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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 27, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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new child, luna, who's already become an instagram star in her own right, but when they responded without their bundle of joy only days old, mommy trolls lashed out at crissy comments like you just had a baby go home. dumb, no normal woman would want to leave a baby so soon. teeingen en she took to twitter "i went to dinner, people are pissed. good morning." it seems like the couple were just trying to be "ordinary people" to quote john. anyway, she's not letting the haters effect her sense of humor. she responded.
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>> as always, we're online 24-7 thanks for watching and good
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breaking news. part of a new york city subway platform collapsing tonight. for the train service in the area, it is a mess. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is on the scene with the breaking news.
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here in front of the eastchester dire avenue. this is the front entrance. passengers being turned away as workers try to fix this problem in time for the morning rush. >> reporter: empty trains limped through the dyer avenue 5 stop tonight after a minor construction foulup caused a major problem for service behind the plywood walls and elevated platform is this giant piece of machinery so heavy that around 8:00 tonight the platform underneath it gave way, a 20 to 40-foot section ended up in the way of any of the trains that could pass by. >> easily could cause a derailment. >> reporter: a second similar incident at the station in just two weeks as the mta replaces the aging platform. >> what is it going to take for the federal railroad administration to start monitoring the subway that's 100 years old? >> reporter: the transit authority has been running buses
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was suspended between 180 and dyer avenue. this commuter happy the work is being done at all in a station that's far from prestigious. >> there was water, rusted metal through the steps. the platform did feel kind of shaky now that i think about it. >> these signs improving nonstop. that's what the signs say from the mta. the improvements have stopped as they work to make the repairs and get service back up and running. no word from the mta when that will happen. until then these buses will be operating in this area of the 5 line. live in the eastchester section of the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight a little boy hurt by falling debris from a subway station in brooklyn. pieces of concrete fell from the elevated tracks as the child passed overhead. the child suffered injuries to his hands and face but will be okay. the mta has removed any
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now to vote 2016. tonight a big primary night for hillary clinton and i ginormous primary night for donald trump. trump and clinton expanding their delegate leads tonight. a clean sweep for trump connecticut, pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island. clinton secured wins in connecticut, pennsylvania, maryland, and delaware. bernie sanders taking rhode island and saying he's staying in this race till every vote is counted. clinton and trump appear to be taking on each other and prepping for the general election. >> frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay? and look how well, i did with women tonight. okay. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. [ boos ]
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healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> the hard truth tonight the white house appears very much more difficult to reach for democratic candidate bernie sanders and gop contenders ted cruz and john kasich. donald trump could find himself spending time not just in the campaign trail in the fall but also in a courtroom. he's expected to testify in a lawsuit against trump university. a judge in manhattan ruling the new york attorney general's case against the now defunct university should go to trial after both sides failed to resolve the case. it says trump university was a for-profit sham of a college that defrauded thousands of students. now to an eyewitness news exclusive. he was punched, slashed, and beaten with a glass bottle. a man was attacked by a group of men in hell's kitchen speaking out tonight about the brutal assault which he says happened because he is gay.
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with her exclusive interview. >> this victim explained that he felt completely safe. he saw this group of men standing on the sidewalk. he walked right by them, not realizing he was in danger until they smashed a bottle on to his head. >> i'm not shocked about it being 2016 and this still happening. >> reporter: brandon ballone doesn't remember much about the attack. the 25-year-old queens man says he was walking with a friend in hell's kitchen around 2:00 saturday morning when without morning he was attacked by a group of men. >> and as we passed them, they must have come up behind me with the glass bottle they had in their hand. i didn't even know there was glass. when i covered my face from the blows, it severed the tendon in my hand. >> reporter: brandon suspects he was attacked because he and his friend are gay but says the
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>> my friend is short, very flamboyant, wearing nail polish and stuff and i do drag so i was wearing one of my own t-shirts that i sell. maybe they looked at the t-shirt and thought these are a bunch of fruit cakes. i don't know. >> reporter: brandon performs as a drag queen and his many followers have sent him messages wishing him a speedy recovery. despite needing four weeks to recover, he plans to be back on stage soon. >> i don't want this to bring me down. i can't stay home and look at the same four walls over and over because emotionally that's not going to help me. >> there are plenty of cameras in this area. we have put in a request with the building's management to get access to these cameras. surely police too will be reviewing them. reporting live in hell's kitchen, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile, five robbers caught on surveillance video from a pharmacy camera moments after jumping a woman on west end avenue in manhattan. we got this video tonight.
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then use her credit cards at the duane reed on broadway and 94th street. funeral services will be held tomorrow for a 7-year-old girl from westchester county who died suddenly over the weekend. the wake was held tonight for lily love at a church in scarsdale. she attended greenvale elementary in eastchester. no official word how she died but health officials said they can confirm her death was an isolated event with no risk for anyone else. a warning tonight for students at a university in connecticut. walk in pairs. this as police search for a sexual predator who attacked a woman on campus. the student attacked last night while she was walking to the library at fairfield university. she says she was punched by the man then dragged to a wooded area where she was assaulted. police stepping up patrols now around campus. a mother in connecticut smiling in her mugshot but the charges against her are no
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cops say victoria lederd was seriously drunk. she was charged with risk to a minor and breach of peace. leonard's 9-year-old daughter called 911 on sunday saying her mother was acting strange and had fallen at home. arresting officers say leonard was drunk and combative. damning allegations tonight. restaurant owner hamlet peralta accused of running a ponzi scheme in harlem. tonight back in court, back in new york and held on bond. another cop, a detective in brooklyn, suspended as part of the federal corruption case. jim dolan in court with mr. peralta tonight in lower manhattan with the latest. >> that nypd police scandal just keeps growing. tonight a 20-year veteran from the 66 precinct, detective michael molicci was suspended and tonight in federal court there was this. >> reporter: hamlet peralta's attorney didn't have much to say
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i don't think right now that's something i want to comment on. >> reporter: peralta was in court today charged with fraud but he's a central figure in a growing nypd scandal that involves allegations of corruption at nearly the highest levels of the department. last week alex a -- a -- lich10 tensteinstein was charged. prosecutors call it a classic ponzi scheme that had at least one high ranking nypd official. they say peralta's confidence in running the scheme was bolstered by his close relationship with police. in fact, his close relationship to nypd members who can help him is one reason he poses a flight risk. peralta is being held on $5 million bail.
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channel 7 eyewitness news. new video tonight of a man who triggered a lockdown at the white house. abc news has learned the man tried to jump the fence outside the white house this afternoon and was promptly arrest ed by security. the white house was locked down briefly as secret service agents searched for grounds for any sign of a threat. despite his large fortune and priceless catalog of music, it will. that's according to his sister tyka nelson. she asked a judge today to appoint a trust company to temporarily oversee prince's estate which some estimate could be worth up to $300 million. prince was not married, had no known living children. under minnesota law his sister and five half siblings are entitled to inherit his estate. a needle left in a tooth after a root canal. >> a man says he was attacked because he looks like shia labeouf. >> meteorologist lee goldberg tracking some changes after today's storms.
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new at 11:00, a tragic and rather bizarre story. a driver shot and killed by a child who found a gun in the back seat of her car. the bullet pierced the driver's seat and hit the driver in the back. it's unclear how old the child is or the relationship to the woman. earlier this year a mother survived a similar shooting in florida when her 4-year-old found a loaded gun in her car. also new tonight, a man who resembles the actor shia labeouf says he was attacked in manhattan just because he looks like the actor. mario says he was walking up the stairs of the f train station on the lower east side saturday night when he was
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this is because you look like shia labeouf. he was knocked unconscious, suffered cuts and bruises. police are investigating. a teenager says she went in for a routine root canal and said she came out with a needle embedded in her tooth. they're suing for a 2-year-old root canal. they say the dentists were negligent, not realizing a part of the needle was in the girl's tooth. girl's lawyer says she still suffers pain. there was no comment from the dentist's office tonight. a lawyer for former nfl quarterback johnny manziel says his client will plead not guilty to assault charges. manziel was indicted by a dallas grand jury today for beating and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend back in january. he was cut from the cleveland browns after a lackluster year filled with headlines about his partying. he could face a year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted. investigators could soon
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caused the cargo ship el faro to sink. ntsb says it has finally found the ship's voyage data recorder. it was located nearly 3 miles underwater. investigators hope to better understand the final moments before the ship sank last october near the bahamas in the middle of hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members died. rough financial news tonight for apple. reporting its first revenue drop in 13 years. iphone sales sinking for the first time ever in the first three months of the year, compared to the same period last year. apple battling the perception that its newest iphones aren't that much different from previous models and smart phone sales in general slowing around the world. london's famous big bend will go silent for a few months as repairs are made to its crumbling clock tower. the work is slated to start in january and last three years. the huge clock, which has run almost uninterrupted since 1859,
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can work on it. the 28 light bulbs behind each clock face will also be replaced with l.e.d. bulbs that can change color to mark special occasions. here's something you don't see very often on long island or anywhere. a peacock on the land tonight. a search right now underway for this colorful bird named gulliver who vanished a week ago from armstrong farms in the nassau county village. the peacock used to guard chickens. it's been spotted by local residents but so far nobody has been able to round up gulliver in his travels. now we go to lee. temperatures are dropping big time tonight. >> it is chilly out there. no question about it. you can see the driving force behind today's storms. lower 50s from poughkeepsie to bridgeport, montauk. low 80s in toms river. still see the low clouds hovering over midtown right now. we're at 48. 77 for humidity. and a gusty northeast wind, the high today in the city only 60. that's below average. nearly a quarter inch of
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was 92 degrees. there are your sunrise and sunset times on a pretty nice wednesday and basically the best day of the work week. a chilly start tomorrow. the theme will be more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. it's going to remain cool through late week. the weekend still looks dry. dry daylight hours sunday. close call. i definitely think the clouds are thickening. i think we hold the rain off but certainly could be rain sunday night. lower 40s will turn in to upper 30s in danbury and cold spring. 46 in stanford. long island coming in in the mid 40s. a chilly day. about 40 degrees warmer earlier in the day in howell and wrightstown. 500 miles separates freezing temperatures from temperatures in the mid 70s across the northeast. we're partly sunny tomorrow morning. more sun north. more clouds south. 47 degrees. throughout the day, lower to mid 60s and partly to mostly sunny skies. could even turn mostly cloudy as times over parts of ocean county. you see the showers that rolled through today and the strongest
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with the warmest air down to the south. midatlantic. now the front has turned on the brakes and it connects out to the severe weather in the middle reports here. this front is going to want to lift north. you still see clouds off to the south but it's a nice day, chilly start, mix of sun and clouds. basically a sunny day to the north. mix of sun and clouds south of i-78. it's a chilly start, more clouds to the south. 47. up to 63. mainly sunny north. patchy clouds over central and southern new jersey. 46 tomorrow night. partly cloudy and cool. here's your 7-day crth forecast. tomorrow is the best bet. thursday should start out fine. you're good in the morning. i do think we start to see clouds move in. futurecast may be a little understated in terms of where the rain is later in the day. from the city south we may have a wet drive home. on friday, lots of clouds. just a few showers. kind of damp and cool. saturday is nice though.
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sunny skies. sunday, clouds thickening. right now i'm going to keep it dry in the forecast through the late day. maybe a shower gets here at night. in to early next week it looks like a system that could really soak us and give us beneficial rains the early part of next week. that's when we get our rain chances. really in to early may there's no really warm air even in to the first two weeks. spring weather but nothing cooking like we had earlier. >> you said the words beneficial rain. so we need it. >> absolutely. up next, why the birth of a baby girl took more than 100 years for one family. also, when a teaspoon of caffeine can be deadly. there are new calls to ban it. >> but first, let's check in with jimmy kimmel who gets a little personal tonight. >> thanks, sade. hello, new york. tonight kate hudson from x-men apocalypse, music from james bay. we ask strangers a very personal
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in tonight's health alert, a push for a federal ban on powdered caffeine. several lawmakers now wanting the food and drug administration to ban the retail sale of this dietary supplement which they say can pose a serious danger. one teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine, equivalent to the caffeine found in 28 cups of coffee. two states have banned its sale. the chobani yogurt company is giving back in a big way. 2,000 full-time workers were handed shares in the upstate company today. the owner, a turkish immigrant who started it 10 years ago, said it's his way of awarding loyalty. with chobani's estimated worth, some workers could make more than a million dollars when it goes public or is sold. for the first time in over a
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can finally say it's a girl. little arelia was born april 12th, breaking her family's streak of all boys that goes back to 1914. her mom says she knew about her husband's long line of men, but didn't realize how long it was until her father-in-law researched it. needless to say, the family is thrilled and won't be using any hand-me-downs. rob powers up next with sports. >> bad baseball and good baseball. heck of a night at citifield. the mets have been on a roll. that roll was tested tonight. then we get to the heck of a night part. yoenis cespedes has been urt
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then we get to the a little brisk at citifield tonight. reminds the mets of maybe last october. >> bad news first though. travis d'arnaud lands on the disabled list. mets move on to a game against the reds. it was a chilly night. some fans came prepared. reds prepared to take the lead
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jesus takes them deep to left. mets in a hole. would have been bigger if neil walker can't twist this double play. 7th inning, yoenis cespedes missed three games with injury. pinch hits. two guys on base. that's a home run. that's a tie game. tied at 3. david wright, 1-17. runners in scoring position. man does he come up with a big hit in this one. mets win it 4-3. 10 in a row over the reds. yankees in texas. umps keeping a close watch on that weather, lee. severino struggled. a walk, run scores. later, wild pitch. another run scores. severino, three innings, six runs. nova relieves. uh-oh. yanks lose in texas. final was 10-1. when it rains, it pours. giants open a veterans mini camp today. victor cruz did some work.
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jason pierre paul had surgery to strengthen the grip on the fireworks damaged right hand. says he's feeling better and better. >> i'm hitting the bags normal. i'm grabbing normal. i'm not even limited. so it's a straight shot for me. that's it. islanders' stanley cup playoff run continues in tampa. before heading to florida the isles worked out this morning. they advanced for the first time in 23 years which was nice but this team has already moved on. >> the expectations are high. we want to keep this thing going. it wasn't just about getting past the first round. the rangers are out of the playoffs. they cleaned out their lockers today. coach made it clear there will be changes before next season after his team was bounced in round 1. the now 34-year-old goaltender can't wait to get another shot.
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it as bad now as 10 years ago, maybe even more, and i think that's going to be my biggest motivation moving forward. long time jets tackle winston hill died tonight at the age of 74, one of the best. among the very first members of the jets' ring of honor. nba playoffs tonight. the pacers, the raptors, game 5, even at two games each. indiana up by 14 at the end of the 4th quarter and couldn't seal the deal. demar derozan scored 34. 9 points in the that shot at the buzzer ruled too late. toronto wins 102-99. game 6 friday back in indiana. can you imagine 9 points in the 4th quarter in a game that big. >> not in the playoffs.


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