhattan tonight jammed as a big rally begins to get underway for candidate bernie sanders. and another high ranking new york cop punished tonight as part of the federal corruption investigation, a case that involves two fundraisers for new york mayor de blasio. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. we'll have those stories in a moment. first we have new information on a wild and bizarre eyewitness news exclusive. we're now hearing tonight from a man who refused to be a victim and fought back. he was sleeping in his car when he was suddenly targeted by robbers. that's when he went on the attack. the whole thing captured on video. eyewitness news reporter aj ross in paterson, new jersey with the story. >> that's right.
6:00 pm
that victim who said he actually wasn't asleep. he was waiting to start work bright and early when he was suddenly ambushed by three would-be robbers with hammers. on this exclusive video you'll only see on eyewitness news, those suspects quickly learned they picked the wrong guy. >> reporter: pegged as an easy target sitting in his car in this parking lot, he noticed three suspects circling around. the trio approached his vehicle with hammers and tried to pin him in place with another car. he rammed their vehicle to escape and circled around for payback. in this shocking exclusive video you'll only see on eyewitness news, kofi claims he lost control of his van before it collided with this nearby wall. with the tables now turned, he wasn't going to let these guys get away. with one suspect detained, he returned for a third suspect with the box cutter and ordered the remaining two to drop their pants until police arrived.


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