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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four years to work on the issues that are going to take that time to straighten out. i don't have that type of time. >> reporter: he's been the top cop in los angeles and new york twice. he performed stop and frisk dramatically yet kept crime at record low levels and over saw the retraining of an entire department, making a kindler, gentler police. >> i'll miss seeing day but this friendship and this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all you've done for the people of new york city. >> reporter: his replacement is the architect of neighborhood policing. neighbors getting to know cops in the precinct on the street by name. he promises crime will remain low. >> the only way we can continue to do that is to bridge that gap between us and the community. >> reporter: so far the reviews on o'neill are good and how the
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months. >> i think he is tough enough. i think he will be critical when needed. i think he will voice his concern. i think he will be the nice guy we all know him to be. >> today bratton told us he's spent the last 31 months putting together a team to take over. that resignation official in about six weeks on september 16th. see you at 6:00, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. a littleor now on james "jimmy" o'neill, the nypd's chief of department is a life-long new yorker. he was born and raised in the east flatbush section of brooklyn. he earned his bachelor's degree at john j college in manhattan. he was promoted to chief of patrol in 2014. his biggest inspiration comes from his mother. >> because of her, i learned we can change the world to what we
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much more about oneself. it's about all of us. >> bureau chief patrol services carlos gomez will become the chief of department, replacing o'neill. the reverend al sharpton and other community leaders reacting to the change in command. kemberly richardson is live in harlem with what they had to say. community policing just one of their concerns. >> definitely one of the concerns and he sent out a tweet asking for civil rights leaders to come here to national action network and reven got exactly that. the general tone, an air of optimism as one door closes and another opens. >> mixed feelings i have on mr. bratton's departure but i wish him well. >> reporter: over the years bratton and sharpton have clashed, most notably over the death of eric garner from a police chokehold as police
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that move would make a difference in communities of color. sharpton has also been critical of bratton's notion of broken windows policing. >> i feel that broken windows policing is broken policing and breaks the community's police relations. >> reporter: before the official announcement at city hall, al sharpton posting this tweet, calling on new york civil rights leaders to respond to bratton's reported resignation. the national action network looking ahead to chief james o'neill commissioner. >> the whole country is tense now. so what we want to do is keep our city and our state in a way of progression. >> reporter: state assemblyman michael break interesting because just yesterday bratton refused to apologize to the bronx lawmaker following an incident on saturday. blake trying to diffuse an argument between two people and an officer placed his hand on the officer's shoulder from
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against a fence. eventually other officers did recognize blake who was released. today blake called bratton's resignation, quote, a perfect time for a change in leadership. >> the experiences have been thus far very positive but there's a different responsibility when you take the top seat. >> reverend sharpton admits he doesn't really know chief o'neill well enough to judge him but strongly encouraged him to immediately meet with many, including civil rights leaders. live in harlem, kemberly channel 7 eyewitness news. more reaction pouring in over bratton's resignation. the head of the sergeant's benevolent association says commissioner bratton is finally doing what is right for the members of the nypd and the people of new york city. we wish him well and look forward to a new direction for the nypd. the ben evlns association says we thank commissioner bratton to his service to new york city during a challenging period for
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make supporting and protecting police officers on the street his first priority. and the pba statement comes hours after union members followed mayor de blasio around the city in protest. they demonstrated outside gracie mansion, then in brooklyn as the mayor worked out and got his morning coffee. they're calling on the mayor to get to work on a new contract. eyewitness news was the first to break today's news on the change in command. coming up at 6:00, what we can role. you can find out more about him on abc7ny, all right on the homepage. disturbing new details tonight about the death of a baby girl in queens. detectives say she died from head trauma and now they're looking in to whether the 5-month-old's family thought she was possessed. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang is live in long island city. >> the mother has been here at
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being reinterviewed by detectives regarding the brutal death of her infant daughter. no one has been charged yet. this as authorities tonight try to figure out who repeatedly fractured the baby's skull. >> reporter: neighbors describe the couple as attentive, but the medical examiner has now ruled their baby's death a homicide. killed by, quote, abusive head trauma. >> i think it's pretty tragic. >> reporter: saturday night police were called to the greenpoint avenue in sunnyside, queens. i'm told the 5-month-old baby girl was found face down, already cold, her face blue. precious alaia baque was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. i'm told the parents were convinced their baby was possessed with a, quote, evil eye, and they had brought her to someone, a priestess last week for a cleansing ritual.
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head injuries. it's not revealed yet if the little girl suffered other blows as well on other parts of her body. we understand the mother told detectives her baby was devil possessed. >> so you would see the mother or the father? >> both of them. >> walking with the baby in the hallway up and down? >> reporter: there was no answer at the family's apartment today but neighbors on the floor say they regularly saw the couple walking the baby in her i'm told the father needed a cain at one point but that didn't stop him from pushing the stroller. >> he has a cain in his hand. in the other hand he was pushing the stroller. the baby started crying or not sleeping at night, i saw them. >> definitely nothing violent. saw them with a stroller pushing the baby around a lot but nothing out of the ordinary. >> one theory police are working
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eye may have been a real eye injury perhaps by shaking which then prompted the so-called cleansing. to be clear, no one has been arrested. the family has no prior criminal history and no history with acs. lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. president obama bluntly criticized donald trump today saying he's not qualified to lead this country. >> yes, i think the republican as president. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> the president answering a question about the presidential race despite being at a joint news conference with a foreign leader. in response, trump tweeted president obama will go down as perhaps one of the worst presidents in the history of the united states. new jersey governor chris christie apparently no longer standing by his man donald trump, christie calls criticism
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by trump inappropriate. the governor says the khan family should be able to voice any opinions because of their sacrifice. >> it's just inappropriate for us in this context to be criticizing them and i'm not going to participate in that. >> also making headlines, breaking rank, an ex-top aid of christie said she will not vote for donald trump and instead she plans on voting for hillary clinton, saying repuic at a moment where silence isn't an option. trump did not talk about the kahns during a rally in virginia. some comments he did make are drawing criticism tonight. a veteran gave the republican his purple heart. trump saying he always wanted one and getting one this way is much easier. also raising eyebrows, how he handled a baby crying at the rally. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i hear that baby crying, i like
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can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think she believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> a significant bump in the polls for hillary clinton from the democratic national convention. she now holds a big lead over trump. the cnn poll has put her 9 points ahead. a reported resignation today from the democratic national amy dacey is stepping down following the recent e-mail hack. that word from a party official. other personnel changes at the party are expected. now on the accuweather forecast with meteorologist lee goldberg. >> just some clouds around right now. most of the showers sort of sprinkling us. a couple sprinkles but not a big deal. skies are brightening a little bit over manhattan. we're at 74 degrees. let's look at the planning forecast as we go in to the evening hours. i think our temperature is going
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then it should turn a little bit more clear as we go through the morning hours. tomorrow looks like a beautiful day. we'll have the 7-day accuweather forecast. we have to look at the tropics. new advisory with tropical storm earl. that's coming up in accuweather in just a few minutes. in new jersey a car slammed in to a laundromat, leaving the building unstable. newscopter7 over the scene on edgar road and elizabeth this afternoon. you can see the damage to the storefront. amazingly no one was hurt. than five feet of water flood nursery school at a church in new jersey. coming up, what was spared from the damage. >> preventing the zika virus from turning up at subway stations. what's being done to make sure standing water does not become a breeding ground for mosquitos. >> sandy diaz is headed in to surgery to remove that large mass from her neck. the surgery will life-changing for this
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it's been a tough few days for members of a church in passaic county devastated flash flooding. on her facebook page, eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth showed us the damage left behind and the cleanup underway. she's there now live. >> so sad to see all this. you can see the dumpsters behind me. two of these were just recently emptied but these have been full of sofas and chairs, computers, all the things that were in the church office. you can see all the things back here behind me.
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and power washed and scrubbed down with bleach. this is also a church nursery school. we show you the inside of the church nursery school and the office. just realized every single floor was about two inches covered in mud. >> it's a whole community effort. >> reporter: what a great bunch of people, young and old, lending support and elbow grease after the flood sunday night. the nursery school in wayne teaches 85 kids. now most of what they need to >> in the basement we were 5 and a half feet and throughout the whole main first floor of the building there was at least six inches across and it was water and mud. for us it was throughout every classroom that we have, our office, our furniture, preparations, the teachers that already prepared for the start of school. >> reporter: about 60 volunteers have already shown up in old clothes ready to work. >> thank god. thank the good lord that the sanctuary hasn't been touched.
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karen ratcliff. >> we have to replace carpeting, drywall, copier, furniture, filing cabinets, computers, everything. >> reporter: the copier they used for church bulletins was $10,000. now that's gone. >> last sunday's scripture reading was one's life does not consist in the abundance of possession. god taught us that lesson this week. >> oh, my goodness, that was sunday morning? >> just this past sunday. >> reporter: funny how that happens sometimes. just really heartening to see all of this fellowship and positive attitude and hope for the future. >> the kids love it here. we have from age 2 through kindergarten. we'll be open and ready for september. >> just need a little help getting there. >> we do. we need the help getting there. >> so much work still left to do. the church, nursery director,
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they need is cash, contractors, people to help them put up sheet rock and build this. they did have something like this happen four years ago and worked on the culverts but it was too much rain too fast. live in wayne, new jersey, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. americans standing up to crime tonight during the national night out. the annual campaign is meant to raise awareness about crime and strengthen police community relations. every nypd precinct will hold this one in the bronx hosted by commissioner bratton. with just a few days to go till the olympics opening ceremony in rio, a push to make the cash prizes won by u.s. medalists tax exempt. senator chuck schumer is calling on the house to pass a bill that would prohibit the irs from collecting a victory tax. prizes range from $10,000 for a bronze medal to $25,000 for
5:18 pm
the u.s. open tennis championships, they'll no longer have to worry about rain. the u.s. tennis association today unveiled a new roof over arthur ash stadium. it's built to close or open in 7 minutes. it's part of a $5 million renovation at the tennis center. good news for them. >> you want to rain? i got something for that. >> drove by that the other day. it's an engineering feat and it's really something else. those night matches are fantastic. able to close up, can't wait, really, september? oh, my goodness. right around the corner. >> so true. >> time is going by warp speed. >> it really is. >> where are we with the accuweather forecast? >> still have a lot of august to go. a lot really nice weather to go. we're coming out of our weather rut a little bit. i think we have a nice stretch to enjoy. the sunshine is trying to break through the cloud cover right now, and how green does the meadow look after all the recent rainfall. 7 inches total in july.
5:19 pm
t 15. pressure is holding steady. high just shy of 80. we'll be around 80 tomorrow. below normal for a few days now. sunshine tonight at 8:10. it's going to be a really pleasant evening. 75 in white stone, queens. murray hill, 74. 77 at howard beach. a lot of reporting stations just taking the day off today. that's summer. off to the north and west, 78 in poughkeepsie. a little bit more sunshine there at 71 in montauk. 73 in belmar right now. evening, a little bit more sunshine breaking through. it will be mainly clear overnight. sun and patchy clouds day tomorrow. a gentle northeast breeze. a little lower humidity, should be very pleasant and around 80 in the afternoon hours. you see a few bands of clouds coming in. they're falling apart. they'll stay to our west. a few sprinkles over the twin forks. a little twist in the atmosphere over cape cod. once that slips offshore and goes to the atlantic, all these clouds begin to melt away and we'll get mainly clear skies later tonight. that's a disturbance in the upper atmosphere. once that goes away surface high
5:20 pm
clear sky around the northeast. this little front, wimpy front falls apart. no problem there. we'll watch this front over the west coast just getting in now. that's probably our saturday storm threat. couple of thunderstorms around. it's not going to be a wash-out by any means. the first half of the week a little bit more unsettled than sunday. tomorrow is a really nice day. we look at the high pressure moving in. the high will be even closer on thursday. that's our gem, best bet of the week. friday is still really nice just the humidity is creeping up a little bit a couple extra clouds. this is now tropical storm earl. looked a little ragged earlier in the day. now in very warm waters is actually becoming a little bit more symmetrical. fortunately some strengthening as it approaches the yucatan peninsula. winds at 50 miles per hour. applauding the new track now and i'll have it after 5:30. partly cloudy. mainly clear skies. very comfortable. tomorrow is a beautiful day. 80 degrees. partly sunny. pleasant. leaning toward mostly sunny at times.
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coming up at 5:30, here's what we're working on. there's a thunder threat late in the week. will that arrive friday night or is it more of midday storms saturday? i'm trying to fine tune the timing. could be near 90 if those storms don't come right in the heart of the day. will tropical storm earl become hurricane earl before moving toward belize? we'll look at that very closely in the 7-day accuweather forecast in the next half hour. a recall tonight from starbucks. we'll tell you what the coffee from children. >> an outbreak of the mumps in a community on long island. it's not babies who's coming down with it. >> why yale university is considering changing the name of one of its residence halls. >> before you buy new towels, consumer reports with the tips to fios is not cable. we're wired differently,
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bath towels you and your family rely on every day. and they are an important item for the students heading to college. you want those towels to feel soft and last long. consumer reports has tips on buying towels that will hold up. here's david novarro. >> reporter: picking from a huge selection of towels can be a challenge. here's what you need to know. thick and heavy towels will dry you off better. egyptian or pima cotton is the best quality.
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to pill. but shop carefully. >> there are a lot of towels out there that are labeled pima or egyptian but aren't. if the price is too good to be true, they're probably not the real thing. >> reporter: another option, look for cotton rayon blends. they won't wear as well. be aware those towels that are so soft in the store won't stay that way. they're treat would a -- they're treated with a special finish that washes >> it decreases absorbancy significantly. >> reporter: an occasional drier sheet is a better option. but over drying towels can sh rink them. instead of the timer setting, use the machine's moisture sensor. if you have a teen at home, colored towels can be ruined by benzoperoxide in acne medication.
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with benzoperoxide gel then washed. both the real simple and the sonoma towel from kohl's came through the wash just fine. ll bean showed bleaching although retest test with a smaller amount, they did not. so white towels are a great option for teens. david novarro, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> consumer reports also suggests when towels, buy a matching washcloth and store it away. if your towels fade, the washcloth will be good evidence when you ask for your money back. stopping the spread of zika. the aggressive steps new york leaders are trying to combat. they're taking this on so the virus doesn't turn up in subway stations. >> plus, a spike in cases of the mumps in one long island
5:27 pm
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the architect of neighborhood policing, he's creating a model that i believe we're work here. i believe it's going to change the city. i believe it's going to become a model that will be looked at around the country because it really answers -- >> tonight's top story, new york city's top cop is stepping down. eyewitness news caught up with police commissioner bill bratton just a short time ago. he told us he'll now join a global advisory firm when chief of the department james o'neill takes over as commissioner. >> it's a privilege and an honor to be standing up here as your next police commissioner.
5:30 pm
bill bratton. commissioner and i have known each other for about 25 years now and i can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me personally and professionally. i wouldn't be in the spot i'm in now if it wasn't for you. >> it's a good time for the department and the city. all we set out to do is now underway. and i've got an extraordinary team that's going to take over behind me. >> bratton will hand over reins to o'neill on september 16th. new information tonight in the last health officials confirmed 15 people have contracted zika virus from mosquitos in miami. that's one more case that isn't travel-related or transmitted by sexual contact. because of those cases, today new york state leaders the aggressive steps they're taking to combat the spread. eyewitness news anchor sandra bookman learned what the mta is doing to protect new yorkers in
5:31 pm
be clear, the mta says mosquitos haven't really been a big problem in the subway. transit officials say when you consider the threat that the zika virus poses when it comes to public health, and when you consider how many millions of people travel through the subway system every day, then doing what you can to eliminate possible breeding grounds for mosquitos just makes sense. >> reporter: the new york city subway system has become the latest battleground as the state takes aim at the potential zika virus. today governor andrew cuomo joined the mta chairman and state health commissioner on the tracks at the white hall street station in lower manhattan. >> it's something we want to make sure that we're prepared for. >> reporter: in an effort to keep the mosquito population at bay the mta will focus on eradicating standing water where mosquitos could breed and adding bug killing larvicide to puddles that can't be drained.
5:32 pm
that we take preventative measures to be able to deal with that potential threat. >> reporter: the state is also making the same larvicide tablets available to homeowners, and providing more zika protection kits to pregnant women. >> in here is insect repellent, also condoms, larvicide, as well as educational material for all those who want to know more about zika. >> reporter: so far there have been no cases of locally transmitted zika in new york. state officials are doing what keep it that way. >> the best way to handle a crisis is to prevent it and i feel very strongly with a situation like this, the best course is always to get ahead of it. >> the state department of health is also working with the mta to place traps inside the subway system, trapss that allow them to monitor and test mosquitos. we should also tell you the
5:33 pm
state as well. live tonight on the upper west side, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in miami officials say the mosquitos spreading zika there are proving harder to eradicate than expected. authorities are spraying insecticide, eliminating pools of standing water and handing out cans of insect repellent. the directors for the centers for disease control says it's not seeing the number of mosquitos decreasing as rapidly as it would have liked. an arrest toni hit-and-run crash that killed two men in brooklyn. the suspect is 21-year-old efrin lanfranco-perez. israel turcios and delmer maldenado were struck early yesterday morning. the suspect hit the two men along with two parked cars before he ran away. his charges included leaving the scene of a deadly crash. corrections officers in nassau county taking to the streets in protest today claiming they're in danger while on the job. the officers and their
5:34 pm
nassau county correctional facility today where they held a demonstration. union leaders say their nent is to expose mismanagement and safety concerns at the facility. >> we are not here embroiled in some contract dispute or disputing some sort of petty labor management conflicts. we're here to rally behind a workforce that's been systemic ally abused and has no sense whatsoever. >> officials fired back saying employees and the public are well protected. the commissioner of corrections released a statement saying the officers' protest is the only risk to safety at the jail. tonight police are searching for a killer in brooklyn who shot and killed one man and seriously hurt a woman. they were sitting in an suv on halsey street when the gunman opened fire. eyewitness news reporter darla miles talked with friends of the
5:35 pm
by what's going on. >> reporter: that's the question being tackled by the nypd, why a gunman unloaded in to the black mercedes suv owned by 33-year-old earnest brown. >> my daughter wanted to see the scene and see what happened and everything. i just thank god she wasn't in the car at the time. >> reporter: brown was in the car with a 22-year-old woman not yet identified by police. they say brown was double parked on around 1 a.m. tuesday when someone with a gun just walked up to the suv and opened fire, leaving at least a dozen shell casings littered on the street. >> i was in the bathroom and i heard numerous gunshots. >> and your thoughts were? >> get my kids and everybody get down. >> reporter: the woman was struck once in the torso and is now in stable condition at kings county. brown, a father of eight, was
5:36 pm
dead at interfaith hospital. >> he was just doing good things. promoting, dances, giving kids parties. >> all he wanted was the best for his kids. >> we've seen detectives spanned out over the neighborhood this morning, working the scene and looking for surveillance video and possible witnesses. but at this point no word on any suspects. in bed-stuy, darla miles, eyewitness news. the autopsy results of a man shot and killed by police in louisiana have been ordered sealed from the public. today a federal judge in baton rouge issued the order to keep the autopsy results on alton sterling sealed while the case is investigated. sterling, who was armed with a gun, was shot several times by police during a confrontation outside a convenience store last month. the shooting sparked national protests over claims of racism and excessive force.
5:37 pm
straws after three reports of children suffering cuts in their mouth while using them. about 2 and a half million of the straw sets were sold nationwide between june 2012 and this past june. starbucks says children should not use the straws because they're rigid and could pose a risk of injury. yale university may be having a change of heart. why the school is rethinking a decision not to change the name of a residence hall. caught on camera, shots fired during a terrifying robbery inside a sto the split second move by two employees that may have been the difference between life and death. >> plus, beauty queen responds to the backlash in an exclusive interview with abc news, miss teen usa speaks out about the racial slurs in her old tweets. >> and a really nice late afternoon early evening underway. our temperature right now very comfortable. 74. we still have a patch of clouds off to the south but more sunshine coming in from the north and east. we'll clear out. it's going to be beautiful and less tropical.
5:38 pm
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a brazen robbery rampage caught on camera. masked men burst in to a supermarket in houston and fire a rifle at the ceiling. the cashier runs in to the back room and shuts the door. then the crooks shoot the door and try to kick it down. but the door stands up against it all. >> nobody thinks anything, it just happened. i was down on the floor crawling back and forth just trying to -- thinking if i'm lucky enough, dodge the bullet. >> the robbers also held a rifle to another man's head. he gave up his wallet. fortunately no one was hurt. the gunmen are still on the loose. in an exclusive interview with abc news, miss teen usa
5:42 pm
tweets using racial slurs. less than 24 hours after karli hay took home the crown, people started reading her tweets. some called for her to be stripped of her crown. hay said she's not that person anymore and has learned from her mistakes. >> some people think you shouldn't have been able to keep the crown. >> a lot of people think that but i've grown from them and i've blossomed in to the person to a positive message because there are people that use that word and it's not acceptable ever. >> miss teen usa organization says it is standing by hay and will support her continued growth. yale university is considering changing the name of one of its residence halls. the hall is currently named calhoun college after john c.
5:43 pm
school said it wouldn't change the name but after continued calls from students and staff, yale has decided to revisit the issue. the head of a dentist group specializing in gum disease says the evidence pointing to the benefits of flossing is weak. it's a habit that's been encouraged by the federal government and dental organizations for decades but the recommendation has been dropped quietly from the government's latest guidelines. officials say the effectiveness of flossing had never been researched cases of the mumps and health officials warn it could spread even further. why they say it's so hard to stop it.
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young soccer fans got quite the surprise today in manhattan. members of the real madrid soccer team showed up at the microsoft store in midtown to interact with kids participating in a computer programming workshop. the spanish professional team is on its summer tour. real madrid will be at metlife stadium tomorrow night as part of the international champions cup. meteorologist lee goldberg joining us now. r for that match. about 74 degrees and really comfortable at the meadowlands for real madrid. patchy blue right there over central park and over the meadow right now. really comfortable. 74 degrees. cloudy skies giving way to a little sunshine. here's a little look at what to expect as we head in to august. the normals dip a little bit. the average high now is 84. by the end of the month, around 80 but we can still get heat. looks like temperatures could be near 90 as we head toward the
5:48 pm
inches coming off a 7-inch month in july. tropics getting more active. perseid meteor shower peaks around the 12th of the month. earl looking more impressive as it approaches belize. winds right now, 50 miles per hour sustained. moving to the west pretty quickly. computer models in great agreement as to the location. here's the timing. it's wednesday night in to the wee hours of thursday morning that we see land fall right here on the eastern coast. resurface in to the gulf of mexico, there is a small chance this is a minimal hurricane as it approaches belize. meanwhile through the evening hours for us, clouds will be thinning out. they turn partly cloudy to clear overnight. a bunch of sunshine tomorrow. lower 80s and nice humidity. great for game two of the subway series at citifield. first pitch around 74 degrees. nice easterly breeze. should feel great. satellite and radar getting nice
5:49 pm
from southeast new england. we're starting to clear out. upper 60s and lower 70s. during the morning hours, comfortably cool, upper 50s north and west. close to 80 in the afternoon hours. just a few patchy clouds especially midhudson valley and western new jersey. otherwise partly to mostly sunny for much of the area. air quality is good tomorrow. uv index at a 9. pollen count is moderate. decent boating day. 3-foot waves. water temperatures high. rip current risk moderate with thursday is a gorgeous day. friday a little bit more humid but really, really nice beach day. as we go in to saturday, here's the only blemish in the 7-day accuweather forecast. could be near 90 in spots. but there is a front that's coming through. the timing with the thunderstorm is a little tricky. right now it would lean toward late morning or midday and leaving during the afternoon hours rather than your classic late day, early evening thunderstorm. we'll watch that closely for you. a little unsettled saturday. it's not a washout.
5:50 pm
thunderstorm in the middle of the day. sunday looks great. mostly sunny. less humid. 86. continue that nice weather momentum in to early next week. so after a few crummy days, the pattern not so great in to early august. we'll be in a great stretch here. >> that's good. keeping my eye on saturday. i have outdoor plans. a little girl from queens is about to undergo a life-changing surgery. >> 1-year-old sandy diaz has a large growth in her neck, and hill hospital will remove the mass. today eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg spoke with the girl's parents and doctors. >> reporter: even before sandy diaz was born, learned she had a mass growing from her neck but from that ultrasound they had no idea it would end up being this large.
5:51 pm
want to put her in danger. i have to take all these machines with me. i have to be very careful with her. >> reporter: initial surgery wasn't a success but tomorrow the 13-month-old will be operated on by a team headed up by dr. wilton mainer. >> it's going to be a difficult surgery. just about every major structure coming through the base of the surrounded by the lymphatic form ation. >> reporter: including arteries and nerves. those facial nerves can be as wispy as spiderwebs but they need to be preserved while the mass is removed. >> we want to remove it where she looks normal in profile, but also we want to preserve all the function she has. >> reporter: the surgery is expected to last about eight hours. sandy will remain at lenox hill hospital for a couple nights. after that she'll have to learn
5:52 pm
two things she hasn't really been able to do. >> on one side i feel good. sandy will be relieved of this. on another side i feel nervous and i'm scared. i don't know the plans god has for my daughter. >> reporter: they have four other children. sandy is their baby. >> although she is this way, she is also smiling. she wakes up with a smile on her face. >> reporter: and hopefully she'll soon be able to smile without suffering. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> hope it goes well. so many talented performers got its own tkts booth today. the one in times square is always a hit, but there is a special popup booth open for a limited run of just three months. it starts selling today at lincoln center box office on west 62nd street and the booth will sell discounted tickets for the full range of performing arts across new york city. growing concerns tonight about the spread of the mumps on long island.
5:53 pm
20 cases. >> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00, a closer look at james o'neill, the next new york city police commissioner who's been with the department for 33 years. what can we expect under his new leadership? >> dozens of new summer jobs for young people designed to help their community. we'll introduce you to those youngsters. one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ??
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tonight the health department in nassau county is investigating an out break of the mumps. >> there are 18 cases and most of them are in long beach. stacey sager explains there are concerns the number could grow, and fast. >> reporter: one of the busiest spots here on long island this summer, and city officials are hoping it stays that way. but with added precautions. extra care and sanitizing eating utensils and hands due to an unfortunate outbreak of the mumps. >> you take all the normal precautions you would take any time there's any sort of ill
5:57 pm
in the childhood age. we had a confirmatory test tell us it was the mumps. >> reporter: 18 suspected cases so far, most of them young adults, people in their 20s. county health officials theorizeing while the initial case might have been somebody who didn't have the vaccine, many of the sick patients did have the shot. >> we may be seeing a strain that the vaccine doesn't cover perfectly. >> reporter: but they vaccine is the best form of protection. if you haven't gotten both of your mmr shots, you should. if you think you have the mumps, the best thing you can do is stay put in your house for at least five days but if you must get medical attention, tell someone here. don't sit in a waiting room. symptoms include puffy cheeks or a swollen jaw, low grade fever, muscle aches, fatigue, and loss of appetite. here on the boardwalk, more
5:58 pm
happening. it's scary. >> reporter: but definitely common sense to round out the summer. >> just stay calm and live on. >> reporter: in long beach, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead, dozens of new summer jobs for young people to help in their community. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. lowering crime, but not at the expense of losing the vital support of the people we're sworn to protect and serve. >> that's new york city's next police commissioner who tonight is pledging to continue working with the community. james o'neill will take over at the top job at the nypd after bill bratton abruptly announced he is stepping aside in september. >> this city, this department
5:59 pm
been a time in american policing history when that is more important than now. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. bill is off tonight. commissioner bratton had said he would not serve out a second term if mayor de blasio won re-election. however, the timing of bratton's sudden decision today came a surprise to many. bratton will leave next month for a private sector job where he'll advise ceos on security. the mayor immediately named the chief of department james o'neill to take over at the in the country. we have two reports tonight. tim fleischer is on the next commissioner and what to expect from him. but we begin with political reporter dave evans. he's at city hall with bratton's resignation. >> this is of course a big, big surprise because you'll remember just two weeks ago bill bratton told the new york times he'd stick around with the mayor till the end of the mayor's term which is december 31st, 2017. today he revealed he told the
6:00 pm
that takes effect september 16th. >> i'll miss seeing you every single day. but this friendship and this deep, deep connection will continue and i want to thank you for all you've done for the people of new york city. >> reporter: the mayor today grew emotional in bidding the city's top cop farewell and made it clear the resignation isn't because of any protest over police reform and not because of any ongoing federal investigation in to police misconduct. rather it's simply because bratton has a really good j >> i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four years, to work on the issues that are going to take that long to straighten out. i don't have that type of time. >> reporter: over 40 years bratton ran police departments in los angeles and new york twice, the first giuliani. he dramatically reduced stop and frisk yet kept crime at historic low records. he built up a massive anti-terrorism and intelligence


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