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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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bayonne right now. the lower portion of manhattan will get the brunt of these downpours over the next half hour. between one and two and a half inches of rain falling into the 5 boroughs of new york city. some of the more recent flooding reports. there's more off to the west over pennsylvania.
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during the wee hours of tomorrow morning. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. downpours are swamping the garden state. this sudden and heavy rain flooded roads in an instance. aj ross is in patterson >> reporter: sandra, garbage and debris have littered all over the streets of patterson tonight after the severe flooding swept across major arteries here. these are the garbage and debris cluttered under the cars on union avenue. one of the roadways hit hardest. the rain fall was so hard and fast many roads looked like rivers. >> it was something unbelievable. i've been part of this for over 20 years. i've seen something like this no more than three times. it was very, very crazy. >> reporter: take a look at this
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a couple hours ago. flood waters reached the bumpers of cars and the powerful current swept anything in its path including garbage and debris down the road. some people were reportedly stuck in their cars for a while. similar to this video shot by another viewer flash flood waters blocked some drivers from navigating around. directions and forms a river. >> reporter: lindhurst took a beating forcing ponding and flooding across many areas. back here live in patterson, this is one of the storm drain heres that is overwhelmed at this hour. needless to say the crews will have their work cut out for them. aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news.
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been spared from the weekend washout. rain showers are triggering soggy misery in that borough. some homeowners are saying that isn't the only cause of their problems. sefan kim has more. >> reporter: well, every time it rains like this the backyard turns into a mini lake. this driveway slopes down into that driveway. there's nowhere for the rain water to go. up and he doesn't blame mother nature alone for the problem. the other culprit is on the other side of this block. >> my backyard looked like the mississippi river. >> reporter: enough is enough. this is his backyard. every time there's a heavy downpour and he's tired of it. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: it takes 5 minutes for his backyard to flood like this. the sandbags are worthless against mother nature. >> you can see everything is brown and my kids can't come
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reporter: the water rushing into sing's garage at his home on virginia avenue. whatever this stuff is that comes with the rain is disgusting. >> when this stuff drys it's like clay. heavy stuff. you can't get it out that easily. you have to scrub it off. >> reporter: the flooding started a year ago when construction started on this 5 story school behind his backyard. >> since last year a retaining wall is supposed to go to my backyard and they haven't done that. slated to be finished by next year. sing says he can't wait that long because between now and then mother nature isn't taking time off. >> i'm getting tired of my backyard getting flooded. i don't want to see the brown stuff anymore. >> reporter: we reached out to the city late tonight and a spokesperson for the department of education says they're looking into the matter. reporting live, sefan kim,
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maryland tonight after heavy rain created raging flood waters there. in this video post today facebook several people can be seen forming a human chain to rescue a woman from a car being swept down the street. a series of strong thunderstorms poured more than half a foot of rain onto elacot city. two people died after their vehicles were overcome. a state of emergency has been declared to aid in the recovery. be watching this throughout the night. you can get the accuweather forecast with our abc 7 ny app. it's free to down load. donald trump under fire in a new controversy. his comments about a grieving father's emotional speech about his son. now the target of heated criticism from hillary clinton and others. what trump had to say about that
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direct rebuttal. high drama with less than 100 days to go until the election. tonight donald trump in trouble over his response to a muslim family whose son paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> sacrifice, i don't think he knows the meaning. >> the father of a u.s. soldier accused trump of having a black soul for telling george stephanopoulos he's made sacrific pribl to his sons. >> i've worked hard, i've created tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. i've had tremendous success. i think i've done a lot. >> defending himself after this emotional moment at the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> trump also called out the
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husband spoke. >> you look at his wife she was standing there and she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allow today have anything to say. >> he is a black soul and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. >> today trump tweeted "i was viciously attacked by mr. khan." am i not allowed to respond? . >> he's unfi states and commander in chief. the latest attacks on the khan family just reenforces the doubts that any american should have. >> the controversy has seemingly given the clinton campaign a boost and common ground with some republicans. house speaker paul ryan said in a statement. "many muslim americans have
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military. captain khan was one such brave example. ". a man tried to rape a woman on staten island. they identified him as 42-year-old barara. he approached the victim inside the women's restroom. they say the suspect grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her down while trying to unbuckle his pants. she managed to fight him off and get away. the discovery o body has investigators working to determine how he died. robert pryor was found this morning in his apartment. police say his body was found underneath his bed and suffered injuries to his face and body. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. a man was arrested in suffolk county on a drunk boating charge. 35-year-old eric dajiolo is
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him into custody. witnesses at the dublin deck bar say he sped off down the river after a dispute. in connecticut, a police officer is recovering after being assaulted. 20-year-old pier alhiyak is accused of punching and kicking the officer. pooler saw him pacing in a parking lot and thought he needed help. he hit him several times in the head and body. pooler was able to get back to for help. new at 11, a heart stopping crash caught on camera. we'll show you the rescue of the driver after the car came to a stop. new details about that hot air balloon crash in texas. the new evidence that could pinpoint the cause. and new tonight, no longer
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surveillance video captured the car crash and the response of good samaritans. across a parking lot in florida. people rushed in with fire extinguishers and then they flip it had car over and pull it had driver out. the man was air lifted to the hospital with serious head trauma. there were no other injuries. federal investigators say there's evidence that a hot air balloon hit power lines before it crashed killing all 16 people on board. the ntsb says a power line was
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balloon came in a minute later. the crash sight was near a row of high tension power lines. there is video of the balloon before the crash, investigators are hoping video turns up of the crash itself. >> it never looked like he had control of it. >> some of the 16 victims are known, authorities say identifying the bodies will be a very long process that may requireen mourns the victims of the shooting rampage that claim it had lives of 9 people. german chancellor angela merkel attended a memorial event as well as a nondenominational church service. the restaurant was a hangout for
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at the olympic village in rio. members of the olympic team were forced to evacuate their building after a small fire in a basement parking area. the fire was contain and had no one was injured. however, when the athletes returned to their rooms they found a laptop and team shirts were stolen from their rooms. a hot car rescue. a child left in scorching conditions. firefighters race to the rescue. the tips to prevent this from a broadway classic returns. we're on the red carpet for the cat's revival. plus, as we take a live look outside, the question is will outside, the question is will these ? roll all summer with a jersey classic --
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new at 11, cats are roaring again on broadway. tonight the revival of the musical cats opened at the neil simon theater on west 52nd street. we talked to composure andrew just before the show. >> i hope you would say it's a fresh version but i hope you wouldn't find the essence of the show hasn't changed. >> the show has been criticized for having no plot. yet the original ran for 18 years. the music was great. >> yes. >> it needs a plot. >> well, the plot thickens in the accuweather forecast. >> it does.
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tuesday into wednesday. we have a chance of localized downpours over there. you know it over new york city. there's been heavy areas of rainfall. temperature right now 72. the humidity way up there at 93%. it's so muggy through tomorrow that any storm that develops can be on the heavy side. at least containing heavy potentially flooding downpour. the high up to 79 today. high. yeah, .99 inches of rainfall today in new york city. that doesn't include what we had yesterday. any thunderstorm can be heavy through the day on monday. heavy downpours out there. still clouds around on tuesday and perhaps a stray shower. that's our transition day. we begin to dry things out and by wednesday should be nice out there. wednesday and thursday look nice
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afterthought. good news is the flash flood warning for new york city has been allowed to expire. you still have it in effect for the rain that's fallen in parts of bergen and passaic county and other areas under flood advisories west of new york city including union and essex counties and east of the city onto long island and north of the city surrounded by flood advisories. the radar picture right now showing that initial downpour that cau inch of rain in about an hour's time exiting off of long beach. there are more showers replacing that one moving across new york harbor right now. more rain into st. george and lower parts of monohat tan and union and essex counties. those will be moving east across the city and those can cause
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in fairfield connecticut. this batch of thunderstorms will try to work its way east overnight and could be in the viewing area by early tomorrow morning. especially south of new york city by 4 or 5:00 in the morning. during the day going to get a break before the sun tries to come out and that could destabilize the atmosphere and cause more heavy showers and storms in the later. accuweather forecast cloudy, humid and another and a spotty shower. 71 for a low. areas of fog developing outside of the city. cloudy and humid at 7:00 in the morning. temperatures in the low 70s. still a few showers and maybe a heavy downpour or two tomorrow. humid and more clouds than sunshine. the high up to 80. shower or thunderstorm in a few spots and partial clearing late. we're down to 69. tuesday still more cloud cover than sun.
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things out wednesday into thursday. 82 and 85 respectively. near 90 friday with humidity. maybe a thunderstorm or two returning by next saturday. i keep saying it, just don't drive into areas where water covers the road. >> worth repeating. absolutely. laura behnke next with sports. >> it is the move that yankees players have been dreading. it officially made the team sellers. an indian. the yanks may not be done
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we're going to assume all this wheeling and dealing the yankees are doing means they're going to be a completely new team next year. >> next year. this is all about the future. next year, the years after. the word sell has never really been in the yankee's vocabulary
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mediocre team. with the trade deadline tomorrow afternoon the sale has begun. they sent andrew miller to the indians in exchange for four minor leaguers, including clint frazier who becomes the top prospect in the yankee's farm system. so that's positive. after the trade, though, the rest of the yankees wrapping up their series against the rays. tampa led 2-0 in the 5th. answer in the 6th. carlos beltran helping his trade stock. it was a 3-2 game but all rays from there. two runs score and 5-2 rays. the yanks add another run but couldn't get anymore than that. 5-3 the yanks drop their 4th straight as they're swept by tampa.
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into an off day and then you get swept. it's tough. there's a lot of emotion tomorrow. we're playing the mets and that's probably a good thing. >> we don't know where jonathan will end up tomorrow but we know where the catcher won't be. cleveland. after the brewers and indian had in place. the mets could be in place to land him but other teams showing interest also. those current mets were trying to stop a four game losing facing the rockies. neil walker the start of a big day. the triple. he comes up limping and leave it is game with a strained patellar tendon. colorado kept tieing it. the clutch double to score a run. the rockies would take the lead. here go the mets getting it back. walker again going yard. three run blast as the mets take
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out as he rebounds. 6-4 the mets avoid the streak but they lose cabrera. >> i'm concerned about it. until we see a doctor tomorrow. he was in a lot of pain. a lot more than i've ever seen him. >> we have much more ahead in sports. the sound you heard around the tri-state area was a collective gas from giant fans. o with an injury.
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- i'm the third generation. my mother lived there with her family. it's really a community. the people on our block, most of them have lived there for a very long time. generations of families lived there. the rents are now astronomical. the reason we started to home share is because we needed another income. we have three children so we rely on our home sharing. i think a lot of people are salvaging their homes like i said, people work every day but it doesn't seem to be enough financially. - so, it's very positive. it's been very positive for us. they just want to rush a bill through that's gonna... - richelle: ...and that could penalize so many people that are just utilizing what they have to survive. we wouldn't be able to afford to manage our bills. - pela: yeah, people taking care of their families, their bills.
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of new yorkers.
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we have good news football fans, this was your last week without the game until the super bowl. one week from today the hall of fame game that kicks off the preseason. the giants will join in that preseason fun a few days later. is hoping to have beckham jr. for game one even though he left practice today. he was cleated in his left leg. he does have cuts. the giants don't expect the injury to linger. >> we take it day by day. i don't know how it will feel three hours from now or tomorrow. just kind of let it play out. >> when something happens to any of your players your heart is in
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final round of a pga major is stressful. the final round when you've already played 18 holes of golf earlier in the day is exhausting physically and mentally. thanks to rain postponing the third round this morning the leaders played that round then this afternoon the final. defending champion jason day making things interesting. he eagled 18 to put him one stroke behind jimmy walker. he would not be denied. he settled for par on 18 but all he needed. after leading this tournament wire to wire, walker wins his first major crown. >> that's great. i'm glad you think i was calm. that's what i was going for. it really was. it puts a smile on my face. >> new york city football club
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handed them a loss. matt polster putting the fire on top. took until the 90th minute but the red bulls answered. bradley wright phillips tieing the game. that's where it all ends with the 2-2 draw. the unbeaten streak is now at 5 games. >> not bad. >> two good soccer teams in new york. >> thank you, laura. trucks torched. seven tractor trailers destroyed by fire in brooklyn overnight. has them fearing for their safety. a fake traffic stop to help a man propose to his girlfriend.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. here's a look at tonight's top story. a floosh flood warning remains in effect for new york city and parts of new jersey until 12:30 a.m. in n jersey heavy rain swamped parts of patterson. a historic city in maryland is recovering from flash flooding. the town was hit by 6 inches of rain saturday evening. most of it falling in a span of two hours. police are searching for a man who tried to rape a woman in a church on staten island. he assaulted the victim at a church gym in the port richmond section.
11:38 pm
fight him off. topping the news this half hour, police are investigating a string of mysterious fires. >> flames destroyed 7 tractor trailers this morning. eye witness news reporter mallory hoff has the story. >> reporter: investigators are searching for answers after seven trucks were destroyed in early morning fires. detectives say the trucks parked brooklyn, were just parked close together. >> nobody is safe. >> reporter: you're concerned about your own truck? >> yeah. right now i have three trucks but can i sleep? >> reporter: they say the fires are an ongoing problem and 20 trucks have been destroyed in recent months. >> mine was the first to get burnt. two weeks without a paycheck. i don't know how long they'll be
11:39 pm
increaseingly concerned. >> scared you don't want to work. you could be sleeping in one of those trucks. you sleep in there. you come, you get loaded and go out. >> reporter: anyone who anything out of the ordinary in the early morning hours in this area is asked to report it immediately. the drivers tell me they're looking out for each other. in east new york, brooklyn, mallory hoff, channel 7 eye witness news. the nypd on alert after someone got ahold of a radio and making threats. someone was targeting an nypd captain and that sent police on a chase trying to track him down. eye witness news reporter aj ross has details. >> reporter: it was a seemingly innocent radio page that went out over several nypd frequencies early saturday
11:40 pm
to the midtown south precinct captain. officers responded to the numerous unauthorized calls around 5:42 p.m. when he claimed he was standing next to a response police van in time square and challenged the captain to come find him. >> remember captain, i'm coming for you. come and find me. >> reporter: continuing to taunt the captain, the suspect later the wall greens but searchs found nothing. investigators aren't sure if he was using a lost or stolen police radio. they're warning patrols to be careful. they are calling this an ongoing investigation. at the midtown south precinct, aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news. new information, the nypd investigating after officers
11:41 pm
his girlfriend in queens. the officers pulled the man's car over and accused the man and girlfriend of transporting weapons and drugs in the car. it was a ruse. balloons came pouring out and he got on one knee. a massive man hunt ended in new jersey with a police chase and a disturbing discovery. state troopers spotted the car on the new jersey turnpike after receiving a be on the lookout message t departments all across the northeast. he refused to pull over and a brief chase ensued. he eventually ran off the road and crashed into a barrier. >> he had clearly indicated verbally to a family member, one of his children, that he had caused harm to their mom, to his wife. >> when troopers approach it had car they found him with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
11:42 pm
pronounced dead at the hospital. authorities are hoping a $10,000 reward will help them find the person who gunned down dawn reddick five she was with a childhood friend when she was struck by bullets police say were meant for someone else. she was a grade schoolteacher in virginia. she grew up in and around newark and graduated from the newark art high school. the jury selection process will begin this week in the trial of two of gov in the bridge gate scandal. attorneys are scheduled to submit proposed questions that will enable them to whether any prospective jurors might have biases. bridget kelly and bill baroni are scheduled for trial in september. a transport deal is good for dowling college in oakdale.
11:43 pm
five other new york schools to accept its students. the 48-year-old private college is shutting down after struggling with dropping enrollment and growing debt. a call for federal regulators to pick up the pace when it comes to getting bad food off store shelves. senator charles schumer is calling on the fda to review the recall process from top to bottom. he questions whether the agency is doing enough to prevent contaminatn it is known the product may have serious health consequences, like e. coli and the time it's taken off the shelves can be month. >> he sited a recent case of tainted flour. the recall wasn't issued until may. still no sign of the winner
11:44 pm
drawing. we are getting a look at the store it was sold. someone bought it in re mond, southern, new hampshire. the owner of the super market will receive $75,000 for selling the $487 million ticket. happening tomorrow, city bike is expanding into upper manhattan and new parts of brooklyn. the first of several new docking stations will become active. the month plans call for more and more stations across the upper and east and west sides. stations will be popping up in brooklyn neighborhoods. caught on camera, firefighters break into a boiling hot car to save a child that was locked inside. we've got some advice from experts on how to keep your
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taking a live look outside, meteorologist jeff smith returns
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a close
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after a little girl was left inside a car on a scorching hot day. firefighters responded just in time. it's a reminder how quickly it can turn deadly. marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: firefighters in colorado shattering a window to rescue this little girl accidentally locked inside a vehicle on a hot day. tonight first responders again reminding parents of >> even on 70-degree day temperatures can get over 100 degrees. this girl unharmed but in the past eight days two other children dying trapped inside a car. a father going into church and later discovering his 3-year-old son in the family vehicle. >> i'm really upset for the family. >> reporter: in missouri a 2-year-old boy accidentally
11:49 pm
hot car. it's happening more often. already this year 23 children across the country have died of heat stroke in vehicles compared to 25 children in all of 2015. >> it seems easy. i'm not going to forget my kid in the car. anybody can do it. anybody can put a lapse of memory. putting your purse in the backseat will make you look back there. >> reporter: vehicles and car seats come with technology that can alert drivers reminding them to look in the back before marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. a dog lover in washington state says she rescued a dog from a hot car and ended up getting a ticket for her effort. kathy shot this video of a terrier in a parking lot. security guards didn't act and the dog had food and water and the car windows were halfway
11:50 pm
she was thankful that we got the dog out of the car when it seemed like it was a bad situation. >> i can't go to the hospital now. this ticket prohibits me from visiting my sister. >> the hospital told her because of how she handled that situation she would be trespassing if she came back. cooler heads did prevail and the ticket has been thrown out. new information about that around naked in times square. he was reportedly dropped by the ford modelling agency last week. he broke his arm when he jumped from the ticket booth last month after badgering police. the 21-year-old columbia student has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for weeks. when we come back, jeff has an update on the exclusive
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as if sky diving isn't nerve racking enough, one 42-year-old man wanted more of a challenge. he jumped out of a plane without a parachute or a wing suit. luke aikens became the first person to make a two minute free fall without the shoot. he landed in a net. the sky diver has jumped more than 18,000 times. was 12 years old. >> wow. just amazing the precision. federal scientists say a massive die off is taking place at a coral reef in the gulf of mexico. it's part of the flower garden banks national marine sanctuary. government researchers say the number of
11:54 pm
is just beginning. >> that is bad news for that region. the news for us tonight is all of this rain. how much of this will be a factor when we're heading into work tomorrow? >> we're going to have to watch the batch of thunderstorms into the morning. especially early commuters getting up around daybreak between 5 and 7:00 a.m. then during the course of tomorrow similar to today. you get a couple of showers and thunderstorms and contain heavy downpours. 71 now and we're getting the rain out there. the wind from the northeast at 8 miles per hour. we've had nearly an inch of rain in new york city. that all occurred in a very, very short period of time about an hour and a half ago. tomorrow, our computer model is showing the chance of getting a shower or thunderstorm at any point during the day. won't be raining the whole time. there might be a few peaks of
11:55 pm
headed out and about tomorrow. .99 inches of rain in central park. almost two and a quarter inches in poughkeepsie. check out tom's river. over a half a foot of rain. much of that occurred in the predawn hours of this morning. there were reports of significant flooding down by island state beach park. you head to white plains. it's very hit or miss. if you're in the hit area you situation. we have a flood advisory urban northeastern parts of new jersey. we're talking union county and a flood watch in effect for much of northwestern new jersey and wrapping around to include monmouth county right through 11:00 tomorrow night. the atmosphere is so primed to produce downpours. a lot of the areas got rainfall and it won't take much to cause minor flooding. here's the radar picture right
11:56 pm
bit. you're getting a heavy downpour moving across koeny island. there's showers redeveloping over essex and union counties tending to move into new york city. heavy rain exiting fairfield county, connecticut. we're watching this batch of thunderstorms over pennsylvania. that's with a disturbance that could cause rain around the morning commute tomorrow. especially south of new york city. lots of storm reports and flooding reports this evening over parts of bge or so in the park. could be a shower or thunderstorm any time tonight or any time during the day tomorrow. don't be surprised if you get one. 80 during the afternoon. low pressure getting out of the picture by tuesday into wednesday and that means we're going to be drying things out. here's the accuweather forecast, another shower and maybe another thunderstorm around. the low down to 71. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. could be a shower or storm at
11:57 pm
shower or tuesday. looks like a quieter day. we lower the humidity. 85 on thursday and the humidity is back up. saturday could be a shower or storm around 88. amy freeze in for bill evans to keep you updated. that is the news for now. thank you for staying up with us. >> i'm sandra bookman. roll all summer with a jersey classic -- dunkin's savory new pork roll breakfast sandwich is here. crave it while you can.
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castle: so, what do you think? this feels different, doesn't it? what does? rolling up to a crime scene as a married couple. we're like nick and nora charles. ooh, like "mcmillan & wife." "hart to hart." "turner & hooch." turner and hooch aren't even married. yeah, but you still remind me a little of hooch. [ camera shutter clicks ] so, uh, morning blend? did this just happen? ryan: yeah. jogger found him about an hour ago. lanie: which was about the time he died. needless to say, pretty obvious what killed him. gunshot wound to the head. "him" being paul reeves out of queens. we're running down next of kin. anyone hear the shot? no, and there's no video coverage in this area of the park. the killer probably knew that. took reeves' phone, cash from his wallet, and probably waltzed right out of here. looks like a mugging gone wrong. well, there's no signs of struggle. if this was a mugging and he didn't put up a fight, why risk shooting him, especially in broad daylight? singed fabric.


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