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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  July 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for the southern tip of southern county -- many, many flooded advisory in effect northern pacific and morris and parts of putnam county and new york. we're talking western parts of morris county and the rest of middlesex county. here's the radar picture. this is what we're talking about. this area of rain and thunderstorms has been sitting over the same spot middlesex for hours. not too far from plains bureau and not too far from franklin and the new jersey turnpike. 4 and a half inches of rain. there's probably flooding occurring. if you're over middlesex county, do not drive into areas where water covers the road. you do not know how deep that water can be and water can sweep away a car
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land county and parts of orange and put as well. a lot of oranges and reds on the radar picture. there's more where that came from to our west. we go to our high resolution future cast and that shows the rainfall gradually weakening a little bit as we head into the evening hours, the most wide spread activity north and west of the city, we're going to get showers in around the city along western wyoming. dangerous situation middlesex. details in your accuweather forecast later in the newscast. ken. >> thank you jeff. you can get accuweather alert information by using the abc7 ny app. a hot air balloon is called the deadliest in history. that balloon hit a power line and crashed in a field not far from austin early this morning. at least 16 people were onboard the balloon. there were no survivors.
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safety board will investigate. abc jimmy lee is in lockhart texas with the latest information. >>reporter: that hot air balloon crashed directly behind me in this pasture. as you can see the road leading up to it blocked off as multiple law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out what happened. national transportation safety board is conducting what's called a stake down where nothing from the crime scene will be moved until a gold team from washington dc is expected tonight. now, authorities tells us that the basket of the hot air balloon, that caught fire right before it crashed around 7:40 this morning. we talked to one neighbor who heard the crash and called 911. >> i first thought the neighbors people had a tractor out there and it exploded and my first thought was please let whoever it was on the tractor getaway from it. >> investigators with the mtnsb
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they're releasing little information including what company owns this hot air balloon and the victims identities, but what we can tell you is that the hot air balloon pilots must have a license and go through a flight review every 2 years by the faa. the faa is also expected and supposed to inspect these hot air balloons used for commercial ventures once a year. when we get more information, we'll be assure to pass it along. for now, we're lee, back to you. we value you to stay with abc eyewitness news on this deadly air balloon crash. you can get information with the eyewitness news app. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are on the road as -- trump answers an emotional charge from the father of a fallen soldier. mary bruce has the latest. >>reporter: clinton and tim kaine not letting up on day 2 of
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than to believe anyone who says i a lone can fix it. >> going strong after donald trump. >> do you want your hired president or your fired president? i don't think it can be any simpler. we got a you're hire president in clinton. >> they're trying to show up support in -- pennsylvania where polls shows ahead and ohio where the rivals are even. trump taking saturday off, but in an exclusive interview, he addressed stinging attacks from the democratic convention this week including from army father con whose son died serving in iraq. >> you have sacrificed nothing, and no one. >> who wrote that? did hillary script writers write it. >> in his first response to that emotional charge, trump says that con's wife who stood by his
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was forbidden to as a muslim. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there and had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say, you tell me. >> con shot down that theory saying she was too nervous and emotional to speak. trump's attacks may be the least of the clinton camp's worries after the trump's -- but clinton officials insist the campaigns computers were not attacked saying they have found no internal systems have been compromised. abc. burg was shot in bed style just before 1:30 this morning. he was reportedly on his way to pick up his 3-year-old daughter from his mother's apartment. police say bird was shot once in chest and he was rushed to the hospital are weather pronounced dead. a bad break up may have led
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young adults. the gunman opened fire at a house party thrown by high school graduated. he gunned down two people standing near a fire pit before going to the roof and shooting and killing a third person. investigators say the gunman recently broken up with one of the victims who was at that party. after the shooting, the suspect drove away. he was pulled over on the highway and arrested. following word of zika being mosquitos -- the cdc will not have travel advisory. england warned pregnant women to avoid traveling to florida. miami's mayor says the theme parks have strong mosquito measures and they're safe. jim fletcher has more at 6:00. more honors for former mets catcher now hall of famer, matt.
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be retired be the mets. laurie bingy has more. >>reporter: why have one weekend dedicated to mike when you can have two. last sunday, he took his place in the baseball hall of fame in cooper's town and today the party shifting to city field where they'll be a pregame ceremony to retire his number, number 31. the best offensive catcher in baseball history. he had spent different times. but new york and the mets fans, they're something special. >> describe it? i can't it. it defies any explanation. i last pitch at shay in a way. i remember going into the stadium and the energy was so euphoric. maybe it's a combination of a lot of things, just my journey here, and the struggle in the beginning and staying here and embracing this city and its just
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>> tonight's game against the rockies begins after 7:00 tonight. weather permitting of course. before that, the on field ceremony to retire number 31. coming up, we'll hear more from the mets legend and what it means to be a true hall of fame. jen. >> thank you, lauren. this weekend you have a shot at 8th largest lottery. the million. you can catch the drawing on channel 7 before eyewitness news at 11:00. >> got my tickets. >> me too. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, fans gather in manhattan to celebrate a talented musician and song writer. a competition in new jersey. and a whale of a tail on the
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religious ceremonies for pope francis. he held a mass at the sanctuary of saint paul. he visited with local nuns and priest. the pope is taking part in a youth day celebration. musicians, singer and song
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in manhattan today. >>reporter: the upper west side, we're watching a touchy demonstration. musical performance and a film screen coming up tonight. ? [ music ] ? ? >> and in new york, new jersey, they're hosting the lincoln park festival. organizers says their goal is to bring residents together. they were expected 60 thousand people. and continues from noon. take a look at this video sent by a viewer. this is the situation at christian junction. the viewer says he's not able to leave the state because of flash flooding. parts of new jersey right now are getting hit hard by heavy rains. jeff, you were talking about that. if you don't know how hot the water is, stay right where you are. >> did you see how fast that water was going, gushing over curbs.
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foot of water to sweep away that water. if you're headed to mercer county where princeton junction is, it's developing -- the thunderstorms sitting over the same location. over and over again for several hours. we head outside in the city and we're getting light to moderate rain. skies looking threatening out there as we look to the south passed the empire state building. 74 in midtown. the wind coming from the south. it got up to 8 4 earlier this out there. a combination of the super muggy air mass. look at that humidity at 93 percent and warm temperatures. a disturbance moved from the west. 84 is your high. we were on target there. 88 was your report. a tenth of an inch of rain in new york city. upwards of 4 and a half inches in parts of central new jersey so far. any thunderstorms through
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mass in place can object the heavy side and contain heavy down and gusty winds -- downpours and gusty winds. it's nice for the later part of the week. in the first week of august coming up, it appears to be average with highs in the middle 80s. 74 in the park. warm down belmar. 79. 81 at tom 's river. the dangerous weather in the viewing area occurring in middlesex county -- because look at this area of thunderstorms. this red and orange color here, one to 2-inch per hour rainfall rates sitting over the same area for several hours. also getting heavy rain over spreading north and west of new york city. along route one, right along the new jersey turnpike and
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coming in here, some flash flood watches in plains bureau. water reported to the bumpers of cars in portions of that town. old bridge new jersey, street flooding reported fear the old bridge park and ride area. that was. >> reporter:ed at 3:46 and no doubt we're going to get more reports in before that came from. rain in the northern hudson river -- pieb pennsylvania, northern sufficient fix county. i would not be surprised if we do get additional warnings as we head into the evening hours. the good news is as we lose the daytime heating, the rainfall activity should weaken a little bit, but it will refire during the day. here's your accuweather forecast for tonight, cloudy and humid. a few showers and thunderstorms. some could be on the heavy side
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the high getting up to 80. muggy tomorrow night. a shower and thunderstorm around 71. we continue that thunder threat into the day on monday with a high getting up to 82 or so. it's 80 on tuesday. a lot of clouds around. it still could be a spotty shower and things should wind down and we clear it out during the way. 82 and 85 for wednesday and thursday. maybe more storms coming into the picture my next weekend. next few hours. just be careful and stay inside if you can over in parts of middlesex county. it's getting bad. >> we'll keep an eye on that. laura banky is coming up next with sports. >>reporter: mets fans are throwing another party. tomorrow hits closer to home as the amazing celebrate their hall of famer with the fans at city field tonight. we'll hear from the man of the hour and let's go
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laurie behnke and it's about mike piazza.
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until today. mike piazza will sdwroin gill and tom silver as his number 31 is retired before tonight's game against the rockies at city field. jackie robinson's is retired. he was inducted into the hall of fame in cooper's town last summer. the celebration was getting started. all this weekend long the mets are honoring their star catcher who is getting used to the title hall of famer. >> johnny grabbed kenny and myself and just sat out on the -- on other side of rocking and chairs and starts rocking and says look out over the water. think about it now. you're a hall of famer . what does that feel like? >> it felt like a therapy session. but it was great. >> as for the show after the show following piazza ceremony, they'll continue their series against the rockies, but before
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placed on the disabled list while signing justin. the yankees, their seary -- he was roughed for five runs. also managed to get into an argument with the home plate umpire before he was lift north dakota the game in the 5th, the yankees fell 5-1. it is hard to believe for 1 week from tomorrow, football is back. it's the hall of fame game ma exhibition season. the giants will open in 2 weeks. so the urgency on in the metal land. blue continues next week with practice number two. the team has changed in their roster from free agent signings to the rookies in the fold. the biggest challenge for this group now, coming together as a team. >> we have to go through pain together. we have to learn to get the type of chemistry we're looking for. its going to take
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defense in this league that's worth anything has to go through those things together. >> well, as if the jets, their camp continues this weekend from flora park. this team won ten games last year, it did come up short at the playoffs. but left gangrene was something to build on. that building process began wednesday when the players reported to camp. >> last year we established a new foundation because it's a different time without looking we had last year or the playoffs. we're looking at the end goal which is a superbowl championship. >> coming up in sports at 6:00, baseball trade deadline less than 48 hours away, prepare yourself for a rush of rumors. we're going to look at the strongest which involves the mets and yankees. we'll see you in the next half. ken and sandra. >> thank you, we'll see you then. a first ever drone competition in new jersey.
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jersey city. 100 drones are competing. the cameras attached to them. pilots and they get the sensation they're in the drones and flying. >> when i'm in these goggles and i have this in the air, i'm there. i'm not on the ground anymore. my head puts me there. these glasses are soy mrsaive that you can get a full view. >> wow. 24 pilots advanced from today and they'll compete tomorrow. the top three solo pilots and o continue to the drone race championship. now to an eyewitness news exclusive. it was pollution problems, but there's signs that long island sound is clearing up. two humpback whales were spotted in the water earlier this week. josh went on a well watching the significance of this sighting. >>reporter: it was a beautiful afternoon a cruise in long
5:24 pm
only one of its kind in north america. >> you head west >> this was no average cruise. >> travis pilots the spirit of the sound which belongs to the maritime aquarium in norwalk. after a 15-year-old girl hanna doyle snapped this picture of a humpback whale feasting on fish last week, the aquarium has decided to offer whale watching cruises. romero drove here from new jersey. >> we gone on whale watching before and were lucky enough to see a whale breach out of the water and it's amazing. it's incredible. it makes us feel small. >> we hope that -- even the slightest chance of seeing a whale is better than no chance. >> a hunt for one or two whales is the ultimate search for a
5:25 pm
exercise in fertility. the fact they're taking this cruise at all is a good sign. >> i'm ready to jump out of my skin. >> joe has been researching the sound for 4 decades dating back to the 1600s and he's found no sound of a humpback, but last summer, three appear and this month, there were two. he says it's a sign the sounds once legendary pollution problems have finally turning around. >> i can remember taking groups and having raw human mecal material -- fecal material floating around. >> he says improvements to septic treatment on the coast of connecticut and north shore -- in an entire food chain. there were no sightings on this cruise, but ramirez says it was worth the trip.
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tech, we'll be back. >> in norwalk connecticut. >> used to go on them all the time. an actor plays a role to drop murder charges of the person accused of killing sandra lee. the mta is raising prices,
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here's a look at top stories. 16 people are dead after a hot air balloon crashed in a field in central texas. it's considered the deadliest disaster in u.s. history. no arrest in fatal shooting of a father in brooklyn. charles bird was shot in bedford just before 1:30 this morning. > sweeping the area. a viewer sent us this video of flood watering filling the city in new jersey. that viewer said it had been raining for 2 hours straight before he took this video. >> good evening, again, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm ken, i'm in for joe -- he played a role in making
5:30 pm
marquis gonzalez has details. >>reporter: new charges about why charge was dropped against the -- allegations about this man made by the key witness in the case may have been fabricated according to this alkylation stress scene on house the cards. >> so that we've learned from our experiences last year. told authorities -- claiming the jailhouse informant that testified, he confessed and admitted to her that he lied. >> when there's no evidence and there's no eyewitnesss, the jailhouse informant becomes the case and without him, there's no case. >> a judge decided to drop the charges once again raising the question who killed sandra levy. >> my wish is the right person whoever did it -- what they did
5:31 pm
get answers. >> answers her family has waited for since the 24-year-old disappearance in 2001. the case dominating headlines of -- >> he's been assured by prosecutors, he's neither a subject nor a target of the investigation into the murder of sandra levy. he was here from el salvador facing deportation. about other potential suspects. marcey gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. police official in chicago say two officers may have violated departmental policy in a deadly shooting there. last night, the officer shot and killed an 18-year-old man inside a jaguar that had been stolen. officials tried to corner the vehicle and when the driver sped away sideswiping another parked
5:32 pm
the man shot was black raising questions for community members. >> many people have family members who have made mistakes. however, it's only in chicago and in african american communities where young people are paying for mistakes with their life. >> the officers duty while the case is investigated. . a police detective is shot and trigger the detective in indianapolis was serving a domestic violence violence warrant. investigators says that aries hit him in the arm. aries is suspended without pay. five people were hurt when a truck drove into a hospital in philadelphia. police say the truck crashed into the sliding doors of the rehabilitation
5:33 pm
and three others hurt. no word who caused the driver to lose control. the cost of riding a subway could jump next year. the mta's budget calls for an increase of fares in 2017 and inform years later. mj burr ket has the story -- nj burkett has the story. >>reporter: he uses several times a day to get to his home from the bronx to work sites across the city. for mark, a modest fare increase will add >> economically it's not feasible for the person that's working for minimum wage and has to pay for lunch. >> for 25 years, regular fare increase is a fact of life on
5:34 pm
to $2 and $50 a year. to $2.75 where the >> they have increases over the past several years which is 2% a year on average. >> the mta insist it needs to cover the rising cost of running the system and improving it. jam see day of the citizen's budget com citizen's budget commission. >> the system is bulging at the seems right thousand. >> trains are crowd r crowded. -- the trains are crowded. >> the faifrs will be go into effect until march, but -- how much more? it's impossible to say, but a $3 fare seems more
5:35 pm
on the upper west side, i'm nj burkett real life machines play out for a show.
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welcome back. you're looking at an individual yes of a thief walking away of $0,000 from hair extensions. he stole it earlier this month. he got in because a door was unlocked. extensions are expensive and that creates a black market. a minnesota judge ruled out 29 people who claimed to be heirs to prince's estate. the rule apart of a 19 page decision. the singers siblings and half siblings are be apart of that group. prince was found dead in his paisley park complex in a pain killer overdose in april. he was 57-year-old. it's a medical draum um -- it's a medical drama with a twist. sandy kenyon has the story
5:39 pm
high and nothing is staged. >> minutes from now, i can be in the middle of chaos. >> boston ems puts the real back into reality tv. >> for the camera people who are actually in a moving ambulance at 60, 70 miles-an-hour with lights and siren, they try to get the footage. >> there's great stories about their lives hang in the balance. >> and the other thing is to see what kind of a personal journey and an odyssey the caregiver was on. >> we meet one caregiver on his way to an auto accident. >> let's see who we can help. >> kids were in that car so his first moves is to reassure them mommy's coming. >> i have a son. it was easy. i know what to do with kids especially young kids. >> randy has a special
5:40 pm
mom and kids are going through. >> i was involved in something like this and it made me appreciate emt's so i signed up for an emt class. >> he was treated and saved by the same people he serves along side. >> it's very intimate. these are neighborhoods they grew up in. it's their city. they're of the city, so they feel things very deeply. >> this is my job and what i'm the course over the next few weeks, we'll learn more about the dedicated medical technicians. boston ems premieres tonight at 10:00 on channel 7:00. a big moment for a young boy being bullied most of his life. brandon says the only thing to get him through years of being teased was gwen music.
5:41 pm
>> i would put in the cd's and it would make me feel better and for bet about what was going on. >> brandon finally got to meet dwen stephony. she posted on facebook during a hard time in her life, she prayed to use her gift as a way to make a difference. those prayers were answered. and police officer -- we're tracking a dangerous flooding situation south and west of new york city, central parts of new jersey, specifically over south western parts of middlesex along the route 101 corridor. rain estimates are up to a half a foot of rain over the past
5:42 pm
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take a look at this video. it was sent to us by a viewer. this is the situation right now of princeton junction. that viewer math -- matthew gavon can't leave the station. >> you hav tell us about someone trapped in that parking lot. what did you see? >> it's intense. the train was pulling up to the princeton junction, our phones went off and you can see from the screen window, the parking lot is flooded and we walked off to the platform and there was a river in the parking lot. as you walk to the edge of the platform, there's a sub terrane yan level to get onto the platform a woman
5:46 pm
neck-deep in water trying to swim in this current into the parking lot. >> she was able to get out with assistance or by herself? >> she was able to get out, but she climbed -- you can see her struggling and she was holding onto the hand wells to climb up onto the platform. we didn't know what to do at first? >> so you're there at the station now unable to leave surrounded by all this water. how many of you are there? how big of a crowd? i'm assuming get out of there. >> there's a quarter -- it's moving quickly. even if a foot of water you can move a car, so people are waiting here for transportation later on, maybe. a lot of people are looking to except -- i'm waiting for a lift to come and pull to another higher parking lot and we're
5:47 pm
n do you use the station and have you seen it like this before? >> no, i've never come to the station -- come to this station before. a lot of people have never seen this situation. it was intense to see that much water funneling from this area. >> can you see your car from where you are? and how deep is the water where your car is? >> i don't have a car here. that's why we're waiting lift transportation from here to go now, i can see cars still trying to drive-thru, the moving river and a lot. it's a foot to two feet bit. the rain has subsided, so it is not as bad, but people are waiting. >> matthew so much for sharing your photos and your stories. you're our eyes and ears out there, and meteorologist jeff smith is sitting with us now to tell us more about when the rain
5:48 pm
warning is going to go out of effect. >> how much rain did they get? >> probably on the order of 4 to 6 inches of rain. within 3 hours. the atmosphere is like a sponge right now. think about ringing a sponge out. the water is going to concentrate in one area. that's in middlesex county. they're getting pummelled. >> he and was -- he was smart to stay put. the water is flowin quickly and it has to be a foot high to sweep away your car. and especially as we head towards the evening hours -- >> and you can't see. >> you can't see anything and you don't know how deep the water is. be careful if you're traveling tonight. the lion's share of the rainfall across the rainfall. concentrated over that tiny portion of middlesex county into mercer county. we check on the upper west side of
5:49 pm
it's starting to intensify over the five bureaus of new york city. the wind coming from the south at 5 miles-per-hour to transport humidity into the region. so still, there's the flash flood warning and sandra was asking when it expired. it's 8:30 p.m. when it expires over middle sex county new jersey and many other areas under flood advisories including now north of new york city, putnam county, orange county, northern parts of rock passaic and northern morris and southern parts of middlesex. there's another area of rain blossoming here and we have to watch for flood flashing as well. i think everything is going to shift to the north overnight. so here's the radar picture, again, showing that area getting pummelled again. it's crossing onto the new jersey turnpike. radar estimates of upwards of 5.7 inches of rain.
5:50 pm
from plains bureau new jersey. you can see the rain intensified over the five bureaus of new york city and heavy rain setting up along the i-84 corridor north of new york city. we have to watch for flash flood warnings in those areas and ironically we're still at a moderate drought. this will be a drought buster in some areas. so it's much needed, but too much of a good thing. lows getting to 72. highs tomorrow, getting up to 80 -- 80 degrees and tomorrow we do it again, but not as wide spread. here's your accuweather forecast. showers and thunderstorms and should can be on the heavy side especially early this evening and especially over parts of new jersey and also now setting up areas north of the city. showers and thunderstorms again during the day tomorrow especially in the afternoon. another shot at big storms monday afternoon with heavy rain, 82 just a shower in spots on tuesday.
5:51 pm
clear up. looking much more - the first week of august looking normal temperature wise. no heat in the forecast. >> thank you, jeff. a very special pit bull will soon hopefully have the great home he deserves. the stray dog stepped in when a woman was getting attacked in tennessee. he was stabbed several times by the attacker and nearly died. the officers who responded were able to get the dog veterinarian the owner of a pit bull raised money to pay for medical expenses and they're caring for him. >> for these two officers to go to the extent they did to save him is very heroic and awesome. i thought he was brave and courageous. he was a stranger to these people. >> the best news is that hero is
5:52 pm
fact ready for adoption. >> good dog. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, mother 's rejoice. harry potter fans will be able i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels.
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harry potter fans are preparing to stay up late tonight. a new story goes on sale at midnight. harry part and the cursed child one and two is the script of the play running in london. books -- one store is planning a release party. >> i'm excited about the book. >> we'll have crafts going on and trivia contest going on all night long. says the book is their most pre-ordered since the last harry potter release 10 years ago. great news for drivers in new jersey and nearby states. gas for $2 for gallon. the average was $1.95. virginia and delaware were less than $2. the average is $2.14 and prices are
5:56 pm
time of year since 2004. a new study finds uber has not led to a decrease in drunk driving deaths. researchers looked at drunk driving stats over 5 years in the 100 largest u.s. metro areas. they found that the growth of uber usage did not correspond to any drop in drink driving deaths. overall, or during peak times like weekend nights. other decreases in arrests and deaths. a large data -- a tour guide stumbled on the 4-foot wide print earlier this month. the area is known for dinosaur tracks. they believe it was left by a car voir that lived 80 million years ago. >> i'm fascinated with dinosaurs. a downpour triggers a flood of trouble. coming up on
5:57 pm
video coming in as jeff tracks the storm. disaster in the sky. tragedy when a hot air balloon hit raise power line, catches fire and then crashes. and in queens, there's a party, prayers and fans celebrate mike piazza as his number is retired. all that and much, much more coming up next
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
developing right now, a balloon carrying at least 16 people catches fire and crashes in central texas. and a flood of trouble, a fast moving storm dumps inches of rain down onto parts the tri-state area leaves tens of thousands without power. good evening, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm ken in for joe torres. storms are lashing the tri-state area flooding streets and yards. this is a live look


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