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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 28, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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america this mornin developing at 4:30, a car veers off the road and crashes into a building in new jersey and the damage is affecting dozens of people this morning. mayor de blasio's political allies, the growing scandal at city hall. imagine watching your children sail away on a cruise ship because you missed the boat. the dramatic new video. >> that is horrible. >> really bad. >> good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and thanks for joining us
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we deal with deadlines every day people. be there. on time. we have a very nice start to the day. the temperature is 51 degrees we are going to be looking at a beautiful sunrise, temperature 39, kingston, 33 at the fort. everybody else like 47 for nassau, suffolk county, long island, 41. today we are going to inch close to 60 degrees, but late in the day we have some rain coming so you'll need your rain gear after lunch time. we'll talk more about that and for tomorrow, which is a rainy day, too. so much needed rain coming. weather with heather every 7 the crossbronx?
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the process of being cleared away. long island railroad buses replacing trains. and we have the modified weekend schedule. new jersey transit buses, path trains are going to cross hudson rail tickets and alternate rules are suspended for today. developing in new jersey a car slammed into a building displacing dozens of people overnight. this happened in plainfield. diana rocco has more. >> reporter: 24 people are homeless this morning, 18 adults and six children, and this is why. you can see the damage left here overnight. the building is deemed structurally unsound after a driver lost control, driving right through the storefront. this is what it looked like after it happened around 10:15 last night. the driver lost control and
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of this tax service. police were able to remove the car, but there are four apartments in the upstairs and the families living here were forced to evacuate for fear the building is no longer safe. they gathered their children, packed as much as they could and waited on the street until the red cross could find a place for them. back out here live this morning, there is still a lot of clean up to be had here. we are expecting crews to come this morning and start cleaning up some of the boarding up some of this, as well as a building inspector to make sure the building is eventually sound. right now the families are in the care of the red cross. that is the latest, diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. 4:33. eyewitness news has learned some of mayor bill de blasio's political allies have been subpoenaed in a growing corruption investigation. dray clark live at city hall with that story. good morning dray.
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the investigation seems to be moving fast with the mayor's fundraising scandal hitting aides and associates with subpoenas. eyewitness news has confirm emma wolf, one of mayor de blasio's top aides, has been served with a subpoena and along with wolf, so has his top fundraiser and the consulting firm that works on the mayor's campaigns. this follows a report by the chief enforcement officer at the state board of elections. the report says the mayor and his advisors included with political con -- contributors. the u.s. attorney says cooperation is key to this investigation, and the paralegal probe into the nypd. >> the -- the parallel probe >> to the extent there is
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know nobody is more committed to rooting that out than the commissioner and we are working that out jointly along with the fbi. >> reporter: mayor de blasio has not been served with a subpoena, but we understand more subpoenas are on the way. we are live at city hall this morning, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray thank you. 4:35. police in brooklyn searching prospect park for a missing awetist being man. missing. he is nonverbal was last seen around ocean avenue and eastlake drive. police have been used a search dog to track his scent from the group home where he lives. a brooklyn family is searching for a young mother missing for a week. overnight police told us they do not believe there is foul disappears.
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but a friend of the couple told eyewitness news dawson was meeting a friend. the 21-year-old has two daughters, and they are 2 and 3 years old. >> i don't know nothing about destiny's disappearance. >> reporter: she left and left the kids and never returned? i'm confused with that. >> reporter: friends and family tell us dawson looks a little different than in these pictures. right now she is wearing her hair bleach blonde and in braids. if you have seen her, please call police. 4:36. a local woman is making history today. for the first time ever, a woman will become an infantry officer in the u.s. army. captain kristen greet graduates today. she was one of the first women to graduate from ranger school last year. more women are expected to
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the army has approved 22 female cadets to be missioned as infantry or armor officers. that is one tough course to do. >> and they, clearly, are pretty tough ladies. >> you bet. 4:37. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. bill? >> reporter: a great start to the day. a lot of sunshine, a gorgeous sunrise. we can see the empire state building. you look way down to the right of that and that is sandy hook, new jersey. so we have a 22-mile visibility. clouds will be streaming up from the south and west today. rain is off to our southwest ask that is going to kind of get in here late in the day today. so you are fine for your morning commute, you'll need your rain gear later on. nice temperatures too, 10:00 is 52 with sunshine. cloudy around lunch time and
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couple of sprinkles with it is weather with heather every 7 minutes. what do you have going on? >> reporter: ongoing construction right near 7th too badly. crossbronx expressway westbound near jerome avenue two lanes are closed down. verrazano bridge lower level we have a disabled vehicle. two lanes are blocked off going into brooklyn. long island railroad buses replace trains on the babylon line. doing okay. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended but effect. 4:38. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, new reports show drugs were found on prince at the time of his death.
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plus you could soon see an extra charge on your uber ride if you are not on time. why a wait could cost you. and cruise ships wait for no one.
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the norwegian break away
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week when people say a woman was late. so her husband got off the boat and that is when it left. you can see the woman sobbing, as the boat, with her kids, starts pulling away. norwegian cruise line says the children were with their uncle and reunited with their parents in new york. >> what a story. no word this morning if a driver involved in a deadly crash in bayonne, new jersey will face any charms. yesterday a pickup truck owned by a local plumbing company hit and killed a man from front of an elementary school. the teachers lined up to shield the children's eyes from the gruesome scene. a neighbor described what she saw. >> i saw the car door open and smashed and a person laying on the ground on his side. sad. very sad. kennedy boulevard is like a race course. >> that truck that crashed into the victim hit other vehicle and ended up on the sidewalk.
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taken to the hospital, he has since been release. 4:43. a flight taking off from saturday was damaged. a huge flock of birds caused a huge dent in the plane's nose. the bird strike caused a two- foot dent. everybody on board was fine. when the plane landed passengers were booked on new flights. the plane now being evaluated. eight missouri counties are cleaning up after flooding from spring storms. but there is not much you can do with a flooded golf course, look at that mess, until it dries out on its own. the spillways couldn't deal with the run off and fairways looked like one giant water hazard. we are seeing visit this morning of the moments two boaters were pulled to safety after vanishing off the coast of texas. the men were spotted by coast guard helicopters yesterday as
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platforms days after going missing. they were a mile away from where their boat was found the day before. the coast guard sent swimmers into the water to pull them up and get them on dry land. 4:44. meteorologist bill evans joins us with the st. with the exclusive accu-weather forecast. that is the plaza hotel. that is 432 park the tallest residential building in the western hems, soon not to be the tallest. -- hemisphere, soon not to be the tallest. great visibility that is one world trade, the 59th street bridge. a temperature of 51 degrees, dry humidity and northeast wind of 12 to 17. and a rising barometer. 62 was our high yesterday. normally 66 now. and 90 back in 1990, the record high.
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set a lot of record highs that year. it was very warm in the winter and very warm in the summer. the sun is upright before 6:00. -- is up, right before 6:00. here we go. long island 44, 36 toward monticello, mid-40s toward the jersey shore. here's the wind out of the north and the northeast and that will turn around later in the day. we are looking at you know some breaks in the clouds, more clouds off to our south and west and then there is this rain. what is happening is there is a front right here. a weak front, we call it a stationery front and along that showers will run. we'll see some of those running to us later on today. the clouds do not increase until the afternoon and after school. and so the rain, coming in, comes in right at the evening commute. you see it is mostly from i-95,
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evening hours. so there will be rain and drizzle. as we go into friday, just about everybody has to be into the rain starting friday afternoon, friday evening and this gets out of the way friday night and skies break up on saturday for a wonderful day. today we have rain late coming in, and into this evening. and then we have a cool and damp day tomorrow with rain along the frontal boundary. but it gets out of the way for saturday. sunshine and clouds increase. rain damp 47. rain and drizzle during the day on friday, the high is 56. this is much needed rain, by the way, as we were talking we were 5 inches short. but saturday is a great day. we were looking at sunshine and then we are going to be seeing soggy weather as we go into the day late on sunday. a cloudy day overall, and some rain comes in late in the at
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we call that late from the day on sunday. got some outdoor plans on sunday. you know what i like to say. rent a tent. >> i haven't heard it in a long time. >> saturday is a great day. oh i love there dress you have on. >> you do? >> you guys look very sharp. >> thank you. >> got someplace you have to be today? like a big lunch? >> from but it could potentially be a good day. i want to be ready for it. >> i could only dream. all right over here, this is something if you are dreaming it is a nightmare. crossbronx expressway westbound side near jerome avenue we have an accident. verrazano bridge going into brooklyn we have there disabled tractor trailer so one lane is closed down.
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trains long island railroad babylon until noon today. hudson bergen light rail we have this issue it involves the overhead wire. six trains express 125th union square suspended between 139th and 96 -- 95th. prescription drugs were found in prince's possession when he died. law enforcement officials tell abc news drugs were also found inside the musician's home. the drugs included opioid medication. if drugs were involved in prince's death the dea may be called in to join the death investigation. investigators are still awaiting toxicology reports. a 13-year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot by
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when they say he refused to drop what looked like a real gun. this picture was released by police. it turned out to be a replica of a semiautomatic pistol. the boy was spotted holding the replica handgun yesterday afternoon. the boy took off running and they shot him in the leg when he refused to drop what they assumed was a real gun. >> i put my own eyes on it. it is an absolute identical replica semiautomatic pistol. those police officers had no way of knowing that it was not, in fact, an actual firearm. >> the boy's mother says it was a bb gun. he is expected to survive the shooting. this all comes on the first an versery of the riots that broke out in baltimore in the wake of freddie gray's death while in police custody. 4:49. the oklahoma sheriff's deputy who shot and killed an unarmed
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manslaughter. 74-year-old robert bates shot and killed eric harris of the harris was being held on the ground by other deputies when shot. bates meant to use his stun gun but grabbed the wrong weapon. secret service wants to upgrade the white house fence to keep would-be intruders out. the new design calls for a fence more than 11 and a half feet tall. it would incorporate anticlimb features as well as intrusion detection technology. earlier this week a man scaled the fence near the white house. it was just the latest in security, several security breaches of recent years. the secret service hopes to have the new fence design approved in the next two years. uber turning up the pressure on passengers who make drivers wait. the service is testing out a new rule. customers will be charged a fee if the uber driver has to wait you hear that?
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to pay. right now passengers get a 5- minute window. uber is also shortening its grace period from 5 minutes to 2. fees range from $5 to $10. uber rules. >> be on time. 4:51. coming on eyewitness news this morning. a woman walked a mine field without getting a scratch. what protected her from these bomb blasts. also the race for the white house (vo) the health system with a history of delivering world firsts in patient care is now delivering...convenience. and with our expansion into westchester and the hudson valley, state-of-the-art healthcare is
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(vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on
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you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic good morning i'm meteorologist bill evans. there are some showers downpour here in the shenandoah -- down here in the shenandoah valley. this is going to be a slow process, working its way northeast, this will be for later on today as we go into the day we are looking at temperatures that are quite mild too. temperatures right around 48 to
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for our overnight hours, and a northeast wind in here keeps a cool fetch, and kind of keeps it cloudy. a nice ride from staten island, jersey city, over to manhattan on the ferries. heather how is it going out there? >> reporter: the earlier accident on the crossbronx. good job that was cleared away very quickly. thankfully that means we didn't have any serious injuries. we are also looking at the verrazano bridge lower level disabled tractor trailer. one lane closed down. go upstairs to avoid that. long island railroad buses replacing trains until about noon today, they are doing some track testing there at babylon. new jersey transit north doing okay. hudson rail on the modified weekend schedule because of the overhead wire problems they have been having.
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path trains are going to cross honor. street cleaning rules suspended. a pet store owner in new jersey owns the just pets store. he is accused of keeping dozens of puppies in deplorable conditions. his brother, who worked at the store, was also charged. a mine field, riddled with explosives were no match for this woman. russia's deputy prime minister released this video of a woman testing out an explosion-proof suit in an active mine field. you can see her casually walking through the area as bombs blow-up all around her. her white suit is even charred from the flames. the prime minister bragged in a facebook post, saying the terminator has nothing on their quote sass say soldier. >> -- sassy soldier. >> i thought that was your
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>> not sassy soldier. >> oh just sassy? we are getting a look at the uniforms for the olympic team of america. >> they are designed by polo ralph lauren which has been the olympic designer since 2008 in the beijing games. the look is red white and blue polo shirt and chino shorts with boat shoes. they are made in the usa. >> that is good. developing right now in new jersey, there are concerns the structural integrity of a building in downtown plainfield is compromised after a vehicle slammed into it. this 24-year-old man is missing last seen in prospect
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good morning, we are following a developing story at 5:00 a.m. two dozen people are displaced after a car slammed into a building in new jersey. investigators are due to arrive any minute to see if the building is safe to live? frightening moments for -- to live? frightening moments for -- to live in. >> frightening moments for a new jersey teen. we will see some rain a little later today. good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and thank you for joining us. i'm ken rosato. you're never more than 7
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traffic meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accu- weather forecast. >> reporter: good morning. temperatures start out around 50 degrees. dropped a degree, temperature 49. 45 staten island and 46 right around bridgeport to islip to white plains. we are looking at sunshine to start your day. a great commute. later on today we get cloudy, and late in the day, commute time into night, we have some rain coming. and we'll have a rainy day tomorrow. heather in every life a little rain must fall. >> absolutely. >> it is much needed rain around the area. >> absolutely. here's the fdr drive northbound near 79th street. we have construction. let's head over to our maps and tell you the relief. crossbronx west at jerome
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verrazano bridge lower level disabled tractor trailer being cleared away. one lane closed down as a result. buses are replacing the trains, long island railroad babylon. they are doing track testing. we have new jersey transit metro north doing okay. hudson and light rail we now know they are resuming a normal schedule for today. george washington bridge minor. lincoln, holland, no issues there. alternate side parking rules suspended today. metered rules in effect. building inspectors have been called to the scene in new jersey where a car slammed into a building. this happened in plainfield overnight. diana rocco is live on the scene. diana? >> reporter: good morning lori. the families were forced from their home overnight. but the big question for police
5:03 am
driver doing when they lost control and slammed into this storefront? this building has been deemed structurally unsound. you can see the mess left behind. police were able to successfully remove the car from the building, but now the building inspectors are not sure about the soundness of the building, and there are about four apartments upstairs. all of those families were forced to evacuate. that is 18 people and six children overnight. this happened about 10:15. there is no word on what caused the driver to lose control this morning, they were not murder, but the they were not hurt but the families were forced to gather their children and wait on the street until the red cross could find a place for them. crews will start cleaning this up. this is a tax service and the building will need to be boarded.
5:04 am
families will be able to return home. diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. diana thank you. police in brooklyn are searching prospect park for a missing man with autism. 24-year-old michael yam wandered off with two others. the others were found but yam is still missing. police have been using a search dog to track his scent from the home where he lives. there is one big clue this morning in the search for a man who tried to lure a 16-year-old boy into his car in new jersey. investigators released the image of the vehicle, chevy impala. tuesday morning the driver stopped the teenager while he was walking in rose park. the teen said the driver made sexually explicit remarks and then tried to lure him into the car. ted cruz tried to add fire to his campaign as he courts
5:05 am
he added carley fiorina as his choice for vice president after what he calls a great deal of consideration and prayer. fiorina sang. she went on to denounce donald trump and hillary clinton as two sides of the same coin. for his part, trump couldn't believe what was going on. >> he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who close a vice president candidate. it is a -- who chose a vice president candidate. >> trump got the endorsement of bobby knight. bernie sanders is
5:06 am
campaign after losing four primaries tuesday. still, sanders made clear that he will fight on. >> we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> sanders is now laying off hundreds of campaign workers. asked if it was a posture of posture of reality. a massive black bear showed up on a back deck yesterday. the family woke up to the noise and that is when they saw the big black bear standing at the door. fortunately the bear was only interested in the bird feeder on the porch. the bear walked away with it before sitting in the driveway to eat the sunflower seeds right out of it. 20 miles away another black bear sighting in maple wood, new jersey. police officers spent hours tracking the bear after receiving phone calls.
5:07 am
in a tree at the library. an educated bear. wildlife officials tranquilized it. the bear will be relocated by the state fish and wildlife department. >> only because he was making too much noise at the library. >> he wasn't using a library voice. inside bear voice. 5:07. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: it was a smash and grub, as they say. >> oh nice. >> reporter: as we look down south from the empire state building all the way down to one world trade looking goodwin, staten island and lower manhattan. a look from our corner of the world here at west 66th street and columbus avenue. 49 degrees to start your day. grab a jacket and sweater, you will need that. clouds to our south and west. rain toward ohio and west virginia. that will come to us late today. we have a nice commute, sunshine, noon time a few more clouds.
5:08 am
and by the time we get to the evening commute into tonight, there will be a few showers around. the bus stop, we are going to have great weather. it is cool this morning, grab a jacket or a sweater. who dressed these kids? >> there we go. >> 45 degrees this morning and after school it will be cloudy and 59. there might be a sprinkle around but nothing that would cancel any outdoor athletics or anything for the kids. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. she is my permanent running mate. >> reporter: near 79th street you can see the traffic is doing fine. let's head over to our maps and we'll talk about something that is much better than it was. crossbronx expressway the earlier accident has been cleared away. and we'll talk about the verrazano bridge lower level leaving staten island, disabled tractor trailer. one lane is closed down.
5:09 am
island railroad babylon. they are doing track testing. and we have new jersey transit metro north running on or close to schedule. minor delays george washington bridge, lincoln and holland no issues there. alternate side rules suspended today. metered rules remain in effect. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, new details this morning on a case that touched the hearts of thousands across the tristate. what happened to baby hope just before her death? and we have new information
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faced a pretrial hearing yesterday over key evidence. juarez listened as prosecutors played his confession, which the defense is trying to keep out of the trial. juarez was heard saying he suffocated the girl, covering her mouth with a pillow while trying to have sex with her at his sister's apartment in queens. 5:12. the woman whose car was hit by a metro north train in west chester received a summons for leaving her car on the tracks. the crash caused hours of delays, but fortunately, no bloodshed. two women in the car got out just in time to watch the happen. >> up is he -- to watch the crash happen. >> when we got there the car was sideways about a foot away from the train. apparently it was stuck under the gate. it must have tried to go under the gate and the train hit it and spun the car sideways.
5:13 am
hurt but passengers had to walk a plank to cross into a replacement train for the rest of their ride home. a nasty fight involving hot coffee was caught on camera outside a starbucks. the argument started outside a starbucks in philadelphia and continued outside. but one woman was caught on camera throwing her coffee into the other woman's face. she punched and kicked the victim and pulled her hair until a passerby broke the fight. the attacker got away. 5:13 on this take your daughters and sons to work day. >> is it really? oh shoot, i forgot alex. >> you are horrified by that, aren't you? >> 5:13. >> sorry alex. mommy is on a ship and can't take you. take a look at our corner west 66th street. a look from our camera here brooklyn over to the lower east side.
5:14 am
of sunshine headed your way at sunrise, about 45 minutes from right now. we are looking at 49, 41% humidity. yesterday it was 62, normal is 65. we are going to be looking at cooler temperatures than normal today. cool and cloudier today. rain tonight through tomorrow. saturday is great looking. sunday is cloudy with rain late in the day. it is all much needed rain for us. a jacket and sweater needed to the north, even down to the south. trenton around 44. a northeast wind coming in and that will keep us a little cool. and an easterly fetch always keeps us cloudy. clouds off to our south and west, but breaks in sun. this rain around this front, this is a stationery front, showers are running up that, that comes in later today. we have clouds breaking into the area about noon to 3:00. and then as we get into the
5:15 am
west come over us tonight. little sprinkles. above 287 you don't see much in the way of showers. friday is a cloudy day. sprinkles or drizzle and showers tomorrow evening and those clear out and a good day coming on saturday. by the time we get to 8:00 or 9:00 low 50s. the afternoon is clouds. here comes the showers. you see this evening, and they will be kind of scattered. just take the umbrella with you. temperatures are okay. you may want to take the light jacket the windbreaker to keep you warm. we don't have a whole lot of rain. we just have showers coming. as this wave goes by friday night, another wave will go by and that will clear out with this bubble of high. it dives down for saturday. today we have sunshine, clouds increase, rain late today. cloudy and cool tonight. drizzle. an off and on shower drizzle on friday.
5:16 am
but saturday is a very nice day with sunshine and temperatures around 63 degrees to 65. and then sunday it gets cloudy, and later in the day we'll see some rain around the area. so that is you know, mets and mets. we love the mets. >> heather thought it was funny. >> yeah right. you owe her. >> lunch heather. >> i'll hold you to that. verrazano bridge into brooklyn we have the disabled tractor trailer. one lane is closed off. i have a feeling they'll clear that away shortly. long island railroad buses replacing trains babylon because of track testing. new jersey transit metro north they are running on or close to schedule and hudson and light rails back to normal today with service resuming.
5:17 am
care of. bridge. lincoln looks good. holland a minor delay. coming across the span inbound lower level reopened. outbound construction cleared from underneath the apartments and street parking rules suspended today. metered rules in effect. a new consumer alert this morning. why ford is recalling more than 200 through vehicles including the popular -- 200,000
5:18 am
sending at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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a small plane crashed into a tree and burst into flames. >> workers at a security business in alabama scrambled to help after hearing the crash and running toward the flames. the pilot was the only person on board and some how managed to jump from the burning wreckage with only cuts to his hand. >> that is lucky. it is 5:20. we are learning more about the next small step on the first manned mission to mars. space x is planning to send an
5:21 am
the company plans to send humans to mars around 2025. the red dragon will survey the terrain and collect soil samples. >> that is amazing. actual plans. this is crazy. >> 5:21. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: yes, i have already bought some real estate there. >> isn't that home? >> i got it from the same guy that sold me the brine. i can't wait. here's what's going on this morning. a beautiful sunrise in progress. southern clouds to start your day. we are seeing some rain coming however, and it is down to our south. it kind of rides you know, here across the than an dough a-- the shenandoah valley. what is going on this morning? >> reporter: you can see the fdr drive and it is bumper to
5:22 am
we'll talk to you about the verrazano bridge lower level into brooklyn, we have this disabled tractor trailer. one lane is closed down causing somes delays. long island railroad you have buses replacing the trains at babylon, because of track testing. new jersey transit, metro north they are doing just fine and our liver crossings minor -- and our hudson river crossings minor delays across the board. lori over to you. if you have not checked your powerball ticket yet, we have to be the one to tell you. you did not win. the jackpot in last night's drawing. that is because nobody did. saturday's drawing is now worth $314 million and you can take the cash option, it is more than $204 million. you can see saturday's numbers here on channel 7 during eyewitness news at 11:00 and the watch abc app.
5:23 am
start dreaming. >> like not that 200 is bad but 314 is 314. >> i could do some things with that. 5:23. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the video the police want you to see as they search for the person behind a taxi driver robbery in manhattan. the look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
5:24 am
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5:26 am
on the money this morning in asia, markets are mixed. >> hong kong rose a fraction. on wall street the dow starts up 51, 18041. right now futures are way down. and ford is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles this morning. >> candice gibson has this morning's business headlines. >> reporter: topping america's money ford is recalling nearly 300,000 vehicles, including the f150 pickup truck. >> the problem is the automatic transmission can suddenly down shift into first gear. >> the recall covers 2011 and 2012s f150. great news for travelers. airfares have taken some what of a nosedive.
5:27 am
average price of a domestic ticket fell to its lowest level in five years. the average of $377 a ticket was down nearly 4% from 2014. and what's not dropping, apparently, is our use of social media. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says people around the world spend more than 50 minutes a day using facebook, instagram and messenger. >> keep in mind that is almost as much time as we spend eat and go drinking. the world's biggest -- eating and drinking. the world's biggest hamburger chain, mcdonalds, getting rid of preservatives in chicken mcnuggets. it admits it has lost customers in recent years so it is working to make its core menu better. coming up in our next half hour, the investigation into mayor de blasio's fundraising strategies.
5:28 am
new video into our newsroom showing the last spot a plan with autism was last seen before he went -- a man with autism was last seen before he went missing. meteorologist bill evans will return with your exclusive accu-weather forecast. confidence comes from redefining the beauty of our skin. it's simply uplifting. discover r\nergie lift multi-action, lanc me's #1 lifting and firming moisturizer. available in 3 exclusive textures. experience lifting, firming, and tightening. see younger looking skin. confidence and energy change everything, and that's what makes a woman feel beautiful. r\nergie lift multi-action. only by lanc me. this week, receive a free r\nergie travel size. only at macy's, your skincare destination. i've got allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me
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live claritin clear. new developments in the widening political corruption investigation at city hall. find out which of mayor de blasio's top aides have been subpoenaed. developing overnight, two dozen people out of their homes after a car slams into a building. history will be made today. meet the army's first female infantry officer. and she has tied to our area. good morning, i'm ken rosato.
5:30 am
thanks for joining us this morning. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: today we start out with a beautiful sunrise, a great day starting out. pretty much the day is going to be dry and our temperature at 5:30 is 4 degrees jag and sweaters, -- jackets and sweaters. montauk 46. 37 toms river. and toward monticello 36. warming up, into the upper 50s today, cooler than our normal high, which is 66 degrees. rain coming in this evening and tonight. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. what do you have going on? >> reporter: a new accident 78 eastbound near exit 18. and then your ride getting into 287 for the a bad aride for you
5:31 am
the verrazano bridge one lane is closed down, lower. buses replacing trains want alon. hudson, light rail is back. we have our street cleaning rules suspended for today but the metered rules remain in effect. lori over to you. two dozen people were forced out of their homes after a driver crashed into a building in plainfield. the driver slammed into the corner of the jackson hewlett the window. residents living in apartments above the store were evacuated. this is a live look right now at the scene, investigators and inspectors are due to arrive this morning to determine if the building is safe. we have new video just in from prospect
5:32 am
missing man with autism. 24-year-old michael yam wandered off while on a field trip. he is nonverbal and was last seen around ocean avenue and eastlake drive. police have been using a search dog to track his scent. top aides in mayor de blasio's administration have been subpoenaed in connection with the investigation into his fundraising practice. dray clark is live at city hall. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. mayor de blasio says he has there is from corruption, there is no scandal. satisfied. they are now going after the subpoenas. eyewitness news has confirmed, emma wolf, one of mayor de blasio's top aides, has been served with a subpoena. and along with wolf, so have his top fundraiser and the the mayor's campaigns. this follows a report by the chief enforcement officer at
5:33 am
the report says the mayor and his advisors included with political contributors to donate as much as 10 times the legal limit to state senate candidates who, if elected, would have supported the mayor's agenda in albany. the u.s. attorney says cooperation is key to this investigation and the parallel probe into the nypd. >> the commissioner and i have spoken. our folks speak with each other and it is a joint investigation to the extent that there is corruption in the department, i know there is nobody more committed to rooting that out than the commissioner, which is why we are working on that joinly along with the fbi. >> reporter: and mayor de blasio was not served with the subpoena, but we understand more subpoenas are on the way as this investigation widens. we are live at city hall this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray thank you. 5:33. new this morning the search is on for the man who robbed a taxi driver in midtown.
5:34 am
overnight showing that man, who they want to find. it happened earlier this month on east 42nd street and fifth avenue. the suspect took off with $300 in cash and an iphone. a brooklyn family is desperately searching for a young mother missing for a week. overnight police told us they do not believe there is any foul play in destiny dawson's disappearance as she was last seen wednesday night when her boyfriend said she left home to get dinner. but a friend told eyewitness news dawson was actually meeting a friend at a nearby train station. >> i don't know nothing about destiny's disappearance. i don't have nothing to do with that. >> she left and left the kids and never returned? i'm confused with that. >> friends and family tell us dawson looks a little different than in these photos. right now her hair is bleach
5:35 am
if you have seen her please call police. 5:35. a local jetblue pilot is out on bail this morning after he was charged with flying drunk. 44-year-old dennis murphy appeared in court yesterday in downtown brooklyn after a flight into kennedy airport last year murphy was selected test. the pilot, from ramsey, new jersey had been flying under the influence of alcohol on two cross country flights filled with passengers. a woman from connecticut is making history today. for the first time ever a woman will become an infantry officer in the u.s. army. captain christine greet graduates from the maneuver course at ft. benning. she was one of the first women to graduate from ranger school last year. more women are expected to follow in her path. the army has approved 22 female cadets to be commissioned as
5:36 am
>> thank you for your service captain, and congratulations. that is awesome. it is 5:36. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> easy. easy does it. >> i'm excited for the good captain. >> absolute limit that is wonderful. because my never -- absolutely. that is wonderful. my nephews went through that and they barely made it. it is grueling. looking at one world trade all the way to staten island. rain will come late today. much of our day is dry, it is cool. grab a jacket or sweater. 57 by 1:00. temperatures are below normal. normal high is 66. so we are going to be below that today and then this rain comes from, this evening. so for school kiddos, a jacket or sweater ought to do it. after school it is cloudy and
5:37 am
i give it a c, heather, for cloudy. >> okay. there you go. how is the traffic? >> i'm going to give it a c, as well. it is bad. it is bumper to bumper, but this is the fdr drive near 79th street. it is going to start easing out. then the bqe, it is blurry, but we have a lot of delays on the bqe. we'll head over to our plans and i'll explain to you. the bqe southwest, a disabled struck. you have two lanes closed down. verrazano bridge lower level into brooklyn a disabled tractor trailer one lane closed down. 78th eastbound near exit 18, that is another accident being cleared away. we have buses replacing the trains long island railroad babylon because of track testing.
5:38 am
metro north running on or close to schedule, no major issues there. hudson river crossings behaving well. minor delays into the tolls. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended but metered rules are in effect. 5:38. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the ramped up crack down on illegal pets in suffolk county. how the county is working to keep animals and people safe. and something you may have feared while on a cruise but probably didn't think would actually happen. parents are left behind by a cruise ship with their children on board the ship, as it is taking off.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
making people safer and working to protect innocent animals. 400 illegal reptiles have been recovered in suffolk county alone. anyone with an illegal reptile can take it to the suffolk county spca without fear of anything happening. >> too many incidents of people being hurt. >> the spca offered an update to a german shepherd found on montauk highway with his mouth taped shut. the dog was not seriously hurt and he has since been adopted. authorities announced a $28,500 reward for information in a puppy's beating death. we are seeing the moment two parents are left standing on the dock as a cruise ship leaves without them, and their children are on board. passengers on board the norwegian break away recorded
5:42 am
bahamas and headed for new york. you can see the woman running to the boat waving her arms. passengers say she was late for a departure. so her husband got off to look for her, leaving their children. the cruise line says the kids were with their uncle on the boat. >> oh my gosh. that is horrible. thank goodness they had the uncle aboard. >> the uncle probably wanted toen joy his time on the boat. he didn't know he was going to be looking after the kids. >> go to the kid did i pool. i'll have another drink. >> they left them with crazy uncle al. kids go play in the pool. a nice start to the day. looking toward good morning america at the crossroads of america here. we look at times square brought to you by jeep.
5:43 am
red sky in the morning doesn't always mean sailor take warning, but there will be showers later today. we are looking right across the flushing bay and laguardia and long island sound. it is such a pretty place on the water here. especially this time of the year. taken by boat all through that area here. absolutely delightful. this morning we have lots of sun. and we have a beautiful sunrise. that is where we are right now. the sun is coming up. humidity is dry at 41%. a northeast wind and a rising barometer. all that you think what would be a great day today, except there is a front coming from the south. we have cooler weather, cooler air. cloudier skies later today and rain coming in tonight, really this evening and to want and rain tomorrow. but saturday looks great, sunday looks cloudy. showers to start next week but all in all it is much needed rain. 41 around morristown.
5:44 am
clouds are with the stationery front. so with this bubble of high here these clouds come in and make it a dirty high pressure system, called that where you have clouds running and undercutting the high. 4:00 showers around trenton and ocean county and then the showers creep in this evening toward sunset. a few showers tonight. cool flow in out of the northeast. tomorrow it is cloudy. 7:00 p.m. friday, we have a few showers around and drizzling, we have to clear out for saturday. saturday is going to be a very nice day. temperatures 51 by 9:00, 47 to the north. 53, 54 down the shore. here come the showers this evening and tomorrow we start off in the upper 40s again and into the upper 50s tomorrow. those temperatures are going to be nearly 10 degrees cooler than normal. after school today kids just cloudy after school. the rain comes in later. so for sports, outside. playground, bus stop, going to be nice. rain comes in late this evening
5:45 am
is kind of a cloudy, cool day. the front is right here. you know if it were like 100 miles further to the south, this would give us really nice weather here. sunshine, cloud increase rain late today. all these numbers are cooler than normal for this time of the year. tomorrow rain and drizzle and a cloudy, cool day and showers into friday night. we clear out friday night and we have great weather for saturday. sunshine on saturday, and then we are looking at cloudy skies, and some rain maybe sunday evening, sunday night, we'll keep an eye on that. we are 5 inches short of normal rainfall. >> hopefully that will fill it up. >> the reservoirs are fine. we need to water the lawn the garden and the grass and all that kind of thing. >> looks like i could feed every horse in the tristate area with my hay that i have. >> you have hay? >> it was green at one point. now it is brown.
5:46 am
have very bad flashbacks of that. >> don't come by my house. you'll need therapy. right behind me this is the bqe. you can see lights here. this shot was very blurry before. you can see this police activity. where is this? let's head over to our maps. the bqe going southwest into the bridge, two lanes are closed down because of that. verrazano bridge relief lower level into brooklyn the disabled tractor trailer has been cleared away. this problem on 78 eastbound at exit 18 an accident. long island railroad running on or close to schedule, you have buses replacing trains babylon. street cleaning rules suspended. metered rules in effect. cause for celebration in
5:47 am
get a street renamed in their honor. part of maple street will soon be known as cool and the gang way. ladies night. let's sing it. the grammy-winning group formed there where brothers robert and ronald bell first moved with their family in 1960. the city will celebrate the name change. is there a wedding that doesn't play at least 10 of their songs. >> i love them. >> still ahead. >> i feel like carley fiorina. the mumps outbreak at an ivy league university that could prevent several students from graduating. i got a little bit closer and said what in the devil is that? got a little bit closer, big alligator.
5:48 am
5:49 am
if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
5:50 am
some harvard university students may have to miss graduation due to a mumps outbreak. 41 cases are confirmed at the school. spreading among people who were vaccinated. efforts to isolate six students and investigate the cause has failed to stop its spread. a university has moved to end a controversy. the school's board of trustees agreed to remove a painting of
5:51 am
want wilson's name removed from the campus all together. a group of black students said the one time princeton president left a racist legacy of segregationism. 5:51. usually house guests wait until your new home is finished, to drop by. but a man in louisiana had one guest who couldn't wait to see the place. look at this alligator. not a calm one either. he was found in a home under construction near the arkansas border. the homeowner called in the pros to help get him out of the house. >> i have never seen one that big. as a matter of fact, in a house at all. >> just kind of freaked me out. man how did this thing get in here? and what is he doing? >> what is he doing. the gator wrangler, he was able to get the gate or out of the house. why am i talking with a twang? my florida is coming out in me.
5:52 am
reason why he wandered so far from where he should be see. it is mating season. he is looking for love. he didn't find her. still looking for a girl. a little league player in california is swinging for the fences in spite of a paralyzed right arm. 9-year-old will baker dominates the game in his san diego league. even though he is one of the smallest kids in the league he makes up for it with speed and he is able to do with one hand what his teammates do with two. >> you know, i'm just used to using one arm. but i can't imagine learning how to do >> he excels at every position. he just does not let any position take him down. he just does it all. >> well a year and a half ago will contracted a rare virus that attacked his nervous system. surgeons helped will regain the
5:53 am
gives him stability. >> that is awesome. this kid is amazing. >> go will. >> go will is right. still ahead, frightening homes for several families in new jersey when a car slams into their building. diana rocco sent out this
5:54 am
5:55 am
t you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. good morning everyone. thank you very much for joining us. we are looking at a beautiful sunrise here across the park a beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine. rain coming up from the south today. as the rain comes up rain getting here late in the day today. next 7 hours temperatures climb into the mid-50s but we are cooler than normal this time of the year. 54 at noon, close to 60 later on today.
5:56 am
this evening and later on tonight and tomorrow. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: the bqe is slow because of the disabled reduction. we have two lanes closed down. but you can see that delay. see the red line there, everybody stacking up. even the l.i.e. you are seeing that delay as well. 78 eastbound near exit 18 we have that accident being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today but the metered rules are in effect. new this morning a times square mini mouse. around 5:00 yesterday afternoon she posed for a photo with a tourist and her two children. she got a tip. wasn't enough. she wanted 20 bucks. the mother quickly found a police officer. perez now charged with harassment. closing in on 6:00. just ahead on eyewitness news this morning, friends are
5:57 am
a new picture of a missing man with autism who vanished near prospect park. new details on the driver who triggered a crash for the metro north train. the charges she is now facing. a black bear gets a little too close for comfort for one family in new jersey. find out what he wanted to get his paws on. and meteorologist bill
5:58 am
5:59 am
new overnight, a car slams
6:00 am
forcing dozens of people to evacuate apartments above. parents and students on the lookout for this vehicle and the driver who tried to lure a teenager. and a probe zeroing in on the de blasio administration, now targeting one of his most trusted aides. good morning i'm lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: check out this beautiful sunrise. i was just punching up our camera here. look at it across the park. look how gorgeous it is going to be today. beautiful sunrise, temperature 48 degrees cooler, cloudier weather today. a great looking saturday. cloudy with rain sunday and showers next week to talk about. 43 around morristown. 47 around newark. cool numbers, grab a jacket, you are going to need that. cloudy this afternoon and by 6:00 some rain. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.


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