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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so the impact was pretty powerful. once again, the vehicle involved and causing the accident, it hit another vehicle along the way and then it also came to a crash landing on a sidewalk down here. at this point in time we've been told that no charges have been filed against that driver but we can tell you jfk boulevard is still shut down for several blocks. traffic in this area remains a mess. that's the latest live from bayonne, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. significant delays for the evening commute for many metro north riders tonight after a train crashed in to a vehicle on the tracks. passengers along the harlem line are dealing with delays of more than an hour, following that collision which happened in bedford hails. thankfully no one was hurt. disturbing charges against a former jetblue pilot facing criminal charges for driving drunk in the cockpit. he was busted during a random
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he piloted a flight from orlando to jfk. so many of you weighing in on this powerful story on our website since we first reported it at 5:00. kemberly richardson at the federal courthouse in downtown brooklyn with the latest. >> just moments ago dennis murphy, jr. left the courthouse late this afternoon. a federal judge set bail bond at $50,000. murphy left the courthouse with his wife and his father. no one wanted to comment. if the allegations about the former jetblue pilot are true, he put countless people's lives in jeopardy including 151 passengers on the plane he was piloting back in april of last year. that's when federal authorities maintain murphy failed a field sobriety test. he blew a .11. when it comes to flying a plane, anything more than .10 is intoxicated. he was behind the controls of flight 584 from orlando to jfk,
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complaint, murphy's co-pilot saw him drinking an unknown beverage from a cup before and during the flight after taxiing to the gate, murphy was selected and officials say he failed the test. earlier that same day, april 21st of 2015, murphy piloted another flight, flight 583 from jfk to orlando with 119 passengers onboard. murphy was arrested at his home in new jersey this morning. at the time of the incident he'd only been with jetblue for three months. the airline tells eyewitness news it has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and that right after all of this murphy was relieved of his duties. if convicted of these charges he faces up to 15 years in prison. for now we're live in downtown brooklyn, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight several people on long island under arrest for allegedly dealing heroin. prosecutors say the suspects
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deaths. this is in suffolk county which has the highest number of overdoses in the entire state. long island reporter kristin thorne is in riverhead with the details. >> the suffolk da says the law does not allow prosecutors to pursue homicide charges against these defendants but he says at least getting these people off the streets will perhaps cut off some of the supply. >> reporter: prosecutors say 21-year-old ian dunn was responsible for three heroin related deaths, one involving a mother and her 19-year-old son. >> cell phone examination, eyewitness identification puts dunn at their home selling drugs at 6:30 p.m. they died or were found dead six hours later. >> reporter: prosecutors say dunn's supplier was this woman, ulissa el monte. investigators say when they
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they found 200 grams of heroin and tons of crash. her 2-year-old daughter was also there. elmonte's family was distraught after leaving court this morning. >> do you want to say anything to support her? >> reporter: investigators say richard castano would rent cars to run the drugs. they say when they arrested navy veteran jason dyer, he was in possession of 900 bags of fentanyl, a powerful chemical cutting agent. then there's keniata greer, accused of having her 15-year-old son trade off money for the drugs. they say the mother of three would buy drugs every two weeks from elmonte, consuming them herself as well. she's also six months pregnant. the judge told her he had to protect the human in utero. to guarantee she stays in jail and off drugs, he gave her a $1 million bail. >> she was not involved in distributing heroin. she was not charged in any kind of sales.
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guilty on her behalf and look to vigorously defend her in court. >> it appears she may not be the only one spending some time in jail. elmonte is being held on $2 million bail, dunn is being held without bail. live in riverhead, kristin thorne, 7 eyewitness news. two people were hurt when authorities say a retired police officer accidentally discharged his gun inside a long island doctor's office. authorities say 77-year-old retired nypd officer his licensed semiautomatic rifle while inside the office. the weapon discharged, shooting a bullet off the officer's thigh. the bullet hit the physician, who's a podiatrist in the foot. the injuries to both men are not life-threatening. no criminality is suspected. now to vote 2016. if you're way behind in the delegate count and you just lost
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primary in connecticut, what's your next strategic move? if you're ted cruz you announce carly fiorina as your running mate. fiorina who this year won zero delegates. perhaps in an attempt to up stage donald trump's speech billed as a major foreign policy address. america first was the overriding theme. trump reading from a teleprompter. he added 105 delegates. he's 287 away from the nomination. rob nelson with the latest on the republican side. >> of course a highly unusual move, a presidential contender announcing a running mate without being the presumptive nominee. after last week's primary, senator ted cruz is an even bigger long shot to win the nomination which is why many see today's move as a hail mary pass to stop donald trump's seemingly
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>> what matters is is the fight worth having? this is a fight worth having, worth winning, and with help we will win this fight. >> in what some see as a desperate last ditch effort to revive his campaign, cruz announced today he's chosen former business executive and former white house rival carly fiorina as his running mate. >> in addition to be a woman of extraordinary intelligence, she is also a woman of deep principal. >> reporter: the surprising move came just hours after frontrunner donald trump delivered a major foreign policy speech, saying america has lost respect and credibility during the obama years and that he would restore the nation's reputation and military might. his message was clear, america first. >> i will view as president the world through the clear lens of american interest. i will be america's greatest defender and most loyal champion. >> reporter: the speech also
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vowing to protect the nation's labor force. >> on trade, immigration, foreign policy, the jobs, incomes, and security of the american worker will always be my first priority. >> reporter: the business mogul uncharacteristically relying on a teleprompter promised to rebuild the military, financially restructure nato, improve relations with china and russia, and defeat isis. he also attacked president obama's sometimes tense relationship with israel. >> israel, our great friend and one true democracy in the middle east has been snubbed and criticized by an administration that lacks moral clarity. >> reporter: america should never go to war without a plan for victory, trump said, arguing for the u.s. to butt out of the middle east. >> we're getting out of the
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instead focusing on creating stability. >> cruz criticized the speech, calling trump the foreign policy candidate, basically calling him an insider. there was no mention of his now famous plan to build a law along the mexican border and of course to make mexico in the democratic race, hillary clinton is losing on clinching her party's nomination. she now needs 240 delegates. bernie sanders is insisting he's not giving up. sanders spoke to supporters at purdue university earlier today. he says unlike other campaigns, he's dealt with real issues affecting americans but after losing four out of five primaries to secretary hillary clinton last night, while he's staying in it, he admits there's a chance he will not win.
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do not win is to transform not only our country but the democratic party, to open the doors of the democratic party. >> meanwhile, clinton for her part is courting the union vote in the state. yesterday she visited a steel company. there are 92 democratic delegates up for grabs in indiana on tuesday. breaking news to tell you about involving the death of singer songwriter prince. law enforcement sources telling abc news prescription drugs were found in prince's possession and at his home. local sheriff's department says it's contacted the dea about possibly insisting with the investigation but as of now the dea is not involved because toxicology reports have not yet been completed to see if drugs were involved in prince's death. he died last week, found dead inside an elevator at his home. more to come obviously on this big story. as we continue on eyewitness news at 6:00 on this wednesday night, a serial armed robber on
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nearly a dozen notches in his bad guy belt. and tonight police are linking him to another crime. >> changes that could cost you money if you keep your uber driver waiting. >> and a bear making a surprise trip to of all places the library. and a tree. maybe just wanted to check out a winy the poo book. probably not. >> poo's honey adventure is my favorite. temperatures right now is in the upper 50s, lower 60s. cool evening ahead.
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an armed robbie on -- robbery is linked to a string of robberies. a robber held up a clerk at knife point at a carvel last night. the man in this video is behind last night's robbery as well as 11 other robberies at carvel, dunkin' donuts, 7-eleven and subway restaurants in nassau county. >> it appears the suspect stakes out the stores to wait for an opportune moment where there are no customers in the store. we ask the employees to be alert for people loitering outside the businesses. >> the robbery spree stretches back to march 1st.
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whether another robbery is related. that one happened april 5th at a carvel in copiague. a pet store owner in new jersey is accused of abusing dozens of puppies. he's now been indicted. vincent lesacco is charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty. police say he left a van packed with puppies in near freezing temperatures. his brother who worked at the store is also charged. another animal story for you. this one happening in maplewood, new jersey. police received several calls this morning about that guy right there, black bear roaming through backyards. officers spent the next few hours tracking it. they finally caught up with it at a library. that's a tree at the library. wildlife officials tranquilized it. bear will be relocated by the state fish and wildlife department.
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who knew lee goldberg was such a whinny the poo fanatic? just ahead on eyewitness news, you could rack up big charges sooner than you ever have if you keep your uber driver waiting. >> speaking of lee, he says it might be a cuddle alert night. >> i love this.
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uber is now turning up the pressure on its passengers who keep their drivers waiting. testing a new policy in cities including new york where customers are charged a fee if the driver has to wait for more than 2 minutes after he arrives at a pickup location. right now passengers get a 5-minute window. uber also shortening its grace period for the cancellation period from 5 minutes to 2 minutes. fees range from $5 to $10. it all of the sudden gets expensive.
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so no cuddle alert tonight? >> no, there is. there is. if you want to be specific. outside we go -- >> it's >> freeze warnings out. this is out connecticut and putnam and orange county. we have frost advisories. northwest new jersey and the eastern end of long island for a few hours in the mid 30s. we have a beautiful sunset brewing. we'll have a time lapse on social media after about 8:00. 58 degrees. it's 56% humidity. wind out of the south at 8. pressure on the fall. high today, 62 degrees. second straight day below average and the next few appear to be below average. saturday will be close. record high, 92 back in 1915. so this 24-hour temperature change really tells you the story of what the temperatures were like today because we're 15 degrees warmer than this time in poughkeepsie.
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cooler weather over central and southern new jersey. we're going to focus on central and southern new jersey tomorrow for the rain threat in the afternoon. meanwhile, 65 in kingston and poughkeepsie. south wind has norwalk at 56 degrees right now. long island, low 50s. only low 50s in lakehurst and wrightstown. 57 for the start of the mets game. partly to mostly sunny skies. cool evening. light wind. mostly sunny start to the day tomorrow. look for clouds gathering by midday. rain should hold off till later in the day. clouds are trying to thin out a little bit over central and unfortunately the western edge north. this is part of the system that brought the severe weather eight tornado reports. we don't have to worry about that here. what we do have to be concerned about is cloudy skies by afternoon. clouds in the afternoon. rain starts to come in to new jersey in the afternoon. maybe by the evening commute around this time, showers could sneak in to new york city. this front is too close for
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remains cool and damp. this is a close-up look at thursday's skies. we cloud over. by the city south and west, some rain so have your umbrella and rain coat for the afternoon. partly cloudy and chilly overnight. 44. tomorrow is a high of 59. sun gives way to clouds. afternoon rain south and west and rain and drizzle tomorrow night. 47. cool and damp on friday. only 50s. i think in terms of the rain we're not looking at anything heavy during the day friday but we'll have damp conditions. saturday is the better half of the weekend by far. we're in the low to mid 60s and unfortunately sunday looks like it's coming in by late morning. i was hoping it would hold off by the nighttime. rain will be with us through monday. rob is at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ]
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just a mini camp but it's good news. >> exactly. that's a very nice way to put that. the giants spent the second day of their three-day mini camp at the meadowlands getting familiar with the way things will run under coach mcadoo. eli manning will be under center, entering his 13th season at giant quarterback. manning husband been the -- manning has been the constant for the giants. how important a guy like manning can be. has been working out by himself but has found to help victor cruz. cruz coming back from injury. hasn't played for a year and a half. >> he seemed good. he's running routes. seems sharp and be able to come out of breaks. kind of looked the same. >> i'm not out there and be half of myself or half of what i was. i want to go out there and be ready to go 100% and be the same player i was once.
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they open the second round in tampa. seven times they couldn't get out but that changed when they moved on this year, moved on to play the lightning. starting tonight, a team they beat in two out of three games in the regular season. the isles advance to the next round, but as of right now, that might as well be ancient history. >> we haven't accomplished anything. step one of our goal of where we want to be, we want to make sure we keep things in check and stay focused because it was a great series. but it's over. and that's the way you have to look at it. we move on. yoenis cespedes not in the mets' starting lineup. he's still dealing with the sore thigh. but he was well enough last night to pinch hit. mets over the reds at citifield. there was confusion in the seconds leading up to the bat. lucas duda was in the on-deck circle but cespedes came up to bat. got the big hit eventually. that's exactly the kind of game good teams do tend to win.
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matz, long island native, beginning an initiative to honor local first responders. members of the nypd, fdny, the military. it's called the true 32 program. mets will host 32 guests every home game. a local guy giving back. great to see. >> they sacrifice their lives in their line of work, so to show the appreciation to them is what it's all about. >> sure is. as for the yankees, another battle tonight in texas. cc sabathia tries to get things back on track. the yanks lost 10-1. severino, the young pitcher they expected big things from. he gave up six runs in three innings. lost his third game of the year. it's up to sabathia now, he's 1-1 so far. we're 100 days away from the opening ceremonies of the summer olympic games in rio. today in athens, greece the official olympic flame handed over to the organizers of the game. 12,000 torch bearers will carry
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100 days from today. finally from us, we get back to the mets. when matt harvey pitches it's harvey day. when noah syndergaard pitches, it's thors-day. his perfect nickname. thor. the long blond mane. the fans love it. in a thor outfit in times square meeting spiderman. take a look at the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> coming up tonight, a fight inside a starbucks turns violent outside. at one point even coffee was thrown. police warning people tonight not even to approach the suspect if they see her. plus, how much do you really need to work out for, what if we told you one minute? we'll tell you tonight at 11:00. >> am i getting those abs from that? i'm in.
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see you at tonight, major developments moments ago in the race for president. ted cruz and a political hail mary? suddenly bringing back carly fiorina. and hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a man man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> clinton's response. and tonight, rare words from george clooney's wife, amal clooney. the warnings at this hour. ten tornadoes already. a family rescued. and in houston, falling trees turning deadly. also tonight, the plane crash. the woman running for help. and then suddenly, the plane erupts. and the other scare, authorities say the pilot who was flying drunk had just flown two flights across america. judgment day. once one of the most powerful men in washington, the judge giving him more prison time than prosecutors even asked for. and, america strong tonight.


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