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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forcing dozens of people to evacuate apartments above. parents and students on the lookout for this vehicle and the driver who tried to lure a teenager. and a probe zeroing in on the de blasio administration, now targeting one of his most trusted aides. good morning i'm lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: check out this beautiful sunrise. i was just punching up our camera here. look at it across the park. look how gorgeous it is going to be today. beautiful sunrise, temperature 48 degrees cooler, cloudier weather today. a great looking saturday. cloudy with rain sunday and showers next week to talk about. 43 around morristown. 47 around newark. cool numbers, grab a jacket, you are going to need that. cloudy this afternoon and by 6:00 some rain. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.
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>> reporter: good morning bill evans. >> reporter: routes 1 and 9 north, we have this problem and news copter 7 up above. john del giorno here to show us a picture. good morning. >> reporter: heather, good news, the accident is pulling away. this was a bad accident northbound on route 1 and 9 right at avenue c, in front of the wal-mart south of the airport. you can see the two vehicles involved in the accident, left lane was blocked. but just as we came to air you can see it all lanes reopened. still a little bit of a left over delay on 1 and 9. >> reporter: thank you john. we are also going to talk about 78 eastbound near exit 18. an accident has been cleared away. and we are looking at the bqe southwest into the bridge, disabled truck, two lanes closed down as a result. buses replacing trains long
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new jersey transit, metro north doing okay. street cleaning rules suspended meter rules are in effect. ken over to you. developing this morning in new jersey, dozens of people forced out of their apartments after a car slammed into a forefront below. -- a storefront below. diana? >> reporter: ken good morning. the car struck the building with such force the entire building shook, forcing 24 people out of their homes overnight. you can see there is quite a mess here that needs to be cleaned up. we are waiting for the building inspector and clean up crews this morning. this building has been deemed structurally unsound after police say a driver lost control and went through the storefront window. this is what it looked like just after it happened last night. police say the driver was not paying attention, and went right through the front of this tax service. police were able to remove the car, but there are at least four apartments upstairs and the families living here had to
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building is no longer safe. they gathered their children and packed as much as they could until the red cross could find a place for them. there is no word this morning what caused that driver to lose control, but there is quite a mess that has been left behind. building inspectors need to get out here and deem whether or not this building is safe and whether these residents will be able to return. diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. stranger danger in new jersey. and police are searching for a man who tried to lure a 16-year- old boy into his car. take a look at the surveillance photo of the vehicle, a gold chevy the driver stopped the teenager while he was walking tuesday morning. he made sexually explicit remarks, and then invited him into the car. the boy, smartly, walked the opposite direction and got away unharmed. other news at 6:03. new details on the metro north crash that brought hours of
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the woman whose car was hit has now received a summons for leaving her car on the tracks. at 3:30 yesterday a train struck the car at the green lane crossing in bedford hills. the crash caused grueling delays but no bloodshed. two women in the car got out just in time to watch the crash happen. >> upset. >> yeah but no one is hurt. >> no we are not hurt. >> we got there, the car was sideways, about a foot away from the train. apparently it was stuck under the gate. they must have tried to go through the gate and the train hit it and spun the car sideways. >> the women were not hurt. passengers had to walk a plank to cross into a replacement train for the rest of their ride home. 6:04. new this morning a day of searching at prospect park for a missing man with autism.
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track the scent of 24-year-old michael yam. yam is missing last seen around ocean avenue and eastlake drive. the 22-year mystery of baby hope is nearing an end. her accused killer faced a pretrial hearing yesterday. eduardo juarez listened as his confession was played. he was heard saying he suffocated the girl, covering her mouth with a pillow while trying to have sex with the girl at his sister's apartment. de blasio aides are being subpoenaed. eyewitness news has confirmed that emma wolf, one of mayor de blasio's top aides, has been served a subpoena. so has his top fundraiser and a consulting firm that works on the mayor's campaigns. this follows a report by the
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the mayor and his advisors included with political contributors to donate as much as 10 time the legal limit to state senate candidates. city hall confirms it has been subpoenaed by the new york county district attorney's office and the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district. and we are fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not been personally served. we will have a live report from city hall coming up at 6:30. breaking news out of syria. an air strike hit a field hospital killing at least 27 people. the dead include children and half a dozen staff members, including one of the last few pediatricians in the war-torn area. the group doctors without borders says the hospital was hit by a missile fired from a jet. there is no word on which nation controls that jet. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.
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weather all around the tristate area. looking at temperatures today weather all around the tristate area. looking at temperatures today starting at 48 degrees. about 49 through the morning commute, upper 50s later on. but rain too is off to our south and west. sunshine through noon time. the afternoon gets cloudy. we are rain-free much of the day until this evening and tonight. school, kids, all that great stuff, after school it is dry, but cloudy and cool, upper 50s. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. what is going on out there with you heather? >> reporter: we still have this bqe problem southbound. a lot of volume there. we are going to get to that in one second. heading over to our maps and talking to you about what is going on here. this is a new accident southbound right near tuck road. routes 1 and 9 north near avenue c, that earlier accident cleared in linden. 78 east at exit 18 that earlier accident has been cleared away. so the bqe southwest right on the bridge, that was that camera i was showing you. we have this disabled truck. two lanes are closed down causing a heavy delay as you come onto the southbound westbound side of the bqe, really stacking up here before the l.i.e. we have buses replacing trains long island railroad babylon because of track testing. hudson light rail is back, new jersey transit north running close to schedule. ken and lori, over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, credible video of a pilot's near tragic crash landing. >> a small plane bursting into flames seconds after take off. the good samaritans who helped save his life. also a mother of two from brooklyn missing for over a week. new information from police as
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i know two girls that i just adore. >> and the new song of ted cruz's it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep.
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alabama where a pilot escapes a fiery plane crash. the cessna apparently clipped some trees before falling from the sky and bursting into flames. several workers at a nearby business braved the flames, trying to free the pilot. he suffered only minor cuts to his hands. a delta flight aborted take off from atlanta's airport when another plane crossed its runways. the pilot slammed on the brakes just in time. the mix up is being blamed on an administrative mistake by air traffic control. the plane returned safely to the gate. now the faais investigating. -- the faa is investigating. it is time. we must take our country back. >> ted cruz is still lagging
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but that isn't stopping him from picking his running mate. the announcement was made in indiana, which is a must win. there was one other moment you probably heard. but if you haven't, stop and listen. it certainly is making headlines today i snow two girls that i just adore i'm so happy i can see them more >> that was carley fiorina breaking into song while talking about her close relationship with cruz's two dayers. donald trump blasted the decision. -- two daughters. >> donald trump blasted the decision. as for the democrats, senator bernie sanders's campaign is tightening its belt as the primary season winds down. 600 sanders staffers got laid off last night. new staff is expected to be
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with the largest number of dell gattis. 6:13 and the islanders are starting the second round of stanley cup playoffs on the right foot. they beat the lightning 5-1 last night in tampa. it is the first time the islanders have made it past the first round of the playoffs in more than two decades. play game 2 is on saturday. and one new jersey family got an up close and personal look from the great outdoors. a large black bear showed up on their back deck yesterday. the family heard some noise and his they woke up to find the bear standing at the back door. turns out it was only interested, though. in the bird feeder on the porch. the bear walked away with it before then sitting down on the driveway to eat the sunflower seeds that were inside. >> just what happened a snack. >> -- just wanted a snack. time to check the accu-
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little bears. >> that song is stuck in my head. a look outside at a beautiful morning. that is why we are singing oh what a beautiful morning. high, thin clouds made for a gorgeous sunrise and 48 degrees. the humidity is dry. normal high is 66. yesterday 612. we are cooler than normal as we go into the next three days. and we'll get close to normal by saturday. temperatures this morning are in the upper 40s. we are looking at 37 toward toms river. winds 13 miles per hour. 7 across long island. we are looking at plenty of sunshine to start your day. off to our south and west there is rain with a stationery front. that will creep into the area today. after school, kids, i think you are dry. 59 as the high, the rain starts around 5:00 or 6:00 mostly like
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through the day on friday. you see this front off to our west, that is going to kind of keep riding to our south and waves of low pressure run along that. another shot tomorrow morning, another shot in the afternoon and then we'll clear out friday afternoon into friday night. at and cloudy skies comes in late. showers tonight, it is cloudy and cool. you need a windbreaker, rain jacket, something like that. 56 degrees tomorrow with clouds and sun at times maybe, breaks of sun give way to showers. a drizzle friday as another wave of low pressure goes by late in the day friday into friday night. then saturday a lot of sunshine on saturday, the high is going to be right around 65 degrees. and then sunday we have rain late in the day as much needed rain monday and tuesday. we are 5 inches short of rainfall in central park. so we are looking at what will
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the area, particularly sunday into monday and tuesday. okay. thank you bill. i know a lady who does traffic in the morning. let's talk about mass transit. >> reporter: long island railroad. we have buses replacing the trains babylon because of track testing. new jersey transit metro north doing fine. and hudson bergen light rail is back. everything running normally. subway service is running on or close to schedule and we have this problem on the spring brooke parkway south, an accident being cleared away. 78 east exit 18, that is cleared away. and routes 1 and 9 north that accident cleared away. lincoln and holland 10 minutes, and we have an ongoing problem on the bq egoing southbound. we are going to check in with john del giorno. john? >> reporter: good morning heather. looks like we have been a
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morning. we have been over two problems and as we pulled up both have cleared away. this is the second one on the brooklyn queens expressway. a truck stalled southbound. just as we pulled up the tow trucks hooked up and dragged that off the road. this was out here for quite awhile, you can see on the bqe the damage is done. away from laguardia airport headed toward brooklyn, you can see the bumper to bumper stand still delays still on the brooklyn queens expressway. we are live over the bqe, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. it is 6:18. and concerns over the zika virus at the upcoming olympic games have led one country to get creative with uniforms. south korea's olympic committee unveiled the zika-proof outfits.
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sleeved jackets and are infused with mosquito repellant. 6:19. a second round of wild storms has whipped across the midwest. they were packed with hail and added to the at least 15 tornadoes confirmed since tuesday. most were short lived, including one that touched down multiple times in omaha, nebraska. you weren't waking up with a few hundred extra million dollars in your bank account but you could after saturday's powerball drawing. no one matched the winning powerball numbers in last night's drawing. saturday's drawing jumped to $314 million if you take the cash option it is more than $200 million.
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on wall street the dow starts at 18041. nasdaq begins slightly lower. japan's average tanked overnight dropping 3.5%. it did you want come with same day delivery. we'll have to wait for the construction plows but amazon is promising to build two new facilities in new jersey. that will mean up to 2,000 full- time jobs. amazon needs the new fulfillment centers close to customers to provide the possible delivery times but that also means now you get charged tax. mcdonalds is changing up its famed mcnuggets recipe. it is ditching the artificial preservatives. it has already started testing the new recipe at stores in oregon and washington. mcdonalds admits it has lost
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is working to improve its core menu. a brawl outside of starbucks. >> it started inside the store in philadelphia and then outside one woman threw her coffee cup into another woman's face. she then punched and kicked the victim and pulled her hair until a passerby broke up the fight. police are still searching for the suspect. closing in on 6:30, still ahead on eyewitness news, a car slams into a business overnight in new jersey. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco just tweeted this photo, there are worries the building may be unstable. >> speeding up your uber ride may end up costing you a few bucks. a cruise ship leaves port, their children were on board but they weren't. rain in your future coming
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we are looking at sunshine to start your day, a beautiful sun by noon. heather the jersey turnpike? >> reporter: behind me. it is bumper to bumper. we'll tell you where it is northbound on the new jersey
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a growing scandal at new york city hall. investigators zeroing in on a top aide to mayor de blasio. also a mother from brooklyn missing now for over a week. what has her family worried. and new this morning, busted. why one times square character is under arrest. >> what? rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. a developing story in new jersey where a driver caused into a building.
6:30 am
out of their homes because the building was deemed unsafe. this is a live look at the scene where clean up is expected to begin as soon as inspectors arrive. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with meteorologist bill evans in the act cue weather forecast. >> reporter: look at this gorgeous sunrise. -- the accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: look at this gorgeous sunrise across to flushing bay. the cirrus clouds that give the nice haze around the sun. frog's neck bridge, the write stone bridge, a gorgeous -- the white stone bridge, 42 andover, cool and chrisal. 45 around coastal connecticut and long island. cloudy this afternoon, rain zooms in by 6:00. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. heather what do you have going on? >> reporter: we have this accident on the new jersey turnpike.
6:31 am
you see this here -- you see this here? that is newark airport. the delays remain for sure. if you are going to newark, might be a good idea to hop on the truck lanes to avoid the delays from the car lanes. subway service is running on or close to schedule. no major issues there. the crossbronx east near the sheridan expressway we have this disabled truck. and in fact we have news copter 7 up above the crossbronx expressway. john del giorno, you are certainly seeing delays? good morning once again john. >> reporter: that's right. good morning heather. the disabled vehicle on the crossbronx expressway is underneath that overpass just before the sheridan expressway, down in the right lane. as a result we have big delays on the crossbronx. bumper to bumper volume actually leads back to the george washington bridge.
6:32 am
side from the toll plaza out way to the crossbronx, the stalled vehicle in the process of being cleared out. we are live john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. new video this morning of the man who police say robbed a taxi driver in midtown. he threatened the cabbie with a knife and robbed him. the suspect took off with $300 cash and an iphone. a brooklyn family is desperately searching for a young mother, missing now for more than a week of the overnight police told us they -- a week. overnight police told us they do not believe any foul play is involved. she left home to get dinner. but a friend of the couple told eyewitness news dawson was meeting a friend at a nearby train station. the 21-year-old has two daughters that are 2 and 3. >> i don't know nothing about destiny and her disappearance. i don't have nothing to do with that.
6:33 am
and left the kids and never returned? i'm confused with that. >> friends and family tell us dawson looks different than in these photos. right now she is wearing her hair bleach blonde and in braids. if you have seen her, please call police. the ebola into allegations of inappropriate fundraising by the de blasio administration has led to several subpoenas at city hall. among those being served, key members of the mayor's staff. dray clark has the response from city hall. good morning. >> reporter: good morning ken. in recent weeks we have heard the words collusion, corruption and scandal associated with mayor bill de blasio. but the mayor says he has done nothing wrong. still investigators are now going after some of his top aides and advise sores with subpoenas. >> reporter: eyewitness news has confirmed emma wolf, one of mayor de blasio's top aides, has been served with a subpoena. and along with wolf, so have his top fundraiser and the consulting firm that works on
6:34 am
this follows a report by the chief enforcement officer at the state board of elections. the report says the mayor and his advisors included with political contributors to donate as much as 10 times the legal limit to state senate candidates, who, if elected, would have supported the mayor's agenda from albany. the u.s. attorney says cooperation is key to this investigation, and the parallel probe into the nypd. >> the commissioner and i have spoken. our folks speak with each other and it is a joint investigation to the extent there is corruption in the department, i know there is nobody more committed to root that go out than the commissioner, -- to rooting that out than the commissioner, which is why wore working on that joinly, along with the fbi. >> reporter: so far mayor de blasio has not been served with a subpoena, but we understand more subpoenas are on the way. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. and we have some new video
6:35 am
27 people have been killed in an air strike at a hospital. the dead include children and half a dozen staff members, including one of the last few pediatricians left. un officials have issued an appeal for the u.s. and russia to help revive the peace talks and a ceasefire, which they say literally hangs by a thread. a times square cartoon character ends up in police custody. a new jersey woman, reyna perez, was dressed as the character. about 5:00 p.m. yesterday she posed for a photo with a tourist and her two children. she got a tip but she demanded $20. she was arrested for harassment. a local jetblue pilot, 44- year-old dennis murphy, flew into kennedy airport last year and was selected for a random
6:36 am
the pilot had been flying under the influence of alcohol on two cross country flights filled with passengers. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. this is our camera looking south. from astoria, queens. to the right manhattan on the upper east side. high thin clouds, beautiful weather today. more clouds coming your way, but rain off to our south and west that comes in tonight and tomorrow. so enjoy a beautiful commute. temperatures in the low 50s 11:00. mid-50s at noon. upper 50s later on. cooler tan normal, normal high is -- than normal, normal high is 66. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. heather a minor mess on your hands there? >> reporter: a little bit. we have this delay on the new jersey turnpike. we were talking about this, you can see how much it changed. traffic is moving much better
6:37 am
because of afternoon earlier accident. we'll show you right over here where it was. new jersey car lanes north near exit 14, right in front of newark airport. subway service running on or close to schedule and we have this problem in suffolk county. sunrise highway eastbound near north road, this is an overturned vehicle. we are going to look at the cross bronx expressway. news copter 7 was above this. eastbound side near the sheridan expressway we have a disabled truck. john del giorno was showing us the delays go back to the george washington bridge so very heavy delays off the george into the sheridan expressway. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today but the metered rules are in effect. 6:37. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a flight forced to make an emergency landing when it is struck by birds. new details on the investigation into prince's sudden death.
6:38 am
and history in the making for a soldier from the tristate area. also news copter 7 is heading to those delays on the turnpike from an earlier accident. we'll have an update for you, coming up. (vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on
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a bird strike forced a flight to dallas to make an emergency land flying seattle. the nose of the american airlines plane was badly tend. check it out there. this happened during take off, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around. everyone on board is okay. we are working to learn the identity of the man struck and killed by a pickup truck, getting into his car in front of an elementary school in bayonne. the truck was owned by a local plumbing and heating company. so far the driver has not been charged. a trust company has temporarily taken control of prince's massive estate while lawyers work out who will inherit his fortune.
6:42 am
the dea has been notified and may get involved after toxicology reports are completed. some harvard university students may have to miss grad situation due to a pumps outbreak. there are 41 confirmed cases at the school. the first was reported nearly two months ago with the infection spread ago mong people who were vaccinated. the university says efforts to isolate six students and investigate the infections may cause the students to miss next month's graduation ceremony. uber drivers in new york are asked to take selfies. before a car will hit the road the app will ask a driver to snap a clear, well-lit selfie to be matched with their profile picture. if the first selfie does not match the driver gets two more tries before being temporarily deactivated. uber wants to keep your
6:43 am
it is testing a new policy in cities, including new york, where customers are charged a fee if a driver has to wait more than 2 minutes after arriving to a pickup location. right now passengers get minute window. fees range from $5 to $10. happening today an historic moment for the u.s. army. for the first time ever a woman will become an infantry officer. captain kristen grift will enter the army branches. george stephanopolous? >> a lot coming up this morning, including a surprise move from ted cruz naming carley fiorina as his running mate, even though he is so far behind.
6:44 am
them in the all important state of indiana. also an abc news exclusive. the father of the head of the church scientology coming out with some tough questions about his son. we are going to get into that this morning, he has a new book out, and we are going to have what he has to say about the church and his son and new clues from the story last july, the teens disappeared off the coast of florida. first it seemed like a tragic accident. now it appears there may have been some foul play. we'll get into that this morning. robin is at the vatican if a special conference. and a huge wedding event kicking off -- for a special conference. and a huge wedding event kicking off in times square. bill? >> reporter: good morning everybody. a great morning, going to have clouds, cooler. grab a jacket and sweater. you'll need that today. temperatures will be cooler than normal and rain is coming
6:45 am
here's our live shot from the roof across flushing bay toward long island. hazy sunshine with high, thin cirrus clouds coming up from the south. pressurizing, pointing to a fair weather day, except for the fact these clouds are undercutting us a bit. yesterday 62, normal is 66. normal overnight low is 49. the sun will set at 7:50, probably will have showers by that time across long island, 45 degrees, and over toward coastal connecticut. toms river chilly this morning and a northeast wind coming in too. kind of need that jacket and coat. later today you are going to need the umbrella. take it with you, hang on to it. the showers move to our south and west around virginia, dc and toward chicago and the great lakes.
6:46 am
bit, kind of be on the fine line. as we get to 5:00, the showers are off to our westment a few showers this evening. above -- off to our west. a few showers this evening. above normal, showers in tomorrow night, looking at saturday, we start to clear out. saturday is going to be a gorgeous day. kids for school today, you need the jacket and coat. chilly this morning. after school it is fine for sports, i think the rain will hold off and you'll get all that activity after school in. i give it a c, for cloudy and upper 50s. showers this evening and tonight. another wave of low pressure going by on the front for tomorrow. we could have a scattered shower. 59, cloudy, showers coming this evening. tonight showers around, it is cool and damp, 56 degrees tomorrow looking at a cloudy day, it is cooler than normal temperatures. we could have a shower off and on at some point.
6:47 am
on saturday. sunshine and this will be absolutely gorgeous on saturday when we are going to be looking at temperatures that will pop up and be around the mid-60s on saturday. going to be absolutely gorgeous and looking at the sunshine turning as we go maybe next week a few showers. i love the sunrise. this morning a good look at that. hope you have a great day. >> thanks bill. over to heather with another check on the commute. not so great on the crossbronx expressway eastbound near the sheridan expressway, we have a disabled truck. as a result you can see the long line of traffic back to the george washington bridge. the bridge inbound, you can see the upper level is much slower than the lower level. so it is about 20 minutes to the upper level of the george washington bridge, 5 minutes to the lower level. the lincoln tunnel a half hour, the holland tunnel is a 20-
6:48 am
buses replacing trains long island railroad babylon, until about 9:15 this morning they are doing track testing. new jersey transit running on or close to schedule and that includes hudson bergen light rail. metro north running on or close. subway services on or close to schedule. suffolk county sunrise highway east near north road we have this overturned vehicle. that is being cleared away as you go out to the east end. new jersey turnpike car lanes north near exit 14 that accident is cleared away. delays are easing as you get through that spot. bqe southwest, disabled truck cleared but you have a pretty heavy delay southbound into that spot. and then we are looking at route 208 south as you go into grand view avenue. there is a disabled truck and it is off on the shoulder. so it is not causing a major problem but route 208 really only has two lanes in both directions so this is causing problems there for those
6:49 am
street cleaning rules suspended today metered rules in effect. heather thank you. 6:49ment we >> passengers recorded this video as the boat left from the bahamas. you can see the woman run to the boat waving her arms before she starts to cry. passengers say she was late for departure so her husband got off to look for her, leaving their children. the cruise line says the children, fortunately, were at least with their uncle aboard the ship. president obama is getting ready for a trip to flynn, michigan and -- to flint, michigan. 8-year-old marley is known as little miss flint. she is an activist who has been protesting the water crisis. she wrote a letter to the president explaining the work she has done.
6:50 am
until the white house told her the president wants to come see her and she knows exactly what she will say. >> it smells like bleach and old fish. >> i hope with him coming here, it will open his eyes to how bad it is and it is not people blowing it out of proportion. >> the president told marley he is proud of her for speaking out on behalf of the children of flint. he is set to visit the city next week. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, breaking news in the bronx.
6:51 am
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breaking news in the bronx. a house fire in west chester square. john? >> reporter: a group of attached town houses here off tremont avenue. you can see the firefighters down on the ground floor, we see them operating upward. the sliding glass door a lot of smoke coming out of the window. the fire began about a half hour ago. the fire department quickly got it knocked down but a smoky fire, a lot of residents in this small complex here have been evacuated out of their
6:54 am
looks like a woman and two small children. you can see them with the blanket outside. there are no injuries reported but residents have not been allowed inside. the fire knocked down, but still waiting for the official word that it is under control. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. 6:54. it is a nice and cool spring morning but changes are on the way. a final check on the forecast, next. plus live pictures of the damage left behind when a car slammed into a come seek the royal caribbean.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
a car slammed into a building in new jersey. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live. diana? >> reporter: lori and ken, good morning. we are awaiting the building inspector to determine whether or not this building is structurally sound. the car hitting the building forced 24 people out on the street last night. a car lost control and went right into this tax service. police were able to remove the car, but there are at least four apartments upstairs and the families living here had to be evacuated for fear the building is no longer safe. they bath third their children
6:58 am
were waiting on the street for the red cross. i'm diana rocco. new jersey police searching for a man who tried to lure a 16-year-old boy into his car. look at this vehicle. it is a gold-colored chevy impala. the driver stopped the teen, made sexually explicit remarks, invited the the boy walked away unharmed. the de blasio fundraising scandal hitting home now. emma wolf, a top aide, has been hit with a subpoena. so have his top fundraiser and the consulting firm that works on the mayor's campaigns following allegations the mayor and his advisors included with political contributors to donate as much as 10 times the legal limit to senate campaigns. heather? >> reporter: so you know when something happens on the crossbronx expressway, it
6:59 am
all the way back to the george washington bridge. we have news copter 7 above the bridge, which is bumper to bumper, all because of an earlier accident. it was a disabled truck near the sheridan. the left lane was blocked and it is 30 at the lincoln, 20 at the holland. >> i hate it when he does that. temperature at 7:00 is going to be 48 degrees, to stat your day. a -- to start your a little chilly this morning. this evening around 5:00 or 6:00, you'll need your umbrella. so a cloudy, cool day. around 58 degrees today. normal high 66. tomorrow drizzle and rain on and off during the day. saturday is gorgeous with a high of 65.
7:00 am
in the meantime have a good morning, america. tornado outbreak. dangerous weather overnight. >> ah, get us out of here. >> twisters appearing two at a time blowing out windows, damaging home, shredding trees and now more storms heading south. ted cruz in an attempt to save his campaign drafting carly fiorina as his running mate. donald trump mocking the move. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking a vice president? >> as bernie sanders lays off hundreds of his staff. is the trump/clinton matchup set. overnight birding barreling into the nose of a plane forcing it to turn around. plus, an amazing escape. this pilot's plane going up in flames. how he managed to get out alive. an abc news exclusive. the leader of the church of scientology under attack from his own father saying power has


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