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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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kareen may have been sexually -- >> she was in howard beach. reporter stacy sager is at the scene with our lead story this afternoon. stacy. >>reporter: liz, it's a shocking murder and now there's a massive search for evidence underway here in howard beach. it's a search for forensic evidence and digital evidence investigators will be looking carefully at kareen's cell phone which was found about 50 feet away from her body. >> normally this part of howard beach is a peaceful and closely dmit community, not a massive crime scene. >> what types of things are they trained for. >> anything would be important. any evidence that appears to be out of the ordinary. >> the murder of 30-year-old
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tonight >> parents are scared to send their children out. >> this woman didn't return home from her 5:00 p.m. run along an unpaved path in spring park. >> he asked her not to run that path not without him. so she -- if you're a runner, you understand that you run every night. it's apart of your routine. >> hours later, police followed a ping on her pne worse. >> right now there's evidence of strangulation, affixation. >> according to the police commissioner, an apparent sexual assault. the question now, was it random in an area which have seen no stanger rapes. yet resident after resident expressing concerns about strangers they have seen wandering around here for no reason. >> when was the last time you saw someone here suspicious. >> two days ago. a man sitting
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in a car and you know they don't live here or belong on the block. >> once again, the big question on a lot of people's minds tonight, was this a random attack or was it someone that kareen patrano new. we're going to have more on what else investigators have looking at including her large following on social media. we're awaiting more detailed results on her autopsy. her family is obviously way too distraught to speak right now. there's a this evening. once again, we'll have a lot more in a live report coming up. howard beach, i'm stacy sager, eyewitness news. >> thank you. we're going to head high above that area right now. this is a look from news copter 7 over howard beach. if you look closely, you can see cars and police vehicles to the right of your screen.
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searching for clues. we're continuing to follow this story and the investigation and we'll bring new details as soon as we get them. the final suspect accused in the murder of a rising baseball star pleading guilties. neil was one of four people responsible for the drive-by shooting at a burger king last september that killed 23-year-old michael nolan. nolan was a gifted lt- drafted to the rays. despite the guilty plea the family will not have closer. >> they get to make those phone calls and i don't have that. there's no comfort because i'll never have my son. >> the police say nolan was not the intended target. all four people charged in his death pleaded guilty. police investigating a
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a homicide. officers found 61-year-old sang in a basement apartment in flushing monday lying on a bed and covered by a blanket. she had cuts to her hands and hands and there was blood splattered on the wall. she may have been dead for some time officials say. officials in new jersey are searching for a driver who crashed into a home and took off. surveillance video shows when the car slammed into the house. before hitting the house. five minutes later, the driver backed the car out of the home in the driveway. by the time police arrived the car was gone. >> i don't know how he left the scene. you can see the skid marks here where we're standing and he must have swung the truck over and it was smoke over. it smelled like rubber upstairs and smoky. >> thankfully no one inside that
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also in western new jersey, authorities are looking for a bear that came face-to-face with a man in his backyard. the man told investigators that when he went outside to feed his cat this morning, a bear was standing outside his back door. this happened in warren county. he says the animal swung at him with his paw scratching him on his hand. the man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police do not believe there's real risk to the public at this time. trump is returning to the campaign -- it includes controversial statements about republicans, babies and the military's purple heart award. trump's running mate mike pence broke ranks and endorsed house speaker paul ryan. he did that less than a day after trump refused to support ryan. he's going to confront trump about his campaign.
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the story. >>reporter: we're seeing high profile republican defebruarying tors including a sitting u.s. congressman, a major gop donor and now top aids to chris christie and jedinak bush -- and jed bush. they plan on voting for clinton because they cannot support their nominee. >> trump's campaign manager denying reports of a republican their nominee. >> a candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. i'm in control of doing what he wants me to do in the campaign. >> ryan called trump personally to express frustration with a tax -- and fellow republicans like paul ryan and john mccain who trump has refused to endorse. >> i've never been a faen of mccann. >> trump's vp picks says he's
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support for paul ryan. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in tuesday's primary. >> the republican leadership tells abc news they're working on contingency plans should trump lead the race though he has expressed no interest in doing so is. trump tweeted at clinton, maybe giving the leadership what they want or incompetent secretary of state clinton was the one who started talks to give (40) 000-0000 to ir. trump -- talks to give $4 million to iran. >> this $400 million, is actually money that the iranians paid into a u.s. account in 1979. >> and just moments ago, clinton was on the campaign trail doing a tour through a u.s. manufacturing company. she didn't respond to donald trump's
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him to task for manufacturing his ties outside of the united states. live from washington, lonna zach, channel 7 eyewitness snooze. >> thank you, lonna. let's turn to weather. this is the dog days of summer. the month of august. meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. >> august stumbled out of the gate, but nicer today. blue sky and the humidity is low. a pair of lucky 7s at 4:00. it's going to be a beautiful evening. the satellite is clear. watching fronts off to of which is going to impact our weekend weather. we'll get into that and the latest on tropical storm earl which is getting close to belize. it's a strong tropical storm. we'll talk about the status of that storm. if you're headed out this evening, 71 degrees, clear and comfortable and we're going to head outside for the accuweather forecast. bill bratton reiterated today that he's comfortable
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james o'neal. >> it's going to be [indiscernible]. >> i will be [indiscernible]. i love it. >> this is the right time. >> bratton says the only role he had in picking his replacement was to recommend the mayor look within the nypd. he says o'neal is well prepared to deal with the challenges ahead specifically the racial in certain neighborhoods. a judge set bail at $100,000 for new christie transformation commissioner fox. fox is accused of conspire see. he did not enter a plea in court. fox's -- it was uh uncovered during the bridge gate investigation. federal authorities arrested
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to help isis. they say he purchased gift cards and planned to give them to isis to support mobile messaging accounts. young gave the gift cards to an undercover fbi source. it's the first time terrorism charges have been brought against a law enforcement officer here in the united states. he served 4 years in prison and then was forced to register as a sex offender. coming up, its evidence that proves it was a terrible mistake. this video. a plane crash lands and then burst into flames. we're going to tell you how everyone onboard
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it is 4:12 time to check the roads on this wednesday getaway. a look at the long island express lane. there's 15-minute delays at the outbound lincoln and 20 minutes at the outbound holland. no delays at the george washington bridge. investigators are trying to that jet to make a hard landing. a flight from southern india skids -- it turned as apart of a wing tore away. passengers rushed to escape on the inflatable slides. smoke filled the cabin the boeing trip 7. 10 of the 300 people onboard were hospitalized, but no one was killed. however, a responding firefighter did die when one side of the plane exploded as he
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describe the scene of panic as they rushed to get out. >> [indiscernible]. >> the plane descended there, there were reports of wind sheer at the airport which was -- which are sudden down drafts that can be dangerous. investigators are looking into whether there was a factor in this crash landing. the obama foundation made it official today, his presidential library heading to the south side of chicago. this morning. a center will be in jackson park located in the heart of the south side where obama and his family lived for years. it will be the first presidential library built in an urban economy. turning to a dark chapter in our history. patrol denied for a kkk member. he was accused in a church bombing in alabama that
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denied the request by -- after the victims spoke out. he's the last kkk member convicted of murder in the bomb being of burmingham 16th street baptist church. police revealed video dash cam of -- two suspects were accused of using cloned credit cards. 1 man started kicking and punching and dragging the officer. the man. but when that didn't work, bystander the suspect. police are searching for the second suspect. a water main break causing a giant sinkhole to open and swallow an suv. the sinkhole is 15 by 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep. so here's the story. it's a medical student who owns
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exams this week. this isn't helping. >> you never want to see that happen to your car >> i got to say, i'm looking at the temperature right now, it does not feel like august out there. >> oh no, it's fantastic. can you imagine that sinkhole -- remember when i caught that sinkhole and failed out of medical school. >> it changed my life. >> i'm sure he doesn't want to remember the week. this is amazing. september than it is august 3rd with this comfortable air mass in place. and the humidity hasn't spiked yet. you can see the hecks tour ball field. what a great night for a game. we have the subway series. southeast wind off the water keeping temperatures in check. shy of that 80-degree
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we'll have a repeat tonight. we had dense fog north and west this morning as well. right now our numbers working in the upper 70s to lower 80s. tight range, by poughkeepsie is the warm spot at 83 degrees. the wind is a light flow, but it's coming off the water. and it's keeping our temperatures down a little bit. but very, very comfortable. the dew points are back into the 50s in many spots. clear overnight and sunnyur and a similar day. maybe a degree or two higher and the humidity is low. it's going to satellite pictures, nice and clear. a couple of areas of high pressure dominating and you can see the weakness in between and in west virginia temperatures coming north ward. they weren't having luck making it far north. we look to this front into the northern plains over the pacific north west. that's our saturday storm threats.
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day. easy to figure out what that is. that is tropical storm earl. it hasn't organized too much over the past 6 hours. you can see the circulation there. it's broad. but winds are around 70 miles-an-hour. it's not too far from hurricane season. it's likely to make land fall in belize tonight, into the early morning hours and it can go to a. some gusty winds, but also 6 to 12 inches of rain in honduras and belize. the track is going to be critical if it goes south of belize. meanwhile this could go into the gulf of mexico. the track shift further to the south. we'll see if it weakens the tropical storm system. back in our neck of the woods, it's picture perfect. great day and more of the same on friday. a fine finish to the workweek.
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thunderstorms. i think it's mid-day saturday. so it might be an interruption in the middle of the day to late afternoon. if you have an event saturday evening, i think you're going to be okay. 67 degrees and clear and comfortable. closer to 60 in the suburbs. 81 tomorrow. sunny and nice as the humidity stays low. tomorrow night, mainly clear, 68. for 4:30, we'll get more detailed in the saturday timing. you can see the map right there. it's a narrow line of showers and a 3 to 5-hour period where that comes through. so i'm going to try to nail down the timing on wednesday for a saturday forecast. warm and humid, but tricky timing with that and we'll have the rest of the weekend. it's coming up after 4:30. dave and liz back to you from now from the beautiful outdoor west side. >> lucky duck to be out there. thank you, lee. china is testing an elevated bus that drives right over the vehicle on the road. what could possibly go wrong there.
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animation of how it works. the tran yent elevated bus is 70 feet long and it runs on electricity ask solar power. each one could replace 40 standard buses going a long way to eliminate air pollution and traffic congestion. a robber with unusual style. new developments in the case of the thief who wore a dress to hol that one right there -- find out what that 2-year-old did to help save her mom during an emergency. emergency. zika fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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well, in an effort to combat zika virus, new york health officials will use trucks to spray pesticides. they have foun of mosquito that could carry zika in new york city. they said none of the mosquitos they found were carrying the virus. in miami, cruise will drop pesticide in areas where people have come up with the zika virus. there's a new case outside of the identified zika zone. elizabeth her joins us live from miami with more.
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afternoon to you and with everything -- miami, on a mission spraying and misting and poking to stop zika in its tracks. >> it's not enough that it's getting all this attention. >> bug repellent is handed out on the streets and at clinics. >> the virus linked to birth defects prompted the cdc to warning pregnant women to stay away. have the ac on blast and try not to go outside. >> unsettled for this expected mother and this mother of three landing in miami. >> we're going to put on bug repellent and that's the best we can do right now. >> puerto rico fighting an uphill battle against zika with more than 5500 people diagnosed with the virus. of those nearly 700 are pregnant women. >> there's no makeup in the world to prepare for death.
4:25 pm
here or anywhere else. >> according to medical experts it's a matter of time the situation there i am packs the state side. >> with all the travel to puerto rico where there's -- we're going to see outbreaks in miami. >> that was elizabeth her report from miami. it was a big one and surprise for three homeless sisters in brooklyn who competed in the junior olympics. sheppard won a games in houston. there to cheer her on was her mom. her mom couldn't afford to make that trip, but a local philanthropist who heard about her ticket brought her a ticket so she can root for her daughter. >> you can't put a price on that. >> she must be grateful and happy to be there. >> good luck, right. >> yes. i'm going to ask a question, and it's going to seem silly and rur going to laugh. could the
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our top story this half hour, he served 4 years in prison for rape he did not commit. he spent 20 years on a sex offender ridge tree. a man from new jersey getting to clear his name. >> it's thanks to the innocence his story. eyewitness news reporter aj ross has the story. aj. >>reporter: liz, it has been a hard and long fight. 28-year battle for dion who was wrongfully convicted as a rapist. dna results shows his name was cleared in court today and marked the beginning of a new life with new possibilities.
4:30 pm
eyewitness testimony put -- in 1988. he served 4 years in prison rather in another 20 after that on the sex offender ridge tree. still always maintaining his innocence. 3 years ago the innocence project agreed to take up his case and demanded new dna testing. it was denied because the law applied for those in prison. prosecutors agreed to the test last year. the results proved without a doubt, harell overwhelmed with emotion when he was exonerated in court today. >> when you know you're right, keep going for it. if you didn't do harm, fight like i did. >> i have to commend him for doing that because he's always, always maintained his innocence and now the world knows that he was innocent. >> coming up on eyewitness news
4:31 pm
in what was a very emotional day. i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, aj. police arrested a man accused of robbing a bank on staten island and he was wearing a formal dress. jordan wies turned himself in. he told investigators he held up a bank in stapleton last month with a water gun and took off with $780 in cash. police says he wore a formal dress, sun glasses and black hat and high heels to pull postal carrier in new jersey accused of stealing gift cards when she was supposed to deliver them on a route. smith worked in malwow. she would feel the envelopes to see if it was a card and would steal it. she was caught on camera using cards while in her postal uniform. the taj mahal will shut down
4:32 pm
. they said they can't operate in money losing operations after union workers walked out. the strike is health insurance. shut down date for the trump casino hasn't been set yet. there's -- there's a wrongful death involving simon. he was killed in a car crash on a highway last year. investigators say the backseat of the lincoln town car that is now missing. this comes after the defendant in the case skyline credit ride inspected the car's evidence. simon's family is suing the company claiming the driver had his license suspended nine times. wild weather is hitting the south western part of the country from monsoonal storms to dangerous flooding conditions. several drivers were trapped by the high waters. lauren has the latest. >>reporter: thunderstorm after thunderstorm, raining down on
4:33 pm
watches in six states. cities like aly -- cities like al ber occur key is -- >> a monsoon hitting the is the west. thunderstorms pouring down on arizona. up to 2 inches of rain in an hour stranding cars and causing flash flooding. >> it happened so fast. >> you don't have time to make a lot of decisions. the flood n phoenix. a muddy slide on other roads for drivers trying to make it through. water rescues recorded for some getting stuck. more than 200 students evacuating this school. water filling the hallways and arizona is not alone. several southwest states facing the threat of flash floods this week. the problem with thunderstorms there. >> they have lots of moisture. they're slow moving and keep in mind the ground in the
4:34 pm
rain to run off which causes the flooding. >> from wet conditions to the extremely dry, another dangerous wild fiery erupting in california. this one near wine country. growing overnight to at least 4,000 acres. prompting evacuations. flames getting ambushed from above, but wednesday morning that fire just 5% contained. the good news for those facing monsoon season, according to accu weather, its will get drenched into this weekend, but after that the region can look forward to dryer conditions. in los angeles, i'm lauren, eyewitness news. rescuers pulling six women from rushing waters after this -- this happened at the double trouble state park near the pine barrens and the women from wayne just launched their kayaks and canoe. the current was so rough and fast the boats flipped and the women managed to grab ahold over hanging branches.
4:35 pm
they found all the women scattered along the river. all said to be okay. a plan has been approved for memorial cancer center to be built -- to build an outpatient treatment and research facility at the old nassau coliseum site. the project site plan and environmental review from cleared final hurdles with the town board. nassau site to catering for $6.5 million. elm hearse processing plant will close after 80 years in business. the owner could not compete with big retailers like walmart and he's sad to see his family business go. >> back in 1958 when i started here, there were 65 plants in long island, westchester and northern new jersey.
4:36 pm
d now it's closing. >> a real institution in the community. the owner hopes to find a way to turn the property into another type of business so he can give his nearly 300 workers a place to work. the closing date has yet to be set, but they're looking at october. more than a year after a lou seal ball statute in up state new york was criticized, a new sculpture is set to be revealed in the star's hometown. critics said the original statute looked this is going. that's the old statute. a new statute will be unveiled on the comedians 105th birthday. well, you know, a few sips that could make a difference. coming up, why drinking wine might be the secret to a happy marriage. somebody is doing a dance. not for the reason you may be thinking. a tiny hero, hear the 911
4:37 pm
a medical emergency. that's a very nice dress and bow. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we're waiting the -- let's look at the stats with this particular system right now. because its winds are up to 70 miles-an-hour and the pressure around 29, 23 and it's moving to the west at 14 miles-an-hour. this could be the second hurricane of the season. the first one was alex. we'll watch it closely and
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looking for balance in your digestiv for a non-stop hold o live 2 non-stop
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4 stories we're following at four. police in queens investigating the murder of a 30-year-old jogger. officials say 30-year-old karina patrona may have been sexually assaulted man in western new jersey says he came face-to-face with a bear in his backyard. he says the animal used a paw to swipe him scratching him on his arm and hand. police say there's no risk to the public. the search is underway for the driver who slammed no a home in north helden and took off. the driver hit two cars, parked cars. fortunately only no one was hurt. donald trump is speaking to
4:41 pm
earlier today, trump's running mate pence endorsed house speaker paul ryan after trump refused to endorse him yesterday. the date is in and it indicates people across the country are gaining weight. the disease for -- men are 15 pounds heavier than 20 years ago. women and children are 16 and pounds heavier. you lose weight, but a few glasses can be -- relationships were happier when both people involved have the same drinking habits. they did a study to those married 30 years. it's not just about the wine, it may not hurt, but the idea that couples who do activities together tend to be happier. >> it does not hurt. >> it doesn't, right. with 2 days to go until the opening ceremony at the rio game, some athletes say the
4:42 pm
are so bad they're refusing to stay there. stories and pictures, surfacing of what some describe as unsanitary, unlivable and incomplete accommodations. one journalist gave a tour of his shower which he says is a hole in the wall where water comes out. that's right. some say the conditions prove the city of rio is not host the olympics. >> the games are an extraordinary undertaking and there's questions about if rio the task. >> wow. the us men's basketball team made up of you know, many millionaire superstars decided to charter a luxury cruise ship instead of staying in the village and that ladies and gentlemen, is how you deal with that problem if you have the money. >> wow. luxury, cruise ship. >> not a problem for them. way to go. you're never too young to a hero. coming up, we're going to introduce you to the 2-year-old girl who knew what to do when
4:43 pm
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ice this good.
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here's something you don't see everyday and that's because we don't live in australia. here a woman posted this video of a kangaroo hopping across a beach along the eastern coast. they like the beach just like us liz. it's nickname is skippy.
4:46 pm
skippy >> could we come up with a better fame. >> that's the video we wanted to share. >> a cool video and powerful legs. >> [indiscernible] rip current. another warning. >> we're going to move to. a 2-year-old girl is held a hero for sabering her mom's life after calling 911 during an emergency. andrew called for help after her mother began having a seizure and their home in louisiana. lauren was able mother's ear as she fought to breathe. >> can you come [indiscernible]. >> where is your mamma? >> 911, that's the patient on the phone. >> the 2-year-old had to call us. she did real well. >> histone that. she -- she did real well. lauren was awarded a special
4:47 pm
today. >> great job. good story. >> little cutie. listen to this, tony bennett celebrating his 90th birthday today. bob star and his collaborate tifb star lady gaga joined him. she presented the flowers at the empire state building. they'll have a light show to honor bennett's legacy. you want to check that out tonight. they're going to light up the time american flag colors to honor his heritage. bennett started birthday will be held at [indiscernible]. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> he looks phenomenal. >> he does. >> still got it. >> lady gaga is great. it's giving him a lot of [indiscernible]. >> heeds going to be out of the rainbow room. >> it's going to look awesome tonight and great and beautiful. take a look. i was looking at the sunset. i'll show you in a
4:48 pm
week left with sunsets that go after 8:00. so like stay out later. >> i don't want to be depressing. what i'm saying is saver these beautiful evenings and get out there and enjoy outside. we have sunshine and that's the type of view you're going to have at the sky scraper tonight. i'll be looking for mile and see down from sandy hook. 77 degrees southeast wind at 10. coming offer the atlantic. early summer when the app atlantic is struggling to get through the 60s, it will make it cooler. but -- we're talking about the sunsets so the sunset tonight is at 8:09. in one month it's 9:25 and the equinox is on the 22nd. by that time the sunset is before 7:00. it goes down a steep decline. take advantage of the nice long days. in terms of our weather tonight, clear skies. lots of stars out there.
4:49 pm
torm, lots of sunshine and sunny skies. similar feel and the humidity is nice and low. wow, great weather is the scene changes to yankees stadium and the subways continues game 3. first pitch, 74 degrees. it should be beautiful. here's your future cast tonight and open the wib -- open the windows in the hudson valley. bright sunny skies, upper 70s and low 80s and comfortable for anything. air quality, good index will be at a 9. and pollen count is moderate to hot. boaters, 35 to 10 knot and waves 2 to 3 feet. and water temperatures peaking in the mid-and upper 60s. winds are moderate and high if you think about new york peer -- if you get caught in something like that, that's the toughest thing and swim parallel to shore. the
4:50 pm
70s. here's your 7-day forecast, pretty simple. lower 80s the next two days and higher in terms of humidity on friday. 70s at the coastline the next couple of days. here's its -- here's the stories for saturday. this time i think it could be here late morning in the lunch time. maybe something like an 11:00 to 3:00 or noon and then after that, if you have late day or evening plans, i think you're in good shape. from late morning into mid-afternoon. great weather in the next week. no searing heat, low and middle 80s. navigate the thunderstorms on saturday which won't ruin the whole day, liz and dave. >> a little navigation. thank you. here's what's trending on this wednesday august 3rd. an actor comedian oswald sharing the death of his wife. his post are touching a cord.
4:51 pm
the show "king of queens." oswald is mourning his late wife and talking about the depression that has taken over his wife. but the post gives a loving memory. his wife died suddenly in april at the age of 46. >> if you want the opportunity, read it and it's heart -- heartbreaking brittany spears her album. she tweeted it's the beginning of a new era and pre-orders beginning at midnight. you want to know when the pokemon thing has gone too far. this is how you know. take a look. this is how you know it has gone too far. a pet owner dying her dog to look like pikachu. how humiliating. we have gone too far . we need to put a stop to this. >> the poor dog. >> the poor dog.
4:52 pm
>> you see. we're like the view. there's always a different perspective here. i love it. >> from just to wrong to just so right you may know reggae star ra -- he has a hit one day. little did a guy know singing a song in a coffee shop in hawaii, the guy standing right there who front of him. >>[singing] >> he just jumps in there. he was hearing this guy. it's a coffee shop hidden away in a corner and he said, you're doing a good job. i'm going to join you singing. it was beautiful. they both had a good moment together. >> [indiscernible]. >> finally, a dog just fascinated by his laptop. he can't believe he's looking at a squirrel there. look at this
4:53 pm
there. >> he's looking at a bird. >> now there's a bird here. i just -- i love these laptops. that is good stuff. bring back skip the kangaroo. >> i was going to say that. who is that, subtlety with these dogs. >> he probably had a chip in the computer. have he was mesmerized. the was mesmerized. abc7ny, send your trend. someone in the audience likes that clip. i know they're out there. >> i don't think anything does. >> that's all i've got for you. all right. still to come, a young boy on a safety mission, find out what a 4th grader did to fix the manhattan intersection that he has now dug the corner of death. and here's a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crosses. there's 20 minutes at the inbound lincoln and
4:54 pm
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he's only a fourth grader but he's already making a difference and on a mission to save lives. >> 4th grar, pushed to make his manhattan street corner safer. sandra bookman has his story. >> reporter: there is nothing subtle about the video 9-year-old lucas maxwell made with his dad and brother to call attention to an especially troublesome intersection that he's forced to navigate on his way to school. >> as i like to call it, the
4:57 pm
documentary pointed out pedestrians crossing the street were in grave danger of being hit by cars making a left turn, and something needed to be done before the worst happened. [ gasp ] >> reporter: the d.o.t. was listening. today lucas was an invited guest as the commissioner announced safety enhancements at the very insists the already working on those when lucas' film surfaced. >> it was very funny but also very smart and respectful and he made very good points about this corner. >> reporter: it turns out they are in the top for lane crashes. giving pedestrians a head start for crossing will make a
4:58 pm
for people to cross and nobody is going to get hit anymore. >> reporter: sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. >> very impressive. >> really is. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a bear scare or not? a man in new jersey says he was attacked but police not so sure his injuries match up with his story. for a killer. a detailed grid serves to find who murdered a 30-year-old woman out for a run in queens. new at 5:00, we're learning how her social media accounts may have helped to lead to a break in the investigation. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. karina vetrano was out jogging when police say she was possibly strangled and sexually assaulted. her father, who usually ran with
4:59 pm
howard beach. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is there with the latest. >> it's a horrifying case, but investigators out here in howard beach are looking at several things right now. first of all, they have been conducting a massive search for physical evidence out here near the crime scene. but they're also looking at digital evidence. and that means any surveillance footage from this block. also karina vetrano's cell phone. could it provide more clues as not a sight residents here in howard beach are used to, a massive murder investigation with scores of police fanning out along 83rd street and 161st avenue. >> it's never happened here. it's utterly shocking that is did. >> reporter: cops canvassing the marshy path where 30-year-old karina vetrano was last seen alive. >> this search, we want to do it
5:00 pm
talking hours? >> it could, yes. >> reporter: vetrano was an avid jogger who used to go running with her father, a retired firefighter. but not lately. and he came here and discovered the worst several hours after she went missing last night. >> you could imagine his angst at that point. we found her face down in the ground. we immediately called ems. >> reporter: vetrano, police say, appeared to be strangled, possibly sexually assaulted. everyone knows everyone. >> there's nothing bad you could say about her. she was a sweetheart. she lit up the room when she walked in. she was a beautiful girl. >> reporter: question is, who's responsible? area residents fed up with strangers who linger near this path. now they wonder if a stranger did the unthinkable or if it was someone she knew. >> she has a very high social media profile.


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