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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that camera was inside the homeowner spotted the thief and was able to call 911. in what appears to be a totally unrelated incident, around the corner, a 36-year-old woman was in her driveway with a wound to her head. she was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to remove a piece of wire cable from her scalp. it's not clear how it got there, but the suspect in this burglary, this attempted burg hospital in stable condition. the woman who spotted him on that nanny cam, she's fine. for now we're live in maspeth, kemberly richardson, eyewitness news. the family of one of the men killed in a hit and run in brooklyn is calling for the driver to turn himself in. israel tercios and delmar maldonado were struck.
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car hit the two men along with two parked cars before he took off on foot. >> he should really turn himself in. you know you did something. and you need to pay or whatever. i love my dad and he's no longer with us. >> the victims were walking home from a nearby bar when they were struck. police believe the driver was a teenager when he was speeding. a new york assemblyman from the bronx is accusing the nypd he was trying to calm a tense situation between cops and residents when he was roughed up by an officer. michelle charlesworth is in the claremont village section of the bronx with the story. >> this new york state assemblyman said he had just finished talking to people saturday afternoon about an alleged excessive police force incident that apparently happened about nine days ago.
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what happened to him lasted all of 15 seconds but he'll remember it forever. >> make sure when injustice happens, you speak up. >> reporter: new york assemblyman michael break says saturday afternoon he was wondering why two people were in handcuffs at morris houses and at the time he was talking to police officers. >> i ran in that direction to find out what was happening and within seconds i was in a bear hug and to my gate that is closest to the wall at the morris houses. the only reason i is because the officer recognized me and said to the officer to get off of him. >> reporter: blake says he was physically unhurt but definitely shaken and will never forget this. he says the language police used when the captain realized he's a new york assemblyman cannot be
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when you work as hard as i do for my community and to be treated the way i was on saturday. >> reporter: city councilwoman vanessa gibson says she's deeply sorry for what happened. >> sadly, there are many michael blakes in our community that experience this each and every day. >> reporter: blake walked inside police headquarters this afternoon to talk commissioner bratton. >> i explained to him the protocols for investigating allegations similar to the ones filed. ccrb is the appropriate entity to investigate. there will be no apology forthcoming from me. we'll see where the investigation goes from here. >> police commissioner bratton also says he was an apology. we're live in the claremont village section of the bronx, michelle charlesworth, channel 7
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officers about bogus radio calls following a series of threatening radio transmissions. investigators are not sure how someone was able to tap in to radio frequencies used by the police. it's not clear if the transmissions were a prank. the threats targeted a captain at the midtown south precinct. >> remember how you put me in jail? i'm out now and i'm coming to put a bullet in your head. i'm coming for you. to meet, baby? >> nypd says it's likely the man does not have the department radio and officers are not believed to be under imminent threat. we're going to turn to the weather. another cloudy humid day. parts of the area remain under a flash flood watch. let's check in with meteorologist lee goldberg who's tracking it all. >> don't have to dodge any downpours just yet. the flood watch is in effect overnight. hudson valley, much of northern new jersey. right now all the activity and heavier downpours surrounding us to the west, to the south, even
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severe thunderstorm warning, extreme southwestern new jersey and that storm is slowly inching northward. really not getting into the viewing area any time soon. light showers coming in from the poconos. if you watch on this futurecast, everything starts to collapse in on us a little bit during the overnight. there could be downpours especially through sylvan and ulster. at that point there could be downpoured that cause ponding. during the overnight we have to be a little concerne new york city, long island, connecticut. maybe a small impact on the morning commute. a lot of clouds around. does look a little threatening right now but nothing imminent for the five boroughs. mostly cloudy. stray shower. a few developing off to the north and west. complete 7-day accuweather forecast is coming up. we may have tropical storm early this evening. the tropics are heating up. our weather will heat up by the end of the week. that's coming up in a little
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was accused of cheating homeowners out of federal flood insurance following superstorm sandy. he pleaded not guilty to the charges. he used to be a product manager in union dale. prosecutors say he directed staff to alter reports saying damage to the homes existed before the storm. presidential politics. republican presidential nominee donald trump is facing bipartisan criticism tonight for his comments about family of a fallen muslim american soldier. in an emotional speech, the parents of captain kahn said trump has sacrificed nothing and no one and challenged him to read the constitution. trump responded by questioning the mother's silence, suggesting she was oppressed by her religion. president obama expressed his frustration with trump's
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america's military and troops. >> several republican leaders have also rebuked trump's comments. meanwhile tonight, hillary clinton is getting ready for a campaign appearance in nebraska. the democratic presidential nominee will be speaking about job creation. she'll be introduced by billionaire investor warren buffett. a new poll is out today. it shows clinton got quite a bump from the democratic convention. the cbs news poll shows clinton trump at 39%. another new poll is out. and it's not good news for mayor de blasio. we'll have that and more. >> also ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, it turns out a lot of people in new york city government knew about the changes in a deed that turned a nonprofit nursing home in to a luxury condo development. so who is to blame for this? >> and the cdc has issued a travel advisory after more cases
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in florida.
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?? not just anyone can pitch like all-star jacob degrom, but anyone could save money with geico. geico. proud partner of the new york mets. new at 6:00, a new investigation tonight on how a nonprofit nursing home for a.i.d.s. patients on the lower east side of manhattan was sold then suddenly turned in to a luxury condo building. the mayor said he didn't know about the changes in the deed that lifted the restrictions on
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lot of other people in government did know. here's political reporter dave evans. >> reporter: rivington house on the lower east side used to be a nursing home for the poor, for people with a.i.d.s. but somehow the city let it be sold and developers flipped it for a profit. that flies in the face of what mayor de blasio says he stands for, affordable housing, especially for the poor. >> there was a real disconnect between city hall and the agency to run. clearly they were not communicating. >> reporter: today the city controller in his audit found the deed for rivington was chaipgd, the building sold by mistake, and no one at city hall caught it. their memos were ignored. city officials undervalued the property by tens of millions of dollars, and when city hall was alerted, it did nothing to stop the pending sale. 40 administrators at city hall and three deputy mayor knew about the change.
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and the mayor that we could find. >> reporter: the mayor today at a news conference touting better school scores admitted yes, the rivington deal was a mistake. >> on the bigger situation, we've answered it. period. i didn't know about it. i would have vetoed about it. we have reforms in place that will never allow it to happen again. simple as that. >> reporter: all these audits and probes are hurting the mayor. a new poll shows 51% disapprove of the job he's doing. 42% approve. would easily beat scott stringer, just about the same numbers versus former city council speaker chris quinn. >> the bottom line on today's audit, nothing illegal. simply a colossal screw-up by city officials. others are investigating including the city attorney. dave evans, eyewitness news. an unprecedented announcement from the cdc as
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federal health agency warned pregnant women to avoid the winwood neighborhood in miami. it's believed to be the first time the agency has warned people to avoid a community in the continental u.s. the warning comes as florida governor rick scott announced the number of cases of zika likely caused by local mosquitos has risen to 14. >> the only area that right now we believe there's local transmission is one square mile area north of downtown. >> the cdc is also advising visited the neighborhood since june 15th to avoid getting pregnant for at least eight weeks. here's a question for you. would you marry the same person all over again? this couple did just that. we were there as they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary today by renewing their vows. >> and he -- lee says all humid
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i again take you. >> i again take you. >> to be my husband. >> look at those smiles. that's just pure happiness right there. that's 75 years later. she's still saying i do. this is in the river valley care center in poughkeepsie. for karl and elizabeth gfatter. >> we eloped because they didn't want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. he just said he loved me and that's all that matters. >> how wonderfully romantic is that? what is the secret to a long and happy marriage? well, elizabeth says simply love and honesty and being good to
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still beam. >> i'm putting that on my to-do list in 57 years. 18th anniversary in a couple weeks. >> aww. >> that's also great. >> i have high confidence in it. [ laughter ] good goal. outside we go where we have a cloudy afternoon. we don't have too many downpours around, just a couple showers that are trying to develop. nothing is threatening as we head over the weekend. we're at 75 degrees right now. a lot of humidity but the wind that's been off the atlanta has saved usod not like the cooler ocean breeze but with that said, isolated slow moving downpours can form later tonight but i think they're very widely scattered. a spotty shower tomorrow during the day, more of an emphasis on sunshine after about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. nice during the midweek. we're really turning the corner. looks like nice august heat and sunshine in the weekend along with humidity. the hudson valley probably the first areas to see more showers as we go through the overnight.
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county. 76, same in islip. 75 in howell, new jersey. mid 70s in newark. mostly cloudy skies this evening. middle to upper 70s. southeasterly wind during the overnight. stray shower around. look how we're posting a shower, maybe even a rumble of thunder toward dawn. couple of the heaviest showers could have an impact on the morning commute. i don't think it's a widespread thing. a lot of clouds are lingering through the midday. we should brighten up during the afternoon hours. light showers getting to blairstown and light showers and sussex going in to passaic. brief sprinkle in west milford. they seem to be staying off to our west for now. that's a little severe thunderstorm over southern new jersey but not really traveling very fast to the north. overall this week, this high pressure here over eastern canada will clean house. it's going to push this front off to the south. we have to deal with it for another day and a half or so. tomorrow a spotty shower. as the afternoon wears on i think we'll see some brightening but better chance of seeing more sunshine consistently on
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be even nicer. if you watch the futurecast here, all the action going on to our west, that starts to fill in during the overnight, especially along the i-84 corridor. more showers and downpours along central new jersey and a few showers may sneak in to new york city in the wee hours of the morning. might be a little bit of ponding. might have to pay attention to bill evans in the morning hours to see where to avoid after a couple isolated downpours. more sunshine coming in to the mix. should be a pleasant end to the day. named storm yet but winds of 45 miles per hour. could be tropical storm earl. looks like there's a circulation here. that would be going off to the west here and probably over to yucatan and in to southern mexico within five or six days. we'll be watching that. doesn't look like it's going in to the gulf of mexico. we'll have to see if any of the moisture gets in to the system in the u.s. mostly cloudy with us tonight. shower around. heavier shower later on tonight especially north and west. any clouds and showers will be breaking for a little sunshine
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the afternoon. not so much the flavor of the day. partly cloudy skies, 69. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. 78 tomorrow. then things start to warm up wednesday. look at the futurecast on wednesday. we're seeing much more sunshine on wednesday. that should get us in to the lower 80s. thursday and friday look absolutely gorgeous to finish off the week. the weekend is pretty good. afternoon shower or thunderstorm on saturday and sunday is looking good, in the middle 80s. nice august weather after we get through really tomorrow and even tomorrow is not all that bad. >> one more day. minutes we received this video. it's exclusive video of a tractor-trailer crash in new jersey. dramatic video. last month investigators say the truck driver, danny williams, went through the barricades and crashed in to another vehicle, killing a 24-year-old man, jeffrey oakley. prosecutors said williams had been arrested 55 times and has a history of parole violations. he's pleaded not guilty. we're just receiving this video
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when we come back, laura behnke joins us with sports. >> what a day for both the yankees and the mets. a handful of deals pulled together just before baseball's trade deadline this afternoon. while the yankees sold, the mets were buying, bringing in a big bat in the form of jay bruce, even though he isn't exactly a perfect defensive fit. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. lots of excitement off the field today. >> definitely. this is always a fun day each season. if you thought last year's trade deadline was wild for the mets, today was more than ready to compete. with the clock running out on the non-waiver deals at 4:00 today, the amazings were quite busy. their biggest move, bringing in jay bruce from the reds. in exchange for dilson herrera and max watel. the deal hit a snag earlier in the afternoon after a medical issue with the new york minor leaguer but the two sides
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made things work. outfielder not exactly a big need for this mets team, but bruce will be an offensive addition for the amazings. >> it's not an absolutely perfect fit for us. you start with the need for offense and work from there. and so we're very happy to have jay with us. he's going to provide a big presence in the middle of the lineup. >> and sandy alderson had been saying all along what he wanted was to bring in a reliever but not many people thought it would and yet the former met is a met again. the pitcher did not have the kindest things to say about the mets after he left in the offseason. as for the yankees, they lived up to the billing as trade deadline sellers. their big move of the day, sending carlos beltran to the rangers, in exchange for three pitching prospects. that includes righty dylan tate. he's a former top five draft pick. the yanks were able to get compensation for a player they likely would have lost next year
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the process. and i believe next year is going to be a different year, a better year for the yankees. >> the yankees did make one final sale before the deadline, sending nova to pittsburgh in exchange for two players to be named later. that gives them four prospects in 10 trades pulled off before the deadline. as if there wasn't enough going on in the baseball world, tonight we take it to another level. first of four games in two stadiums between the new york rivals. the first will be here at citifield. mets and yankees clashing for the first time this season. the pinstripes' postseason hopes may be all but over after the trade deadline. mets are still playing for their postseason lives. when these two clubs meet, pride is on the line. >> i think it's going to be a packed house for four straight days. i don't think there's a bigger event in the city of new york in
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probably a good thing that we're here just because there will be so much excitement. i think the guys who go out and play hard and compete and they'll be ready to go. >> a couple of other noteworthy trades that went down today around baseball, jonathan luke roy who luke -- lucroy was traded. the pitcher played three and 1/3rd of an inning before he was injured. so today the marlins just traded san diego. that doesn't happen very often. this day has naturally been dominated by baseball news but this morning amar'e stoudemire had two announcements. the former knick officially retired from the nba. that was only the beginning. because stoudemire signed a two-year deal with the jerusalem
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the vet. >> my wife and i always talked about living abroad and being able to experience different cultures. what better culture to experience for us than living in jerusalem. and playing for a team that we have a chance to not only win a domestic title but also a euro cup title. >> he originally was owner of this team. he's now selling his shares back so he can be a player. turned down nba offers as well to do this. >> good for him. >> that's where his is. >> fascinating. >> pretty cool. time now for us to take a look at what we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here with that. >> tonight at 11:00, caught on camera, vandals attack and demolish a mailbox. the clues that could help police find the suspect. a new study finds obesity may not raise your risk of heart attacks after all but there is another disease to worry about. those stories and more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's our news for now. thanks for joining us.
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up next. have a good night. breaking news tonight, as we come on the air. the new polls just out. hillary clinton, donald trump, a dramatic shift. and tonight, donald trump doubling down against the parents of an army captain who died protecting his fellow soldiers. trump now calling the father's words a vicious attack. and trump telling george stephanopoulos, he has sacr tonight with warning. telling americans not to travel to a certain part of florida amid several new cases of zika contracted here. bracing for new flash floods and storms tonight after a human chain saves a woman. more than 100 rescued. major new developments in the hot air balloon tragedy. what authorities have now revealed about the pilot. and the family poisoned on vacation by what was sprayed


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