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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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time they posted motiejunas against draymond green, that's not going to work, you're talking about a premier defender. you're going to clear out and think you're going to post him one-on-one? it's not going to work. >> mike: green, can't hit the jumper. rebound. motiejunas and green still banging each other. back up to goudelock. stolen by barnes. barnes spins, gets inside. blocked by mcdaniels, that's his second impressive block from k.j. mcdaniels. motiejunas, nice, soft touch and he yells for a foul as well. saying something to mark linsley. >> jeff: no complaints by either side when the game is 25-plus, let's just finish it out.
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this, a point you should call the game. >> jeff: no question. what is that the run rule in softball? >> mike: how about the old rule that you proposed years ago? as motiejunas is bumped by green and a foul. green upset. he was clearly bumping him. if it's 25 or more and the team behind, half-court shot, tied game. >> jeff: exactly. >> mark: don't encourage him, mike, please don't. >> mike: they need to invite you to the meeting. >> jeff: can you imagine? start from the backcourt, one goes in -- my goodness. >> mike: motiejunas hits the free throw. later, don't miss "sportscenter" with max and the coach. recap of all the playoff action. and mlb.
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remaining here in game one. >> announcer: nba playoffs on abc brought to you by mini. burger king. now you can get five delicious items for only $4, it's a bigger meal for a better deal. only at burger king. and kaiser permanente go on
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when it bubbles, people sit in it. when it moves, people slide down it. and smart people, like this person, say there's about to be even more water. there's about to be even more water. ok, smile. in fact, there's so much water out there, why in the world would you get a phone that can't get wet? ok, try again. the new water-resistant galaxy s7 edge. >> mike: good old-fashioned blowout here in game one this afternoon. james hard in that first half, he had four points and four fouls. the guy took more free throws than anybody in the nba this year did not attempt a free throw so far in this game. marvelous defense, now he's on the bench as golden state is blowing them away. you go up by 25 or more, you
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until the deficit is cut to 15. >> mark: he's rubbing off on you, mike. >> jeff: that even sounds crazy to me. you know you hit a low point. but i do think, maybe starting some games with a -- and that was the second free throw there -- but, i don't everybody know what i was going to suggest. >> mike: stay focused. >> jeff: i'm trying. >> mike: barnes. and capela grabs it. capela dowel figures in rebounds with ten. actually had a career-high in the season finale a double dribble or a travel right there. capela had a season-high 17 rebounds in their playoff-clinching game the other night.
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only 21 years old. >> jeff: and he started with dwight howard for a number of games. and they played well together. there was an odd pairing in that, you know, it goes away from spacing the floor, but the rebounding factor the ability to protect the rim, they did very well with that lineup. >> mike: varejao with the rebound. brandon rush is in as well. rush. can't hit. barnes grabs another. thompson's jumper. another offensive rebound. and a foul. let's send it over to lisa salters. >> lisa: mike for those just tuning in, steph curry is still on the bench, seems to be in a good mod, he tweaked his ankle late in the second quarter, got retaped, twice, again, he's on
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i'm total he's available. it's a coach's decision right now. steve kerr opting to keep him out, to keep him safe, looking guard to game two. he's available to go back into the game, but, kerr has opted to keep him out since just a couple of minutes really into the third quarter. mike. >> mike: lisa, you're right on. if you're a warriors fan, the best site is him sitting on the bench laughing like that, obviously he's not concerned. >> jeff: with that, he's leaving. >> mike: he's done. starting treatment already. >> mark: he did that like he was leaving church early. >> mike: ducking down low. >> jeff: that was like isaiah thomas and the bad boys sneaking out against the bulls. >> mike: varejao trying to keep it alive and rockets fall.
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at oracle arena. that's a great analogy. curry had 24 points in that first half. goudelock. though a complete domination, closest they were in the second half was 15, led by double figures most of the game. was an 18-point lead after one. clark drives, shot blocked by capela. picked up by mcdaniels. all right, guys f you're jb bickerstaff, what some of the things you're thinking about to
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>> jeff: for me, figuring out who you really want to play. beasley played in first half not in the second half. the rockets have so much so many guys who are just sort of one-dimensional or 1 1 1/2-dimensional. >> mark: emphasize the point you got to do it. if we don't do it, we don't have a chance to beat this team. they're the best in the business for a reason. >> mike: a rockets team as clark nails the three-pointer, the rockets during the regular season, they averaged 106.5 per game. fourth in the nba in scoring. and they're not even going to make 80. fantastic defensive performance from golden state. now can dribble it out. as the shot clock is turned off.
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best regular season in nba history with 73 victories. time to reset and focus, that's what the warriors were saying, boy they were focused to start and they take game one with a wire to wire performance. 26-point beatdown by the warriors. james harden a real struggle. came alive a little bit in the third quarter. but didn't take a single free-throw attempt. now, of course, golden state will take a 1-0 lead. klay thompson, 16 points. he's with lisa. >> lisa: thank you, mike. klay, just describe what the intensity level was like throughout the game it seemed
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>> it did. expect that in the playoffs. i'm just happy we were able to take this. we got a strong group. >> lisa: what were you guys doing defensively against james harden? he had just four points in first half. ended up with 17 points. didn't get to the free-throw line at all. >> don't reach. don't ever reach on him. he gets in a rhythm and goes to free-throw line. go straight up with him. take tough twos. >> lisa: steph seemed to be okay, you were sitting with him over there on the bench but he didn't play, what can you tell me about him? >> he'll be okay. it was precautionary. we can hold a 20-point lead without him. so, he's a tough, tough competitor and he can play through pain. so, we expect him out here on monday. >> lisa: thank you, klay.
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>> mike: day one of the nba espn. in atlanta, isaiah thomas, what a year he had as a celtics/hawks will face game one of their best of seven series. tipoff shortly after 7:00 eastern. here in oakland, dominant victory by the defending champ champions champions, 104-77. so far mack jackson, jeff van gundy, lisa salters and the entire crew, final score 104-78, golden state leads 1-0 in the best of seven series. game two monday here in oakland.
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abc. two violent attacks.
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an urgent manhunt for the suspect behind a livery driver slashing now linked to a homeless shelter murder. and new york's presidential primary fast approaching, the candidates are scrambling for your support. good evening, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. >> it is countdown to the new york primary, on tuesday. all the candidates are in a new york state of mind, if you will, even if they are not in the empire state itself. >> one candidate is racking up frequent flyer miles to be here. bernie sanders just returned from the vatican. and eyewitness news reporter lucy yang joins us now. >> reporter: we are waiting for bernie sanders to arrive here. they are starting to let supporters go through the security check. this event is slated to start at 8:00 tonight.
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the west coast for high priced fundraisers for a-list celebrities. bernie sanders received cheers on the streets of the vatican as he jet setted there for a quick meeting with the pope. >> i wanted to let him know how impressed i was about raising consciousness. >> reporter: pope francis played down the greeting as a matter of courtesy, not endorsement. >> it is called good manners and not getting mixed up in politics. >> reporter: hillary clinton took off for california this weekend to rake in big bucks at big fundraisers with big named celebrities. george clooney and his wife hosting here in san francisco and los angeles, where a seat at the top table reportedly
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the high stakes fundraising not lost on protesters. >> i am highly offended by this ostentatious display of wealth. it represents everything millions of americans are complaining about, our elections being bought. >> it is not enough to say what is wrong. you have to tell people what you are going to do to make it right. we don't need another diagnosis of the problem, we need solutions. >> reporter: now what the new york state primary on tuesday, both democratic candidates will focus on new york city tomorrow. clinton is planning to travel to all five boroughs, sanders is scheduled for brooklyn and queens. thank you. we turn now to the republicans, at least one gop candidate is also focused on
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john kasich spent the morning in great neck, visiting a synagogue. following the service he used the jewish sabbath to talk about the importance of israel. >> i'm not neutral when it comes to israel. i consider them to be one of the greatest allies, the only democracy in the middle east, under constant attack. >> reporter: after his visit to long island, kasich headed into the city and had lunch at bernstein's deli on third avenue and popped into other local businesses. donald trump, meanwhile, is concentrating on other parts of the state. today he attended rallies in syracuse and in dexter. and trump took aim at ted cruz, saying the new york primary could knock him out of the presidential race. >> mathematically, after this weekend when he gets wiped out in new york, which he will, he
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nomination. >> reporter: as for senator ted cruz, he headed out west to speak at the wyoming gop convention. cruz picked up 9 delegates there while trump picked up just one. the state is deciding whether delegates to cruz. stay with eyewitness news coverage of vote 2016. democratic candidate bernie sanders will join us on eyewitness news sunday morning at 9:30. hillary clinton senator sanders will be special guests with george stephanopolous at 10:00 a.m. and the upcoming primary is a topic of a special one hour edition of up close. tomorrow morning at 11:00, right here on channel 7. breaking news right now in manhattan. a man plunges off of a hotel on
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he is now in critical condition. it happened at the days inn on west 94th street. the man, a hotel guest, fell from a 10th floor hallway window. he landed on a shed. verizon are trying to determine if he was pushed, he fell by accident. the man who slashed a livery cab driver in queens is connected to a murder in manhattan. stefan kim is at elmhurst hospital tonight, william smith is wanted for questioning for his possible involvement for allegedly stabbing a livery driver here at queens. the driver is shaken up. the suspect, a dangerous man and police want to find him
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this is the man police say may be behind the bloody rampage stretching from manhattan to queens. 53-year-old william smith. he may have had something to do with the death of a man in a homeless shelter on east street friday morning. then today cops say smith slashed a livery cab driver in his back and neck. these photos released of the injuries. 25 stitches in total. employees at the taxi dispatch service say smith got picked up in corona and was heading to a hotel on van cleeve street. as the cab was pulling up, smith tried to rob the driver and turned violent. >> i'm very nervous. all my drivers out there are working to support their family. you know, knowing that these
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it is crazy. >> reporter: that cab, sitting outside the 110th precinct with panic lights still blinking. it has a camera inside, though it is unclear if it was working at the time of the vicious assault. smith got away empty handed but left his wallet in the cab. the attack putting livery drivers on edge. >> thinking about it, the knife and everything. >> reporter: employers say he has been working for them for five years, he has kids, he is out of surgery now and in stable condition, but rattled. stefan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you stefan. the death toll has risen to at least 40 after this week's twin earthquakes in japan.
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on the edge of a parking lot after a quake-induced landslide. 90 buildings were destroyed. the quakes forced night thousand people into shelters. thousands of homes are without water and electricity. investigators are trying to figure out why someone shot as firefighters responded to a call for help in maryland, killing one of them. it happened in the dc suburb of temple hills last night. firefighters were responding to a call to help someone suffering from a medical condition when someone inside the home fired. one was killed. another firefighter is in serious condition. train disruption in maryland this afternoon, when a helicopter crashed near the tracks and near the baltimore airport. the crash caused a brush fire, amtrak service was briefly held
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had minor injuries. the helicopter was flying low, near power lines, doing survey work for a utility company when it came down. a published report says fairway will likely file for chapter 11 in order to restructure by the end of may. at the same time the company is trying to keep most of its stores open. fairway has lost millions of dollars in recent months. the salt war damaged l- train tunnel will have to hold out for nearly three years. the board quietly announced yesterday that the repair work will start in 2019. superstorm sandy sent about 7 million-gallons of corrosive sea water into the tunnel in 2012. roughly 6 miles of communication needs to be replaced. celebrating a trailblazer
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coming up she swung the door open for girls in little league baseball. and the cast of hamilton sharing the benjamins.
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females playing little league baseball. the city's batting cages in hoboken were named for maria. she was one of the first girls to play little league. she was forced to stop playing after three games when the organization threatened to revoke hoboken's charter. a discrimination suit was won on her behalf but it was too late for her to play. since then more than 5 million girls have enjoyed playing little league baseball. >> i get to watch all these girls play today. it never mattered to me how many people knew my own personal story as much as it did watching how many girls came out to to play, the glove is in the little league museum and her cap in the baseball


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