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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, extreme weather. ripping through new orleans, a tornado touching down, buildings collapsing and a man pulled from the rubble. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. president obama taking shots, mocking donald trump's claim that the election will be rigged and t shows trump falling even further behind hillary clinton. we're live in washington. breaking overnight, a cargo plane skidding off the runway stopping on a busy street. the new details just in. and traffic stop scare. a highway officer talking to a driver when another car slams
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janis. >> and i'm nick iowa. diane maceda and kendis gibson have the day off. one tornado in new orleans tore apart buildings and left a path of destruction. >> it tore across the city shattering everything in its path. a fire department spokesman said one of those -- it was one of those, quote, complete pancake collapses of a building. scenes like this where a man was pulled fm destroyed building was one of many dramas laying out through the day. a terrifying sight over the big easy. >> i'm freaking out. i'm calling my mom. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: people in this new orleans office building watching a funnel cloud form over the city. >> i went and looked outside and i saw a shippingle swirling in the air. >> reporter: this morning the national weather service confirming at least one tornado
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swath through a neighborhood. >> we got a building down in ursuline and we got a building down in claiborne. >> reporter: severe damage, trees and power lines down, bricks and wood littering sidewalks. at least three buildings destroyed in the 80-mile-per-hour winds. >> by yourself, big brother? >> reporter: this video showing a rescue after a house collapsed trapping a man underneath the rubble. >> it fell on you like that. come on. come on. wait, wait. >> reporter: a person nearby pulling him to safety. >> only minor injuries from that. in the meantime, another part is getting hit with strong storms right now. taking a look at the weather, heavy winds and rain taking aim at the chicago and st. louis areas overnight. >> what used to be hurricane
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the storms remnants have drenched belize and northern guatemala where it triggered widespread flash flooding. that stranded dozens and destroyed homes. mexico's government issued a tropical storm warning and some evacuations are under way in coastal areas. turning to politics now, donald trump is campaigning in the midwest today as he tries to get back on track. but he's at the center of yet another controversy. >> for the second time this week trump told supporters he saw video of a $400 transfer between the u.s. and iran. he even described the plane but that footage apparently does not exist. trump repeated the claim even after his own campaign admitted he did not see the video. >> all this as hillary clinton surges in the latest poll opening a 50-point lead over trump. the latest from abc's maggie rulli. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with poll numbers soaring hillary clinton takes her campaign to las vegas. donald trump's numbers may be slipping but he's not planning
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donald trump campaigns today through speaker paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, yet he still refuses to endorse ryan for re-election in congress. >> he's a good guy, actually. he's a good guy. >> reporter: and ryan, well, he stands by his endorsement of trump, he still has his own concerns. >> he has had a pretty strange run since the convention. you would think we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton, on all of her deficiencies. >> reporte m blanket endorsement for all republicans in congress who are seeking re-election. hillary clinton staying on message during a campaign stop in las vegas. bashing trump and his business practices. >> he has cheated contractors. i take that personally. >> reporter: and also radding. >> i met people who were destroyed by donald trump so take a look at what he's done, not what he says. >> reporter: president obama took the gop nominee to task again, calling his claims of a rigged election nonsense.
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points on election day and ends up losing, then, you know, maybe he can raise some questions. that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> reporter: trump just can't seem to escape this week's controversies and #nexttrumpgaffe has been the trending topic on twitter overnight. >> thanks very much. breaking overnight frightening moments rat an airport in italy. at the bergamot airport crashing onto a highway raining heavily at the time. amazingly no cars were hit by the boeing 737 and no reports of any injuries. a scare aboard a passenger jet mere at home. a southwest flight was damaged last night before takeoff from baltimore's airport. the airline says the nose gear failed as the plane was pushing back from the gate. 130 people were aboard but no
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passengers were eventually put on another play to atlanta. also new this morning a father in georgia is under arrest after police say his twine daughters died in a hot car. the father of the 15-month-old girls now faces involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct charges. investigators are looking into whether the girls were left unattended in the car for some time. temperatures in the area were in the 90s. the fbi has arrested a north carolina man accused of trying to create cell. authorities say eric jamal hendricks tried to recruit and train people for isis-inspired attacks in the u.s. investigators say he contacted several people over social media including an undercover fbi agent. and in london authorities say there is no evidence that wednesday night's knife attack was related to terrorism. the woman who was killed in the attack was 64-year-old darlene horton, the wife of a florida
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london. they were due to fly back to florida yesterday. the suspect in custody a 19-year-old norwegian of somali origin and it appears to have been brought on by his mental illnesses. zika virus is looking promise. a jogger found dead blocks from her home. what investigators are saying and the big clue found at the scene. punched in the face after discussing trayvon martin's death. this morning the 911 call he
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now the wind is going real -- whoa! >> whoa is right. a very close call there. this man was livestreaming his amateur weather report near phoenix when he was nearly struck by lightning. he may have been shaken up, but he was not hurt. >> i need a microphone. florida's fight against zika carrying mosquitos is yielding some promising results. crews took to the air to contain the virus outbreak in a miami neighborhood and they say aerial spraying was killing adult mosquitoes. a ten-block area has now been cleared. in addition to the air assault mosquito inspectors are going door to door to test standing water. 15 have been affected in that neighborhood. there is a breakthrough in the battle against the zika virus. researchers say three experimental vaccines protected monkeys from the virus and that's raising hope that a successful vaccine can be developed for people.
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the rio olympics begin tonight but worries about the city's water are not going away. dr. richard besser took water samples where ee zentss will take place and it shows it is teeming with organisms that would close many u.s. beaches. one had human waste bacteria with more than 40 times higher than what would be considered contaminated in some states. investigators in connecticut with trying to figure out what caused a home explosion so powerful it blew the front door all the way across the street. when fire crews arrived they had to pull four people from the rubble. the four injured victims were all under the age of 16 and three of them are still hospitalized this morning. apple is starting a bug bounty program offering up to $200,000 to hackers who find security flaws in its software.
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google, facebook and others have long offered such rewards to hackers. when we come back, la costa nostra takes a hit. the major mafia bust in several states including john gotti, the grandson of teflon don. plus, caught on camera. a highway officer making a traffic stop when a car comes careening out of control. to protect ? ? and care for the things we cherish and the ones we love each and every one of us has a natural, human instinct to cover. covering is caring. because covering heals 5 days faster.
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every year about this time 50,000 rubber ducks make quite a splash as they're dumped into the chicago river for the rubber ducky derby. they race to the finish line. all to benefit the special olympics. >> thank god there's a point. i was thinking to myself, really? okay, if you're heading out to work or play this morning, be on the flooding along roadways in the southwest. expect wet conditions across the midwest to the great lakes and in the southeast to the gulf coast. and if you're flying airport delays are possible in chicago, charlotte, atlanta and miami. in new york, a woman went for a jog and never returned home. her body was later found badly beaten in the marsh near her home in queens. >> investigators say she fought desperately for her life.
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>> reporter: the hunt for a killer, police continue scouring the jogging path where karina vetrano according to police was sexually assaulted and then murdered tuesday. detectives describe what may have been a case of stranger rape. and they're desperate to find any clues that could lead them to the person that attacked the 31-year-old in broad daylight as she ran a trail blocks from her home. she went out for a run on this path around 5:00 tueay found by her father, 15 feet off the trail face down in the shoulder high grass strangled to death. >> my concerns is that, you know, that if it's somebody that lives in the area that he might do it again. >> reporter: now officials say dna evidence found at the scene may be their best answer. linsey davis, abc news, new york. now to a massive mob bust that spanned five states mostly in the northeast. more than 40 alleged mobsters were arrested on a string of
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to loan-sharking, gambling and credit card fraud. the suspects are allegedly from four major new york crime families and they had colorful nicknames such as mustache pat and nicky the wig and could face up to 20 years in prison. also arrested in a separate case, the grandson of the most famous gangster in recent memory gon' gotti. the 23-year-old grandson also named john got if i was arrested after police found 500 oxycodone pills a home. authorities are developing an alleged assault on george zimmerman acquitted in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. zimmerman claims he was punched in the face after he allegedly bragged about martin's shooting. zimmerman called 911 after the incident. >> this man just punched me in the face. >> okay, is he still there? >> yep. he said he's going to kill me. >> does he have any weapons?
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or four cops. >> reporter: martin's shooting was at the sen of a national debate about race in a stand the ground law. he's had several run-ins with the law since his acquittal. the man accused of killing nine black parishioners at a charlotte ton church was beaten in chill. dylann roof was attacked as he went into the shower and decided not to press charges. authorities are trying to determine how the inmate in a high security unit managed to reach roof. dramatic video out of ohio, we should tell you first the trooper is okay. the state trooper was standing by a car following a traffic stop. that's when an out-of-control vehicle slammed into his cruiser. the trooper went flying but, again, this morning, he is okay. the men's olympic soccer competition is under way. a remarkable score from one match yesterday. south korea defeated fiji 8-0. >> some baseball games right
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where a little bit closer, highlights now from espn. >> he's larry beil. i'm neil. beil and neil. what red light do you have. >> red sox and mariners. we'll go trait to the 11th. that's where the best are. tied at two. runners at second. brock holtz chopper up the middle off the glove of sean o'malley. the red sox take a 3-2 lead. can they hold on, man at third. it out. he'll face seth smith. got it. red sox win. 3-2. >> remember, here come the bride. >> yeah, bobby sherman. >> you're going back. range rangers/orioles. larry and i will go to bubba burgers.
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31st. 4-1. now 4-3. rug rugnedodor and rangers win it 5-3 is your final. adrian beltre scores and the rangers take over the best record in the a.l. from the orioles. >> nice. >> larry and i are both wearing mawashies underneath. >> they may not know what that is. >> a belt. >> have a good >> thanks, lahr rio and neil. let the games begin. an american artist playing a big role in the opening ceremony. epic bail. a goalie's miss costing his team big time. want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba?. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ? tresiba? ready ?
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and we'll start with the official opening of the summer olympics in rio. there's a live look at rio's olympic park where lots of the action will take place. there it is there. >> last night they were testing the lights at the stadium where tonight's opening ceremony takes place. team usa is 544 athletes strong, the largest contingent at the games. >> the olympic cauldron was designed by american artist anthony howe. he offered some glimpses on how we'll see the real thing tonight. next item did not happen in an olympic soccer match but in europe. >> the match was between a team from slovenia and one from nick's home. >> scotland. aberdeen in the red, eventually they get possession of the ball. a player kicking the ball back to the goalie. he swings and misses and the ball rolls into the net. called an own goal of historic proportions and led to the
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boys from scotland were eliminated. moving on this might be the desk you've been dreaming about soon. it might actually become a reality. >> for most of your workday it will look like this, just a simple white structure, plenty of room for working. >> but if you need that midday nap, the desk transforms into a bed. no reason to pull a george costanza and sleep under your desk. you can sleep in your desk. >> at this point sadly it's just a prototype but it seems like a great idea of the world. >> totally agree. this next story takes the cake or actually the pie. >> because an indiana woman sent pizzas to the marion county sheriff's department to thank them for, quote, making an unpleasant experience manageable. >> a very lovely gesture especially when you consider the woman's unpleasant experience. that's what -- she had been arrested earlier in the week. >> and gave them pizza. >> yeah, apparently they made it a more pleasant experience than
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checking our top stories, hillary clinton is leading by 15 points in a new poll. donald trump is under fire this morning for claiming he saw video of that $400 million cash transfer between the u.s. and iran. but even his own campaign admits trump never saw it. a huge cargo plane overshot a runway in bergamo, it ended up on a highway but no one was hurt. cleanup under way in new orleans where a tornado ripped across the city leading a wide path of destruction. at least three buildings were destroyed and nearly 0,000 power outages have been reported. looking at today's weather, it will be hot and dry in the west. stormy from the nation's midsection to the east coast with monsoon rains in the southwest and hot across the south. finally, from us, the late night comics take on the news of
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>> they can't get enough of the election. here now, your "friday funnies." this week alone, trump insulted the parents of a fallen soldier, he called hillary clinton the devil. and he kicked the baby out of a support rally. i haven't seen anything like this since charlie sheen's violent torpedo of truth tour. >> there was a crying baby at one of his rallies and trump kicked it out saying get the baby out of here. the backfire when the secret service tried to remove trump, the tiny baby. >> donald trump attempted to show how tough he would be with putin if putin ever tried to invade ukraine. >> he's not going to go into ukraine. you can mark it down. >> yeah, you can put it in your pocket, wrap it in a burrito. display it on a nice mirror tray. what were we talking about again? >> the response to donald trump's controversial rhetoric, one trump adviser said, the
4:29 am
watching tv and then gets angry at what he sees and reacts on twitter. well, i guess that explains this tweet. >> no, i'm guessing really that this is just wishful thinking, but senior gop officials are exploring options if trump drops out. in fact, top republicans have been seen standing outside mitt romney's house holding boom boxes. >> top republican fund-raiser and hewlett-packard mitt witman released a statement saying she will break with her party and support hillary clinton. she wanted to release it three days ago but her printer kept jamming. >> took a shot at "the new york times" saying they don't write good. went told that was grammatically incorrect, trump said, excuse me, they don't write goodly. >> what's making news in america
4:30 am
developing at 4:30, a parking lot of a brooklyn autozone. the victim actually drove himself to a nearby police station. he later died. and we are live with the latest on the search now for the killer. family and friends are coming together today to remember the jogger found murdered in the marshes of howard beach. the warning for the community and the rising reward in the case. plus, another beautiful morning on tap but changes are on the way in the exclusive


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