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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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hall avenue a short time ago. >> we know at least 1 person was injured in the head and two rushed to the hospital. part the scene -- part of the scene caught on camera. kimberly richardson with the ordeal. >>reporter: we're onboarden avenue and 66th street. let me show you what's going on. neighborhood. k9 units were out here. looks like police were searching for a weapon rather than a person. take a look at this cell phone video taken 2 hours ago. police surrounded a home on 66th street. the police entered through a door and you hear a gunshot and the
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you hear -- >> i heard the gunshot but i was on the phone with the doctor when i parked. i saw a guy come out with gloves on and he ran passed my car. >> it looked like somebody i never saw in this area and he was running like fast. >> did he have anything in his hands? >> um, no. i didn't see anything in his hands. i was ducking. >> we're waiting to hear from police. we expect to hear from at this hour we though one man was shot in the groining. that was a suspect trying to burglarize a home. the suspect was while inside the home was spotted via live camera. the owner was at work and called police of the there's a second crime scene here. a second victim around the corner from where you heard the gunshot go off. that was on hall avenue. a woman was found lying
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hospital. we expect to hear from police back here live. when we have more information, we'll bring it to you. kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kimberly. we expect to hear from the police in the next half hour >> thank you, kimberly. we expect to hear from the police in the next half hour and we will bring you their comment live when it cups in. we're following breaking news story out of laguardia airport where a plane reported moments after touching down from landing. it was dealt that flight from florida and it lapped an hour ago. thankfully no one onboard was injured. the 110 passengers got off the plane. they were bussed to a terminal and the aircraft as you can see from the pictures, it's now being looked at and inspected. a family of one of the men killed in a hit-and-run in brooklyn calling for the driver
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maldanado was struck. the driver of the car hit the two men along with two parked cars before he took off on foot. >> he should really turn himself in. you know you did something. and you need to pay or whatever. i love my dad, and he's no longer with us. >> the victim's walking home from a nearby bar when they were struck. police believes the driver was speeding. an arson underway after several trucks were set on fire county. it happened in ice live. kristin thorn has the details. >>reporter: liz, four out of the five trucks here at anderson tree service have been destroyed. one of them is right here. the other one right here. this is a truck that the owner had custom made a short time ago. you can imagine how much that cost. anderson tree service, family owned for 45 years. he owner says he can't
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to his company. it happened early this morning at the company on sunrise company off islip. it's unclear if more than one person was involved. the owner says he believes the suspect or suspects poured gasoline over the trucks and lit them on fire. the fire extended to their office building as well. >> this is the height of our season and we have to postpone work and try to reschedule. it morning. >> the owner of anderson's tree service chris anderson tells me he's so thankful to all his other friends in the business who have offered to let his workers use their trucks for the next few days at least until he figures out what he's going to do with all these damaged trucked. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30, do police have any hints on who they may be looking for? that answer at 5:30. live in islip,
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news 7. there's storms lurking out there. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking there. how is it looking? >> so far so good with the flood threat. the flood threat is happening outside the -- what's helped us today is you've noticed a lot of cloud cover and a consistent light wind off the atlantic ocean and heavy thunderstorms run away from that marine air. with that said, there's still a flood watch for new jersey and the hudson valley. that's going to go until tuesday. notice what's happening right now, showers over duchess county and heavier downtown spears kran ton trying to inch eastward on pike county. notice how the eastern edge keeps weakening. i don't anticipate any problems with the light summer evening commute. i do think some of those heavier downpours will stream into the
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the evening tonight. and tonight, they'll make head way a -- you can see that threat does not seem eminent for new york city pointing south, points east as well. we'll look at that. 78 decks. mostly cloudy skies and first at 4:00, 78 this evening. probably going into the middle 70s and cloudy skies ask a stray shower and a few -- and a few showers and a few downpours. we'll look to the rest of the week and see if we can climb out weekend. we'll check out the 7-day in a few minutes. dave and liz back to you. we have an unprecedented announcement from the cdc as we learned the number of zika cases in florida is on the road. the federal health agency warn pregnant women to avoid the wine wood area in miami. it's believed to the first time the agency has wanted people to avoid a community in the continental u.s. the warning comes as florida
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of zika cases likely caused by local mosquitos has risen to 14. >> the only area that right now that we believe there's local transmission is one square mile area north of downtown. we have tested about 2300 people. 200 individuals we tested in the one square mile area. >> the cdc advising women who have visited the neighbors since june 15 to avoid getting pregnant for at least 8 wee nominee trump days after he spoke out against the parents of an army captain killed in iraq. president obama, senator john mccain and paul ryan expressed their support for khan. trump is addressing a town hall in columbus ohio. these are live pictures, but we're going to begin with lonna zach with much
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he's sick of those disparjing the u.s. mill teary. >> no one has given more than our military than our gold star family. i'm tired of folks trash talking military and troops. >> trump is digging his heels in deeper in his feud with the parents of a fallen us captain. tweeting this morning, this isn't about this story khan doing interviews, but in the u.s. gets smart. the khan family is speaking about their sacrifices after their son died in iraq. >> i have sacrificed nothing. and no one >> but over the weekend, trump made his most controversial comments to date. what sacrifices have you made? >> i made a lot of sacrifices.
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jobs. >> he questions the silence from mrs. khan saying she was oppressed by her religion. she answered said she was over -- her son's photo on stage. >> i was standing there in front of america. >> other military families, republican senator john mccain and the head of the vfw revoked trump's comments although mike pence cald trump saying that putin would not go into the ukraine and then revising his position after being told that troops are already there. lonna zach, abc news, washington. thank you, lonna. bill de blasio raised in on the -- he said he was moved by the khan's speech. >> this is something that trump will not come back from. it's too much. there are still some unifying realities in american life.
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for our military and we have respect for families who have lost their family serving the country. you can't insult the military and getaway it. >> mayor de blasio thanking mccain who spoke out good trump's -- police are calling for an end of police brutality. 100 members of the millions march in lower manhattan. they're calling for ending bratton's broken window policy. the policy cracks down on low levelled crimes with aims of preventing more crimes. >> we're here to get organized and drive the point there's no reforming the police and the system. there's no elected politician that will be able to come in and hold the state accountable. >> organizers say they're planning on civil disobedience actions like surrounding police precincts and other government
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wall street flipping following another drop in the price of u.s. oil. that caused energy stocks to lose ground. materials and companies fell. here's a live look board. the dow fell 17 points . the annual battle for big apple's bragging rights begins tonight with the mets hosting the yankees in queens. the story, the major story, the yankees are making. mets acquired bruce from the cincinnati -- he leads with 80 rbi's this season. he has also hit 25 home runs. the mets gave up a prospect in exchange. the yankees meanwhile have a trade in place for carlos beltran. beltran will go to the texas rangers for the prospect, so expect different faces and line ups as mets and the yankees square off over the next 4 days.
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the nypd. now, a state assembly man taking us inside the conflict that prompted him to file a complaint. meet a couple in our area who is celebrating 75 years of marriage. we're going to tell we're going to tell fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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the russian military says the syrian army sent off a massive rebel attack. video released by the syrian government showing s and opposition fighters. the russian military says 800 militants were killed in a rupture. the government's blockade of the rubble held part of a lep po. 300 people are trapped withle dwindle food and --
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forgery and 25 counts of unlicensed practicing of engineering. he used to work as a project manager in union dale. that corporation is facing charges by the attorney general's office. he directed his staff to change engineering reports to look as if sandy was not to blame for causing damage to people's homes. >> we look forward to an opportunity to defend these alle >> he was released on 40,000 bail. right now, officials in maryland assessing the damage and loss of life as they discuss disaster relief for a historic city ravaged by a storm. the damage to ellicott city -- meanwhile senators is praising the bravery of those who formed a human chain saturday to help rescue someone trapped in these waters.
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were reported in all. amazing you see people coming together to help others >> remarkable. it's remarkable weather we have seen, lee. >> localized and slow moving and over the same places for several hours. that makes it dangerous. i put up a map on our weather computer showing the doppler estimates. over the past 48 hours, you can see it. look in the maryland area, tom's river reported 6 inches of rainfall. it depends if the soil or a certain area where that type of rainfall. some places can handle it better than others. we have clouds when looking south. i have a blue sky over me on the west side. we have seen a couple of breaks in the clouds. we're at 78. so we've been struggling the last couple of days. a pairs of sixes. happy august, by the way. west hampton to oyster bay, 78 in ham stead and
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but not rain. 66 in monticello. 78 in new york and 74 in soaks tom's river. we have this light flow coming off of the ocean. good and bad. keeps a lot of clouds in the mix. but also fights off thunder development because any type of cooler marine air tends to choke off thunderstorm develop: so we'll have mostly cloudy skies this evening and just a stray shower around. do not cancel outdoor activities, and as we go through the overnight, a better chance of showers coming in especially off to the north and west. even tomorrow morning, heading out, a shower or thunderstorm before things improve during the day. so satellite for most of the area and radar is quiet and showers leaving duchess county going into northern fairfield and you have the heavy downpours trying to get into the poconos, about you weakening at the same time. you're going to have a couple of showers moving in. the heavy downpours over pennsylvania is
4:18 pm
going to clean house as we go through the middle of the week. and that will set the stage for a nicer set of the week. we're fighting to get out of the cloud. more clouds in the morning. a spotty shower and you can see how things brighten up as things go on. a spot shower the rest of the day. then look how the high builds in on wednesday. it's much nicer. great looking day and thursday is better than that. there may be clouds stubborn inland wednesday. here's a local future cast and it's doing a nice job the showers near scranton. the i-84 corridor is a target area for the overnight hours and tomorrow morning, look how it brings one of those heavier downpours towards new york city and into red bank and man monday -- and monmouth. 78 degrees, clouds breaking
4:19 pm
spotty shower and tomorrow night we turn partly cloudy and we're on the move. thursday weather map, seasonable sunshine. into the early month, a little growing pains, but we'll get our stride going and the weekend forecast, the outlook is looking good. we have to get through a couple of days, liz and dave. >> lee, thanks a lot. a simple premises that has dominated the headlines. the heavier you are, the more likely . a study is calling that into question. what researchers found that's challenging the theory. we have the latest fallout
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well, this afternoon, the owners of pulse are clarifying social media posts about whether the orlando nightclub will reopen. the owner says instagram earlier today suggested it would become a memorial are incorrect. they say it remains closed for business, but they hope 1 day they'll be able to open a memorial on the site dedicated to the 49 people killed in the massacre there. well, the fight against north carolina's controversial bathroom law returns to court today.
4:23 pm
those using bathrooms in schools and government buildings who want to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. >> we expect to get a fair hearing. >> this is about the privacy of all citizens in north carolina and the safety of women and children in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. >> the justice department, the american civil liberty union and put it on hold. the most famous ballerinas tied the lot. she married her long time boyfriend evans. copeland is known for breaking stereotypes in the dance world. she and evan have been together for 10 years. the couple reportedly got married at the monday onlying hotel in laguna beach. pop singer justin bieber showed it's possible to become
4:24 pm
his film got to the top of the charts -- he was spotted by a music producer. a teenager from westchester county is hoping to follow in his footsteps. sandy kenyon has its story. >>reporter: she has a deal with the records thanks to the music she makes in her home singing live online. while justin had to depend on you tube to break th friends use an app that is much more spontaneous and interactive. >> hello, everybody. >> the connection between artist and audience has never been closer. >> ? just take a look at us ? ? >> 17-year-old hail low knox is using ann april called you now playing an original song live for her 84,000 followers who get
4:25 pm
of the comments are positive and i'd say the community as a whole is really amazing. >> young performers play to each other and to millions of fans who thanks to this app, can now feel apart of her suck sus. >> it keeps growing. the more i go live, the more - it's fun and simple. ? -- >> the interaction begin was a picture posted o >> this picture is what those see on twitter or tumbler. look, hailey is with sandy and they watch it on you live now. >> hailey picked up the george star at 7 and started performing at 11. 2 years later, a video made in her kitchen got the attention of music industry heavyweight. >> when you were in high school, did people get what you were doing? >> no, i don't think so.
4:26 pm
about what she knew. >> ? i know it really hurts ? ? >> her tune about geeks is now her first single. >> ? we know what we're worth ? ? >> well, we certainly know what she's worth. hailey goes on tour for the first time this fall and plans to take her fans with her by posting often on you now. her popular online, landed her on the front page of the new york times last month. experience this -- this internet star called weird but cool at the same time. >> she's hugely talented. >> that's the new way to do it. that's how they get it out. sandy, thanks a lot. >> thanks sandy. allegations as the nypd used excessive force. what a new york assembly man said happened to him when he tried to defuse a tense situation. we're learning about the hot air balloon crash that killed 16
4:27 pm
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they have made a promise, they've made a commitment,
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our top story this half hour. fighting through tears, a new york assembly man michael blake accused of nypd of excessive force claiming he was thrown up against a gate on saturday. >> he said he was trying to defuse a tense situation. today he spoke about it during an emotional conference. michelle charleston has been following the development and posting updates on social media. she's in the claremont village in bronx with more. michelle. >>reporter: well, he says he was running two people were in handcuffs. there were a lot of police around and he was wondering what was going on. he tells us he was wearing a white house polo meaning a shirt from the white house and slacks and it never occurred to him that as he ran over, he would be seen as a threat. >> you don't know how it feels. >> new york assembly man michael blake said he'll never forget
4:31 pm
physically hurt. >> the way you work hard for your community the way i do and to be -- >> he was at the morris houses at a community event when he saw people in handcuffs. >> i ran in that direction to find out what was happening. and within seconds, i was in a bear hug and to my left tossed to the gate that is closest to the wall at the morris houses. the only reason i was released is because officer angel commandi recognized me and said to the officer to get off of him. >> he says the minute a police captain recognized him as a new york assembly man he was released. the entire exchange lasted maybe 15 seconds he says, but the language used by police at the time cannot be repeated. blake went into police head -- he went into the police quarters
4:32 pm
ccib. ccib is its entity to investigate. they'll be no apology forth coming from me. we'll see where the investigation goes from him. >> the police commissioner went onto say he's proud of their -- of the nypd use of force procedures and they're following protocol. live in the claremont village of the bronx. michelle. thank you michelle. a young boy from being pulled from a swimming pool -- michael died from complications. he was rushed to the hospital. the ten fewed police department investigating. it's the worse accident in u.s. history involving a hot air balloon. 16 people were killed when the balloon hit power lines. authorities have recovered 18 cell phones,
4:33 pm
area where those bodies were recovered. they hope the devices will help determine exactly what happened. abc elizabeth her is in maxwell texas. >>reporter: liz and david, good afternoon to you. investigators hearsay their focus was all about putting to the a timeline by looking at the evidence recovered from the scene here as well as talking to the ground crew. they say they've made progress, but they have a long way to go. >> the whole thing is in flames now. >> the calls for help from eyewitnesss on the morning the disaster. >> i fire on johnny's road. >> revealing initially no one knew the magnitude of this tragedy. >> i first thought the neighbor's people had a out there and it exploded. >> margaret riley called 911 to learn later it was a hot air balloon that crashed killing all 16 people onboard. >> i don't want to see something like this again. >> according it investigators, the balloon took off outside of austin texas, traveled 8 miles and while descending the balloon
4:34 pm
before bursting into flames. among one of the passengers, 35-year-old newly weds matt and sunday. abc news learning skip nickels, the pilot and owner of the company that operated the balloon did not get high greens from the better business bureau. >> he liked what he did. his up most priority was the safety to looking into the pilot's background. the balloon and weather conditions for answers. we're told the iphones, ipads and cameras recovered from the scene will are sent to a lab to be analyzed and officials say it will take a year to complete their investigation, but they hope to release a preliminary report next week. reporting from that maxwell texas, i'm
4:35 pm
peer air is accused of kicking -- investigators say the officer was parked in his police car in danbury when he approached and just began kicking the car. when officer pula got out, hyatt attacked the officer. the officer was treated at the hospital and released. nypd is sponsoring anoer initiative. it will be held on august 6th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. police commissioner bratton says with more gun buys they seize more guns offer the streets. city leaders launched the park mobile system app today and it allows people to use an app to pay for parking at 900 metered spaces across [indiscernible]. drivers will have the option to use the meter if they choose. in connecticut, officials
4:36 pm
ways to improve the state's bus system. from now until friday, the department of transportation hosting an online public workshop at this survey takes 20 minutes to complete and asks about residents travel and how bus travel can meet their personal needs. starting today, new recycling rules for new york businesses take effect. the business type. the sanitation department hopes the rules will be easier to understand, although the rules are in effect today. there's a one-year warning period. violations won't be written up until august 1st of 2017. a new effort to protect kids who play pokemon go. the new safeguard governor cuomo wants to put into place. and present on vacation. we're going to tell you how -- how much an exterminating company will now have to pay for
4:37 pm
mother and her two sons. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg looking over the east side. it's 78 degrees. looking at the radar and satellite, we had a couple of showers over duchess. we might have a few showers that pull into central and southern new jersey later. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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4 stories we're following at 4:00. police-involved shooting in queens. two people were taken to the hospital. two people shot. we're learning what happened during a police news conference. you're looking at the podium. we're going to bring it to you as it begin news out of laguardia airport. a delta flight landed safety after reporting a blown tire. fortunately no one was injured. a growing course that people are denouncing trump for the criticism of muslim militant -- two cyber security firms say evidence shows the breaches of dnc were likely linked to russian hackers. sex offenders on parole in
4:41 pm
game craze pokemon go. governor cuomo issued the directive today that will prohibit them from downloading, accessing or engaging pokemon go and all other internet gaming activity. it will apply to sex offenders on parole. the israeli military is banning its soldiers from playing pokemon go while on military bases. officials say the game uses c cameras and location services that could leak sensitive information. the military is concerned that soldiers could download a fake application. a pesticide company offering to pay $87 million for causing a vacation nightmare. the family sickened by a pesticide during a caribbean sick. he was paralyzed after checking into a condo last year.
4:42 pm
the wife and two teenage sons were also injured. obesity apparently may not raise the risk of heart disease as originally thought. researchers in sweden looked at more than 4,000 pairs of identity twins and found individuals with a higher body mass index a greater risk of having a leaner twin. we're getting updated by police at the shooting at mass beth. let's listen in. >> he was monitoring her apartment and she saw the burglary through her remote camera feed where she was. she called 911. when uniformed officers arrived, the female caller was the residents of that apartment. she met them out sigh the building and after
4:43 pm
-- 1 shot was discharged by the officer's service weapon. the male was struck one time in the groining area. the suspect fled the building and chased on foot by the officers and apprehended. the suspect is a 38-year-old male hispanic with extensive record for burglaries and he's a singular gunshot wound to the groining area. a female was discovered 3 quarters of a block from where the perpetrator fled in her driveway suffering from a lars race to her head. should he was transported to the hospital where she's listed in stable condition. following a brief procedure, an object was removed from her scalp.
4:44 pm
the female who is 36-year-olds of age is being interviewed by detectives and we're trying to determine how she sustained her injuries. there's other pieces of cable in the backyard so we don't know what happened and we'll get the story as we go forward. >> did the suspect just enter the one home on 66th? this was centered on that one home. >> it appears that. he's a career burglar from nearby. here pattern. the officers are a 10-year and 11-year veteran and highly decorated and very motivated officers. they responded to the scene. they knew about the pattern. >> aside from the video, we see a woman -- when the police are surrounding the house or go into the house and come out -- why was she in the house? >> she's an [indiscernible]. she was afraid for her dog the entire dog.
4:45 pm
and she scooped him up. >> how close was she near the home. >> i don't have that. she was in the street when the officers came. >> the pattern [indiscernible]. >> in this community, there's a dwindling home burglary. >> [inaudible question].. >> i don't know. >> is that [indiscernible]? >> we have the suspect that he has six prior burglaries. it's brooklyn. >> [inaudible question]. the suspect was in the house and the police officer went in the house as well and the woman was also there? >> the woman let the officers in and the officers began searching the house. they got separated as they went into separate rooms and we believe -- that perp
4:46 pm
a bedroom and charged an officer to get out the door. prior to that, the female who owns the resident there, she had the puppy and ran outside. therefore after you can hear a gunshot go off and he ran off. >> she was in the house with the camera? >> she was in a different location. it's almost like a nanny cam for a lack of a better word. her camera. >> we're going to have the identity of the suspect in a moment. we want to confirm it. any other information, we'll get back to you. thank you very much. >> the head injury with the wire, did that have to do with this -- >> we're trying to figure that out. >> you've been listening to a news conference with the nypd with the breaking news we were following. there was a police-involved shooting. a woman saw a burglar inside her
4:47 pm
police came. she let them in. it was inside that home that there was some sort of confrontation and police shot the suspect in the groining. a 38-year-old suspect has extensive arrest warrant and he's in custody and he's in stable condition. and there was another woman -- >> we're not sure if they were related. >> she was found 3 quarters of a head from a wire cable. we're not sure if the 2 stories are related, but they were intertwined when the news was breaking. >> we have a reporter on the scene and i know you! [laughs]
4:48 pm
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looking for balance in your digestiv for a non-stop live 2
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following more breaking news out of new jersey and an overturned dump truck. this accident occurred at garden state park at exit 129. as you can see, a lot of activity on the scene. althou you can see the overturned dump truck is breaking up right there. we'll follow the latest developments as we find out more about that. >> i hope folks are okay in that situation. the weather seems like it's holding. >> new month, new weather map. things look different and -- sunshine trying to come out and we're not in danger of having a dell -- i'll check out a lower manhattan.
4:51 pm
cloudy skies at times. it goes to partly cloudy. eawe go through the first part of this month, we're going to look at the tropical atlantic closely because conditions are getting favorable for development. even now this circulation just south of haiti and moving towards jamaican is looking more organized at this point. winds at 45 miles-an-hour. it could become tropical storm earl over the next few days and the hurricane center suggesting an 80% chance of some development over the next few days. if it like it's headed towards the yucatan and new mexico and not into the gulf of mexico. july in the books, a month -- the first two and a half weeks had bumps where we were below normal. but look at the remainder of the month, a couple of degrees above normal for the month. and the heat wave we got with temperatures in the 90. many days getting an 8-day heat wave.
4:52 pm
we have a descent chance of a thunderstorm. best chances are north and west but they may drift towards new york city towards day break. subway series tonight at city field, 77 degrees. mostly cloudy skies to start, but should be able to play no problem. there's the areas of showers and the heavy part, not able to get into the pocono. there's an onshore wind that's suppressing thunderstorm activity. during the evening hours, we'll look north and west towards the i 80 corridor. become more wide spread during the midnight hour. during the morning, it may be a downpour before clouds break up during the day and it could be a spot shower. we're bat -- battling with air clouds. watch out for low visibilities there. rip current risk is low. it's an okay beach day with breaks of sun at times. 78 as we go through the day tomorrow with a spotty shower. i like the way wednesday is looking right now. about 80 degrees.
4:53 pm
and off to the west. but overall, wednesday looks like a good day and thursday looks absolutely gorgeous at 83. we'll start heating things up in time for the weekend. a pair of 8s from on friday and saturday. >> thanks, lee. we're going to tell you the secret to long lasting love. >> we're going to introduce you to a couple who are
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
seven and a half decades of wedded bliss.
4:56 pm
75th wedding anniversary. >> to celebrate their long lasting love they renew ed their wedding vows at their nursing home. tim fleischer posted about the happy couple and he has their story. >> coming down the aisle, she couldn't help but shed a tear for her husband karl. karl and elizabeth show just how strong their love has been will be. >> love and honesty and be good to each other. >> reporter: the gfatters, who just moved in to the river valley care center in poughkeepsie, have been overwhelmed that staff and administrators want to celebrate this special occasion. >> staff and residents alike, and again, everyone is just so excited to celebrate what is really just a beautiful celebration in general. >> reporter: karl and elizabeth
4:57 pm
karl proposed. >> we eloped. because they didn't want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. >> reporter: after a church wedding, karl's father bet him the marriage would not last. >> he says, i'll tell you what. if it lasts more than a year, i'll give you a hundred bucks. >> i heard it was a thousand. >> well, maybe it was. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he paid in cash and their love flourished. karl went off to war. daughter who passed away in 2015, but one thing was constant. >> he just said he loved me and that's all that matters. >> you are truly a blessing to the world, to society, and what it means to sacrifice yourself for the other. >> reporter: elizabeth and karl
4:58 pm
reporting from poughkeepsie, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> they're so affectionate with one another. it's so sweet. >> everybody is going aww. such a touching story. >> that's fantastic. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. >> gunfire in queens. we've just learned new information about a police involved shooting. and a woman who wasn't security camera inside her apartment and calls 911. >> eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson just got an update from police and joins us live from the maspeth section. >> you'll hear from them in a second. this suspect may have gotten away with this, burglarizing someone's home, but ultimately it was a nanny cam that did him in. the homeowner at work spotting the thief inside her home and
4:59 pm
phone video. this was taken about three hours ago. by now, police had surrounded a home on 66th street. one officer had gone inside. seconds later you hear a single shot right there and see the suspect wearing gloves, running from that home. you hear screams and the officers chased the man who was hit with one bullet in the groin. he's at the hospital. the suspect is 38 years old and linked to several home queens. the homeowner did go back inside to get her dog. she was worried. she made it out okay. police briefed us. take a listen to what they had to say. >> a struggle ensued, which one shot was discarded. discharged by service weapon. this was a close quarters encounter. these two fought at one point near the rear of the apartment. the male was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the building
5:00 pm
the officers and apprehended about a block away in backyards. >> i heard the gunshot but i was on the phone with the doctor when i parked. i saw a guy come out with gloves on and he ran right past my car. it looked like somebody that i never saw in this area and he was running. like fast. >> did he have anything in his hands? >> no. i didn't see anything in ducking. >> back here live, still a massive police presence in this neighborhood which is normally quiet. also a second victim, a woman who lives right around the corner from this house that was surrounded on 66th street. officers were responding to that 911 call of the burglar inside that home, they came across a 36-year-old woman lying in the driveway of her home. she had a wound to her head. she was rushed to the hospital and doctors were able to remove


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