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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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need help as they cross the plank. so far about 80 passengers have been transferred from one train to the other. this is two tracks that go through this area. both tracks were taken up, the accident train as well as the rescue train. right now no trains moving on metro north harlem line. at this point they're telling us it is a 70-minute delay on the harlem line. the right side of your screen, that's the sawmill river exit. lots of delays building up as you head through the northbound side. bad accident here but very fortunate as there were no injuries involved in this accident. reporting live over bedford hills, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got more breaking news. a man getting in to his suv in bayonne was hit and killed by a passing pickup truck. new information tonight about how students from seeing the horror.
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johnson live at the scene for us. let's tell you exactly what happened. the students were outside of the walter f. robinson school. there had been a fire drill a little bit earlier this afternoon. they were going back inside the school at the time. the horrific accident happened right out here on west 31st and jfk boulevard. the principal made the decision to go ahead and put a human chain with all the adults around the school so the students would not see the accident happening outside of their school. we understand the patient had just left out of a doctor's office here on the corner of west 31st and jfk boulevard. he had walked out of the doctor's office. apparently he was getting ready to get inside his vehicle at the time. that's when the 43-year-old man was struck by a pickup truck that was heading northbound here in bayonne. he was getting in to his car and apparently all of the items, his sneakers, cell phone, several
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that truck that struck him continued northbound on kennedy boulevard hitting another vehicle before it landed on the sidewalk. once again, a lot of people were out in the area at the time. once again, the kids were all protected from seeing the gruesome scene out here on the street by all the adults that really surrounded the school right here on the corner. the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. the medical examiner's office arriving here just a short time ago. we do not know the name of the victim. this accident taking place around 2:15. the investigation has been going on ever since then. preliminarily there does not appear to be any criminality in this crash. the other thing we want to tell you is jfk boulevard shut down in this area. the parallel streets, they have heavy traffic this afternoon. trying to do everything you possibly can to avoid the area.
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bayonne, anthony johnson, eyewitness news. a jetblue pilot allegedly caught flying drunk is expected to be arraigned any moment now. dennis murphy was selected for a random drug and alcohol test following a flight to kennedy airport last year. authorities say he had been flying under the influence of alcohol on a packed flight from orlando to new york city. we have a reporter in court and we'll bring you any new details when we get them. you've heard the expression about shooting yourself in the shoot. what happens when the shooting is at the podiatrist's office and it's the foot doctor who gets shot in the foot? it actually happened in oceanside. michelle charlesworth is there with more. kind of hard to believe, isn't it? >> it really is. pretty wild. but thank goodness it looks like these two men are going to recover. the gun was licensed. it belongs to a former nypd officer who's now retired but when it was fired it was loud and it was scary.
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they were very alert. then i heard he was showing the doctor gun and he accidentally shot him in the foot. >> reporter: business people next door and patients were rattled when they heard the gunshot. they were amazed to hear in a building full of doctors, one doctor had to help another after a 77-year-old patient showed off a pistol. >> he ran in there and tied the bandage around the guy's thigh. >> a tourniquet? >> yes. >> reporter: the retired nypd officer was pulling a .10 millimeter pistol out of a leather briefcase when he fired by accident and the bullet went through his leg and in to dr. matthew nester's foot. dr. nester is a podiatrist here. >> what about a podiatrist being shot in the foot? >> i know, it's ironic. >> reporter: no one else was hurt. it happened at 10:20 in the morning in oceanside. >> it's unbelievable.
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you come here with a loaded gun to show someone? >> no one we talked to was very impressed by the presence of a gun, even a licensed one, especially at a doctor's office. >> that's another issue. why is he walking around with a gun? >> no charges tonight as police continue to investigate what they're calling an accident. michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. an armed robbery on island linked to a string of similar counties in nassau county. a carvel ice cream store was held up at knifepoint. police say the man in this video is behind last night's robbery as well as at least 11 other robberies at car vel, dunkin' donuts, 7-eleven in nassau. >> it appears the suspect stakes out the stores to wait till there are no customers in the stores. we ask the employees to be alert for people who are loitering
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>> this robbery spree stretches back to march 1st. authorities say they're looking at whether another robbery is related to this. that one happened on april 5th at a carvel in copiague. a man convicted cab driver pleaded guilty to rape in the first degree. he allegedly assaulted a female taxi driver last september after she picked him up in port jefferson. he beat and strangled the woman, causing the taxi to crash. he pulled the driver in to the back seat and raped her. the man who says a new york city police officer stomped on his head during an arrest is talking about the violent encounter. cell phone video appears to show officer dward stomping on his head while handcuffed on the ground. it happened during a marijuana bust. he admits he was resisting
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>> as he kicked me in the head, my head hit the concrete. i blacked out. got up. as they picked me up i was dizzy and in severe pain. >> all charges were dropped. he said he had only worked sporadically since the incident. he says he opens the officer loses his job. ted cruz officially announcing in the last hour that carly fiorina will be his running mate. also today, donald trump offering a foreign policy plan, and delivering a rare speech using a teleprompter. rob nelson is in the newsroom for us. >> fresh off five big victories last night that have pushed him a lot closer to the republican nomination. today we saw donald trump, the aspiring statesman sharing his vision for the world and blasting the nation's current foreign policy as weak, aimless, and destructive. he said america has lost
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the globe and he's the only one who can fix it. >> i will view as president the world through the clear lens of american interest. i will be america's greatest defender and most loyal champion. >> reporter: with rare help from a teleprompter, trump today promised a mix of diplomacy, peace making, and rebuilding america's global stature. >> we're a humanitarian nation. but the legacy of the obama-clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion, and disarray. a mess. >> reporter: he also directly blasted hillary clinton over the 2012 benghazi attacks in which four americans were killed. >> our ambassador was murdered and our secretary of state misled the nation. and by the way, she was not awake to take that call at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: trump said his top
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common ground with countries like china and russia, financially restructuring nato, rebuilding the military, and defeating isis. >> isis will be gone if i'm elected president. and they'll be gone quickly. >> reporter: saying the nation should never go to war without a plan for victory. he the said the time has come for america. >> we're getting out of the nation building business and instead focusing on creating stability. >> reporter: trump's much anticipated speech, however, was somewhat overshadowed by his rival, senator ted cruz, who announced former candidate carly fiorina today as his running mate. a highly unusual move for someone who is not the presumptive nominee and his chance at a nomination remains a long shot.
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tough fights don't bother me a bit. what matters is, is the fight worth having? this is a fight work having. this -- worth having. this is a fight worth winning. with your help we'll win this fight. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on trump's comments about protecting american jobs and also what he said about the nation's relationship with israel. democratic candidates are looking ahead to indiana. senator bernie sanders' campaign is going to be going forward, with fewer people though. a spokesperson announced hundreds of staffers are going to be cut as they downsized. that followed sanders' speech to supports at purdue university where he acknowledged the long road ahead. he said unlike other campaigns he has dealt with, he's dealt with real issues affecting americans but after losing four out of five primaries to secretary clinton, he admits there's a chance he won't win.
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do not win is to transform not only our country but the democratic party to open the doors of the democratic party. >> clinton is courting the union vote. yesterday she visited a steel company. there are 92 democratic delegates up for grabs in indiana tuesday. >> reporter: after calling him a serial child molester, a chicago judge disgraced dennis hastert with 15 months in prison, a sentence far harsher than what prosecutors had requested. hastert pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws in a case that involved paying millions in hush money to cover up alleged sexual abuse. the sister of one of his alleged victims spoke at the hearing. another addressed the court saying hastert's abuse in a high school locker room was devastating.
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many decades ago but today they struck back and in doing that they have given us strength. >> hastert will undergo sex offender treatment, two years of supervised release and has to pay a $250,000 fine that will go to a crime victim's fund. a massive gang bust in new york city bringing relief to one community. coming up, the deadly crimes the suspects are allegedly connected to. >> plus, a woman missing for a week in brooklyn.
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a reminder, you've got 70-minute delays on metro north harlem line because of this crash in bedford hills. a train hitting a car. nobody was hurt but again, delays on the harlem line continue. rocklin county correction officer charged tonight with trading heroin for sex. one woman had to be treated for an overdose. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis was there when
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>> the sheriff says it appears the guard met them while she was an inmate at the rocklin county jail. investigators say she's likely not the only one. >> reporter: ventillo is free on bail and was so intent on hiding his face, he didn't see the table blocking his way out of court. he was being held at the rocklin county jail, the very place he's worked at for the past 15 years. the 49-year-old is accused of supplying heroin to hookers in exchange for sex. >> there's a sense of disappointment not only on my behalf but officers in that facility who work hard every day. they're disappointed in their brother officer. >> reporter: ventillo was arrested after the sheriff's office began investigating the overdose. a witness who saw the woman get in to ventillo's car called 911 when she overdosed.
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as a peace officer. and representing either himself or the department, the training he received. >> reporter: in court today he signed an order of protection, surrendered his passport and weapon, terms set as conditions of his bail. afterwards his lawyer wasn't saying much. >> i can't discuss his case at this time. >> reporter: but the sheriff who suspended him says he's sending a message. >> i cannot tolerate people breaking the law and tolerate people breaking our department rules and regulations, putting inmates and the public at risk. >> ventillo is charged with criminal possession and sale of a controlled substance. both felonies. as well as official misconduct. he's due back in court in may. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. new information. a trust company has now been appointed to temporarily oversee prince's estate.
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the authority to manage prince's assets and determine his heirs. his sister requested the title of special administrator since it appears the superstar didn't have a will. prince wasn't married and has no living children so the state thinks it will be divided among his siblings. >> it's a tough thing to do but have to have everything in order. it's turned out to a nice afternoon. this is kind of our diamond in the rough a little bit. unfortunately. we're talking about overall a cooler pattern. and again, occasional shots of rainfall so tonight it's all about this freeze warning for interior parts of connecticut and in to putnam and orange county. whether it's a brewster or goshen, rocklin, northern new jersey, east end of long island. you have frost advisories in to the early morning hours. i don't think we're going well below freezing by any means, just a few hours overnight we could spend in the mid 30s and certainly have a little bit of frost. bit of a hazy sky.
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we've gone through the afternoon hours. only at 59 with a south wind. pressure on the rise. high today, 62. average highs, 65. so below average second day in a row. rainfall amounts, none today. that was yesterday's rainfall amounts. toms river, 51. long branch at 52. sayreville coming in at 63 degrees. obviously it's been sunny in sayreville and a little bit away from the water. struggling on long island, in the lower 50s. for the most part, sunshine early evening. a little bit more patchy cloudiness to the south. partly cloudy overnight. the clouds are retreating for a while overnight. chilly tomorrow morning. then the clouds start to increase through the midday. range should hold off till later in the day. we talked about i-78 being that boundary yesterday. there's filtered sun in monmouth and ocean. pretty overcast early this morning. and the hudson valley has enjoyed a beautiful day. it's been great in connecticut and hudson valley and northern
5:20 pm
long island, it's been sunnier than the south shore most of the day. this front is about as far south as it's going to get. it put on the brakes. you can see how this part of the front is lifting north and east and we'll have to deal with that tomorrow. i think rain is going to try to make a run at us tomorrow afternoon. might sneak in to new york city, raindrops close to this time tomorrow. north and east of new york city we may stay dry. this waveee -- wavy front is snaking over the area. i'm hoping this will move away on saturday and give us a nice day. we're not talking about big rains but later in the evening especially nassau, south and west and central and southern new jersey, we could have showers. here's your accuweather forecast. patchy frost in the suburbs. 59 through the day tomorrow. another cool day. clouds dominate in the afternoon. late rain especially south and west of new york city. and rain and drizzle coming in tomorrow night.
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big question over the weekend, will rain stay away sunday afternoon? changes in the weekend forecast. we'll have that at 5:30. >> stay away. the world's biggest hamburger chain is trying a new recipe to bring back lost business. mcdonald's is getting rid of the artificial preservatives in a new chicken mcnugget recipe. the company has been testing the recipe in stores in washington. it admits its lost customers so it's trying to make the core menu better. she's accused of stealing teacher's identities. >> plus, amazing video of a plane crash. and the pilot survived. tonight he's talking about it. also, a new way to get a vaccine
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president obama will make his first trip to flint, michigan since the city's drinking water was found to be tainted with lead. the white house announced the president will visit the city next wednesday. he's scheduled to receive a briefing of the federal effort to assist in the cleanup and to hear from residents. the city's water system became tainted in 2014 when the city began drawing water from the flint river to save money.
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college prep program in newark where 100% of its students are headed to college. many are getting financial aid and some are going to top schools. our new jersey reporter toni yates has the story behind their success. >> it's going to be one heck of a fall semester act. >> holy cross in massachusetts. smith, massachusetts, or wheaton college. >> reporter: these two dynamos have one thing in common. new jersey leap academy. that's njleep. >> reporter: the after school program here in newark run by seton hall school of law also stands for excellence, propelling its students to college-ready status. they latch on to these kids in the beginning of 9th grade and take them on an academic ride for the next four years. >> we're a program that uses law to teach transferrable college readiness skills. everything we do is about
5:26 pm
but also the social emotional skills our students need. >> unlike most of my peers, i'm more willing to do more work. i'm not as easily intimidated. >> they help me with my skills. they help me become a better public speaker. >> new jersey leep has 30 seniors and all are expected to go to college, some with four-year scholarships. part of the success of this program is they make this a family affair. >> we push our kids hard. we're very honest with them. i think at the end of the day every single one knows it's because we believe in them and their potential. for us not to support digging as deep within themselves as they can will be the most disrespectful thing we can ever do to them. >> reporter: that's how you find them. but be ready to work.
5:27 pm
new details at 5:00 about a missing woman in brooklyn. her family speaking out about the young mom who went out for food and never came back. >> police. [ knocking ] >> early morning raids result in the nypd's largest gang bust ever and relief in one community. tonight, the deadly crimes the gangs allegedly are connected to. >> and check out this shocking
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feels good to be back. come back today and get installed as early as today. at no extra cost! plus get tv equipment and epix included. and get a $300 reward card. call now, and welcome back. we're still following the breaking news in westchester county. a metro north train hit a car in bedford hills. we're talking about the harlem line. 70-minute delays on the line all because of the crash. no one was hurt. passengers on the train have
5:30 pm
right now a family in brooklyn is searching for a young mother missing for a week. destiny dawson reportedly went out for food and never came out. just in the last 30 minutes we spoke to destiny's mother. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is in brooklyn with new details. >> as you can imagine, her mother is desperate to find her. destiny dawson walked out of this apartment building about a week ago last wednesday to grab some food and hasn't been seen since. police right now are asking for the public's help in finding her. the 21-year-old mother seen here, she has two children, left her fourth floor apartment here at 640 park avenue in bedford stuyvesant wednesday night around 8:30. her boyfriend reported her missing to police the next day. dawson has two children, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old. they were spending the night at their grandmother's house in harlem.
5:31 pm
than an hour ago, and she of course is desperate to find her daughter. >> baby, mommy is looking for you. can you please call someone and let somebody know you're all right? that's it. let somebody know you're all right. i just want a phone call. let someone -- call someone. call mom. call your aunt. call your family and let somebody know you're all right. >> let's get to a description because anything could help here. dawson is 5'3", about 100 pounds with bleach blond hair and braids. she was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, blue nike running shoes, and a blue polo cap. if you have any information that can help out with this case, call the crime stoppers line at 800-577-tips. reporting live in bed-stuy, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. the nypd rounding up more gang members.
5:32 pm
recent weeks and this was a big one. tonight more than 100 alleged gang members are behind bars. dramatic video shows the officers moving in during the early morning hours and many of those arrested have been linked to illegal drugs and two shootings. this has been topping our website and mobile app since we broke this story this morning. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer has more. >> reporter: a massive show of force of special teams of officers from and other agencies moved in quickly in bronx neighborhoods early this morning arresting 100 suspects. >> we've extracted individuals that have yielded violence, narcotic sales, in these very vibrant communities in the north bronx. >> reporter: the suspects, from two violent rival street gangs were shackled. >> today we announce what is believed to be the largest gang takedown in new york city history. >> reporter: their alleged violence, investigators say,
5:33 pm
especially here on this playground used by children at the eastchester garden houses. >> instead of children playing in safety, members allegedly stored guns and sold drugs in that playground. >> reporter: the gangs are also accused in the murders of five victims including the stabbing. >> shot and killed by a stray bullet in her own home off white plains road back in 2009. >> reporter: the gang activity, investigators say, spanned a nine-year period, beginning in 2007. one gang, police say, worked a large neighborhood here in the bronx along white plains road and williamsbridge. members of the second gang terrorized the eastchester houses and playground. >> shocking. i didn't know it was that serious. hopefully things will get better. >> when gangs proliferate, neighborhoods suffer. communities disintegrate. innocent children die. >> investigators say they're
5:34 pm
in this case. reporting live, tim fleischer, channel 7 new at 5:00, a company in new jersey cited by federal safety regulators over a deadly gas station robbery last year. over the deadly attempted armed robbery at a getty station that left a worker dead. investigators determined the employer exposed the store associate to workplace hazards over lack of appropriate safety protections. a man in new jersey who owes $12,000 in easy pass violations was caught at the tunnel. police spotted the mercedes without a front license plate. when the easy pass rider flash toll unpaid the officer pulled over the car. the driver, oscar sanchez, had a suspended license and over 200 easy pass toll evasions. the car was impounded. suffolk county authorities,
5:35 pm
who own reptiles. people who own them illegally. since 2003, animal law enforcement officials have recovered almost 400 illegal reptiles in suffolk county alone. most recently they found this 6-foot gator in a home in medford. anyone with an illegal reptile can turn it in to the suffolk punishment. happen. there are too many incidents of people being hurt by these dangerous reptiles. >> the spca also offered an update to a german shepherd that was found in montauk highway and lindenhurst. the dog was not seriously hurt and has since been adopted. authorities also announced a $28,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in the beating death of a puppy in bellport.
5:36 pm
says the pumps virus is spreading so fast, it could affect the commencement ceremony next month. the last two hours, the university confirmed 41 people are sick. the outbreak started two months ago but the university said its efforts to isolated students and stop the spread isn't working. 11 students are in isolation. better beach access is the goal of a task force in new jersey. the team appointed by the state senate released some of its findings. it recommends free or affordable parking within walking distance of beaches. another is ensuring fishing access during off hours. this is at odds with municipalities who have been fighting to restrict beach access in their communities. a woman in westchester accused of stealing the identities of teachers. why she says it was all to help special needs children. >> a plane crashes in to the
5:37 pm
hear from the pilot who survived it all. >> concerns about zika virus at the olympics. the uniforms one country will use that they call zika-proof. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. nice view at the park, reservoir, upper west side, hudson river, up to the george washington bridge. 59. definitely a cool-ish feel out there. with the clear skies north of new york city and the light
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a westchester county woman is charged with identity theft to fake being a special needs teacher. nassau county prosecutors filed charges against amy foreman of mount kisco. they say she used a long island friend's identity to get certified to work with children. she was previously arrested for that and prosecutors say she
5:41 pm
foreman is due back in court may 4th. real life test of an explosive-proof suit. russia's deputy prime minister released this video showing a woman walking through an active minefield wearing the suit. they brag that the terminator has nothing on their soldier. the suit, it was charred by the flames but when she takes off her mask you can see she's not hurt. she got a bouquet of roses for her efforts. >> wow. that's remarkable. we've got more remarkable video from alabama tonight. a small plane caught on camera falling from the sky and crashing in to a tree, then bursting in to flames. workers at a security business scrambled to help after hearing the plane crashed. several people braved the spreading flames to try to help free the pilot who managed to jump from the burning wreckage.
5:42 pm
a hurry to get out because i saw that i only had a few seconds and i did a somersault out of the cockpit. i didn't have time to think. >> did you think you were going to die? >> yeah, i really did. i thought it was all over with. >> the pilot suffered some cuts on some of his hands. he said he just went home and took a shower. still ahead, a story involving another plane, this one on long island. the aircraft suddenly taken away from one man's home. it was in the driveway. tonight, why he was arrested. >> a vaccine without a needle. coming up, eyewitness news speaks with the researcher behind this vaccine patch. >> great to see you as always. the pilot authorities say was drunk. he'd just flown two flights over america flying in to jfk. also breaking news, mostly ago, the presidential candidate with
5:43 pm
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the olympic flame was handed off to the president of rio's organizing committee following a six-day relay through greece. the torch will be carried through more than 80 cities in brazil before the olympic games begin in just 100 days. of course a big concern, the zika virus. one country is reacting to those concerns about zika at the olympic games by introducing what it says is a zika-proof uniform. south korea's olympic committee unveiled the outfits which include long pants, long sleeved
5:47 pm
mosquito-repellent ingredients. a health alert tonight. there's a lot of controversy around vaccines, especially with kids, and the pain of getting several in one doctor's visit. what if getting a vaccine was as simple as getting a band-aid? researchers on long island are making that a reality. kristin thorne has the story. >> reporter: no one likes getting needles. >> what if for now on all vaccines were just as simple as sticking on a band-aid? >> reporter: that's the theory behind her research at stony brook university. >> so the vaccine is on these squares. >> correct. >> reporter: she showed us how the immunomatrix patch works. >> you have the patch. this moisture is going to travel up in to the patch and it's going to start to dissolve it away. when the moisture moves up, as you can see, the skin begins to contract because it gets dehydrated.
5:48 pm
sitting on top of dehydrated skin and it gets pulled back inside. >> reporter: the preservative-free patch can be applied anywhere on the skin and works within 24 hours. unlike conventional vaccines, the patch can be unrefrigerated for up to 10 weeks. that could revolutionize not only the way we receive vaccines here but around the world, particularly in third world countries. >> what if a drone could fly in and deliver a band-aid. everyone could stick it on. >> it could take another 10 years until the patch is commercially available. that's because there's still a lot of research to do including human trials which hopefully would start in the next four years. >> the results that we've been able to gather so far are incredibly, incredibly exciting. >> reporter: she says the patch has already proved effective in studies of vaccines for the flu, anthrax, and whooping cough.
5:49 pm
kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so much easier, right? >> that would be cool. you don't go ow. [ laughter ] >> have you guys ever walked across the brooklyn bridge? >> i have. >> i have not. i've wanted to. >> there's a lot of great activities. it's a fantastic walk. the reason i ask is because we've got a great picture from a viewer. here's what it looked like this afternoon. there was strollers, folks walking around and traffic was running pretty well. pretty deep blue sky on the brooklyn bridge. if you're brooklyn bound, you've got to stop for a piece of pizza. very new york thing to here's a close-up look at it. thanks for that photo. our temperature right now is in the upper 50s but we have chill coming in tonight. there's a freeze warning up for northern fairfield county. putnam county, orange county as well. places like mayapack, over to tuxedo and places like
5:50 pm
to watch out for patchy frost tonight. also the eastern end of long island. on the sunnyside of the street it feels great this afternoon. once the sun goes down that chill is certainly back. don't forget the coat tonight. 59, south wind at 7. chilly at citifield. 57. the wind isn't too gusty. 5 to 10 or 12 miles per hour. dropping through the mid to low 50s overnight, clear to partly cloudy skies. during the day tomorrow most sun is in the morning and clouds will tend to thicken during the afternoon hours. i think after maybe 4:00, 5:00, showers moving in to new jersey. maybe getting close to new york city, nassau county. north and east may stay dry. have your umbrella for patchy rain and drizzle tomorrow night, even in to the day on friday. if you watch the futurecast, after a fairly nice end of the day, clouds get suppressed to the south. 38, newburg. 44 in islip. 47 in belmar. 39, poughkeepsie. we could spend several hours in
5:51 pm
30s. that could hurt some of the delicate plants. tomorrow afternoon, notice how it's cool. only in the 50s. few spots may touch the 60-degree mark. rain showers are trying to move in to new jersey and new york city by the evening commute. have your umbrella ready to go. will be cool and rather cloudy to finish the day. rain and drizzle continues in to tomorrow night. air quality is good. uv index listed as a 7. pollen count, moderate to high. we've got clouds gathering tomorrow with rain late day. friday is rather cool and damp. you're not talking about heavy rain but off and on rain and drizzle and rather raw. saturday other than early clouds, i think we're in good sunday unfortunately is trending wetter. dry. all bets are off after mid to late morning. rain is likely to move in. we might be stuck in the 50s. might have to change that for 11:00 if the trend continues. monday starts off soggy. tuesday will be a nice day.
5:52 pm
make your outdoor plans saturday. a plane removed from the front yard of a man's home on long island. >> now that man is accused of threatening the government. we've got new details on this escalating battle. >> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00, two separate heroin busts in a local county that leads the state in overdoses. prosecutors are linking today's arrest to five deaths.
5:53 pm
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over a small plane. a homeowner had it parked in his front yard. final the local government removed it for him and now he's accused of threatening officials. >> reporter: a turbulent controversy involving a small plane parked in front of an oceanside home has gone to new heights with the aircraft's owner being placed behind bars. police say 70-year-old herald guretzky threatened town officials on the phone with a crossbow after they removed his 24-foot long cessna from the driveway. the town sent several violations notices to guretzky before engineers disassembled and removed the aircraft last week, prompting his temper to peak. >> is he an angry man? yes. is he ever going to hurt anybody? absolutely not. >> reporter: speak after his arraignment, guretzky's attorney
5:57 pm
back. >> he's an angry old man. he made a threat. he's not going to carry it out. if i had a nickel for every time someone threatened me, i'd be a millionaire. >> it will be at a storage facility until a judge decides a further course of action. some of the neighbors feel bad some situation has taken such a downward spiral. >> you didn't care about the plane in the driveway? >> absolutely not. that's his property. >> reporter: in oceanside, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. changes to tell you about before you take your next uber ride. >> why keeping your driver waiting could cost you more sooner. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:58 pm
against a jetblue pilot who just walked out of court. he's accused of being drunk while flying a plane from florida to new york city. the flight had over 150 passengers onboard. but first we continue to follow breaking news. a man hit and killed by a pickup truck outside of an elementary school. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. a man was getting inside his car when suddenly it was hit by a pickup truck. just a gruesome scene. >> teachers did everything they could to shield the children so they could not see what had happened. >> anthony johnson at the scene for us with the breaking news. >> certainly that principal was quick thinking. the kids were outside, going back inside the school when this tragic accident took place around 2:15 this afternoon. got all the adults together to stand out on the sidewalk and to shield the kids from seeing all the carnage out here on the street. let's take you so you can see
5:59 pm
we had earlier shots from newscopter7. a gruesome scene indeed. the victim's shoes were underneath the car. it was knocked out of his sneakers, cell phone about 20 feet away from where the vehicle was. understand that the victim had walked out of the doctor's office right here on jfk boulevard at the corner of west 31st, walking out to his car, getting ready to get in to his car when he was struck by that vehicle once again around 2:15. that person was pronounced dead right here on the scene still waiting to get the identity of the victim. the investigation still has been ongoing out here. kennedy boulevard in both directions has been shut down. shut down now for several hours. we do want to show you though what the car looks like. we want to show you ground shots of what the vehicle looks like. you can see that black suv directly across the street. you can see the front door has
6:00 pm
so the impact was pretty powerful. once again, the vehicle involved and causing the accident, it hit another vehicle along the way and then it also came to a crash landing on a sidewalk down here. at this point in time we've been told that no charges have been filed against that driver but we can tell you jfk boulevard is still shut down for several blocks. traffic in this area remains a mess. that's the latest live from bayonne, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. significant delays for the evening commute for many metro north riders tonight after a train crashed in to a vehicle on the tracks. passengers along the harlem line are dealing with delays of more than an hour, following that collision which happened in bedford hails. thankfully no one was hurt. disturbing charges against a former jetblue pilot facing criminal charges for driving drunk in the cockpit. he was busted during a random


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