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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the officers and apprehended about a block away in backyards. >> i heard the gunshot but i was on the phone with the doctor when i parked. i saw a guy come out with gloves on and he ran right past my car. it looked like somebody that i never saw in this area and he was running. like fast. >> did he have anything in his hands? >> no. i didn't see anything in ducking. >> back here live, still a massive police presence in this neighborhood which is normally quiet. also a second victim, a woman who lives right around the corner from this house that was surrounded on 66th street. officers were responding to that 911 call of the burglar inside that home, they came across a 36-year-old woman lying in the driveway of her home. she had a wound to her head. she was rushed to the hospital and doctors were able to remove
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point it appears that incident is totally unrelated to what happened inside that home on 66th street. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. for now we're live in maspeth, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new information about an incident on a plane that landed this afternoon at laguardia airport. delta airlines says a tire on a flight from tampa deflated upon landing just before 3 p.m. the boei the runway without incident, then continued to the terminal where customers disembarked normally. none of the 110 passengers or five crew members onboard was injured. after a very wet weekend, we've got some more showers headed our way but nothing like what we just experienced this past weekend. meteorologist lee goldberg is here now with a check on the accuweather forecast. >> no question. we have a few showers that are trying to get in to the area. but we do not have any flooding imminent. we do have a flood watch that's
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of northern new jersey. but the severe thunderstorms, heavy downpours, they're happening a couple hundred miles off to our west. that's where they stay for the early evening hours. we're fine for any evening commute or evening travel. we'll have to monitor the downpours coming out of eastern pennsylvania. may try to dive in to northwest new jersey, let's say warren county or hunterdon county over the next few hours. we'll start to direct our attention to the suburbs where be nice and quiet. 78 degrees right now. if you're headed out this evening, look for 74. take the umbrella for a stray shower but also downpours that may develop to the north and west. complete 7-day accuweather forecast is a few minutes away. you can download our free abc7ny app to try live radar on your phone and get the accuweather forecast any time of the day. faced with a growing threat from the zika virus, the cdc is now issuing a travel advisory
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specific neighborhood in southern florida. health officials want pregnant women to avoid a zika stricken section of miami and to tested for the virus if they visited that area since mid-june. 14 cases are thought to have occurred in miami's winwood district. the patients are suspected of getting the virus from locally infected mosquitos. >> the only area we believe there's transmission is one square mile area north of downtown. we've tested about 2300 people. 0 those individuals we tested right in that one square mile area. >> florida government rick scott met with local leaders in miami today during a round table to discuss the spread of the virus. joining us from florida now with more is dr. richard besser, chief medical editor for abc news. what's your reaction to the travel advisory? >> i think it was the right way
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cases is increasing. it clearly wasn't just a few isolated cases. there's some ongoing transmission and the cdc, wherever that's taken place around the world, has issued advisories to pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant. it's a smart thing to do to avoid going to those areas because of the potential for birth defects. >> do you think we can expect that area to spread, that infected area? >> that's a hard call. clearly the mosquito that in 30 states. i think one thing we can expect is this cluster taking place in this part of miami won't be the only cluster of zika we see. there's so much travel between new york, between the whole united states, and places where zika is transmitting. those people who come back become the potential source for local transmission in place where's the mosquito exists. >> i know you've spoken to people there. they've got to be a little nervous. what's their reaction that you
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of surprised at how little reaction i've seen from people in talking to people. things people have said are like well, we've dealt with west nile and that didn't change our lives, and swine flu. this is just another health issue. one of the hard things for public health is the zika infection itself is very, very mild, and the consequences we'll see won't be for six to nine months so for most people they don't even want to think about it. they want to enjoy their time here in beautiful mmi beam to change their behavior. >> dr. besser, thank you so much for joining us and answering our questions. the centers for disease control is sending funds to connecticut to help combat the state's fight against the zika virus there. the cdc is giving the connecticut department of public health nearly $580,000. the money will be used to help fund the zika testing, mosquito surveillance, and monitoring birth defects including microcephaly and other health
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an entire section dedicated to the zika virus on our website. you can find the latest news as well as travel restrictions. check out a call tonight to end police brutality and for the firing of nypd commissioner bill bratton. about 100 members of the group millions march nyc rallied in city hall park in lower manhattan. they're calling for ending bratton's broken windows policy. that policy cracks down on low aim of preventing more serious crimes. >> there is no reforming the police. there's no reforming the system. there's no elected politician that will be able to come in and hold the state accountable. >> organizers say they're planning on civil disobedience actions like surrounding police precincts and other government buildings. the backlash is growing against donald trump for the comments he made about the parents of a muslim army captain
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spoke out in midtown. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman tweeted a photo from their protest. she's here now with what they had to say. >> those demonstrators were white, black, jewish, islamic, christian, and military veterans all united in their outrage over the latest trump controversy. from the beginning of his campaign, the republican nominee has said the politically unimaginable and thrived. this time, however, the bipartisan outrage he went too far. >> reporter: as the republican presidential candidate exited trump tower today, just around the corner a diverse group of protesters was adding its voice to the rising course of criticism of donald trump's feud with the grieving parents of a falling u.s. army captain khan. >> the failure of donald trump to appreciate that which is most
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left me speechless. >> reporter: the muslim couple's democratic convention appearance and speech about their sacrifice triggered the war of words. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> reporter: over the weekend, trump made some of his most controversial comments, including a suggestion that mrs. khan was silent during the week because she was repressed by her religion. >> she was standing there. she had nothing to say. trump this morning in a tweet. this story is not about mr. kahn who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather radical islamic terrorism and the u.s. get smart. in a scathing rebuke of trump, senator john mccain said in a statement that winning the party's nomination doesn't give him, quote, unfedered license to defame those who are the best among us. >> this is a man that wants to
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a glimmer of what a commander in chief is. he disrespects not only the kahn family but veterans at large. >> the islamic state extremist appear to be trying to exploit the controversy. one of the propaganda magazines featured a photo of kahn's grave at arlington national cemetery with a caption that equates the fallen soldier with renounce religion. president obama has arrived in atlanta where he will headline his first fundraiser for hillary clinton. a few people paid $33,000 each for a seat at a round table at a private home. clinton is scheduled to speak about job creation at an event that will begin soon in omaha, nebraska. she'll be introduced by billionaire investor warren buffett. we're learning about big mlb
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ago. sports anchor laura behnke is in the newsroom to break down who's going where. >> other than the actual playoff games, this has to be one of the most crazy and entertaining days of the baseball season. it's deadline day. the official trade deadline came at 4:00 this afternoon. both the yankees and mets were very busy. let's begin with the mets who now have jay bruce on their roster. the reds' team leader in rbis is now on his way to new york in exchange for dilson herrera and a minor league bruce is an outfielder which isn't exactly an ideal fit defensively for the mets but he will provide some much needed offense. the mets also acquired pitcher jon niese. beltran went to the rangers in exchange for three minor league pitching prospects including right-hander dylan tate, a former top five draft pick. the pinstripes also trading nova
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in sports at 6:00, more and those two teams have a game tonight, and it's against each other. the subway series begins this evening. we'll try our best to find something to talk about. we'll see you later at 6:00. a family company in business for decades the victim of arson. who torched their trucks? eyewitness news with the big clue police have coming up. >> the search is on for a driver who hit two fathers and killing them, then took off. this major, major
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a massive search tonight for the driver who struck and killed two fathers in brooklyn. tonight their families are hoping the driver surrenders. the men were hit near fulton and chestnut streets in the cypress hill section. lucy yang is there tonight. >> new at this hour, police believe the driver is a teenager who did not target his victims, but also didn't stop when he killed them. the young drivers tonight. >> we're in lots of pain. the saddest we can be. >> reporter: young frankie tercios showing tremendous composure and strength hours after learning his father had been killed. here is surveillance video moments before and after the horrible crash. >> he was a very good person. he'd give you the shirt off his back. he always liked to have fun with everybody. >> reporter: 56-year-old israel
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del mar maldonado, father of a 12-year-old boy, were getting a midnight meal together here on the corner of fulton and chestnut streets in brooklyn when a car took everything away. police report the driver of this acura tl sedan speeding when he fatally hit the two men, and authorities say he just kept going. strikeic another two cars before -- striking another two cars before ditching his vehicle family from honduras. we're very sad over what happens. we don't want it to happen to anyone. >> detectives are hoping to make an arrest shortly. meanwhile i'm told the victims are from honduras. both worked in construction. both families left devastated tonight. we're live in brooklyn, lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. a former engineer accused of
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following superstorm sandy pleaded not guilty to the charges. matthew papalardo used to be a high rise manager. prosecutors say he directed staff to alter engineering reports to say the damage to the homes existed prior to superstorm sandy, even though the engineers had said the storage was to blame. >> we're disappointed that the attorney general's office has determined to bring these charges. nevertheless, we steadfastly maintain there was never any intent to defraud any homeowner. >>paplardo was released on $40,000 bail. officials in maryland are discussing disaster relief for a historic city ravaged by flooding. two people died after their cars were swept away. meanwhile, senator barbara mikulski is praising the braverry of those who created a human chain to rescue people.
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a baltimore suburb. 6 and a half inches in two hours. it's too much to handle. we had 6 inches of rain in toms river. we really got a deluge in some spots. is this pattern going to change as we head in to august? things are not as bad today. still can be downpours overnight. we have the flood watch north and west. skies definitely look threatening at times. you can tell how humid it is out there. certainly at any time there can be a stray shower that forms. commute, early evening plans, i think we're fine other than a stray shower. i don't think we're seeing any downpours yet. 78. very, very humid. northeasterly wind at 12. right now the pressure is on the fall. high today, our second straight day not able to get out of the 70s. average high, 84. we'll get back there over the midweek. there are your sunrise and sunset times. 81 degrees, astoria. certainly sunny spots during the afternoon hours. elmhurst at 79. parkchester coming in at 79
5:18 pm
the catskills. only 66 degrees. 77 in islip. 74 in belmar. it's this light wind off the atlantic that's assisting us today. yes, it's keeping a lot of clouds and cool temperatures but it's saving us from the heavier downpours. 77 during the early evening hours. look during the overnight. showers, a few rumbles of thunder and downpours become a little bit more widespread to the north and west. some of those may slide toward the coast in a bad time, in the predawn hours toward sunrise. maybe that interruptsou morning commute. during the midday, a lot of clouds start to break during the afternoon hours. see how the satellite and radar is fairly clear. thin spots in the clouds. these downpours over eastern pennsylvania, they've been falling apart. just diving down to the south. but i think they'll at least make some more progress in to the hudson valley and northwest new jersey in to the evening hours. this front is still sitting off to the south. we're looking forward to this high. cleaning house midweek and getting our dry sunny weather
5:19 pm
downpour tomorrow night. clouds like today will try to thin out a little bit. then that high really settles in on wednesday. that's a nice day. probably still cloudiness inland. futurecast looking like this. the showers, it's handling pretty well here. look how they make a little bit more progress in to parts of new jersey where we have the flood watch. same thing over the midhudson valley. maybe a few of those dive down to the coast during your morning commute. might be a little bit of puddling early. then the clouds will thin out during the day. partial sunshine. afternoon. upper 70s, lower 80s. mostly cloudy. a shower around tonight. heavier showers wait till later tonight. clouds break for a little sun. spotty shower. high 78. 69 tomorrow night. here's what we're working on for 5:30. the cloudiness on wednesday, is that going to stick around in our western suburbs? we'll look at the futurecast. 90 in spots late week. could it be tropical storm earl formulating? 7-day accuweather forecast after 5:30.
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commute. there is a disabled vehicle in the outbound holland tunnel taking out one lane or jersey-bound traffic. here's a live look from newscopter7. as a result, delays are up to an hour outbound at the holland. the outbound lincoln has about 30-minute delays. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you any new information as it warrants. take a look at this. a smily face in the lava of a crater at the kilauea volcano in hawaii. this video was shot by a helicopter tour company. kilauea has been especially active lately producing enough lava for flows to reach the ocean for the first time in three years, and apparently producing smily faces. >> interesting. pokemon still the game of the summer, but coming up, we'll tell you who could be forbidden to play it. >> plus, caught on camera, a car flipping over a dozen times. what happened right beforehand and who jumped in to help the
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call now. new at 5:00, the founder of news and gossip blog gawker has filed for personal bankruptcy,
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hogan in a privacy case stemming from a sex tape posted on gawker. gawker founder nick denton says he owes $125 million to hogan. gawker's parent company has also gone in to bankruptcy and is up for sale. leasing a car can cost you a lot of money if you ever go over the mileage. a jersey city woman tried to save some money by paying off her lease and buying the car, but it wound up costing her 7 on your side's nina pineda for help. nina is here with important tips for car leasers. >> this lease pay-off was stuck in all sorts of sticky red tape. the customer, get this, wound up with double payments for a car she had proof she already paid off. when the dealer and the lease holder couldn't get it straight, she went through the roof. >> i thought i was going to have a stroke. >> reporter: jenny soto is beyond angry at the car dealer who leased her this new ford escape last year.
5:25 pm
there. >> reporter: she's shouting but not getting answers as to why she paid off the car lease months ago yet no one knows what happened to her pay-off check. >> they don't pick up the phones. they don't return e-mails. >> reporter: just after signing the three-year lease for 31,000 miles, she knew she would run way over the lease allowed limit. >> i said i'm going to try my best to pay it off. sent in may. months later, ford credit is still sending her bills for payments. >> they have no record of it being paid off. they sent the check, they bounced the check. >> reporter: they said it was returned because it stopped credit on it. >> i'm already paying a bank. i can't do double payments. >> reporter: plus, her bank was looking for the car title. >> they're telling me they don't get the title of the car soon, they're going to freeze all my assets in the bank. >> reporter: then jenny got
5:26 pm
>> my sister, she said jen, 7 on your side. >> reporter: so we contacted jersey city ford. a second check went out. but even that didn't clear when its bank did not honor the payment. >> when you saw that, what did you think? >> my heart dropped. i was like, are you freaking kidding me? >> reporter: it was time for us to pay a visit to jersey city ford. the finance manager blamed its own bank for bouncing the second check, said customer service fell short, and apologized. >> you've been awesome. >> reporter: ford credit check that wasn't rubber. they burned some rubber to six flags to celebrate. >> you're the best. thank you, 7 on your side. >> and the big takeaway, before you lease, estimate your mileage. jenny racks up over 60 miles a day in her commute. standard leases allow about 10 to 12,000 miles a year. if you average more, you want to think twice about leasing. limit your payments to less than $2,000. this customer paid that plus a trade-in.
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a lease versus buying and financing. jenny realized way too late this lease wasn't a good fit, but she lost thousands trying to get out of it. a business goes up in flames and it was no accident. see how nearby businesses are pitching in to help.
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trucks for a tree service were torched. it happened overnight in suffolk county. two big questions, who would do this, and why? kristin thorne tweeting pictures of the damage to four of the five trucks used by the business. she's live in islip with the
5:30 pm
work flow of anderson's tree service here. they can't do anything for their clients now. here's one of the trucks that was set on fire. another one right over here. this truck, the owner just had custom made. >> we have five trucks and four of them were set on fire. completely destroyed. >> reporter: causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. it happened early this morning at anderson's tree service in islip. company's office building, melting the siding. it's unclear if more than one person was involved. the owner of the company tells eyewitness news that at least one culprit was caught on surveillance cameras. he can even be seen accidentally lighting his arm on fire as he doused one of the trucks in gasoline. suffolk police seized the video as part of their investigation. in the meantime, the question remains why would someone do this? >> it's devastating. this is a family company, 45
5:31 pm
and to come in to find this? it's heartbreaking. >> the owner of the company chris anderson tells me he's so thankful to his friends in the business who have offered to lend him their truck so that workers can still get the job done for their clients. we're live in islip, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are hoping surveillance video can help them the nypd believes this man is linked the two home burglaries in bushwick less than two miles apart. the first happened july 3rd. he stood on a bucket to break an apartment window. the second happened about two weeks ago. police say he got away with cash, a computer, a cell phone, and stolen packages from the lobby. a young boy has died days after he was pulled from a swimming pool at a jewish community center in new jersey.
5:32 pm
yesterday of complications stemming from the incident. he was pulled from the outdoor pool at the kaplan jcc on the palisades in tenafly last thursday and rushed to the hospital. now to new details in a shooting involving a new jersey state trooper. a homeowner was shot in what appears to be a series of misunderstandings. the elderly victim is recovering in a hospital following the shooting inside his home in upper deerfield township. reporter walter perez with our sister station in philadelphia has the story. >> these are the three shots. y members showed us the bullet holes created by an exchange of gunfire that nearly took the life of 76-year-old gerald sykes of upper deerfield. she couldn't believe what she was hearing after receiving a phone call from her mother. >> jerry's been shot three times. please call 911. >> reporter: it all started late friday night when sykes and his wife margo woke up to the sound of their dogs barking. >> they both stepped in to the great room and saw two figures standing right at their french
5:33 pm
>> reporter: that's when sykes grabbed his shotgun. we're told one trooper was grazed either by flying glass or the one round that came from sykes' shotgun. sykes was shot three times. family members say twice in the chest and once in the groin. we're happy to report his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious but stable. i'm walter perez in camden, new jersey, channel 7 eyewitness news. sex offenders on parole in new york have been planned from playing the mobile video game the directive today that will prohibit them from downloading, accessing, or otherwise engaging in pokemon go and all other internet enabled gaming activities. the directive will apply to 3,000 sex offenders on parole. the nypd taking aim at reducing crime and saving lives by sponsoring another gun buyback initiative. police commissioner bratton announced the gun buyback this
5:34 pm
bronx on saturday, august 6th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. commissioner bratton said with every gun buyback they seize more guns from the streets of new york city. the u.s. has launched air strikes targeting isis in libya. the u.s. war planes attacked the isis strong hold. the united nations backed libyan government said it asked for the help. obama administration official said military leaders have been working on attack plans for months. the defense apartment said today's strikes are the first in attacks. a commuter alert for drivers who use the queens midtown tunnel. starting tomorrow one queens-bound lane will be closed each day for maintenance work. the closure will take place from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day through friday. drivers are warned to expect delays. starting today, new recycling rules for new york city businesses take effect. the rules eliminate the practice of companies recycling based on
5:35 pm
help streamline collections. it's all part of a push to help the city's zero waste goals. although the rules take effect today, there is a one-year grace period. violations could be written after august 1st of next year. new at 5:00, new concern about meat and a possible connection to death at an early age. >> also coming up, the deadly road rage shooting involved with an nypd officer. the victim's widow meeting with prosecutors today. the new information about the a car flipping a dozen times. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. sky starting to get a little darker. we're at 78 degrees right now. if you look at the satellite and radar, not a lot going on. we had a few showers earlier over parts of the mid hudson
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for the second straight year, about 20% of new york city students opted out of taking common core tests. about half of the 240,000 students who did not take the test last year skipped them again last year. they were joined by other students whose parents were concerned about the test length or purpose. state education officialed say those who did take the common core tests showed gains in english and math. now use their smart phone to pay for parking. city leaders launched the parkmobile app. drivers will still have the option to pay at the meter if they so choose. new information in a deadly road rage incident involving an officer in brooklyn. delron smalls' widow het with officials from the state
5:40 pm
they're planning a transparent investigation. they initially said wayne isaacs opened fire after small punched him through the car window, but surveillance video appears to contradict that. isaacs has been stripped of his badge and gun and placed on modified duty. surveillance video captured a terrifying crash. a car flipped nearly a dozen times and burst in to flames. good samaritans rushed to save the driver who not only survived but was conscious when they pulled him out. working together, they put out th over to pull the man out through the sunroof. >> did the vehicle wreck? >> yes, ma'am, it sure did. they've got a fire extinguisher. yeah, it's bad. it's bad. it definitely needs someone here immediately. >> the driver was flown to the hospital.
5:41 pm
crash. michael douglas' son cameron is living in a halfway house in brooklyn after being released from prison. the 37-year-old was behind bars for seven years. cameron douglas was sentenced to five years for selling methamphetamine and heroin possession. the sentence was extended after he confessed to smuggling drugs in to prison. a health alert tonight about the potential dangers of eating meat. a new study focused on protein intake finds eating meat may be linked to a higher risk of an researchers found replacing animal protein in your diet with plant proteins such as from nuts, beans, is associated with a decreased risk of premature death. the latest political hubbub is driving sales of pocket constitutions. a $1 pocket version of the u.s. constitution climbed in to the top 10 best selling books on
5:42 pm
while serving in iraq flashed a pocket constitution and offered to lend it to republican presidential candidate donald trump during his speech at the democratic national convention. a long island policeman honored. coming up, what the officer did on his own time to help a man in need of food. >> and beauty queen outrage. the new miss teen usa caught up in a social media firestorm for posting racial slurs on numbers just out. clinton, trump. a dramatic change. who's now ahead. also, the human chain in the middle of the floods amid new flood warnings and tornado
5:43 pm
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the lead producers of the
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considering a trip to new york. after winning over audiences in london, they're now thinking about a broadway production for harry potter and the cursed child. the producers plan to talk about it this week and scheduled meetings in new york for the fall. the news comes days after the release of the book the play is based upon. new at 5:00, nassau county honored a police officer who went out of his way to help a man in need. officer nicholas fallidi found a man down on his luck routine call. with his own money, the officer went to a local grocery store and purchased food and other essential items and brought them to the man. he never expected anyone to hear about it. >> this only came to the attention of the department because the gentleman actually called the precinct to thank the
5:47 pm
cited officer fallidi saying he demonstrated great kindness. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. lots of clouds have filled in again after having some thin spots in the clouds. that's the nature of this pattern right now with a consistent wind off the ocean, keeping us shy of the 80-degree mark and a northeast wind at 12 miles per hour. we are going to be watching the tropics a lot more closely now as conditions become more favorable for development off the african coast. dust eroding over the atlanta. we're already seeing a haiti headed toward jamaica which could be very likely to become tropical storm earl. winds 45 miles per hour. westerly movement at 21 miles per hour. hurricane center sent a reconnaissance flight out to the storm. at this point regardless of what it's called, it's likely to be a big area of thunderstorms that approaches the yucatan and coming in to mexico. july in the books right now. it's actually a couple degrees above average. you can change that to 2.2 above average. look at that, seven inches of rain in the month.
5:48 pm
last week we had over three inches of rain. the month started out with cold patches and really got warm and ended up a couple degrees above average. this evening, nothing imminent other than a stray shower. better chance during the overnight for a shower or heavier downpour. the best chance would be north and west. toward the wee hours of the morning or sunrise, closer to the coast. that can have an impact on the morning commute for some. only isolated. subway series is a 77 degrees. a lot of clouds. late innings, couple showers may approach lighter showers over sussex county and pike. heavy storms remaining over pennsylvania for now. if you look at the futurecast here, should make a little bit more headway in to the hudson valley and northern new jersey. more scattered showers and heavier downpour overnight in to the early morning hours. then clouds will start to break up during the day. a stray shower during the afternoon hours. not looking at a repeat of the weekend flooding across the area. just isolated downpours. air quality good tomorrow. uv index at an 8. pollen count, low to moderate.
5:49 pm
the low side. your 7-day forecast. 78 tomorrow. transition day. more sun in the afternoon. couple showers around. i like the way wednesday is looking. the high is building in from here and clouds may still try to get in to the catskills and southern new jersey but overall i think the trend will be to go mostly sunny on wednesday. as we go in to late week, there's the best part of your week. thursday and friday look absolutely gorgeous. we should carry that momentum in to the weekend. upper 80s. an afternoon storm on saturday. sunday looks dry, near normal, 85. nice end to ea as well. one thing you don't see, no 90s here in the first week of august. no extreme heat just yet. three people are recovering tonight after a freak accident at a demolition derby. a 3-foot piece of metal flew in to the top row of bleachers packed with spectators after one truck broadsided another. three people including a child were struck by the metal and rushed to the hospital. they're expected to survive.
5:50 pm
pulse are clarifying social media posts about whether the orlando nightclub will reopen. the owners say instagram and website postings earlier today that suggested it would become memorial are incorrect. they say it remains closed for business but they still hope one day they'll be able to open a memorial on the site dedicated to the 49 people who died in the shooting massacre. the newly crowned miss teen usa is apologizing tonight for racially charged tweets after carl social media users pointed out the repeated use of the n-word in tweets years ago. the 18-year-old said she's not proud of it and there's no excuse for it. the miss teen usa organization is standing behind her. a dog is being called a hero for saving its owner's live. two women heard glass break and a dog barking.
5:51 pm
suffering from a serious medical emergency. police believe the dog broke the glass to get the passerby's attention so they could help the owner. >> people were walking up the street, and the dog put her paw through the window and barked her head off to get attention so she could get help. that's how loyal animals are. >> police say the hero dog suffered a minor injury to her front paw from breaking that glass. out of intensive care. it's the worst hot air balloon disaster in u.s. history. 16 people killed tonight. we are hearing the dramatic 911 calls as the crash raises new questions about safety regulations. >> i'm liz cho. new at 6:00, an assemblyman from the bronx says an nypd officer used excessive force against him while he was trying to calm a tense situation between community members and the police officers. his story and a response from
5:52 pm
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we're back now with the latest on that hot balloon crash. the balloon hit power lines, killing 16 people. >> tonight we are hearing the 911 calls as onlookers watched in horror and safety regulations are now coming in to question. this happening over the weekend in lockhart, texas. that's where abc's elizabeth hur is tonight with the very latest. >> good afternoon to focus today was all about putting together a timeline. by looking at the evidence recovered from the scene here as well as talking to the ground crew. they say they've made progress but they have a long way to go. >> the whole thing is in flames now. >> reporter: the calls for help from eyewitnesses on the morning of the disaster -- >> i have a vehicle that's on fire. >> reporter: revealing initially no one knew the magnitude of this tragedy. >> i first thought the neighbors people had a tractor out there and it exploded.
5:56 pm
911, only to learn later it was a hot air balloon that crashed, killing all 16 people onboard. >> i don't want to ever see something like this again. >> reporter: according to investigators, the balloon took off outside austin, texas, traveled some 8 miles and while descending, the balloon hit the high tension wires before bursting in to flames. among the passengers, 34-year-old newlyweds matt and sunday rowen seen in this facebook page along with joe and also learning skip nichols, the pilot and owner of the company that operated the balloon did not get high grades from the local vendor better business bureau but was well liked and experienced. >> he loved what he did. his utmost priority was the safety to his passengers. >> reporter: investigators now looking in to the pilot's background. the balloon and weather conditions for answers. >> we're told the iphones, ipads, and cameras recovered
5:57 pm
lab to be analyzed. officials say it will be about a year till they complete the investigation but hope to release a preliminary report next week. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we'll certainly be keeping you updated on that. there's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> you don't know how it feels. >> a new york assemblyman says he was the victim of excessive force by an nypd officer as he tried to calm a tense situation between cops and community members. tonight police commissioner bill
5:58 pm
a burglary suspect shot after a confrontation with an nypd officer. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. bill is off tonight. a massive police presence in maspeth, queens this afternoon after police responded to a call of a burglary in process. police caught the alleged burglar in the house. he had been shot by a police officer. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the scene with our lead story tonight. >> this 38-year-old suspect was 66th street. probably thought he would get away with burglarizing a ground floor unit. let me show you where the officer is standing. but the suspect didn't, all because the woman who lives there in that unit was at work and because of her nanny cam was able to spot the thief and call 911. take a look at what happens next. cell phone video shows police surrounding the house. two officers go inside.
5:59 pm
you see the suspect wearing gloves running from the home. the suspect was captured. authorities say the man has done this many times here in queens and in the bushwick section of brooklyn. they describe what happens next inside the home around 1:30 this afternoon. >> one officer encountered a male suspect in the rear room. a struggle ensued which one shot was discarded, discharged by the officer's service wea a close quarters encounter. these two fought at one point near the rear of the apartment. >> my heart started racing. i've never heard a gunshot except for on tv. in person it's a lot different. to take that in and be like, i live in this neighborhood and right across the street a gunshot went off and the man that would harm anyone to get what he needs is roaming around
6:00 pm
that camera was inside the homeowner spotted the thief and was able to call 911. in what appears to be a totally unrelated incident, around the corner, a 36-year-old woman was in her driveway with a wound to her head. she was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to remove a piece of wire cable from her scalp. it's not clear how it got there, but the suspect in this burglary, this attempted burg hospital in stable condition. the woman who spotted him on that nanny cam, she's fine. for now we're live in maspeth, kemberly richardson, eyewitness news. the family of one of the men killed in a hit and run in brooklyn is calling for the driver to turn himself in. israel tercios and delmar maldonado were struck.


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