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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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feeling so well. his back was bothering him so he asked her to not go running alone without him. she said that she was going to and that she would be fine. >> there's nothing bad that you could say about her. she was a sweetheart. she lit up the room when she walked in. she was a beautiful girl. >> reporter: so why would someone kill karina vetrano, strangling her and leaving her >> we found her facedown on the ground. we immediately called ems who came to the scene and pronounced her body. right now there's evidence of strangulation, asphyxiation. >> reporter: police say it was 5:00 p.m. when the 30-year-old went for her routine run in spring creek park. when she didn't come home her father called a neighbor what works in the police department.
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to the marshy area to look for her. her father discovered her body. >> i can't believe something like that happened. my heart really pours out to the family. >> reporter: police say there is possible evidence that vetrano was sexually assaulted. her body was found 15 feet off a path, her cell phone located nearby. police have been searching the area by helicopter this morning. >> it's just a shame, you know. she's a beautiful young lady. >> reporter: at this point police say know if this attack was random or if vetrano was targeted. live in howard beach, kristin thorne, eyewitness news. >> newscopter 7 is live over howard beach right now where investigators continue to search for clues. we will let you know about any new developments right here and have the latest on the search for the killer starting on eyewitness news first at 4:00.
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queens. a 61-year-old was found lying on a bed covered in a blanket inside a basement apartment on monday. we've learned she had cuts to her face and hands. officials say she may have been dead for some time. new at noon, a close call for a man who was feeding his pets in new jersey when he came face to face with a bear. it happened this morning. reporter toni yates is live at the scene. much like bear startles human startles bear. the police chief up here is very adamant. he says this is not, not considered a bear attack. that is where it happened this morning. fish and wildlife experts are in the woods. the woods are also surrounded by acres of crops. they are looking everywhere for that bear. the police chief says they want to find it because it possibly
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right now. the police chief told us what the homeowner told him. >> this morning about 9:00 we received a call from a gentleman who lives at this residence. he stated he came out on his porch to feed his cat. when he came out he encountered a black bear. he described the bear as between 450 and 500 pounds. he said that the bear looked at him and scratched his arm. arm, it turned around and ran away. he did have some injuries to his arrest. we're trying to verify the injuries to the story that he told us. >> reporter: exactly. that man is expected to be treated and released from the hospital. fish and wildlife are still on his property and in the woods looking for that bear. they're also looking for clues if there was a bear in his yard, and they're also looking for clues to corroborate his
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by a bear. they're saying at this point that his wounds may not be consistent with a bear scratching him. so for now we're live in pohatcong, new jersey. police arrest a man accused of robbing a bank while decked out in a wild wardrobe. he turned himself in. he told investigators he held bank in stapleton with a water gun. he says he wore a formal dress, sunglasses, a black hat, and high heels to pull off the crime. nypd commissioner william bratton reiterated today he is comfortable moving on and handing over his position to james o'neal. >> it is going to be seamless but bittersweet. i would be lying if i said i won't miss it, because i love it, but this is the right time.
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only role he had in picking his replacement was to recommend the mayor look within the nypd. he says o'neal is well prepared to deal with the challenges. specifically, racial tensions within the city. in the race for president, donald trump is brushing off concerns about growing dissent within the republican party. earlier this morning he took to twitter to declare there is great unity in his campaign. it comes after a tumultuous 24 hour good afternoon, shirleen. trump may feel there is unity within his campaign but from other republicans you are increasinglily hearing frustration. in part because they feel like given her record as secretary of state, hillary clinton is vulnerable. just 13 days after accepting the republican nomination for president, news sem merging of the gop's stunning lack of confidence in their nominee, making contingent see plans should donald trump drop out of
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express frustration with his campaign after a series of controversial remarks. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: a flub on foreign affairs and putin. >> he's not going to go into ukraine. he's already there, isn't he? >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work, very, very hard. >> reporter: advising sexual assault victims to try and another job. and the opposite of baby cigs. >> you can get the baby out of here. >> i've never been a big fan of john mccain. >> reporter: trump withholding his endorsement of mccain and speaker of the house paul ryan who was the chairman of trump's convention. high-profile republicans increasingly defecting to the hillary clinton camp. while clinton has been relatively absent from the
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this new ad. >> republican leaders cannot force donald trump out. so far we have no indication that he intends to drop out, but they tell us that given how erratic this am could pain has been, they want to be prepared for any potential. reporting live in washington, channel 7 eyewitness news. federal authorities arrested a washington, d.c. area transit police officer accusing him of trying to help isis. investigators say metro police to help isis operatives communicate in secret. they say he purchased gift cards and intended to give them to isis operatives so they could buy mobile apps to communicate. this is the problem. he actually gave the cards to an nypd source. beginning tonight planes
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of downtown for zika. it is considered most fritteddenning for pregnant women because babies are born with head and brain deformities which is why a travel advisory for pregnant women has been issued. coming up in our next half- house, a warning about scammers trying to karen on the zika virus. what new york's attorney general wants you to know. also ahead, terrifying moments on the tarmac. a plane crash lands engulfed by smoke at one of the busiest airport. hear from the husband of a woman on board. new information about just how risky it is to make a left. and the weather making a turn in the right direction. temperatures in the upper 70s, almost as nice as it gets this time of year. not so nice down in the western caribbean. we're watching almost hurricane
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new jersey governor chris christie's former transportation commissioner is making his first appearance in court today. david samson were uncovered the so-called bridgegate investigation. overseas in india rescue efforts are underway after this bridge collapsed sending two buses into the river. the people on board are now missing this afternoon. officials believe the high pressure from flooding in the river caused the bridge to collapse. divers, boats, and helicopters are searching the river for
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in mourning after two teenagers are found murdered behind a grocery store. police say a delivery driver found the bodies of natalie henderson and carter davis early monday morning. the medical examiner says each of them died from a single gunshot wound to the head. the 17-year-olds attended different high schools. >> it's devastating when you're so excited about all of your school, then you find out on the first day that something like this happens. don't quite understand it because he was a great kid. >> police say it wasn't drugs or suicide but are calling this a relationship-based killing. several families in california are scrambling to evacuate as firefighters work to control a fast moving wildfire outside of sacramento. it started as a brushfire in a town called winters but quickly spread across the hills getting
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a major highway and homes. firefighters are working to burn out a fire line so they can get it contained. a new traffic study has found that left turns are particularly dangerous. in fact, they were involved in nearly a third of all pedestrian and cyclist injuries last year. left turns also cause three times more deaths than severe is injuries among pedestrians and cyclists. the results of the study will be released today. age also seems to play a part. the median age of people killed by left turning was 67. the median age for all other types of fatal crashes involving pedestrians was 50. the olympic flame has arrived in brazil. it was transferred by boat and handed over to the mayor. over the next three days the torch will travel 56 miles throughout the city until it reaches the stadium for the opening ceremony. the olympic torch has traveled
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visiting 300 cities. the games begin august 5th. swimmer michael phelps will carry the flag for team usa. tess most decorated athlete in olympic history and only the second swimmer to lead the u.s. delegation in the opening ceremony. >> he's the best ever. chasing their dreams. we have an update on the three homeless sister from brooklyn who made it to the junior olympics. plus, cruelty caught on camera. sparked the nasty confrontation. will you hear from the customers who came to his
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a 12-year-old boy in arizona is being hailed a hero after he saved a stranger from a flash flood young marco serna saw a driver who needed help. he said the car started getting pulled by the current, so it was no easy task. >> the guy went out of the window on the roof and jumped out. i was trying to help him so i grabbed on to his hand and pulled him across. >> amazing. officials say this was just one of several water rescues across arizona because of the heavy rainfall during yesterday's storms.
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was on vacation. i had like a little imagination vacation in my brain. >> this might be some of the nicest weather of the summer, the next couple of days. the humidity and heat increase a little bit as we get into the weekend, but it never gets that bad. here's a look live. 78 degrees, humidity it at 54%. humidity is going to stay low through tomorrow. the high is your current temperature so far. couple of degrees warmer at some point this afternoon so we are going for a high of 80 later on today. like michelle was saying it was so refreshingly cool this morning. 84 is your normal high. 97 the record in 2005. the sun going down at 8:09. nice weather through tomorrow. the humidity comes a bit friday but friday is still nice. near 90 on saturday with the
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thunderstorms. some of the storms could be on the strong to severe side with some heavy downpours and maybe strong gusty winds. 78 in newark and teterboro, 77 at laguardia airport. 73 at monticello. 73 down the shore at belmar, and 75 at toms river. high pressure directly overhead right now. that's why we have the clear skies in the tri-state region. and that will stay with us right through tomorrow. we zoom things well off to south. and we already have our fifth named storm of the season. this is tropical storm earl. winds of 70 miles per hour. so this is on the brink of becoming a hurricane as it moves off to the west. i think this makes landfall very late tonight into the wee hours of tomorrow morning along the coast of belize here with about 85 miles per hour sustained winds. so it does intensify into a minimal hurricane. the winds might cause some damage but i think the rainfall and the flooding would be the
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over belize and eventually parts of the yucatan peninsula. a nice day out there today and heading into the day tomorrow. we'll just call it picture perfect. eventually this front here will cause some of the warmth and humidity to move in during the day on saturday. with the front moving by there can be some shower and thunderstorm activity. your forecast for the afternoon, nice with sunshine. an easy forecast. 80 degrees, mainly clear, comfortable, tonight down to 67 in midtown, but even some 50s the distant suburbs. heading into tomorrow mostly sunny and nice, humidity staying low, the high 81. a bit muggier during the day on friday, a hey 1r 2. a thunderstorm threat on saturday. you can't rule out a strong thunderstorm especially during the afternoon. a couple of thermometers in the area might hit 90. 86 on sunday. less humid, still warm in the
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things about getting a flow of air off the atlantic ocean, it warms up the water temperatures. you're bringing in the water from the gulf stream. we'll talk about those water temperatures the next half- hour. >> jersey shore, good stuff. >> we're there. >> thank you, jeff. shocking video. a man punching, kicking, and dragging a police officer. coming up, the hero stepped in.
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ement insurance plans endorsed by aarp.
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a police officer attacked. a dramatic sight on the water. and a kangaroo having a ball at the beach. some of the stories that caught our attention. we begin with dash cam video showing a man kicking, punching, and dragging an oklahoma police officer. investigators were called after trying to buy gift cards with a stolen credit card. another officer jumped in to heat. good samaritan rushed in and took the man down. the man faces a host of charges. tropical storm darby had an interestingesque after it hit hawaii last week. look at this brown water creating a distinctive two- tonesque in the water. massive cleanup efforts are underway after the storm caused
12:25 pm
flooding, and outages. health officials say they didn't find anything unusual in water samples but the island remains under a brown water advisory. call it kangaroo cowa burks nga. a woman posted this video of a kangaroo hopping along the coast. the little guy has been named skippy. you can see why. shirleen. >> i love it. the jersey shore, ever. >> stay off the beach. >> i love it. bright idea. >> he is going to go wake boarding pretty soon. >> so cute. hey, little buddy. the mets evened the score in game two last night of the subway series. jay bruce made his debut but it was a big night for jacob degrom. he tossed seven scoreless
12:26 pm
runs off yankees ace tanaka for a 7-1 victory. the cross-town rivalry heads to the bronx tonight for the final two games of the series. and still to come on eyewitness news at noon, a new crackdown to stop companies from cashing in on fears over zika. what new york's attorney general wants you to know. plus, dramatic video as a plane crash lands and is engulfed by smoke. we hear from the husband of one who scrambled to escape. and video spark fury on social media. a car pulling a dog on a leash. what one driver did after capturing it on camera. eyewitness news is coming right
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allicot. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for david novarro. all new this hour, crackdown on people who have been trying to cash in on zika fears. >> the attorney general says seven companies are falsely marketing products that claim to prevent zika. >> reporter: take a look. these stickers are colorful, cute. they're for kids. but officials warn, don't buy
12:30 pm
and others are giving awe false sense of security against a real threat. that threat, of course, is zika. so just moments ago new york attorney general eric sneiderman announced he has issued cease and desist letters to seven companies that market products that claim to repel the form of wristbands, bracelets, or stickers, like i just showed you. sneiderman says his office wants to first get the word out, then also go after these companies which are selling the items on-line, at discount stores, and in some bodegas. >> a lot of these companies pop up, they're fly by night.
12:31 pm
making these before because zika virus is at the top of the list. they show up when there's panic. they show up when the public is confused and agitated. same phenomenon when people show up to prey on others after a natural disaster. >> reporter: okay, so what should you buy? officials say you should look for sprays that contain at least one of five ingredients. among those ingred or lemon, or eucalyptus oil. we have an entire section dedicated just to zika. it has the seven companies that the attorney general has september these letters to. go to our home page at abc7ny. for now live in lower manhattan, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're learning new details on a deadly shooting that happened in the bronx.
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shot multiple times inside the beauty salon last night. police say he got into an argument with two men over money. a popular supermarket in whitestone, queens, is little more than a charred ruin this morning. fire roared through the building. massive effort to battle the fire. more than 100 firefighters were called in. it took more than five hours to put down that fire. a driver accused of hitting and killing two men in brooklyn has been arrested. the 21-year-old faces charges including leaving the scene of a deadly accident and driving without a license. police say he hit and killed two people monday in cypress
12:33 pm
and ran. a new jersey chiropractor is accused of sexually assaulting some of his patients. he was arrested over the weekend and is facing a list of charges including criminal sexual contact. two patients claimed that the doctor assaulted them during treatment. a third patient claims she was inappropriately touched. demolition is underway at bricks come crashing down. it happened just before 6:00 last night littering the sidewalk with debris at south 8th street and 15th avenue. the city owned huge been abandoned for years. residents say they repeatedly warned the city about the building which has been gradually falling apart. >> up until a few days ago, a couple of -- some of the bricks fall, my daughter falls. then today, we walk past, and
12:34 pm
street, the whole sidewalk. >> two people who were hit by the debris were walking by. they suffered minor injuries. new details about what happened when an airplane crash- landed at dubai airport. despite the frightening images all 300 people on board survived. although late this morning we did learn that a firefighter died responding to the scene. abc's ray ray ramundy has details. when this plane landed in dubai. huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. then moments later, an explosion. the boeing 777's emergency chutes deployed as all on board evacuated. this man, whose wife was on board the flight, says he spoke to her an hour prior to the flight arriving.
12:35 pm
flight was landing, caught fire. >> reporter: the jetliner was traveling from india to dubai with 22 passengers and 18 crew on board. and the flight path appears completely normal. and through all the chaos on the runway, remarkably officials for emirates say there were no fatalities. the main priority for emirates airlines is to offer support for concerne and friends. in fact, the airline says dedicated telephone lines are active for family members, and we have learned the ntsb is sending officials to the crash site in order to assist with the investigation. channel 7 eyewitness news. a federal judge has rejected the media request for videos of donald trump's testimony in a lawsuit over the now defunct trump university. the judge said releasing the videos would add to what he
12:36 pm
hard to seat an impartial jury. the judge who has been the target of repeated attacks by trump also rejected trump's request to have the case thrown out. what is it like outside? meteorologist jeff smith is in for bill evans. hi, jeff. >> hey michelle. almost as nice it is a gets during the summer this time of year. maybe cigs 80 at some point for a high test. beach and boating and water temperatures. that east wind actually driving in warmer water from the gulf stream. 72-degree water temperatures along the long island beaches and at new york city but upwards of 76, 77 degrees on the beaches of monmouth and ocean county. the rip current risk is moderate. just a quick chance at the risk of rain over the next few days.
12:37 pm
last remaining milk processing plant is preparing to close. elmhurst dairy has been in business nearly 100 years. 273 jobs will be lost. the plant currently supplies milk to more than 8300 grocers and 1400 public schools. the company said in a statement, quote, the decision to close elmhurst dairy followed many years of attempting to find a method of making the operation feasible in >> in business for 100 years. you don't see that often. >> and all those jobs gone. a patient's nightmare. no one wants to get a root can thal but imagine if you ended
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a pretty amazing rescue. six women have been saved from trouble state park. the women had just launched four kayaks and a canoe. the current was so rough the boats flipped, and the women managed to grab hold of overhanging branches. five rescue units were brought in. finally they found all the women scattered along the
12:41 pm
more than 5 years ago is denied parole. relatives of the girl spoke against blanton's release. he is the last surviving kkk member convicted of murder in the bombing of birmingham's 16th street baptist church in 1963. a routine root canal turned into a nightmare for one maine illinois when his dentist dropped a tool down yes, janice is no opening up about that day two after it happened. he says he didn't know the tool was lodged in his stomach until he started feeling sharp pains a few days after the procedure. he had to have it surgically removed. he then took the dentist to court and won a $675,000 settlement. starbucks is recalling stainless steel beverage straws after three reports of children
12:42 pm
mouths while using them. 2.5 million of those straws were sold. starbucks says children should not use those straws because they are rigid and can pose a risk of injury. viral video. a young taco bell worker bullied by customers, and the couple would stepped in to help. it all started when the worker warned a mother that her credit card was not signed on the back. the video shows the situation escalated after the mom had her kids return to buy same card but then questioned the purchases. but as ken rosato shows us, other customers stepped in. >> i'm sitting here trying to eat and you guys are playing a game with him. knock it off. >> a mother and two kids verbally attack a worker. >> can i have your number? >> can you just leave him alone? >> reporter: the worker has a condition called bipolar disorder leading to verbal
12:43 pm
have your number? >> no, i can't. >> you guys are still joking with him. he's tired of it. not any more. >> he's putting his head down while he was sweeping in the video, and he didn't really want to confront them. >> but this time it was different. a couple watching from a distance just couldn't take it any more, recording the whole thing and took action. >> i felt the need to do something because, you know, people shouldn't be treated that way. >> are you here own an episode of what would or something? mind your own [ bleep ] business. >> reporter: the video reached nearly 70,000 people including the mom who thanked them for sticking up for his son. >> mind your on business. >> quit pick on the guy. >> mind your own business. >> leave him alone. >> no matter what it is, no matter who it is, you should still do something about it and not be afraid to do that. >> you're picking on the poor gay. leave him alone. >> we need more people like
12:44 pm
sparked outrage, a dog on a leash pulled by a car. what one driver did after recording this scene. plus, the inspirational story about three homeless sisters from brooklyn who made ?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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a big win and a big surprise for three homeless sisters from brooklyn who competed in the junior olympics. the 10-year-old won medal in her first event monday at the games in houston. look who was there to cheer them on. that's their mother. she originally couldn't afford to make that trip but a local philanthropist who heard the story bought her a ticket so she could be there to cheer her girls object. new research shows self-
12:48 pm
with the technology, then they feel justified when they fail to scan all of their items. the amount of money a business loses to theft sky rocks by adding self-service checkouts. more than a year after a lucille ball statue caused more screams than laughs, it is set to be a new sculpture will be revealed saturday in honor of what would have been her 105th birthday. >> that just wasn't working for me. >> it wasn't the best. >> doesn't look like a rafael bust. >> so funny. >> so she's getting a new one. >> hello. >> hi. nice out there, isn't it. >> beautiful.
12:49 pm
just so beautiful. >> well done, jeff. >> we're going to do it all over again tomorrow. let's check out that view over toward central park. fair weather clouds. 78 degrees. the wind is calm. if you're heading to the subway series, which is continuing tonight at yankee stadium in the bronx, 7:05 first pitch, temperatures in the mid-70s, this is just absolutely ideal baseball weather, south is east wind around 6 miles per hour. a pair of 77 at islip. 75 down the shore in belmar which basically matches your water temperature now in that area. dew points, they measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. they've gone from in the comfortable and sticky category down towards pleasant. they will be more towards invigorating as we head towards the everyfight hours of tonight. satellite showing absolutely nothing. high pressure firmly in
12:50 pm
the western caribbean. so this is our fifth named storm of the season. we're on a pretty rapid pace so far. movement west al 14 miles per hour, about to become a hurricane. looking pretty well organized. winds of 70 miles per hour. may strengthen to a minimal category 1 storm with winds of 85 before make landfall along the coast of belize by late tonight. a lot of heavy rain expected with that. wind not the huge issue. in terms of early to mid-august in the eastern portio the atlantic, kind of the classic positions for these storms to form. development chances are going to be increasing. one of the reasons, we had dusty air over the eastern atlantic. there was actually dust coming in off the sahara desert of africa. that's going to be eroding. as soon as we get rid of that dust we increase our chance of getting tropical development. the peak of the hurricane season is early september so that is interest we will keep
12:51 pm
down to 67. a lot of 50s in the suburbs and heading into the day tomorrow we get up to 80 degrees. air quality is good. uv index is a 9, which is very high. pollen is on the moderate side. nice with sunshine during the afternoon, the high getting up to 80. we'll do it all over again tomorrow getting up to 8 1. a little more humid on friday, 82. saturday is the hottest, most humid day, up near 90, and warm on sunday. lee goldberg has an update at 4:00. >> that's just clouds from the sahara desert. >> that's right. here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> today we're hitting the supermarket. i'm showing you how to grill your greens. carla is cooking, and two
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good afternoon. i'm liz cho in the newsroom. here's what's coming up. we're going to continue to follow the developments in the death of that jogger on howard beach. and that little girl knew exactly what to do when her mother was having a medical emergency. here her 911 call for help. more beginning on first at 4:00. a viral video posted is generating outrage. it shows a dog on a leash being pulled by a car on a busy road. ashley cooper wrote in her post that the vehicle was even dragging this dog at one point. she says she called police after witnessing the incident and gave them the car's license plate number. >> wow, that video hard to
12:56 pm
there, you might want to take a trip to louisiana. >> somebody. >> it's your chance to meet pikachu, every fiberglass inch of him. check this out. a giant statue was erected overnight in new orleans. someone made this. when you get up close to it, you see that it's emblazoned the words "pokemonument." >> that's well done. that's pretty good. >> not bad. >> parents use this sweet treat to tell their children they are having another baby. >> are you guys excited?
12:57 pm
>> put it down. >> what is it? you're pregnant? >> yes. >> the youngest brother ran around screaming with joy that he would no longer be the youngest. his older brother walked off, he says to cry. >> sweet. that's why he was running
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