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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  April 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us on this sunday, april 24th. hopefully you have a big cup of coffee. it's still chilly outside. >> i like your purple necklace, keeping the theme alive and well. let's check in with jeff smith, look at the weather. see a street fair over here to our right. hoping it's going get a little warmer. >> i love the food at the street fair, by the way. all that good stuff. >> mixtures you wouldn't think of. >> looking toward lower manhattan, across the brooklyn bridge, temperatures around 50 degrees. they had fallen into the 30s mortsdz and west of the city -- north and west of the city. 49 at monticello. 51 at belmar and on the island at islip.
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sunshine from start to finish. we're up to 58 by noon. 66 your temperature by 4:00 in the afternoon. a north and northwest wind coming in around 5 to 10 miles per hour. brush fire risk kind of high today and right through the day tomorrow as we warm up even more. we'll detail that coming up. rob. >> thank you, mr. smith. developing now, a two alarm fire ripped through a six story apartment building in soho. firefighters were able to dwet the flames under control -- get the flames under control and put that fire out. kristin thorne is live on the scene with more details. >>reporter: hi there, rob. they did it rather quickly. more than 100 firefighters responded to this fire. two firefighters and one resident of the building did suffer minor burns. this is an exclusive photo we have here at eyewitness news of the roof of that building now completely burned out. you can see there is nothing left to it. the fire broke out around 5:30 this morning in the six story residential building on thompson street.
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of the building and quickly ved through the top floor and then flew the roof. as i mentioned more than 100 firefighters responded. neighbors saw the flames and ran over to help get people out of the building, it was a lot of black smoke and people coming out, elderly people and so on. you see the flames, ashes, flames of the black smoke and then also the fire department trucks started coming over. people coming out, elderly people. >>reporter: it's unclear how many residents have been displaced by this fire, but i took a walk down, looked inside, a lot of water in the lobby of that building. you'll assume that water is now through the entire six stories of that building. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. we're live in soho, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. also developing, police are investigating what appears to be a road rage incident that turned violent.
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one of the drivers stabbed the other one repeatedly are before running off or taking off. the 45-year-old injured driver tried to take himself to the hospital, but he epded up crashing near -- ended up crashing. that man is now in stable condition and police are searching for a man described as having dreadlocks and driving a blue ford with rhode island plates. in other news, mayor de blasio is defending himself and his team as a newly surfaced memo raised serious questions over fundraising practices. the memo alleges that a plan to help democrats take back the state senate in 2014 may have violated fundraising election laws. >> everything we did was legal and appropriate and careful. and, look, we've said from the
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of investigation going on, we'll happily participate. >> mayor bill de blasio on defense speaking on wnyc, the mayor flatly denying wrongdoing and vowing to be transparent. >> we want everything to come out and i welcome this being done promptly. i'm happy to be a part of solving any outstanding question. but from my vantage point, everything was done legally and appropriately. >> the mayor responding to accusations he and top aids coordinated what may have been an illegal fundraising scheme. in a damning eight-page memo obtained by the daily news and posted in full on the newspaper's website, the lead investigator says he revealed patterns consistent with coordinated fundraising and expenditures of funds to evade contributions limits for the purpose of funneling contribution limits. the memo was delivered in the elections board in january and
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investigate city hall for willful and flagrant violations. the mayor and his team were behind a criminal effort to help elect democrats in the state senate in 2014 and in return for contributions, deep pocketed don others could reap benefits from the de blasio administration. they say while this will be a distraction mr. . >> there is -- there is a long way between criminal laws being broken and an ethical violation. there is a tremendous gray area between the two and people should be mindful of that as the sorry un folds. police are investigating an attempted robbery that put two teenagers in the hospital. happened in the university heights sections of the bronx. 18 and 19-year-old young men were shot in the leg. a gun was recovered at the scene. so far there is no word on a motive or any arrests.
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bars after police say he ran from the scene of a deadly be crash on long island. nassau county police say duke was driving a brand new bmw on hempstead turnpike when he hit a taxi. the bmw pushed the cabbie across several lanes into a power pole, killing the taxi driver. colleagues, as you can imagine, are are pretty devastated. >> the guy is just going into work and his life is ended just because somebody else was behind the wheel going that fast. >> my love goes out to his family, his kids, especially, who lost their father. i'm sorry for their loss. >> witnesses say the suspect was driving at least double the actual speed limit at the time of the crash. he now faces several charges including dwi and second degree manslaughter. three people have been injured after someone opened fire outside of a high school
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the gunman brought a rifle, firing at two people outside of an tigo high school last night. officers were already in the parking lot patrolling when they heard the shots. one of the officers immediately fired at the shooter. the three injured were taken to the hospital. the two students are said to have non life-threatening injuries, but the shooter is said to be in critical condition. we turn to the latest on the sudden and mysterious death of music icon prince. family and friends gathered at a private memorial at paisley park. overnight a moving tribute from another musical legend. we have more are from right nout side paisley park. >> this morning prince's death shaking fans and the music world. bruce springsteen paying tribute to the pop icon saturday night, opening his show at the barclays center in brooklyn with a cover
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outside of prince's home in paisley park, the memorial is growing, closest friends and family gathering for a private ceremony to say goodbye to the super star. confirming his remains have been cremated, inner circle planning to keep his final resting place secret. >> he pushed us. he made us better. and so we miss him deeply. >> it's not easy to lose someone that you love and has been a >> prince's sister, brother-in-law and other people came out to handout purple boxes with memorabilia to fans gathered outside his home. >> his final performance in atlanta addressing his recent illness. >> i'd like to apologize for the cancellation of the concerts --
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the purple one, pouring into target station field in minneapolis as the celebration of the life and music of prince continues. >> i think prince probably touched everybody in the galaxy you don't have to be beautiful to turn me on. >> and more celebs honoring the singer overnight. eric clapt n said seeing purple rain gave me hope, it was like a light in the darkness. his most famous impersonating echoing the sentiments of so many tonight. i tell you what, i didn't know him well, but i knew him well. >> saturday night live sharing a new, never seen video of his epic performance at the 40th anniversary party of snl. [ music ] . >> there was a really special
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came out and gave these purple boxes to the fans gathered here at paisley park. inside in were several different t-shirts and some sort of other memorabilia. some p people got cds. this box has a booklet with pictures in it. they were quickly snatched up. abc news, chanhassen, minnesota. >> i love they gave the fans that. some people got clothing. >> i've never heard of such a thing. it's lovely. >> it's always a shame to me too, you don't realize the depth and influence of someone's life until they're gone. what we're learning about him is the lives he touched. not just the music, but the humane tear yen work, the money -- humanitarian work, the money he gave. >> not something we would have been thinking about because he was only 57 and he just had the flu. so much unexplained. >> lots of questions, but there
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legacy. that's for sure. none. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, a man is behind bars after threatening to bomb a donald trump rally in connecticut. we've been talking about the nice weather, but we need some rainfall. only running about 30% of normal since march the first. we have a couple of
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. trump told supporters he can be presidential when he needs to be, but when he's out campaigning, he has to be different. >> i sort of don't like toning it down. we keep -- i'm going to talk about that in a second because it's interesting. isn't it nice that i'm not one of these tele prompter guys? governor john kasich held a town hall meeting in rhode island.
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rally near pittsburgh. he later moved to indiana which does not have its are primary until may 3rd. polls show cruz has a bretter chance of -- better chance of coming near trump's lead there than here in the east. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focused on the states that vote this tuesday. today clinton will campaign in connecticut in bridgeport. she accused trump of modifying his positions only to appeal to a broader audience. earlier she held a round table event in new haven where sanders holds a rally tonight. last night he spoke to supporters in wilmington, delaware, where he insisted he has more of a chance of beating trump than clinton does. >> stay with abc new and eyewitness news for your primary coverage. tune in to this week this
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always great to see what george is covering. so good. >> only six short months until november. >> put your seat belt on. straight ahead on eyewitness news, residents are returning home this morning after a
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through a large good morning, this is your captain speaking. it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light tailwind out of the northeast. blue skies smiling at me
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the new jetblue card. it's like having jetblue with you wherever you go. get three times points on jetblue purchases, two times at restaurants and grocery stores, and one time on all other purchases. the new jetblue card. . welcome back, everybody. a massive fire near phoenix, arizona injured a firefighter and three police officers. the flames broke out at an apartment complex that was under construction and then spread to a nearby home. more than 100 firefighters responded as area homes and businesses had to be evacuated. one firefighter suffered burns on his hands. three officers had to be treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of the five alarm fire is still underinvestigation. >> scary pictures. >> they have that mess out there.
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brush fires that have been popping up. >> yeah, try to avoid outdoor burning today or tomorrow. wind is increasing tomorrow. it's so dry. we haven't had a lot of rainfall in the past couple months and conditions are ripe for that. be careful with the barbecues outside. right now let's check out the clear sky. it's such a dry air mass that's descended upon the region during the past 24 hours. the temperature 50. look at the humidity, down at 29%. the wind is not too bad right now. i think tomorrow afternoon it does become downright windy. and that elevates the brush fire are risk. expecting a high around 66 by later today. that is a couple degrees above normal, not quite the record. that was 87 in 2001. 31 your record low in 1930. temperatures rising pretty quickly into the lower 60s during the early afternoon. i think we top off around 65 or
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seasonal sunshine today. it's warmer tomorrow, but becoming windy again, elevating risk of brush fires. showers show up on tuesday. not a ton of rain, but a couple showers and a thunderstorm around along with cooler temperatures. i think with the showers on tuesday and another chance on thursday, that will help alleviate that fire threat. 52 at morris town right now. 46 at monticello where you were below freezing this morning. 52 in bell mar and tom's river. 51 on the island. 48 in montauk. north wind causing it to be chilly. that's an efficient wind for cooling off in new york city with the cold air bleeding down the hudson valley overnight. a nice recovery today. getting up to around 66 or so in the park. similar temperatures over much of interior new jersey. right along the shore will be cooler, topping off around 60 and coastal southwestern connecticut.
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about 49 in the park. maybe upper 30s well north and west, so a few degrees warmer than it was last night. rays are facing the yankees at 1:05 p.m. first pitch temperature around 59, but temperatures rising steadily through the 60s during the course of the game. uv index is a 7. pollen is high. if you've been sneezing, you know why. oak, birch and maple are the culprits. accuweather forecast for today, pleasant under a lot of sunshine. 66. partly cloudy. tonight we're down to 49. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. windy in the afternoon. 75 with the elevated brush fire risk. more clouds on tuesday, couple of showers, maybe a thunderstorm around. 65. so a little cooler in the afternoon. 67 on wednesday under a lot of sunshine. then that threat of showers returning by thursday, particularly in the afternoon into thursday night. we try clearing out on friday. it's still mainly cloudy, though, 66. then the sun really returns in full force by saturday. temperatures back up near 7 oe 0
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>> sounds like monday may be our >> yes. if you have a little sniffle, maybe exaggerate it -- >> rob's day off. hey, guys, the street fair is setting up. the kettle corn is going. >> supposed to start at 10:00. home. this photo might look like a daring fire rescue, but actually it's a firefighter in love proposing to his girlfriend. the department posted the very sweet picture on twitter. they say the firefighter proposed while dangling from the rope during family day at the fire academy. congratulations to the happy couple. hopefully she didn't go, hello, are you didn't get down on one knee. >> had he gotten on one knee, he really would have fallen for her.
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. the penguins were not backing down last night. lethal on the power play and the wheels fell off for new york in the second. four goals in the period, 5-2. lund kwift was pulled after two periods. 6-3 your final. the rangers season ends five games into the first round. >> feeling of embarrassment to
9:26 am
sense of hopelessness and not being able to come up with saves and the score being the score in the second period, it was tough. not a good feeling. >> the results were the way it works. they played better. simply put, they executed better in pretty much all fashions of the game as for the islanders, it took extra work, but they took a 3-2 series lead over the panthers. the game winner on the power play 16 minutes into ot. the islanders one win away from their first postseason series win in 23 years. they can get the victory tonight in game 6 in brooklyn. the mets have jake back. he had been away to deal with complications with his newborn son who was having breathing
9:27 am
>> he had to be checked into the nicu and they monitored him there. when all the tests came back and nothing was seriously wrong, we were pretty relieved. at first it was a scary time. last night the mets taking the diamond in game 2 of their weekend set in atlanta. they still put up the runs in the fourth. david wright scores a pair and made it 4-1. later on in the ninth, game under control, but the mets were not satisfied because they hadn't homered yet. walker taking care of that and the next batter, the repeat performance. first long ball as a met. go back to back for the fourth time in five games as they add to this recent home run barrage. 8-2. the yankees were trying to make it two straight wins. se n strong -- seven strong
9:28 am
but in the -- out of a jam in the fourth. but in the fifth, the rays take the lead. the yanks had an answer, though, gardener, in field single. they were tied in the bottom of the ninth. gardener sends everybody home with a swing of the bat. the yanks win their second in a row. and that's your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later tonight after basketball. >> good deal. much more ahead on eyewitness news on sunday morning including a live look at today's top stories.
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. wait a minute. this is right outside our studios. 6 sichl6 and columbus, the street fair
9:31 am
it's the season. it's going to pop up all over here. this is called columbus eats. i think it's 66 up to 72 they're going to have all kinds of gourmet food and life size games and guitar guys giving tributes to prince and other kinds of music. check it out if you're up here on the west side. >> it's for the public? i thought it was for us. hey, y'all! >> that means give us something free i'm michelle charlesworth. thanks for >> i'm rob nelson. the folks heading out in, good afternoon weather? >> a little chilly this morning. you can take a couple layers, but take them off this afternoon as temperatures get back up into the middle and upper 60s. 50 degrees right now in the city
9:32 am
51 at la guardia, 49 at white plains. you had had temperatures in the 30s north and west this morning, patchy frost. but the temperatures recovered into the low 50s in morris town, middle 40s in monticello. low 50s in tom's river. high pressure firmly in control. that means a lot of of sunshine during the day today. 50 now, 58 by noon. 66 by 4:00 in the afternoon. lots of sunshine. north winds around 5 to 10. the brush fire risk is elevated both today and tomorrow when we warm up even more. we need rainfall. we'll get some rainfall in your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up later in the half hour. >> thank you, sir. three manhattan. kristin thorne is live in soho with the latest. >>reporter: the three people
9:33 am
resident of the building who suffered minor burns much the fire broke out around 5:30 this morning in the six-story building on thomson street in soho. the fire started in the back of the building and quickly spread through the entire top floor of the building and then through the roof. people who live across the street say they quickly ran to the building to make sure everyone was getting out okay. all of the residents self evacuated. everyone walked out nice and calm out the front door. more than 100 firefighters responded. >> we have 106 firefighters on scene. two members were reported with minor burns and transported to cornell medical center. one civilian had minor injuries and refused medical attention. >> reporter: it's unclear how many residents have been displaced, but it seems to be the entire building. there is a significant amount of water in the lobby there.
9:34 am
yet been determined. live in soho, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. more video this morning in the search for two men involved in a shooting in brooklyn that left an innocent bystander wounded. police are looking for a blue suburban and a silver mercedes. the man got out and opened fire on the suburban. neither was hurt, but a bullet struck 57-year-old woman shown here with her husband. she got shot in the face. in fact, the bullet broke a bone above her chin. new york city is honoring a former fire commissioner on what would have been his 100th birthday. west one 55th and riverside drive was conamed robert lowry yesterday. he was the city's first black fire commissioner.
9:35 am
talked about lowry's service to the city. >> i know that it's bob lowry and many others that paved the way for me to become the 106th mayor of this great city. >> lowry joined the fdny in 1941 and was known for dedication to i am he proving -- to improving race relations. the federal government is moving ahead for a plan for harriet tubman national historical park in upstate new york. the park in auburn in the the finger lakes district will include tubman's home. the treasury department announced, of course, tubman will be on the redesigned $20 bill. the park service will acquire the land from a nonprofit group. it was a little bit of a damp morning yesterday, but it
9:36 am
11,000 of you who wanted to find a cure for parkinson's disease in central park yesterday. thousands of people showed up in central park for the 22 annual parkinson's community walk. carol walton is one of the great organizers. 22 years. organizers say all the money raised goes straight to in fact, 100%, because some wonderful people with a lot of money paid for all the administrative fees so that when you give $1, 100% of it goes. that's may may ali, hanging out with folks out there. park even sons, as you know -- parkinson's, as you know, affects movement. one of the tell tale signs, the tremors, i talked to marlene yesterday. she had deep brain stimulation, dbs. they put electrodes in your head and then they go down and are
9:37 am
>> to stop the shaking. >> yes. she was like this. >> wow. no tremors whatsoever. >> that's a huge advancement. >> the other issues are there, but we're making strides. >> it's progress. >> you've been involved in that for 14 years. >> yes. >> raised a lot of money and awareness. it's really good. >> keep fighting. coming up next on eyewitness news sunday morning, beyonce serving up a surprise for her fans. the big reveal of her overnight project that she is calling lemonade. we'll tell you why. >> look at her. she took that out. also powerful winds swept through a youth sporting event. the scene that was caught on camera and what happened next. stay with us. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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. we had a little vortex form here. the trees are not moving at all. it happened right over the tents across that field. it's almost analagous to like a dust devil. you'll see that out in the >> look at the trees. trees, oh, we're fine. >> look, you can see it moving into that other field that was garbage and litter there. >> the smart 6 year olds were
9:41 am
that's the good news. >> good day for a street fair. that looks good. >> but this is gourmet food. >> i was reading the email. this is not the usual street fair. they're taking it up a notch. >> i heard crepes from beijing. >> and brat worst. they're doing it right. >> columbus avenue between 66 and 72. >> that's it, man. they have music, food, games. >> prince songs. >> this is the place to be. it's going to be great. >> west side. >> upper west side, representing. take a look at the george washington bridge. we look up the hudson river. clear skies as far as the eye can see. temperature right now 50 degrees. the wind coming in from the
9:42 am
yesterday we managed to get into the low 70s, 87 was your record in 2001. next seven hours looking like this. up to 59 by 1 p.m. 62 or so by 3:00 in the afternoon. probably topping off in the mid-60s by 4 to 5 p.m. seasonal sunshine today. it's a warm day tomorrow, but it does become windy during the afternoon. unfortunately that does elevate the risk of brush fires, much like what we had last week, the wind, dry weather we've had recently, dry fuels in the ground. we're talking about plants and grasses having been dried out. try to avoid any outdoor the next 48 hours. showers showing up during the day on tuesday along with cooler temperatures and another shot at rainfall later in the week, alleviating the brush fire risk. 51 at islip. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north where you were in the 30s earlier. the radar satellite along with wind streamlines here, showing the wind coming in directly from
9:43 am
that's why we were able to get so chilly last night. highs up to 66 in the park. lows tonight getting down to about 49. we're talking 30s, upper 30s well north and west of new york city. here's your accuweather forecast for today . mostly sunny and pleasant. high getting up to 66. partly cloudy tonight. down to 49, rather un eventful. times of clouds and sun tomorrow, windy in the afternoon. 75. and then clouds increase tomorrow night. could be a shower or storm late tomorrow night, likely on tuesday, a couple showers and thunderstorms around. . 65. a wad of sunshine wednesday. wednesday is a nice day and back to clouds on thursday, maybe a shower or two, especially later on in the day. trying to clear out friday, more sunshine by next weekend. >> all good things. good to have you. >> good to be here. >> i love my amy, but -- >> he worked late last night too, so i know you're running on fumes. >> we've got to get him gourmet
9:44 am
coming up, a toll change took effect just hours ago on the tappan zee bridge. why you won't have to tap the brake or reach for change to get across. before we go to break, obviously we spent all weekend honoring prince. this little tidbit and remixes on account as i think some of you figured out during the course of this weekend. obviously i think we don't -- luckily we don't lose artists like this every day. truly universal, that iconic, that unique that will never be replaced. there aren't that many of those art ifts left and he was certainly one of them. >> we don't mourn artist we never met because we knew them, we mourn them because they helped us know ourselves. in honor of prince, this is a remix of the classic.
9:45 am
that is with his biggest hit of all time. quintessential prince. you know what i'm going to say. this is purple rain. roll it. here is what's happening. be part of the crew and contribute to the restoration of the bronx river forest by cleaning and replanting and getting your hands dirty. at nature exploration brooklyn, identify birds, use binoculars and develop problem solving skills through different outdoor activity. watch how wool is spun and see demonstrations on weaving at sheep shearing in new jersey. explore issues of diversity and common at. gallery north presents inside the studio, celebrating the creativity of young students and adults in specialized workshops. for more information or to
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. a bit of a commuter alert. p if you're going over the tappan zee bridge, you're not gooding to need tickles and -- going to need nickels and dimes to pay the toll. the electronic system was activated so you don't have to hit the brake, slow down to go through tolls. it allows drivers to just keep going at highway speeds. the system detects easy pass
9:49 am
that way or there are high tech cameras that can snap a photo of your license plate and a bill will be mailed to your home. president obama has arrived in germany. today he'll open an industrial fair and also meet with chancellor angela merkel. the president aims to build momentum to gain support for a trans atlantic trade deal between the u.s. and europe. president obama will also address efforts to counter isis and encourage countries to share law enforcement information. on a much different note, beyonce is serving up her own version of lemonade this morning. the singer unveiled her super secret project on hbo overnight, starring in her own video album called lemonade. >> the music video and the big reveal were the perfect recipe to send her fans into a social media frenzy.
9:50 am
>> overnight, beyonce raising the bar yet aga [ music ] . >> unveiling her latest music project, lemonade, already hailed as a masterpiece. >> with its layered visuals and of course its fun and fierce moments like this rampage by a woman scorned. [ music ] . >> but also tackling serious topics like race, gender and politics. [ music ] . >> un apologetic for the imagery previewed in february's surprise formation video, released one day before her controversial
9:51 am
beyonce's lemonade sweet end with celebrity cam eos. [ music ] . >> and all star collaborations [ music ] . >> queen b even showing off her country roots. [ music ] . >> in an intimate snapshot into her life, sharing the screen with husband jay-z and little blue ivy, helping give the sometimes sour lemonade a sweet finish and happy ending. >> wow. >> that was like a movie. >> my ex-wife never disappoints. she gives it every time, 100%. >> he was not married to beyonce. he's lost his mind. >> she knows how to make a headline, though.
9:52 am
>> everyone is talking about that on social media. >> we'll see where it goes. we'll have a look back at today's top stories. >> first bill ritter has a look at up close. >> coming up at 11, we take a closer look at the connecticut primary. donald trump and hillary clinton hoping to build on big victories last week in the new york primary, but will they do that? connecticut governor joins us with a look at that. and we take a look at the investigation into problems in last week's presidential primary in new york city. tens of thousands of voters just dropped from the rolls. was it a clerical error? what was it? several investigations underway. we're going to talk to the man coordinating one of them. new york city controller scott stringer. we also look ahead at a wild run at the zoo. we'll tell you what that's for. and we'll take a look back at the four seasons grill room where the rich and famous for years have it's closing at its current
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coming up in a few minutes is this week with george. >> here is george now with a preview. >> donald trump's campaign promises the rnc a new more presidential candidate, but trump says i don't like toning it down as fellow billionaire tells us he's considering hillary in our exclusive interview. we're going to talk about it all with the party chair in our power house round table. plus, bernie sanders live. it's all coming up on this week. 9:54. three people were hurt in a two building. more than 100 firefighters responded to fight the flames. >> kristin thorne is live with details. michelle. three people suffered minor injuries. that would include two firefighters and one resident who suffered minor burns.
9:56 am
this morning in a six-story when firefighters arrived, the whole top floor was on fire and roof. neighbors say they saw the fire, they came out, helped people walk out of of the building. everyone got out just fine. walked right out the front door. will many people displaced now because of the fire. and more than 100 firefighters responded. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. live in soho, kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. police are investigating what appears to be a road rage incident that got violent in manhattan. police say two drivers got into a fight on east 61. one man was stabbed, the other ran away. the injured driver tried to take himself to the hospital, but he didn't make it. he crashed his car. police are searching for a man with rhode island plates.
9:57 am
show last night at barclays center with a tribute to prince. the boss there in purple light sang purple rain without any introduction, just walked out and started singing it. it is just the latest in a string of global tributes to the music icon. prince was found dead inside an elevator inside his paisley park home on thursday. still not clear what caused his death. results of the autopsy and toxicology tests could take a few weeks, but it was confirmed his remains had been cremated. sharp left turn back to weather for a final look. weekend plans looking good? ? >> temperatures in the low 50s, middle 60s this afternoon, close to normal for this time of the
9:58 am
52 as we look up the hudson river. middle 60s by this afternoon. sunny and pleasant today, 66. warmer tomorrow and windy in the afternoon, high of 75. both today and tomorrow there is an elevated risk of brush fires. so just keep that in mind. try to avoid any outdoor burning. it's so dry and a little bit of a wind. showers and thunderstorms are likely tuesday. a little cooler. 65. then sunshine returns wednesday. maybe another passing shower thursday, especially in the afternoon into thursday night. 64. and then we dry to clear out just in time for the weekend. the weekends have been winners for the past few weeks. hopefully that continues. >> good having you. >> i'll be back tonight at 6. >> go home and sleep. >> no. no. no. he's buy on i can. that's going -- bionic. >> that's going to do it for us. street fair is outside. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. on behalf of the entire team, thanks so much for watching. >> eyewitness news is back
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. is this the real donald? >> i sort of don't like toning it down. >> the new signs that trump is trying to make a presidential pivot.


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