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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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thank you, new york. we love new york. >> we proved once again there's no place like home. >> new york voters delivering candidates. hillary clinton and donald trump now looking to build off their wins in the empire state. good morning. i'm lori stokes scwhrvment and i'm ken rosato. we're going to have live team coverage on the new york state primary coming up in just a moment. first, though, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans >> well, good morning, everybody. happy wednesday to you. we've got a beautiful sunrise
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temperature is going to be 50 degrees. really nice start to the day. temperatures on long island, northport 49, massapequa is at 49, and 48 hauppauge to east hampton around 49. 34 at toms river. a little cool spot there with clear skies and a calm wind. but today those winds really calm down from yesterday. we were at 30 mile per hour winds out of the northwest, creating a big fire threat. there were brush fires around yesterday. today 58 by noon, 67 this afternoon, warmer than normal, just a light northwest wind. we're back into the 70s tomorrow. we talk about that next. weather then heather every seven minutes. she's got that tree pollen driving her crazy this morning. >>reporter: it's killing me. we are going to talk to you first about an accident and it's in jersey city. it's tonnalee southbound side right near the circle, an accident being cleared away. subway service is running on or close to schedule. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing just fine. brooklyn bridge inbound that earlier construction has been cleared away.
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badly getting up into the brooklyn bridge at this point. the van wyck north at the kew gardens interchange, we had that earlier accident. that has also been cleared away. and then we're looking at the connecticut turnpike going onto the southbound side exit 34 down into 31 we had some construction there. that construction has also been cleared away. i've been telling but this downed pole in north brunswick, new jersey, and we have newscopter 7 up above now and shannon sohn is here to give us an update. good morning, shannon. >>reporter: good morning, heather. yeah, this downed pole is from an accident from about 1:00 this morning. you can see verizon on the scene trying to do what they can do trying to get this pole put back in place. in the meantime the northbound side of route 27 passing finnegans lane does it have this work on it. you can see the cars getting by in each direction. they're utilizing the traffic lane to keep traffic flowing and right now not too bad so far this morning. reporting live over north brunswick, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, shannon, thank you.
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trump carrying new york by a wide margin, and that's exactly what happened. trump secured 60% of the vote, more than john kasich and ted cruz combined. and that adds another 89 delegates to the frontrunner's bank. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live now outside of trump tower. diana. >>reporter: lori, good morning. donald trump swept every county in the state last night with the exception of his own here in manhattan. he celebrated here for about two hours, but today he is once again looking to the future and heading to indiana. >> so we don't have much of a race anymore. senator cruz is just about math mathematically eliminated -- mathematically eliminated. [ applause ] >> and we've won another state. >>reporter: new york voters gave donald trump the big win he was looking for in his home state. trump took nearly all of the
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him the only republican with a chance of clinching the nomination before the convention. governor john kasich came in a distant second in last night's primary, but he seems confident trump will not be nominated. >> they know they're not going to get enough votes to win it on the first ballot. and so we're going to be -- we're going to be deadlocked. >>reporter: meanwhile trump's closest rival, senator ted cruz says trump's win is just a politician winning his home state. cruz campaigned in pennsylvania last night with his sights set on the next primary where he's hoping to unite republican voters. >> we must unite the republican party because doing so is the first step towards uniting all americans. >>reporter: trump also has a stop in maryland today. kasich and cruz have both move on to pennsylvania and heidi cruz, ted cruz' wife has three stops in new jersey. we're live in midtown, i'm
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>> diana, thank you. 6:04. hillary clinton also won her adopted home state by double digits over rival bernie sanders. she swept every county in our area, along with the most populous cities upstate. sanders, however, won nearly every other county in the state, signaling he is very much still in this race. eyewitness news reporter dray clark has that side of our coverage from brooklyn. dray, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, ken. it should be a pretty good day here at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in downtown brooklyn after that big win last night. it's exactly the kind of win that clinton wanted. but for bernie sanders, he's still planning to move forward despite his campaign suffering that big blow last night. now, hillary clinton had a very decisive win. clinton wanted to win big here in new york because it is her adopted home and a loss would have been very embarrassing anna big blow to her campaign. but she pulled off the victory. bernie sanders, a brooklyn, new york native had high hopes that he would deliver an upset to clinton.
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to his rally, and he closed the gap, the point gap in recent days in the polls, but in the end he suffered a double-digit defeat. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> we lost tonight. there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well, and we have a path toward victory which we are going to fight to maintain. >>reporter: and so bernie sanders flew back to vermont late last night, and he plans to have discussions with his campaign staff about what direction they're going to go in and how they plan to move forward here. meanwhile hillary clinton is in philadelphia where she has two stops planned for today. we're live in downtown brooklyn, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. control of the new york state senate still on the line this morning after special election occurred on long island.
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the former republican senate yesterday, but less wind too. doesn't that look great? morning long. we get to see this everyday without that cloud cover. going to be a beautiful day today and tomorrow.
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we're going to talk about that. first things first. temperature this morning 50 degrees, nice and comfortable around the five boroughs, a little cooler north and west with these clear skies. to our west is warm air. you can kind of see the line of the warm front back from washington d.c. up toward lake michigan. that will come up over us tomorrow and then this rain to our west will come to us in the afternoon friday. but today a really nice, refreshing spring day. 55 at 10:00, 62 at 1:00, 67 this afternoon. that's a little bit above normal for this time of the year. kids at the bus stop, grab a jacket or a sweater. you'll need that. and then after school it'll feel great. you can take that off and enjoy 67 degrees and sunshine. next week lugnuts, huckleberries, there'll be a whole new little change for you here at the bus stop >> nice. >> really? >> finally we went shopping. >> next week, yes. >> i can't wait to see what you got us. >> 67 degrees and sunny and nice this afternoon. they had a sale. >> of course. >> i'm glad.
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rid of that bow in my hair? >> oh, never. >>reporter: here's a look at what's happening as you travel around. tonalee circle, this is the road that leads you out of the holland tunnel, up into the tonalee circle up there. to the maps. tonalee avenue near the circle that's where you have an accident being cleared away. it is five minutes coming inbound george washington bridge, the lincoln is 15, the holland is a 10-minute delay. subway service is running on or close to schedule. no major issues there. so if you want to use mass transit this morning, you're in good luck. same situation new jersey transit, long island railroad and metro north. and then as you head onto route 27 in north brunswick north of finnegans lane a downed pole. all northbound lanes, you saw that they were subject to closure. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. coming up word of another powerful aftershock in ecuador. this comes as the death toll passes 500 from this weekend's catastrophic earthquake.
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latest on any new damage reports. the republican leader may be flying high after his win in new york, but the same can't be said about his iconic private jet. we'll explain. >>reporter: the man once called a ninja burglar after a series of break-ins on staten island will be in the area again in police custody. he is under arrest.
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6:13. developing right now, a powerful aftershock has hit ecuador just days after a deadly earthquake. this morning's 6.1-magnitude tremor is the strongest to hit the ecuadorean coast. also shook the same area that was devastated over the weekend. more than 500 people were killed in saturday's earthquake. another 4,000 are hurt. crews are continuing the search through rubble now for survivors and victims. also working through a long list of people who are unaccounted for. here in our area, and a candlelight vigil was held in brooklyn last night to mourn the victims of the quake. borough president eric adams joined leaders of the ecuadorean community at a park in bushwick. new york city and the surrounding region are home to the largest population of ecuadorean americans in the united states. 6:14. this morning a black eye for mitsubishi motors, fooling customers with some fake
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evidence that its employers used about the fuel mileage figures for more than 600,000 of its passengers vans. mitsubishi has struggled to win back consumer trust after a coverup scandal a decade ago, involving faulty clutches and fuel tanks prone to falling off will level the first criminal charges for the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan. the state attorney general is environmental regulators. a flint city employee as well. flint has been under a state of months. people there are still using bottled water and special filters to reduce the amount of lead in their drinking water. it is 6:15. time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios. comfy out there, it is, on the upper west side. >>reporter: you know, it is. there's just a little light northwest wind. not the breeze we had yesterday, which is about 30 miles per hour. this morning we have sunshine. here's a look from our cameras. it's a beautifully sunny morning this. is our roof camera looking to
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to laguardia airport. absolutely is gorgeous. it is going to be a great day today with a lot of sunshine. temperature 50 degrees, a dry humidity, a light northwest wind and the pressure 30.23 and rising which points to a great day. high brush fire threat moves into connecticut, massachusetts and new england today. closer-to-normal temperatures but we're back into the 70s tomorrow. showers show up on friday. and then a nice weekend is coming up. 36 around newburgh, one of the st. louis spotle, 37 around -- is one of the cooler spots. light northwest wind. we say light, about a 6 to a 10, 12 mile per hour wind. that will be our wind for the day today. if we had a higher wind, we'd still have that fire threat over most of the area. we've got low humidities, it's very dry. we are in need of rain. but you see connecticut and massachusetts and into new england has that fire threat today. you want to be very careful there. we've got clear skies, we've got almost a calm wind in a lot of spots. back to our west is that rain we were talking about. that will slowly come our way
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afternoon, friday evening. so you see today we have clear skies. this is our computer guidance, our futurecast. clouds come in tomorrow night. so we have two more days. that's going to leave us nine days of dry weather, and then as you see, we've got the showers coming in, starting around after school time on friday, into friday night, and then that's gone quickly. and we'll have sun returning for saturday and a beautiful weekend coming up. so eight straight days of this sunny, dry weather. tomorrow clouds increase. that will be our 9th day before that front gets here with the rain coming in on friday. so we've got sunny skies today, just a little light breeze, 67. tonight clear, moonlit skies, low is about 40 in the suburbs. then tomorrow we've got sunshine, a great day. it's a little warmer, the high is going to be around 72. and that's going to be nearly 10 degrees warmer than normal. 74 on friday, a popup shower, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. and then we've got sunshine, 70 on saturday and 66 on sunday. next shot at rain could be on monday. it's a great morning out here.
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it is quiet. why is it so quiet? [ laughter ] >> nobody here to answer me. [ dog barking ] >> there's your answer. [ dog barking ] >> it's so quiet now. >> there's always somebody >> thank you, bill. over to heather o'rourke for a check of the commute. >>reporter: or somebody furry. here we go with the 5 trains. we do have some signal problems right at elem parkway, so you can expect some delays on your 5 trains. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are schedule. tonalee avenue going south right near tonalee circle, that is an accident that is being cleared away. so as you come out of the holland tunnel, you may experience that delay. inbound side george washington bridge is fine. lincoln and the holland are 15 minutes apiece coming into the city. now, we still have this problem in north brunswick. it's route 27 north right near finnegans lane we do have this downed pole. we do have all lanes subject to closure as you go through that spot. brooklyn bridge inbound, they cleared away that construction.
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manhattan. no major issues to report. we do have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. today authorities on staten island will announce the conclusion of a crime spree almost a decade ago. >> the so-called ninja burglar has been unmasked. eyewitness news reporter toni yates is live in st. george. toni. >>reporter: good morning again, lori and ken. and police say 46-year-old robert costanzo admitted to pulling off several burglaries here on staten island in 2007, 2008. they say he admitted this after he was arrested in connecticut where he was accused of holding a woman at knifepoint and forcing her to take $75,000 worth of jewelry from her safe. now, costanzo has a long criminal past. he's a level three sex offender for a 1989 rape here on staten island. also a sexual battery charge
6:20 am
now, during this ninja burglary spree here on staten island, 19 homes have been hit. a few homeowners have even come face to face with costanzo who stands six feet tall. he was dressed head to toe in black for all of his crimes. he was once stabbed by a victim, but he got away. one homeowner was even threatened with numchucks at one point. the crimes were never officially soffed by police, but after costanzo was taken into custody for the 2014 connecticut burglary, authorities began piecing together the evidence, eventually, and they say they tied him to this staten island spree. now, d.a. michael mcmahon will have a press conference at 1:00 this afternoon, announcing the arrest. costanzo will also be arraigned today here on staten island. for now, we are live here in staten island, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, toni, thank you. it's 6:20. coming up a major staffing shakeup for one of the world's largest tech companies. and for the first time today, the teacher accused of
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on the money this morning, wall street backed off its mostly even. the dow added 49 points, high. nasdaq begins 19 points down and the s&p 500 starts higher. overseas japan's nikkei average rose some overnight, but hong kong's hang seng finished 1% lower. intel is laying off up to 12,000 people. the company's ceo says 6,000 people will be laid off by the end of the year. intel is the largest computer chip maker in the worl. the downsizing will help the company transition its focus from personal computers to mobile devices. yoush's never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast >> well, this morning we are looking at temperatures that are around 50 in the park, 46 around new brunswick to 36 sussex, 37 monticello. so a little cooler in the suburbs. grab a jacket, sweater, pullover, that kind of thing. you'll need that. 50, 51 degrees around the five boroughs and urban areas of new jersey. picking up a little northwest
6:25 am
elizabeth. humidities are very dry. even though we're not under a fire threat today, just be aware that that could be a possibility. you'll want to be very careful. northwest winds today, so you're taking the ferry over, water temperature about 51. even looking good from bridgeport back over here toward port jeff. going to be a beautiful day today as we look up the hudson, lots of sunshine. weather and traffic every seven minutes. heather, what's going on out there? >>reporter: 5 trains signal problems at pelham parkway. expect downtown delays result of that. long island railroad, metro north, new jersey transit everything is running on or close to schedule. tonalee circle an accident reported. a couple of lanes are closed down as you go through that spot. 10 minutes inbound george washington bridge. lincoln is now at 20 minutes. the holland tunnel has a 15- minute delay. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori, over to you >> all right, heather, thank you. the newtown, connecticut teacher arrested for bringing a gun to the town's middle school is due in court today.
6:26 am
appear in danbury superior court. police say that he had a valid pistol permit, but connecticut state law prohibits possession of firearms on school grounds. adams has been placed on administrative leave. well, the islanders look to extend their series lead over the panthers in tonight's game 4 of the stanley cup playoffs. the isles are up 2-1. meanwhile the rangers suffered a 3-1 loss on home ice last night. pittsburgh now leading that series 2-1. game four tomorrow night at the garden. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the fight for the white house moving on from new york after a pair of decisive victories. donald trump and hillary clinton take their campaigns back on the road today. another twist in the trial of former nypd officer charged with killing an unarmed man. the judge's decision that has both sides upset. also a queens woman
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retaking control after seven straight primary losses, hillary clinton is claiming victory over bernie sanders, but can she carry the momentum across the rest of the east coast? meanwhile donald trump hopes his victory in new york mean as coreoination as the republican nominee, effectively block his opponents from reaching the crucial delegate total. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. and donald trump wasted no time celebrating his win on social media of course. >> trump tweeted overnight, thank you, new york, with the i love new york logo. >> and hillary clinton also took to twitter, telling her 6 million followers that new york is a place for dreaming big and getting things done. >> we're going to get to our team coverage of the primary.
6:31 am
>> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> today is a sunny, dreamy day. we got clear skies, beautiful sunshine, gorgeous sunrise, 50 degrees, clear skies, light northwest wind here. temperature 51 around laguardia, 50 toward jfk, around jamaica bay, up toward oyster bay, and across to bridgeport it's 49. 48 islip, 49 montauk. a little cooler at the coastal spots. 59 by noontime and 67 the high this afternoon, warmer than normal for this time of the year. we're back into the 70s tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather has been very busy this morning. what's going on with the subway, heather? >>reporter: we'll talk about the 5 trains. we do have some signal problems at pelham parkway, so you can expect downtown delays as a result of that. and then we're also taking a look at new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north. they are all in very good shape. we still have this problem tonnale avenue south, right near tonnale circle, an accident being cleared away,
6:32 am
and if you are planning on going inbound at the holland, 15, the lincoln is 20, the george washington bridge has about a 10-minute delay getting into the tolls. but then you move okay moving across that span. then we'll talk about north brunswick, route 27 northbound side right near finnegans lane. we do have that downed pole. a look at a webcam and show you how things look on tonnale avenue, making your way southbound, not causing a major delay. inbound side you do have that ongoing construction project. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. it's 6:32 now. with the frontrunners winning their home states last night, hillary clinton and donald trump both added some much needed delegates to their totals >> according to abc news estimates and trump won 89 out of new york's 95 delegates. john kasich managed, though, to win new york county here in manhattan, awarding him three delegates >> not so lopsided for the democrats. hillary clinton won 169 delegates. bernie sanders wasn't far behind with 104.
6:33 am
diana rocco is live outside trump tower. we're going to start, though, with dray clark live outside clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. dray. >>reporter: good morning, lori and ken. it should be a pretty good day here at hillary clinton's headquarters because she was able to protect her home turf with a very decisive win last night. and that's exactly what she wanted. on the other side, though, bernie sanders is down, but he's not out. his campaign has made it very clear he has plans to move forward. >>reporter: new yorkers came through for hillary clinton in a big way, taking her one step closer to getting her party's nomination. >> new yorkers, you've always -- you've always had my back. [ cheers ] >> and i've tried to have yours. today together we did it again, and i am deeply, deeply grateful. >>reporter: bernie sanders was
6:34 am
primary which could have change the trajectory of the race. sanders campaigned hard in new york, drawing crowds in the thousands. but in the end, he suffered a double-digit loss. >> today we took secretary clinton on in her own state of new york, and we lost. >>reporter: clinton supporters have now stepped up their calls for sanders to get out of the race. to stay in, they say, would be destructive. bernie sanders flew back to vermont late last night and he plans to have discussions with his campaign staff about how to move forward. meanwhile hillary clinton is in philadelphia with two planned campaign stops. we're live this morning in brooklyn, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dray, thank you. nlt and for more on the and for more on the gop race, we go to diana rocco. >>reporter: lori, good morning. trump needed to win his home state and win big and that he did. he is coming fresh off this
6:35 am
to indiana today. trump swept every county in the state with the exception of manhattan. that went to john kasich. kasich won the manhattan county by about 900 votes, sweeping -- giving trump nearly all of new york's delegates. this is now looking ahead -- trump is looking ahead to the next primaries. at his victory party last night at trump tower, trump called on his opponents to bow out of the race, saying it's now nearly mathematically impossible for them to win, this victory has put him that much closer to clinching the republican nomination before the convention. and with next week's primaries in connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, maryland and delaware, states that need jobs and economic help in areas where trump says he is strong, trump says that will only solidify his lead. >> we're really, really rockin'. we expect we're going to have an amazing number of weeks because these are places and they're in trouble.
6:36 am
when you look at pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places we look. problems. >>reporter: so trump also has a campaign stop in maryland today. kasich and cruz have already moved on to pennsylvania and heidi cruz, ted cruz' wife will have three stops in new jersey. live in midtown, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news >> all right, diane, a thank you. could donald trump get his wings clipped? the registration of his sleek cessna jet has expired. trump has criss crossed the country for dozens of campaign stops, but faa records show that the jet's registration was allowed to lapse in january. trump's plane could be grounded for days or even months while the issue is all sorted out. the trump campaign says the paperwork is just about complete. as diana mentioned, in less than one week from now,
6:37 am
rhode island will pick their nominee, and we will be there for every stage of the primary race. 6:36. new this morning, the federal investigation of mayor bill de blasio's campaign fundraising has expanded. the "new york times" reports prosecutors now focused on the mayor's efforts to raise money for democratic candidates in half a dozen state senate races in 2014. grand jury subpoenas have been issued. several of the democratic candidates have been questioned by the fbi and investigators from the manhattan district attorney's office. and new video this morning of the suspect involved in a police shooting. police say that he shot after pulling a gun in front of officers in downtown brooklyn. this happened at the farragut houses and officers had stopped one man for a warrant and then his friend allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband. three officers opened fire, shooting him in the hand. both men were arrested. both sides are now appealing a judge's decision after the sentencing of former
6:38 am
shooting of akai gurley. yesterday liang was sentenced to community service and five years probation. that came after a judge reduced his manslaughter conviction, instead convicting him of criminally negligent homicide. liang shot and killed akai gurley when he fired a shot inside the stairwell at the pink houses in brooklyn. gurley's mother called the sentencing an insult to her son's life. >> i never expected this to happen, never. never. i'm just confused on what happened, what made the charges be reduced? >> liang plans to appeal his conviction. the brooklyn d.a. also plans to appeal the ruling after the judge reduced the conviction decided on by a jury. 6:38. president obama is in saudi arabia right now for a summit with the six-nation gulf cooperation council. the president landed in riyadh a few minutes ago, hoping to also push the saudi king into a possible dialogue with archrival iran. now, we can't show you the
6:39 am
forced american tv crews off the tarmac right before the president landed. it is 6:38. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> we've got a beautiful morning. we got sunshine. here we go, we look from our camera down toward the harbor, statue of liberty, buyon, all the way across to jersey and sandy hook. we can see all the way over there, absolutely gorgeous. today is going to be a beautifully sunny day, low humidities, lots of sun, very dry. we're about two inches short of normal rainfall. we're in need of some of those april showers, but we're not going to get any until maybe friday afternoon. we're looking at clear skies here on the satellite and radar picture, all the way upstate. this bubble of nice high pressure is over the northeast. so we still have this omega block going on, this warm air is trapped down to our south and west. that's going to release and come to us as we go into tomorrow and friday. today sunshine, 55 at 10:00, 58 at noon, 67 this afternoon. some absolute gorgeous weather with temperatures still above normal.
6:40 am
jacket or a sweater. after school 67 degrees. it gets warmer, back into the 70s tomorrow, a shower late friday. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather forecast. heather is looking at what's going on out there this morning. i understand you got your plane reregistered, is that right? >>reporter: i just got it reregistered about five minutes ago. >> that's a good thing. >>reporter: so we're good, we're good to go. and these people right over here, they need a plane because clearly they're having a tough time driving cars. we do have a couple of cars off on the side of the roadway. looks like a small fender bender going on over here. so we'll head over to our maps. i'll tell you where it is. it's on long island and it's on the wantah as you go northbound right near hempsted turnpike, that accident being worked on. the 5 trains, signal problems at pelham parkway. expect some downtown delays as a result. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, they are all running on or close to schedule. 84 going east right near exit 2, that's another accident being cleared away. and then if you are going onto tonnalle circle an accident. street cleaning rules are in we
6:41 am
above in newscopter 7 over the grand central parkway. what did you find for us, shannon? >>reporter: you know, heather, we did find a problem with a disabled vehicle on the side of the grand central on the ramp to the jackie robinson parkway. they made quick work of it. we had a lane closed, everything reopened. not too bad in terms of delays. reporting live over the grand central parkway, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, shannon, thank you. it is 6:40. new this morning a road rage attack on long island that ends with pepper spray and one man in handcuffs. also remember this video of an easter day brawl between shoppers and the easter bunny? well, today both parties will answer to a judge. and a warning for e-
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6:43. new this morning there's an arraignment for a long island man accused of a road rage attack involving pepper spray outside the broadway mall in hicksville. police arrested robert la bellea for assault. they say he cut off a car in the mall parking lot and then he spray the drive and his two children. bystanders jumped to try to subdue labella. police say he fought his way free and then picked up by officers at his home in sea cliff.
6:45 am
easter day bunny brawl in new jersey. are set to appear in court today. the brawl was caught on camera at the newport mall in jersey city. 22-year-old kasim charles dressed as the east ever bunny and 44-year-old juan jimenez guerrero are both charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. guerrero is accused of attacking the bunny after his child fell off his lap. 6:44. a woman suing an e-cigarette manufacturer after she suffers severe burns when one of the devices explodes. katrina williams says she was stoped in her car in queens when something similar to a firecracker went off. her e-cig exploded in her pocket, giving her third-degree burns. now the 26-year-old uses a cane to help her walk and is awaiting surgery. >> i just hope that it doesn't happen to anybody else. at this time i just want to feel better >> wow! williams' attorney says the lawsuit is not about collecting manufacturers and distributors accountable so nobody else gets 6:45. "good morning america" coming up next.
6:46 am
roberts live in times square. robin. >> lori, got breaking news overseas, another earthquake hitting the coast of ecuador this morning where they are still searching for survivors from saturday's deadly quake. our linzi janice is live in ecuador for us this morning. and also ahead we've been following your coverage of the new york primary, big night for the race for the white house. donald trump, hillary clinton both scoring major victories. george and our political team will break it down this morning as we take a look at where the candidates now stand in the race for delegates. and the battle over alexander hamilton and the 10 dollar bill. the treasury department planning, you know, lori, to add a woman to the front of the bill. but after that little broadway show "hamilton," those plans now may be on hold. >> see that? >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >>reporter: who knew? >> who knew? have a great shoavment >>reporter: thank you, lori. 6:46. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> and let's check in with bill who's outside. bill. >>reporter: well, we have a great morning outside. we got a little light northwesterly wind.
6:47 am
you know, it's not a big wind like yesterday's 30, 35 mile per hour winds, so we're going to have a lot of sunshine today. here's what's going on. we take a look from our camera right here on the roof, looking up the hudson river, all the way past the george washington bridge, around the bend there to the palisades, 50 degrees, dry humanity, light northwest wind. the pressure at 30.21 and steady. that's strong high pressure over us. brand new reenforcing high pressure with winds now out of the northwest and it's a bubbled high from canada. so yesterday's high was 73. we'll be a little cooler today. normal high is 63. we're still going to be above our normal afternoon average high. 47 from northport southward towards massapequa. 48 degrees out toward hauppauge. looking at a great morning here. 50 around the five boroughs. now, we're going to be seeing a wind out of the northwest, ; to 12 miles per hour, not nearly as strong as yesterday's wind. still a dry, northwest wind. and things are still dry. fire threat in connecticut today and that's because of the wind and the low humidity. as i was mentioning, we are somewhat two inches short of normal rainfall, so we could use some rain showers around.
6:48 am
they're back to our west. there you see the mississippi valley and out toward the southern plains. we have sunshine today, this is our futurecast, our guidance. you see clouds increase tomorrow evening, really. and then we're going to be looking at showers by afternoon on friday, into friday evening. look at the yellow spots there, the orange spots, that could be a thunderstorm. and then as the front goes by, it clears out friday night and that kicks off what's going to be a great week. and kids at the bus stop. well, there are the huckleberries. you see a jacket or sweater is what you need. 50 in the five boroughs to about 40, 42 north and west. after school some really nice weather, 67 degrees, lots of sun. that's just a little bit warmer than normal for this time of the year. eighth straight day of sunny, dry weather. tomorrow will make nine before the rain gets here. you see the clouds will increase tomorrow and rain is off to our west. so we still got plenty of sun today, just a light northwest breeze, 67 degrees. tonight down to 47, 40 in the suburbs. tomorrow we got sunshine, a great day, the high is going to
6:49 am
clouds increase late in the day. we got a shower or a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon, and then we got sunshine coming for your weekend. 70 on saturday, 66 on monday. a beautiful weekend is coming up. so there you have it. rise and shine. let's get going this morning. everybody is rolling along. nice morning. >> all right, sir. >> thank you, bill. over to heather with another look at the commute. >>reporter: okay. let's talk about what's happening with the 5 trains. signal problems at pelham parkway. expect downtown delays as a result. we're looking at the wantah northbound side right near hempsted turnpike. that's another accident. and on the southern state east at bell more avenue a crash. we also have word that there's an accident on sunrise highway right near the wantah. so big time troubles right in that spot. we do have new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north running on or close to schedule. no major issues there. heading onto 84 eastbound at exit 2, that accident is still with us. and then this problem on
6:50 am
about cleared away. 10 minutes inbound george washington bridge. lincoln is averaging about 20, 25, the holland tunnel is a 15- minute delay. and then going onto 27 north right near finnegans lane in north brunswick, that downed pole still being repaired. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. 6:49. crime scenes unfortunately a common occurrence here in new york. now that familiar crime scene tape getting a bit of a makeover. and a skyscraper set to be
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:52. the nypd is redesigning its crime scene and police scene tapes. the distinctive colors will remain the same. white with blue letters for -- lettering for policing and yellow with black lettering for crime scenes. but the new tape will now include the department's crime stoppers 1-800 phone number. the department plans to use up the inventory of the old tape before switching over to the new design. 6:53. things are looking up in brooklyn, way, way up. see, the city has approved the borough's first 100,000-foot tall tower on dekalb avenue. that is going to be enormous. the 73-story apartment building expected to house shops on the first flier in the disrng dime savings bank of brooklyn. the design for the tower is inspired by the bank and will rise in a hexgonal shape with bronze and black metal fins. construction is expected to
6:54 am
it is 6:53. and your top stories, plus a final check on the weather and your commute when we come turns out lemon juice doesn't cure pink eye. hi. how are you doing today? that's how i am. red head fred. ultra rare. i collect these too. nah, these are for my dog because he can never decide which one he wants until he gets home, so... american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth.
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is it? cleaner than my mouth.
6:56 am
hillary clinton is campaigning today in philadelphia, but she is still beaming over a big win in new york in the primary. >> clinton got just about 58% of the vote to 42% for bernie sanders. the clinton margin of victory was way beyond expectations. today bernie sanders is off the
6:57 am
vermont with his campaign advisers. that is an unusual move coming just days before contests in five northeast states. republican voters in new york gave donald trump the victory. he was looking for it. the frontrunner took 60% of the votes in his home state, making him the only candidate who can clinch the nomination before the convention. governor john kasich was a distant second, followed by ted cruz. and developing right now, a powerful aftershock hits ecuador just days after a deadly earthquake there. this morning 6.1-magnitude tremor is the strongest to hit the ecuadorean coast and shook the weekend. more than 500 people were killed in saturday's quake. another 4,000 are hurt. a crime spree that began nearly a decade ago on staten island has come to an end with the arrest of the so-called ninja bandit. 46-year-old robert costanzo is accused of burglarizing 19 homes back in 2007 and 2008.
6:58 am
including being convicted of rape in 1989 and sexual battery in 1996. he was arrested in connecticut and is due in court on staten island today. and we check once again with heather and the commute. >>reporter: got a little busy all. we'll head right over to our maps and talk to you about what's going on. looks like the subway status remains the same as far as the 5 trains. we do have signal problems at pelham parkway, so you can expect some downtown delays result. and then look at this, three problems out on long island, all in the same area. so the wantan hotter right near hempsted turnpike, that accident involving the vehicles off on the side of the roadway. southern state parkway east at bellemore avenue another accident. sunrise highway east at wantah avenue, another accident is being cleared. so kind of bizarre that they're all in the same spot. 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 40 minutes, the holland tunnel is a 30-minute delay, and i don't -- i can't explain the "r" next to the 30. that is just an extra key stroke that i put in there. >> right turn. >>reporter: we have route 27
6:59 am
brunswick right near finnegans lane, that downed pole. it was an overnight accident, so verizon is out there still trying to repair that pole. so in the meantime you want to try to just take it slow if you normally do take 27. and then tonnale avenue south right near tonnale circle, still working on an accident. not cause ago lot of delays outbound, but the inbound side, that's where you're going to find a lot of those delays. again, street cleaning rules are in effect for today. >> all right. thank you, heather. nice job out of you over there. >>reporter: thank you. >> let's take a look outside. we'll show you what's going on. i got nothing. she got everything today. i got sunshine and beautiful weather, she's got all kinds of stuff going on. i got a calm weather day for you to start out your day, 50 degrees. really nice. 52 at laguardia and 51 at jfk. and islip. and look at toms river, a little chilly there, so grab a jacket or a sweater. later on today temperature also be above normal, 67 degrees, lots of sunshine. tomorrow will be day nine of this sunny, nice dry weather pattern. a few much needed showers,
7:00 am
afternoon, but that clears out of the way friday night. a beautiful weekend is coming up. >> a pause for you >> have a great day. >> very nice. thank you, bill. that'll do it for us. that is the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for waking up with us. we're back in 25 minutes with an update. "good morning america" is up next. have a terrific day, everybody. good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton win big in their home state. >> there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're really, really rockin'. >> trump with a towering victory. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >>'s captures momentum from ted cruz. the billionaire now hoping to


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