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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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shoulder with the state. pregnant women have been urged to stay away from the particular neighborhood we're focused on. we will keep working as one team, federal, state and local to slow the spread of the virus. i want to be clear, though, our public health experts do not expect to see the kind of widespread outbreaks of zika here that we have seen in brazil or in puerto rico. the kind of mosquitoes most likely to carry zika are limited to certain regions of our cotr we expect to see more zika cases. even though the symptoms for most people are mild, many may never even know that they have it. we have seen that the complications for pregnant women and their babies can be severe. so i again want to encourage every american they can do to stop zika by going to in addition, congress needs to do its job. fighting zika costs money.
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with the zika crisis costs money. research for new vaccines and nih just announced the first cringe cal trials in humans. that costs money. that's why there is an urgent request for funding back in february. not only did the republican-led congress not pass the request, they worked to cut it. then they left for summer recess without passing new fight against zika. the folks on the front lines in the meantime have been moving funds from other areas to make do. but now the money that we need to fight zika is rapidly running out. the situation is getting critical. for instance, without sufficient funding, clinical trials and the possibilities of a vaccine which is well within reach could be delayed. this is not the time for
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members have now contracted zika overseas. in 50 u.s. states, we know of more than 1800 cases connected to travel to affected areas and that includes 500 pregnant women. zika is present in almost every part of puerto rico. now we have the first local transmission in florida and there will certainly be more. and meanwhile congress is on a summer recess. a lot of folks talk about protecting americans from threats. well, zika is to americans. especially babies. right now. so once again, i want to urge the american people to call their members of congress and tell them to do their job. deal with this threat. help people from zika. with that, i'm going to take some questions. i'm going to start with someone who just assumed the second most powerful office in the
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correspondence association president. also from rheuters. >> hardly powerful. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> as islamic state loses territory, you and other officials have said it is becoming a more traditional terrorist group. are you satisfied that the ups and its allies have shifted strategies sufficiently to address that change? secondly, given your comments this week about donald trump's volatility and lack of fitness to be president, are you concerned that he will be receivinse about isis and other security issues? >> i'm never satisfied with our response because if you're satisfied, that means the problem is solved. and it's not. so we just spent a couple hours meeting with my top national security folks to look at what more can be done.
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defeat isil in iraq and syria. it is not sufficient but it is necessary. because so long as they have those bases, they can use their propaganda to suggest that somehow there is some calafate being born. that can insinuate itself in the minds of folks who may be willing to travel there or carry out terrorist attacks. countries in the region at a time that the region is already unstable. so, you know, i am pleased with the progress that we have made on the ground in iraq and syria. we're far from freeing. what we have shown is when it comes to conventional fights, isil can be beaten with partners on the ground so long as they've got the support from
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been providing. in the meantime, though, you're seeing isil carry out external terrorist acts. and they have learned something, they have adapted from al-qaeda, which at a much more centralized operation and tried to plan very elaborate attacks. and what isil has figured out is that if they can convince a or even one person to carry out an attack on a subway or at a parade or, you know, some other public venue, and kill scores of people as opposed to thousands of people, it still creates the kinds of fear and concern that
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less complicated attacks is tougher because it doesn't require as many resources on their part or preparation. but it does mean that we've got to do even more to generate the intelligence and to work with our partners in order to degrade those networks. networks will probably sustain themselves even after isil is defeated in raqqa. what we have learned from our efforts to defeat al-qaeda is that if we say on it, our intelligence gets better. and we adapt as well. and eventually we will dismantle these networks also. this is part of the reason why
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on the ball and not panic, not succumb to fear, because isil can't defeat the united states of america or our nato partners. we can defeat ourselves though if we make bad decisions. we have to understand that as painful and as tragic as these attacks are, that we are going preventing them wherever we can, using a whole government effort to knock down their propaganda, to disrupt their networks, to take their key operatives off the battlefield. and that eventually we will -- we will win. but if we -- if we start making
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in some of these areas, instituting offensive religious tests on who can enter the country, you know, those kinds of strategies can end up backfiring. because in order for us to ultimately win this fight, we cannot frame this as a clash of civilizations between the west and islam. that plays exactly into the hands of isil and the perversions -- perverse interpretation of islam they're putting forward. as far as mr. trump, we are going to go by the law which is that -- both tradition and the law, that if somebody is the nominee, the republican nominee
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to win, they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office. and i'm not going to go into details of the nature of the security briefings that both candidates receive. what i will say is that they have been told these are classified briefings. and if they want to be president, they have to start acting like and that means being able to receive these briefings and not -- not spread them around. >> are you worried about that? >> well, i think i've said enough on that. mary bruce. >> thank you, mr. president. what is your response to critics who say the $400 million in cash that you sent to iran was a ransom payment? was it really simply a pure coincidence a sum -- a payment
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sent at the exact same time that the prisoners were released. can you assure americans that none of that money went to support terrorism. >> it's been interesting to watch this story surface. some of you may recall, we announced these payments in january. many months ago. it wasn't a secret. we announced them to all of you. briefing on them. this wasn't some nefarious deal. and at the time we explained that iran had pressed a claim before an international tribunal about them recovering money of theirs that we had frozen that as a consequence of its working its way through the international tribunal, it was
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significant litigation risk and we could end billions of dollars. it was their advice and suggestion that we settle. and that's what these payments represent. and it wasn't a secret. we were completely open with everybody about it. it's interesting to me how suddenly this became a story again. that's point number one. point number two, we do not pay we've got a number of americans being held all around the world. and i meet with their families. and it is heart breaking. and we have stood up an entire section of inner agency experts who devote all their time to working with these families to get these americans out. but those families know that we
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and the notion that we would somehow start now, in this high profile way, and announce it to the world, even as we're looking into the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage and say to them that we don't pay ransom defies logic. so that's point number two. we do not pay ransom. precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted, much in the same way that some countries that do pay ransom end up having a lot more of their citizens being taken by various groups. point number three is that the timing of this was in fact
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us negotiating around the nuclear deal, we actually had diplomatic negotiations and conversations with iran for the first time in several decades. so the issue is not so much that it was a coincidence as it is that we were able to have a direct discussion. john kerry could meet with the foreign minister, which meant that our ability to clear accounts on a number of different issues at the same time converged. and it was important for us to ta a opportunity both to deal with this litigation risk that had been raised. it was important for us to make sure that we finished the job on the iran nuclear deal. and since we were in a conversation with them, it was important for us to be able to push them hard in getting these americans out. and let me make a final point on this.
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with iran to stop its nuclear program was signed. and by all accounts, it has worked exactly the way we said it was going to work. you will recall that there were all these horror stories about how iran was going to cheat and this wasn't going to work and iran was going to get $150 billion to finance terrorism kinds of scenarios. and none of them have come to pass. and it's not just assessment of our intelligence community, it's the assessment of the israeli intelligence community, the country that was most opposed to this deal that acknowledges this has been a game-changer and iran has abided by the deal and they no longer have the sort of short
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that would allow them to develop nuclear weapons. sports director what i'm interested in is if there's news to be made, why not have these folks predicting disaster say this actually worked. now, that would be a shock. that would be impressive. if some of these folks who had said the sky is falling suddenly said, you know what, are glad that iran no longer has the capacity to break out in short term and develop a nuclear weapon. but of course that wasn't going to happen. instead what we have is the manufacturing of outrage in a story that we disclosed in january. and the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash, which brings me to my last point.
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we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran that we couldn't send them a check. and we could not wire the money. and it is not at all clear to me why cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a news maybe because it kind of feels like some spy novel or crime novel because cash was exchanged. the reason cash was exchanged is because we don't have a banking relationship with iran, which is precisely part of the pressure that we were able to
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would ship a whole bunch of nuclear material out and close down some facilities that as i remember two years ago, three years ago, five years ago was people's top fear and priority, that we make sure that iran doesn't have break-out nuclear capacity. they don't. this worked. >> you have been listening to president obama isis, talk about zika and most recently there you heard hi the $400 million in cash that was sent to iran. world news will have more with this at 6:30. i'm diana williams. >> our top story tonight, the name sake of john gotti is under arrest tonight. >> the grandson was nabbed in a year-long investigation that led to a search warrant of the
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that police have never been able to get in before until now. >> reporter: well, he was walked out of this precinct moments ago in handcuffs. the grandson of the late mob boss lives in his grandfather's old home. after decades of investigation, it was this arrest that allowed law enforcement agents to search that property. john gotti accused of running a late mob boss, along with his girlfriend and five others arrested this morning, suspected of dealing oxycodone and other prescription pills in howard beach over the past year. the arrest part of a larger investigation by the nypd's narcotics bureau south and the narcotics investigation bureau dubbed operation beach party. >> the mob still has its fingers into what goes on with
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they were once. the cartel superseded them, particularly with narcotics. the mob still has its fingers in a lot of things in new york city. >> reporter: this is a photo of the late john gotti in front of his home. his grandson living in the same home, arrested there this morning, marking the first time that law enforcement agents were able to execute a search warrant on the property. >> right off his room we found a safe with 500 oxycodone and $40,000. it's the same home that you have been seeing on the news also raided the 23-year-old's business in ozone park, rebel ink tattoo. gotti was pulled over in june for tinted windows. during that traffic stop, cops say they found drugs stuffed in a gucci bag, marijuana, xanax and $8,000 in cash. but those officers were unaware that gotti was the subject of a long-term investigation so he was released only to be
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a month later. >> the sale of oxycontin, the plague that is taking many lives in this city and the country is a major issue. the arrest occurred this morning. and because of the name, the mob connections, it is big news here in new york. >> reporter: now, gotti and the others will appear in queens criminal court later today to face a judge. queens. >> gotti's arrest comes after a second organized crime crackdown in several states. nypd officers made the arrest in new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and florida. a total of 46 people are accused of extortion, loan sharking, gambling, credit card fraud and health care fraud. we are following breaking news in new jersey. a truck fire is causing big
5:21 pm
a short while ago. the fire is out. and right now it appears that the driver is okay. all southbound lanes though are closed. there is also heavy rubber necking delays on the northbound side. the traffic is so bad that it is impacting nearby route 208. be careful if you're out on the roadways. the search for clues in the strangulation of a jogger in howard beach continues tonight rose even bigger. stacy has the latest on the investigation from howard beach. >> reporter: the reward in this case is now increased to $10,000. so has the search for evidence. we can tell you investigators have been going through the thick grass surrounding the crime scene meticulously. moments ago a source close to the investigation confirming to us that they were searching for an ear bud and sneakers and
5:22 pm
thoroughly, using machetes and searching foot by foot. the investigation must be a thorough one in howard beach but the terrain of the park is not making it easy. >> as we speak, we are clearing a very vast area in the back, adjacent to the crime scene. and we're conducting a search for evidence. >> we're looking for bottles, clothing, anything that wick find that is unusual that would be back there that we can test and see where we are. >> reporter: any forensic evidence that can give nypd a viable lead who strangled the woman shortly after she entered an unpaved path in this federal park for a routine jog at 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. her distraught father who urged her not to go running alone later alerting authorities and then finding her body himself after they received a ping on her cell phone. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight right to the
5:23 pm
quite severely which suggests she put up a big fight. >> reporter: at the latest briefing, the chief of detectives calling this case a threat and taking the following steps, a six month review of all parks activity in the area, collecting information from the police department's sex offender monitoring you know exit continuing with their cell phone tower investigation. but so far just the possibility that the killer may not have been something that katrina knew, it certainly leaves residents on edge. that, you know, that if it's somebody that lives in the area, that he might do it again. >> reporter: now, as for katrina's family, they are simply too distraught to speak about this publicly. their city councilman just wants closure and her wake is scheduled for tomorrow. we're live in howard beach,
5:24 pm
and man and woman were arrested. officers went to the home just after 4:00 in the morning as part of an ongoing investigation and found two people hiding in a crawl space and two officers had to crawl into that tight space and another had to break open the wall in order to get the suspect out. now to the race for the white house and donald trump's rough ride since the conventions continue. donald trump and hillary clinton speaking just a short while ago. dave evans is following it all for us. dave. trump. he has continued his clash with the family of an american soldier killed in iraq. trump is now 15 points behind hillary clinton. despite the numbers hillary clinton continues to go after trump and his businesses. >> he has cheated contractors. i take that personally. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the attack in las vegas, accusing trump of ripping off workers and people who have supplied their casinos. >> i have met people who were
5:25 pm
has done, not what he says. >> reporter: at the same time, donald trump was in maine this afternoon, tearing into clinton and the president, accusing them of creating isis. >> the obama clinton, she is a disaster. the obama clinton foreign policy has handed huge portions of iraq, libya, syria and other areas to isis. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign has been in free fall this week and in the states he isar a new poll in new hampshire has him 15 points behind bill clinton. 11 points down in pennsylvania. it's about the same in michigan. trump is targeting white blue collar workers in those states with little success. trump today in maine was interrupted several times by protesters holding up pocket copies of the constitution. this has not been a good week for trump. even house speaker paul ryan questioned why trump can't stay
5:26 pm
since the convention. you would think we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton and all of her deficiencies. >> reporter: the campaign is so messy that his running mate has had to clean up and clarify. he told a 11-year-old boy sometimes things don't come out the way you mean. >> what did you say that i have been doing. >> you have been softening up. >> reporter: and the campaign manager says that trump is trying out new messages predicts we will see dramatic changes in the campaign. there is not a lot of time. important swing states like florida and ohio show that clinton is in the lead there. >> thank you, dave. a firefighter now under fire. the controversial message that investigators say he posted on instagram about the police ambush in dallas and the fallout tonight. plus a story of survival. a local family on the dubai
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because the time to think about today.
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>> there's a look at earl. it's about to go from tropical storm to tropical depression. it came knobber lees in the overnight hours. there's circulation in guatemala continuing to weaken. winds of 40 miles per hour. it moves through the next couple of days. even though it could touch the gulf of tropical storm. fine finish for the workweek tomorrow. just a beautiful day. changes tomorrow, humidity spikes. clouds come in. you probably dry very early on on saturday. late morning to mid afternoon there's a threat for a line of thunderstorms coming through. it will just interrupt your day by an hour or two and then goes away. otherwise it's steamy with temperatures in the upper 80s. storms could not come at the time of day that they will be really strong but a couple
5:31 pm
through but not severe. another nice night tonight. clear and comfy. 68 in the city. 83 tomorrow. mostly sunny. low humidity. pretty nice breeze picking up during the afternoon hours. tomorrow night, clouds will be in the increase. a little more humid and we go down to 72. here is what we are working on. the rip currents persist through the weekend. they lessen late in the weekend. storms gone by sunset saturday. a lot have plans late in the day. hopefull how about smooth sailing next week. it's all in your 7-day accuweather forecast coming up. >> thank two hover boards erupt into flames. wait until you hear where they exploded and the damage they caused. plus he says he was scratched by a bear but police say that's not true. tonight the evidence they say proves the encounter never happened. and an aerial attack against zika now underway.
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>> we showed you the fiery crash of that jet in dubai yesterday. now we're hearing from a rockland county family that was on board the 777. >> erin has the video that they took and how they managed to
5:35 pm
head prevailed in this scenario. the family attending a funeral in india, cheating their own deaths in a harrowing experience and seconds really made the difference for them and the other passengers. there was smoke, screaming and scrambling. >> people were panicking. being inside the aircraft, we didn't know what was happening to the aircraft. >> reporter: 23-year-old george of spring valley was with his parents and sister on board the when the plane made a crash landing. >> once the smoke started coming, it was hard to breathe. that's a bad sign that you shouldn't be inside the plane. >> reporter: his 17-year-old sister moments on video. >> they were telling us to get out. they took their bags and i was like just drop your bags and leave. after i saw the smoke. >> reporter: then came the rocky trip down the emergency
5:36 pm
on fire. jared who is a student at stone ebrook university says the plane bounced before it crashed down again and the wheels were not deployed. one wing shot up into the air after the crash. fortunately all 300 on board survived. one firefighter was killed. the george family stayed in dubai for 12 hours before mustering the courage to get on a connecting flight to jfk. today. >> we're happy to see everyone. >> reporter: they had all been together in india for a funeral and now they're filled with the feeling that somebody was watching over them. >> thank god for protecting us from the tragedies. >> the georges left all their possessions behind on the plane except for their wallets and passports. the ntsb and boeing are investigating the crash and the black box data. >> thanks, lauren.
5:37 pm
for supporting the gunman in dallas who killed five police officers. he has been suspended for a message on instagram after the ambush. marcus solis has more tonight from mount vernon. marcus. >> reporter: and diana, just a few months ago, omar promoted to supervisor here at the fire department. he is suspended without pay after a comment that was a say the least. >> reporter: mount vernon fire commissioner is not hiding his disappointment when it comes to one of his men. omar is a subordinate but a firefighter who rose through the ranks in the small department whom the commissioner knows personally. >> omar is a great guy. me as a commissioner, being a firefighter, i worked alongside him. we were in fires together. we have been in the fire house. he is a great guy. i think it was just a lapse in
5:38 pm
is a message on instagram posted july 7th. the night a dozen dallas police officers were shot, five killed in an ambush style assault. the message reads jorge for dallas and the real gangsters who took the shots. it's time, people. let's keep it going. no regard for those who have no regard for us. die for freedom. reaction among law enforcement groups have been swift. >> i understand the community between the black community and law enforcement. last 15 years about it. but i would never wish death to other law enforcement officers of any color. >> reporter: last month, mount vernon's mayor outlined rules for posting on social media. omar has been suspended without pay. the firefighters union stresses it doesn't condone any calls for violence but plans to meet with the 8-year veteran to map out a defense. >> he is a young lieutenant and
5:39 pm
would like to believe that he did not mean that and i'm almost certain that he is remorseful. very. >> reporter: and the union has yet to meet with omar who is out of town. at his disciplinary hearing in a couple weeks, a lot of options on the table, everything from the loss of vacation time to suspension to demotion and possibly termination. eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. police in new jersey say a man who claimed he was attacked about a bear was not telling the truth. the man's story is not supported by the physical evidence. he told police a bear swiped at him yesterday on his back porch while he was feeding his cat, scratching him. police searched for a bear but didn't find one. children put in the path of predators by pokemon go. the alarming new report about how often it's happening and the steps being taken to stop
5:40 pm
on long island, including the owner of this bait and tackle store say they have lost more than half of their summer business because of a bird. i'm kristin thorne and i'm explain coming up. and here is a temperature check at 5:40. lots of sunshine out there.
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>> a business in new jersey nearly went in flames after two hover boards went up in flames. the batteries on the two hover a desk when they exploded and sparked a fire. firefighters were able to put it out quickly and they did keep it contained to that office area. as we have seen recently, this type of thing not uncommon for hover boards. popular pokemon characters are frequently popping up in front of homes of registered sex offenders according to research by new york state senators jeff klein. they are pushing for legislation that would require
5:44 pm
the sex offender regional reand remove all game objectives near those homes or face fines. >> it's very, very simple to actually figure out where these dangerous sexual predators are. we would be glad to supply them with the list. and they in turn would make sure that none of those locations are within a hundred feet of where a sexual predator lives. prevents registered sex offends to download the game or playing the game. officials say the number of people infected with zika virus locally in miami remains at 15 with no new cases in recent days. the aerial spraying is scheduled to continue every seven days for the next four weeks. a fight is brewing over birds at the beach on long island. the problem some say leaders are creating by protecting
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
that. >> that's fantastic. all the best to her. nice job by the doctors, time for accuweather. 5:48 as we look at the eastern end of sheet metal. people throwing around frisbees. beautiful afternoon. green and lush in central park. 78 south wind around 11. a new drought monitor came out today. some improvement. new jersey goes from abnormally dry to no dry conditions. hudson valley. this area was in moderate dry. we still have moderate drought for parts of the city. we will be tracking it. meanwhile if you look at the rainfall for the year, we're four and a half inches below average. reservoir level is doing okay. don't see a lot ahead. maybe some on saturday. clear skies during the evening hours. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. lots of sun and breezy in the afternoon. temperatures, i can update
5:49 pm
bronx tonight. last game of the subway series. numbers tomorrow morning, a little milder than previous nights by a degree or two. low to middle 60s. during the day tomorrow, sunshine a few patchy high clouds. lower 80s. 70s at the beaches. gorgeous day. watch out for the rip currents. changes tomorrow night. high clouds will come in. it will be dry for friday night. by saturday morning, by 8:00, could be coming into the catskills. a thin line of thunderstorms coming through. along i-95 then it's mid afternoon to late day, jersey shore. if there's a second line that may extend the threat of a brief shower through early evening but for the most part i think this is going to be over by mid to late afternoon, allowing for your evening plans to be dry. your late day and evening. if you have a shower, it will
5:50 pm
not an all-day event. then hazy skies late in the day. air quality will be moderate tomorrow. pollen count has spiked because of recent rains. you look at the 7-day forecast. i have an 83 tomorrow. mostly sunny. we told you about the steamy heat on saturday. in the upper 80s. hazy hot and humid. late morning to mid afternoon best time for storms. sunday is the better half of the weekend. and then we just continue to be next week. lower to mid-80s. no extreme heat. low humidity. even the thunderstorm threat on thursday is just a small chance as average august weather tries to spike a little bit. amazing stretch over the next seven days. saturday will be an -- an hour or two it will interrupt your day. the weekend is precious. >> i know. >> trying to figure out timing of a party myself. >> keep working on it. >> we will work on it. tonight a closer look at forced marriages involving
5:51 pm
under 18 are getting married, often to men far older and often with their parents' permission. more on child brides and a proposed law in new jersey to change the rules. >> he took my youth. he took my innocence. he took everything from me. he would lie me naked on the floor, on a cement floor and say it's your body but i own it. >> reporter: at just 8 years old as a u.s. citizen, a new yorker, nila was engaged. her father flew her to pakistan and forced her to mary her 28-year-old cousin. >> my dad gave him his. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> i was engaged. he gave him his daughter. >> reporter: nila is now 26. at 15, she was married for five months before the u.s. state department rescued her in pakistan and brought her back
5:52 pm
live in foster and group homes. >> i remember for one week i acted like i had a kidney stone so he wouldn't have sex with me. he took my passport. he took my cell phone. >> and your parents did this to you. >> and when i told my mom please take me home, she said i can't. i have no say. >> reporter: the minimum age to mary in every state the u.s. is 18. but child brides younger than that are allowed as an exception if parents or a judge okays it. >> child marriage and forced marriage we know are happening in almost every religion and culture and community that you can think of. >> reporter: frady reese who herself was forced to mary as a teen is pushing bill 83091 to get rid of all exceptions in
5:53 pm
all other states. there was a protest against child brides in newark just a few days ago. and in favor of new jersey bill a3091. >> i just want the young girls out there to know who are listening or watching to know that there are choices. i didn't have any. >> reporter: michelle charlesworth, channel 7,
5:54 pm
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>> growing frustration by beach goers and others over federally protected birds. >> they claim officials are going too far by shutting down beaches. business owners say some beaches have been closed most of the sum. >> it has dramatically cut into business. here is kristin thorne. >> reporter: craig burke hart shirley. it has been family owned since 1952. he is in danger of losing the business. >> i'm going to lose it to this. this fight that i can't win. >> reporter: it's all because of this bird, the piping plover, an endangered species it has been nesting like every year at the smith point counsel tie park. the beach is usually closed a month or so every summer for the birds. this year it has been closed for more than two months with no end in sight.
5:57 pm
business who go to fish, surf and play at the beach. >> i'm not saying that the bird has to be gone but i don't believe my business has to be gone. my kids shouldn't have to suffer. >> reporter: burke hart questions if the birds are even there. he took a picture of an empty nesting came. the staff went out to look and they tell eyewitness news they saw no nest or birds. mark owns religion surf and skate and says his bottom >> taking a big hit. cut in half, you know. it's a shame. they have to open it soon. >> reporter: then there's smith point beverage. their sales are down sharply too. >> a lot of the businesses on the strip only have a short window of opportunity to make that money to carry it through the winter. it affects us. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the suffolk county executive office says that they are looking out for the biers every
5:58 pm
some. if they open up the beach, they could face a $25,000 federal fine. the suffolk county executive office says the business owners are not the only ones that want the beach back open. they do too. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> there is still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. >> dozens of investigators tonight combing the marshes off of howard beach, searching for clues as to who sexually assaulted and murdered a 30- year-old woman out for a jog. but first dangerous traps found buried along a walking trail in a park popular with hikers. good evening. it's 6:00. i'm liz cho. bill is off tonight. police say some of those traps were made from broken bottles
5:59 pm
placed in areas where people could get seriously hurt. the traps were discovered in high mountain park in wade, new jersey. tim is there tonight with our lead story. >> reporter: liz, hikers and visitors to the park have seen and are just now seeing some of those hazards. they have also seen the pictures that have been put out and finding it disturbing. at this point, police want to make sure that they find the person responsible for them. a board filled with dirt. this large shard of glass wedged against a rock. and this bashed wire. >> strung between two trees. >> yes. that is disturbing because that in itself is going to cause some serious injury to somebody. >> reporter: all of the items were discovered on a bike trail by an anonymous hiker who then collected them and brought them
6:00 pm
their concerns. >> you cannot conduct that. we have to answer it strongly. >> reporter: coming off a four- mile run on the trail, he had his two labrador retrievers with him. >> people who do that are horrible. they should not be doing that. if they are, i hope they're caught. >> reporter: there are 11 and a half miles of trails in this 1260 acre park that straddled wayne and franklin lakes. many people enjoy the area. >> you know it pretty well then. >> i used to walk in the park a lot. >> reporter: frank cannot believe that someone would endanger people or animals this way. >> it's disgusting. put it right on the trail. for what? snooze what wayne police want to know. >> it was definitely intended to harm a human. >> reporter: wayne police also say that they're interested in talking with anyone who might have seen something here at the park. now, you can call the wayne


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