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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 26, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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reality to the big screen, we're keeping an eye on hollywood's biggest stars and tracking their new projects. here is a sneak peek of the new jason born movie. >> just been hacked. could be worse. >> facial recognition got a hit. >> jesus, it is jason born. >> why would it come back now? >> got to move. >> he knows. what fezif he's not coming for us. what he's coming for something else. >> i volunteered. because of a lie.
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i need to talk. >> 32 kills. >> >> from the heart of new york city, i'm sonia isabelle. make sure you follow us at "celebrity page tv." thank you for watching. we'll see you next time. habits. >> i have never seen a human
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this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> trump also slapped kasich saying he's refusing to exit the racismply because he's stubborn. kasich says that this whole alliance that they have going on is not that big of a deal. the world health organization warns of the potential for a market increase in the number of zika infections in the coming months. the w.h.o. and officials also say the virus could turn up in new parts of the world. the most pressing need is a tool which would quickly dg the virus in infected people. dozens of property owners in colorado springs are seeking federal aid because their homes are in landslide zones they didn't know about. recent heavy rains triggered slides in the area. they claim they weren't told about the potential threat before they bought the homes and now hope federal assistance will them them buy out properties damaged or at risk.
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crew aboard a helicopter in texas. after dropping a patient off, the chopper suffered a hard landing. the pilot, a pair are medic and nurse on board were able to walk away. a witness said the helicopter shot into the air, started going around in circles and suddenly slammed into the ground. and troubled quarterback johnny manziel expected to be indicted today on allegations he attacked his ex-girlfriend in january. his attorney says he's been told the grand jury will indict him on a misdemeanor assault charge. if convicted he could face up to a year in prison and a fine. >> a reunion of military veterans 50 years in the making. it finally happened last weekend in florida. >> i love this. this is their first picture. four guys and a long surfboard on a beach in 1966. then they went to service in vietnam. check that out. decades later, they've been back to the beach posing with that surfboard again.
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one in atlanta. we bet their next reunion won't take daks to happen. >> they look like they're ready to jump right back on the surfboard. >> why not? you know what, look at that, they're like hey, what's going on i wonder if they knew they lived so close to each other. >> i love the guy on the left of the picture to their right. just he took this pose very seriously. >> yeah. >> he was very enthusiastic in '66. very enthusiastic last week, as well. >> looking good, guys. looking good. coming up the disaster that rocked the world exactly 30 years ago today. april 26th, 1986 that the world's worst nuclear disaster spiraled out of control. we're going to take a look at the fateful aftermath. >> the new developments into the investigation of prince's death. did the music legend have a doctor on stage during the final performance at his home? first, we'll take a look at
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and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. talk about a great game. right? minnesota twins celebrating their hometown hero at last night's game with each player acrossing one of the music legend's songs to play whether he walked up to the plate. >> not only did they feature prince's music but throughout the match-up against the cleveland indians, the color purple played a prominent role with fans encouraged to don his favorite color. >> turning now to the investigation into prince's untimely death, there's new questions now being raised whether the music icon had a doctor on stage during his final performance at his home. >> and this morning, the mystery
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investigators question those wit anies amongst last to see prince alive. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the mystery surrounding prince's death deepened. family and friends in shock. >> price was a health nut. prince was very much into fitness and into taking care of his body and making sure that he was in great shape. >> reporter: investigators still interviewing people that prince interacted with before he was found dead in his home and awaiting the toxicology test results. his final days being carefully analyzed. the superstar playing his final public show in atlanta, a week before his death, apologizing for canceling earlier shows. >> once again, i have to apologize for the cancellation. i was a bit under the weather. >> reporter: prince's plane forced to land in illinois for a medical emergency. >> they want to you go to the west ramp. >> reporter: the singer throwing a private party at paisley park five days before he died.
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crowd wait a few days before you waste any prayers and he made a point to thank one man. >> he thanked his doctor who was there. he said, give him a round of applause. >> reporter: the tributes still pouring in. the boss playing "purple rain" at a concert saturday evening. the question who -- eva pilgrim, chanhassen, minnesota. >> it's strange to hear about the will debate because he has half siblings and happens to live in one of the states where they allow that as a claim. >> we'll have to see what happens there. but you know, a couple interesting facts about prince that you don't know. you don't realize how long he's been in the business. he's one of the people responsible indirectly for the music labels that we see. years ago, he had these controversial sexy songs and tipper gore was one of the people who formed a parents' music resource center which pressured the music industry
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so prince was one of the first people to release an album that was a clean album versus an explicit album. now we see those, they're commonplace today. >> it showed the symbol. remember when he changed his name? the artist formerly known aspirins represented by a symbol. the symbol apparently had a name. >> what was it? >> love symbol number two. >> what's love symbol number one. >> maybe he was love symbol number one. >> oh. very interesting. >> thank you for solving that. >> that's my prince analysis for the day. >> i like that. >> write that down. >> coming up, the somber anniversary marking 30 years today. >> the world's worst ever nuclear disaster was sparks at the children noble nuclear power
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a somber commemoration was held today in the ukrainian town
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who died in the world's worst nuclear daft. >> in 1986, an explosion at the chernobyl nuclear power plant killed at least 30 people and can kicked off a chain reaction that would poison millions of poernz on that date, the world still had no idea the extent of the damage that that explosion at chernobyl caused. >> but in the days following the size and scope of that disaster started to become -- started to fall into place. we're opening up our "abc news vault" for this look back to april, 1986. >> reporter: it is an accident with enormous ramifications. >> all across the northern tier of western europe today, they were testing the wind. checking the atmosphere for fallout from the ill fated soviet reactor. >> we begin with what washington knows. here's abc's john mcwethy. >> the black and white picture released by the soviets provides the most dramatic evidence thus
2:50 am
at reactor number four must have been. the roof and part of the walls were simply blown away. they used the picture to prove the fire is out. the u.s. says the fire still burns spewing radio activity into the atmosphere. u.s. officials today said they still don't know what touched off the initial accident in reactor four but runs it started losing cooling fluid, they lost control. american intelligence analysts now say that problems at the reactor site apparently began before the weekend. on friday, there were already signs that emergency measures were being taken apparently trying to stop the loss of cooling fluids. by saturday, the fuel rods as shown in these pictures taken before the accident had begun to melt. the reactor was already venting large amounts of radio active gas flootz atmosphere. on sunday, using satellite photographs, intelligence sources now conclude the actual explosion occurred which blew half the roof off building.
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different story in the soviet union. abc's walter rogers is in moscow. >> the new soviet ambassador to britain after meeting with prime minister thatcher today also tried to play down the disaster. but the american embassy in moscow has ordered in equipment to interpretly monitor air quality here complaining the soviets are not providing conclusive information on the situation in the kiev area. the soviets themselves are conducting a massive campaign to persuade their people everything is under control and the soviet people generally seem to believe this is a relatively minor incident not a serious nuclear accident. >> unbelievable to hear those words. just a minor incident. nothing serious. still the worst nuclear disaster in history. >> chilling to think about all these years later. some say the levels of ride radio activity in that are still high that some people in the are experiencing serious health problems including forms of cancer.
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you see me do my dirt, dirt, dirt >> yes, okay. >> you love that song, right? look at you. she's working it. >> climbing the charts, too. >> well, he's known only as banksie and he paid a name for himself around the world for his graffiti art. >> now many of his works are being auctioned off in los angeles expected to fetch high prices even though the artist's identity is shrouded in mystery. kabc has the story. >> this is a sneak peek inside julian's auction gallery auction house director michael doyle certainly agrees some pieces about to be auctioned here this weekend will be tailored to a unique audience.
2:56 am
>> honestly, these are usually the younger collectors. finally these pieces are starting to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and people are starting to respect street art as a serious art form. >> perhaps the most anticipated is a banksy collection featuring eight artworks expected to sell for over half a million dollars alone. the england based artist known for satire and social commentary despite recent investigations his identity remains unknown. there's even speculation banksy is a woman. or a collaboration of seven different artists. >> the fact that nobody knows who he is and that it's a mystery really keeps people engaged. obviously the art itself the fact he goes to different city tans pops up and all of a sudden there's a frenzy. >> reporter: preauction bids have already been accepted. this piece titled "happy choppers" is already at $100,000. doyle says it could easily go for $250,000.
2:57 am
featured including local artists and the work of andy warhol. doyle says if you're looking to add or or start your own collection, you might be surprised how affordable some pieces may be. >> we're talking hundreds, maybe in the thousands. there's great pieces here that will be appreciating in value in the next five or ten years. investment pieces, as well. >> i remember a couple years ago when banksy took over new york. >> yeah. >> even if you didn't like the art, the whole city became a scavenger hunt. from everywhere you went there were clues what you could find next. >> he slammed galleries before for selling his art, calling it unauthorized. >> or she. >> or she or they. >> mystery. >> yes.
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this morning on "world news now," primary day in five states. >> more delegates are up for grabs today as the race for the white house looks tighter than ever for the republicans. we examine what cruz and kasich's joint strategy means for trump as he lashes out. severe storms stretching across the midwest with damaging winds and heavy hail hitting regions hard. 18 million in the path of some of the worst storms of the season. a brazen arson caught on camera. the suspect can be seen on surveillance dousing a home and car in flammable liquid, then setting them on fire. hear why the homeowners say they know who did this. bridal behavior, an etiquette guide for all brides to be but not just for the brides. how we all can class it up for the big day including what to do with those two left feet. it's tuesday, april 26th.
3:01 am
this is "world news now." >> >> that's your dance? >> that's not what is on the video. >> you should do that on every wedding. > that's not what nicki is going to fell us. >> that's really good. >> you're not looking out for me. >> trust me on that one. okay. good morning to you. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with politics, of course. >> that's right. in the next round of voting in the race for the white house, five states holding primaries today as the rhetoric is heating up on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is fighting mad over the alliance between ted cruz and jane kasich, slamming them as pathetic. after much fanfare, kasich is already playing down the arrangement saying it's not a big deal. it's your voice, your vote. we have more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: donald trump on the warpath. >> if you collude in business or if you collude in the stock market, they put you in jail. but in politics, because it's a
3:02 am
corrupt enterprise, in politics you are allowed to collude. >> reporter: the republican front-runner, red hot over the new alliance between senator cruz and governor kasich. the two candidates making a deal -- kasich will stop campaigning in indiana and cruz will do the same in oregon and new mexico. the goal -- to prevent trump from winning the 1,237 delegates he needs to avoid a contested convention. >> it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: trump tearing into kasich who has only won his home state of ohio. >> i have a new nickname for him, 1 for 41. >> reporter: attacking kasich's habit of chowing down during campaign stops. >> i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. this guy takes a pancake and he's shoving it in his mouth. it is disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. >> reporter: kasich not amused the billionaire is now calling him desperate.
3:03 am
no, i'm not desperate. are you? are you desperate? because i'm not. >> reporter: cruz says trump is just a big whiner. >> whining is what they do, because you notice it's never ever, ever donald's fault. >> reporter: but trump says he's about winning and that he looks the part, unlike hillary clinton. >> do i look like a president? how handsome am i? right? how handsome? somebody said, he really does look good, but you know, i don't know if he is presidential. and i'm looking at this stage of people, my competitors, does hillary look presidential to you? >> and senator ted cruz said he now has a short list of potential running mates. abc news confirmed carly fiorina list. so far cruz says no decision has been made when he's going to pick. tom llamas, pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton has also
3:04 am
for a running mate as she blasted donald trump at a stop in delaware, her campaign was quietly vetting possible vp candidates said to include virginia senator tim kaine, ohio senator sherrod brown and housing secretary hulian castro. bernie sanders is making it clear that no matter what happens today, he is going all the way to the convince reminding voters he's won 16 states sflooug president obama is urging the european allies to do more in the fight against isis. in a speech in germany, the president outlined u.s. plans to send as many as 250s additional military personnel to syria. he says this is a defining moment for europe after the speech, he met with the leaders of britain, jaerp, france and italy. they also discussed problems in libya and the ukraine. and the brussels subway station where 16 people were killed by a suicide bomber has just reopened just after a month over the attacks. just over a month after the attacks. commuters were able to leave
3:05 am
the airport wifrts also attacked is still not back in full service. >> three people are treated for severe burns amp snarl plane crashed into a florida neighborhood. it hit one house, bounced into another house and came to rest in the yard i've third house. no one on the ground was hurt according to faa, the pilot was practicing takeoffs and landings at the time of the crash into the family of a 12-year-old boy shot dead by cleveland police settled with the city for $6 million. tamir rice was playing with a pellet gun when officers arrived and opened fire within two seconds. he wasn't given first aid till about four minutes later when an fbi agent trained as a paramedic arrived. he died the next day. the mayor said the shooting should not have happened. >> there is no price that you can put on the life of the loss of a 12-year-old child. >> a grand jury failed to indict the police officers in the child's death.
3:06 am
abused by former house speaker dennis hastert is now suing hastert for unpaid hush money. his breach of contract say the says hastert promised him $3.5 million to remain quiet but hastert only paid him about half that. hastert will be sentenced tomorrow on federal banksing to last fall. residents of da lurkts minnesota will be cleaning up this morning a spring storm system brought heavy rain and gusty winds to the northland yesterday. turning up lake superior. spectators flocked to the shore to see the huge waves. the winds sent trees crashing down on homes. power lines and cars. the southern and central plains are likely to see tornadoes this afternoon and weekend. and we have to give a shoutout to the guys of engine 30 with the oklahoma city fire department. >> that's right. bravo. they were called out when someone heard unusual sounds
3:07 am
one guy got down in there and started handing out these little guys. >> ducklings. their colleague was still down in there. but mama and the ducklings perfectly safe reunited with their mom. we are told they also did get the fire firefighter out that they put the grate down on. >> we banned him to survive, as well. >> that was so cute to watch them waddle out. >> as they closed the grid, one of the firefighters on the outside told them, you can go down there and be a ninja turtle now. did he say that. >> that's funny. i'm glad everybody is safe. the duck family just fine. >> were are ducklings constantly roaming into storm drains. >> because they're curious. >> the mother duck never leaves. just hangs out and keeps quacking until somebody picks up on what is wrong. they know how many they have.
3:08 am
>> they're adorable. coming up, the science behind why you keep losing your socks. it's an important one. >> might have something to do with your laundry maybe. a new warning about detergent pods and alarming numbers all parents should be aware of. >> here comes the bride, but before the big moment, a ton of work has to be done including brushing up on your wedding etiquette. the one tip all guests need to know. listen up. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram abcwnn.
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a surveillance camera caught a braise and arson at a home in san antonio. a man can be seen right there spreading gasoline on a car and a house. then setting them on fire. a family was asleep inside. luckily, no one was injured. although the car was totaled. the homeowner where that family was claims to know the man on the video. someone he says had an argument with his niece. >> erin andrews and the two hotel companies involved in her nude peephole video case have settled. she was awarded $55 million last month after a jury found the companies and her stalker at fault for post package the video on the internet. the companies appealed the verdict but now they have reached a confidential settlement which could avoid years of appeals. >> the danger of laundry pods to
3:13 am
about every 45 minutes a poison control center somewhere in the u.s. gets a child about a child 0 who ate or came in contact with the detergent. not all cases are reported. this study looks at pointings from before the companies tried making them less attractive to children. >> hawaii has a special message for its citizens. be nice to tourists. the state's travel agency started a campaign reminding locals about the benefits of tourism which is hawaii's biggest employer. hawaii has had four straight years of record breaking tourist numbers but some tourism critics say all the visitors create too much congestion and too many problems. coming up, breathing new life into the deflategate scandal. the u.s. court of appeals reinstated the suspension for quarterback tom brady. so what does this mean for brady and the patriots? >> first wedding season is fast approaching. rules surrounding the big day
3:14 am
we'll show you what every bride needs to know before she walks down the aisle. keep it here on "world news
3:15 am
wedding season is nearly here. whether you're a bride or groom or a guest, we're here to help you get ready. >> trr some trends and new ways of adding your own touch to the able old celebration. nikki battiste begins her series with advice for the bride. >> reporter: here comes the bride. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: sadly that's me. i'm a total disaster. it's wedding season.
3:16 am
little wedding 101. mika myer runs beaumont etiquette and diing out dos and don'ts every bride should know. >> where do we start. >> the first thing is slow down. so a graceful bride is very slow. even if it feels like you're going unnaturally slow, that's probably the right speed. >> reporter: during the walk down the aisle, make sure to watch your posture and lower that poe kay. >> you want to see as much of the dress and your face as possible. angle the bouquet out slightly so everyone can see it. it's the perfect height. it's almost just bloir belly button. >> reporter: hints in hand, let's try this again. since all eyes are on the bride's face, be sure to smile. and ladies, show off that dress. this one is made by bridal reflections in new york. beyond the aisle, modernet kit has parted ways with old school
3:17 am
have a honeymoon fund or do you need to register for gifts. >> you don't want to ask for money directly. so a honey fund is a contribution toward your honeymoon. guests can choose to send you to a massage or buy you a dinner. >> reporter: another touchy subject no, children please. >> i think the key is to say at the very beginning have a float that says while we love your little ones, this is a formal event meant for just adults 18 and up. >> expect to see more brides giving a toast in between showing off her red carpet ready picture pose. >> we want to wap our hands. look nice and poised. you don't want chicken he will boepz keep them in and down like that. >> perfect. >> her top three tips for the perfect bride, be graceful and slow, watch your posture, be grateful and thank everyone. but then the real showstopper.
3:18 am
i brought leeann from dance with me today to teach you how to waltz. >> i need some dance moves. >> that is what i'm here for. >> this would be more of a formal stance. nice like in the movies. you're going to stretch to this side. he stretches to this side. >> this bride will be happily waltzing her way into marriage. >> then he takes you and dips. >> you dancing in me. >> you do. >> nikki battiste, abc news, new york. >> and nikki joins us now. first of all, you cannot say you're going to be a disaster. you're already beautiful. i know that's not even the real dress you're wearing on the 9 there. >> you're too sweet. i can't walk. but can i dance? >> you can dance. you can clearly not have chicken elbows. >> it's a lot to think about at once. i have stef from dance with me here to teach all of us the rhumba. come on. so. >> hi. >> this is stef. >> nice to meet you. >> a classic dancer. both the bride and the guests.
3:19 am
>> i'm the woman. >> ready? >> get the hips girl, work them. >> wait, i got it. till they starred moving in both directions. >> we're going to get fancy with it. she's got to show off the blink guys. >> she's going to show you the tricks. >> you ready? >> all right. so as the lady, you go back with the right first. so we're going to make a box. >> how do we do the hippy thing you're doing. >> just work it. there you go. okay. >> wait. >> all right. >> we're going to do a turn. you got to show off the ring under my arm. good. step, step. there we go. >> you're good. >> no pressure. >> no more -- >> i didn't break anybody's feet. >> she's ready to go. >> okay. >> all right. you're going to go forward with
3:20 am
step, together. five together. step. i got you. together step. >> wait, wait. okay. i'm just testing her. let's do it again. >> forward. step. slide together. step. good. >> side together step. i like it. >> now you've got to open the door for me. there we go. >> keep it going. >> i like it. >> i'll be the man. >> there you go. >> wait. this is so easy. but then you're a pro. what's going to happen when i dance with diane? >> let's give it a try. >> are your feet in shorts? are you ready. >> here we go. step. side together step. side together step. >> that's good. >> step. side together step. >> are you going to try to spin. >> let's do it. >> i was supposed to open the door for you. >> side together step. >> that was -- that wasn't bad. >> she's kind of leading me to
3:21 am
>> oh. >> very nice. >> awesome. >> all right. i think we'll end on that high note. >> wait, i want to keep going. >> thank you so much for being here. that's so much fun. >> so good. >> i can only imagine what you can accomplish in a fullest on son if you can teach that much in a short period of time. >> definitely. as the a lot of fun. >> we are so excited to keep track of your progress. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to see you dance at your wedding. you're going to kill it. it's going to be easy. >> really, tomorrow morning, part two of nikki's wedding series will be here. and she'll be imparting advice for guests at the wedding. >> i know a few people who could use that. >> like me four years. >> very modern tips. >> stay with us for tomorrow's wedding tips on what to do and not to do as a guest at a wedding. > keep it right here on "world news now." all right. here we go. ready?
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time now for "the mix." we start with a very important scientific discovery. do you ever wonder why you're constantly losing socks and end up with odd pairs? some scientists got together. they figured it out. >> okay. >> a psychologist and a statistician teamed up to work out exactly why and how you're constantly losing the sox. >> as if they had nothing better to do. >> they figured out a formula for it. surprisingly complicated. >> i thought this might be it but i dropped the a. >> the l means laundry. there's something about the number of people living in the home, how often you wash. how many. anyway, supposedly if you work this out, it will predict how frequently you're going to lose a sock. >> can we just, that could be pure giver sl and they just put it out there saying they're not
3:26 am
what do we know? it's a bunch of letters >> not only could i not do the calculation, i can't go through the trouble of figuring out what everything stands for. it's right in front of. >> he what does c mean. >> thank you for dedicating your scientific expertise to such an important field of study. >> now on to world hunger. let me show you this. what's hilarious. it doesn't help me find my sox. >> it's going to tell you how often you'll losses them. >> appreciate that. let me show you this. this is kind of cool. i don't know if you like the audi q3. they've got a new model. a concept concept they have for a new car. this is a little compartment that will hold a little motor rides scooter so you know how when you have to park really far away from your destination, pop that baby open, pop on the scooter and ride in. it goes up to 18 miles per hour.
3:27 am
hours it's wonderful. you can clip your cell phone on to it so it can use an app that the car has to help you find your destination on the scooter. cool stuff. >> i don't know. i don't think i want a quar an extra vehicle added to it. it doesn't seem like they're confident in the first one. >> if you're like a mile away, zoom right in. i don't know where you park that. >> and then back to really important scientific discoveries. we have a plant in britain looks like a regular normal plant. maybe a cherry tomato plant. however, cherry tomatoes on the top, poe tate toes on the bottom. it's called the tomtato plant. the ketchup and french fries plant. grow everything in one for people with limited garden space. >> that's fantastic. you want to bring up up with your sweetie, send them ae 50 to 85: what's your reason for getting life insurance? i'm in my 60s
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," shifting alliances as voters in five states head to the polls today, the candidates are out for blood. the latest campaign tactics as the race tightens on both sides. >> the spring season brings damaging winds across the country, including fears of tornados. we'll show you the latest regions in the center of the storm zone. and new this half hour, reinflating deflategate. tom brady set to start the nfl season from the sidelines. an appeals court upholding the star's four-game suspension. full details ahead. and famous dances with -- it was famous dances night on ""dancing with the stars"." it had one couple high stepping to a near perfect score. but which couple got the boot. >> >> we'll have the complete wrap-up ahead in "the skinny" on this tuesday, april 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning.
3:31 am
>> i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. we begin with another big primary day in the race for the white house. donald trump hurling personal insults at his republican rivals and hillary clinton. >> votes are casting ballots in five northeastern states from maryland to rhode island and pennsylvania is the biggest prize. trump and clinton are dominating the polls in all five races, but trump is outraged that ted cruz and john kasich are joining forces. it's your voice, your vote. we get the latest from abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: gop front-runner donald trump firing back at his republican rivals now teaming up against him. >> it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: blasting ted cruz and john kasich for cutting a deal and agreeing to split the vote with kasich stopping campaigning in indiana while cruz does the same in oregon and new mexico. >> i understand that the trump campaign is going to scream and cry. that's what they do. whining is what they do.
3:32 am
resources in indiana. he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> reporter: their goal block trump from winning the 1237 delegates and avoiding a contested convention. but trump is not only confident about winning, he is claiming he looks the part. unlike hillary clinton. >> do i look like a president? how handsome am i? right? how handsome? does hillary look presidential to you? >> reporter: clinton already has 80% of the delegates she needs to clinch the democratic nomination and even though her opponent bernie sanders is conceding nothing, clinton's focus is shifting to november. >> don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> reporter: there are reports both clinton and cruz already started vetting possible vps, but the two maintain it's too soon for that talk. they remain focused on the
3:33 am
diane and ryan? >> thank you, elizabeth. a federal judge has upheld north carolina's election law that requires voters to show a photo i.d. when casting ballots the judge dismissed lawsuits filed by the justice department and civil rights group that claim the law was passed to discriminate against poor and minority voters. the republican backed law eliminates same day registration and ends out of precinct voting. the morning's other major story is a pair of powerful spring storms. in southern california that, meant very high winds. this small sailboat couldn't handle the choppy waters off los angeles. it kept bumping into the fire department tug. luckily neither boat was damaged and no one was injured. the strong winds also caused problems on land picking up and tossing a heavy canopy at a car wash. a few miles away, a massive kentucky fried chicken sign toppled right onto the parking lot. a high wind advisory for most of southern california remains in effect at this hour.
3:34 am
for the south and central plains today with a warning to residents of oklahoma city. storms there are likely as are large hail and damaging winds. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano has more. >> the pattern is full. three impulses riding a strength ening jet stream. the first one hitting chicago. the second one has nearly all the ingredients for a severe outbreak nearly throughout all of tornado alley from dallas to wichita to lincoln, nebraska, big time hail, likely large tornados that may go into the darkness hours. and this whole threat pushes to the east ob wednesday. by far bring the most violent storms. rob marciano. abc news. >> our thanks to rob. president obama wrapped up a meeting with germany and european allies. the topic was security. >> while they discussed libya and ukraine, the focus was really on syria. lauren lyster joins with us the details.
3:35 am
about president obama's plan to send more troops to syria. the president made the announcement in germany monday saying he'll boost the u.s. forces fighting isis in syria from 50 to 300 as part of the nato coalition he says is making progress. this while urging european allies to step up when it comes to defend spending. >> i've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria including special forces to keep up this momentum. every nato member should be contributing its full share, 2% of gdp towards our common security. something that doesn't always happen. and i'll be honest, sometimes europe has been complacent about its own defense. >> reporter: the pentagon monday couldn't say where these troops will be operating or when they'll arrive but the press secretary did say they will not be engaged in combat. he also acknowledged while these forces won't be on the front lines, ryan and diane, they will be in harm's way and they'll be
3:36 am
>> always a tough decision sending in boots on the ground. lauren, thank you. on to this philippine police have -- armed forces intensified their efforts to hunt down islamic militants who beheaded a canadian man they took hostage last year. the victim john ridsdel of calgary, alberta. canada's prime minister called his death a cold-blooded murder. >> extremists are suspected in the death of lgbt activist xulhaz mannan in bangladesh. he has been a protocol officer at the embassy and also as editor of bangladesh's first gay rights magazine. mennen and a friend had been found hacked to death. it the latest in a series of attacks. >> target is facing backlash for its transgender bathroom policy. last week the retail chain posted the policy which welcomed
3:37 am
their gender identity. a conservative christian activist group has collecte more than half a million signatures from people pledging to boycott. target is standing by its policy. more than 50 protesters arrested last night at north carolina's capital calling on lawmakers to reteal the state's controversial transgender bathroom law which they say discriminates against the lgbt community. nick jonas and demi lovato are the latest acts to cancel shows in north carolina in protest of the law. those shows were scheduled for raleigh and charlotte this summer. it's something an opera singer dreams of but probably not quite in this way. ty tallian tenor francesco anile made his met pol to know opera debut this weekend wearing jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. >> not quite the uniform he was expecting. >> now, he only had five minutes notice he would have to sing the fourth act for the lead tenor in verdi's othello who lost his voice.
3:38 am
the role while the other man played the part >> best press conference ever. right? he says he wasn't nervous because he's sung othello many times all over the world but never did it at the met before and to complete opera singer's dream, anile got a standing ovation during the curtain call. how about that? >> sounds like that was very well deserved. hard to believe he wasn't nervous under the circumstances. at the same time, you hear him singing at the press conference. i can't imagine what he was like on stage. >> so good, right? a clutch performer. that's the definition right there. he can sing on cue at press conferences. >> i wonder what it was like for the lead tenor who was used to singing and lip syncing and miming his way through the show.
3:39 am
you should speak and i'll lip sync. we'll do it later. how about that? coming up, reinflating deflategate. the new development will likely sideline patriots tom brady for at least four games this season. you're good at that. what it means for brady and his team. >> the fancy footwork last night on "dancing with the stars." which couple earned a near perfect score and which couple going home. >> oh. >> first here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. it's like something out of a terminator movie. a person walks across a field that erupts in explosions and
3:43 am
apparently unharmed. then you see her take off the top of that bombproof suit, tossed her blonde hair around. apparently it's all intended to promote the blast proof suit developed by the russian military. >> it works if it looks like a terminator movie i guess. there's speculation about tiger woods possibly planning his return to competitive golf. we learned yesterday woods has registered for june's u.s. open but that's no guarantee that he will play in the tournament. woods has been away from competition since having two back procedures last year. his agent maintains there is no timetable for return. >> golden state warriors are starting to get used to life without their biggest star steph curry. he suffered a ligament strain in sunday's game against houston. the team says he'll miss at least two weeks. that means the rest of the current series against the rockets and the start of golden state's next series, the warriors lead the rockets three
3:44 am
game five is tomorrow night. >> also set to be sidelined, patriots quarterback tom brady could be suspended for at least four games this upcoming season. >> the u.s. appeals court reinstated his punishment for his alleged part in the of afc championship deflategate football issue. that whole tampering scandal. abc has the latest. >> reporter: it is a back and forth battle between nfl commission ker roger goodell and the four-time super bowl champions can the new england patriots. in may of 2015, an investigation by the nfl concluded that it was more probable than not footballs were intentionally deflated after they were examined by a referee at the afc championship against the colts. the report also says it's more probable than not that patriots superstar quarterback tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. >> i don't know what happened. completely and totally unaware of any of this. >> reporter: the violation claims the footballs were
3:45 am
throw and catch. after hearing an appeal, commissioner goodell chose to uphold the suspension. but the ban was overturned by a judge allowing brady to play the entire 2015 season. a u.s. appeals court now ruling the suspension will stand. >> this comes as no surprise. pro brady as judge berman was at the lower court, these guys were pro nfl and it came out that way. >> reporter: it's unclear if the nfl players association and brady will petition for another rehearing but what is clear is that deflate death scandal, a controversy that has resulted in stricter rules within the nfl may be coming to a close. on top of brady's suspension, the patriots were fined $1 million and were docked their first-round pick in the 2016 nfl draft. if brady has to serve his suspension, his first game back will be against the cleveland browns. ryan and diane. >> melissa, thank you. apparently the way that brady's
3:46 am
will lose a lot less money if this happens than if it had happened last year. >> smart move by the patriots. they can always, brady can always appeal this to an en banc hearing. that's rarely granted. it may be over for him. we'll see what happens next. when we come back, which couple got the boot on "dancing with the stars." >> guess which hollywood hunk is back on the market. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
3:49 am
amazing. >> i love austin powers. and jodie sweetin also working through a foot injury. did her interpretation of pink's music video "try," scoring a 25. what did you think of this? it. >> it was a little dark. the whole thing is a little dark for "dancing with the stars." i liked her and liked the performance, as well. nyle dimarco danced the quick step to the famous dance from "mask" wearing not only the mask that jim carrie wore but also the teeth. he wore prosthetic teeth for this dance. they also scored 25. the judges loved the performance but said it wasn't as clean as they would have liked to be. >> that makes me feel impressed with jim carrey. i want to see him. next ginger zee oozing with attitude to janet jackson's "nasty."
3:50 am
len said it lacked attitude. bruno said she didn't quite take it to the next level. they scored 24. >> they said she was well rehearsed, hit every single move. they thought she didn't have as much attitude as janet jackson. but that's really hard to do. >> she's janet jackson. that's like saying well, you weren't quite michael jackson or prince but you came close. >> i give her props for taking it on. it's a really hard dance to do and iconic and involved a lot of attitude. i thought she nailed it. by far the standout performance of the night went to boys 2 men wanya morris with his rendition of 'n sync's "bye bye bye." he impressed joey fatone and lance bass who were waiting in the wings backstage. they got the night's top score of 29, almost perfect. >> getting the low score of the night and the boot, underdog
3:51 am
in what turned out to be his best dance of the season. >> next to the hollywood hunk who is apparently back on the market. >> you know it's official when someone does this. they delete his girlfriend's pics from his instagram account. that's big. that's just what zac efron has reportedly done after nearly two years with his girlfriend, model sami miro and he even stopped following her on both instagram and twitter. yes, it happened. although sami hasn't deleted any pictures of him. >> "e! news" learned it was zac who pulled the plug saying the spark had died and distance and work schedules got in the way. he hopes they can remain friends. >> how are you going to remain friends? >> if you're not even friends on facebook, how can you be friends in real life? >> i feel like that's what a guy says to a girl when he couldn't care. she's crying hysterically. how could you do this? no you but we're friends. it's fine. it's fine.
3:52 am
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>> let's talk about this. who doesn't love food, right? >> you know what? at some point i want to get the world news jazz band to play live here. i love that. >> i'll just mimic. >> let's talk about this. who doesn't love food, right? if you're really adventurous, creating your own succulent designs. >> two young men have figured out a formula for sweet success by turning their love of healthy eating into a budding culinary empire. here's abc's robin roberts. >> reporter: it's a food revolution. young entrepreneurs like brian rudolph and daniel katz are bringing a twist to some of our food favorites. this isn't your typical wheat pasta. it's pasta made from chickpeas. you heard me right, chickpeas. >> chickpeas are one of few
3:56 am
and delicious and ultimately they make a pasta that looks like pasta. >> reporter: after starting from scratch in his detroit kitchen, he shares with his eight roommates, brian launched bonza in 2014 with brother scott as his cofounder. >> when we got started we didn't have anything to stand out. we would pretty much just jump out into the aisle and say hey, have you tried chickpea pasta. >> at store demos or farmers markets like this one, gorilla marketing is essential to their growth. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: what was once a labor of love brian is now planning on building a chickpea empire. >> in the last year, we've gone from two to 2,000 stores. we even have stores where we're the number one selling pasta overall. >> cinnamon bun. >> like brian, 19-year-old daniel katz is also rethinking some of our popular food staples. >> it is protein infused almond fluff butter. >> reporter: with his no cal bars and fluff butters.
3:57 am
he was when we first started working with him. it wasn't till the end of the meeting after we decided to bring in the brand we heard he was 18 years old. >> the first six months it was just me. it grew so quickly. >> reporter: while living on an air mattress out of his rented office space, daniel gave himself a crash course in food chemistry to make his protein enhanced products dairy free. once ready with what he hoped were tasty treats he pitched the concept to major retailers. >> i had a lot of people telling me it was impossible and there was no chance i would survive competing with billion dollar brands. >> reporter: in less than a year, dee's naturals gained national distribution. >> if you are willing to work, you're willing to sleep less, anything's achievable. >> 18 years old. >> amazing. > 18 years old. i'm constantly thinking of these ideas. then they just --
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, it's a big day in the presidential race. voters head to the polls in five states. but can anyone clinch the nomination and who's expecting a clean sweep? severe weather. dangerous conditions taking shape. the perfect ingredients for twisters and large hail. where the danger zone is right now. plus, powerful winds on the west coast. a sailboat captain needing rescue. new video in after a plane came down on a florida home. see the frantic moments as witnesses try to get to the burning wreckage. and a big bear roaming a neighborhood running down the sidewalk through front yards forcing people indoors. a good tuesday morning to you all. it's another big day in the race for the white house with voters in five states heading to the polls.


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