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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 27, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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america," donald trump. f0 4:30 and a warning for subway riders after a platform partially collapsed. all new this morning a knife point robbery has investigations wondering if a serial bandit has struck again. a key day in court for an nypd officer who is accused of stomping on a man's head during an arrest. i'm lori stokes.
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we are starting out with beautiful weather this morning. we cleared out, and the showers are gone, not a lot, but every little bit helps. these numbers are closer to normal for the day. the cloud cover is keeping the temperatures pretty much close around the tri-state area. 51 by 10:00. it will be a great spring day. the cooler temperatures to talk about in the days ahead. we have no 1 trains here, because of the platform collapse that occurred. >> we have trackwork from 138th street and express service only, and no service from 129th street and 96th street, and long island railroad is doing just find.
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metro north running close, and we have construction because at our hudson river crossings. >> heather, thank you. 4:32. the morning commute could be a messy one in the bronx. >> reporter: good morning, ken, it's a work in progress and at least a dozen or so mta workers are trying to get this problem fixed, new will probably not happen in time for the morning rush. the dire avenue 5 station has been closed since last night, and here's the problem. this large and heavy piece of machinery caused the flat form to buckle, causing a large section from falling in, but as i said, the 5 station has been
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warnings it a work -- team of mta workers have been up there. >> the transit workers said this should be a clear signal they need to pay attention toe their aging infrastructure. >> what will it take for the faa to monitor the subway that is 100 years should. >> reporter: here's the workers on the street level again, and again, the work is in process. they are trying to do it as fast as they can to get things back up and running here at this station. this is the second time in 2 weeks this kind of incident has happened, and they said that something needs to be done, and there's no train station at east 180th street this is in both directions, and no service, and now there's
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get to where they need to go. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 4:30, police on long island are trying to figure out in a knife wielding robber has struck again. overnight a new crime n suffolk -- in suffolk county, and diana rocko is live. >> reporter: there's been a dozen crimes, and police are looking into the the possibility it could be the same man. last night here the man walked into the store, getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash. they are investigating the possibility due to the fact that it's so similar. the man was able to escape without the employee being harmed. the employee was alone at the
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the night investigating. if it's related to the other incidents it would be the first in nassau county, and suffolk police are deciding if this man is responsible for the robberies there. the latest robbery there was monday. dunkin' donuts, subway, 7- eleven have all been hit. this morning the police are calling him priority number one. once he enters, he walks behind the counter, displaying what apoors to be a 6-8-inch knife and states to the employee open the register. after the suspect takes the cash, he flees in an unknown direction on foot. >> reporter: so, just like the case last night, the man is always wearing a hooded sweatshirt, glasses, and a
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the police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. i'm diana rocko. >> diana, thank you. an nypd officer accused of stomping on a man's head will be in court. the video appears to show joe edward stomping on jamal coffey's head. all charges against coffey were dropped. the presidential front runners gain victory on tuesday. donald trump confidential announced he's his republican party presumptive nominee, and
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and clinton secured wins in four states, connecticut, pennsylvania, a maryland, and delaware. bernie sanders took rhode island. the bid for the white house seems to be much more out of reach for ted cruz, john kasich, and bernie sanders. a fairfield university student was attacked monday night walking to the library, and she said she was punches by a man and then drug into the woods where she was assaulted. it appears despite this huge fortune and music, prince died without a will, and that's according to his she asked a judge to appoint a
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oversee prince's estate, which some estimate to be up to $300 million. prince was not married, and he had no known children, and under minnesota law, his sister and five half siblings will share his estate. this is looking south, and we have a great morning, beautiful sunrise, and it's going to be really pretty. plenty of sunshine and absolutely gorgeous weather. this is normal for this time of the year for this part of the day. the further north you go, the more sun you will get. eventually the sun will come to us, and that's a day or so away. temperatures in the 40s, and grab a jacket or a sweater. by afternoon, we will have 63. right at the normal high
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the temperature will drop off tonight. we will talk about the weekend coming up. it's weather and then heather. house it going this morning? >> reporter: this is route 3 back here, and the new jersey turnpike with no major issues on this part of 3, but let's look at the maps. it it's route 3 as you go eastbound, and we do have a vehicle fire being extinguished and cleared away. 5 strains, dray was just talking about this. no trains because of the platform collapse, and there's also 6 trains with track work at 138th street. two and three trains fast track. no service as a result, and the long island railroad is doing okay. new jersey transit, hudson, bergen light rail, they are having overhead wire problems because of the dump truck that
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metro north is also run or close to schedule. the lower level has been reopened, and the outbound side, we still have the construction. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori and ken, thank you. still ahead, a man who was brutally attacked in health's kitchen is speaking out this morning. he says he may be the vick it tim of a bias crime. an ohio man is behind bars for killing his wife, but how he reported the murderer is what people are talking about. that's just ahead. a new runner taking on your
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4:43, and now welcome back to an eyewitness news exclusive. we are hearing from a man who says he was attacked in manhattan because he's gay. brandon malone will need 4 weeks to recover after slashing a tendon in his wrist and his ear was slashed. he and another man were attacked with glass bottles. >> my friend is a very short, flamboyant with nail polish and stuff. i do drag, and i was wearing one of the t-shirts i sell. >> wow, look at that ear!
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as a possible bias career. his followers are wishing him a speedy recovery, and he says he will get back on stage as soon as he can. powerful storms are pounding the south right now, and that's part of the system that spawned tornadoes, hail, and strong thunderstorms on tuesday. flash flooding causing dangerous conditions in some communities, and the hail was as big as grapefruit. it fell on homes and cars. >> wow! it's 4:44, and meteorologist bill evans telling us great day. >> it will be an absolutely gorgeous day today, and we are going to look at a beautiful start to the day. grab your jacket and sweater. you're going to need it. our crews are hard at work, and they will shoot you the moon,
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someone will let me know. i was going to say it's waxing gibos as we go into the new moon. that's my guess. you can guys can play along at home. the winds out of the northeast at 6, and there goes the high clouds we talked about, but the brand new high pressure ridge is rising, and the normal is 65, and it does get warm, back in 1915, and it was 92 degrees, and well, we have the northeast wind coming in this morning. 42 in east hampton, and the rest of suffolk county, they are all just sleeping in late today. it's 46 out here to fire island. 44 for andover, and a little northeast wind coming in here, and the high pressure republican is going south, and
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the skies, and sunshine coming through here today. morning clouds, and this bubble of high will make it clear cool. eventually there's showers and a low to the mains. this is what is causing the thunderstorm activity. we will be looking at sunshine. 9:00tom, 76 degreeses. warming to 40sin afternoon. temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow morning we start off with 38 to the the north, and clouds increase, and then late in the day tomorrow, we are around 58 to 60 with showers. sunshine, pleasant today. 63. tonight, partly cloudy and cool. form, sunshine, ask then come the showers late in the day into tomorrow. your accuweather 7-day forecast. sun and clouds on thursday, and then on friday, you know, we have a couple of showers that
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skies, and we are probably looking at 60 degrees. most of the rain will be to the south. look how great the weekend shapes up. 65 and cloudy skies on sunday, and it will get great. mostly in the afternoon. sunny breaks and 66, and the rain will hold off until next week. a good-looking weekend is coming up with temperatures at or below normal at this time of the year. >> waxing gibos. >> did i guess right? >> you always do. >> going into a new moon.
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i'm like frantically looking this up for you. >> thank you very much. you did a great job. >> i just like what our stage being said. you gibus, and i taketh. >> nice, julia. no trains here, and this is the modified weekend schedule with the bus system cross honoring the lightrail, and hoboken, our other mass transit doing just fine. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. >> police say the five robbers are caught on surveillance video from a pharmacy, moments after jumping a woman in manhattan. they stole a woman's purse and used her credit cards on dwayne wade. jeff hawkins is a 12-year- old veteran to the chicago police department and the state department, and prosecutors
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two sons said they know what he is capable of and they want protection of hearing his strange call to the police. >> i just shot and killed my wife. she took out all the money in my account on my birthday. you guys were out here several times. flint's mayor answered questions about the city's system. it comes as the senate reaches a bipartisan bill to help replace the pipes in flint and other cities with similar experiences. the brain of chyna is being donated for research. she was found dead a week ago
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her brain is going to the doctor who first diagnosed brain trauma in nfl players. she was just 45 years of age. a 12-year-old girl in western run her first 5k,. >> reporter: but instead she ran her first half marathon. she was running late, and someone told her to jump in. >> i asked how long it was, and she said 13 miles, and that's when it struck me i was in the half marathon and not the 5k. >> she decided to keep running: her mom was scared when she
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police got involved, but she was okay and just ran her first half marathon. coming up a new reason to eat like you live in the mediterranean. the heart healthy benefits coming up.
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welcome back. it's 4:54. new research suggests lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke comes down to more than just avoiding unhealthy foods. the study in new zealand looked at heart disease around the world. those with the mediterranean diet were at lower risk of heart attack and stroke. it's stuff that lori eats all the time. right to lori. she will tell you what to eat. >> so glad you had your fried chicken this morning. millennials are now the largest generation in the united states, and they outnumber the baby boomers. the census bureau says there's 74.5 million millennials. the generational shift ised due
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deaths and the surge in the young immigrant population. it's 4:55, and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> get to work millennials, and pay your social security. [ laughter ] this is what is going on this morning. clear skies to partly cloudy skies, and high clouds coming across. 46 in the park here. 44 around sussex, and some of these numbers are like 47 now in newark, 47 for jamaica, queens, and there's a wind across the northeast coming out. you're taking the ferry over, and a light wind out of the northeast. what a pretty day today. temperatures into the mid-50s by midday, and heather will be talking about the 5 train this morning. >> that's right. we do not have any trains between east 180th street and dire avenue, and that's because of the platform collapse, and that's going to be out there
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to be getting this taken care of. crews are on the modified schedule because of the overhead wires they are dealing with. new jersey transit buss will cross honor hudson bergen lightrail, and the path path trains will cross honor at exchange place and hoboken, and that's your way around that. i got a couple of tweets saying it was a mess. long island railroad, metro north, and new jersey transit, and we have track work that should be cleared out in a couple of minutes. it's 4:56, and it's sentencing day for dennis haster, the former speaker of the house. he was caught making illegal withdraws to pay off victims of sexual abuse that were committed decades ago when he was a high school coach. the sexual crimes will be a major part of court today.
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inmates in california. danielle webster's 30 students completed a carpentry program. weltzer says in the future she will use the skill she's learned to get a job. >> i have never really accomplished much, and this is something i can take home to my kid. >> california state officials say about 93% of the women who finish the program will never come back to prison. >> talk about substantial! >> yeah, that's awesome. it's 4:57, and just ahead on eyewitness news this morning, we are tracking repairs to a partially collapsed subway program in the bronx right now. a live update coming up. developing right now a key
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a commuter alert at 5:00 a.m. following a partial subway platform collapse, and that's leading to suspension, what you need to know for your morning commute coming up. investigators want to know if the same criminal is behind nearly a dozen robberies in nassau county. a harlem restaurant owner is behind bars this morning in
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good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> grab your jacket or sweater, you will need it. 42 in caramel and putnam. 44 in lake hurst, and we get in the mid-50s quick by midday, and low 60s this afternoon, and it will be a great spring day today. we will talk about cool rain coming our way, and we will peek at the weekend, too. happy wednesday to you heather! what's wrong with the 5 train?
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collapse, and dray clark is on the scene. we have no trains between east 180th street and dire avenue because of the collapse. this is a modified weekend schedule because of the overhead problems they have been having for a couple of days. the new jersey transit buss will cross honors, and p.a.t.h. will cross honor. long island metro, new jersey transit, all on or close to schedule. george washington bridge outbound underneath the apartments, going to the lower level, we did have some construction, and it looks like it's still out there. we are looking at the fdr drive with the 60s and 90s, and construction both directions. it looks like most of the construction is being picked up at this point. here's the george washington bridge inbound, and and really good ride -- and a really good ride for you right now. crews are working to fix a partially collapsed subway platform in the bronx, meaning
5:03 am
5 train service from east 180th street and eastchester-dire avenue. >> reporter: they are calling it a partial collapse, but right now there's a train here. it's not in service, but just after 5:00, it slowly pulled into the station, and that could be an indication the mta workers are making progress, and they feel safe enough and secure enough to have the train roll into the station here. background on how we got to in point. here's the large piece of machinery, very heavy piece of machinery that somehow caused the platform to partially collapse and buckle in a big way. as a result, a large piece of plywood fell on the tracks, stopping trains for passing through. there's a dozen or so workers on the platform trying to get things cleaned up and making
5:04 am
secure and making sure the heavy piece of machinery is back intact. no clear indication on the timetable here, but certainly as we approach the morning rush, this is something that commuters should be aware of. back here live, in the meantime, you can see the shuttle buss have been brought in to help commuters here at the dire avenue station here near light street to help them get to where they need to go. as a result and what is happening right now, the station is closed or train service has been discontinued between the east chester and dire avenue station, and no train service in both directions. you have to use shuttle buses. we will get an update on the mta. they are conducting that work and trying to get things back and secure, and you have to rely on the shuttle buss to get you to where you need to go, at least until we have the all clear from the mta dray clark,
5:05 am
long island's knife point robber could be branching out beyond nassau county, and police have released the video of the man suspected of 11 robberies. he has hit stores with the development in suffolk county. the description and the long knife used seem similar to the pattern in nassau county. a live report from suffolk county at 5:30. new this morning, the suspect accused of murdering a man in the manhattan subway station is now in police custty. julio vazquez was tracked down by police in philadelphia. he's accused of stabbing herbert vergis to death. the victim was selling metro swipes when he took one suspect
5:06 am
that's when vazquez went to the scene and stabbed vergis. a man is drawing swasticas over marine park. this man used a white marker to draw the symbol on garbage can lids and more. a major setback from the key figure in the nypd restaurant scandal. hamlet beralta is being held on $5 million bond, and his alleged victims include two businessmen linked to the federal and state investigations of mayor de blasio's investigation. >> he has not been formally charged with an indictment, and i ask that people wait to
5:07 am
the juries when we start a trialment. a veteran officer has been stripped of his badge and gun, refusing to answer a federal grand jury's questions about the incident. salah abdeslam has been authorities. he's accused of heading up the paris terror attacks. it's not official, but as far as donald trump is concerned, he's now the presumptive nominee for the party. he swept all five states with the primaries yesterday, and hillary clinton did almost as well, taking connecticut and three other states, and bernie sanders won rhode island. trump and clinton now have their sights on each other. >> frankly if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote.
5:08 am
going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like here, okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. okay! >> mr. trump accused me of playing the quote woman card. >> boo! [crowd booing ] >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, than deal me in. >> the white house appears much harder to reach for bernie sanders, ted cruz, and john kasich. it's 5:08, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans with the forecast. >> reporter: this morning, clear to partly cloudy skies,
5:09 am
the more sunshine you will see around sunrise. it's about an hour from now, and i'm looking for my camera in brooklyn over to wall street. 47degrees for the temperature. nice morning and nice day. clouds sinking southward, and dry air out of the north, back to the west a cold front with thunderstorms, and tornadoes yesterday in missouri, and we don't have that to worry about. we do have a few sprinkles and showers that will come our way. a beautiful day today. a nice spring day with temperatures close to normal. 63 for the high later on this afternoon, and a great day. at the bus stop, kid does -- kiddos, the berries of huckel will be there.
5:10 am
what she is hiding behind her back. >> yes! >> i will never tell you what i'm hiding behind my back. we will explain where the construction is. it's really both directions for the 60s and 90s, but looking like the northbound construction just cleared away, and southbound b, that's what you're looking at. and they do have a vehicle they are trying to clear away. bqe northeast on the costco bridge, there's an accident that is being cleared. no trains from east 180th street over because of the platform collapse. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the intruder at the white house that led to a lockdown and quick action by the secret service. we are just weeks away from the big graduation ceremony at rutgers university with president obama has the commencement speaker there why students say the changes
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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5:13. a judge in new york has denied a request to force new york magazine to turn over audio, video, and notes to bill cosby's attorneys, and it's from interviews of six of the 35 women who accused him of sexual assault. the judge said it was a phishing plan. a man running for the white house jumped the fence, triggering a brief lockdown, but shortly after visitors and staffers were seen walking about the complex. the jumper was promptly arrested by security. secret service agents searched the grounds for any sign of a threat. president obama is sat the white house after returning late monday from an international trip. 5:13. rutgers seniors are getting ready for graduation day, but they are facing a hard
5:14 am
they are allowed to invite to the ceremony. they are getting only 3 tickets each, and the ticket crunch? because of the commencement speaker, a big one, president obama. he will be marking rutgers' 250th anniversary, but the happy occasion now has students picking favorites among relatives who were already traveling. >> 16 people in total, but only my brother and my parents can come to commencement, which breaks my heart. >> i'm upset. i have a lot of siblings who can't watch me graduate. >> the school says the ticket limit is just a numbers game with 12 now in new york, it leaves only 36,000 seat in the stands. >> we have an update to the commuter alert we have been following in the bronx. the southbound 5 train service just resumed with residual delays. >> heather will update you in
5:15 am
>> but first, bill is standing there very patiently, and we need to get to you. [ laughter ] >> i'm so glad i was happy to send the messages along to those who are awaiting the 5 train today, and here is what is going on do you remember who your graduation speaker informs. >> if i had garage -- speaker was? if i had graduated, i would know. [ laughter ] >> heather went to rutgers, and i think her speaker was snooki. >> let's go with that! we will have sunshine breaking through, and temperatures today starting out at normal, and we got to see a few clouds here and one world trade down to the battery, and the winds are calm, and the temperature, 47, and the
5:16 am
that points to what will be a nice day. yesterday's high, 60 with the the showers, and thunderstorms yesterday, and net -- and normal is 68. 45 down to the south shore, and 48 for lake hurst, and it's 45 for poughkeepsie. you can see the clouds coming down from north and south, and those will blake out this little area of showers will get close to us tomorrow, and this low is going to come in to the mix out west, and that's probably coming in as we go into, you know overnight thursday into friday thatst going to squeak by. we are looking at sunshine a beautiful day after school, and pleasant 36 degrees. the farther north you go, the more sun you will see as the stationary front is hanging to the south, and then showers will run along that tomorrow, and mostly to the south and went.
5:17 am
and the low is 46. tomorrow, we have early sunshine, and then it's cloudy and the showers from the west will come in, and we have a few of those. your accuweather forecast here, we are going to be looking at the a good day today. a lot of sunshine, and we are looking at today the pollen count that has been running up high for the tree pollen, and once again, it's oak and birch. the uv index will be a 6. an hour to an hour and a half a sunburn today, and then the threat is thursday into friday. a leftover shower in the morning. the weekend looking great. sunshine and clouds on friday, and i think sunday, you know, certainly not a bad day. clouds and sun and a break of 66. the weekend looks great, starting to hold it off next week. >> all right. >> pretty darn good. >> ready for the weekend.
5:18 am
i don't really have any plans, but yes! i will make some. >> you do on saturday. saturday, my daughter is singing. >> there you go. >> did you forget already? >> i'm like, yes, you do! you have plans. >> talk about a long national nightmare. >> ouch! >> yeah, okay! [ laughter ] our nightmare is getting a little better if you're a 5 train user, and shuttle buss are available. downtown service has resumed, but you can expect delays, and then we have our street cleaning rules in effect citywide today. ken and lori, over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the islanders' quest for the stanley cup heating up hours from now in florida this is the the first time in decades the team has gotten this far for
5:19 am
the flyers at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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it's 5:21. for the first time since 1993, the islanders are opening up their second round playoff. the team has only had a few days to prepare since their win over the panthers on sunday. even though tampa bay has been resting up since thursday, the islanders hope to continue
5:22 am
lori, listen up, this is lori, listen up, this is your story. time is running out to grab a ticket for the 282 million- dollar power ball jackpot. the cash value would be 183 million. the chances of winning are good. 1 in 292 million. you can watch the winning numbers tonight and with the abc 7 app. 5:22. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> but your chances are 200 and something million to one is this. >> 292 million. >> you have a better chance this doesn't work. [ laughter ] i just hit the lottery! here's what is going on this morning. staten island over to jersey city, and a little east, northeast wind at 10 miles an hour.
5:23 am
on the ferry today, and you have a nice looking ride with either of the ferries on the hudson river and east river, and temperatures for the next 7 hours, rolling on up by noontime today, and a nice day with sunshine, and 59 by noontime, and 63 this afternoon with the southeast wind, and weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. i hit the lottery every day. i get to work with heather. east 180th street, the shuttle buss are available downtown, and dray clark will give us an update with that. the hudson bergen lightrail here with problems, and our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the day in court ahead for an nypd officer
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and asian shares fall on doubts over oil prices. >> japan's nikkei is down along the s&p mixed and futures pointing to a lower open. apple's earnings report is much lower than expected. >> more with this morning's business headlines. >> reporter: apple stock under pressure. >> world's most valuable company is reporting its first quarterly revenue loss in the first quarter in years. >> it wiped out $46 million in value. a spokesperson says some passengers don't understand how spirit's pricing works with extra fees for practically
5:28 am
lowest no customer service approval rating. for this coming weekend, warner brothers and amc putting prince in 200 theaters, and as the song says, let's go crazy. >> that's america's money. drivers who sued uber won a settlement, but most will end up with only enough money for a tank of gas. they argued they were employees, and uber said they were just independent contractors, and the settlement will be split on how many miles they drove and if they signed an arbitration clause. coming up, we just learned crews have made good progress on a partially collapsed subway i got this my second month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time.
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good news for the morning commute. in the last few minutes, crews fixed a partially collapsed subway platform in the bronx. police want to know if a knife wielding robber has attacked for the 12th time. why one man says he was the victim of a bias crime. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. you can see a good-looking sunrise coming here. about 47 degrees to start the day, and let's take a look over to northern new jersey, and there's issues with the meters in hacketstown, and it's 45 in
5:31 am
i can just kind of write the number in there. how is that? >> 40 degrees. >> you got the idea. 46 in caldwell, and 47 for newark, and a nice morning with a lot of sunshine, and we are going to have a beautiful spring day. 55 by noontime, and 63 this afternoon. southeast wind later today. going northwest, and there's nice weather coming. showers in the forecast, and we will talk about that next. weather and then heather, and the 7 train is working. >> the 7 train is working great. >> not the 5. >> no, the 5 trains uptown suspended at east 180 street to dire avenue. hudson, bergen lightrail modified weekend schedule because of the overhead wire problems they are dealing p.a.t.h. trains cross honoring at exchange place and hoboken.
5:32 am
transit, running on or close to schedule. bqe on the bridge here, we will show you the delay. street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken, over to you. new this morning a knife wielding robber has hit an ice cream shop in suffolk county, but it may not be his only heist. diana is live. >> reporter: this karbell was robbed just before closing, and police are looking into the responsibility it may be by the same man who was wanted for 11 other robberies across the island since march. just around 9:00 last night the suspect walked in on commack road, and he confronted the store employee who was alone at the time with a large knife and got away with all the money in the register and then he took off on foot. police spent most of the night
5:33 am
if it's related to the other incidents, it's the first in the county, but police are looking for the man after 11 knife point robberies in nassau county. six dunkin' donuts, two subways, and other locations have been hit in the 16-mile stretch between 9:00 p.m. and midnight. detectives were able to get this surveillance is picture of the man's face this morning. they are calling him priority number one. >> once he enters he walks behind the counter and goes up to the employee behind the register. he flees in an unknown direction on foot. >> reporter: each time he has a hooded sweatshirt, glasses, scarf, and a mask covering his face. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading
5:34 am
live in commack, long island, i'm diana rocko. now back to the commuter alert that heather was speak about. crews have completed repairs on a partially collapsed subway platform in the bronx. dray clark has an update. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. good news in the way of progress. we just learned a moment ago the structural repair to the section of the platform that collapsed last night have been repaired, however, there's only southbound or downtown trains operating from east 180th to the dire park chester station. if you're traveling northbound or uptown, you have to hop on the shuttle buses, and this is what happened last night. the large piece of heavy machinery caused the platform to partially collapse, sending
5:35 am
train traffic has been stopped in both directions while mta crews try to get things up making sure the section of the plot farm was secure. now things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. meanwhile, we talked to one of the transit union reps, and he said this is the second time this has happened, and he said it's a clear indication that the mta officials pay attention to the aging infrastructure. >> what is it going to take for the faa to monitor the system that is 100 years old. >> reporter: this plan is kind of blocking our way, but believe me, the buss are there. meanwhile the structural repairs have been done, and
5:36 am
trains running east 180th and the park chester dire station. if you're going northbound, you have to catch the bus. give them time. they are trying to get things back to normal. you can hear the train running above me. that's good sound for commuters trying to get to work this morning or wherever they need to go. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 5:36, and today the man accused of raping a subway driver will be in court. francisco was arrested after attacking his female taxi driver in december. he strangled the woman, forcing her to crash into a fence where he raped her inside of her taxi. he be sentenced to 24 years behind bars. family and friends will gather to remember a 7-year-old westchester county girl who died suddenly over the weekend. the lake was held last night for lilly love.
5:37 am
she attended greenville elementary in east chester. there's no official word on how she died, but health officials are confirming it was an isolated event with no risk to anyone else. grieving family's most private moment being made public through a powerful message in an effort to save lives. 20-year-old emmitt scandal died from a heroin overdose, and his parents are sharing their pain. >> if parents are too afraid to put it in an obituary, how will the rest of the world see it? i was to end this stigma. my son was not a junkie or some dirty back alley heroin addict. >> his father says within just 6 weeks his son was hooked on heroin, and it took control of his life.
5:38 am
it's 5:37, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we look at 4 times square south, and we have a nice morning and a beautiful sunrise coming your way. temperatures are cool. grab a jacket or a sweater. you need that. now taking a look outside, and looking at temperatures and satellite pictures will show the clouds are driving down to the south, and a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine, and temperature by 9:00, 48, and noon, 58, and then just a couple of degrees cooler than normal. we will be looking at nice weather. kiddos after school, grab a jacket, and that would be great. heather is looking at the roads for you this morning. i know what the road is? >> no, you don't. don't even try. >> that's columbus avenue. >> this is the bqe. there's an incident in the area. we will head over to the maps, and i will tell you what is
5:39 am
we have this accident, and to lanes are being closed down, and you will find delays. 5 trains uptown remain suspended east 180th street to dire avenue. downtown has resumed with delays. dray clark with more information on that. we do have our street cleaning rules in effect for today citywide. ken and lori, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead an eyewitness news exclusive. >> i don't really remember much of that. >> the victim sharing his story after a possible bias attack in hells kitchen.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:41, and welcome back.
5:42 am
stomping on a man's head during an arrest will be in testifying in court. and the video appears to show officer joel edouard stomping on jahmiel cuffee's head. all charges against cuffee were dropped. now an eyewitness news exclusive, and this morning we are hearing from a man who says he was attacked in manhattan because he is gay. brandon malone will need 4 weeks to recover. now after being slashed on the ear and tearing a tendon in his wrist it happened saturday morning, and he says he and a friend were walking when they were attacked by a group of men who never said a word before hitting them with glass bottles. >> my friend, like short, very,
5:43 am
nail polish, and i do drag,s -- and i was wearing one of the t- shirts i sell. they must have come up behind me with the bottle in their hand. >> police are investigating it as a possible bias attack. his followers are wishing him a speedy recovery. the oceanside man who had an ongoing dispute with his town is now accused of threatening town workers with a cross bow. hernandez gretski's plan was moved last week, and police say 2 days ago he called the town supervisor's office and made violent threats to two employees. >> that's the ultimate full blown get off my lawn! here we go this morning. we are looking at times square. pretty weather here. yesterday a quarter of an inch
5:44 am
weather as we look down on good morning america they are be with us in a little while. we call this dawn. red sky in the morning does not always mean take warning, and today it means great day today. we will have sunshine, beautiful weather, and clouds rolling out to the south and east, and 47 degrees, and the winds are calm, and pressure is rising, and that will be a great day. yesterday's high was 60. we are going to be looking at pretty weather today, and as i mentioned yesterday, almost a quarter of an inch of rain. sun is up 1 minute before 6:00. cooler, and cloudy skies tomorrow, and showers, and a couple of showers on friday, and cooler and rainy, but the weekend is looking good. sunshine with temperatures below normal, and that's much needed rain on the way. 40 for hampton bay, and ronkonkoma, and we are looking good at 46 down the ocean shore.
5:45 am
northeast or they will be switching around to the southeast today, or they are calm. we are looking at clouds that come down north and south, and there's a stationary front here with the showers along that, and stationary means it's kind of like the valley between the two high pressure systems, and eventually along that, the wave will run along the valley, and that could happen tomorrow. you can see that on the futurecast. look at sunshine for today. cape may, probably have clouds, and north of that, plenty of sunshine by 3:00, and our futurecast, our guidance for tomorrow showing a beautiful sunrise and great start to the day, and then it's cloudy and a couple of showers by afternoon evening time, and showers into tomorrow night, and then showers for the commute on friday morning, and jacket or sweater, kiddos, ought to do it for the morning bus ride. making the commute to school,
5:46 am
you have to take, it's cool. 63 and an a. after school today. we will have a southeast wind, and it will feel great today, and sunshine, 63, and tonight, we have 49 as the low to 46, and we are looking at about 59 as the high tomorrow, cooler than normal, but starting with sun, it's cloudy, and then showers late in the day. here's your accuweather forecast. we are going to have sunshine returning for the weekend, and we have the clouds on friday, and a couple of showers early, and we have to clear out friday night, and saturday is a great day. sunshine, we are looking at 65 degrees, and then on sunday, it's getting gray on sunday, and that's just a few clouds in the afternoon, and it's not a big deal. we will have a nice weekend coming up. >> that's good. >> three in a row. >> yes, it's just dynamite. >> that's another 14 or 15, and we will be good. >> that's a lot to ask. >> i don't think it's a lot to ask at all. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to hear about that when i'm back at the traffic center and bill is back at the weather center.
5:47 am
the bqe right up into the area of the brooklyn bridge. the brooklyn bridge in the middle of your screen. it's moving just fine. an issue on the bqe. we will head over here and talk that. two lanes east 180th to dire avenue, and downtown has resumed with delays, and our street-cleaning rules are in effect for today. >> heather, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, showing support through sew how one contract company is getting involved in the race for president. a mother's solution to keep
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
it's 5:50. some connecticut residents can taste support for bernie sanders, literally. a vintage soda company rebranded bill and andrew potvan's spicey ginger ale to drink. a lot of college students are trying it out. sanders lost to clinton in the primary there is yesterday. a california mother is fighting for her daughter to wear a gps tracking device to her school. darcy coffin lives with concern that her 6-year-old daughter, jayda will wander away. studies show that children with autism will wander at least once. her school will not allow the gps device.
5:51 am
>> it would be like allowing students to come with smart devices and having them on and used all day, and our board policy does not allow that. >> the school says it's a privacy issue. similar devices are used around the country. avonte's law was recently passed here allowing students to wear bracelets that can be used to track them if they go missing. hunter gande started walking more than 100-miles with his brother braydon strapped to his back. >> just seeing how he fights through everything and all the hard work he has to go through and how he does it with a positive attitude, and i just wanted to try to help him out in some way.
5:52 am
brother the whole way, except the last half mile. that's when brady completed the trip walking on his own. a special story that is. >> very! still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, we started getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page, and a man says he was punched in
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
pass you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this morning. here's what is happening, a beautiful sunrise in progress. as a matter of fact, we could see a lot of sun here. out to flushing by a and the throgs neck bridge, and on the other side of that, good visibility, and we will have a great day. taking the ferries over from staten island back and forth to brooklyn here on the hudson. 53degrees for the water temperature. light north wind at 5 to 10 miles out of the northeast. it's a 6 here from bridge port to port jeff. the next 7 hours, sunshine and temperatures into the mid-50s by noontime. beautiful spring day today. we are talking about the beautiful weather next. heather is every 7 minutes, and she will tell you if the 5 is back in action. >> the platform repairs are
5:56 am
running once again in both directions. expect delays. 2 and 3 signal problems a the central park and 110th street, and expect downtown delays. bqe on the kosciusko bridge with delays. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> heather, thank you. 5:56, and an investigation is on after a man who resembles shia labeouf says he was attacked. >> the attacker yelled this is because you look like shia labeo uf.
5:57 am
this is not funny because he was knocked unconscious. but a little bit of a smile. >> a little bit. a long island business held up at knife point in suffolk county. is the suspect behind a dozen similar attacks? commuters are seeing relief after a partial subway platform collapse overnight.
5:58 am
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work overnight to repair a partially collapsed subway platform. team coverage on the commuter alert coming up. >> he struck 11 times in nassau county, and now police want to know if a knife-wielding bandit is expanding his territory. hillary clinton is entering the final stretch. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here's bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: we are going to have a lot of sunshine today. a few clouds this morning. temperatures 47 degrees, and a nice morning outside. grab a jacket or nice sweater. 42 for middletown,port jervis, 41, and 40 out to montauk. clouds now, and breaks of sun. sunshine today, and the northeast wind, kind of clearing things out. we get to 63 degrees later on,


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