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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> and i'm liz cho. he was the most recognizable faces in law enforcement, but today new york police commissioner bill brayton announces he's stepping down ending his second ten-year as the city's top cop. >> taking his place will be the nypd chief of department, james o'neal. a man the mayor calls quote uniquely qualified for the job. tim fletcher will have more on o'neal. surprising things that we have learned today is that brayton told mayor de blasio way back on july 8th that he would be resigning, until today. they say it has nothing to do with the ongoing corruption investigation by prosecutors and it has nothing to do with the protest we've been about police reform. brayton says he has a good job
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today. brayton came with his chief o'neal. the top uniformed off ers. brayton is the best face in policing and he has run police departments in boston, los angeles and twice now in new york. he took over a department in transition reducing stop and frisk while continuing a dramatic record low crime level in the city. today, brayton wouldn't say what he's going to time. >> i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around three or 4 years to work on issues. i don't have that type of time. >> missing you every single day, but this friendship, this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all you've done for the people of new york city. >> and today, brayton says he's spent the last 31 months in office putting to the a team that can take over for him once he does resign.
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will take place on september 16th. we'll see you at 5:00. live at city hall, dave, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. let's go over to tim fletcher who has more on o'neal. >>reporter: you heard the phrase a cop's cop. o'neal is a cop's commissioner from a rocky police officer to the subway station to the top job, he brings a wealth of experience. james o'neal known as jimmy comes into the department. the highest ranked police officer. >> i see this as an opportunity to advance and see the -- >> he watched commissioner william brayton step down, chief o'neal is preparing to take over the nypd having served from the ground up learning his rookie subway cop in 1993.
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his mother and sister are influences for him. >> life is much more about oneself. it's about all of us, thank you mom. >> but he's facing several challenges. richard is president of the non partisan nonprofit citizen's crime commission. >> he's a proven crime fighter and he's adopted a strategy on guns, on gangs, on domestic violence. on rape. >> one expanding initiative is the neighborhood policing program. >> knowing who your police are especially what their names are -- and especially what their names are. >> working with neighborhood residents on problems that are vacs sashs. that will repair the breach between the police and the community. it's important. >> mayor de blasio strongly supports his choice. >> o'neal burns with a passion
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innovation. and he's going to be an extraordinary leader for this department. >> coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00, we're going to hear from a previous police commissioner and his assessment of chief o'neal. live in folly square, tim fletcher. >> thank you. the police union will release a state. pat lynch says quote we hope chief o'neal will make protecting police officers on the street his first priority assumes his role. lynch and union members followed mayor de blasio in protest. they protested in brooklyn as the mayor worked out and got his morning coffee. we're going to hear much more from that coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. and a
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to your phone by downloading the abc7ny app. a baby's death is being ruled a homicide. back was found unconscious and unresponsive inside her family's apartment in -- he died from abuse of head trauma. at this point there are no arrest. the baby's parents have been questioned by police and investigators are investigating the claims of a ritual involving the child. we'll have more on this story comin at 5:00. unfit and unprepared. that is what president obama is calling republican presidential candidate donald trump today. the comments came as trump continues to face harsh criticism of his treatment of that gold star family who spoke at the democratic national convention and there's more controversy. a purple heart recipient gave it to trump today and trump said it was easier
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zach has more from washington. lonna. >>reporter: hi there, liz. it has been a day on the campaign trail with clinton taking a great. the ceo, and other top officials are out after the e-mail scandal, donna brazil is in. but the huge headlines are around trump and the president. an unprecedented event in modern elections. >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit. a president standing next to a foreign leader doubting -- >> he's willfully unprepared to do this job. i think i was right in mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on policy issues, but i never thought they couldn't do the job. >> meanwhile at a trump rally in virginia, a baby's cries punctuated his speech. watch for yourselves. >> don't worry about that baby.
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the mom's running around like don't worry about it. it's young and beautiful and healthy and that's what we want >> trump discusses chinese evaluation and then paused again. >> i was kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm concernal gave trump a purple heart. >> i always wanted to get a purple heart. this was easier. >> this comes after veterans were -- clinton capitalizes that. >> he's forgetting our troops on the front lines. >> chris christie distancing himself from donald trump and his criticism of the khan family. this happens on the
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picks up her first endorsement from a congressman richard hanna from up state new york. live from washington, lonna zach, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, lonna, thanks so much. let's get a look at the weather with meteorologist lee goldberg. >> dave, still dealing with clouds right now. you see a couple of sprinkles over the twin forbes and into connecticut. we'll deal with clouds and a stray shower for the next few hours. we're 75 degrees right now. still a lot of cloud cover, but as we look at the evening planner, we're going to see our temperatures dip into the upp 60s. it will be patchy clouds around. we do have our first or actually our fifth named storm of the season. it's tropical storm earl. we had that tropical storm update. a nice night for the -- it's coming up in a few minutes. dave and liz back to you. >> thanks a lot. gunfire erupting on the streets of brooklyn. a man dead and a woman wounded. police say
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brown shot in the neck and torso. his family wanted to know with someone would want to harm the family man of 8 children. >> he tried to [ crying ] >> and live by his kids. he wanted the best for his kids. >> a 22-year-old woman who was also in the car was struck. once her -- once her condition is stage at this time -- no arrests have been made. new at 4:00, a car slamming into a laundromat leaving the building unstable. news copter 7 over elizabeth this afternoon. you can see the damage to the stall front. amazing no one hurt from all of this damage. another down day for stocks on wall street despite encouraging news about consumer spending. federal government says consumer spending rose at 4 tenths of 1% in june. this despite the sells dipping slightly. personal income rose
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fell 91 points to end the day at 18,313. florida deals with zika issues and new york taking prevention and it begins in the subways. we'll tell you about it.
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a disturbing attack on a subway came from someone who looked like he was a subway employee. the nypd says the attacker was dressed in an mta uniform. he approached a man from behind in manhattan last week. police say he put a sharp
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stole his backpack and ran away. the victim wasn't seriously hurt and they do not believe the attacker was an mta worker. the zika virus heading into the subways. officials are targeting standing water with pellets -- andrew cuomo demonstrated the approach at a downtown manhattan station. the stress that the measures are just precautionary. >> the best crisis is to prevent it, and i feel very strongly a situation like this, the best courses is always to get ahead of it. >> meanwhile in miami, prevention efforts have turned into containment efforts as health experts try to figure out how mosquitos are continuing to spread the virus there. this despite stepped up efforts to wipe them out. elizabeth her have the latest from miami. >>reporter: mosquito control in
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spraying pesticides. >> you know about the zika virus going on. >> handing out bug repellents to residents and delivering pamphlets, zika prevention kits and treatment for standing water. >> it's scary that people are getting it from mosquitos. >> i'm not pregnant, so i'm not concerned. >> a concern from visitors and residents mixed. >> it makes me slightly nervous, but i'm not changing what i do. one neighborhood, one scare mile north of downtown miami. officials believes that number will grow. >> this is referred to as the cokeroach mosquitos. stopping the spread of the virus is -- protecting pregnant women is a primary because those who show know symptoms the virus is
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that's the reason the cdc announced $16 million in additional funding to better monitor and detect birth defects, possibly caused by zika. >> what we've realized over the weekend is the mosquito counts haven't been coming down >> that was abc elizabeth reporting. while, look at that. that was caught on camera. a close encounter with a whale in canada. on the saint lawrence river was posted on you tube. watch -- look at that. as a fin whale comes under the boat. fin whales are the second largest mammal after the blue whale. what an incredible thrill. >> yeah, they offer these whale watching trips right here on our
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>> there were sighting we were talking about. you can see the pin stripes on that. >> beautiful. how is it out there? you had your jacket on a few minutes ago, is it warm? >> it's room temperature. it's comfortable outside. there's a breeze at times. when the sun comes out, it changes and it feels warm because there's humidity around. pleasant through the evening hours. it may look threatening in your neighborhood, but little rain around the area. there's light springles. for now we have have a pretty sunset with the clouds basically filtering out. we're at 75 degrees. the humidity at 60 possession. southeast wind is kicking up and it could feel cool. barometer on the rise. we're shy of the 80 degrees mark. mark taking the day off on summer vacation. as we go to
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low to mid-70s. we'll turn clear overnight and tomorrow it's sun and patchy clouds and what a beautiful day. little lower humidity and higher temperatures. it's a gem and more of that to come later in the week. the clouds are spiralling from the north and east. showers over eastern pennsylvania. one sneaking into sullivan county. we're watching this disturbance over cape cod and it's going to swing over to sea. it's throwing clouds over our way. ther significant rainfall on radar. high pressure is ready to settle in for a couple of days. there's a weak front to the west. that's going to fall apart, impressive looking west of hudson bay. the northwest will bring us our storm -- tomorrow is a really nice day. partly to mostly sunny skies and lower humidity and temperatures around 80 degrees and thursday
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best bet of the week. there's tropical storm earl and there's more organization this afternoon so we're going to wait for a 5:00 advisory. it's headed quickly off to the west and headed to the yucatan towards belize. it can be a minimal hurricane and gusty winds. we'll have the latest forecast track in our next half hour. cloudy skies to clear. comfortable, 67. tomorrow, your highs around 80 degrees. partly to mostly sunny day and pleasant and partly cloudy at 67 degrees. coming up at 4:30, we'll look at the map. maybe there's a thunderstorm at night. we'll look at that future cast and a look at the weekend and tropical track and the subway series. we'll make sure rain stays away from city field. dave and liz back to you. >> i think we've had enough of
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week and a half of august. >> liz has spoken. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, lee. as organizers in queens prepare for the u.s. open tennis championships, they no longer have to wait of rain speaking of which. the tennis association today unveiled the new roof over arthur ash stadium. the retractable roof is built to close or open in less than 7 minutes. it's part of a $500 million renovation at the billy jean king national tenn >> a lot of fans says about time too. >> i should say fewer than 7. not less than 7 minutes, sorry about that. good correction. this is a disease you never hear about these days, but mumps is making headlines again in one community on long island. we'll tell you your and how concerned you should be. plus a tax on your binge
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pope francis is making he's setting up a panel to study whether women can serve as deacons, but he's making ways with commons that's not supportive of tran gender rights. the role of deacon is preserved for men. they can't celebrate mass. vatican released a transcripts of remarks that francis made last week where he said quote, it is terrible that children are being taught at school that gender is
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the season finale of the bachelorette, the final rose went to a former pro football player. a lot of people saw it coming. bachelorette joe joe fletcher now engaged to jordan rogers. the brother of green bay packer great aaron rogers. entertainer reporter sandy kenyon with much more. >>reporter: dave, by the time the first episode of the bachelor the aired, filming had been completed so joe joe and jordan are already a couple. surprise for viewers, they can meet occasionally in secret. that proved frustrating. >> the how many come left -- that left many fans -- one viewer tweeting i'm disappointed in joe joe for her choice and disappointed in myself for
4:24 pm
choosing jordan roger. >> i knew i loved him on our first one-on-one date and it grew from there. >> joe joe and jordan said love scenes were edited out and it added to the show by having joe joe -- >> no one understands what it is like to break up with someone and get engaged. it doesn't make sense and it never will. i with him. >> into the couple's frustration, the tabloid stories that ran as the show progressed. >> falling for a fraud. >> the tabloids were horrible for me. there were nights where i would call him crying myself to sleep and he was on the phone with me all night. >> it breaks my heart she's hurting because things are being said about me and how it reflects on her. >> the two plan to move together and find new truth in the old saying, if it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger.
4:25 pm
we've had criticism and we've made it through it, and i just feel like if we can get through that, we'll be able to get through anything. >> they plan to make their home in dallas. you nay sayers and they plan to get married. joe joe says she'll take jordan's last name of rogers and the final episode and so many other scenes of joe joe getting cozy with the other guy, jordan claims he never watched those to do so. smart man. >> i can't wait until aaron rogers gets grilled in the locker room over this episode. it's all soap opera. >> the two brothers are estranged and that's extra layer. >> thank you, sandy. members of the soccer team showed up at the microsoft store
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program. the spanish team is on its summer tour. that grid will be at met life as apart of the stanley cup. we have an attorney health alert to tell you about. there's an outbreak of mumps. we'll tell you why health officials are worried. the pokemon go game has a homeowner fed up. wait until you hear why he's filed a an airline pilot turned hero for taking down a passenger. i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time. looks like you're all hooked up. game's about to start. let's do it. we're watching here? oh yeah.
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our top story this half hour, a warning about the outbreak of the mumps. 200 cases have been in nassau county. >> there's concerns that the strain may be resistant to the vaccine. we have the story with stacy sager. >>reporter: dave, 18 suspected cases of the mumps in and around this community. while health officials say no vaccine is
4:30 pm
of stopping a disease from spreading into your community in the first place. and so they're urging people here in -- wash your hands and don't share drinks and stay home if you do get sick. >> most important thing is we're on top of it. we've identified these early cases. >> health officials in long beach says proper precautions are being taken. they urge anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to the mumps to make sure they've had both the far in the area, there have been 18 suspected cases. most of them in young adults and in additional cases are expected. mump outbreaks around the country not that unusual they say. >> some of them are very small. just a handful of cases. there have been outbreaks in the united states, hundreds of cases. we're trying to prevent this from getting larger. >> that means knowing your vaccination history. here on the boardwalk today, we weren't
4:31 pm
the case >> have you had a vaccine? >> no, maybe. >> they say the vaccine offers the best protection despite the fact that those who have gotten sick also got vaccinated. >> it's a safe vaccine. it's a vaccine every parent should make sure their child gets vaccinated for and it's not going to be perfect and it's going to be less perfect the more people don't take advantage of this vaccine. >> and so once again, they only have working theories at this point. e -- this was a case where maybe the first person who got the mumps did not get the vaccine or perhaps this is a strain that is a bit more resistant to the vaccine. once again, common sense is the best way to protect yourself. wash your hands and we're going to have much more on the symptoms of mumps at 5:30. i'm stacy sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stacy. new at 4:00, police made an
4:32 pm
two yesterday. 21-year-old he have -- perez is accused of striking a man. he's charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash. a homeowner in new jersey is fed up and gone to court over pokemon go players. jeffrey of west orange says strangers have been lingering outside of his home since the smartphone game was released last door and asked to get in his backyard to catch a pokemon. the lawsuit is asking for a class action status for anyone who wants to keep pokemon's off their property. meanwhile in the hudson valley, a fight broke out in downtown -- near a popular park with pokemon go players. cell phone video posted on you tube called it a huge pokemon go brawl. one witness says it started with nasty words. police are reviewing the video
4:33 pm
they think the game was involved. caught on camera, an american airline's pilot captured a drunk passenger. the passenger accused of threating -- and threatening the crew. >> new video showing an american airline's pilot taking down a passenger after he allegedly attacked the passengers. take a seat. >> i don't want to take a seat. >> i don't care what you want to do. >> he's facing charges after interfering with a flight crew after his plane landed at douglas airport. he took the -- he became disruptive after drinking three glasses of jack daniels in an hour. >> in the video, you can see kirk refusing to sit down.
4:34 pm
attendant up the aisle. according to an fbi affidavit, he threats evened to break the -- >> he pushed the attendant down before kirk take her to the ground. >> the an associate of flight an increase throughout the industry. alcohol is a problem as it is in this case. cur has been released on $20,000 bond. no future court date set. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> one of the results of this incident, cur is not allowed to fly by commercial flight or visit douglas airport in the future.
4:35 pm
-- the hall currently named calhoun college after john see calhoun, a slave supporter. the school said it will not change the name, but after a call from students and faculty, they decided to revisit the issue. a mother goes -- gets kicked out for break breast feeding breast feeding. do you floss your teeth ? >> yes. >> we'll tell you why you may be wasting your time and money >> you're kidding me. you're told to floss, floss. we're at 75 and cloudy skies. on radar, clouds trying to thin out. as you go through the evening hours, i don't think you'll need the umbrella. will you need the umbrella on
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4 stories we're following at 4:00. a change of command for the nypd. brayton announced his
4:39 pm
future job -- >> i'm asked to create a new division to join the 12 divisions they have and risk is the name of it and to build that company out so i'm in a position relative to the current threats that this is his -- how do i identify them, how to prevent them and how do we respond to them. >> brayton will step down in september. the death of a 5-month-old baby in queens have been ruled a homicide. police say the b was found unconscious and unresponsive inside her family's apartment in aim hearse on sunday. a mosquito spreading zika -- 15 people are said to be infected from local mosquitos. president obama today saying donald trump is unfit to be president. and trump says obama is failed leadership.
4:40 pm
are you a flosser as in your teeth. the daily ritual is a huge waste of time. the federal government recommended flossing since 1979. recently without saying a word the government removed its flossing recommendation. its government now admits the effectiveness of flossing has never really been researched. and by law, if there's no proof, then it can't be recommended. >> my dentist recommends it. all right. mcdonald is cooking up something new in hopes of attracting health conscious customers. it's removing artificial flavors in its food. mcdonald says it has reached its goal of serving chicken not created with antibiotics and the change has effected half of the
4:41 pm
actress shannon dougherty says her cancer has spread. some cancer cells have spread to her body. she's undergoing more therapy followed by radiation. she has undergo three 8 rounds of chemo therapy. a woman says she was kicked out of a movie theater for br baby. she was catching a movie of "bad mom is" when the manager confronted her about breast feeding her baby. >> he said you can cover up or leave. at that point i kind of -- i was so hurt. i don't need anybody's approval to feed my baby. >> she was in her lobby arguing with the manager when he made that request because the theater doesn't allow children under the
4:42 pm
commenting on the matter. 100 dogs will be available for adoption. no one know where they came from, but the center where they came from said they received adoption inquiries. march 8th is day -- they can go to new homes. the adoption is $20 per dog. a woman's trip to a walmart in kentucky was quite eventful and tu sensation. she posted this photo of two dogs on facebook. in the caption she explained she saw the car they were in, crash into the side of a building. it wasn't a serious impact. when she looked in, and noticed the dog was behind the wheel. she joked they decided to get their mommy in the store. the woman sat with the dogs until their
4:43 pm
just a minor detail. >> that's a weird story. a frightening shopping ordeal to tell you about. at 4:00, a 4-year-old gets locked in a safe. how he ended up in fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds,
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s can.
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it was a scary 15 minutes for a boy and his mother.
4:46 pm
locked inside. strong employees didn't know the combination to get him out so she had to call the fire department. they put oxygen into the safe to help the little boy breathe. they used the manufacturers override code to finally set him free. >> that story made me anxious. lincoln center the home of talented for formers have its ticket booth today. this is a special pop up booth for a starts selling tickets at noon at lincoln stadium on west 22nd street. they'll sell discounted tickets for the full range of performing arts across new york city. will it become the leaning tower of san francisco? the leaning tower -- the millennial tower sinking and now leaning as a result. the high rise condo building is leaning 2 inches
4:47 pm
engineers expected. they're blaming a tran yent center nearby. but the transient center is blaming it on poor design. regardless, it's leaning and it's sinking and that's scary. >> yeah. not to mention you can't put an egg on a table. there's a lot of side effects. >> at least the ground is typically stable out in california. >> i wonder if they're going to take that down. oh my >> and we're wildly speculating on that. >> exactly. so true. >> to do see storm storms -- good to see storms. >> it's windy as we get out of the cloudy days. i think you'll like the rest of the week. >> cold? >> warm. we have thinning skies to the east and north as we look at the george washington bridge. >> you're there. >> exactly. because lime looking off to the north and east. the camera is pointing to
4:48 pm
to the bronx. our temperatures in 75 degrees right now. mostly cloudy skies. northeasterly winds. mid-80s by the end of the month. average highs around 80. rainfall, a little under 4 inches of rainfall. what to watch during this month while the tropics are activity, we're seeing that. first immediate showers is a nice highlight. that peaks on august 12th. look to the northeast sky. we'll keep you posted on that. this system. this is earl. and it's moving south of jamaican right now and winds at 50 miles-an-hour and it's moving to the west at 16 miles-an-hour. computer models, a lot of green in here. it's going towards belize and the yucatan peninsula. it's a strong tropical system at 50-mile-per-hour winds or a minimal hurricane as it approaches and it may resurface in the gulf of mexico and regain
4:49 pm
evolves, but it looks consistent westerly trap and it doesn't look like it's coming into the northern gulf of mexico or the main u.s. meanwhile tonight, we have clouds thinning out. upper 60s overnight. tomorrow night, patchy clouds and upper 70s and humidity down. subway series ago, no rain slicker needed and no umbrella. yankees at met city field. satellite picture right now, a few clouds around. you can see how we're looking to the north and east. more clears and heavier clouds over parts of let's say morris county into hudson and union and monmouth. it looks threatening, but no showers. just a sprinkle. clouds thin out through the night and it's cloudy. tomorrow it's a mix of skies and highs near 80 degrees. if there's sprinkles, they form in the cascade. i think most areas will be dry during the afternoon hour.
4:50 pm
good. uv index is 9. boaters knot -- the current risk is moderate. 7-day accuweather forecast, 80. beautiful sunshine on thursday. friday is more humid and warm. as we go into saturday, that's the only little blemish here. and i think they'll be a spotty thunderstorm around. the timing is a little tricky right now on saturday with the storms. looks like it might be around mid-day, but it's not a washout and then sunday it goes back to that momentum until early neck week. there you go, dave. >> nice job, thank you lee. >> here's what's trending on this tuesday, august 2nd. and bad news for all those who like to binge watch on netflix. the state started charging tax. pennsylvania added the netflix tax to help close a budget of $1.3 billion hole there in their state budget.
4:51 pm
hula and other similar services. chicago introduced a 9% tax last year and they won't be the last to do that. nfl training camps in section which means we're getting closer to the seasonal kickoff but not before the -- the reporters gathered expecting to hear from reid they got this guy. fake reed. some people wondered if reed changed over the summer. >> the team is looking prey >> that's my queue, good looking. come on, beautiful. go -- go get you a hamburger. >> he's known as fake andy reed and i'm told he's the coach's biggest friend. samsung looking to apple a run.
4:52 pm
and mobile devices and it comes with a stylist to write on the device and a powerful processer comes with it and a better camera. the standard feature is an eye scanner and you can unlock phone by staring into it. look into -- look into the 21st century. >> it hurts my eyes. >> it's not going to hurt your eyes. >> i know, but it kind of does. >> embrace the technology. >> stretch it out >> it will promote eyeball theft. i don't know. . >> that's right. let's move on. you don't freak me out. parents used a sweet treat with an announcement on the side of this candy to tell the children they're having another baby and the reaction was perfect. >> you're pregnant? >> yes. >>[screaming] >> that's awesome. >> they're not sure how to react. we know how he feels. he's very happy. he's freaking
4:53 pm
and he cries happy tears. it's so cute we had to share. >> i wonder if the next line is we're having a girl. and they stop. >> i'm sure they would be happy. check out the trend online abc7ny and use the #thetrend. >> i love >> they're the best. pure happiness. coming up next, teens earning money for the summer and improving the community. we have information on a program in new jersey. he's the delays at hudson river crossing. 35 minutes lincoln.
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are getting a chance to earn money while making their neighborhoods beautiful. >> they're doing everything from painting to planting flowers to picking up bags of garbage. new jersey reporter toni yates is in paterson with the details. >> yes indeed, we are in west side park where those kids work really hard today under the hot sun and they did get a whole lot of stuff done. you see there behind me. what you don't see now is the graffiti that used to cover gate-like monuments. no weeds. you see flowers. and the results of what we call elbow grease in sprucing up the park. >> reporter: look at all the kids. they spent hours being apart of teamwork, making new friends, making west side park more pretty, and making some money doing it. paterson's mayor jose torres gave the organization behind this, which is junior youth build, a $100,000 grant to employ these high schoolers. 40 of them to spend their summer working, cleaning parks and
4:57 pm
responsibility. >> it's all about really caring for the city of paterson. this is a design to improve conditions here in the city of paterson. this is a real job. they clock in. they clock out. they have bosses. so really it's for the teens to understand what it means to have a job. >> good way to spend the summer? >> yeah, it's pretty fun. yeah. >> what do you think about the paycheck? >> i really don't care about the paycheck. >> why? >> i like helping out in the community and stuff. >> see, isn't that cool? we talked to a lot of those kids while they were out here working. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to them and find out why it's changed their attitude a lot. you'll also hear more from the program director about all the benefits it's offered these teenagers. live here in paterson, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i'm just doing it to do it. a lot of parents would be
4:58 pm
still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. all new at 5:00, the major cleanup at a church preschool in new jersey flooded by more than five feet of water. >> a big shakeup in the nypd. commissioner bill bratton resigns amid turmoil within the ranks. tonight we hear from the man taking over as top cop. allicot. diana williams is off. >> i'm sade baderinwa. last week bratton said he'd step down when the time was right. well, that time apparently this september. >> we already know that replacing him will be chief of department james o'neill. we have two reports tonight, kemberly richardson with new reaction just coming in. >> we begin with political reporter dave evans at city hall. >> this was certainly a big surprise today because he told the new york times a couple
4:59 pm
term in office. that would be december 31st, 2017. we now know that bill bratton will be joining a company called taneo, a private consulting company, the ceos, he'll be advising them about business in this new age of terrorism. all these changes we understand now take place september 16th. >> i want to introduce to you the next police commissioner for the city of new york, jimmy o'neill. [ applause ] >> news conference was not so much about bill bratton resigning as it was about who's replacing him. jimmy o'neill, the top uniformed cop in the department. there was still plenty of questions on why is bratton leaving, is it because of the ongoing police probe by federal prosecutors? is it because of growing protests over how the department is run? >> 110% has nothing to do with this. >> reporter: the mayor today said bratton is leaving simply
5:00 pm
>> i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four years to work on the issues that are going to take that time to straighten out. i don't have that type of time. >> reporter: he's been the top cop in los angeles and new york twice. he performed stop and frisk dramatically yet kept crime at record low levels and over saw the retraining of an entire department, making a kindler, gentler police. >> i'll miss seeing day but this friendship and this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all you've done for the people of new york city. >> reporter: his replacement is the architect of neighborhood policing. neighbors getting to know cops in the precinct on the street by name. he promises crime will remain low. >> the only way we can continue to do that is to bridge that gap between us and the community. >> reporter: so far the reviews on o'neill are good and how the


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