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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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massive supermarket fire. we're live. >> building collapse in new jersey rains debris to the
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we have two breaking stories happening right now. in the bronx a man opens fire inside a beauty salon. one man is dead. in queens right now, fire crews on the scene of a huge fire in a supermarket. >> we want to begin at the scene of the fire. carolina leid is live in whitestone. >> we do not have an exact head count yet from the fire over 100 firefighters on the scene. they're working diligently, doing everything they can to put the fire out. firefighters doing everything they can at this point from every angle to attack this fire. they are trying to stop this fire from spreading to residential homes. so far no injuries have been reported. this all going on at strawberry farms grocery store at 24-11 150th street in white stone
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that started at 9:00 tonight. the supermarket according to fire investigators was closed when this all started. we do not know if anyone was inside but here at the scene we have heard that that is unlikely, but again, that's not officially been released. as you can see, taking a live look here at the corner of 150th street and willets point boulevard, those firefighters busting through windows. they're focusing on this area cleaners, m&m dry cleaners, as well as a nearby laundromat where you can see some of the smoke coming out of the area. up above they are continuing to douse this area with water. but again, well over 100 firefighters here at the scene. we do not know the cause just yet. reporting in whitestone, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the other breaking news story we're following at
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inside a beauty salon. police are on the scene right now trying to figure out exactly what happened. we just learned the identity of the victim. aj ross live the east tremont section. >> that victim has been identified as 29-year-old julio lebron. police have been here for hours collecting evidence and trying to piece together just what happened following the bloody scene that unfolded here inside the salon. beauty salon suddenly turned in to a horrifying scene tuesday evening when an argument quickly escalated in to gunfire inside the shop. >> these things are very frequent now and it's very sad that people have to die or because of a fight someone needs to lose their life. >> reporter: medics discovered 29-year-old julio lebron shot multiple times. he was transported to st. barnabus hospital in critical condition where he later died
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for the loss. it doesn't shock me but it shocks me that i'm not shocked anymore. that's how you know i've become numb. it's happening every day. >> reporter: police are calling this an ongoing investigation and at this point have no suspects in custody. >> i hope one day it can come to an end. it's something i wish could stop. >> if you have any information please call crimestoppers. 1-800-577-tips. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. demolition is underway at this hour in an abandoned building in came crashing down on the street tonight. this is a live look at south 8th street. the partial collapse happened before 6:00 this evening littering the sidewalk with debris. the city owned building has been abandoned for years. residents say they've repeatedly
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been falling apart. >> up until a couple days ago, couple of rocks, bricks fall. my daughter falls. then today we walk past and as soon as we cross the street, the whole thing falls. also new at 11:00, police are investigating a mysterious death in queens. the body of a 60-year-old woman was found in a basement apartment yesterday in flushing been dead for quite some time. investigators say she was lying on the bed covered with a blanket and there was blood splattered on the walls. with new york city police commissioner william bratton stepping down and the mayor announcing his replacement today, all eyes on what this change means to the department and how it will move forward to try to help build bridges with the communities it serves. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan live outside police headquarters in lower manhattan with more on this story.
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nypd, there were 1,180 murders in this city. last year there were 350 murders in new york. mr. bratton leaves behind an unparalleled career of success in law enforcement, but his successor knows keeping the crime rate low isn't enough anymore. >> welcome, everybody, to national night out. >> reporter: in a story tonight the mayor spoke about the historically low crime rate in the city, but his new commissioner challenges. >> i think continuing to address the breach between communities of color and the nypd, we've got to resolve that breach. it's fundamental to a safe city. >> >> it's about being legitimate to the public for the public. if you still not doing your job. >> reporter: incoming commissioner james o'neill knows it best, vowing to expand community policing so that cops on the beat will know the
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it every day. >> they'll know the people calling 911, 311. they'll know the residents. they'll know the people that have businesses, and we can have that connectivity. >> reporter: bill bratton sent a message to the rank and file telling them how important their work is. >> cops count. police matter. the actions of each of you individually as a cop collectively all of us in the police profession, we matter. >> reporter: commissioner bratton leaves this time on much better terms t the rudy giuliani administration. >> he gave me a key to the city. didn't tell me he'd already changed the locks. >> james o'neill started as a transit officer. he's been in uniform virtually his entire career. he said he only owned two or three suits. he's going to need more for the new job. reporting live from lower manhattan, jim dolan, channel 7
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of the new top cop in new york city comes on the same day as national night out in sunset park, brooklyn. kids came out to play table hockey and basketball with officers from the 72nd precinct, the city's boroughs to the suburbs. police department held street parties tonight all in an effort to connect with their communities. the chiropractor in new jersey accused of doing a lot more than adjustments. he's charged with sexually assaulting some of his patients. archer irby is facing sexual contact and lewdness. two female patients claimed the 45-year-old doctor who works at irby spine care in englewood assaulted them during treatments. a third patient claims she was inappropriately touched by him. no arrest tonight in the death of a 5-month-old baby in queens. the death ruled a homicide by the medical examiner. the baby alaia baque died from
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parents, who are being questioned by police, were convinced their baby was possessed. and they brought her to a priestess last week for a cleansing ritual. time for accuweather. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. after battling with clouds for the past couple of days, we finally have clear skies around the area. our temperature at 11:00 is working at 69 degrees and a little patchy fog may form in the northern suburbs but tomorrow morning, hit it out the door. 68 degrees. mostly sunny skies. have great august weather to tell you about. out by the weekend. more on that. a tropical storm earl update, all coming up in accuweather in a little less than 8 minutes. a judge tonight denying a request. judge gonzalo curiel who has been the target of trump's repeated criticism rejected trump's bid to have the case thrown out. trump tonight in an interview with the washington post is refusing to endorse house
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in their republican primary fights. he's also responding to president obama's declaration that he's unfit to be president and should be renoupsed by republicans. >> what does this say about your party that this is your standard bearer? >> he's a terrible president. he'll probably go down as the worst president in the history of our country. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton was in rhode island today attending the mark wayner. tim kaine was back campaigning in florida. his second time there in 10 days. now to the fight against the zika virus. there are 15 confirmed cases of locally transmitted zika cases in florida. the newest case outside the transmission zone in miami. however, officials do not plan to expand the zone there. there will be aerial spraying in miami for the next four weeks but cdc says the mosquitos are proving harder to eradicate than
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new york governor andrew cuomo announced fans to fight the spread of zika in the subway system. adding bug killing larvicide to puddles that cannot be drained. >> the best way to handle a crisis is to prevent it. and i feel very strongly a situation like this, the best course is always to get ahead of it. >> new york state also making to homeowners and providing protection kits to pregnant women. new at 11:00, an elderly dementia patient walks nearly a mile after being dropped off at the wrong location. her daughter is demanding
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an eyewitness news exclusive. an elderly woman with dementia is dropped off by the wrong place by an ambulette. she then wandered more than a mile using her walker. a driver noticed her and called police. tonight her furious daughter is speaking to carolina leid. going to help you. >> reporter: toliver cares for her mother around the clock. imagene patrick has dementia so when brenda goes to work, her mother attends a day program for citizens living with the disease. >> she forgets everything day by day. she's not able to take care of herself independently. >> reporter: toliver says her
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ambulette driver in jamaica queens monday morning. she says the driver dropped her mother off at the wrong building. >> you okay? >> reporter: and failed to hand her over to a qualified staff member at parker jewish facility in new hyde park. ms. patrick's children do not know exactly what happened during the hour and a half that she was missing. what they do know is she was found about a mile away along this busy street by a good samaritan. >> if it had been one of those days we had last week when it 110 pounds and she's with a walker, she would have passed out and there was no way she would have been able to make it any further. >> reporter: rainbow transportation explained in a statement, we never leave our clients stranded. this was not a person to person drop-off. it was not ordered that way. and parker jewish facility explained that ms. patrick didn't does. we followed policy and contacted family and the transportation company to inform them. but toliver believes this could
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tragedy. >> we send them with these companies because we feel they're going to be protected and they're going to be taken care of and we don't have to worried. now i'm so emotional that i'm scared to leave her. >> reporter: in jamaica, queens, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, two women on long island in hot water after burglarizing a home to get a dog back. police say jamie grant houston broke in to a home to get back a jack russe months ago because of a hardship. she was also arrested for waiting in a car while the crime was committed. the dog was returned to the new owner. truly horrific accusations against a father in pennsylvania. police say he tried to flush his 6 week old baby down a toilet. it happened during a domestic dispute with the child's mother. amazingly the infant not seriously hurt. the father now under arrest.
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a century. tonight new york city sole remaining milk processing plant is preparing to close. the elmhurst dairy will end operations at its plant in jamaica in october. it's been in business for nearly 100 years. 273 jobs will be lost. the dairy currently supplies milk to more than 8300 grocers and 1400 public schools. >> lasts of 20 plants like that closing in the last 25 years. that's sad. state building, it's in mets colors. they took care of business tonight. 69 degrees. a little bit humid. northeast wind at 8. pressure is on the rise. high shy of 80. a little below normal. same idea tomorrow. low 80s. sunrise and sunset times. going to be a beautiful wednesday. august is back on track. humidity, thunder, that's what approaches as we go toward the weekend. i think we're looking at temperatures that could reach the mid to upper 80s saturday but there might be a thunderstorm right in the middle
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more dependable day. lots of sunshine and dry air. saturday is not a wash-out. just a few hours that will be dicy with a couple thunderstorms. might touch the upper 50s some of the northern suburbs tonight. 73 in newark. 65 in islip. central park will probably go down to 67 or so. 68 at 7 a.m. nice wall to wall sunshine here. a little onshore breeze during the afternoon hours. numbers make a run at the 80-degree mark. humidity on the low to moderate side. satellite mainly clear. pair of highs guaranteeing reallyic the next few days. next weather maker is out of the pacific northwest. that's a couple thousands miles away. 1500 miles to our south is tropical storm earl and unfortunately this storm is strengthening now, may become a hurricane before it reaches belize. it's about 350 miles away from belize city. winds of 60 miles per hour moving swiftly to the west at 16 miles per hour. a land fall sometime tomorrow night. potentially as a cat 1 hurricane.
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f of mexico and another hit in southern mexico. big rain maker and some winds as well. nice day for us. we go back to our weather map. beautiful high pressure and even nicer on thursday. picture-perfect weather this front again doesn't get here till friday night in to saturday. so it's 68 to start the morning tomorrow. mostly sunny and comfortable. little patchy fog in the suburbs north and west. partly sunny, very pleasant tomorrow around 80 degrees. and then tomorrow night it's partly cloudy skies. we look at our 7-day accuweather forecast. it's 80 tomorrow. 81 on thursday. friday. the situation on saturday is this is not necessarily a late day thunderstorm. we could be near 90. the thunderstorm timing a little tricky. i think it comes through during the middle of the day and early afternoon. the late day is actually okay. second half of the weekend looks gorgeous. 86 and mostly sunny skies and that beautiful weather is going to continue in to early next week. about 83 on monday. and 82 on tuesday. i'm not seeing any significant heat or any sustained heat. our only shot really is to get
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tomorrow morning. he'll have more on the timing. millennials have less sex than older generations. the new study and the possible reasons why. >> plus, two men steal a car. the critical mistake they made that now has police tracking them down. >> first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> thanks, sade. hello, new york.
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tonight's health alert, a new study finds contrary to popular belief, the millennial generation is actually the least sexually active generation since the great depression. people born in the early 1990s likely to be sexually inactive than those born in the 60s where at the same able. researchers say factors could range from people living with their parents longer -- that will do it -- to the widespread availability of online adult content. >> that will do it indeed. a couple car thieves caught on camera using their victim's cell phone to record the getaway. the video shows the suspects rapping in the bmw just after they stole it from a gas station
11:24 pm
after checking his icloud account. while the thieves are still on the loose, probably not for very long. police hope someone will turn them in after seeing their video. >> that's a head shaker. an update to a story we reported last week. a big win and a happy surprise for three homeless sisters from brooklyn competing in the junior olympics. rain shepherd won a gold medal at the games. then to cheer her on, her mother, who originally couldn't make the trip, turns out a local philanthropist heard the story, bought her a ticket. you cannot put a price on what that means to be able to cheer your kids on for something like that. anthony johnson here with sports. >> absolutely. the big borough battle between queens and the bronx features some good pitching and not so
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anthony, there's something about a subway series that really brings out the smack talk among us. [ laughter ] >> the 7 train made a stop at citifield this evening. game 2 of the subway series. yankees looking to take two straight at the mets' home park. look who made it to the game. way to go, wes. he was dressed the game, jay bruce making his mets debut going 0-4. masahiro tanaka held the mets scoreless till the 3rd. alejandro de aza takes it deep. two-run shop. mets on top in the 5th. travis d'arnaud's turn to play long ball. 3-0 mets. meanwhile degrom was dealing, tossing seven scoreless inning, striking out eight yankees in route to a seventh win of the
11:29 pm
off tanaka. michael conforto showing power. jonathon niese making his mets return against alex rodriguez. the mets go on to a 7-1 victory to even the subway series at a game each, heading to yankee stadium tomorrow. >> i definitely feel a lot more comfortable on the mound these past two starts than i did earlier in the year. look at this, folks. nice moment in baltimore tonight. this is 9-year-old zion harvey. the first child in the world to transplant. zion threw out a ceremonial first pitch before the orioles-rangers game. he spent a year working on his ability to regain hand motion. zion's first pitch, right on the money. great job. the giants finally got a full view of their new look defense with the return of defensive lineman snack harrison. missed the first three practices with a swollen knee but now he is back. >> i love the game. so it's hard to just sit around
11:30 pm
couldn't really go outside because i wanted to get out there and be with my teammates and hank and jpp, they give me crap about it every day about not being there. it was good to be back today. now let's take a trip to green bay where aaron rogers put on a show at fan fest. this toss from 40 yards to a small basket, nothing but net. no replay review needed here. the target had both wheels and bounds, complete pass. the u.s. open just weeks tennis center today. unveiling of the new roof over arthur ashe stadium. billie jean king and the wife of arthur ashe on hand for the ceremony. the retractable roof costing $150 million will end any weather issues. construction began three years ago and will protect nearly 24,000 fans and players from the elements. and finally, we head to the links for a very relaxing game of golf.
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putts turn in to punches. this one actually had more action than pacquiao and mayweather. but in the end they took a mulligan and shook hands. and that's it in sports. >> lee is loving that. like oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] - i'm the third generation. my mother lived there with her family. it's really a community. the people on our block, most of them have lived there for a very long time. generations of families lived there. the rents are now astronomical. the reason we started to home share is because we needed another income. we have three children so we rely on our home sharing.
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that's the news for now. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ken and
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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