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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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evidence markers littering a treat in brooklyn at this hour after a double shooting leaves one man dead and a woman seriously hurt. we are live with new information from the victim's family. a bizarre incident at a local park involving a little boy. who police now have in custody. and the devil is in the details. donald trump takes or taking his attacks on hillary clinton to a new level. stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. it's tuesday, august 2nd. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. jeff smith is in for bill with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: in the city, we are high and dry. we have locally heavy downpours well north of the city. a flood advisory for sullivan county through 6:45 a.m., and check out the radar. it's disturbance moving by to the north.
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dutchess and also fairfield county, connecticut getting local downpours, and estimates of 1-2 inches of rain in the eastern sullivan county, and it could be minor flooding there. 71 in the park, and we start with clouds, and occasional sunshine in the afternoon, and it could still be a spotty shower mainly north and east, and we will send it over to heather o'rourke now. mess is the westbound side of route 3, and u activity right over here, and it's an ongoing accident investigation, and we are going to head over to our maps, and we will pinpoint where it is. route 3 as you go westbound near route 120 and the new jersey turnpike at metlife stadium. three lanes are closed down with the ongoing accident investigation, and we are going to hit over here as you go on to the bqe northeast this disabled tractor trailer, and
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have police on the seen as well. wood judge at 35 south, and the water main break, and all lanes are closed as you head through that pot. new jersey transit, metro north, subways doing okay, and the street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> breaking news, one person is dead and another is injured after a gunman unloaded into an suv in brooklyn. the man was killed while darla miles is live for us this morning. >> good morning, lori. we have heard from some of the family members of the 33-year- old victim, and we learned he's the father of 8 with his children ranging in age from 1 to 8. the mother of his youngest child compelled to come here and see his suv, which has been riddled with bullets and part of the
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as earnest brown. this was the suv he was sitting in when he was shot according to family members. police say 33-year-old earnest brown was sitting in his black mercedes suv double parked when a gunman walked up to the vehicle and opened fire. a 22-year-old woman in the car was also shot, she was shot in the torso, and she is now in stable condition at kings county hospital, and according to the nypd, 33-year-old brown and he was introdownsed dead at inner faith hospital. >> she wanted to see the scene and see what happened and everything. i just thank god she was not in the car at the time, you know. >> reporter: again this is a live look at the crime scene investigation on halsey street in brooklyn. the nypd yet to identify a suspect in the shooting, and if you know anything about the
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crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. reporting live darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the family of a hit-and-run victim is begging the family to come forward. we first told you wednesday morning, that israel turcios and delman maldonado were hit and killed. the driver hit the two men with two parked cars before he ran away. >> charged with grabbing a young boy on a queens playground. he was at bound park last month when he walked up to an 8-year- old boy, and the boy's mother says he picked up her son and started to squeeze her chest. he's facing charges for acting in a manner injurious to a child.
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busted. there were plants growing under special lights indoors including in the laundry room. police were called on sunday morning when two men started fighting, breaking one man's nose and the windows on an suv. big number changes this morning in the race for president, and a new cnn poll shows a big bounce for hillary clinton after her convention, and she now gets 52% of the vote to just 43% for donald trump, and the race was tied and trump has not let those numbers take the skinning out of his attacks, and he has a new name for hillary clinton, and he rolled it out as he complained about bernie sanders giving clinton his endorsement. >> if he would have just not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero, but he made a deal with the devil. she is the devil. it's true. >> trump is not getting much
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the et introduced clinton in omaha, nebraska, and he criticized trump for failing to release his tax records, and buffet also offered trump a deal. both men would meet and bring their tax returns. both could ask each other questions. mayor de blasio may have a tough battle in his next election. the quinnipac poll shows 51% of 50% said he should not win another term next year. he would get 43% of the vote compared to 16% for christine quinn. mayor de blasio could have unwanted company when he makes his trip to a gym.
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his mansion. back in november the union lost the arbitration battle for higher salaries. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. kind of cloudy out there, and sticky. we have high humidity in and around new york city, and some of that humidity is leading to showers and thunderstorms off to the north of the city, and let's check it out on the radar right now, and right along the i-84 corridor, from fairfield throughputtal county -- through putnam county. we tried to break out into the sunshine by noontime. temperatures by then rising into the mid-70s. if you're headed to the beach, to the going to be a terrible beach day, especially down the jersey shore. waves around 3 feet, and temperatures in the lower 70s. watch out for the rip currents. there's a moderate risk of those.
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commute. >> we do have this accident on route 3, and it's on the westbound side, and this is the western spur of the new jersey turnpike. cannot quite see the accident, but we have news chopper 7 up above, and john del giorno with more information. >> reporter: good morning, heather. this is into east rutherford, right where route 3 meets up with 120. just before the meadow lanes we have reports that apparently a person exited a moving vehicle out here on route 3, and there were fatal injuries involved in that. you can see big traffic delays now again headed westbound coming away from the lincoln tunnel, and two lanes are shut, and only two lanes are open. the delays stretching back
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into secaucus itself. the bqe. the disabled tractor trailer and on the gowanus, i understand there's another accident being cleared away, and it's going into wood bridge 35 south, and that's a water main break. all lanes are closed down as a result. new jersey transit, metro north, and the long island railroad doing just fine, and then taking a look at our subway service. subways are doing okay. everything is on or close to schedule at this point. no major issues for there. the george washington bridge, lincoln and holland tunnel, just keep in mind you come out of the lincoln tunnel, normally if you take route 3 going westbound, you want to choose an alternate there. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken? lori? over to you. >> thank you, heath ere. a rocky landing at laguardia, sending fire trucks to the tarmac. see what happened aboard this flight. one victim is sharing her
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[squeaking noises] i'm a sucker for proposals. and we covered it, april twenty-sixth, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? 6:12. welcome back. a plane full of passengers landed safely at laguardia airport after blowing a tire.
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the tire was repaired. none of the 115 people on board had any injuries. 14 electronic devices have been recovered from the scene of the country's worst hot air balloon crash. the balloon in texas hit power lines before catching on fire. the ntsb is pouring over evidence including those devices to figure out exactly what happened. 6:13. it's not about the money but the things that cannot be replaced like the enga that is the symbol of two people's love. joyce mcdonald lost everything that she was keeping safe at her safety deposit box at her bank. she was saving money for her children in her box, and she said she had many other things that cannot be measured in dollars.
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wedding ring and dinner ring, and my grandfather's pocket watch and my wedding ring and engagement ring. >> the victims have given the fbi detailed lists of what was stolen, and then they will sort through all the items recovered and return them to the rightful owners. 6:14, and new york state has hit a new high in payments to crime victims, but the money from state tags payers. the victims' compensation fund is paid for by new york criminals, and the fines, fees, and surcharges are collected by federal and state courts here, and last year the fund paid some $20 million to help cover medical bills, counseling, and out of pocket expenses. new york state is the only state where criminals foot the bill. yale university is
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months after it declined to do so. it's currently calhoun hall. after continued calls for students and staff yale decided to reopen the issue yesterday. >> 6:15. incredible video out of australia. a sink hole opens up and fills with water in a backyard. a neighbor noticed it first, size of this thing. it opened up after a shaft below the yard collapsed o. officials -- collapsed. officials are waiting for it to stabilize. the couple was put in a hotel as a precaution, but they have been assured their home will be fine. they just have to wait for it to stop growing. >> ken, is that your old pool
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right there? >> it looks like. >> i know you have done a bunch of landscaping work and it looks better. we are eventually going to get sunshine as we head into the mid-day and afternoon hours, and right now w relooking at thunderstorms north of new york city, and it's creating heavier downpours along i-84, and there's a picture for central park. temperatures 71, the wind from the northeast at 7 miles an hour, and 79 eventually the high for today. average because we have all the cloud cover around initially. back in 1955, the sun coming up, and we will be setting at 8:10, and it's sticky out there today, the humidity levels remain elevated, and could be a spotty shower into the afternoon north and east of the city. i think the majority of the region will remain dry after the batch of showers and thunderstorms. nice weather for tomorrow and thursday, and the lower levels
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threat returns by the weekend, and especially on saturday, and 71 at central park right now, and 67 your temperature for white plains. down to 63 for monticello, and upper 60s for long island, low 70s down the jersey shore. we have a flood advisory for another few minutes until 6:45 a.m. for north eastern parts of sullivan county, and a disturbance is moving on by, and with that, it sparked shower and thunderstorm activity north of new york city, and check it out on the radar. of 84. we are getting the heaviest activity. the heaviest cell is over putnam county, and could be a rumble or two of thunder with that. bridgeport and stanford getting in on the action. should not quite make it down to new york city though. we are watching the tropics as well thatry flaring up.
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of jamaica, headed to the yucatan peninsula. the clouds giving away to sun today. could be a spotty shower out there. nice day shaping up for tomorrow with the ridge of high pressure building in from the north. here's the accuweather forecast for today, humid out there, morning clouds breaking for occasional sunshine, and there could be a spotty shower. 79. partly cloudy tonight into the upper 60s. tomorrow a beauty out there. partly sunny, less humid in the afternoon, and the high up to 80. another nice one shapg on thursday. 81 with a lot of sunshine. warm and humid on friday. could be a thunderstorm in here friday night, and a better shot on saturday, and it could be strong storms. 88, and the thermometers could hit 90. it's average for this time of the year. 86, and 83 by next monday. if you're coming in from the north this monday, well north of the city, give yourself extra time, and you may have
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radio disk jockey. [ laughter ] >> thank you. we will check with heather. unfortunately we have this accident on the westbound side of route 3, and it's near the western spur of the turnpike, and it's an accident investigation. news chopper 7 is up above showing how bad the delays are getting into the spot with at least 3 lanes closed down. delays all the way back to meadowlands parkway, and there's delays on the western the turnpike, getting through the area north of 16w, and since it's just over the underpass, you not see if it from the eastbound side. check out the delay as you come on to the westbound side of the reverse commuters out there. let's go over to our maps to talk about what is going on here. the bqe northeast, and the brooklyn battery tunnel, an accident. mass transit, doing very well, and alternate-side parking rules in effect. ken? over to you. >> thank you, heather.
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subway series after a late night loss at citi field. a rocky start by sabathia had the yankees trailing into the 8th inning but game one into extra innings and extra attention. eventually it came to an end with the strikeout in the 10th leading the yankees to a victory. tonight it will be tanaka against degrom. the series moves to the bronx tomorrow. check this out west. a ball girl with a clutchca down the 3rd baseline. watch this. unbelievable! makes the back hand grab in the stands to save a fan from getting smacked in the face. good job! she got a standing ovation from the crowd and threw the ball to the fan as a souvenir. one designer is bringing a whole new meaning to having something old at your wedding
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on the wall street opens mostly lower today as the price for oil continued to nose dive, thanks to the strong dollar. the nikkei dropped 1.5%. mcdonalds is removing preservatives and getting rid of the high fructose syrup in
6:25 am
serving chicken not treated with antibiotics. changes will affect nearly half of the menu. it's a no go for sex offenders in new york when it comes to pokemon go. governor cuomo issued a directive that does not allow sex offenders to download and play the game it will apply to 3,000 sex offenders currently on parole. breaking news a a father another victim shot as well. the latest on the search for the killer in brooklyn. police are searching for burglars. the dramatic moments caught on camera when one officer opened fire. why officials in new york want you to keep a special eye out for turkeys. a big mess on route 3 in new jersey. news chopper 7 is up above. ongoing accident investigation
6:26 am
result, and it looks like this is our bad news, but the good news, not too much rain down by us. >> definitely heavier downpours upnorth, now into fairfield, connecticut, into the coast, and some could affect the north
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we have breaking news in brooklyn. a deadly double shooting, and hours later, the street is still blocked of learning about the 33-year-old man who was killed overnight. >> a robber caught on camera in the subway wearing an mta uniform. >> and concerns about zika spreading up the east coast after an outbreak of cases in florida. first, breaking news on your commute. a deadly accident causing big trouble on route 3. we will go right to john del giorno. >> reporter: you can see the busy stretch west of new york
6:30 am
the reverse commute. outbound on route 3, big delays here. an earlier accident happening around 5:00 this we are told apparently a person exited a moving vehicle here, westbound on route 3 before the new jersey turnpike, and this is just before the meadowlands, and police are on the scene. it's being tapered down to only one lane, and the far left open, and big delays back to secaucus, and rubber necking delays on the western spur of the turnpike to the meadowlands, and john del goirno. channel 7 eyewitness news. good morning i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. it's tuesday, august 2nd, and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
6:31 am
remaining in effect for another 15 minutes or so. sullivan county, and there's the showers. we have locally heavy downpours. putnam county, occasionally cloud-to-ground lightning, and also eastern westchester getting in on the action, and fairfield county, connecticut. and a few of the showers may make their way on to the north sound during the next hour or so. going into the upper 60s during the day today. the clouds giving away to occasional breaks of sunshine during the afternoon. it's sticky out there, and we will go over to heather o'rourke right now. >> reporter: route 3 to the westbound side, jeff, near route 120 near the western spur of the turnpike. ongoing accident investigation. news chopper 7 is up above, and we just saw pictures from john
6:32 am
spur delay that john was telling us about. going northbound on the western spur of the turnpike, past the 16w tolls, you're very slow getting up. they can see the accident right over here. you notice the eastbound side, and you're doing just fine because you cannot see that side of the roadway from the eastbound side of route 3, and let's head over to our maps now, and we will talk about what is going on at the bqe. an accident near the brooklyn batt is an enormous delay as you come northbound into this spot. mass transit is doing okay, and street cleaning rules in effect. >> it's 6:32, and we are following breaking news this morning, a man is dead and a woman is injured. earnest brown was in his suv with a 22-year-old woman when they were both shot. brown was pronounced dead at
6:33 am
brown's suv is still sitting in the street. we will bring you updates as we get them. and police released new images of a subway attacker wearing an mta uniform. the nypd said the suspect seen in the photo approached the man from behind and put a sharp item to his back. the victim was no seriously hurt. the investigators do not believe the suspect is an mta worker. worries about zika are spreading in new york, even with the mosquitoes carrying the virus are not in new york. miami has been added to the locations pregnant women should avoid. this comes after a dozen cases have spread in one miami neighborhood. officials in queens are trying to stop the mosquito spread,
6:34 am
the city health department is focusing on three areas for the first round of mosquito spraying for the summer which took place overnight. they are focusing here on college point and also flushing and white stone, and they said they are doing it because they believe those three areas could carry, you know, high numbers of the mosquito, which could carry the zika virus. as you mentioned, the city health department issuing an unprecedented announcement for them not to travel to miami, especially if they are expecting mothers because of the outbreak in a neighborhood down there, and what is concerning to health officials down there, their aggressive spraying program has not gotten rid of the mosquitoes which leads them to believe they are either becoming resistant to the pesticides, or they are hiding, and the concern is that if people visit miami, they could contract the virus and bring it
6:35 am
area. >> the mosquito that transmits zika is in this area, but it's in 30 states. i think one thing we can expect, this cluster taking place in this part of miami will not be the only cluster of zika we see. there's so much travel between new york and the whole united states and places where zika is transmitting. those people who come back they are the potential source for local transmission in the places where the mosquito exists. >> reporter: and city health officials say the number one thing you yourself from any mosquito is to remove any standing water on your property. we are live in college point this morning, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kristin, thank you. 6:35. a burglary suspect was shot by police in a queens home. a neighbor caught the whole thing on his cell phone.
6:36 am
caught felix perez on her nanny camera. felix perez started to struggle with the officers, and the officer shot perez in the groin. >> i thought did that come from my house? is everybody okay? the next thing i thought was about my neighbors. >> perez ran from the house, but he was quickly arrested. he had just been released from prison in june for serving time for burglary. charges he be facing for credit's incident. a judge has thrown out the charges against jose ramos in the case of etan patz. pedro hernandez was charged in 2012 for patz's murder. a jury deadlocked on the first trial, and he will have another trial this fall. ramos remains in prison for an unrelated case. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
6:37 am
a live look to lower manhattan right now. cloudy skies in the city. shower and thunderstorm activity having a difficult time making it this far south, and i will tell you, it's a difficult story for the northern part of the viewing area. we check things out, and along 84 for the past several showers, there's been showers and thunderstorms making it across actually parts of fairfield county, connecticut, and the long island sound into the northern parts of suffolk county during the next 15 to 30 minutes or so. clouds throughout early this morning. we can get a few breaks of sunshine by midday, and temperatures getting up to around 75 or so by noontime, and looking at the chances of rain, during the next 5 or so days, by far, the biggest chance, the first half of the weekend, and we will detail that forecast in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes, and right now over to heather o'rourke. she has the commute. this accident on the route
6:38 am
and news chopper 7 is up above. they go all the way back to mill creek, and that's in secaucus. that's a huge delay for those of you who are reverse commuters who come out of the city. you definitely want to choose an alternate route depending on where you need to go. let's go over to the web camera to show you this delay on the gowanus expressway, going into the area of the brooklyn battery tunnel, and head to the maps. an accident on the bqe, and that's inbound side. northbound, eastbound, at the battery tunnel, and left lane is closed down with the accident ongoing, and new jersey transit, metro north, and long island railroad doing well, and subway service is running on or close to schedule. woodbridge, you have 35. both directions with a water main break right now, and the left lane is closed down in both directions. alternate-side parking rules in
6:39 am
to you. later this morning, maintenance work begins with the queens midtown tunnel, and that could lead to delace. one queens-bound lane will be closed from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day this week. the mta is warning drivers to expect delays and plan accordingly. the tractor trailer screaming down a street in new jersey. the deadly conclusion, and now the driver is facing charges. it's the cheapest way to get to broadway. now the popular tkts booth is op poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose
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now to an eyewitness exclusive. dramatic video showing a tractor trailer on a wild and dead was just the end of the deadly demolition derby with police repeatedly shooting at the driver to stop the big wheeled rampage. >> the man driving had 55 arrests, and he repeatedly smashed into cars and then a building. video shows just a fraction of the damage last month, and the
6:43 am
with killing jeffrey oakley and injuring two friends riding with him. dillon roof's lawyers have filed a challenge to the death penalty. both federal and south carolina prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. defense lawyers say roof will plied guilty if prosecutors sake the death penalty off the table. americans across the cubry up against crime -- across the country are standing up against crime with the national night out. every nypd precinct will have a special event tonight to teach people about crime prevention, and they will feature games and food. lincoln center will get their own tkts booth today.
6:44 am
limited run for just 3 months. they are start noon at lincoln center's zucker box office. the booth will sell discounted tickets for the full range of performing arts across new york city. the new york city wildlife managers are asking for help in the citizens wildlife survey for wild turkeys this summer. volunteers will record the observations of turkeys around homes and around the state. the turkey survey is conducted every august. it's the best way to make good decisions for managing the turkey population. translation, that i are saying we have place for you mr. turkey, and it's not on my lawn. good morning america is coming up next. >> reporter: coming up here,
6:45 am
the zika virus. a travel warning in the continental u.s. encouraging pregnant women to area north of miami. this morning the director of the cdc will join us to tell us what you need to know. an american airlines pilot taking down a drunk and disorderly passenger who was threatening the crew. the whole incident is caught on video that story is coming up. news exclusive for you. the beauty queen backlash. the newly crowned miss teen usa under fire for using racial slurs. hillary scott will be singing. you know her from lady antebellum. beautiful voice. >> that's it. beautiful! thank you so much. you got it. 6:45, and we are checking in with meteorologist jeff
6:46 am
bad out here right now, considering this is typically the hottest time of the year. it's refreshing. temperatures in the low 70s, and still sticky in the city. we have a lot of cloud cover, and there can be showers and thunderstorms knot of the city. we have a shot from news chopper 7 over to manhattan. beautiful shot from up there, and you can see a lot of cloud cover over new york city, and occasionally we will get a break or two of sunshine, and that becomes more prominent as sunshine that is. the shower and sunshine activity to the north of the city should be weaking over the next -- weakening over the next few hours as well. another view up to central park, and the jackie o. reservoir. the wind from the northeast at 7. the high up to 79. about 5 degrees below average for this time of the year. the sun going down at 8:10 this evening. the headlines, still sticky out there today, and there could be
6:47 am
of new york city. i think the vast majority of the injury mains -- remains dry. the muggies return and the thunder threat returns by the weekend, especially by saturday. right now, 71 in newark, and we have temperatures in the 60s for newburg and poughkeepsie. rain-cooled 60s for poughkeepsie. you have had showers and the radar. thankfully the flood advisory for parts of sullivan county has been allowed to expire. you can see the disturbance causing showers and storms northeast of the city right now. parts of westchester, putnam, and it was, and fairfield county, connecticut. good line of downpours moving across the new england area there. expect that north and east of the city over the next several
6:48 am
will move on by. a tropical disturbance right now south of jamaica. it may become tropical storm earl as it moves along the yucatan peninsula as it intensifies. spotty showers mainly north and east of the city. the ridge of high pressure building in humid out there, and morning clouds like we have right now, breaking for occasional sunshine during the afternoon. cannot rule out a spotty shower. into the upper 60s. nice day tomorrow, and less humid for the afternoon. the high up to 80. really nice day shaping up for thursday. mostly sunny. 81. the humidity does return on friday. not too bad. middle to upper 80s. could be a thunderstorm on friday night. much better shot on saturday. 88. a couple of areas hitting friday. the better half of the weekend, 86 and mostly sunny on monday, 83. back to you guys.
6:49 am
>> all right, now to heather again. the commute? >> we have this mess on route 3, the westbound side near route 120. an ongoing accident investigation, and they reopened one of the lanes, and now two of the lanes are getting by. good morning, john. >> reporter: heather, as you head, they just reopened one lane here, and two lanes are out of service. the westbound side of route 3, and as we have been reporting all morning long, big delays traveling out of secaucus on route 3 towards the meadowlands, and you can see a huge delay, pretty much the whole distance of secaucus. it's before mill creek drive, and if you're looking at the map, the whole distance from 495 all the way across to the bridge at the new jersey turnpike at the meadowlands. look at that delay. volume now northbound on the new jersey turnpike. that's a rubber necking delay, and same accident.
6:50 am
as well. heather? >> really the only way to avoid the area, if you go north on the western spur to 46 or 80 depending on where you're going. the eastern spur going down into 280 at exit 15 east. not a lot of choices if you're a reverse commuter or those commuting to the west. bqe into hamilton avenue, the earlier accident cleared away, and heavy delays. new jersey transit, metro north, and long island railroad, doing okay. our subways schedule. woodbridge 35. the left lane closed down both ways, and we have alternate- side parking rules in effect for today. ken? lori? over to you. >> heather, thank you. armed robbers storm a convenient store, sending employees running for cover, and the split second decision to save lives. and your dentist reminds you every visit, be sure to floss. is that really hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal?
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6:53. a terrifying robbery in texas is caught on camera. >> employees and customers went running as three armed men went running inside. the clerk is able to get behind a door and lock it just in time. the customers drop to the ground to protect themselves, and the two masked men try to get behind the locked door. the third approached customers putting the guns to their heads. eventually the men were seen on camera running out of the
6:54 am
right. >> i just heard about this right now. the federal government has recommended flosses since 1979 but just recently without making it too public, but we will make it public, the government removed the flossing recommendations and admits the effectiveness has never been researched, and by law f -- law, if you don't have proof, you can't recommend it. >> but it feels good.
6:55 am
your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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breaking news in brooklyn. the father of eight is fatally shot, and his passenger was injured. the two were sitting inside of an suv on halsey street. darla miles is live in bed-stuy with details. >> reporter: the 33-year-old multiple times in the neck and torso. he has been identified by the nypd as 33-year-old earnest brown. he was in his black mercedes suv double park at 1:30 this morning when the gunman opened up to the vehicle and opened fire. there was a 22-year-old passenger a female, and she was struck once in the torso, and now she's in stable condition at kings county hospital.
6:58 am
looking for the shooter. reporting live in bed-stuy, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have breaking news from the vatican. pope francis has created a commission to study the possibility of allowing women to serve in the church. it could end the clergy. the pope has picked his choice to head the commission. >> that's a big deal. >> very big deal. heather a final check of the commute. >> we have quite a mess on route 3. the westbound side of route 3. right here route 120. you can see the pictures for news chopper 7, and two lanes on lookout 3, westbound near route 120, and delays are back to mill creek. we will head over now to our camera, our shot here, looking
6:59 am
this delay, that's our web camera, and we have that delay up the gowanus, but up to the maps, route 3, that's where the accident is, and as you look up over here, i got a question from howie, our stage manager, and he was asking how route 495 looks out of the lincoln, that's traffic moving away from you. you access 495 and go to the eastern spur instead. yourself all the headache. >> all that grief. we have had heavy downpours affecting suffolk county over the next half an hour to hour. just give yourself extra time if you're headed in from that direction. clouds eventually giving away to some breaks of sunshine today. great days for tomorrow and thursday. humidity returning by later in the week. >> okay, thank you, jeff.
7:00 am
good morning, america. flash flood alert. severe storms from arizona to maryland shutting down roads, flooding clean at this drugstore. now new regions in the flood zone as a potential tropical storm fors in the caribbean. major zika warning. the cdc issuing an unprecedented advisory telling pregnant women not to travel t florida after detecting 14 local cases of the virus. now health officials going door to door testing thousands of people. the head of the cdc will join us this morning. donald trump calls hillary clinton the devil overnight as new polls spell trouble for trump. >> and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. i have to be honest. >> now bombarded from both sides of the aisle for his battle with the family of a fallen u.s. soldier and the new questions arising about trump's own military record. and not on my watch.


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