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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 22, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> you think back to your childhood and there's that whole michael jackson, prince thing and it's our generation, it's our era. music wouldn't be the same without it. our city wouldn't be the same without it. you think of the state of minnesota, one of the first things you think of is prince. purple rain >> amazing. no matter what you think of prince he just moved us whether it was to sing or dance or smile. >> often to do both. >> exactly.
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wi developing at 4:30 an intense fire forcing people out of their homes overnight. we are live in medford with the dramatic video. >> police release pictures and details about the duo wanted for a mugging in central park. they may be behind another violent attack. >> the tributes continue to pour in as the music world honors prince. we are live in harlem. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it's friday, april 22nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> here is bill evans. >> we start off warm for the overnight hours, 65. the normal high is about 63. well, we are looking at 61 around teterboro. 66, cooler on the coastal
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islip and some of the numbers inland will be 52 at morristown. we could have a pop-up shower or thunderstorm at 4:00 where the temperature gets close to 80. weekend coming up. we are taking a look at the l.i.e. in suffolk county near route 112. we have construction that is going on in this spot, not delays. just a truck pushing everybody on the right-hand side. this is the westbound side. then you have a heavy delay in queens. you can see the delay into kissena boulevard. then up to atlantic avenue with construction. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori, over to you. heather, thank you. developing this morning a raging fire destroyed a suffolk county condo complex overnight. diana rocco is live on the scene in medford with the latest. diana. >> reporter: lori, good morning. several families are left
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you can see what is left of their condo building after a fast-moving fire overnight. the fire department has been called back here to extinguish hot spots even though the fire is now, for the most part, out. fire marshals and fire arson investigators have been called to the scene to see how this started. it happened before midnight last night. medford fire department was called to the blue ridge condo complex, unit 398. units were met with heavy fire that spread to four units and made its way through the roof. flames were dozens of feet high. you can see how hot it got and how high it was. everyone was successfully evacuated by police and the arriving firefighters. multiple fire departments were called in. it took nearly two hours to put out the fire. police and suv if he can fire were called to the scene to
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several families are trying to pick up the pieces as investigators try to determine how this started. diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. an iconic singer with a music career spanning more than three decades is being remembered for his contributions. he kept the music coming days before his death with a concert in atlanta last week. an autopsy will be performed later today to determine how he died. dray clark is in harlem where fans gathered for a contribute. >> reporter: prince is the marquee name outside the apollo theater. at this early morning hour you can hear his music at 125th street where fans are gathering for a contribute to the late
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this is how it looked outside the apollo theater last night. fans held an impromptu dance party and it was about prince and dancing to the hits. and in brooklyn, an enlarger crowd. several thousand people singing and dancing in the streets outside speak lee studios in fort greene. many fans came dressed in purple which is said to be prince's favorite color. prince died yesterday at his home near minneapolis. he was only 57 years old and easily one of the greatest artists of all times. his music is time less and legacy everlasting. >> a sad occasion but at the same time a celebration. it's important that we honor prince and remember how many lives he actually touched. >> there is not anyone who can replace prince. one of a kind, one of a kind. >> back here live outside the a pop low, you can see the
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candles and a purple boa around those candles and several pictures. this is what it has been like all night long. the crowd is not as large as it was last night but nonetheless you can still see it's a party atmosphere and it's 4:30 in the morning. prince performed at the apollo many times. his last performance in the city was march 18th when he held a private concert in the meat backing district. it was at that time that he revealed to the crowd that he was in the process of writing a memoir titled the beautiful ones which is named after one of his famous songs. a lot of love for prince, not just here in new york city but around the world. we lost a giant in the music industry yesterday. live in harlem, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> sure did. thank you. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for updates on the investigation into the death of prince. remembrances across the country. 2020 is dedicating its full
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you can watch it on channel 7 and on the watch abc app at 10:00 p.m. suspects in a violent robbery in central park are linked to a second attack. these are new pictures of the two suspects who might be teenagers. they are accused of following a 73-year-old man into his home on the upper east side early monday morning. they apparently -- throat tend him with a knife. we have another vicious pit bull attack, the second in two weeks in nutley, news channel. the latest attack had a pit bullying after a smaller dog. the large loose dog went after yvette king's dog. the small dog suffered serious injuries. >> he is injured in his ear. he is injured on his shoulder, under his neck, on the top of
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the doctor said he is fortunate that he didn't lose his eye. >> two weeks ago a baby girl in a stroller was attacked by a put bull and needed 70 stitches to close the wounds. this new attack, the pit bull was living in nutley on a trial basis after an attack in midland park. the presidential candidates are packing agendas ahead of next tuesday's five primaries. clinton lead a discussion about gun violence in hartford, connecticut. she will use everything in her power if she is elected president to push through gun reform laws. meanwhile, bernie sanders campaign in pennsylvania telling supporters that he believes that he can still win the nomination if enough supporters get out and vote next tuesday. meanwhile, donald trump continues to call for his g.o.p. rivals to drop out of the race but they are refusing least right now.
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won't have enough delegates to secure the nomination. john kasich is refusing to drop out although he is a distant third and kasich is pinning his hopes on the possibility of a contested convention. kasich will look for ways to make an impact on voters in connecticut when he hosts a town hall. >> lori, it's friday. isn't that good. >> it's 4:38. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> a look from our camera in brooklyn to one world trade and around bowling green, wall street area there, the bowery down to the battery, looking at clear skies, a beautiful morning. temperatures are mild. well, this morning as we look across the park here to midtown, 65-degree temperatures. we are starting out warm. it will be around 64 at 8:00. 70 10:00. noontime 74. 78 this afternoon to 80 degrees. and then we get pop-up showers and a thunderstorm through the evening commute and took tonight. we will talk more about that
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it's weather and traffic every seven minutes. >> l.i.e. near the sagtikos, the right northbound side at atlantic avenue, bumper-to-bumper volume because of construction. new jersey transit, metro north on or close to schedule. 6 trains track work downtown express until 5:00 a.m. d and e express work with ongoing track work. george washington bridge some construction. same with the lincoln and holland tunnels. george washington bridge inbound lower level is closed. outbound 495 as well. street cleaning rules in effect. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a tragedy on campus. the deadly attack on a teenager
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classmate is being questioned this morning. >> the fbi is hinting how much iphone.
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a family of a patient killed in an ambulance accident on long island is speaking out. the ambulance slammed into an overspas wednesday on the southern state parkway. the accident killed the driver and a patient. james larson had survived three transplant surgeries and just
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the ambulance was transporting larson from the hospital to a rehab center to finish his recovery. he was leaving the hospital for the first time in 15 months. >> he was fine, great, off the oxygen and eating solids and he was eating again and he was readily to -- ready to go home. >> an autopsy is being performed on the ambulance driver, larry fuller of queens. an emt riding in the back of the ambulance suffered a broken leg and a concussion. a man who landed a gyrocopter on the lawn of the capitol building in washington was sentenced to 120 days in prison. douglas hughes from florida was sentenced yesterday. he was caught on camera driving his gyrocopter landing at the capitol. he flew the aircraft to deliver a message about campaign finance restrictions. he said he would not do it
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let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning. how about we take a look from the george washington bridge, shall we. across the hudson river, there is the plaza on the fort lee side and over to the west side looking to the east with a beautiful sunrise. down the jersey shore, looking pretty, down the beach from asbury park down through monmouth and ocean county, 23 miles here. great visibility. temperatures are a comfortable 63, 64 to start the day. 65 in central park. low humidity, calm wind. pressure is falling, still falling. it will rise as we get into the overnight hours. it will be falling because a cold front is approaching us from the west. this high pressure is leaching. yesterday 73. normal 64. it will be warmer today. we will have a pretty sunrise at 6:06. 64 kingston and poughkeepsie, newburgh. 57 armonk to norwalk. 56 long island.
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see how it warms up in the inland areas like poughkeepsie and west orange and coastal sections near the south facing shores will be cooler. you can see the wind profiles from the south to southwest this morning. that is the direction of the wind. a couple of sprinkles to the north. this is like what is ahead of this front in the overnight hours with the clouds and warm air. the rain that is coming today is back here to the west. there is not a lot of it. it will be hit and miss. at 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. we are around 64, 63 degrees. by the afternoon, 77 at 5:00. 1 or 2 pop-up showers show up on the guidance. then a few tonight. if you are out and about this evening and tonight it's not a wash out but you could run into out overnight. we start with clouds on saturday. by afternoon we clear out and the temperatures will be around 70 degrees.
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weather comes to an end. we will be seeing brightening skies tomorrow and a lot of sunshine. it's breezy and warm today. a shower or thunderstorm starting around 3:00, 4:00 into tonight ending after midnight. it clears out and gets a little cooler after an early shower or clouds and sunshine. temperature 69 degrees r. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will have sunshine in the sunday 64. then we bounce back up to 70s next week. monday back to 72. so, we will be hovering around the upper 60s to around 70 which is warmer than normal for this time of the year. we will be looking at nice weather into next week. a shot of an afternoon thunderstorm on tuesday which is needed and normal. >> we do need rain, don't we? >> we need rain. we are 2 1/2 inches short and we have a fire threat.
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let's check in with heather o'rourke. it's killing people's allergies as well. we need the rain to wash that stuff away. >> that's why we really need it. >> let's talk about mass transit. long island railroad, extra service for the holiday starting at 1:49 p.m. until 3:40. new jersey transit, metro north on or close to schedule. 6 trains track work downtown expressway 42nd -- express 42nd. d trains express 145 to fordham. e trains express to forest hills and queens l.i.e. through suffolk county near the sagtikos they are in the process of clearing up construction there. it's causing a delay. l.i.e. by kissena boulevard it looks better than it was earlier. then we have the delay b.q.e. north up to atlantic avenue with construction. streit cleaning rules are in effect today. the parents of five special needs students on long island
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nothing after learning a teacher was accused of abusing students. they say their children were subjected to years of physical, verbal and sexual abuse at the long beach middle school. their teacher, lisa whites man and two teaching assistants are accused of striking the children, restraining them with zip ties, spraying are sole in their faces and longing them in their bathroom. a new problem for customers that want to sue ashley madison. they are suing because the web site was hacked and the personal information of 32 million customers became public. the judge says the 42 people suing can't do so anonymously. he said the possible catastrophic consequences of personal and professional of going public did not merit a special shield for their identities.
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senseless death of a delaware teenager allegedly at the hands of her classmates. hundreds gathered for a vigil for amy joiner. investigators say the sophomore died after a vicious beating in the bathroom at a wilmington high school yesterday morning. >> she was fighting a girl and then that's when all these other girls started banking her. >> what? >> banking, like jumping her. she hit her head on a sink. >> she was rushed to a hospital by helicopter. doctors could not save her. the fight may have been over a boy and that it's possible one or more students recorded joyner's killing on their cell phones. the fbi may have paid more than a million dollars to hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino's terrorists. when asked how much they paid, james comey said the price was
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remaining time he has in his job. according to fbi figures, he will make $1.3 million over the next seven years. he said the payment was worth it. the third party was paid to break the phone after apple refused to help. coming up on "eyewitness news this morning," it's earth day. hitch a ride with a freebie in new york city. how you can get a great deal and also help the environment. >> if cabs are a part of your commute, you may notice a key
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what may be removed to help we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers.
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and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many.
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citi bike is offering free rentals for every new yorker. new york city is marking the first car free earth day. sign up online and you will receive a code to redeem your free ride at any citi bike station. let's check in with bill evans and the forecast for the weekend. >> clear skies, beautiful
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this is the view from the beach at asbury park. astoria looking southward to the 59th street brifnlt over the next seven hours, temperatures are starting around 63 which is the normal high temperature. we will get into the low 70s, mid-70s by lunchtime. woodmere sunshine and clouds, 68 by 11:00. we will be warming up with the south, southwest wind coming up getting us to 80. a shower or two this evening. we will talk about the rest of the weekend coming up. >> we have the b.q.e. behind me northbound side up to atlantic avenue. you can see the volume because of the ongoing construction that they do. then we head to the maps and talk to you about mass transit. if you are planning on using long island railroad to get home today, 1:49 to 3:40 they will provide extra service. 6 trains track work 42nd to the
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cleared away in about four to five minutes. d and e trains track work. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today citywide. not a bad day to get out there and move your car. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. this morning we are seeing video of the robber that police say is targeting dunkin donut stores in queens. the suspect is accused of even hitting the same dunkin donuts twice in less than two weeks. you can see the man taking cash from the register at a dunkin donuts in jamaica estates last thursday. the same day he robbed another dunkin donuts a mile away. a man was struck and killed crossing the street in a busy shopping district on long island. newscopter 7 was over the place. police are still investigating. some small animals are making their debut at the bronx
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lemers born last month can be seen in the madagascar exhibit. they can be hard to spot because they really cling tightly to their mom miss. the bronx zoo has six different lemer species. >> they are adorable. all babies are cute. all right. here is a story near and dear to my heart. >> yes. >> the national spelling bee will have a new sting for >> no. >> organizers don't like that the competition ended in a tie for the past two years so, they say the championship rounds will last longer and the words will be harder. instead of just 25 words for the final two or three spellers, there will be 75 words. >> i'm still not over it.
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how many years ago? how many decades ago. second grade. new york state spelling bee. the word was prestigious. i misspelled it because they mispronounced it. a dozen people are displaced after a massive fire ripped through a condo complex. we are live at the scene. >> we are remembering the life of prince.
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good morning. several people are displaced after a massive fire gutted a complex in suffolk county overnight. we are live on the scene. >> remembering the life and legacy of prince this morning. >> shortly after word of his death people started dancing in the streets to share the love they had for him. a live look at the apollo theater in harlem. the celebration of prince's life continues. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> thank you for joining us, i'm ken rosato. it's friday, april 22nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive forecast. >> clear skies, very warm temperatures in the overnight hours. 65 degrees. wow. that his the 5:00 a.m.
5:02 am
massapequa and north port 60. 54 east hampton. south facing shores are cooler. newark 63. poughkeepsie is 60. these numbers are way warm. 73 by 1:00 to 77 to 80 later on this afternoon. notice 3:00, 5:00 a shower and a thunderstorm could pop up. get ready for that. nine straight days, heather, of sunny dry weather comes to an end later today. what is going on with the trains. >> we will talk about long island railroad. they are providing extra service, 1:49 to 3:30 p.m. for the holiday. doing fine. b.q.e. coming up through brooklyn and you make your way into the brooklyn bridge. we have ongoing construction over here. the left lane is blocked off. you can see the brooklyn bridge in the middle of the screen, looking great into manhattan. trying to get there is the tough part. i got word that we have issues on the d trains.
5:03 am
service between 145th to fordham was because of track work. george washington bridge inbound lower level has been reopened. outbound under the apartments the construction has been cleared. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. developing this morning, fierce flames destroyed a suffolk county condo complex overnight. >> several people lost literally everything in the blaze. diana rocco is live on the scene in medford. diana? >> reporter: ken and lori, good morning. a dozen residents are homeless this morning. this is what is left of one of the units here. it went up quickly overnight. firefighters just returned to the scene to put out hot spots. one of the buildings in this complex has been completely destroyed. that fire quickly spread to another. this is how high and intense the flames got overnight. the fire started after midnight on the second floor of one of these units in the blue ridge condominiums. the flames grew quickly
5:04 am
it took about two hours to put out by the time they were able to get control of one of the buildings. it quickly spread to another. they needed help from five other fire departments to get a hold of this. residents were evacuated standing and watching from the street. here is what the fire chief had to say a few moments ago. >> a heavy fire load activating mutual aid an then it went quickly to an exterior attack for our safety. >> reporter: was everyone able to get out. >> everyone got out safely prior to our arrival. >> reporter: at least 12 displaced residents. we were able to speak to some of the people who were displaced from all of this. they say they were able to get back in and take some of their belongings but it will will be some time before they are able to see how badly the damage is here. we will have much more coming up at 5:30. live in medford, diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
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icon. prince died suddenly at the age near minneapolis. >> fans were all night outside of the first avenue nightclub featured in purple rain as well as at the apollo in harlem honoring the man who gave the world a unique sound and filled minnesota with a lot of pride. >> no word on the cause death. he was found unresponsive inside an elevator inside his estate 20 miles outside of minneapolis. last week there were reports that prince suffered flu-like symptoms. an autopsy will be performed today. dray clark will have a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: welcome to harlem, usa, where the legend lived, the legend that is prince. there are people here outside the apollo theater where there is a contribute and memorial for the late artist. you can see people standing
5:06 am
it's a festive atmosphere and it has been like that since word came down that prince passed away unexpectedly. all of his fans want to do something to celebrate his life. reporter: the streets of fort greene were filled with the sounds of prince. hundreds crowded in front of spike lee studios. they celebrated the life of a music icon. fans gathered to sing, dance and remember a musician who truly broke the mold. >> such a prolific artist die, you see the effect and reach of the music around the world this is what it sounds like when doves cry . >> reporter: prince died yesterday morning at his home near minneapolis. he was 57 years old, born
5:07 am
career that spanned more than three decades and left an indelible mark on pop culture. the impact of his death was felt across new york city. brooklyn borough hallways lit in his signature color, purple, a color many fans had in his honor. at the apollo theater, fans gather under a marquee dedicated to prince for an impromptu dance party. >> this is deep to my heart. i am sad that he is gone. >> magical. nobody is like him. >> reporter: back live outside the apollo theater, party over here, party over there. even at 5:00 in the morning, sounds of prince. that is a jam with prince and
5:08 am
a festive, festive environment where people are mourning but at the same time celebrating this man who was just an unbelievable artist. we should note behind the scenes he was an incredible humanitarian. he gave a million dollars to the harlem children zone. another quarter million to an uptown dance academy and he performed here at the apollo theater many times. he was an unbelievable individual not only on the stage but off the stage as well. live in harlem where there is a party hang right now. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> >> thank you very much, dray. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for updates on the investigation into the death of prince and remembrances happening across our country. "good morning america" will pick up our coverage at 7:00. new this morning police need your help to find a gang of robbers behind two violent attacks. take a look at the video from ozone park.
5:09 am
the face with a rock. when they had him on the ground they beat him senselessly. the victim is in critical condition. a day earlier police say they beat another man at glenn more avenue and 76th street. we have new video police want you to see following the violent home invasion of a grandmother in the bronx. police are looking for this man. they say he forced the 84-year- old woman in her apartment and held her hostage for 2 1/2 hours. she told her story to eyewitness news describing how he choked her and stole more than $300. she served him a meal to try to get him to leave and offered him win before he would leave her home. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. >> new york city board of election clerk has been suspended amid reports that tens of thousands of voters were turned away from polling sites during the primary. the board says brooklyn chief
5:10 am
suspended without pay pending an the administration of voter rolls. city controller and state attorney general's office are investigating after a voter hotline got more than 70 complaints. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> clear to partly cloudy skies. a calm wind. look at the glass on the east river looking across the brooklyn bridge southward to the battery and to one world trade and the world financial center. clear to partly cloudy skies everywhere this morning. very warm 65 degrees. normal low is about 44, 45 degrees. so, we are running about 20 warmer. a couple of showers off to the north. the rain we are talking about for later today is back in eastern ohio, western pennsylvania. that will glide in here this afternoon. we will talk more about that and what the weekend holds. today will be a warm day.
5:11 am
sunny, dry weather, we will get to the afternoon and feature warm weather and more humidity and a shower and a thunderstorm and temperature of around 80, even going into tonight there could be a shower or storm. we will talk about the rest of the weekend next. trouble on the roadways. >> this advertise the b.q.e. you can see the cones over here. this is construction northbound b.q.e. to atlantic avenue. once they remove the cones and clear construction you should ease out. hopefully they will take care of that shortly. let's go to the maps. subway status, i was telling you about this a little while ago. i tweeted this out, z and n trains, problems at 36th street. long island railroad, extra service outbound at 1:39 this afternoon. street cleaning rules in effect. >> thank you. developing now, several people are dead after
5:12 am
>> tragedy for the summer olympics in brazil. >> a new proposal that could change the way cab ride patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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welcome back. torrential rains in india. mudslide swept through the area near china. three men managed to escape as the mud came flooding through the camp. tragedy in brazil on an elevated bike path. it collapsed after a giant wave swept up a rocky cliff. it plunged on to the rocks and
5:15 am
two people were killed. a third person is missing. our taxi partitions a sign of the bad old days in new york? is it time for them to go? taxi and limousine commission forced them to install the partitions to protect delivers. now the tlc says the cabbies can rip them out. they think in camera systems are just as good at detouring criminals who don't want to get caught. >> i like the partition. if somebody wants to cut with a knife, it's harder with a partition. >> the cabbie of tomorrow designed and build by nissan and pushed by the tlc comes with partitions which cannot be removed. >> there you go. that solves everything. what are you going to do about that.
5:16 am
joins us with the exclusive weekend accuweather forecast. >> we have a pretty morning here. quiet on the upper west side at west 66th street to lincoln center and juilliard as we start this friday. getting your day going, making the commute, we have a warm overnight. 65 -- are you okay, heather? you are sneezing your head off. it's the pollen. it's crazy. winds are calm. humidity 54%. that picked up. humidity will go higher today. pressure is steady and below 30. yesterday was 73. normal 64. even today warmer. it's mild and humid in the overnight hours. a shower to the north. thunder threat is later on today and this evening. today is not a wash out. this will be scattered. saturday will start out cloudy but gets sunny sunday.
5:17 am
national weather service and your congressman, your meters are not working. temperature is about 54 as well as hanover. 66 white plains and bridgeport. winds today will be out of the south. that really warms the inland temperatures up and it keeps the south facing shores at the coast cooler today. that's how the temperatures will tap out. here are the sprinkles i was talking about to the north in dutchess county. overnight sprinkles ahead of the front. the front to the west is what will come in this afternoon and this evening with a shower and thunderstorm. look at the computer guidance. we call it futurecast. it's showing clouds increasing this afternoon. by 4:00 there is t from the northwest this front with clouds then by afternoon
5:18 am
and a nice day even into sunday. the guidance is not showing much rain here. you see a couple of tenths. a brief shower is looking at this evening. that's why we say it's not a wash out. in the suburbs it's cool. a jacket or sweater ought to do it. after school, you see the huckleberries have their rain gear. nice poncho. sun and clouds. breezy and warm. overnight. tomorrow we start with clouds and we will have sunshine, temperature at 70 degrees tomorrow. we are looking at beautiful weather sunday. we have ocean air coming in. we will be around 64 degrees. then we are back up to 72 as we go into monday and we got a shot at an afternoon storm tuesday. we will close out this month with below normal rainfall. we are 2 1/2 inches short.
5:19 am
april's in a while. >> where do the huckleberries buy their ponchos. >> the poncho store. >> the huckleberry store. >> we go to poncho planet. >> yes. >> come on down to poncho planet. d and n trains signal problems at 36th street. expect downtown delays. long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north with extra service at 1:49. new jersey transit doing fine. minor delays at the hudson river crossings. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," the struggle to get much needed humanitarian aid to the surviving victims of the deadly earthquake in ecuador nearly a week later. >> the decision that means you
5:20 am
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people in communities cut off by the earthquake in ecuador are getting supplies. nearly a week later help is arriving in the most remote areas. medical teams got to victims and soldiers delivered food and supplies. more than 570 people were killed in the powerful quake. this morning a ray of hope
5:23 am
are seeing the rescue of one survivor of the quake, a duck buried under a collapsed building for four days. the crews were digging for six hours and did not find survivors before discovering the duck. they fed it papaya and gave it water. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> good morning, everybody. here we go. we are looking at clear to partly cloudy skies down the jersey shore here. there is the navigational buoy out there. 20-mile visibility. we will look at sunshine for the weekend. before we get there, showers are popping up around ulster county, pike county in pennsylvania. we will look at temperatures that are really mild and warm here in these overnight hours. temperatures of 65 degrees. weather and traffic every seven minutes. heather has been busy.
5:24 am
>> we are busy looking at the b.q.e. b.q.e. is busy northeast to the brooklyn bridge. dorm when i was telling you the left lane was closed down? it has been reopened. traffic is moving better than it was. believe it or not, this is better than it was. let's go to the maps and talk about the subway status. d and n trains signal problems at 36th street. extra service with long island railroad starting at 1:49 p.m. until 3:40 for the holiday. street cleaning rules in effect today. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," new clear images police want you to see as they look for a pair of robbers behind vicious attacks in and near central park. >> you can track the rain on the go with our free accutrack weather alert app.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
on the money, asian stocks are mixed. >> nikkei gained 1%. dow lost 113 to start at 17,982.
5:28 am
futures point to a lower open. sears will be closing several stores including dozens of k mart locations. >> >> good morning. topping america's money, american retail i con is making a drastic cost-cutting move. >> sears will cut 7 of the sears and k mart stores in addition to 50 other closings. >> in the wake of the vw emission scandal, there might be issues with mercedes diesel emissions. >> u.s. owners filed a lawsuit claiming some cars are programmed to he might -- emit illegal levels of emissions. >> prince's songs are soaring on itunes. >> experts say prince recorded hundreds of songs that he never released. the tracks are believed to be in his vault in paisley park, the compound that doubled as
5:29 am
>> that's america's money. >> have a great day. coming up in our next half hour, where you want to avoid in the city twenty more years of this job? yikes. my kids say go for it, mom. be that woman who does what she loves. knows what she wants. "yeah, mom's gonna go for it!" except ... i don't have a clue where to start. hey we hear you. that's why aarp created life reimagined. it's designed to help you find your true passion - with personal advice from experts, coaches and people like you who are going for it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. developing now on long island, families are devastated after a massive fire ripped overnight. we are live on the scene. >> remembering the life and legacy of prince after millions across the nation are shocked by the sudden death of the
5:31 am
this is -- music icon. this is the apollo theater where people are leaving memories behind. >> new york city marks the first car free day to celebrate earth day. >> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for waking up with us. weather and traffic every seven minutes and meteorologist bill evans. >> we get free cars on earth day. >> i will take two. partly cloudy, a calm wind. a lot of sunshine today. a warm day. look at dutchess county. numbers are off the chart warm. 5, 57 down the jersey shore. this afternoon 80. that will be running 16 degrees warmer than normal this time of year. shower and thunderstorm pops up
5:32 am
we will talk about as well as the weekend. >> heather has an overturned truck. >> route 78 eastbound express lanes near exit 57 overturned truck. going to newark airport, keep this in mind. taking the express lanes this will be an issue for you. we are looking at subway status, d and n trains signal problems at 36th street. expect downtown delays. long island railroad providing extra service outbound for the holiday starting at 1:49 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. new jersey transit, metro north doing fine. hudson river crossings, you have minor delays across the board. i'm sure that will change quickly. starting at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow lasting until 2:00 p.m., 139, the covered roadway will be closed down for construction. you have to hop on the new
5:33 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. thousands of people are remembering prince. brooklyn borough hallways lit in purple. an autopsy is scheduled for today. marci gonzales is live outside his studio in minnesota. marci? >> reporter: hi, ken, good morning. even this early in the morning people are coming by leaving flowers, notes and reflecting on the unrye vault talent he shared with the world. reporter: thousands of fans dancing through the night celebrating prince's life. and in the rain mourning the sudden loss of a music icon. >> thank you for loving him, you all. he loved each and everyone of you. >> the 57-year-old decides
5:34 am
found unresponsive in an elevator at his paisley park estate in minneapolis. his spokesperson said last week he was battling the flu forcing his plane to make an emergency landing so he could be rushed to the hospital. >> pop star prince rushed to the hospital. >> >> reporter: a day later he was home in minneapolis giving a surprise performance. and reassuring fans. >> he said, you know, when you hear news give it a couple of days before you waste any prayers. >> today the prayers and tributes are pouring in. >> he is gone but his music will live on forever. >> reporter: that eclectic music, the larger than life performances. provocative and poignant. today the soundtrack to profound sadness. it feels like such a personal
5:35 am
ken, as you mentioned, an autopsy is scheduled for later today. it could take a few days to get the preliminary results. live in minnesota, marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marci, thank you. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for updates on the investigation into the death of prince and remembrances across the country. 2020 is dead indicating the full hour to prince tonight. you can watch it on channel 7 night sky about midnight on birch wood road in medford. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco spoke to several of the victims of the fire. she is joining us live from the scene. diana? >> reporter: lori, good morning. we were able to speak to some of the people allowed back in to collect their belongings. they describe it as an inferno.
5:36 am
pets and leave before they knew it the entire building was engulfed in flames. this is what it looked like overnight. you can see how big the fire got. at the height of the fire, investigators say it started in the second floor unit and quickly jumped to another one. when the fire department arrived the flames were shooting through the roof and the flames spread to the building next door a short time later. firefighters had to call in mutual aid from five other departments. it took them two hours to bring the fire under control r. you can see why. the flames -- you can see why. the flames are intense. this is the blue ridge condominiums. it took firefighters quite some time to actually put the flames out. they were extinguishing hot spots late into the night and early morning. this affected more than a dozen people. this morning the fire chief says this type of fire is not uncommon for this complex.
5:37 am
complex, actually. >> why is that? >> the way it was built way back then. >> reporter: it goes up quickly. >> yes. >> reporter: is that because it was built with wood? >> the type of construction it was built with and lack of firewalls between the units. >> reporter: it will be a long morning for at least a dozen people here who are now looking for another place to live. the fire marshal and arson investigators are on the scene trying to determine how this started. live in medford, diana rocco, >> thank you. the suspects in a violent robbery in central park are linked to a second attack. these are new pictures of the teenagers. they are accused of following a 73-year-old man into his home on the upper east side. they threatened him with a knife and took his cash. before that attack the same suspects punched a teenager and stole his wallet. this morning we are seeing video of the robber police say is targeting dunkin donut
5:38 am
the suspect is accused of even hitting the same dunkin donuts twice in less than two weeks. you can see the man taking cash from the register at a dunkin donuts in jamaica estates last thursday. police say the same day he robbed another dunkin donuts a mile away. for earth day the city appears to risk gridlock and pollution. the city is closing off broadway from the flatiron building to union square at east 17th. also no cars allowed around washington square park and in the bronx wadsworth between 173rd and 177th street will be a pedestrian oasis. >> lots of honking, i'm guessing. >> it won't be an oasis. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> our camera in brooklyn looking to the one world trade
5:39 am
a couple of showers are off to the north. we will have sunny breaks. warm, humidity will pick up then these showers come to us this afternoon. what time? after the morning commute when it's 70 at 10:00. 78 at 2:00. 83 at 4:00 and there come the showers and storms for this evening into tonight. not blanketing toad strangling rain. not a wash out but you need the umbrella. this advertise the l.i.e. in nassau county, westbound side near exit 41. all of this activity is off on the shoulder. you can see what it can do to the l.i.e. we have heavy delays back to exit 42 at this point. this is really going to start backing up even more. let's go to the maps. we will pinpoint where it is. l.i.e. westbound near exit 41. so, you can hop on the northern state parkway as your alternate
5:40 am
we have problems here on 78 east express lanes near exit 57 overturned truck. d and n signal problems as well. street cleaning rules are in effect today citywide. ken, lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. up next, a stray bullet hits a woman simply standing at a brooklyn bus stop. we learn new details about her condition overnight. >> vicious attack on a woman and her small dog in new jersey. here who rescued the pet from the jaws of a pit bull. >> one day after celebrating the 90th birthday of the queen, there is another reason to
5:41 am
5:42 am
developing story at coney island. a woman shot waiting for a bus at mermaid and west 33rd street.
5:43 am
at each other about 7:30 last night. one of the bullets hit the woman in the cheek. she was taken to lutheran hospital. both cars with the shooters raced off. police have not made any arrests. another vicious pit bull attack in nutley new jersey. a pit bull went after a smaller dog. yvette king says the large loose dog clamped its dogs around her dog's head and nipped her hand without warning. police officer managed to pry the pit bull's jaws open but the small dog suffered serious injuries. >> he is injured in his ear, shoulder, neck, top of the head and eye. the doctor says he's fortunate he didn't lose his eye. >> two weeks ago a baby girl in a stroller was attacked by a pit bull and needed 70 stitches to close her wounds. in the newest attack the pit
5:44 am
the past week on a trial basis after an attack midland park. president obama is spending his day in the company of royals. the president will have lunch with queen elizabeth one day after britain's longest reigning monarch celebrated her 90th birthday. president obama and the first lady will join the duck and duchess of cambridge for dinner tonight. this falls on the first night of passover. the white house will hold the annual seder next week. let's check in with bill evans. >> we take a look at our camera from the chrysler building brought to you by jeep chrysler. this morning we can get a peek of the east river to flushing bay. beautiful sunrise. a few clouds looking from the camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. a few clouds around. a nice start to the day with a dry humidity to moderate humidity that will pick up with a southerly wind.
5:45 am
pressure at 30. yesterday's high 73. normal is 64. we will get to 80 today. we are way warmer than normal already. beautiful sunrise. a shower and a spot today. then a couple of sprinkles to the north this morning. today is not a wash out. i mean, we have a shower or evening. widely scattered. as the front pushes through, front comes through. you can get a sunburn in an hour. birch, juniper, popular and oak busting out. that is what is causing the sneezing around this joint. so, if you are allergic to tree pollen, check with your allergist. you need to keep the medication going through the weekend. 56 oyster base and hempstead. you see the wind profiles. the winds will keep it cooler
5:46 am
inland 63 to newark. calm wind to a light southerly wind. that picks up the moisture and it picks up what will be cooler waters, about 51 in the atlantic and around long island sound. to the west is the rain we are talking about. this gets here at 3:00. lunch hour today and the afternoon, we are looking at showers popping up. temperatures 75 to 80. you see they are wildly scattered on the guidance. mostly late tonight, too. even up to the north and west the catskills, across jersey, a couple of showers after midnight. wildly scattered. possible you don't see one at all this evening. take an umbrella to be on the safe side. tomorrow nice, 70, sunshine by afternoon. here is the accuweather forecast. sun, clouds, breezy, warm, 80. showers and storms starting around 3:00, 4:00 this evening lasting until midnight. clearing overnight.
5:47 am
seven-day forecast, saturday is nice. the guidance has it at 7 o. we have 69, 80 but then we have sunshine and 64 on sunday. 72 monday. nice stretch of weather even with today. today is not a wash out by any means. like i say to the irs, if i am getting a refund, round it up. >> and they say? >> they don't say nothing. >> it's hard to get a hold of them, isn't it. >> but they can get a hold of you. >> oh, yeah. traveling on the northern state parkway -- this is the l.i.e. near the northern state parkway connector. you can see the activity here. another look here. this is the westbound side of the l.i.e. that is the activity off on the side of the roadway. this is the l.i.e. take a look at the northern state. northern state right near this
5:48 am
look how nice and clean that looks. accident l.i.e. westbound near the area of exit 41. take a look at the maps and talk about 78 eastbound side express lanes near exit 57, overturned vehicle. street cleaning rules are in effect. small animals are making their debut at the bronx zoo. three young lemurs born just recently. they can be seen at the madagascar exhibit. it's hard to spot them because they cling so tightly to their moms. there are six different species. >> they are cute. >> there is king julian from madagascar. >> i love the sound they make, the little squeaks.
5:49 am
unity on this earth day. reducing pollution by 100 countries around the globe. >> how firefighters managed to rescue a kitten stuck deep
5:50 am
5:51 am
he is admitting to his role of bilking the district. robert menia pled guilty to wire fraud. prosecutors say that he schemed with others to increase commissions paid by the district's health insurance carrier. part of the commission was allegedly diverted to him and others.
5:52 am
prison when he is sentenced in july. get ready for this. a newborn kitten is in good hands after being pulled from a pipe at a florida apartment complex. the kitten believed to be a few days old was found with its umbilical cord attached and eyes closed. rescuers say a woman heard it and came to its rescue. >> we found this kitten sitting on top of a to well with wires so it couldn't -- towel with wires so out couldn't go anywhere. >> the kitten needs to be fed every two to three hours. the future is looking bright. it is named hope. when hope is old enough, it will be up for adoption. what a sweetie. >> they referred to it as he.
5:53 am
something out. >> biological reason. >> you think. still ahead this morning, a fast-moving fire destroys a condo complex. live with the quick thinking
5:54 am
when a car gives you s that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you. at the lincoln spring collection event. right now lease a 2016
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i'm bill evans.
5:56 am
it's running up the beach here as we look down the beach from asbury park to point pleasant. it makes the waves have a funny crest on them as the wind comes up from the south. we will have a nice day today with a lot of warm air coming. there are showers off to the north. most of the shower activity we are watching is to the west. this comes in this afternoon and temperatures are warm. 65 in the park to 54 monticello. 17 degrees warmer than normal. weather and traffic every seven minutes. this is the l.i.e. we have police activity. somebody is in trouble. so this is the l.i.e. as you go on the westbound side. let's go to the maps. westbound near exit 41. use the northern state parkway as your alternate. that is doing much better. here is the van wyck down into the kew gardens interchange. we have an issue on to the van wyck north, ramp to the grand central parkway, accident there.
5:57 am
78 eastbound near 57 overturned truck. street cleaning rules are in effect today. ken, over to you. >> thank you. happening today, mayor de blasio will be at the united nations for the designing ceremony for the paris agreement on climate change. as many as 170 countries are expected to sign the paris agreement. it's a pledge to reduce pollution. it's a landmark deal that seemed unlikely but now seems to tampa bay on track to take effect ahead of schedule. >> coming up, a vicious attack on a new york city street. the victim clubbed in the head with a rock. dramatic video of the suspect on the run. >> developing story in suffolk county. huge flames destroying a luxury condo complex.
5:58 am
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good morning. developing story on long island. firefighters battling a raging fire that destroyed several condos. >> his legacy will last lifetimes. the question into prince's sudden and shocking death at his home. >> a live look outside. our streak of dry weather is about to come to an end.


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