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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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police try to figure out how she died. >> and as donald trump keeps up the attacks on his democratic rival. some of the first members of his own party say they are jumping ship. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> thank you for joining us, it's wednesday, august 3. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, jeff smith in with the accuweather forecast. >> absolutely beautiful morning in and around new york city. different story in some of the suburbs. we have some patchy, dense fog. in midtown. look at the visibility in newburg. down to close to zero. so there could be some dense fog in those distant suburbs if you're heading in from that direction. give yourselves extra time this morning. high pressure firmly in control over the northeast. going to guarantee us a nice day for today. 61 down the shore at bell mar and tom's river, and the refreshingly cool 50s. low to mid 60s on to long island. go up to 80 degrees at some
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to about to 72 by the time the sun goes down. heather o'rourke will look at traffic. >> you can expect delays on 59th street and brooklyn and then we also have the upper level of the george washington bridge crawling. about 20 minutes getting into the tolls. lincoln and holland, some minor delays. it is still heavy getting into webster avenue. that earlier accident has been cleared away. you can see just how heavy it is. just fine. fdr drive near 96 street. we have an accident. willis avenue going north, overturned vehicle. all lanes are closed on that ramp and then the bqe southwest. an accident. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. over to you. >> we have breaking news out of the middle east. a rescue operation underway at dubai's main airport. a jet arriving from southern india now on fire on the tarmac. the airline says the jet was
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passengers were evacuated safely, no injuries have been reported so far. it said authorities are dealing with the incident at the moment to ensure everyone's safety. the jet was carrying 275 passengers and crew, all flights out of dubai airport have been put on hold. now on to breaking news here in queens and police have identified the woman who was found dead after going for a jog. her body was found in the marshes of spring creek park in howard beach. eyewitness news reporter, kristen, is live on the scene this point. kristen. >> reporter: good morning, lori, police identified the woman as 30-year-old, karina of howard beach. her body discovered in this marshy area just behind me here. police tell us that there were no obvious signs of trauma to her body. so forensics is going to have to take a closer look. we have police here on the scene around 161st avenue. a family members say she went
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creek park. she did not return home. the family members as well as police took to the marshy area to try to locate her. her body was discovered shortly before midnight. her cell phone also recovered along a bike path there. police are not yet saying whether her death is suspicious. live in howard beach this morning, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kristen, thank you. it's 6:03. we're learning new details in a lebron was shot multiple times inside the believe beauty salon. lebron got into an argument and two men followed him inside the salon. one of the men pulled a gun and shot lebron. >> it's sad people have to die because of a fight, someone needs to lose their life. >> both men ran away from the scene after the shooting. no orses have been made. 6:03, and police
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he is becoming a corporate security consultant. bratton surprised the mayor by calling him into his office to break the news. the commissioner joked that after he picked the mayor up off the floor and carried him to a couch, the two of them had a two-hour talk. result was nearly immediate appointment of a new commissioner recommended by bratton. chief of department, james o'neil. o'neil says cops and the city's minorities communities will get of neighborhood policing. >> personnel intensive and the mayor and the city council were kind enough to give us 1300 new cops to make this program work. we have the sector cops in the same place every day at the same hours so they will know the people calling 911. >> reverend al sharpton wants to meet with o'neil to get a sense of how he's going to change some long established policies. sharpton says the stress o on
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really broken policing. >> o'neil is well known in the department, but he is still a mystery to the public. he was born in brooklyn and after starting as a transit cop, he's a 33 year veteran of the nypd. also regarded as very smart with a master's degree. friends say he's a perfect blend of political awareness and crime fighting ability. we'll learn more about the city's next police commissioner coming up in a live report in more at abc7ny including details on o'neil's complete service with the nypd and the precincts he's worked. >> 6:05. one of the nation's top republican donors is giving a thumb's down to donald trump. meg whitman cannot support a candidate who exploited anger and division. she is endorsing hillary clinton. the executives at nbc say even
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on celebrity apprentice. maria, who has advised him on the national level for his entire time in statewide office says she is voting for hillary clinton. donald trump's criticism is unappropriate. >> the pain of losing their son while defending our country is unfathomable and i think it gives them the right to say whatever they want. whether they are right or wrong. >> the nation needs to honor those families who sacrificed so muc nation. federal judge has rejected news media requests for videos of donald trump's testimony in a lawsuit over the trump university. judge gonzala said releasing the videos would add to what he called a media frenzy, making it hard to seat an impartial injury. the judge who has been the target of repeated attacks by trump, rejected trump's request to have the case thrown out.
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russian hacker attack that revealed embarrassing e-mails. the ceo is out along with the communications director. transition team is being appointed to help the company pull itself together for the general election in november. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. a live look toward the george washington bridge. we have had some fog in the suburbs. that will be burning off during sun gets higher in the sky. check out temperatures. very, very pleasant out there. 68 degrees as you are heading out the door. that patchy fog burning off. temperatures rising up through the 70s. middle 70s by 10:00 in the morning. mid to upper 70s by noontime under mainly sunny skies. taking a look at the rain chances over the next several days, sticking out like a sore
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full seven-day forecast, as i head outside after the commercial break. we send it over to heather o'rourke. >> it looks like it's a nice day to head outside. if you are outside and taking the drive, here it is. we'll explain why we have an accident. it's right near 96th street. that's what is causing that delay. n trains at 59th street and brooklyn. east near webster avenue. reportedly involves two tractor trailers. he did have earlier construction, that has been cleared. you can see we have delays all the way back to the george washington bridge. look at the george, that upper level very slow. go with that lower level if you can. 30 minutes inbound. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken and lori, over to you. heather, thank you.
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in dubai. also working on getting more pictures from the scene. >> and an arrest turns violent. see who else stepped in to help. >> cases of mumps being reported in one part of long island. >> and the battle for new york, will the yankees or mets take hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah.
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6:11. an updating breaking news overseas. a plane caught fire moments after randing at dubai's main airport. we received this video in the last 15 minutes. you can see smoke billowing up from the wreckage. 275 people were reportedly on board. at this point, there are no reports of any injuries. votage of a man dragging an oklahoma police officer. police were called after police trying to buy gift cards with a stolen credit card. another officer jumps in to help and a good samaritan takes down the man. the suspect is facing a number of charges. including aggravated assault of an officer. at least not for now. federal judge in baton rouge
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keep the autopsy results sealed while the case is being investigated. sterling was killed several times outside a convenience store last month. he was armed with a gun. the shooting sparked national protests over claims of racism and excessive force. 6:13. the health department is reporting a mumps outbreak in long beach. 18 cases have been reported so far. more cases are expected. investigators suspect people are contracting a strange that current mumps vaccine. anybody who has not gotten their vaccine, should get it. puffy cheeks, swollen cheeks, muscle aches, fatigue, and loss of appetite. >> six women have been saved from rushing waters after they small boats capsized. it happened at state park. the women all of them from wayne had just launched four kayaks and a canoe. the current was so rough and fast that the boats flipped and
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grab hold of overhanging branches. five rescue units were brought in and they finally found all of the women scattered along the river. video know, flooding in arizona. several thunderstorms rolled across phoenix yesterday afternoon dropping 2 inches of rain. national weather service calls it a 100 year event. flooding shut down highways and fire crews repeatedly called into rescue people that were trapped by rising waters. 6:14. forecast. >> let's check in with jeff smith. >> it feels so fantastic out here, guys. this is really a rare treat for early august and what is normally the hottest time of the year. let's head up a few hundred feet right now and look at that sun coming up over central park. picture perfect. 66. the wind is calm, the high today getting up to 80 degrees. we'll have lower humidity today than the past couple of days. it will feel better.
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average. i don't think we'll hear complaints about that. 97 the record in 2005. the sun came up a while ago. setting at 8:09 this evening. there is, however, some patchy, dense fog in the suburbs right now. this is last through 8:00 this morning before it starts really burning off. then really nice the next three days. today, tomorrow, and into friday as well. friday, the humidity comes up just a bit. i think on saturday, it comes up more significantly and along with heat on saturday and a can be heavier showers and thunderstorms moving in from the west. 65 right now in newark. down to 61 at white plains. talk about refreshing. monticello of morristown down into the 50s. it's a night where you could leave your windows open. 61 belmar. 62 in islip. visibilities, that's the problem.
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at morristown. give yourselves extra time as you are driving in from that direction early this morning until that fog actually burns off. satellite radar not showing much. high pressure firmly in control over the northeast. we zoom things down to the tropics. and we have tropical storm earl. 65-mile per hour winds right now. category one hurricane. 80-mile per hour winds along the northern coast of belize. a nice day around here today. control right through tomorrow. just absolutely perfect weather. the heat does try to build as we head into saturday. and with that disturbance moving in from the west, there can be thunderstorms moving into the area. accuweather forecast going like this, turning out mostly sunny, a bit less humid this afternoon, the high getting up to around 80 for tonight. we're down to 67 under clear skies. down into the 50s in some of the distant suburbs. mostly sunny tomorrow with a high up to 81.
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that bad. it does become more humid. 82 under a lot of sunshine. the threat of thunderstorms on saturday. some of those could contain some heavy downpours, some strong, gusty winds. 88. a couple could hit 90 before the storms move in. mostly sunny, warm, 86 and nice weather continuing into the illly early part of next week. mid u jersey shore. so s enjoy. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, jeff. over to heather. >> we'll check out what is going on here. the southbound side, you can see lots of brake lights, why is it? let's head over to our maps. fdr going southbound, that's where we have that accident and
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that accident still with us. two tractor trailers involved in that crash. you have the inbound side of the george washington bridge feeling the crunch because of that accident on the cross bronx expressway. 30 minutes coming inbound to the upper level of the george washington bridge. go with the lower level if you can. willis avenue bridge, the ramp going into the bronx, going on to the deagon. all lanes are closed on that accident reportedly involves a truck, a car, and a taxi. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. lori, over to you. >> thank you. 6:18. the prime minister of singapore was honored at a rare state house dinner. president obama reserved his 12th state dinner. for the occasion, the first lady got some inspiration from lady gaga.
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gaga for the oscars. >> unbelievable. that's gorgeous. subway series heads north to the bronx tonight where the yankees will take the series lead again, but fans are waking up smiling. starting pitcher held a the yanks scoreless, striking out eight and that led to a 7-1 route. long island will get the start for the mets, hoping to turn around his recent slump. the yankees are 500 for the at yankee stadium. check this out, a day at the links turned into a fistfight. this happened at fossil trace golf club at the 18th one group played too closely to the one in front. have some decorum on the golf course. eventually cooler heads did prevail and the two ended their fight with a handshake and some
6:20 am
will dim their lights this evening in honor of the owner of many theaters who died at the age of 94. his career, building up nine of broadway's best theaters spanned 70 years. he also owned theaters in chicago, los angeles, and the uk. >> wow. 6:20. safety recall this morning at starbucks. see why they one type of straw. >> and how officials working under ground to fight
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wall street looks to recover from its biggest loss in almost a month. the dow starts 90 points down at 18,313, and futures point to a lower open. markets in asia fell overnight, japan and hong kong dropped 2%. a head's up before you pick up your morning cup of joe. starbucks is recalling straws made of steel after three reports of children suffering cuts in their mouths while
6:25 am
cups. they were sold nationwide over the last four years. children should not use them because they could pose a risk of injury. new york city's last surviving milk plant is shutting down. the dairy will end operations at its processing facility this fall. as a result, 273 jobs will be lost. public schools. most of its milk is sourced from farms and cows upstate. >> we continue to follow breaking news in queens. a woman found dead in a park near her home. news copter 7 was over the crime scene. we'll get a live report coming up. and new information on a fast moving fire that destroyed a supermarket. >> and we are looking at this mess on the bqe. this is the southbound side right near the bridge.
6:26 am
be a nice day. it was a foggy start, but jeff smith is in for bill evans. >> good morning, heather. 66 degrees. still some dense fog locally in some of the suburbs. getting up to 80 eventually. nice weather like this, can't
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breaking news unfolding overseas where a plane has caught fire moments after landing in dubai. smoke billowing from the scene. fate of the passengers this morning. new video high above the scene where a missing jogger has been found dead in howard bochy. we have new reaction from a neighbor ahead in a live report. plus with fears of the zika virus spreading how governor cuomo is taking action. thanks for joining us. it is wednesday, august 3rd. you are you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and
6:30 am
in and around -- refreshing morning. 66 degrees in midtown the wind is calm up the mighty hudson river toward the george washington bridge. visibility outside the city zero in newburg, 7 miles in morrison. give yourself extra time heading in from that direction. that will burn off by 8:00 this morning. satellite radar not showing much. temperatures in the mid-60s in the park. 50s well north and west. 76 by noon to around 80 during the afternoon with the wind from the east and southeast around 5 to 10 miles per hour. we are going to send it over to heather. >> reporter: good morning jeff. good morning everybody. btrain, signal problems. delays and service changes. the crossbronx expressway east an accident news copter 7 above and john del giorno is here to tell us all about it. good morning john. >> reporter: good morning heather. it has been a long morning on
6:31 am
construction they were in the process of getting that cleared out of the way. and then this accident. a fender bender between two tractor trailers. but i'll tell what you, it has been out here for about 40 minutes and i still don't see police on the scene. on the eastbound crossbronx just past the exit for webster avenue. you can see the right lane is out of service. while we have the overnight construction cleared outside we still have that one lane down with the accident. i'll pull this shot all the way back. let mewi the left and we'll show you the george washington bridge. we have very heavy delays across the george as a result of the construction and the accident. so if you are inbound at the george allow extra time. heather. thank you. inbound side of the george washington bridge the upper level is a 30 minute delay. lincoln and holland 15 minutes apiece. i'm sure they will start building. fdr drive southbound down off the george washington bridge once you finally get to the fdr
6:32 am
accident has been cleared away and we have our street cleaning rules in effect. ken over to you. heather thank you. 6:32. breaking news in the middle east. media reports from dubai now say nearly 300 people on board an emirates jet have been evacuated. they are all safe. >> that jet is burning on the tarmac at dubai airport. burst into flames just moments after landing. the airlines says the jet was involved in an accident. social media video and photos show black smoke what looks like an emirates jetliner lying on its belly on the runway. the airline attributes the rescues to a quick response by units at the dubai airport. police are trying to figure out what led to the death of a woman simply out for a jog. >> the 30-year-old was found blocks from her home near spring creek park and howard beach. eyewitness news reporter
6:33 am
have identified the woman as 30-year- old corrina veterano. her body was found behind me around gateway national park. she went for a jog yesterday around 5:00 yesterday, a family member says when she didn't come home around two hours later 7:00, they called police, they took to the marsho the 30-year-old. her body was discovered just before midnight. her cell phone also recovered along a bike path there. we spoke to a man who knew her and said she was very, very beautiful. >> she was you know a lovely girl. when she passed by she knocked the eyes out of the guys you know? it is just a shame you know? she is a young, beautiful young lady. >> reporter: an autopsy will
6:34 am
no obvious signs of trauma. we are live in howard beach this morning, kristen thorn channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:34. also in queens police investigating another mysterious death. the body of a 60-year-old woman was found in a basement apartment monday in flushing with cuts to her face and hands. police think she may have been dead for some time. she was lying on a bed covered with a blanket and there was blood on the walls. to the top story, a popular supermarket in white stone, queens is char and smoldering ruin this morning. a 3-alarm fire roared through the strawberry farms market. it was closed tell the, nobody was inside. it took a massive effort to battle that fire. more than 100 firefighters were called in and four suffered minor injuries. it took more than five hours to but the down the fire. demolition is underway at an abandoned building in newark after bricks came crashing down on the street last night. the partial collapse happened
6:35 am
littering the sidewalk with debris at south 8th street and 15th avenue. the city-owned building had been abandoned for years. residents say they repeatedly warned the city about the building, which has been gradually falling apart. >> up until a few days ago, a couple of rocks. some of the bricks fall. then today we walked past. as soon as we crossed the street the whole side walls. by debris were walking by and they suffered minor injuries. a little over a month from now the nypd will have a new top cop. he has been a familiar face in the nation's largest police force for decades. chief of the department james o'neal tweeting out saying he is humbled for the opportunity and thanking his boss mayor de blasio and predecessor bill bratten. darla miles is live outside 1
6:36 am
this will be a seamless transition according to the city. o'neal plans to continue the city's existing community policing policy and he says policing should not come at the expense of the community it serves. commissioner to-p james o'neal, or jimmy, as the mayor calls him, will pursue a policy of o'neal says with more manpower and resources now his officers will make it work. >> they'll know the people calling 911, calling 311. they'll know the residents the people that have business and his we can have that connectivity. >> reporter: o'neal and commissioner bratton met in 1990. he has been promoted
6:37 am
>> reporter: he is well liked in the department. >> he has a masters from john jay. he is a visionary leader. he wants to engage in new and innovative projects. he has an open mind and this is something you are looking for in the next police commission year he is deeply dedicated to repairing the breach between the community and the police and he is a proven crime fighter. you need both those combinations. >> reporter: the reverend al sharpton says o'neal is an he wants an immediate meeting with the new commissioner to ask how the nypd will change its tactics. >> i feel that broken windows, broken police asking broken police and go breaks the community police relations. >> reporter: no word yet on if or when that meeting with al
6:38 am
will take over in september. kids came out to play hockey and basketball with officers. police departments held street parties last night in an effort to connect with their communities. happening today florida health officials plan to conduct an aerial spraying around dawn to kill off adult mosquitoes in northern miami. a number of non-travel related zika cases in one neighborhood is up to 16. some mosquitoes may be resistant to the pesticide. health workers and police have started handing out bug repellants and zika prevention kits. happening tonight new york city will spray for mosquitoes in an effort to slash the chance for viruses. it will spray in parts of queens the bronx and staten
6:39 am
is being removed where mosquitoes can breed and adding bug killing lar va side to puddles that can't be drained. refreshingly cool, 66 degrees in new york city right now as we look downtown. checking out your stepping out the door weather, temperatures right around 68 or so in the next hour. little bit of fog in the suburbs. burning off, eventually going up into the lower 80s this afternoon in the park and white plains, and staying in the upper 70s along the shore. speaking of the shore, not a terrible beach day out there. i'll tell you why. an onshore wind coming in from the east is bringing in warmer water. 72 degrees at the long island and new york city beaches, 76 down the jersey shore, waves 2 to 3 feet. the rip current risk is moderate. a decent shot of rain by the time the weekend rolls around.
6:40 am
in your 7- day forecast. heather. >> reporter: bumper to bumper in the bronx. crossbronx east near webster avenue we have this accident involving two tractor trailers and now we have a new one. john del giorno showing us the pictures of this accident involving two box trucks. this is the eastbound side of the crossbronx expressway right on the alexander hamilton bridge. the george washington bridge what a mess this is causing here. two separate accidents crossbronx, that is double the trouble. least a 30-minute delay inbound at the toll and his you are jam packed across the span. onto the southern state parkway, here is an accident off on the side of the parkway. we have police on the scene. where is that? we have the southern state parkway on the westbound side near exit 18, eagle avenue. the btrain signal problems. track work on the manhattan bridge causing some delays, so again 30 minutes upstairs george washington bridge.
6:41 am
and holland about a 15 minute delay, that is going to build. willis avenue ramp to the deegan all lanes closed down. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. lori and ken over to you. heather thank you. more images coming in this morning from an accident with a passenger plane in dubai. emirates airlines confirmed no fatalities. a double hit and run in brooklyn this morning. to celebrate his 90th tonight. old smooth voice himself for all new yorkers to see, when we come back. at subway, you'll love the greek flavors of our mediterranean collection. your choice of delicious chicken
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there are still no arrests this morning from the death of a 5-month-old baby the death has been labeled as a homicide, the baby, aleah back was found unresponsive in her family's apartment in sunny side over the weekend. the medical examiner said she died from abusive head trauma. the parents, who are being questioned by police, were convinced their baby was possess and they brought her to a priest last week for a
6:45 am
killed two fathers. ephraim perez is charged, he hit and killed israel tuesday and maldonado yesterday and got out of his car and ran away. happening today jamie foxx, governor christie's former transportation commissioner makes his first appearance in federal court. he is conspiring -- accused of conspiring to commit bribery. during the so-called bridgegate investigation. united airlines has agreed to pay a penalty of more than $2 million. a plane engulfed in flames in dubai. "good morning america" is covering the story. let's check in with robin roberts live from times square. >> reporter: we have been following your coverage of the breaking news of the crash landing, an emirates plane
6:46 am
dubai. chutes deployed, 300 passengers rushing to evacuate. we'll be following that all morning long. also ahead donald trump at war with his own party. going head to head with top members of the gop, refusing to endorse house speaker paul ryan. president obama speaking out with the strongest attack yet calling for republican leaders to withdraw their endorsements. and the countdown to the olympics, the opening ceremony just two days away. on rio. athletes now saying accommodations are unlivable. some competitors are foregoing olympic village all together. the basketball team hired a cruise ship. they are going to be staying on a cruise ship, but we'll talk about it here on "gma." every two years we talk about the host city not being ready. i think they are really not ready. >> looks like it. >> they only had 10 years robin. >> i know ken. >> airbnb.
6:47 am
>> all right robin. we will be watching. >> 6:46. we check in with meteorologist jeff smith in for bill. it is so nice out here right now. so refreshing. everyone has a little spring in their step. temperatures are only in the mid-60s right now. it could be so hot and muggy stifling this time of year. not the case really for the next three or so days. humidity does increase by the weekend. until then just enjoy. we head upright now and check hudson river. 66 degrees, wind calm. high up to 80 eventually this afternoon. below average for this time of year. 84 is your normal lie. 97 the record back in 2005, sun going down at 80:00. patchy, dense fog in the suburbs -- at 8:09. patchy, dense fog in the suburbs. a really nice day today. humidity ticking up a little on
6:48 am
a high by that point. humidity really increases saturday along with the heat. could approach 90 in some spots with the front moving into the hot, humid air mass. strong to severe thunderstorms by saturday afternoon. temperatures in the mid-60s in and around central park. 50s morristown and monticello. visibility has been a problem, especially in the distant suburbs. down to near zero at newburg. west give yourself extra time. high pressure firmly in control around here. we are watching the tropics though getting active. fifth named storm of the season already earl 65 miles per hour winds promising to strengthen into a category 1 hurricane before making landfall in belize very early tomorrow morning. a nice day around here today. picture perfect as we head into the day tomorrow with the ridge of high pressure and control. heat does build and with the disturbance moving in from the
6:49 am
the weekend. accu-weather forecast, mostly sunny, air little less humid. high up to around 80. clear to 67 midtown. into the 50s in some of the distant suburbs. mostly sunny tomorrow. a high around 81. here's your accu-weather 7-day forecast. more humid on friday still not bad. 82 for a high. the storms could be on the strong side saturday. 88 very muggy. sunday, a lot of sunshine, less humid, 86. low 80s for monday into tuesday. not too bad, considering what it could be like this time of the year. back to you guys. over to you heather. let's talk about this our subway status. d, signal problems. crossbronx, double trouble.
6:50 am
east two tractor trailers involved in this. we understand something happened, one of the tractor trailer drivers reportedly took the other one's keys. so there is some kind of dispute. took the keys. i don't know where he went. but there is some kind of dispute going on. 50 minutes inbound george washington bridge. 50. the upper level is crawling crossbronx. lincoln 25. the holland 20 minutes. street cleaning rules in effect and we have john del giorno up in news copter 7 telling us about this overturned tractor trailer. >> reporter: good morning heather. we are up over the bronx. jeff keeps talking about how beautiful the weather is this morning. it is absolutely gorgeous but it has been a rough morning here on the bronx. a bunch of problems on the crossbronx expressway. this tractor trailer on the rim of the willis avenue bridge
6:51 am
been a lengthy clean up. looks like the tractor trailer was halling garbage at the time of the accident. the ramp from the willis avenue bridge is shut down. looks like they are wrapping up the clean up but the ramp is still closed. however it is visible from the deegan. northbound rubbernecking delays live over the bronx, john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. 6:51. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what?
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welcome back. new york's attorney general is cracking down on companies advertising ineffective insect repellants for cash in on fears over the zika virus. >> the mosquito that carries zika is not common in new york. the state has confirmed 537 cases, all apparently connected to travel to affected areas. five cases were sexually transmit today and he is celebrating in a big way -- legend, tony bennett, turning 90 today and he is celebrating in a big way. he will be joined by lady gaga this evening for a special music and light show that will feature a tower lighting ceremony. >> happy birthday tony. 6:54. breaking news in queens right now.
6:55 am
beach where a missing jogger has been found dead. this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:57. we are following breaking news. police identified the missing jogger found dead. >> eyewitness news reporter kristen thorn is live in howard beach with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning lori
6:58 am
as 30-year-old corrina veterano. more police have been arriving on the scene at 161st avenue. family members say she went for a run around 5:00 yesterday around spring creek park. her family called police two hours later when she did not return home. family members and police took to the marsh to find her. her body was discovered shortly before midnight, her cell phone discovered along a bike path there. police are not yet saying whether her death is suspicious. there were no obvious si trauma. we are live some howard beach this -- in howard beach this morning. place not to be. crossbronx expressway. two problems, news copter 7 above the first one. eastbound near webster avenue. two tractor trailers involved, police have finally showed up. the second one eastbound on the alexander hamilton bridge that
6:59 am
george washington bridge. 25 minutes or less lower level. lincoln 25, holland 40 minutes. route 4 right at the intersection before the george washington bridge you have this very large pothole. btrains issues there. other mass transit doing okay. >> wow. thank you. thanks heather. some of the nicest weather of the entire summer coming up in the next couple of days. patchy, dense fog in the suburbs that will be burning off du hour or so. visibility down near zero at newburg, -- so give yourselves extra time. mugier friday, maybe storms, and hotter by saturday. there you go. thank you. and that is the news for now, i'm ken rosato.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. crash landing. the giant plume of smoke engulfing this of the world's busiest airports. firefighters racing to the runway. 300 people rushing down emergency chutes. the latest on these terrifying moments on the tarmac. 24 hours of trouble. donald trump endorse paul ryan and john mccain as he faces backlash over a purple heart, his comments on sexual harassment and what he said about a baby. >> i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> the president calls trump unfit for office and challenges republicans to walk away from their candidate. teen murder mystery. two beloved high school students found shot to death murdered behind a grocery store in the suburbs.


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