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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 26, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> that' good morning. it's 4:30. a new video of a suspected for a road raging attack in manhattan. we have details on the suspect's car. this woman on staten island is accused of hitting a 12-year- old with a hockey stick. why the woman went berserk. the presidential hopefuls are hoping for clean sweeps. a light show on this
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day grab your rain gore. >> good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we have a couple of showers and thunderstorms, and those are a southerly wind coming up, and 52 for bridgeport, and 60 at lakehurst, and you can see we have the showers and thunderstorms coming across, and lightning strikes are popping across to the north shore of suffolk county, and those are passing through the city. that was the lighting we captured on the cameras. we need the rain gear, starting at noontime, and we will talk about this with the accuweather
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>> she thought the flashes of lighting were the paparazzi taking her know toe. >> 2:30,s and i like -- 2:30, and i was like who is that? >> 2 and 3 trains, fast repair, and 3 trains are sus tended. and 35 six o'clock trains with overnight track track -- are suspended and 356 trains with overnight track issues. the incident that started on the 59th street bridge
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morning we have our first look at the man police say stabbed another driver 11 times. police just released this video this morning. you can see the man in his 30s fleeing the scene. the man gets into a silver toyota, driving away, leaving a 45-year-old victim to die. two men got into a road rage incident coming over the bridge at 11:15 on saturday. the 45-year-old man got out of his car and confronted the suspect, and the suspect showed a knife and stabbed the 45-year- old man 11 times. the 45-year-old drove, but he crashed, and he remains in critical but stable condition this morning. the police are looking for the man driving the silver toyota.
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call the crime stoppers. channel 9, eyewitness news. new pictures of the woman who police say hit a child with his own hockey stick because he was making too much noise. the 12-year-old boy and his friends were playing a street hockey game when the woman yelled at them. she grabbed the stick and hit him. the kids took a picture of the woman and the police want to question her. a cherry picker crashed through this apartment window. it was outside on essex street on the lower east side and work on the building's facade was underway, and the hydraulic system on the lift failed, sending the platform into a window. >> heard, not a smash but like
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2.5 hours later, the whole thing, they must have been -- they screwed up a little bit. >> as a precaution, the floors were evacwait for a brief time. eventually they got it out of the window and lowered it to the ground. fortunately no one was hurt. a stop work order is in effect. voters in five states including connecticut are headed to the polls. it may be the best chance for bernie sanders to gain ground on hillary clinton. dray, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ken, and it's yet another big tuesday for the candidates, and on the democratic side, bernie sanders knows he's facing an uphill climb in his race against hillary clinton, and on the republican side, donald trump is hoping the alliance
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backfire and send more voters his way. >> thank you, pennsylvania! >> reporter: pennsylvania is today's crowned jewel, and bernie sanders carried his message of change to drexel university and to hartford. he is vowing to go on to california and the dc primary, but hillary clinton appears to be moveing on. the nomination race is done. clinton now focusing on donald trump. >> don't just fly the big jet in, land it, and make a big speech and inas a result everybody you can think of and then go back, get on the big jet and go back to your country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. >> reporter: as for the cruz and kasich alliance to block donald trump from getting the delegates he needs.
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agreed not to get in each other's way while stopping trump. >> reporter: trump is calling cruz and kasich, pathetic and weak. >> with two candidates have no path to victory, they are mathematically out. they ought to quit so we can all get together, all unify and go against crooked hillary clinton and beat here, really, really beat her. >> reporter: request now we wait because the noters will have the last say. donald trump will be in new york.
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yesterday charged with robbery and assault after police got a crime stoppers's event. his eldest victim? 91. a queens pastor and his wife, daniel evans and his wife jenae were taking youth group members home. everyone inside of the van walked away miraculously with minor injuries, and the couple says it was divine intervention. >> i'm telling you, god is the only reason we are here today. >> i'm just grateful that god took us out safely and we i'm
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>> reporter: shenae evans is 5 months pregnant with a baby girl. she says she and the baby are doing just fine. today mayor de blasio will release his budget for the next fiscal year. the de blasio administration wants to buy snowplows specifically for the narrow streets that are hard to clear after the big storms, and it's budgeting more for smaller plows, haulers, and the other equipment need. 4:39, and let's check with bill evans, you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. wind out of the southwest, and the showers are kind of sweeping through northern jersey here, and now suffolk
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this will move along the long island expressway and on i-95 and connecticut here it will be gone in 30 minutes, and then a couple of leftover showers. the wet streets and highways this morning, and the sun will break out during the morning commute, and we will have a breezy morning. the winds have to be out of the southwest. >> by the time we get back to noon, we have cloud-to-ground lightning. we will talk about more coming up with your accuweather forecast, and heather has the wet roadways right now. >> we are going to look at suffolk county, and this is the l.i.e. a look to the sagtikos parkway. it's wet, and it looks like the visibility is down just a bit. looking at the southern state parkway near exit 17, this is
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accident. the accident has been cleared away. hudson bergen light rail on a modified schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> still ahead this morning, gruesome information on the family killed in ohio. how a social media post may have helped investigations.
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4:43. a dramatic call of a man walking in and out of traffic on 287. the man was upset and crying and then made a run for it. >> don't do it! don't -- do it! don't do it! >> sergeant greg boker got to the man at the last second, and then he was take tonight hospital. more on the latest on the gruesome family murders in ohio. the pyke county investigators said there is evidence of cockfighting at one of the
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home had a marijuana grow operation. >> it's pretty cowardly, what you did. you're a bunch of cowards, slaughters people while they sleep,? front of their children, you're cowards. >> all eight victims including a 16-year-old were shot in the head on friday. relatives believe whoever killed them knew the family. >> 4:45. look at this video showing powerful winds overturning an awning. the wind tosses the canopy around as it bounces off parked cars, and several people rush in to hold it in place before it causes any more damage. at a nearby kfc, if took down a sign, leaving it badly damaged. >> not the kfc bucket!
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>> extra crispy thigh, please! >> bill evans is joining us. this is the camera for 4 times square. see the lightning strike for the empire state building? a lot of flash of light, and this is a good old string-time thunderstorm pushing through the area. thank you, frank and crew upstairs, very much. the showers will continue to move into long island as we talk about suffolk county with that, and here's the camera on the roof. those thunderstorms pushed off to the east for the morning and we are going to have another round starting around lunchtime, and you need to be on the bookout for the thunderstorms later today and here is the view from the beach. the showers passing through there also, and it pushed out into the atlantic. high humidity.
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that's why we have a front moving through, and yesterday's high was 69. normal, 65, and that's pretty good so far. temperatures now in the overnight hours, 50, and 48 around newburg and 51 around bridgesport, and temperatures are warmer to southhurst. wind switch together northeast with the first batch of showers around that, and you can see the shower and thunderstorm activity has pushed eastward, and a showers are pushing to the east, and this is sussex, warren county, and you're still going to gets the showers that are going across with this batch, and this is sliding across with the strikes there and this is up route 91 towards harper, and then out to the
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look at strikes for miller place across. you want to remain indoors. trying to make the commute this morning, leave now and wait 15 to 20 minutes to let it go by. >> first batch going by, and it goes by on the guidance, and then sunny breaks up around 9:00 or 10:00, and then here's the front for the afternoon. shower and thunderstorm popping up around 1:00, and 3:00 this afternoon, and then that is gone and we may see a pretty sunset coming up, and the morning showers, and breezy sunny breaks today, cloudy and dry tonight. turning cool tomorrow night, and tomorrow, a great day, and the high is 65. here's your accuweather forecast. thursday will be cooler with a shower possible, and friday is a cloudy day, the temperatures are right at or above normal for this time of the year, and look at the nice weather coming
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>> not so bad. we pay for it during the week? >> we are getting much-needed rain, and we are about 5 inches short of rain fall. >> really? >> we need this rain. >> and the light show that goes along with it. >> that's good stuff. >> checking with heather. >> long island railroad doing just fine, and the hudson and bergen are running on an overhead weekend schedule. the 2 trains are suspended from 149th street, and 3 trains are suspended, and the 5 and 6 trains also dealing with track work and should be cleared away. ken, over to you. thank you, heather, 4:42, and the nypd releasing a person
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homicide case. police want to question this man. the officers responded to reports of an assault on hancock street and culler was found with multiple wounds to his face and body, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a wake will be held for a 2nd grader who died suddenly, leaving parents worried. there's still no cause of death for 7-year-old lilly love. westchester officials are trying to calm nervous parents and said love's death is an isolated incident and no other students are at risk. 4:50. a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of tamyr rice has been settled. a rookie officer shot and
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thinking his toy gun was real. the hissing from a radiator turned out to be something more than the home heating system. the family found a 4-foot long snake inside of their glencove home, and they discovered the california king snake last monday, and it belonged to the previous tenant who lost the snake more than a year ago. the couple captured the snake and set it agree. it's not indiagnose to our area, and they are asking if anyone spots it, call the aspca -- indigenous to our area, and they are asking if anyone spots it, call the aspca. this is video of joe houston.
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his relationship, and she had her skills to show off too. now baxter and other officers are playing call. >> judge kids see joe speaking to me, i think they will do the same. a lot of them look up to him. >> we are trying to make a change. not keep this violent environment around here. >> this is not the first time the officer's moves have gotten her praise. she attended college as you can probably tell by the way. she had a full basketball scholarship, and her game helps her do her job with the good skills on the court. >> that's fantastic! she's really good. >> good for her. >> absolutely! >> that's the way to do it. coming up this morning, new york city homeowners are getting a nice surprise this summer. the new plan to put cash back
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic this morning. good morning. meteorologist bill evans. we have rain to new haven, and thunderstorms here, bruceing a
4:56 am
lightning, particularly here to the north shore as well, and you will see the little pins are the lightning strikes for port jefferson up to riverhead, and these are going to be moving eastern in the next hour, and be very careful with that. later today, the front will move in with showers and thunderstorms starting after lunchtime. weather and traffic together, weather and then heather. what's going on out there? >> the george washington bridge is looking great. right to left, inbound side, and no issues here. the lower level is closed down, and everything is reopened because of overnight construction, and as you go outbound, lower level two lanes are closed down because of the apartments, and a minor inbound delay at the george washington bridge. hudson bergen light rail, running on a modified weekend schedule because of overhead wire problems, and street cleaning rules are in effect.
4:57 am
it's 4:57. sometimes water can roll uphill. city homeowners are about to get a credit on their bills this summer because major de blasio is forcing the water board to pay rent to the city that will save the average household about 17% on their annual bill. closing in on 5:00, and just ahead on eyewitness news this morning, we are live with the new video police want you to see as they search for the man behind the road rage attack that turned into a violent stabbing on the upper east side. he has done it again. a man who strikes dunkin' donuts stores has struck again. don't leave without your rain gear. bill evan with the exclusive accuweather forecast as you wake up and get going on this
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good morning. it's 5:00 a.m., and a new video released overnight shows a man wanted for a violent stabbing, and we are live with details. front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping for clean sweeps. we are live with what is at stake today. a round of thunderstorms this afternoon, and this is a live look at the accutrack radar. good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato, and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: let's go right to
5:01 am
thunderstorms are heavy to the eastern end of long island, and we see it across suffolk county, headed out, and there's been lightning strikes with that, and you can see it calming down just a bit on i-95 and that is down around, headed to quogue, and back to the west a few more showers coming across this morning, and then the front will come in this afternoon with the gusty thunderstorms, and if you're headed out right now, you will need your rain gear across northern new jersey, long island, and then we will have breezy breaks by 7:00. winds will be southwest, warming up to 71 this afternoon with the next line of showers and thunderstorms that are coming, weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. weather and then heather, you have issues on the rails this morning. >> it's the hudson bergen light rail, everything else is doing okay. if you light rail, there was something
5:02 am
wire, and again that's a modified weekend schedule, and allow yourself extra time. mass transit is a great idea for today. subway service on or close to schedule. we have alternate side parking rules in effect. >> heather, thank you. we are seeing video of a man accused of stabbing another man during a road rage attack on the upper west side. >> lori, good morning. the road rage incident started on the 59th street bridge but played out here on the upper east side where police were able to get surveillance video of the man in the vicious attack they say stabbed another driver 11 times, and look at this video just released by police. you can see the man getting into his car, and they just released the surveillance photos of the man seen fleeing
5:03 am
he gets in his camry and drivingses away, leaving a 45- year-old victim to die. the two got into a road rage incident around 11:15, and they pulled over. the 54-year-old man got out of his car, and then the suspect showed a knife and stabbed him 11 times. then the victim tried to drive himself to the hospital. >> he got in the car, drove several blocks and crashed it. we had to go back to the original spot at 64th and york. we spoke to witnesses and got video there and heard the perpetrator was approached by the victim initially. >> reporter: the victim remain in the hospital, and police are looking far silver toyota camera with rhode island plates. i'm diana rocko, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:04 am
striking for an 11th time in nassau county. the masked man carries a large kitchen knife and used it yesterday to rob a subway store, and last wednesday he held up a carvel. the string of robberies started march 1st, and the reward for his arrest is now $10,000. time is now 5:04. it's primary day in five states including connecticut. donald trump and hillary clinton are aiming for clean sweeps. these are the delegates at stake today. the republican candidate needs 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination, and the democratic candidate needs 2083 delegates. >> reporter: the cruz-kasich
5:05 am
under attack by gop front runner donald trump. >> if you look at these two guys. one is one for 41, and the other is disaster. >> reporter: trump's rivals are focused on next week's primary in indiana. the goal, stop trump by kasich standing down to cruz. >> i can send my resources more effective, and the same is true for senator cruz. what's the big deal? >> reporter: hillary clinton rallying in philadelphia, the location of the democratic national convention. 3 months for this week, confidence she will be back to accept her party's nomination. >> it's not enough to diagnose our country's problems. we have to solve them, and we have to bring everybody together to do just that. >> reporter: bernie sanders pointing out unity could be a
5:06 am
>> this campaign is succeeding because we are listening to the people of this country and not wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: and polls in connecticut and maryland will hope in about 2 hours, right at 7:00 a.m. no one clinched his or her party's nominations, but i can report the candidates are still shopping around for running mates. clinton has her short list, and cruz is considering carly fiorina. >> all right, kenneth, thank you. the tsa says it confiscated a record 73 weapons last week. passengers can travel legally
5:07 am
unloaded in a locked box, and it must be packed in checked bags and approved ahead of time by the airline. it's 5:07, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans. >> reporter: the star of the day will be the radar. we will show you in a moment. cloudy skies over gotham. we can see all the way down to the verrazano narrows bridge. we are seeing showers on long island. a few showers into sussex and warren county, and up to the hudson river valley, and you're swinging a i ross rockland county, orange, sullivan, and the heaviest leading eastward, and as that pushes eastward that will be gone by 5:30, and there's a few of the lingering
5:08 am
this front will bring a shower or thunderstorm today. after the next shower swings through, we will begin to see the sun break out for a time. the wind goes southwest, warming us up to 71 with the front to get here with showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon. be ready for that. that could produce gusty winds, frequent lightning, and the possibility of hail with the thunderstorms swinging across to the southwest, and we will talk about that in a moment. heather has the commute for you this morning. wet roadways out there. >> this is suffolk county, l.i.e., and you can see traffic is moving, and you can tell the roads are wet, and the sagtikos near the northern state parkway. the conditions are wet out there. use caution. over to the maps, and are going to talk about what is happening as far as mass transit is concerned. new jersey transit, hudson bergen light rail, modified light schedule. metro north is running on or
5:09 am
service is also running on or close to schedule. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. on eyewitness news this morning, the day has come for former nfl quarterback, johnny manziel to face a misdemeanor assault charge in an atalk on his exgirlfriend. at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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we are following a developing story at 5:11, and a man was cut with a knife on the 6 train overnight. two men were arguing when one pulled out a knife. the victim grabbed it, and he
5:12 am
he got off at grand central terminal, and the suspect fled the location with the green backpack and the knife. johnny manziel is waiting on texas proses -- prosecutors. his attorneys say he is expected to face charges against him from his exgirlfriend. the federal appeals court overturned a lower court's ruling and stands by tom brady's suspension. that reignites the inflatedebate.
5:13 am
the holdup when it comes to cleaning up one of the most toxic waterways in new york. we look at the gowanus from the perspective of the river keeper boat cap take who has traveled the waterway for several decades. he said it will take several more years for that to continue after the lengthy location. >> in spite of good laws that require the cleanup of a mess like this, government is actually getting in the way. >> and those fighting for the gowanus to be cleaned up said the waterway could be an essential part of the community, and the water activities and fishing and local wildlife. >> time is 5:13, and meteorologist bill evans has the accuweather forecast. >> this morning we are looking to a cloudy sky, and look what
5:14 am
there's lightning strike the in and around the five boroughs, long island, new jersey, and those are good ones, and another one right there. we will be showing the time lapse lightning strikes, and one struck the empire state building, which gets about 20,000 a year, and you can see the first batch of storms. we will see another line sliding eastward this afternoon. the measure, 29.78 andal. that's very unstable it will be windy, and another cold front coming through this afternoon, and it's showers a thunderstorms. commack, 51 to ronkonkoma 59 now. looking to the north, 50 around poughkeepsie, and 47 for handndover. the numbers are warm, and the winds are coming in ahead of the front out of the northeast, east, and you can see the batch of thunderstorms, and the wind
5:15 am
south here with the line of showers and thunderstorms moving eastward across the eastern end of long island, riverhead eastward, and here's a lightning strike headed to east hampton. that's shelter island, and a lightning strike to the east there, and another shower or storm of there producing more in the way of the shower strikes as this slides eastward, and behind that, there's showers up the hudson river valley, but the knicks line will be here, the western part of new york state and pennsylvania that will slide through this afternoon, and you can see the futurecast. 6:00a.m., and the showers are winding down. noontime, the sun will break out, and the more the sun breaks out, the more it fires up the line of showers and thunderstorms. through westchester, northern new jersey, and the line builds with thunderstorms 3:00 or 4:00. some of these will be heavy with gusty winds, and trenton
5:16 am
big spread in temperature for the afternoon. the 50s to the north with the cooler air behind the front. kids, you need the rain gear, particularly for afterschool, and watch out. you have sports, and be on the lookout for that. parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, look out for that. this will be cooler to the north, and thunderstorms to the south, and tomorrow will be a really nice day with abundant sunshine and cooler air, and we have morning showers, and then breezy sun breaking through the morning commute through midday, and tonight, we will start to clear out, and we are turning dry and keel. tomorrow a lot of sunshine and great day, and highs will be 65 to 67. we will look at a shower possible on thursday, and temperature will be around 57, and cooler air will come out of the north behind the low it
5:17 am
67 on saturday, and 66 on sunday. be very careful with the lightning, and we are getting into the season. the springtime cold fronts, and a thunderstorms in the distance, and after school day, go outside, and it takes half an hour. >> let it pass, and you can go back out. >> don't go under a tent, and don't go under a tree. >> go home and have a peanut butter sandwich. >> i like that idea. she knows what she's talking about. >> spoken like a true mom. >> there's nothing more comfortable than a pb&j. they are running on a modified weekend train schedule, and subway service is running on or close to schedule. goethals bridge at 35 miles an hour, and let's camera to see how the l.i.e. is looking, and this is suffolk
5:18 am
roadways are wet, but the traffic is moving. thank you, and still ahead this morning, there's more evidence that laundry detergent packets pose a significant risk to toddlers. "dancing with the stars" looking back on famous dancer teams, but someone had to go home.
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the combination of famous dancers in season 22 of "dancing with the stars" made for a fun night on the dance floor. >> executed lovely. but for one team it was the last dance. >> doug and corrina. >> the former quarterback doug flutie and his partner are the fourth couple eliminated after breaking out their baliwood
5:22 am
they had the lowest score of the night, but bye bye bye got the couple one point shy of a perfect score. doug and corrina will be on good morning america at 7:00. >> i'm still thinking of our floor manager. >> we are going to hit our hands in the air. >> it's good. >> it was a 10. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> i'm going to pretend to be tom bergeron. the next one to leave the show. julia and jelka! [ laughter ] >> they got 0 votes! good try, very humidity is high, 83, 88, 93%, and we have a little wind, gusting another 25 miles an hour.
5:23 am
island ferry over, the captains are great but be careful getting on and off. towards the eastern end of long island, the meters are showing hardly any wind, and we are going to be looking at the east, northeast wind going south and warming us up. the lightning strikes are popping up around riverhead, out to the east, and it's calmed down a little there with the marine layer. the next batch to the west, and weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. i believe she has trouble on the roadway. >> we are just looking at what is happening here on the l.i.e., and you can see traffic is doing just fine here, and once you make your way into queens on the l.i.e. into the cross island parkway, you're picking up volume. and then here into the queens midtown tunnel, not a bad ride at all.
5:24 am
close to disedge -- close to schedule. police say this man was targeting elderly victims and robbing them. you can track severe
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on to your money this morning. the asian markets are mixed. wall street starting the day down 26 points at 17977, and the nasdaq and s&p also finishing lower, and the futures right now are pointing to a higher open. there's a new warning for consumers about the brightly colored laundry pods. >> diane macedo with your money headlines. >> a consumer alert. there's a growing concern for children about the laundry pods, and there's a call to the poison center about every 45 minutes. >> manufacturers are trying to
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you will soon not see wildoats' foods at wal-mart. >> wal-mart will now be adding other organic products to its great value line and more fresh, organic produce. leave it to the british for the latest culinary invasion. it's a plant with the basic ingredients of ketchup. >> i have to get me one of those! >> you do. the first airbus jet will be built right here in the united states. it was delivered to mobile, alabama, and the facility opened for business last july, and it will produce four aircraft a month by the end of next year, and the facility is now working on delivering six
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it's 5:28, and coming up in the next after half an hour, we are live in connecticut. one of the five states with primaries today. >> and it's i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
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allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear,with claritin-d. it's decision day in connecticut and four other states in the northeast. hillary clinton and donald trump are hoping for clean sweeps. this morning, police say this staten island woman hit a young boy with her his hockey stick. what investigators said made her crack. the roads are wet and slippery, and there's more on the way today. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes.
5:31 am
minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans? >> we have seen skies leer out a bit, and we look at the camera from central park to the east. the temperature here's at 5:30, mild 51 degrees, and cooling off 3 degrees after the rain went by. winds are north, northeast around the batch of rain leaving, and the wind profile in the atlantic, that's our wind coming today, the southwest wind out of this batch of rain. there's still showers across westchester county through sullivan and orange county and fairfield county to the eastern end of long island, and that's the thunderstorms that have passed to the city, and they go to the marine layer that have died down a bit, and there's been couple of lightning strikes running across there, and it's around gardner's island. this afternoon, showers and thunderstorms firing back up, and around 3:00, we will see the temperature close to 71 degrees.
5:32 am
with the wet roads tst going to get busier. not a bad ride for you, going through this spot. we are looking at the bqe going southwest, near the hugh kerry tunnel. we are looking at the goethals bridge, 35 miles an hour because of the weather. our street cleaning rules in effect for today. lor and i ken, over -- lori and ken, back to you. >> thank you. voters will head to the polls in five north eastern states including connecticut, and eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in greenwich. >> reporter: connecticut is one of the five states with primaries today, but for the candidates, there's one state
5:33 am
weight. >> reporter: pennsylvania is the crowned fuel, and bernie sanders carried his message of change. in hartford he admitted he no longer expecteds to flip the superdelegates, but he will fight on to the dc primary. >> reporter: hillary clinton appears to be moving on, and clinton is now focusing on donald trump. >> don't just fly the big jet in, land it, make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of and then go back, get back on the big jet and go back to your country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. >> reporter: as for the cruz- kasich alliance to block trump from getting the delegates he needs, kasich says he and cruz have agreed not to get in each other's way while hurting trump. >> don't see anything wrong or
5:34 am
that's sort of the end of it. >> reporter: trump calls cruz and kasich pathetic and weak. >> when two candidates have no path to victory -- no path! they are mathematically out, they should all quit so we can all get together, all unify and go against crooked hillary clinton and beat her. really, really beat her, big league. >> reporter: and going into today's primary, bernie sanders certainly knows he is facing an uphill climb in his race against hillary clinton, and on the republican side as you heard donald trump say, he is hoping a so-called alliance with cruz and kasich will backfire, sending more voters his way, ultimately giving him the victory. >> thank you dre. stay with eyewitness news for the election results. we will have all the numbers at
5:35 am
police have caught the man behind a string of violent attacks on elderly women in the city. clarence jones was charged with robbery and assault after detectives received a crime stopper tip, and he's been linked to 5 attacks targeting elderly victims in brooklyn since january. the oldest victim is 91 years old. a man sexually assaulted a woman on an elevator. the suspect followed the woman into her elevator at stanton and 5th street, and then he pushed her up against the wall and tried to grope her. he tried to follow her to the apartment but ran off when another person followed him to the door. police are searching for a staten island woman who hit a child with his own hockey stick because he was making too much noise. 129-year-old boy and his
5:36 am
hockey game in great kills earlier this month woman yelled at him. bit say she's grabbed his stick -- the boy says she grabbed his hockey stick and hit him. the kids took a picture of her. a stop work order is now in effect after the hydraulic lift was outside of the building on the lower east sigh, and work on the factors said was underway at the time. the hydraulic system on the lift failed, sending the platform crashing into a win i do. >> i heard the initial, not a smash but a buckle and a cavein, and they screwed up a little bit. >> the top 2 floors had to be evacuated for a brief time. eventually they got the platform out of the window,
5:37 am
the good news, no one was hurt. mayor bill de blasio presenting his budget at city hall, including $70 million to build a new police precinct. the 116th in south eastern queens, and the mayor also wants to buy new equipment snowplows designed for narrow streets, and he is budgeting $21 million for the smaller plows, haulers, and other equipment. it's 5:37, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, and bill evans on an accuweather alert day. we may see sunshine breaking through here as we get through sunrise, and we are headed that way. cloudy skies right now, and good visibility, we can kind of make out to the verrazano bridge, and it looks like brightening of the sky as the first batch of rain has pushed eastward.
5:38 am
about out to the eastern side. we have showers for northern pennsylvania -- passaic. the next batch is this front around buffalo, cleveland, and the sun will heat it up ad by the. firing up the thunderstorm after lunchtime today. we will get through with a few more showers, and just take the umbrella. you're headed out now, and you will need it by the time we get to lunch hour, and the showers and thunderstorms popping up to the northwest, and they will swing through for the evening commute, and by the time we get to sunset, around 7:30 or 7:45, a break of sun into tonight. at the bus stop, kiddos, have your rain gear for afterschool. there could be stormy weather,
5:39 am
just get inside. weather and then heather every 7 minutes. we are looking at the bqe near atlantic avenue as you head to the northbound side, eastbound side of the bq,, and we will go over to the maps to show you what is going on the southbound or west side of the bqe. that's where we have the accident being cleared. subway service running on or close to schedule, and we also have the goethals bridge with 35 miles an hour because of the weather. here's another look at the bqe, the northbound side getting up into the brooklyn bridge and the brooklyn bridge is doing well in both directions. the hudson bergen light rail on a modified weekend schedule because of the overhead wire problems, and ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, an eyewitness news exclusive. hear the survival story of a youth pastor and his pregnant wife after they were involved in a terrifying hit-and-run crash.
5:40 am
and i had to take a minute and realize what was going on. >> here's what was going on. a 4-foot california king snake. >> hurry up! >> slithering through a long
5:41 am
5:42 am
it is 5:42, and days after they were involved in a terrifying accident, a queens pastor and his pregnant wife spoke to eyewitness news exclusively about the crash, and the youth minister, daniel evans and his wife were takenning young church members home on friday when a driver in a stolen car blew a stop sign in jamaica and hit the van they were in, flipping it on its roof. everyone inside of the van including two young children
5:43 am
injuries, and the couple says it was divine intervention. >> i'm telling you, god is the only reason we are here today. >> i'm thankful god took us out safely, and i'm really thankful we are all alive to genus. >> shenae evans -- to jesus. >> shenae evans is 5 months pregnant with a little girl. a couple's hissing in their home turned out to be something more than their heating system. they found a 4-foot snake inside of their home. they discovered the california king snake last monday. it's not a wild animal that made its way into the home. the previous tenant lost it more than a year ago and assumed it was long gone. >> our dog mia was in the corner of the room, and something caught her attention,
5:44 am
the tail end of a snake. >> this is not a gardner snake or a 12-inch snake. it's very large, and i was not expecting that at all. >> they have a great personality. >> the couple captured the snake and set it free, but it's not indigenous to our area, so they are asking anyone else who may spot it now call the aspca so it can be captured and brought some place so it doesn't end up in someone else's house. >> it's 5:44. we are checking in with bill. >> you just hope the sting song is not true? >> the what? >> set them free and hope they don't come back. we look from our camera, and this is across the chrysler building, and this is the east river out towards the airport, and we have some cloudy skies, and showers, and we still have a few showers for the city northward, and we are going to be seeing more showers
5:45 am
we saw in the overnight hours, and hours, and lightning strikes. that's normal for spring and fall. right there, and that's the first band of thunderstorms that have come through this morning, and they have pushed eastward across long island, and we are going to be looking at a another batch for later today, and the showers and thunderstorms could produce frequent lightning and hail this afternoon, and so for now, we have cloudy skies, and here's the current temperatures around. temperatures this morning, rather comfortable. 51, and the humidity is high. winds are northeast at 7. we have a pressure at 29.7. when you see the pressure that low and falling, atmosphere is very low. normal is 65, and then nearly .2 of an inch of rain.
5:46 am
the rain will knock down the pollen. the tree pollen is a game buster out here, and it will continue today. in between, we will have sunshine, and the next batch of rain will come in after lunchtime today, and these temperatures will warm up fast, and 50 for the hampton bays, and it's raining towards passaic and bergen county, and there's the line of rain we are talking about, moving across fairfield county, and the thunderstorms have pushed east, almost all the way out to plumb island out to pusher's island, and back to the west, there's a front, and this is what will come through this afternoon. the rain fall good rain fall. .3 in northern jersey there around caldwell, and about .3 around long island. another round of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. tonight, this is gone just before sunset. it's cooler, dryer, clearing out at 45.
5:47 am
we are around 65 to 67 degrees, and then cooler air will push in behind the front. we will have a couple of showers on thursday with cooler air, and then we will warm back up to what is going to be a nice weekend coming up. >> it's tuesday. time to look to the weekend. >> absolutely. >> yesterday was. >> sunday night was time to look forward to the weekend. >> looked forward to the weekend last weekend. >> it's monday morning, and people want to know what's ahead. >> new york and l.a. nothing in the middle. and sunday night, just thinking of the next weekend. >> i think of the stuff in the middle. >> me, too (123)450-6789. >> i'm just saying. [ laughter ] -- me, too! >> i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> we better think of the
5:48 am
this is in front of newark airport, and it looks like right here, doing just fine. no major issues to report at the airport. if you're going to the airport, you should be in good shape, and the hudson bergen light rail, modified weekend. and lor and i ken -- lori and ken. >> we will show you major damage that was left behind from a storm in the west. he is trying to cut me on the head, and finally i grab
5:49 am
how police caught one a man if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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5:51 am
winds blowing' -- blowing across southern california were strong enough to blow over tractor trailers. the officials say the trailers were all empty and not weighed down. the 75-mile an hour winds also came through and flipped the trucks. no one was hurt. a brazen attack caught on camera at a washington state restaurant. a man likely high on meth and pcp shattered a window at a popular eatery, and then he picked up glass and started to chase the diners, but he continued his rampage outside. >> people are running up the street, and the last person in the crowd runs at me with a big piece of glass in his hands. >> gary holdesack says he suffered minor injures, and his sister was attacked, but she is
5:52 am
a photo of a waitor in georgia going above and beyond for one of his customers is going viral. 22-year-old alex ruiz immediately volunteers when this man asked for help. the customer had no hands and asked for help. the regular customer who snapped this photo said the
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this tuesday morning on this accuweather alert day. >> asberry park, cloudy skies, and the winds owe of the east here. temperatures are on the mild side. 53 around paramus, and the east wind here is coming in. it will shift and turn around and, and the humidities are high. winds gusting at 28 in the harbor. be careful getting on and off the staten island ferry, and we will be looking at more in the way of showers and thunderstorms coming up later on this afternoon. the first batch pushed through out across long island, and there were lightning strikes with that this morning. the next batch from the west, coming in at lunch.
5:56 am
what's going on? >> a couple of people are asking me if the airports are okay at this point. not a bad idea to get in touch with the individual carrier if you're headed out today, and we will look over here at mass transit times. long island railroad on or close to schedule. hudson bergen light rail on a modified schedule, and metro north is running on or close. street cleaning rules in effect for today. 5:56. a 6-foot alligator on long island, sure to get attention when one was found to be living inside of a home it got a lot of attention. the suffolk county aspca says it received complaints about the reptile living in the home in medford. it had been kept illegally as a pet. officer as picked up the gator and took it to a wildlife sanctuary in another state, openfully closer to florida where it should be. the reptile's owner is now facing charges.
5:57 am
>> i wonder what it ate. >> anything it wanted. closing in on 6:00, ahead, another knife attack overnight on a new york city subway, and this time a man is slashed near grand central terminal, and we have the search for the suspect. mayor de blasio will announce a big shift in changes this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags.
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find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. good morning. it's 6:00, and a driver stabbed 11 times in a case of road
6:00 am
video of the suspect on the upper east side. voters going to the polls in five more states with hundreds of delegates on the line. could connecticut seal the deal for the front runners? >> maybe the thunder woke you up before your alarm track. the accuweather radar showing strong storms through the tri- state. good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato, thank you for joining us. the polls opened in connecticut a moment ago, and this is the live vote from the 2016 coverage coming up. first a check on the stormy weather this morning with meteorologist bill evans. >> this morning we had a of showers and thunderstorms pushing eastward, and now 52 degrees, and showers to the north of the city, and the first batch of thunderstorms pushed east of montauk now, and we are seeing the showers above 287 and around i-80, and there goes the line of showers, and the lightning has gone with it. the lightning strikes we had overnight, and we will show you


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