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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  July 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with a fractured skull and bleeding brain. >> he's going to be in a vegetable state where he's not going to be able to speak or talk or make sense of the world. >> reporter: his son wants to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation. prosecutors say the man who put his father in the hospital, 44- year-old clayman anderson. this is dash cam video. it didn't capture the assault. it captured the moment of the argument. it happened around noon last friday on calledden street in plusing. he was on the ground bleeding and unconscious when cops arrived. anderson has previous arrests for drugs, grand larceny and robbery. his sister, robin anderson scott, an nypd safety officer who was in the car when the incident occurred has been suspended by the nypd for trying to cover up the she and her brother told cops he accidentally fell and hit his head on the ground.
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ago vicious blow to say's head that put the 68-year-old grandfather in critical condition. >> every day he drives to the senior center to cook and volunteer for hundreds of seniors at the local senior center. he was doing his regular thing, the middle of the afternoon and he was struck down by this attacker. >> the man has to be 2 1/2 times his size. >> reporter: to lung blind side him, hit him so hard, it's an act >> reporter: now anderson was charged with felony assault. he's due back in court on thursday. his sister could be facing departmental charges. meanwhile, the family is deciding whether to pull the plug on their father. reporting on the upper east side, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news. >> such a tragedy. a former marine sentenced to life in prison without
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21-year-old sarah goode. she had been stabbed 40 times. eyewitness news reporter, n.j. burkett is at the courthouse with much more. n. j. >> reporter: liz, this crime was so brutal, the knife, the murder weapon was actually found in pieces. even veteran suffolk county prosecutors here have struggled to comprehend it. yes, the killer today got a life sentence, but this is a life sentence for the victim's family, too. >> she was just a beautiful girl. her life was so short now. two years later, elizabeth goode is devastated. two years after she buried her daughter sarah in the burial plot intended for her. her only solace is seeing sarah's killer, dante taylor get the maximum sentence. >> there is no doubt that you are sarah's murderer. i can fathom the demons inside you that caused you to do this
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a medical technician, the single mother of a 4-year-old child. investigators say she met taylor at a party, and killed sarah in a fit of rage when she rejected his sexual advances. raped and stabbed more than 40 times. the defense insisted that taylor is innocent and has hinted at an appeal, but given the chance to speak, taylor said nothing. and the judge today was firm. >> you may make chalk marks on the cell block and your walls in the cage in live, and they will have no significance. >> reporter: elizabeth goode is now raising sarah's daughter. >> and i just don't know what i'm going to tell her daughter when she gets a little older. >> i hope sarah's face haunts him for the rest of her life. as a sociopath you don't think you did anything wrong. what would he say. east not going to say i'm sorry when he knows he did it. >> reporter: the family is counting the days. 783 days to be precise since
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one of sarah's sisters compared to the lifetime of grief that lies ahead. in river head long island, n.j. burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. it is something new as health officials have dreaded, the zika virus is now apparently being transmitted by infected mosquitoes within the continental u.s. a troubling development announced today by florida governor rick scott. four cases of zika have been diagnosed in the miami area. it is believed they were infected by local mosquitoes. have tested positive for the virus, but health officials say it is just a matter of time. governor scott is urging the federal government to help. >> the federal government needs to do their part. it is not a florida issue. it's a u.s. issue, national issue. we're just at the front of it. >> however, as the zika virus spreads, members of congress are now on a 7-week vacation. lawmakers left washington recently without passing any zika funding measures that president obama requested
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presidential politics and both major party candidates hit the road a day after the democratic convention. hillary clinton campaigned in philadelphia where she accepted her party's presidential nomination last night. meanwhile, just a few minutes ago, we learned the fbi is looking into the possible hacking of some of her campaign computer systems. as for donald trump, he campaigned in colorado today. firing back after week long attacks from the democrats. eyewitness news reporter, jim dolan is in the newsroom with mu developments. >> and so it begins, the conventions are over and what promises to be a combative slugfests underway. secretary clinton began a bus tour in ohio, and donald trump is in colorado, two highly contested swing states that will play a role in what happens 101 days from today. settle in. bound to be plenty of this. >> how do you lie to the fbi and now you're running for president seriously. >> donald trump was on the
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holding back. refuting questions about his sometimes combative temperament. >> i think i have the best temperament, certainly one of the best temperaments of anybody that's ever run for the office of president ever. because i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. >> reporter: and reaffirming the tone that has served him well in the primaries, the tone that he is clearly not abandoning. so much to straighten out in this country. this is the kind of thing we have in federal government also by the way, folks. why we're going to hell. >> i stayed up really late last night. it was just hard to go to sleep. >> reporter: secretary clinton spent a little time this afternoon basking in her national convention, and stressing the need for party unity. >> at the end of the debate, we have to come together and get things done, don't we. >> reporter: and she spoke today about her opponents call for more businesses to make
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highly amusing that donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> going to be a fair amount of that. mr. trump said a few moments ago that he would spend a lot of time in colorado. secretary clinton will likely do the same. that is how the campaign is likely to go. a handful of hotly contested states will decide this election. florida will surely be more tired of politics and politicians than the people of any other state. the election, liz. and they should be fascinating ones. jim, thank you so much. one more note, george stephanopoulos will have an exclusive interview with donald trump, right here on channel 7. an appeal to toss out the corruption case against new jersey senator bob menendez was rejected today. his team argued the case should be thrown out because of a constitutional clause
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with other legislatures were about policy and were not to benefit one of menendez's wealthy friend. well, now, men menendez's attorneys say they will take the appeal to the supreme court if necessary. well, a significant and important step forward tonight for the community in newtown, connecticut. today we got our first look at the new school being built to replace sandy hook elementary school. the old building was torn down shooting rampage in 2012. 20 children and 6 adults were killed at the school. the new $50 million facility was designed to keep students safe. it was also constructed to help children along with the community feel at home. >> despite its birth from a horrible tragedy that sandy hook school will be a place of laughter, of love, and learning. >> the facility has impact resistant windows and state of
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harder to break into. >> turning to weather now, and it was a wet start, a soaking start to the day across the tremendous state area. we got a -- tristate area. we got a good dose of rain. some streets dealt with heavy flooding as cars, and trucks and bicyclists had to wade through the high water. in jersey city, road crews were pumping away all the excess water from the stets. all that storm water run has led to a health advisory beaches, these are the areas known to have elevated bacteria levels after heavy rains. so lee, will it be a beach weekend this weekend. >> you'll have to pick your spots. saturday is probably the better day in terms of there being more sunshine. good boating day. you have to watch out for storms later in the day. water temperatures are heating up. you talked about nasa county, over 1 1/2 inches in spots. that was problematic, an inch
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of monmouth county. 83 degrees, some scattered clouds out there. right now we are tracking a few showers through passaic and sussex county. 78 degrees if you're headed out tonight. just an early shower threat, especially west, warm and humid, partly cloudy, your 7- day forecast accuweather forecast is coming up. we'll see you in a few minutes. coming up, a dramatic aerial rescue, as we continue with eyewitness news at six on this friday night. nypd helicopters rescue a man after he fell off his jet ski and was left in the middle of alone. we have the exclusive 911 call the manmade while he was bobbing up and down in that water. and the giants start their
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we have 911 call made by a jet skier who fell into the rariton bay. he was wearing his life vest but was in the middle of the baby himself. until nypd helicopters were able to find him and pull him to safety. here's josh einiger. >> this nypd video shows divers plucking a 21-year-old man out of the rariton bay after the capsized jet skier managed to make a desperate call for help. >> 911 where is your emergency. >> hello, 911. >> i just lost my jet ski, i'm in the middle of the water, i'm
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by eyewitness news, you can hear 21-year-old dennis perrera pleading for help. >> i see it going toward staten island now. being taken away from the current. >> reporter: fortunately he was wearing a life vest but the waves were getting rough and as he bobbed in the water, his phone, which was not in a water proof case was about to die. >> i'm holding my hand out as high as i can. >> reporter: monmouth county along with the nypd responded in the air and on the water. it was nypd aviation that made it there first, the diver lowered himself into the water and helped the stranded jet skier into a basket for his rescue. good thing he had his cell phone and kept it dry enough to call for help or else this ending could have been much much deferent. josh einiger channel 7 eyewitness news. well, we have posted the survivors entire 911 call on
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made a big stink about it, we're going to tell you why you better hurry up if you want to see one sticky flower -- stinky flower in new york city. we could see thunderstorms
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you better hurry up. the so called corpse flower in the bronx, officials say people have been lining up to see the rare, large, and stinky flower, the garden staying open until 8:00 tonight so as many people can see it as possible. the garden will be open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the flower usually stays in bloom for only 36 hours. and it's in full bloom right now. that's a live feed of it, 3000
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now. >> wow. >> how many are watching us. >> could i just also say, i was going to say. >> that's my stinky flower fold with the pocket square. very exciting. >> i didn't know you were such a fan of the stinky flower. this weekend. >> yes,. >> pick your spot. it's not a wash out. that's the good news. sunday, not so sunny, doesn't look as wet as it did after the morning hours. let's check out a nice evening across lower manhattan. we have sunshine, 83 degrees, northeast wind at 87. below average. sunset at 8:14. saturday is the sunnier half. there's a late thunderstorm west. sunday could start soggy, and leftover clouds in the afternoon. first week of august, it looks about average. 80s, no real extreme heat. speaking of 80s, northern new jersey. 85 in franklin. we didn't get much rain in poughkeepsie, 82 islip got
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long island, monmouth, and ocean county, there is a shower over parts of northwest new jersey. partly cloudy, a little patchy clouds by morning. sunshine, early to mid afternoon, and clouds are going to gather. speaking of showers, one going through sussex. it's weakening and moving through morris county. the eastern edge of it probably falls apart. maybe a few extra clouds, this is likely to fall apart as it goes through morris town and somerset, western union as well. from this morning. fronts still around the area. low pressure riding along. it does arrive tomorrow afternoon. western suburbs, the first place to see thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. then the low on top of us sunday morning, which is why it could be a repeat of this morning. maybe not as harsh. we could see down pours of gusty showers and thunderstorms. then it moves away, and it's not a wash out in the afternoon. isolated shower this evening. patchy fog tomorrow morning, sunshine through early afternoon. clouds are thickening and we'll
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the afternoon hours. i think we're fine at the beaches. tomorrow night, a scattered shower and thunderstorm. sunday morning could be a dicey period with heavy downpours. that will move away. mostly cloudy during the afternoon with an isolated shower. it's 72, early showers north and west, tonight, partly cloudy and humid. tomorrow it's 82. clouds and sun, late day thunderstorms, especially to the north and west, and 72 with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night into sunday morning before it gets better in the afternoon hours. least it's not going to be that wet during the afternoon. monday, first day of august. late day thunderstorms, about 82. isolated storm on tuesday. the rest of the week looks great. i did want to check out the route from new york to cleveland. that's rob powers route. watch for thunderstorms if you're traveling tomorrow morning. after that, when rob is back, it gets sunny and beautiful next week in the low and mid- 80s. pretty good. >> i'll be sleeping. someone else will be traveling.
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his final sports cast here at eyewitness news. here we go. >> there's a time for things to end. and there's a time for things to start up again. we're talking football. the giants get things moving on day number one, good to see number 80 on the field. and the jets are at it too. gino smith, the back up qb once
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a little football in august or july. nearly august. >> he's leading with the weather. >> change the calendar, soon enough. >> torrential rain this morning forced the giants indoors, a heck of a way to hit the field
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meadowlands, ben macadoo. victor cruz, a full participant in practice. injuries cost the former all pro so much time, but cruz says he's healthy, has great expectations this year. >> hopefully to be contributing, to be out there with the first team, making things happen, so, you know, that's my only goal is to go out there and perform and be my old self-again. >> it's been a while since he has played football. practicing. we have a lot of weapons. >> jets are on the field for more training camp fun as well today, starting qb, ryan fitzpatrick, signed his contract just in time. imagine how gino smith must feel. fitzpatrick stays away. smith shows up, does his job, leads this team, and just before camp opens, here comes the starter to reclaim the top job. >> i saw him walking into the building, and once you see a guy walk into a building who hasn't been there, you get the
6:27 pm
you guys found out, but that's how i found out. >> it gives us a chance, you know, of camaraderie, but we have everybody here to compete, and that's a good thing. >> some of the biggest names in golf, battling just to stay around for the weekend at the pga championship. a pretournament favorite dustin johnson will not be among them, he will miss the cut overpar. first round leader jimmy walker continues to be on top of the leader board, two strokes through 16 holes. winding down in round two. >> baseball tonight, the yankees try to continue their run to a playoff spot. they open their series tampa bay, alex rodriguez seen taking ground balls at first base. he expects to get time there before the season is done. two straight 9th inning melt downs, steven mats looks to stop the bleeding against colorado.
6:28 pm
field, coaches welcoming 100 special olympic athletes to the stadium. this is a colin designed to help them hone their baseball skills. boys and girls ages 8 to 15, lessons in hitting, fielding and throwing right in the pros. isn't that cool. finally, there are nice catches and then there are nice catches. >> diamondbacks and brewers in milwaukee. foul ball in the stands. at lady with the floppy hat going to get it one more time, and then dance to kevin. >> that's awesome. that great. >> dance was even better. >> she's so happy, too. >> happy with the foul ball she risked her life for. >> that's right. as we mentioned yesterday, this is rob's final newscast here at eyewitness news, he and his family are returning to their be loved how many town of cleveland where ron will be an evening news anchor. this afternoon we have a special good-bye for rob and his wife deb. >> isn't she beautiful. >> it is her birthday today. happy birthday deb.
6:29 pm
often that our team changes. 7 years, you have made our team better. every single night. and we are going to miss you. cleveland is lucky to welcome you home. and we love you, rob. >> oh, my goodness. >> what an afternoon. >> i know, right. >> that was great. >> not everyone gets a tribute like that. speaks to how people feel about you. you. you.(work comp title you -- you wrote work ethic caster, 18 with disney, 7 inside this building, and what makes this building so special, this is one of the gifts that they brought for me today. this is signed by so many people that work here in front of the camera, and behind the scenes, this is what makes this place so darn special is the people. and you. the people that watch.
6:30 pm
as i've been here. >> it is a testament of how much we love you. good luck. welcome to "world news tonight." we're following two big breaking stories. first, zika hits home. the first infections transmitted by mosquitoes right here in the u.s. we're at ground zero in this new zika fight. ready to rumble. hillary clinton hitting the road. and, an abc news exclusive. donald trump one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. tonight, firing back at the democrats. officers down. one police officer dead, another wounded. was this a new targeted attack on our police? and, too extreme? a 25,000-foot freefall. no parachute. and cameras rolling. is this daredevil knocking on


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