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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. it is 6:00. new information about a sexual predator in brooklyn. for the first time we are seeing video of a man police say tried to rain a jogger in prospect park. a cab driver viciously attacked on the job. and hillary clinton takes her campaign for gun safety to connecticut today, meeting with families of the sandy hook shooting. good morning i'm lori stokes.
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>> reporter: a beautiful sunrise today. day 9 of our sunny, dry weather. sunshine headed your way. it is 50 degrees your 6:00 temperature. across long island you see the southwest wind to the south facing shores here. a little cooler down the jersey shore, 30 in toms river. spots inland might have a little frost. we get to 55 by 7:00,ch 67 by noon and 75 this afternoon. it will be nice and sunny and warm. even warmer tomorrow. weather and traffic every 7 minutes. very busy this morning. what is going on with new jersey transit? >> doing just fine. same situation with long island railroad and metro north. subway service is running on or close to l.i.e. westbound near exit 19, wood haven boulevard, we have a disabled vehicle there.
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the dry borough bridge, an overturned -- the triborough bridge, an overturned vehicle. the ramp is closed down because of that. this is the un framework convention on climate change so that is what that closure is all about. street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken back to you. heather thank you. 6:01. new details on a brutal attack inside prospect park. a woman fights off a would-be diana -- rapest. diana rocco has more. >> reporter: the 23-year-old was jogging through the park yesterday when the man came up behind her with a knife. police have just released this sketch and new surveillance he was caught on cameras. he appears to be wearing a
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he was first walking and then jogging down prospect park west and garfield place around the time of the attack. police were here investigating just after 5:00 yesterday morning. police say the woman was running through the park when the man came up behind her. he wrestled her to the ground and tried to assault her. she was able to fight him off and that man fled. this is a very busy park and people want people living here to feel safe but this has joggers looking over their shoulder i don't you think of your park as your own neighborhood ask yourself safe in it so i am surprised. i was wondering and i didn't think about there being an attack so i'm definitely caught off guard. >> reporter: so that woman, the victim here, did suffer a cut to her finger for which she was taken to the hospital and received six stitches. police are taking this attack very seriously. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. live in the prospect park section of brooklyn this
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diana rocco channel 7news. developing right now, in west chester county a cab driver left condition after a knife attack overnight. happened about 1:00 this morning on cedar place in yonkers. and within the last half hour we have learned new information about the violent exchange. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live. >> reporter: it was a very violent and bloody exchange. the victim is a man in his 60s and he was stabbed in his torso area around 1:00 this morning. here's a look at the vehicle he was driving, a black lincoln continental. we know he picked up a fare in one part of town and drove here to cedar place, where the cab driver was robbed and being stabbed. the cab driver was rushed to jacoby medical center, where he is listed in serious but stable condition and he is expected to survive his stab wound. police did recover a knife here at the scene, but the suspect got away. so this morning, police are
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trying to identifying identify that individual who stabbed that cab driver -- to identify that individual who stabbed the cab driver. the cab driver was stabbed in his torso and rushed to jacoby medical center where he is listed in serious condition but will survive. if you have any information, give the police a call. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. dray thank you. presidential candidates are looking ahead to next tuesday's primaries. hillary clinton heads to connecticut today, and she'll meet with family members of the shook massacre. she has a 13 point lead in the polls over bernie sanders. sanders is set to visit pennsylvania today. new york's attorney general has launched an investigation into the voting irregularities
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says his office has received more than 1000 complaints. among the most common from people who fried to vote but were wrongly told they were no longer registered. new york city controllers conducting an audit of the city's election board. mayor de blasio's long campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages is under investigation. the u.s. attorney and manhattan da are questioning fundraising tactics by a politically connected group that wants the ban. the group funneled money into the campaign for one new york. much of that financed an independent campaign to discredit christine quinn, who was running against de blasio in the democratic mayoral primary. meteorologist bill evans with the accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: we have a beautiful sunrise in progress. here's our camera looking back toward midtown manhattan,
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central park, the beautiful sunrise across flushing bay. some spots in the suburbs north and west are chilly this morning. much needed rain, two to two and a half inches short of rainfall around. at noon 67, and 75 this afternoon. 13 degrees warmer than normal. at the bus stop, kiddos in the suburbs need a jacket and a sweater a little on the chilly side. 55 in the five boroughs, and by afternoon after school, these kids will still be here. we have stuck their feet in wet cement. they'll still be there. 75 degrees sunshine. especially her with the pink bow in her hair. >> she is so cute. >> i did that. >> it is a lovely bow. >> yes is that this is first avenue near 42nd industry. there is going to be a lot of action here today, tomorrow and taking a look at the l.i.e. right near casino boulevard traffic is bumper to bumper. we'll head over to our maps. the l.i.e. westbound we have this disabled vehicle, you can see the delay as you make your way into the area of the interchange because of that stall. in addition, we have the rfk triborough bridge ramp. the ramp is closed down as a result. then again these closures on the east side of manhattan near the un. first avenue between 42nd and 48th. closed. all of our mass transit doing great. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. coming up a developing story on long island.
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vehicle overnight. what led to the deadly crash. also ahead, a massive explosion rocks an oil platform, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. the summer olympics, just months away. this is a live picture from greece, where the olympic torch was make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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6:11. welcome back. a last sent a toxic plume of smoke into the air along the southern coast of the gulf of mexico. 2,000 people were forced out of the area. the plant produces a hazardous chemical used to make pvc pipes. the fire is under control. new video giving us a look at what is believed to be the longest drug smuggling tunnel ever discovered. it runs half a mile long underneath the u.s. mexico border and links tijuana to san diego. authorities arrested six people and seized 9 tons of cocaine and marijuana worth $22 million.
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revealing new details about the middle school teacher from newtown, connecticut accused of bringing a gun to school. prosecutors say jason adams was carrying a loaded .45 caliber pistol inside a holster when he was arrested two weeks ago. he did not appear in court at his arraignment yesterday. his attorney filed a not guilty plea to a weapons possession charge. adams had a valid pistol permit, but state law prohibits firearms on campus. 6:12. new governor chris christie stumping for trump. he said in his monthly call in radio show trump will clinch the nomination with the new jersey primary held on the last day of primary vote. >> take it to the bank new jersey will be the one to put him over the top. yes, sir just like we put mitt romney offer the top during the
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we will as a practical matter, put donald trump over the top. he wrapped up his prediction by saying donald trump would get the nomination for governor and then smiled and corrected it and said for president. time to check your accu- weather forecast, bill evans? >> reporter: it is nice out here ken and lori. comfortable, a light wind. a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. even warmer than yesterday. the suburbs chilly but it is going to warm up fast. johnny is looking south from the hudson river all the way down over brooklyn queens. beautiful there, the boat basin all the way down you can see even on the right bayonne, beautiful liberty landing.
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definition. today we start out with beautiful sunny weather here. staten island, that is going to be 25-mile visibility, all the way out to sandy hook, new jersey. looking good. thank you john. temperatures are warming up fast. 75 degrees, a high this afternoon, 8 degrees warmer than normal. southwest wind, dry humidity, above our normal mark of fair above our normal mark of fair weather. warmer today. we have a dangerous fire threat, a couple of showers tomorrow afternoon, beautiful weekend coming. so today if you notice something going on with the old nose and the sinuses, it is tree pollen, busting out everywhere. birch is coming out, oak next week, maple, juniper, poplar,
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30 at toms river, a little on the chilly side. a little wind out of the southwest here. today clear skies, sunshine. you go all the way back to the ohio valley and you'll see we have clouds coming our way. really they come in tonight. maybe a few clouds this afternoon. the showers with that are going to come in tomorrow afternoon. you see tonight the clouds increase on our guidance. the first showers tomorrow around 10:00, really get going at 1:00 in the afternoon. in this there might abe pop-up shower. not looking at a whole lot of rain. overnight a shower going out to connecticut to sag harbor, the twin forks early saturday. everybody in sunshine. not looking at a lot of rain, tenths coming in tomorrow afternoon and then we clear out. after school today, i give it an a. sunshine, 75 after school. a warmer wind tomorrow we'll
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sunny weather coming to an end tomorrow with showers. much needed showers. 75 today, cloudy, 59 tonight. tomorrow we have sun and clouds to start the day, showers in the afternoon. maybe a pop-up thunderstorm and then we beautiful day saturday. sunshine, 70. 64 on sunday. much needed rain might come in monday afternoon. there you have it, getting on the subway, getting on the bus. making a compute, grab a jacket, have a great day. thank you billy. it is 6:17. heather, here's a check on the commute. >> things are starting to look up at the lincoln tunnel. a 30-minute delay, a stall has been cleared away. john del giorno is looking at the lincoln tunnel. >> reporter: this disabled vehicle was cleared up. traffic on the south moving really slow. there was a stalled vehicle
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blocked a lane and it did a job here inbound at the lincoln. delays now about 30 minutes all the way back out to the new jersey turnpike. if you are headed this direction, definitely allow a few extra minutes. heather? >> thank you john. the holland tunnel 5 minute. the lincoln is a 30 minute delay. the crossbronx westbound with an accident. as you travel through the crossbronx, getting underneath the apartments onto the george washington bridge outbound you are doing okay. l.i.e. exit 19 an accident. the accident has been cleared away. rfk ramp to the grand central parkway overturned vehicle. that ramp is closed down. street cleaning rules in effect for today. 6:18. the rangers looking for a win to tie their playoff series against the penguins.
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down 2-1. game four tonight at the garden. islanders series tied at two. home ice advantage, the panthers won 2-1. the series goes back to florida for game five tomorrow. syracuse university is remembering one of its all time greatest basketball stars, dwayne pearl washington died yesterday after a long battle with brain cancer. washington went from the playgrounds to being one of coach. >> jim: 's standouts -- coach jim's standout. such a shame. attacked in her home, an elderly woman becomes the victim of a home invasion. what she did to try to convince the robber to leave her alone.
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high-tech tools to new york city students. facebook rolls out a new group calling feature. >> messengers can put together free audio calls for up to 12 participants. and it is the end of the road for the xbox 360. microsoft will stop making the iconic gaming system which sold more than 8 million units over the past 10 years. and the u.s. air force has a new speed record, 633 miles per hour. >> very cool stuff. the super cooled magnets kept the sled above the tracks. some japanese passenger trains
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u.s. stocks fall their third straight day. 18096 the dow. overseas japan and hong kong added 2%. volkswagen says it has the framework of a $1 billion deal. and just in time to beat a court deadline, it offers to buy back some of the 600,000 vehicles it built that spew out 40 times the allowable limit of pollution. it will offer to repair the cars and some drivers will be offered compensation. amazon flecking its book selling muscle this morning. it wouldn't a 3-year deal to provide ebooks to new york city schools. new york is the nation's largest school district and the deal is worth an estimated $30 million. it is also a major advance for amazon, breaking into the lucrative school market with digital textbooks that can be delivered and updated over the internet. now an eyewitness news exclusive.
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old woman who was attacked and held hostage in her own bronx home. the victim says she is not comfortable being home alone after the attack. a man grabbed her in the stairwell and pushed her inside her apartment. and then started to choke her i don't all i was thinking i hope he doesn't kill me. and i see my children and grandchildren again. >> the man took all the cash the woman had but still wouldn't leave. she even made her attacker a he was there for more than two hours. the victim plans to move upstate to live with her daughter while she recovers. the olympic torch begins its journey today to brazil for the 2016 summer games in rio. the ceremony got underway. the iconic torch is lit by a
6:26 am
sun focused in a concave mirror in ancient olympia. the birthplace of the games. the flame will be carried to brazil by a series of relay runners. >> i got chills. >> right? 6:25. 24 hours after a woman is nearly raped in prospect park, new clues in the search for her attacker. also a fire jumps from home to home in one long island neighborhood, even sparking a brush fire. we have new video of the intense battle to stop the flames. and remembering a wrestling legend, details on the sudden death overnight of china. meteorologist bill evans will be back with your exclusive accu-weather forecast.
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developing on long island, an suv slams into four people, leaving one woman dead. hear what may have distracted the victims from noticing the oncoming car. and with the stroke of a pen today the mayor will dramatically change the way people interact with costumed characters in times square. good morning i'm lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato. today we start off with sunshine, a beautiful sunrise in progress. 59 the street south and fifth avenue, central park.
6:31 am
up the river valley, 39 in around over. -- in west orange. frost, clear skies and a calm wind have allowed the temperatures to dropoff. 67 by noon. 75 this afternoon, 12 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. rain coming, much needed. we'll talk about that next in your accu-weather forecast, as well as a look at the weekend. heather? >> reporter: l.i.e. metro north doing just fine. subway services also running on or close to schedule .10 minutes inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 30 minutes. the holland tunnel that is a 20- minute delay. we are also looking here at the crossbronx expressway west at the sheridan and then we have this problem on the beltway, news copter 7 is up above this incident.
6:32 am
is that correct john del giorno? >> -- it involves a food cart, is that correct john del giorno? >> reporter: that is true. as you said westbound side of the belt just before exit 5, which is bay parkway, what we have down here is an overturned breakfast cart. the tow truck pulled up on the scene but you can see the cart overturned. right lane is blocked. delays go back at least to coney island avenue coming in toward the verrazano aallow extra time while -- allow extra time while this is being cleaned up. 6:32. for the first time this morning we are seeing video and a sketch of a man suspected of trying to rain a woman in prospect park. diana rocco live in brooklyn with the story. diana? >> reporter: ken good morning. police are searching for that predator this morning after he followed a 23-year-old jogger into this park with a knife.
6:33 am
but this is what he looks like. police have just released a new sketch of the man and new video. he was caught on surveillance in nearby buildings. he is first seen walking then jogging down prospect park west by garfield place, around the time of the attack. police were here for the better part of the afternoon yesterday investigating. just after 5:00, the woman was jogging when the man came up behind her with a knife. she was able to fight him off. runners say it is usually the same group of people running and they see a lot of police in the park, even at early hours. >> usually a lot of runners and it is kind of the same group of people we see each other every morning. >> i feel safe because i see people frequently so you kind of look out for each other and
6:34 am
>> reporter: the female victim was taken to the hospital with a cut to her finger. she got six stitches for that but it appears she is going to be okay. police are taking this very seriously. asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. 6:33. developing this morning one person is dead three people hurt, after a driver slammed into a group of people this is new video of the scene on linden avenue. the driver of an suv hit them, killing a woman. one of the victims was on a bicycle at the time. two women and a man were hurt. no charges have been filed. a massive fire is smoldering in suffolk county this morning and firefighters are standing by, checking for hot spots.
6:35 am
in a community hit hard by superstorm sandy. the flames were fueled by bone dry conditions and high winds off the water. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the heat was so intense it melted the siding on homes across the street. >> it just flew right through the whole house. >> reporter: it was a big fire right? >> it was high and melted these houses. it was unbelievable how the heat was so hot. >> embers from the burning homes were carried across the canal and started a secondary fire in the county parkland on indian island. we now know the name of two men killed in a freak ambulance accident on long island. the driver and the patient died
6:36 am
an overpass on the southern state parkway. larson had just received a heart and kidney transplant and was being taken to a rehab at that silt. police are investigating if speed was a factor. the presidential candidates are back on the trail today, fanning out across several states, primaries. donald trump fresh off his win in his home state has a rally tonight in harrisburg, pennsylvania. he is hoping to add the state's 71 delegates. although an internal memo shows the campaign expects to collect man more than the required 1237 to win the nomination out right. ted cruz begins his day in maryland and onto the indiana state dinner tonight. the hoosier state goes to the polls may 3rd. john kasich has a town recall
6:37 am
bernie sanders will host town halls in scranton. in connecticut, meeting with family members of the sandy hook shootings. morning, presidential candidate hillary clinton sits down for a town hall style event with stephanopolous. tune in to good morning america right after eyewitness news this morning. mayor de blasio will change the rules today for the costume characters in times square. at 10:30 this morning the mayor will sign the new city council bill to restrict the use of the city's pedestrian plazas. the change was brought on by at appearance of topless women and costumed customers giving tourists a hard time. gop lawmakers could move to partially fund president obama's request. the republican-led appropriations panel votes today on a possible 1 .1
6:38 am
research and virus counter measures. the president had asked for almost double that amount. weather and traffic every 7 minutes. >> reporter: we are looking downtown. a beautiful morning here. the statue of liberty on the right. looks great, ellis island, beautiful today. great at one world trade all the way down to sandy hook, new jersey. a beautiful morning here, very sunny. fifth avenue, 432 park, and then the next tallest building is on the way up. 50 degrees, looking at sunshine today. clear skies today, a few clouds to the west come in, mostly these clouds come in this evening and this shower activity comes in tomorrow afternoon. we might have a thunderstorm. today our ninth day of sunny, dry weather. 64 by 11:00. 75 by 3:00.
6:39 am
kiddos for school today, 75 with sunshine. just a jacket or sweat they are morning. by afternoon it is going to be great and after school weather will be beautiful. tomorrow a shower. what would you put in the backpack for lunch today? and what did i? >> what did you throw in there? >> i don't make their lunches. >> no? >> you think i wake up at 2:00 in the morning and make lunches. huh-uh. that is what daddy is for. all right of here is the l.i.e. right near ca nino boulevard. traffic is bumper to bumper. let's go over to our maps and talk about the subways. the 2 and the 5 trains with service, changes and suspensions possible in the longwood section of the bronx because of some emergency activity there. l.i.e., new jersey transit metro north running on or close to schedule. 30 at the lincoln, earlier stall cleared away.
6:40 am
and the crossbronx near the sheridan expressway, another accident being cleared away. we still have this issue on the belt parkway west, the overturned breakfast cart or lunch cart whatever they were planning on serving. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. a crime spree targeting taxi drivers and riders. still ahead, video of the suspects involved in more than a dozen robberies. a big celebration across the pond. find out what is planned for the queen's 90th birthday.
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we are just pulling up over the scene here and the facade collapse wasn't huge but it was enough to cause concern. the fire department arrived here at 1230 southern boulevard and did confirm a portion of a
6:44 am
buildings collapsed down onto the sidewalk. they did a further inspection of the building and found one of the floors was bowing. it looked like one of the floors was under duress. so they have suspended the subway service for obvious reasons. you can see the elevated tracks run directly adjacent to the scene, the fire department is parked underneath the train tracks, but we have street closures here first of all. you can see the activity down on southern boulevard. the mta notified us 2 and 5 trains are currently suspended between 180th street and 149 street. that is a significant suspension coming through this area. of course we'll stay overhead and bring you another update before the end of the show. john del giorno eyewitness news. 6:44. a break in the case of a deadly hit and run in suffolk county. a press conference is scheduled to announce the arrest of a man
6:45 am
at rest comes after police released video of the suspected video, a dark-colored ford explorer. the victim was warren carson. police say men in this surveillance video have struck 14 times in the last month and a half. the most recent 20 days ago when they stole more than $1000 in cash from a man getting out of a cab in richmond hill. in total they have gotten away with more than $5700, along with credit cards and electronics. >> it is shocking you know? it is a crazy city. you have to be careful you know, walking around. you just have to protect yourself. >> scary, dangerous and you know, you have always got to be prepared, be cautious and keep your eyes open. >> reporter: police say along with cab riders the men have targeted drivers and cab
6:46 am
shifts. in every incident the men are armed with a gun. 6:45. "good morning america" is coming up next. amy robak is live in times square. >> reporter: coming up next on "gma," we have a special edition of "good morning america." hillary clinton is joining us fresh off the big victory here in new york. and she is ready to take all of your questions live. then the latest in the battle against the zika virus. scientists hoping to genetically modify mosquitoes, why the plan is raising so much concern among florida residents. and former red sox pitcher curt schilling making headlines. he was fired by espn after sharing an offensive post on social media. all the details on that. busy day here. >> that is a big broadcast, thank you. 6:46.
6:47 am
studios on the upper west side. sir? >> reporter: beautiful morning, light wind, sunshine, great start. little on the chilly side but it will warm up fast today. grab your jackets and sweaters and sunglasses. a lot of sunshine. our live picture here from brooklyn looking over toward 1 world trade. 50 degrees, dry humid. normal 63, we are going to be even more above that today. west this morning. warmer today, a warm southwest wind that could create more in the way of a fire threat. a lot of isolated fires the last couple of days. today is another risk of that until we get showers. another beautiful weekend, coming up. 37 in kingston.
6:48 am
a light wind out of the southwest. the wind will fire up, as a warm, dry wind. frost to the north and west. clear skies and sunshine. we'll have a lot of that today. that is why you need your sunglasses today. the front is rather weak. it is part of the front that brought all the rain to houston. a couple of showers in there tomorrow, overnight there might be a spotty thunderstorm that comes up, there you see the showers overnight into early saturday morning and we clear out after 7:00 saturday morning and we have lots of sunshine. you'll see on our computer guidance as far as rainfall goes, looking at tenths here with the rain. 2, 2 and a half inches short of rainfall. sunshine after school kiddos, 75 degrees, going to be absolutely wonderful. a warm day today. even warmer tomorrow. going to be 78 before the front
6:49 am
the afternoon. 75 today, cloudy, 59 tonight. comfortable tomorrow. you'll need your rain gear in the afternoon for after school and the evening commute as we are going to have a shower, maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. we clear out, beautiful weekend coming upch 70 on -- coming up. 70 on saturday. temperatures above normal next week. ninth straight day of sunny, dry weather. >> perfect. over to heather for a check of the commute. 2 and 5 trains suspended between east 180th and grand concourse. l.i.e., metro north running close to schedule. 20 minutes inbound george washington. lincoln 45, the holland is a 30 minute delay. crossbronx westbound an accident being cleared. we have very heavy delays for you as you come onto the cross
6:50 am
then we are looking at the belt parkway westbound, an overturned coffee cart being cleared away. and if you look here underneath the commuter alert banner, delays heading onto the outbound southbound side. the bqe getting into the split because of an accident that is in the process of being cleared away. and triborough overturned vehicle, the ramp is closed down. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken, lori, over to you. heather thank you. coming up the sudden death
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:52 now. welcome back. we learned overnight that former wwe champion china has died. she died yesterday afternoon in her home in southern california. there were no signs of foul play, but an official cause of death has not been released. klein was the first woman to win the intercontinental championship. fans have taken to her facebook page to remember the legend where a post calls her a real life hero. she was 45 years old. 6:53. celebrations are underway across the respond as queen elizabeth turns 90 years old today.
6:54 am
with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, holding princess charlotte on her lap. the portraits were taken by famed photographer annie liebovitz. a live look now ahead of the 41-gun salute in honor of the queen. >> we have it. >> for a second. >> in hyde park in london. >> a beautiful family too. really is. 6:53. top stories when we come back.
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6:57 am
t in the bronx subway suspensions and evacuations near an unstable building. >> let's get the latest from john del giorno. john? >> reporter: lori, ken, we have been keeping up with the story. the fire department was first called here about a half hour ago. this is the intersection of southern boulevard and freeman street in the section of the bronx. they responded to a reported of a facade collapse. the fire department did enter the building. what they found is that some construction joints on the second floor of the building under construction, those joints are flecking and bowing and -- flexing and bowing. and now the streets are closed down. they have ordered the evacuation of adjacent apartment buildings directly
6:58 am
we have been watching the fire department take residents out of their homes. you see the police tape up across the front of the building. so these residents have been evacuated. there are no injuries here. we have the local street closures, finally the transit aspect to this. with that building unstable number 2 and number 5 service on the train tracks directly across the street from the construction site, that subway is suspended. not running between east 180th street and the grand concourse in the bronx. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john thank you. police in west chester are looking for the man with a blade who attacked a livery cab driver overnight. dray clark has that story dray? >> reporter: good morning guys. the cab driver is a machine in his 60s and he was stabbed in his torso area around 1:00 this morning. here's a look at the vehicle he was driving, a black lincoln continental.
6:59 am
of town and drove here to cedar place, where police say the cab driver was robbed and stabbed. the driver was rushed to jacoby medical center, where he is in serious but stable condition and expected to survive. police did recover a knife at the scene but are still looking for that suspect. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. all right dray thank you. let's talk about what is happening on long island. we have an accident going southbound near crooked little road. over to our maps, we just heard john del giorno talking about the 2 and 5 trains. emergency activity continues in the bronx near freeman street. l.i.e., new jersey transit, metro north are all running close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. we have a beautiful day in progress. all you have to do is look out
7:00 am
wall street, 50 degrees. 51 laguardia, 48 jfk. mid-30s to the north and west. 32 down the jersey shore. later on today lots of sunshine, we get to 75 degrees, that is 12 degrees warmer than normal. tomorrow a pop-up shower and a beautiful weekend is coming up. have a great day. all right. thank you bill. that will do it for us, i'm lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato, more news and weather coming up in 25 minutes. good morning, america. donald trump. >> i'm millions of votes ahead, millions, millions of votes ahead of lyin' ted. >> taking on ted cruz as he tries to lock down the gop nomination and promising the


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