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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, backlash growing. donald trump's comments about a fallen soldier's family, now a flash point in the campaign. the republican nominee getting blasted from members of his own party an by hillary clinton. we're live in washington. extreme weather. several inches o flooding streets in the northeast. the cleanup underway in maryland after a town is devastated by flash floods. plus, tracking the tropics. the storm starting to take shape that could soon become a pr tropical storm. hours after being crowned being criticized for social media posts that use racial slurs. this morning she and the pageant are commenting about the
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and fans injured at a demolition derby after a car part flies into the stands. good monday morning. i'm linzie janis. >> and i'm nick watt. diane and kendis are off. we begin with growing controversy on the campaign trail. >> it centers on donald trump and the family of a was killed in iraq. this is his grave at arlington national cemetery surrounded by flowers and notes from visitors yesterday. his mother and father took on trump last week at the democratic convention and trump has been firing back. abc's maggie ruehli is in washington with the details. good morning to you, maggie. >> reporter: good morning, nick and linzie. donald trump is feeling the heat
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the backlash against donald trump comes after his reaction to this moment from the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> reporter: a heartbroken father calling out the nominee while giving a raw and emotional tribute to his son who died fighting in iraq. trump responding in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos. >> i think i made a lot i work very, very hard. i've created thousands of and thousands of jobs. >> reporter: but trump had more to say. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: she says grief kept her from speaking but not anymore. >> i was in pain and all america felt that pain. >> reporter: hillary clinton blasting trump for his comments while out campaigning this weekend. >> and attack as he did on
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star mother, i don't know where the bounds are. >> reporter: senator mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan sidestepped the comments. he went after his proposed muslim band. in a moving tribute people gathered at the grave of captain khan leaving flowers and letters to the fallen soldier. gop vice presidential candidate mike pence released a statement overnight saying both he and trum american hero. all this with just 100 days to go, guys. >> maggie rulli, live in washington. thank you. many along the eastern seaboard are waking up to a soggy mess this morning. flooding, power outages and soaking rains continued. a very wet and in some areas deadly weekend trend. overnight, drenching rain in the northeast. water flowing through the
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by downpours. parts of the state receiving up to 7 inches of rain in just 48 hours. >> there's people in the water. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: those storms part of the same weather system that caused deadly flooding over the weekend in maryland. >> get out of the car. flash floods ripping through ellicott city killing two. one man tries to help her but is knocked down. moments later a human chain forms as the woman crawls out of her car finally pulled to safety. this morning, the cleanup is under way. cars stacked on top of each other, buildings washed away. abc's gloria riviera is there. >> this scene right here gives you a sense of the force of the flooding. a car flipped sideways, a second one smashed into it. the smell of gas is in the air,
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anything like it. >> reporter: tragedy on the beach. a lightning strike killing a 5-year-old boy on vacation with his family. and right now, tracking the tropics. a weather system in the caribbean with a 70% chance of becoming a named storm. possibly heading into the gulf of mexico. everyone in the hardest hit areas probably want to know if they'll have a chance today to dry out. >> let's g meteorologist paul williams. he has the answer for us. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning to you, as well. nick, linzie. on monday we're bracing for the possibility of flash flooding to occur along the travel delays all along 95. that includes three major cities, new york, philadelphia, and d.c. local heavy thunderstorms, you can see that will reach into portions of virginia, right into d.c., right into delaware as
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york, philly, d.c. nick, linzie. >> thanks, paul. and now breaking news from afghanistan. where there's been a terror attack on a hotel where many westerners stay. the taliban has claimed responsibility saying it used a truck bomb to carry out the attack this morning in kabul. the powerful blast shook much of the city. one police officer was killed in the explosion. pope francis is explaining that scary stumble last week. it happened poland. the pope says he was watching an image of the madonna and forgot there was a step. the pope says he avoided injury by just allowing himself to fall instead of trying to resist the forward motion. nasa plans to take a closer look at a big rock that could give the earth a big jolt. the space agency is launching a steady of an armageddon asteroid named bennu.
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us. if it hit the impact would be 200 times the strength of the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima. scary? are you scared are. >> not yet. i might. >> still ahead, a new warning overnight connected to a flop f recall. zika concerns growing after those first likely cases of it being spread locally in the u.s. while this square mile near miami is being called ground zero. plus, caught on camera.
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the wheel caught on camera. a car flipping over nearly one dozen times. after that ended, the work by the good samaritans began. check this out. they pulled the driver out of the wreck through a window. he is expected to be okay. investigators do not know yet what caused that crash. and health workers in miami are now going door to door to chec zika virus. spray has increased after four cases were discovered within one square mile near downtown miami. news that these appear to be the first locally transmitted zika cases in the u.s. is raising concerns, especially among potential mothers. abc's dr. richard besser dr. besser has some advice. >> what we know is that zika has been transmitted in one neighborhood around miami. so if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant you may want to avoid that area.
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mosquito that could transmit this disease exists. so if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant use repellent but at this point no one is recommending any travel warnings for that area. dr. richard besser, abc news, miami. and this one square mile area is being called ground zero. zika carrying mosquitoes don't travel very far from where they're born. that has allowed health officials to zero in on this area. and a major recall of flour caution to bakers. general mills has recalled 45 million pounds of flour testing points to its being tainted with e. coli bacteria at a company facility in kansas city, missouri. at least sickened in 21 states. to help avoid problems the fda says consumers should never taste raw cookie dough or cake batter. and we've now got a decent idea of when apple will release
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a seemingly well sourced analyst says apple's official announcement on the device will be wednesday, september 7th. he also says preorders will begin on september 9th. and it will be released on the 16th. it was "jason bourne" ruling the weekend box office. fans waited nearly a decade for matt damon to return as the super spy. "jason bourne" brought in $60 million. "star trek beyond" was second with 24 "bad moms" was just behind in a close third. are you going to go see "bad moms"? >> top of my list. but when we come back, deadly hot air balloon crash. new details this morning about what might have caused it as family members of one victim speak out. >> and the newly crowned miss teen usa under fire after some of her old social media posts
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? tag, you're it. tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. more than 40,000 acres have burned as a wildfire near california's big sur enters its tenth day. dozens of homes destroyed but the fire is now burning away from houses. another wildfire north of fresno has forced the evacuation of 300 homes. checking your morning road conditions, it's going to be clear across most of california
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road, though, in the southwest, same goes for most of the eastern half of the country. and if you are flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, new york, washington, charlotte and atlanta. this morning, there are new details in that deadly balloon accident in texas. >> investigators say the hot air balloon came into contact with high intensity power lines moments before the crash on saturday morning. there were also reports it was foggy at the time. killed including sunday rowan who bought it as a birthday gift for her husband. she leaves behind a 5-year-old son. >> for our family the focus is going to be a 5 n1/2-year-old that has lost a mother and we have to move forward and he is our main focus. >> we had a conversation with him this morning, very tough conversation but i seemed to
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expected, i guess. but he's with his niece and his nephew and his uncles and trying to do the best we can. >> reporter: four team cell phones and three cameras were recovered and investigators hope the file moments of the flight were captured so they can learn more about what caused the crash. a major scare at a demolition derby in utah after one collision, the driveshaft from a truck was thrown 30 rows deep into the crowded bleachers. the metal piece about three feet lo had to be taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. a murder warrant has been issued in austin, texas, following a deadly shooting in the city's entertainment district. witnesses describe a chaotic scene when gunfire erupted on a crowded treat. a woman from california was killed and three others injured in the weekend attack. police say the suspect endicott mccray is still at large and may be armed.
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following a deadly shooting north of seattle. police say alan ivanov was armed with an assault rifle when he opened fire at a house party. three teens kill including his ex-girlfriend. he was studying computer science. the new miss teen usa is keeping her crown despite the discovery of racist tweets from her past. amid a firestorm of controversy karlie hay has a those tweets saying she's grown as a person since posting them. >> miss teen usa. >> reporter: this morning, the newly crowned miss teen usa at the center of a twitter scandal. >> miss teen 2016 is miss texas. >> reporter: not long after taking home the title on saturday, karlie hay coming under fire after a series of racist tweets from her social
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show hey using the "n" word repeatedly causing an online firestorm. many expressing their outrage. the former miss texas teen taking to social media admitting that something she's not proud of and there's no excuse for. overnight the miss universe organization defended their winner saying she will keep her crown and that the organization is committed to supporting the guolf season's final major came down to the last true strokes. jason day piled the pressure on jimmy walker sinking an eagle on the 18th hole. at that point day was down by just one stroke. but walker held his nerve, powering the 18th and winning by one shot. walker led the tournament wire to wire. it's his first win in a major. up next in "the pulse," the
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well. hosts john cena and victoria justice took on hillary clinton and donald trump, cena went with the hillary hair, pearls and pink pants suit. justice nailed it with the dark power suit and, of course, the hair. >> oh, yes, the hair. and vin diesel next up, he has achieved quite a distinction over the weekend. >> oh, sorry. >> the "fast and furious" became the first actor to hit 100 million likes -- nick. the third human being to reach this milestone. diesel joins shakira and cristiano ronaldo, soccer star. you're surprised i knew how to say his name. >> nice, well done. >> the 100 million likes club. most of diesel's fans are in the u.s., brazil and mexico. his most shared post was a tribute to his "fast and furious" co-star and friend, paul walker.
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all but certain to make its way into the late night comic monologue. check out this tree in england. >> because you're not going to be the only juan to say it resembles a certain republican presidential candidate and his famous hairdo, all natural, by the way, an old elm tree a photographer happened to spot in a field. >> not topiary. topiary. he says, quote, i not every day that you see a tree that looks like so odd, he said. >> very odd. and the message from an erupting volcano in hawaii is pretty clear. there's a smiley face in the middle of how do you pronounce it. >> kilauea. >> kilauea. well done. >> evil laugh that that volcano is making right now? a videographer from a tour
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checking our top story, donald trump holes rallies today in ohio and pennsylvania. he's facing harsh criticism for his comments about the parents of a muslim-american soldier who was killed in iraq. hillary clinton has harshly criticized trump for his comments and says the election is a chance for voters to pick country over party. today clinton attends an event in omaha, nebras flash flooding outside baltimore. there's a state of emergency in ellicott city. floods also caused havoc in new york and new jersey overnight knocking out power in many areas. checking out today's weather, the flooding and down of pours continue along i-95. there is a danger of flash floods especially into the evening hours, we're talking about the northeast. finally from us this morning, imagine jumping from a
4:28 am
without a parachute. one man just did it. >> he lived to tell the tale about his death-defying freefall. abc's kayna whitworth talked to luke aikins about how he pulled it off. >> jumpers away. >> reporter: freefall. this man in green plummeting 25,000 feet to earth. no parachute, no wingsuit. broadcast live on fox television, the world watching. what makes you the most nervous. >> i have a wife and a son. i plan on time. being a pain in his neck for when we get older. >> reporter: how did he pull off this death defying feat, a net 20 stories off the ground his only chance at survival. his helmet beats if he's off target. dummies dropped from helicopters to test the net, one crashing right through. aikins' team making accuweathers. aikins dropped from a crane
4:29 am
and the practice jumps. how many types have you jumped in the last six months. >> i have 200 jumps training for it. >> reporter: speeding down at 120 miles an hour, the daredevil nails it. >> he's in. and he's kicking and moving. >> reporter: landing to cheers and relieved hugs. >> history made as he hugs his wife. >> reporter: luke aikins surviving the ultimate thrill ride. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> 4.7 miles off size of a football field. >> ridiculous. >> crazy and he's got a wife and a kid. >> and a child. all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. check us out at
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breaking at 4:30 police are looking fo killed two men in brooklyn overnight. demonstrators threatening to shut down city hall. an accuweather alert day. more trenching downpours. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it's monday, august 1st. amy freeze in for bill with the accuweather forecast.


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