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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. state of emergency. >> oh, my god. >> east. half a foot of rain in just two hours sweep as way cars. at least two people killed. 120 water rescues. people link hands to form a human chain saving this driver. now the east on alert for more dangerous flooding. new trouble for donald trum war of words with a muslim family of a fallen u.s. soldier who told the nation trump does not know real sacrifice. >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country. >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the candidate facing outrage from both parties and what he told george about president putin that is unleashing a new firestorm. the search for answers after
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accident in u.s. history. the newlyweds on board posting photos just moments before the crash. now investigators on the scene recovering cameras and phones asking for the public's help. and beauty queen backlash. miss teen usa under fire moments after she is crowned twitter posts emerge where she used racial slurs. why the pageant says they will stick by her. we do say good morning, america. hope everyone had a great weekend, a very busy weekend for you, george. your interview with donald trump making headlines. trump battling with the family of a fallen u.s. soldier and those comments he made to you about russia's president. >> we covered a lot of ground. we'll hear from the khan family as well and a new poll out showing hillary clinton getting a convention bounce. cbs news has her up seven points over donald trump, /39. they were tied before the democratic convention. we'll have more on that coming
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floods. maryland's governor has glared a state of emergency after a devastating storm tore through ellicott city killing at least two people. abc's gio benitez is on the scene in ellicott city, good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. just take a look at this unbelievable sight. this neighborhood is historic since the revolutionary war in the 1700s and now it's destroyed. deadly flash floods devastating two people. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: making for mayhem on main street in the baltimore suburb. watch as this man tries to save a woman trapped in her submerged car. first swept away by rushing waters. only to fight his way upstream to help form a human chain. the woman crawling out of her car window and finally pulled to
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>> you have to. >> washed down the street. i thought he was gone. it was unbelievable. this just one of at least 120 water rescues. after more than 6 inches of rain fell in just a few hours. causing the river to quickly rise to 13 feet. engulfing everything in its path. >> there's people in the water. >> wash as these people are left clinging on to their swept away >> oh, my god. >> cars carried by saturday's historic flood littering main street. >> it was like a raging river. >> reporter: total devastation left in the raging river's wake. these storefronts gutted. sidewalks reduced to rubble. overnight the same disastrous storm system causing more flooding in new jersey and severe thunderstorms in north carolina. >> 5-year-old boy struck by lightning. cpr in progress. >> reporter: where lightning struck and took the life of a
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and back out here live in maryland, you can see one of those cars we were talking about, the floodwaters just taking it away. by the way, scientists tell us there is a 0.1% chance of this kind of rain event ever happening and clearly here in maryland it did, george. >> wow, 0.1%. okay, gio, thanks very much. to ginger and where this is heading. >> where it's head something right back in the same region. it wasn't just maryland. look at this from new jersey. have those water rescues ongoing and now that's my problem. all these more than 6, 7 inches of rain. newark, delaware up there in central and western new jersey and right back into parts of maryland, the ground is just so saturated. so when we have storms later this afternoon and evening, we have the potential for flash floods. so flash flood watch west of new york city, treptszen, allentown. what you have to look out for is 1 to even 3 inches and some spots could get isolated storms that produce 4 plus inches of rain and that will be a huge issue. that's late they are afternoon and evening.
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now to the race for the white house. donald trump sparking a firestorm after taking on the father of a fall un-u.s. soldier who spoke at the democratic convention. trump is firing back saying he was viciously attacked. abc's tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the back and forth getting heated after trump sat down with george. critics say trump crossed the line taking on a gold star family but trump says they started it first by attacking him and his policies. growing fight with the muslim parents of a fallen u.s. soldier. >> he is a black soul and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. >> reporter: the khans lost their son u.s. army captain humayun khan to a car bomb in iraq. they came out strong against donald trump's muslim ban at the democratic convention. >> have you ever been to arlington cemetery?
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united states of america. you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> reporter: trump wasn't happy. seeming to question the sincerity of the speech if an exclusive interview with george. >> who wrote that? did hi write that. >> reporter: trump questioning the silence from mrs. khan during the speech. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: ghazala khan telling us she was too emotional to speak. the image of her deceased son right behind her. >> i don't want anybody in the world to have this pain but i don't see every person with a heart, the kind heartfelt it.
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say anything. i'm so sorry, mr. trump. i'm so sorry for your heartless thinking. i'm very sorry. >> reporter: but it was this exchange with george that has fueled this new trump controversy. >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. success. i think -- >> those are sacrifices? >> oh, sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> reporter: trump tweeting later i was viciously attacked by mr. khan at the democratic convention. am i not allowed to respond? senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan releasing statements, not condemning trump but emphasizing praise on captain khan and his parents as patriots. hillary clinton putting it this way. >> to have trump do what he did,
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are. i don't know where the bottom is. >> reporter: now, in that interview trump also signaled he wasn't happy that some of the upcoming debate dates coincide with nfl games. trump saying the nfl sent him a letter expressing their concern while the nfl says they never sent a letter. the trump campaign correcting the record saying mr. trump was made aware of the conflict by a source close to the league. guys, so many headlines coming out of that interview. >> it really was. >> a lot of news. let's talk about it with matt dowd and martha raddatz we've seen trump get into tussles like this before and took on that indiana judge. he took on john mccain. didn't seem to make a difference. as this is happening we have this new poll out showing a fairly healthy bounce for hillary clinton. >> he also took on the pope in the course of the primary campaign in this. we are in a different moment and this is a moment, if you recall, like what happened to sarah palin. much of what she said before she got in the tussle of the
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now with 100 days left every single thing willing looked at much differently than it was in the primary and this couldn't have come at a worse time for donald trump as the democrats left their convention with what most people thought was a very good convention. >> martha, a lot of focus on national security and russia policy and that interview and for donald trump right now i want to play more of the interview and ask you about it. let's take a listen. >> just so you understand he's not going to go into ukraine. you can mark it down, take it -- but i'm not there. you have obama there and frankly that whole part of the world is a mess under obama with all the strength that you're talking about and all of the power of nato and all of this in the meantime, he's going -- he takes crimea and -- >> you said you might recognize that. >> i'm going to take a look at it but, you know, the people of crimea from what i've heard would rather be with russia than where they were. >> and, martha, that feeds the narrative you're seeing from the clinton campaign that donald
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also that he might be soft on russia. >> it certainly does, george. foreign policy is certainly not made on flattery alone and the u.s. relationship with russia has been especially tense over russia's incursions into ukraine, crimea and support of the syrian president, the best example of the late those dangerous flybys of our ships. not clear what trump was getting at when he said the russians wouldn't go into ukraine since you poied there. i think he was saying if he becomes president that won't happen anymore because he'll have a great relationship with putin but i think he would find it much more complicated than that. >> okay, martha raddatz, matt dowd, thanks very much. george, on to the democratic ticket looking to build on momentum from the convention they did receive a bump from the convention. hillary clinton and tim kaine hitting key battleground states over the weekend answering questions about issues they disagree on.
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make our case to america. >> reporter: we're now just starting the home stretch. so clinton and kaine are wasting no time taking their message out to the states that will likely decide the race. >> this is the part of the campaign i really like. >> reporter: but already this new political couple is having some growing pains. >> let's repeal laws like the hyde amendment. >> i support the hyde amendment. i haven't changed that. >> reporter: on cnn this weekend tim kaine his own man on the abortion ash supporting the ban to pay for abortions. a provision clinton has vowed to repeal. >> as vice president i had to get comfortable with the notion that i can have my personal views but i'm going to support the president of the united states and i will. >> reporter: but clinton has much bigger differences with her republican rival telling audiences here she sees trump as dangerous. >> he is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president
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>> reporter: that's a message she hopes will resonate here in the rust belt, a region critical to donald trump's victory strategy. today clinton heads to omaha, nebraska, and she'll be joined there by billionaire warren buffett, george. >> looking to pick up that one electoral vote. okay, david, thanks very much. the latest on the zika emergency in the united states. health officials report four cases caused by mosquitoes in florida. our dr. richard besser is on the scene in miami and, rich, officials there are convening a crucial mee >> yeah, good morning, george. there's a lot of concern about the four cases of zika here in miami and whether they could indicate a larger outbreak. the florida governor will meet with community groups and we hear that florida and the cdc hope to have an update later today. we'll be listening to see whether the travel advisories will change. this morning, florida zika fears have come true. >> four people in our state likely have the zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite. >> reporter: for the first time,
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home. not related to outside travel. but from bites they got right here in the u.s. florida health officials say all four cases were located here in these two counties near miami. all were likely bitten at the beginning of july. >> that's really scary. >> something to worry about. >> reporter: while cases of zika have been found in states all those but one were linked to travel to 1 of the 64 countries and territories where zika is common. the case not involving travel was due to a lab accident. door to door heavily spraying so-called zika hot zones and testing neighbors looking for any signs that the virus is still here. hoping to contain it before it spreads further. >> once something starts, we nip it in the bud. >> reporter: overseas travelers are on edge. both england and ireland have now issued travel alerts warning all pregnant women to avoid n nonessential travel to florida. but for those living in the area, the fear of zika is pressing.
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to see more action. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood where those cases occurred and they're going door to door handing out these pamphlets. the key message for pregnant women and other, use repellent, avoid mosquito bites. george. >> okay, rich, thanks very much. now to amy for today's other top stories. you had a major new fire in the west. >> getting images now of the massive new wildfire in western montana. flames up to 200 feet high have burned more than 2,000 acres. this is in the national forest forcing the evacuation of 500 homes and there's an even bigger threat in california where 5300 firefighters are now battling that blaze near big sur threatening thousands of homes. a bulldozer operator was killed while helping fire crews. well, overseas right now the taliban is claiming responsibility for a truck bomb today in a hotel popular with foreign contractors in kabul, afghanistan. the explosion shook much of the city and at least one police
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catholic mass in france on sunday in a show of solidarity following the murder of a priest by teenagers linked to isis. one group held a banner saying, love for all. pope francis told reporters it is not fair to equate islam with violence. he said every religion has a small group of fundamentalists. well, there is a new warning for athletes ahead of the rio olympics, a study by the associated press found the city's water is still dangerously dirty with waste experts are advising swimmers and travelers not to put their heads in the open water. well, some frightening moments at this demolition derby in utah after a collision, the driveshaft of a truck flew into the stands 30 rows deep. the piece of metal hitting three people but thankfully they are all expected to be okay. and finally, the photo that may trump them all.
7:16 am
photographed in england. i'm guessing by the laughter you see the resemblance. we'll show a side-by-side comparison that the " is calling -- the signature hair, mouth, everything is quite the same and he added that perhaps it's a warning about who which be president in november. he saw it as a sign in the coun countryside of england. >> i thought lincoln. >> i thought too. >> the hair. >> i got it. thank you, amy. now to story. take a look at this terrifying crash caught on camera. the car flipping nearly a dozen times before coming to a stop. good samaritans then racing to save the driver who not only survived but was conscious. abc's t.j. holmes tells us about this incredible story. >> good morning. we're about to tee this video up for our viewers again. if you haven't asked already how in the world did anybody survive that? well, possibly due in part to the fact that the bystanders
7:17 am
arrive. they became the rescue crew. this is not a hollywood stunt. this is a real-life crash caught on surveillance video in florida. the footage shows the moments the car goes out of control and flips over and over and over. leaving a debris field. >> we walked out and looked to see what was going on, looked like a war zone. >> reporter: the video also shows good samaritans rushing to the rescue. one brings a fire extinguisher to fight the everybody else was doing and if there were enough we could flip it. >> they used good old-fashioned manpower to turn the car over and pull the man out. >> the windows were completely crushed. the frame was bent, couldn't get the doors open so that was pretty much the main lead in my opinion of getting the guy out of the car. whenever we flipped it over i noticed it had a sunroof on it and immediately i jumped on top
7:18 am
how we were going to get the guy out. >> reporter: after bystanders performed the rescue, emergency crews airlifted the driver to a nearby hospital. >> it's crazy that, you know, that car did flip so many times and that actually was somebody in there that survived. >> whoo. >> survived, conscious, not clear about his condition but in the hospital this morning, nobody else was injured. hit a couple of cars, but they're trying to figure out what in the world caused that. how is that possible. >> how they jumped into action like back to ginger. possible tropical storm you're taoing about. >> right into the heart of atlantic hurricane season starting to heat up a little.
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all i can think with t.j.'s flipping car, that is a car safety commercial ready to go. i'm getting in that one. i don't know about you all. >> you got that right. coming up new clues in the
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accident in u.s. history. what caused this devastating crash. we'll hear from investigators next. and the newly crowned miss teen usa under fire for offensive comments on twitter. we'll have what she's saying about the scandal and why the pageant is standing by her all coming up on "gma." well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot. i do say that, you see... i study psychobiology. i'm a fine arts major. nobody really believes that i take notes this way, but they actually make sense to me. ver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient. i used to be a mac user but this is way better. to those who don't run from mud...but through it. who know it wasn't a day at the beach... unless someone got buried. to the fullbacks...
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. good morning, it's 7:23, i'm ken rosato. we continue to follow breaking news in brooklyn. two men are dead after a out of control driver hit them. they were speeding down the road. the driver hit two parked cars before getting out and running off. police are searching for the suspect. a police officer in connecticut is recovering in the hospital after being attacked, he is accused of punching and kicking dan berry officer joe pooler. pooler saw him pacing and thought he might ned help. he hit pooler in the head and on the body. the officer was able to get back to his car and call for
7:24 am
wild card quest on hold for the annual battle for new york bragging rights. they host the pinstripes in the subway series and gyms shift to yankee stadium. lo gap is slated to take the mound for the mets.
7:25 am
this is the bqe, that's the southbound side, see the pole, that's the reason for this big delays with vie on the bqe. northeast, near the brooklyn bridge, a car hit a pole. the pole is in the southwest side. that's going to be an issue for us this morning. we are checking out montauk
7:26 am
far, so good. issues with the q trains and the street cleaning rules in effect for today. time to check the accuweather forecast. amy freeze in for bill. we have the threat of flooding downpours today, a flash flood watch north central new jersey, hunterton, warren, sussex, most likely to see the heavy down you are pours that could cause flash flooding. a shower or threat for today, high of 80 gr tomorrow stray shower early and we dry out. wednesday, thursday and friday, low to mid-80s. a good stretch of weather in to the weekend. by friday, hot and sticky, typical fist weekend of august, temperatures in the upper 80s, friday and saturday and sunday. that's the news for now, coming up, the latest from safety regulators on the deadly balloon crash in texas that
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hocolate creme flavored filling. try new belvita sandwich breakfast biscuits. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the aftermath of that those deadly floods in maryland washing out so much killing two and wreaking havoc in ellicott city. a state of emergency declared and they on alert for more. donald trump making a lot of headlines. trump getting into a war of words with the parents of a fallen u.s. soldier, also sparking backlash for his comments on russia and ukraine as a new poll shows hillary clinton getting a post-convention bounce. and this morning a skydiver celebrating. back on solid ground, a leap of a lifetime breaking records jumping 25,000 feet without a parachute. >> wow. >> we'll tell you how he did it just ahead.
7:31 am
"suicide squad" taking over times square. all those fans lining up outside our studio when it was still dark outside adam beach signing them. margot robbie, viola davis and so many more talking about what happened behind the scenes. >> fans were out here dark and early. >> yes, they were. the very latest on the worst balloon crash in u.s. history. 16 people were killed after their hot air balloon caught fire in texas, fell f sky. this morning we're learning more about the victims and the crash. abc's david kerley is in lockhart, texas with more. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, it was about this time of morning when that flight took off with all 16 people on board, the balloon hit those power lines you see behind me, all were lost. this video obtained by abc news showing the final journey of the hot air balloon flying over texas, just minutes later it would fall to the ground in
7:32 am
the balloon took off outside of austin, texas, traveling for eight miles before suddenly exploding. >> you could see that they were just stuck. the flames that go into the balloon, they were coming on and going off. >> reporter: the sunrise flight was delayed for 20 minutes with clouds and fog in the area. investigators say the balloon hit the high tension wires as it descending. among the passengers, 34-year-old newlyweds matt and sunday rowan. sunday bought it as a gift for her army m survivors, we knew we had lost her. >> reporter: matt texted his volleyball team saying this has been rescheduled a dozen times for weather and i didn't think it would happen. they posted pictures of their day from helping to set up taking off, even posting parts of the flight. the last picture, posted 12 minutes before the end. another couple on the balloon,
7:33 am
time with their kids and grandchildren. >> i went outside and seen a flame and the high line. i went on down there and it was this basket underneath the high line burning. >> reporter: the bodies were found near the basket of the balloon. investigators gathered 18 cell phone, cameras and ipads which they hope will enable them to piece together the final moments of the flight. the pilot of the balloon is said to have many years experience. he spoke about his love of flying to our abc station >> being a pilot or are you just going to be a passenger and crew and i proceeded to be a pilot. >> he loved what he did. his utmost priority was the safety to his passengers. >> reporter: the ntsb is calling for more regulation of this industry pointing out that in just the past five years there have been 60 incidents involving balloons. now these devices, the cell phones and cameras are being packed up and will be shipped
7:34 am
lab. they are really hoping there is video or pictures that will show the last moments of flight and help solve this mystery. robin. >> all right, david, thank you very much. joining us now is robert zumwalt, a member of the national transportation safety board helping with the investigation in lockhart. sir, thank you very much for your time this morning. what more can you share with us about the investigation at this point? >> we're trying to put together a time line for exactly how this tragic event good progress but still have a long way to go. >> you say the launch was delayed something like 20 minutes because of fog. is weather being considered a factor? >> well, weather is always something that we look at and we're not exactly sure why the flight was delayed by approximately 20 minutes. we are going to interview the ground crew today and that's one of the very questions we want to find out is was there any particular reason why this flight was delayed.
7:35 am
i know you're looking into that. >> certainly we're looking at the power lines. it's pretty suspicious that the balloon ended up right below the power lines. power lines are a factor in 15% of ballooning accidents. >> and speaking of ballooning accidents you said yesterday that this type of balloon may have been involved in another crash. can you elaborate? >> there have been two other accidents involving this specific type but there are 110 of these balloons registered in the united states. >> two years ago the ntsb warned that something like this could happen and you wanted them to tighten regulations, in fact, you said yesterday you called their response, quote, unacceptable. had they heeded this warning could this tragedy have been avoided, sir? >> we do feel that in a general sense there needs to be greater
7:36 am
regulator has a responsibility to provide oversight when people are exchanging money to go for a ride. there needs to be a greater level of oversight than there currently is. >> is it safe for people to go up in a hot air balloon? >> is it safe to go in a hot air balloon? that's a great question. any time we defy gravity, there's a certain risk associated with that and unfortunately the tragic events of sat that risk is greater than we're willing to accept. >> but you're not saying people should not go up in a hot air balloon? >> i would suspect riding in a hot air balloon would be a wonderful way to spend a lovely morning or a lovely evening, but it is important to make sure that for one thing that the weather is good before we go. i think that's very important. we're not saying that the weather is, indeed, a factor here but certainly one of the things that the ntsb is looking at. >> well, thank you for the work
7:37 am
we appreciate it very much. take care. >> thank you. >> and we're certainly thinking of the families. >> we are. a lot of questions before you go up. we'll move on and switch gears to a scandal surrounding the newly crowned miss teen usa under fire for using offensive language in a series of old tweets and now apologizing. the organization says she'll get to keep her title. abc's linzie janis has the details. >> miss teen usa 2016 is texas. >> rep newly crowned miss teen usa at the center of a twitter scandal. >> miss teen usa. >> reporter: not long after taking home the title in las vegas saturday, karlie hay coming under fire after a series of racist tweets from her social media account came back to haunt her. the tweets dating back to 2013 show hey using the "n" word repeatedly while writing to friends on twitter.
7:38 am
taking to social media admitting she has used the language publicly in the past. and it's not something she's proud of and there is no excuse for. citing personal struggles as the cause. the tweets causing an online firestorm. many expressing their outrage. former miss teen usa cammy crawford called out hey questioning why she left the tweets up knowing she was competing for the crawford tweeting if you win any pageant first things first clean up your page because if you're under 21 you shouldn't be drinking and if you're white the "n" word ain't your word. overnight the miss universe organization defended their winner saying she will keep her crown and that the organization is committed to supporting her continued growth. the pageant was already facing backlash for the lack of
7:39 am
finalists after the top five was revealed to include only blond white women. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> yeah, that was a surprising lineup right there. over to robin and you got a guest over there. >> yeah, you know it's a big board when nick watt is making a personal appearance so we'll talk about the olympic opening ceremony that's just days away now, security concerns, rio is facing a little bit of trouble there. and backlash is new matt damon movie months before it comes out and the reason nick watt is here, free-falling 125,000 feet, no parachute, we'll be back in two minutes. that's you right there. >> that's me. it was not me jumping out of the plane just to be clear. >> big board is coming up.
7:40 am
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we welcome you back. time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories and nick watt is
7:42 am
his story in just a moment. loved you on the overnight this morning at 4:00. >> thank you. alarming new security concerns in rio four days before the olympics begin. there are fears isis could target the games with a dirty bomb and reports that the international atomic energy agency has sent sophisticated detection equipment to brazil and joining us none other than espn's jeremy schaap. this is something. we've been talking a lot about what are the security concerns right now over there in rio? >> well, there are a lot of security concerns, robin, in rio right now but we understand there's not a lot of substance to the dirty bomb threat. that's mostly they're doing their due diligence if there were such a threat. however there had been credible threats on jihadi messaging channels targeting the games. they're taking that very seriously. remember the olympics are a vast
7:43 am
and making matters worse, the rio organizers, they just fired the company they hired a month ago today to hire 3,000 security officers to work outside the venues. they weren't getting the job done and will be replaced by police and military. >> it is a mess. you got to wonder what's next. you got security threats. zika. you got the water, dirty water right now. the doping scandal. facilities aren't done. gapes? >> well, you know, george, we talk about this often. right before the games, are they going to get it done? that was the story, of course, in 2004 in athens, beijing, 2008, sochi, 2014. but never before as you suggested have we seen so many problems plaguing one olympics but when the games do get under way assuming there is not some terrorist attack, something awful happens, most people will be focusing on the action.
7:44 am
get sick, something terrible doesn't happen but when the games start people want to see the competition. >> fingers crossed that is true, jeremy, thanks very much. let's move on to a backlash brewing over a new matt damon movie. trailer for "the great wall" shows him fighting a dangerous force outside the wall in china. want to bring in larry hackett from "people" magazine. he's getting criticized by constance wu most prominently from "fresh off said we have to stopper pet waiting the racist myth that only a white man can save the world. white washing, not the first time it's happened. >> no, i not the first time it's happened. there have been cases recently, emma stone was cast in a movie as a half asian, half hawaiian woman. tilda swinton has been cast and scarlett johansson in a movie based on a japanese character and all these roles should be going to asian actors so there's
7:45 am
white person, the white man has to come and save people of color and this is perpetuated over and over in these films and she's calling it out. >> going back to the oscars, even before that, there's a lot of conversation about the lack of diversity in hollywood. is there any impact that's having at all? >> well, you have to see what happens now. you know, even the complaints at the oscars about, you know, just white people being in these films, the real decisions have to be made in places like the grill and studios if movies come out. i think c the right thing but you have to keep the pressure on and it's only going to change if the studios tart to make pictures with people of color. doing it at the oscars is a little too late. >> larry, thank you. to that record-breaking death-defying stunt, luke aikins freefalling from 25,000 feet. wait for it. without a parachute. he lived to tell the tale. so did nick watt here with us now. let's look at the moment. he had people with them. they had safety chutes but he
7:46 am
see so the guys around you all have the chutes but you don't. how dangerous is this? of course it's very dangerous. >> he's nearly five miles up. he's jumping out without a parachute. i'm not sure we can say that too many times. he is going at terminal velocity and ailing for a net that's about a fifth of the size of a football field. it's like george jumping out of a plane dressed in a coat and tie. and he just makes it scared to watch. his wife was there. his 4-year-old son was there. and you saw him at the end there just two-minute fall last second flips around and gets in that net. not right in the middle but mercifully close enough. >> on live tv in all on live tv. there was a controversy whether or not he had to wear a chute. after this is what he had to say. >> i mean i'm almost levitating. it is incredible. this thing that just happened.
7:47 am
even get out of my mouth. it was all these guys, everybody, that made this happen. >> how did they make it happen? how does it work. >> he is a guy who's been skydiving since he was 12 years old. he's done 18,000 jumps but even he when he was first asked to do this two years ago, luke, i think you should jump out of a plane without a parachute he said no way then the idea was in there and, you know, the near impossible for a guy like this, irresistible. he did it. >> could it ab a future olympic sport there, jeremy? >> i surely hope not. they got enough ways to get in trouble in we don't need had. >> i don't like it. >> what a sane answer from jeremy. >> jeremy doesn't like it. >> i want to know how you pa for something like this. >> he did. he did with a dummy and the dummy fell through the nets. yeah. all right. nick, larry, jeremy, thank you very much. coming up in just two minutes our hot shot of the day. we hear from the swedish cop making headlines for nabbing a
7:48 am
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7:50 am
we are back now with this morning's hot shot many take a look at an off di-duty police officer. this photo going global liked more than 21,000 types. it shows mikaela kellner springs into action after she says a man pretending to sell newspapers stole her friend's cell phone. when he put up a fight she used her knee to hold him down in a bikini. here's what mikaela had to say about it. >> it's always the wrong choice to rob someone but now it was even bigger mistake to rob two cops. >> after mikaela went viral her friend found a superhero drawing online. she sent it to her and posted i on instagram as her thank you to the artist. >> job well done.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:55 am
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, a massive protest this morning to shut down city hall. starts 9:00 city hall park. the next in the escalation of protests by a coalition of groups based on the black lives matter movement. police have metal barriers to keep the crowds from getting in to hall. the protests will go all day long. streets in patterson and lynhurst look like rivers last night as severe flooding swept through carrying garbage debris. drivers became trapped in the rising waters. we are going to discuss our
7:57 am
belt parkway, the belt parkway as you go east, near jfk, the accident, only the shoulder squeezing by as you go to the eastbound side, we have problems on the bqe, northeast, near the brooklyn bridge, a car hit a pole. southwest, southbound side westbound side, the pole is blocking one lane. we can check out the web cam, i can show you the scene of the accident. the truck there, that's the pole, only one lane is open open. street cleaning rules in effect. meteorologist amy freeze in for bill with the accu weather forecast. >> another day with threatening storms, flash flood watch, north central new jersey until 11:00 tonight from the national weather service, flood wanting for mill stone creek, 2:00 p.m., expiration time as it reseeds, they hit flood stage at 5:00 a.m. this morning and seeing you will provements.
7:58 am
get lake offshore. be prepared for showers and thunderstorms. that's the news for you, coming up the cast of the suicide squad is
7:59 am
? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's a.m. state of emergency. deadly floods pound the east. responders form a human chain to save a woman from her car. more than 100 people rescued. new threats at this hour. also this morning, parenting alert. trampoline park injuries jump. increasing 12foal. warning for you and your children. ? go big or go home ? reinventing the high heel. the shoe innovators reshaping your stilettos. more comfy, less pressure. all fashion. becky putting the best to the test from cutting them open. >> i love power tools. >> to racing around the track, the shoes that will have you strutting in style. ? never been in love before ?
8:01 am
>> i came into this being very wary of falling in love with more than one person. i didn't see that happening to me and it did. >> who will she pick and who is headed for heartbreak? your exclusive sneak peek right here. all that and the "suicide squad" is taking over. >> jokers must be crazy. >> will smith, viola davis, margot robbie and more, summer's hottest villains here revealing secrets live as we say -- >> >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, america. great to have sara haines here this monday morning. also great to have the cast of "suicide squad." there they are right there. out there with the crowd. and we're going to test the stars. killer croc has the selfie stick going.
8:02 am
everyone in just a little bit. the fans have been lining up all night long. >> that's happening right above our heads. there is a party going on. why weren't we invited? thanks for the mugs. big i dos for two of our favorite friends, dancing pro kym johnson and "shark tank's" robert herjavec married last night. oh, great shot of kym from her bachelorette party on saturday. and maybe robert helped with all the dress shopping. who knows. all the deil videos from inside the wedding. derek hough was there, mark ballas. >> is that the first "dancing" weding? >> ooh. >> did somebody check on that? might be. >> could be. the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with donald trump firing back this morning in his feud with the muslim parents of an american soldier killed in iraq. it all began during an interview with george on sunday when trump seemed to question the sincerity of the khans who appeared in the democratic convention.
8:03 am
that speech. in response mr. khan said trump has a black soul and this morning khan claimed trump is missing the empathy needed to be a good leader. well, guess what trump fired back on twitter saying, this story is not about mr. khan who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather radical islamic terrorism and the u.s. get smart. and then trump tweeted this morning saying, mr. khan who does not know me viciously attacked me from the stage o doing the same. nice. a new national poll finds hillary clinton getting a post-convention bounce. she now leads donald trump by seven points. well, the other big story this morning, a state of emergency in maryland after what's being called a once in a thousand years flood. the raging floodwaters sweeping away car, destroying buildings and killing two people. abc's gio benitez is in ellicott city, maryland, with the latest. good morning, gio.
8:04 am
this is an historic town here for 250 years since that revolutionary war. just take a look. the river is actually on the other side of these buildings and in some cases we're told the floodwaters actually came from under the buildings and over so that's why you're seeing so much destruction. a piece of video that shows this human chain, people forming this human chain to rescue someone who was swept away by these floodwaters. she was in one of those cars and back out here, maryland, i can show you one of those this was just what happened here to so many cars, 180 of them. and they were all taken away. they were all towed but clearly a lot of rebuilding here, not sure if any of these buildings will stand. amy. >> incredibly devastating. gio, thank you. another parenting alert this morning about the pokemon go craze. a new study warning that the game which sends players outside to snap up virtual critters could lead your children into a dangerous trap. the study published by lawmakers
8:05 am
sex offenders' addresses were within less than a block of items featured in the game. in arizona investigators found one of the game's destinations was actually at a halfway house where dozens of sex offenders live. we reached out to makers of the game for comment and have not received a response yet. well, more children are being rushed to the hospital because of injuries suffered on a trampoline. figures out this morning show annual emergency room visits because of injuries at indoor trampoline parks and that is a 12fold increase in recent years as trampolines become more popular, doctors are calling for new safety guidelines saying they are surprised actually at the seriousness of the injuries. how about something to make you smile on a monday morning, robin? take a look. courtesy of hawaii's kilauea volcano, look at that. a helicopter tour first spotted this smiley face of the lava
8:06 am
>> natural phenomenon this morning. >> you know, things that are like other things. i know. >> such a gift. thank you. >> i can't top that smiling face. >> ah. >> magma. one more time. >> magma. magma. >> yeah. done that a few types and it never gets old. time now for "pop news." we begin with last night's teen choice awards. top prizes went to "captain america" civil war and "once upon a time." justin timberlake taking home the first ever decade award. here's a small part of his acceptance speech. >> i'm here to say you will make mistakes along the way, you will fall down. i have, many types even ali did, but what we do after that fall is how we make history. because impossible is nothing. >> the 35-year-old singer also
8:07 am
working with people from all walks of life. i love when people put that thought into the platform they have. >> nailed it. >> good year of speeches so far. tonight is the explosive finale of "the bachelorette" down to two men vying for jojo's heart, jordan and robby. escrow jo was left heartbroken at the end of "the bachelor" last season. who is she leaving behind tonight? we have an exclusive sneak peek. >> very wary of falling in didn't see that happening for me. and it did. i've never in my entire life chosen to say good-bye to love. have never done it. i don't know how i'm going to be able to do it. >> ooh. >> i thought you were going to give it away. >> no, we don't do that here, george. we tease, george. the finale at 8:00. tomorrow morning jojo and her guy if she picks one will be here live for her interview.
8:08 am
finally traveling can be exhausting thanks to busy airports and long walks between terminals. now there is a modobag. our interns are testing them out. >> i knew it. i knew you were going to bring them to the studio. >> i mean, come on. >> amy, you first talked about it. these new rideable suitcases in her newscast and travel up to six mys on a single charge. that's better than my phone. powered using a standard outlet. it is and reach a max speed of eight miles an o'donnell funded by indygogo. you can preorder right now for a cool $995. >> oh. a little fast. >> it is a little fast but i dare anyone the first time they see it to break into a sprint against the person. >> great interns we have. >> you don't think that took time to get any volunteers. would you like to come in and ride a bag for us. >> 995, huh. >> it doubles as transportation,
8:09 am
car, kind of. >> two. in one. thank you. >> take a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the dancing stars saying i do. all the details on kym johnson and robert herjavec's big dance down the aisle. then we are reinventing high heels. how you can rock a killer pair without killing your feet. plus, "suicide squad" takeover. will smith and his comic book co-stars all here live and it's all coming up next on "gma" right here in times square. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by advil. advil makes pain a distant memory. technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient,
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8:14 am
? you remember them on "dancing with the stars," kym johnson, robert herjavec. how about going from that to walking down the aisle, the pair tied the knot last night in l.a. abc's adrienne bankert has the story. ? early in the morning ? >> reporter: overnight the ballroom -- >> i'll give you 200,000. >> reporter: and the boardroom shark saying "i do." robert herjavec and kym johnson giving "people" magazine an exclusive first loo the bride wearing a strapless monique lluillier gown, her groom in a white tux as they exchanged vows surrounded by family, friends and famous co-workers including "dancing with the stars" pros derek hough and mark ballas who snapchatted from the wedding. >> so happy for you guys. love you guys. ? 'cause you make me feel so -- >> reporter: the savvy shark and dancing pro met during season 20
8:15 am
>> the chemistry you have is incredible. >> reporter: rumors swirled about the duo's relationship status throughout the season. the pair didn't take home that mirror ball trophy. >> you may not have won a mirror ball trophy but i suspect you won someone's heart. >> reporter: but both winning an even bigger prize? it was very romantic, very sweet and he got down on his knee and proposed. >> reporter: talking about their engagement on "gma" in march. >> we know, kym, you'll choreograph an incredible first da >> so much pressure. >> reporter: and last night the couple took to the dance floor to celebrate with a romantic first dance set to etta james's "last" a very happy ending for the dancing duo. >> we did our research. they are the first celebrity pro pairing to get married, but, of course, maks and peta. >> of course, of course. >> you can get exclusive stories from "people" magazine. a pair of heels that look
8:16 am
can somebody else read that, please? becky trying this emon. >> you do it, george. read it. fashion revolution. fashion revolution. >> we'll be right back. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms.
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8:20 am
george really wanted to do this but i put my high heel do you know and insisted and said, no, george, back off. we're back now with our high heel revolution. we are on a mission, ply friends to find a pair of killer heels that will not kill your feet. abc's becky worley coming to the rescue breaking down the science behind your stilettos and how to be stylish without the pain. ? >> reporter: shoe shopping has changed. more wedges and flats but that doesn't mean the stiletto is fashion women choose shoes that are abusive and women are realizing that and say, no, i don't want to hurt. >> reporter: shoemakers like podiatrists joan olaf are creating lines with modern design and technology. one trick to make shoes more comfortable reduce the angle? whereas in a traditional heel all of the weight is on the ball of your foot in my heels your weight is evenly distributed throughout your foot.
8:21 am
decisional heel and olaff on the right. >> the stoes are contracting so no pressure on the ball of the foot, the met tatarsal is stabl >> reporter: to feel the difference i devise a comparison. standard 4-inch even an one of dr. oloff's four-inch heels on my left. i'll do one lap around the track and see if there is any difference in the way feel afterwards. the conventional four-inch heel didn't even make half a lap. >> oh, man. >> right foot, the conventional pump is killing me. i'm pretty sure i already have a blister. these oloff flatfors were way more comfortable. >> good news in the three-inch heel category too. so-called comfort shoes have gotten more fashionable. this is a cult favor, the corso como and from rockport these are
8:22 am
in fact, i love power tools. if i cut open a comfort shoe like this rockport and compare it to a standard pair of heels i can't even bend that. look at the comfort shoe there's so much more foam and then this feels like an athletic sole. look at how flexible that is. i was so impressed that i took these comfort heels from nat naturalizer and decided to get extreme. a quarter mile running in three-inch heels and business attire. it was a little confu the other runners but the results were astonishing. that's kind of incredible. my feet do not hurt. wow! that said i want my running shoes next time i hit the track. whoo! >> wonderful. >> that was awesome. >> i mean continuing our theme this is important to women. this is our feet every day. i have a quiz for you. i have three fellow shoe lovers
8:23 am
>> which one of those three including the ones i'm wearing here, which ones are the comfort shoes? >> are the comfort shoes? >> cue the "vogue" music. >> they're all very, very stylish. i don't -- which ones aren't? >> you're right. it's a trick question. >> all of these are either comfort shoes or made by podiatrists. these are mary ann park shoe, a podiatrist o t we go all the way -- >> joan oloff. >> those are really beautiful. >> i didn't get a pedicure. stay away. >> we have the corso como. >> they're padded actually when you step you can feel a cushion. >> those are in the hundred dollar range and rockports and -- >> the pillow. there is like a pillow on my foot. >> like a pillow like you're sleeping on your foot.
8:24 am
backwards in high heels girl. how important is high heel comfort. >> when you're dancing there is nothing that hurts more than your feet so anything that could be cushioning it i would take in a heartbeat. >> your feet took a beating. >> yeah, yeah. >> so let's go back six months and have me put these on. now i know, thanks a lot, becky. >> you used to think if you did this you would have to sacrifice fashion but you can see from all these different -- >> comfy shoes are fashionable and fashionable shoes are getting more comfy. uh-huh >> thank you. >> don't run around the track. >> i'm off. >> how about the weather, ginger. >> i'm not going to run but i'll saunter over because i'm about
8:25 am
70 degrees. the greatest threat for the area in the flash flood watch, north central new jersey until 11:00. flood warnings if rivers and creeks. heads up. showers, training over toms river, they moved on, for everybody else, grab the rain gear heading out the door ment temperatures in the 80s degree range, muggy, tomorrow, another
8:26 am
is the flame back? can we try it. >> let's give it a shot. there it is. >> it came back. coming up on "gma," more "suicide squad." viola davis, the whole cast here plus
8:27 am
good morning, it's 8:27 on monday august 1,st two men are dead after an out of control driver hits them. turcios and maldonado hit the men before running off. police are searching for the suspect. city bikes latest ex-pangs is taking the bike sharing program to new sections of upper manhattan and brooklyn. the first of several new docking stations become active. dozens across the upper east side and west side and brooklyn neighborhoods will be popping
8:28 am
i was checking out the web cam, the accident on tp bqe, -- on the bqe, southbound side everything re-opened. we have heavy delays. this is the belt parkway, near jfk airport, we have an accident cleared away on the
8:29 am
keep that one in mind. arizona bridge, an accident cleared away. q trains signal problems sheeps head bay. downtown trains run with redelays as a result. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. let's check in with amy freeze. >> now, temperatures are 70 degrees, bureaus, high of 80 today. showers and thunderstorms can't be recalled out for anyone. as the north central part of for the flash flood watch until 11:00 tonight. we can tomorrow, high of 80. wednesday, thursday, friday, dry, temperatures climbing, nice midweek and the heat and humidity returning in time for the weekend. looking at the forecast, saturday will have showers and thunderstorms, each of the weekend days, flirting with 90 degrees. won't be long until the heat is back. first weekend of august we
8:30 am
morning america ahead. stick around and for a half hour from now that camera behind us, welcome back to "gma" and check this out. whole cast of "suicide squad" is right here. we have a lot of fun this morning. >> a lot will, viola, joel, caca, adewale, karen, ja did i get that all right? >> hold on. do it again backwards. >> no. >> i just barely got through that with prompter so we'll hear about the action-packed movie in a minute. take a look as they gear up. >> i want you to enter the city, rescue hvt1 and get them to safety. >> i'm sorry. for those of us who don't speak
8:31 am
>> the only person that matters in the city, the one person you can't kill. complete the mission, you get time off your prison sentence, fail the mission, you die. [ applause ] >> will, you said it best. nobody in the movie speaks good guy very well. >> yeah. >> but who's the most intimidating villain. >> oh, clearly viola without question. >> you don't believe that. >> you can make me believe it. what did you like about the intimidation, the brutality of it. but it was very liberating to me as a woman in my life to tap into that sort of power unapologetic, to not have any vulnerability. >> you had a power 'do too. >> all went to hard core training camp. margo, i understand you did a lot of stunts in heels. >> i did. i did. >> tell me what that was like. >> in the heels. i'm not good in heels in the
8:32 am
trepidatious that we got through it. i fell out of the helicopter. remembers that one. a couple bumps and bruises. >> so, viola was perhaps the most intimidating villain but who was the most intimidating fighter? >> i would say karen. >> karen, yeah. >> karen. >> that's surprising, karen. >> i heard you got a little freaked out when jared leto came on set. >> yeah, well, jared let broke character so i would go u say, hi, i'm karen fukuhara and i play katana and he would give me the joker laugh -- >> he never broke character? >> never. >> wow. i met jared leto for the first time about three weeks ago. literally. we worked together for six months. we literally never exchanged a word that wasn't between action and cut. i never -- >> that's impressive.
8:33 am
yeah. he sent me a pig. >> he sent you like an actual pig. >> an actual pig. >> what did you do with -- >> yeah, you know. >> you ate it. >> we saved it. >> yeah, he went full joker. he went full joker. >> all right. >> yeah. >> wow. all right. that's intense. >> it was a live rat. the rat was live. >> dead pigs and live rats. >> wow. all right. >> he went full >> cara, i understand you were a bit of a prankster? >> me? >> yeah. >> that's not -- >> let's not talk about that. >> cara definitely -- she definitely knows how to set the mood and set the tone. >> what was your best prank? >> it's a family show. >> it's a family show.
8:34 am
that afterwards. >> they won't break the trust. who else has comic chops on the set. >> i reckon the funniest character is captain boomerang. >> one of the weirdest. that's for sure. >> so tell me about this text chain. you had ray group text chat. >> again, it's a family show. >> you know, the squad texts and pretty much -- probably 60 to 80 times a.m. goes off so we kind of all keep it in touch with the things that are going on. there's actually nothing we can share from that. the thing with the "suicide squad" is this group was perfectly cast. like everyone in this group with their characters was so beautifully and perfectly cast and what i love, when you look
8:35 am
of america, you know. >> that's for sure. >> all the different races, creeds, colors. >> not miss teen usa. >> you went there. good for you. >> it was right there, george. >> i really love that about this film. and people are particularly excited about the "suicide squad," like, you know, that doesn't really happen a lot. >> you seem surprised. >> no, i really -- i really am. you know, i've had a cou row that didn't have this kind of -- you know, so this is -- this one is exciting. >> back to being willy. >> we have so much more fun with willy and the cast here and they'll reveal some haven't secrets, apparently not what they text but first let's head back to ginger in i'm right over here. >> i'm right over here.
8:36 am
8:37 am
what else can i do to be crazy. >> love it. you can do -- introduce yourself as harlequin, nice to meet you. >> harlequin, nice to meet you. >> that's it. >> all that weather brought to you by the u.s. postal service. we can't wait to hear more from you, robin. >> it is crazy up there. now to a "gma" exclusive. john f. kennedy jr.'s closest friends are revealing what he was like out of the spotlight. a beautiful new dork. >> he was able to deal when people recognized him. i like that reserved thing about him and easy to relate to. >> tentacle, love reaches out from the grave. it's still here now. >> joining us now rosemarie terenzio, the executive producer of the documentary. she was jfk's friend and wrote "fairy tale interrupted." great to see you again. >> thanks, great to see you too. >> i haven't had a chance to see
8:38 am
new generation. young people who don't realize who he was. >> he -- we lost him at 38 years old and i think if he knew that he would want to be remembered. and it's important for young people to know his place in history. >> absolutely. and some close friends, we see the list of people who are a part of it. what are we going to learn, those of us who do know john-john. he'll always be john-john to me? one of the most surprising thing the eclectic group of coulter, mike tyson, cindy crawford, robert de niro, you know, it's a group you wouldn't expect to be associated with him and he just had an amazing way of relating to so many people in so many different ways. >> and he was so approachable and attracted people. >> so disarming. so disarming. >> i hear he had quite a sense of humor. he would play with your phone. >> oh, he used to answer the
8:39 am
he'd say, who is calling and he'd say this is john. no, it's not and then hang up. he loved it. he loved the joke. always practical joking around the office but he loved answering the phone. >> must have seen just all different sides of him working with him like that. what, rosemarie, do you want people to come away after watching this. >> i think the lesson you get from this from john it's more important to be good than it is to be great. >> i love that. a tribute to a good man. what do you miss most about him. >> oh, so much but wisdom. i mean there's so many things especially in the political climate that i would love to get his opinion on and know what he would think and what he would do and how he would cover all of this in "george" magazine. >> speaking of "george" magazine, somebody that influrnsed him or i shouldn't say influenced him that he -- help me out here. >> george stephanopoulos was sort of the colonel for the idea that became "george" magazine. >> come on. >> no, at the time george was,
8:40 am
guy who was in the middle of the political -- >> why do you say was. he still is an interesting guy. >> he is but at that thyme in the political pop culture realm george was the guy, you know, he was right there with the president and he was so young and breerp all so jealous. >> so john jr. was influenced by him. >> yes, he saw that piece of politics and pop culture merging at that point. >> well, thank you very much. now we ar to live with george and take claim -- >> named after him. >> we'll leave it at that. rosemarie, always a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for your love and devotion and "jfk jr." airs tonight on spike tv. coming up the "suicide squad" cast is back. ooh. they're spilling some secrets.
8:41 am
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hey, angelo, this is the exterminator you called for your rat problem. account is look a little thin. >> no one gets paid until what
8:44 am
>> there he is. will smith in "suicide squad" and they're back. i have to start with you, joel. i noticed something on your arm. it says swad. >> how many of you got the tattoo? >> statistically -- >> yeah, i was covered if scales. >> seriously. they're on their it's something else. and obviously -- >> i did that one. >> you made that one? >> yeah, that's mine. >> you can tell. >> you're going to remember that. >> i believe we have established that this is a fun crew to be on set with. so why don't we find out a little secret behind the squad. a little more digging, shall we? >> yes. really want to go there? >> i'm not scared. all right. let's start with you, a lot of people, are going to see you in
8:45 am
set us straight. it is or isn't. >> well, i can testify five hours. >> not cgi. >> no, we had an amazing aesthetic team headed by chris neilson and david, the director was insistent on not making this character cgi because he wanted an actor to bring the soul of the character out. >> wow. >> so we spent five hours a day, you know, sometimes depending on the angle shooting, sometimes three hours but maximum was five. they would spray paint it wear it for 12, two off. and look what we got. >> look what you got. >> took it seriously too. he actually ate an actual person to prepare for the role. we thought that was real actor commitment. yeah. >> that was method. he's croc. he's accountable. what can i say. >> jai, your eyebrows are coming in nicely. >> don't they look good. >> quite nicely. not as nice as this woman right here. queen of the brows. >> i have clippings and i
8:46 am
>> you shaved your eyebrows for the movie. >> i did. >> my goodness. >> i looked like crow magnum -- quite pronounced brow for a number of months. >> i think it works. >> what people don't realize when you do things like that for a role like we first saw him, we were like, yeah, we're going to be committed to this and jai came in and his eyebrows were shaved. we were like, ooh. ooh. >> because you ever see when a dog gets freshly shaved. that's how i walked into t tucked. right. >> hey. when you do that, you shave them and see them in the movie but while we were shooting on the weekends at the club, his eyebrows were shaved. >> it doesn't end there. >> it doesn't end there for six months. >> buy a drink for that sad guy over there. i was apparently emotionless. >> it works for you. >> margo, this is your second
8:47 am
can you tell us a secret about will smith that we don't know. >> hmm. a secret about will. >> no, she can't. >> he -- when we first met, will didn't know how to swim. >> ooh. >> you have taught him. >> i was insistent that he get in a pool. >> he still doesn't know how to swim. >> right. >> he took lessons. he did lessons. >> listen, i grew in the city of philly. there wasn't a lot of swimming pools. >> for an australian to hear th i've ever heard. get in a pool. >> i'm going to learn. >> a black man, we don't swim. >> right. i didn't want to be the one to say it. >> we don't swim. >> not a lot of swimming. >> do you? >> i know how to swim. i didn't want to say that. i didn't. >> we could go on and on. thank you so much for coming and having so much fun.
8:48 am
and coming up we have more country. jake owen is here performing
8:49 am
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a lot going on back -- you good, man? we're all set? we're all right. we're ready to go one of country music's hottest star, that man right there, jake owen has a new album. yes, sir here called love" performing the first single off it. this is "american country love song." jake owen. ? ? it's two tickets to a concert it's a daytona air brush t-shirt ? ? wondering who's gonna kiss you first you know what i'm talking
8:51 am
? hey baby watcha doing tonight it's butterflies and bud lights ? ? under the stars and on the stripes of a beach towel in a spring break town ? ? it's playing in the night air through the speakers all night long couple kids just living ? ? that american country love song ? ? in every town in every place there's a boy who's trying to take a chance ? ? and dance and find a way to run away with her heart ? ? in the back of an truck in the bar just looking for love ? ? in a pair of, oh, my blue eyes let them fireworks start ? ? that american country love song ain't never gonna quit playing on and on and on ? ? it's chris loves jenny on a license plate it's daddy getting mad cause you came home late ? ? it's one last kiss in the
8:52 am
it up and maybe turn her on ? ? an american country love song ? ? in every town in every place there's a boy who's trying to take a chance ? ? and dance and find a way to run away with her heart in the back of an old ford truck ? ? in the bar just looking for love in a pair of, oh, my blue eyes let them fireworks start ? ? that american country lov song ain't ever gonna quit playing on and on and on and on ? ? on and on and on and on ? ? so let's raise a glass cheerleaders and quarterbacks ? ? cowboys and country girls all around this small town world ? ? to the same old pickup lines we've tried a million times ? ? all the bad and good as it
8:53 am
met yet ? ? in every town in every place there's a boy who's trying to take a chance ? ? and dance and find a way to run away with her heart ? ? in the back of an old ford truck in the bar just looking for love ? ? in a pair of oh my blue eyes ? ? let them fireworks start that american country love song ain't never gonna quit playing on and on and on ? ? and on and on and on and on ?
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one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at appointments available now. "good morning america" is brought to you by colgate optic white. >> we always love having jake owen here. >> thanks for watching. >> time to vote on robin's glasses, guys. >> thank you. thank you very much. . good morning, it's 8:56.
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you. could see protest the shutdown city hall. day long protest starts 9:00 city hall park next. protests by the coition will have groups based on the black lives matter movement. police have metal barriers up to keep the crowds from getting in to city hall. one of the most iconic musicals are roaring on broadway, arrival of cats opened at the kneel simon on west 52nd street. this ha including a selfi moment during the performance with the shows costume characters. now a check on the morning commute. crews are working on this downed pole, bqe, tillry street, the right lane is getting by. to the maps, new jersey transit trains, 15 minutes, long island railroad on time, metro north, service changes on the hudson line. q trains signal problems,
8:58 am
trains running with delays. near the brooklyn bridge, crews are trying to get the northbound side re-opened. street cleaning rules are in effect. let's check in with am aim in the accuweather forecast. >> cloudy, damp and the threat of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. flash watch watch issued is for a north central new jersey, until 11:00 tonight. anybody could see a shower, expecting heaviest rain north central new stray shower and 80 degrees, nice for wednesday, thursdays friday, drying out, temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. the heat is on for the first full weekend of august, friday,
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announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, from "sex&drugs&rock&roll," john corbett. and he's a member of the "suicide squad," actor adewale. and a broadway violinist gets a new look as we kick off "ambush makeover week." and journalist anderson cooper takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper!


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