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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new details in at 6:00. a shooting victim drives himself to a police station. more about the man who was killed. nypd vehicles lining a marsh road in queens southbounding for answers in the savage killing of a young woman. plus, a mystery many connecticut after a home explodes without warning. for the first time, we are hearing from the governor as he surveys the damage. good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for for joining us, it's friday, august 5th. >> never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. and amy is in for bill. >> good morning to you. a lot of sunshine to start off. we expect just a few clouds through the morning hours and filtered sunshine through the afternoon. going for a high of 84 degrees. beautiful shot. all the day down to the battery. one world trade lit up here. 69degrees currently in central park. and we have a cool 57 in monticello. with 59 for sussex.
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for montauk. everybody else slowly climbing. we will see temperatures widespread across the northeast many the 80s today. the satellite and radar picture showing we're practically cloud- free. wall to wall sunshine to start off. and the futurecast, a class of clouds coming in. and then tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms at times. we will finally shake the rain by the evening hours. and sunday looks terrific. so here's what you can expect across the area today. a lot of n of 84. the beaches look good as well. more coming up in the exclusive accuweather forecast in a few minutes. here's heather o'rourke. hello. p.a.t.h. trains, journal square to 333rd street, 15 minute -- to 33rd street, 15 minute delays. george washington bridge, inbound, the upper-level, you are bumper to bumper. a repeat almost every day this week because of construction on the cross bronx eastbound,
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had over an hour delay. george washington bridge is 10. the lincoln is five. holland with a minor delay. p.a.t.h. weekend suspension starts at 12:10 and lasts until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. during the day, overnight, saturday and sunday and that's the hoboken line. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. in brooklyn, a deadly shooting that began in the parking lot of an autozone last night on flat bush avenue. and police are still on the scene this morning. marcus solis just got an update on the victim. he is live with more for us. marcus-- >> reporter: good morning, lori. yes, learning that the victim in this incident is a dollar van driver who got into a dispute in the parking lot of this autozone. a dispute that ended in gunfire. the victim tried to do everything he could to save
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the autozone in flat bush, the victim shot in the chest. now after that dispute. the 28-year-old drove himself to the 63rd station house which is just a few blocks away. ems responding to the station. the victim taken to kings county hospital where he was pronounced dead. and now the identity of the victim has not been released yet but in the meantime, police are looking for the suspect who took off. pieces of car parts could be part of the vehicle belonging to the suspect who drove off. another person possibly involved also seen running on foot. police still trying to sort this out. reviewing surveillance video. also a security guard witness to this incident. we are live, channel 7 eyewitness news,. >> thank you. an elderly couple is the victim of a terrifying home
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with a gun and used duct tape to tie up the cup and will cover their eyes. then they stole cash, cellphones and credit cards before running away. the victims were not physically hurt. a house explosion in connecticut injured seven people including four children. the home is now a pile of rubble on the ground. the force of the explosion was so strong, it send the front door across the street and into a neighbor's yard. three people inside were able before first responders arrived. but four others were stuck under the debris. this morning, we are hearing from the governor who surveyed the damage last night. >> looks like the house lifted in its entirety and shifted to the -- as you look at it, to the left. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion. four children were hurt with a 7-year-old boy suffering the most serious injury.
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afternoon to a popular young woman murdered doing what she loved. she was strangled while on a run near her home in queens the. nypd releasing this new poster desperately asking for information that could lead to her killer. mallory hoff is live in howard beach. mallory-- >> reporter: shirleen, good morning. detectives say there's a severe community threat and this attack was likely random. this comes as we're learning the brutal death cult off a promise -- death cut off a promising future. she had gotten her masters degree and she was expressing herself as a writer. this film was based on her work. >> she never acted before on film and this was the first time. and as evident in the final product, she did a great job. >> reporter: this six minute film is based on one of her poems. >> she was just over the moon.
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people were interested in reading her word, let alone filming it. >> reporter: the police search for evidence is painstaking. officers are chopping down by hand. >> we're clearing a very vast area in the back next to the crime scene. and we're conducting a search for evidence. >> reporter: dna evidence is being tested. and her cellphone may give of her movements and the murder. but it's all small comfort to a neighborhood living in fear. >> we all jog and we all walk out here and enjoy, you know, the serenity. and now i'm afraid to go out. >> reporter: the investigators will now spend time trying to understand what other cellphones were used in this area on tuesday. in the meantime, a family will plan her wake for her funeral will be held
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howard beach, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and we are learning more about the american woman killed in a stabbing attack in london. the 64-year-old darlene hourton was with her husband, a florida -- horton with her husband, a florida state professor. an american man is among the five victims who survived. the attacker was 19 years old health issues. defense department released new video overnight showing the stepped up air strikes against isis. and you can see the war planes heading out to hit targets in libya. and there's this, bombs blasting an isis tank. hiding in the trees near the city. it was knocked out by a u.s. air strike early this week. donald trump's campaign now admits he never saw a video of
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off-loading wooden palettes of euros and currencies. trump described such a video in full detail on wednesday. still, trump hammered away at president barack obama overnight in a series of tweets. he insisted the president needs to be asked about iran terror funding. president barack obama pushed back at trump saying the u.s. does not pay ransom for hostages. the president says a $1.7 billion claim settlement he in january. it was announced at a white house briefing and it settled the dispute that stretched back for decades. in the president's word, it wasn't some nefarious deal. hillary rodham clinton had a run-in in las vegas. the secret service rushed forward and formed a protective shield around clinton when the protesters moved forward, briefly stopping hernando from speaking. clinton turned the moment
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crowd, that the trump sons are known for safari hunting. come on over do the tv set. beautiful, absolutely gorgeous skies this morning. wow, what a day to begin. 70degrees right now. starting off with beautiful, beautiful sunlight that's really putting a little shade of pink on the buildings from this vantage point. you can see down through the battery and one world trade, spectacular. upper 60s and low 70s, that's the general temperature that we're seeing across the area right now. and planning your day, low to mid-70s through the 11:00 a.m. hour. and then by noon, we will see the temperatures jump to 80 degrees. and low 80s through the afternoon. a high today of 84 is the forecast and through afternoon, temperatures slide back into the upper 60s. more muggy for the afternoon and evening. and then we've got some showers
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half of the weekend for saturday but for now, wall to wall sunshine. details coming up in the exclusive accuweather forecast in a few minutes. we will jump outside to check out what's going on there. and look here. so you just mentioned that shade of pink that the sun is shining. that's causing the shine on to the buildings. this is the george washington bridge, and looks like this is just a parking lot. lower level looks great. upper-level a mess because of late running construction, cross br the expressway. so 30 minutes inbound george washington bridge to the upper. lincoln is 10. holland is five to 10 minutes. p.a.t.h. trains, 15 minute delays. new jersey transit, and new york penn station. long island railroad, metro north, subways all doing okay. and street cleaning rules are in effect for today. over to you. actually, we're going to check out news copter 7. got ahead of myself. john, i understand there's a
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a water main break. good morning, heather. live pictures here. we are on broad street near thomas street. and you can see where police are on the scene. a lot of water up against the cur and be a hole in the street. looks like the water has been shut off so that's the good news. although i expect to see construction later on as they try to get this repaired the. location, it's on broad street about midway between let's say route 78 and downtown newark so a heli traveled and out of downtown newark during the morning commute. expect delays through the scene but all the closures now at least are on the southbound side. live over newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a tragic story overnight in georgia. twin girls left in a hot car and sadly they did not survive. find out who is facing charges this morning. also ahead, severe weather strikes new orleans including a
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down to rio. the 2016 olympic games now just a few hours from lighting the torch. the preview of tonight's
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cellphone video captures the moment a tornado was
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service confirmed an ef-0 tornado touched down during severe storms yesterday. high winds, torrential downpours and the tornado caused three billings to collapse. two men were on the porch of one structure but the fire department says no one was seriously injured. and the father of two young twins is charged with their deaths after they're found in a hot car. police say the 15-month-olds were in the back of an suv in georgia yester samaritans found them. they tried to cool them down before first responders showed up but the twins die add at the time hospital. the father is now facing involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct charges. a rock land county family is recalling the memos the plane they were riding in crashed to the ground in dubai. the 23-year-old, his sister and their parents are flying to dubai from india. he captured the moments on her
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it crashed down. that's when smoke began filling the cabin and passengers became panicked. >> started coming, it was hard to breathe. that's a bad sign, you should not be inside the plane. >> they took their bags and i was like, just drop your bags and leave. after i saw the smoke. >> well after waiting 12 hour, the family boarded the plane back. they say they left everything but their wallets and their passports behind. caused the crash. >> wow. it is 6:16. time for a check of the exclusive accuweather forecast. amy freeze out there for us. >> wow, it's beautiful. gorgeous out here. temperatures are comfortable. easy to take. nice gentle breeze coming through. really spectacular. the skies look good. and from the cameras across the area, we have been getting great views of what it looks
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nice pink hue on the buildings. one world trade, you can see how beautiful the day is getting across the city. 69degrees in the park. south winds at 7 miles per hour. and pressure falling at this hour. another gorgeous day today. and then higher humidity tonight, might feel muggy. and then the thunder threat is for saturday. back to beautiful skies on sunday. so that's what you can expect as far as the forecast over the weekend goes. and now beginning this day, we and this is a change from yesterday of about a handful of degrees, anywhere from two to five degrees warmer. and that's how we will end up this afternoon as well. just warmer than we were yesterday. so instead of low 80s, we will push towards the mid-80s. right now, we have 50s showing up for morristown and sussex and monticello. montauk at 59. and 55 degrees for toms river. skies, gorgeous. not a worry or threat over a
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the beach, on the rivers doing boat, take the motorcycle out, you want to go for the long bike ride, whatever you have planned outdoor, it looks good. and the forecast really shows that while we have this fine finish today, we have the storms coming in with a front tomorrow. and so this is what you need to pay attention to. higher humidity, higher temperatures, and then a trigger coming in. and that is the cold front. so as that comes in, that makes it possible that we could see a shower or thunderstorm across area. and we put the futurecast together. so a cloudy start on saturday morning, muggy, warm, here are the showers. as early as 8:00 a.m., right through the mid-morning hour, we could see a shower or thunderstorm. and through the afternoon, another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms which could create drenching downpours. those all clear out by about 6:00 at night. and we see a nice evening and a beautiful second half of the weekend. that's what we're looking for as far as the forecast goes. weekend get away, storms possible on saturday.
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on sunday. and looks good. forecast high today is 84 degrees. tonight, we go down into the low 70s. and tomorrow, flirting with 90 across the area. the exclusive accuweather forecast does show a nice recovery. as early as sunday. we're in the mid-80s. and we will hold the low to mid- 80s through next week. wednesday could be wet as well. back to you. >> all right. amy, thank you. >> looking good. >> yeah. >> very nice. over to heather and check out the commute. >> let's talk about mass transit, p trains, journal square to 33rd, 15 minute delays. long island railroad on or close to schedule. and guess what, we have another problem with late running construction and it's causing delays at the george washington bridge. news copter 7 above that. good morning, john. that doesn't look good. >> reporter: look at this shot. no, it is not good at all. we are up to day three once again. late running construction on the cross bronx expressway.
6:20 am
take a look at that and see what kind of progress they're maybing. in the meantime, this -- they're making. in the meantime, this is the george washington bridge. headed towards the george, for the moment at least, take a look at the difference between the upper and lower levels. you can see the lower is moving much better into the city. so that might be the idea. across the lower level, head for the west side highway because the delay inbound, it's down by the jones road overpass, that's a 30 span inbound at the bridge. >> oh, boy. here we go again. go with the lincoln, about 10 minutes now. holland is five to 10. or head down stairs to the lower level if you can. this accident has been there for a while. the garden state parkway southbound at exit 105, an accident in the local lanes. down the shore, and you're getting a head start, keep that in mind. hop in the express lanes instead. p.a.t.h.
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starts tomorrow and lasts until december. the 33rd street line suspend between hoboken and 33rd, saturdays, 12:10 a.m. to monday 5:00 a.m. the 2016 subway series is in books with each team keeping their bragging rights. the mets with a pair of home runs in the 5th inning including the newly acquired jay bruce who snapped his slump the dominating performance and the yankees drop the fourth and final game of the series. in light of the series tie, the empire state building was lit up last night in both team colors. i like that. today the mets head to detroit. the yankees face cleveland. well, athletes from 206 nations are in brazil tonight for the official kick-off off to the 2016 olympic games. billions will watch from around the world as teams compete in
6:22 am
are being held in south america. most decorated olympian of all time will carry the u.s. flag tonight. michael phelps has 22 olympic medals to his name, 18 golden. he is only the second swimmer to lead the american delegation into the opening ceremony. a live picture from the stadium where the parade of nations will take place this evening. >> i can't wait to watch. >> yeah, i like to watch that. >> exciting. >> even with the drama going on. we all take for granted, technology may be putting your safety at risk. see how thieves are ripping off cars remotely.
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on the money, stocks open nearly flat as the market continues with small moves made in the last few weeks.
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higher open. oversea, japan's nikkei average lost a fraction. hong kong's hang seng jumped 1.5%. technology is helping thieves steal cars in a matter of minutes. two crooks in houston have managed to steal 30 cars and drive them over the border into mexico with just a laptop. they use it to hack into the car's gps and keyless entry systems and it only takes six minutes. once that happen, th car and drive off. now thieves have become hackers and investigators will have to find a way to stay ahead of the high-tech thefts. the mta is adding more subway count down clocks along with high-tech upgrades. the new lcd displays will be installed in eight stations along the m, q and r lines. the agency is beginning a 90 day test of a new computer system that uses wireless blue tooth technology to update
6:27 am
roll out the clocks. in all, 269 lettered line stations. mta is testing new digital information screens for its 3600 buses. coming up, all new in the next half hour, a hit-and-run caught on camera what when a driver tries to run down a man standing in the parking lot. and news copter 7 is live over the cross bronx where that late running construction is huge delays on the g
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? ? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
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when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise,
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a live picture from brooklyn where police are on the scene of a deadly shooting of a dollar van driver. heart break in queens. friends and family gathered today to say good-bye to a young woman murdered on a jog.
6:31 am
good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for ken rosato. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> good morning to the both of you. sunshine out there, just a few clouds throughout the morning hours. and all the sunshine and light breeze out of the south will help us build our numbers back into the low to mid-80s. currently with 69 in central park. we will see the temperatures make their way into the 80s quite quickly. white stone already 72 degrees for you. oakwood with 64. temperature, mainly the low 60s through mid island. and 59 in montauk. 66 for bridgeport. the hudson valley, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. monticello, cool 57. a look at the exclusive accuweather forecast picture, satellite and radar combined. beautiful skies today and should be great at the beaches as well. we will see changes tonight. showers and thunderstorms for the first half of the weekend. so saturday will be wet while sunday will be dry with
6:32 am
temperatures in the 80s with a high of 84 in new york city. that's the weather. here's heather o'rourke with a look at traffic. and a weekend suspicion on p.a.t.h. trains. august6th, starting tomorrow until december, service supermarket pended between hoboken and 33rd street. saturday 12:10 a.m. until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. i got a tweet and was told from hope that the suspension is actually for both the 33rd street line d 33rd but the journal square is separate. thank you, hope. i'm glad i was able to clear that up. we have journal square to 33rd at this point, 15 minute delays on p.a.t.h. trains. new jersey cross, new york penn station, long island railroad okay. and the george washington bridge, a mess. why? well, once again, late running construction and john is up over it. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, heather. it is an amazing picture this
6:33 am
mess. you can see the cross bronx, looking east toward the intersection with the sheridan expressway. and you can see only that right lane is open. if you look under the overpass, crews are still in the process of clearing the construction equipment out of the roadway. as a matter of fact, right now, looks like they're holding traffic entirely to get the equipment off the road and out on to the shoulder. i will also tell you, this is now the third morning in a row that we've had a problem like this and this morning, nypd has showed up trying to speed things up. bumper to bumper delays now. half way across the cross bronx expressway, past the george washington bridge with delays inbound of at least 30 minutes. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in the last half hour, we have learned the man who was shot at a brooklyn autozone was a dollar van driver. the 28-year-old victim was shot
6:34 am
dispute. he got into his car and drove to a police station just blocks away. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died. and a live look now where investigators are still collecting evidence at the scene. they are looking for four people. police say three drove off in a gray or green mazda. the fourth ran away on foot. new details on a fatal shooting outside of a brooklyn school. a 17-year-old boy tells police playing basketball outside of ps-6 when another teen stole his expensive baseball hat. the boy's father, a 38-year- old, walked over to the alleged robber and took the hat back. as he and his son began to walk away, one of the robber's friends pulled a gun and started firing. the father was killed, his son was not hit. police have identified a person of interest. the reward stands now at $10,000 this morning as police
6:35 am
in howard beach. a 30-year-old woman out for a jog became the victim of a savage attack but she definitely put up a fight. mallory hoff is live with the latest on the investigation. mallory-- >> reporter: lori, this morning there are still no suspects in this case as the hours go on. investigators will continue to clear out this area. if you look here, you can see what is a significantly growing command post. the search for clues going on. the death of the 30-year-old remains a mystery. detectives have dna evidence from the scene. and the dna now being tested. and investigators have her cellphone. it was found near her body and may give police a time line of her movements as well as her murder. and they'll be checking cell tower records to see what other cellphones were nearby during the final moments of her life. the fbi has provided the nypd with a drone for this
6:36 am
detectives robert boyce unable to put the neighborhood at ease. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight, right to the end. so she was beaten quite severely. we believe there's a severe community threat. right now, we think it's random so we don't believe it's anybody in her life that created this. >> reporter: the 30-year-old's take place tomorrow. >> thank you. new video shows a hit and run run in bronx. investigators say a 38-year-old man was standing by the driver's side door of the van when a red pick-up truck slammed into him and kept on going. this happened in a supermarket parking lot on tuesday. right now, the victim is in serious condition at the hospital. if you recognize the truck, call police. a federal judge is the
6:37 am
free on bail while they appeal their corruption conviction. the supreme court recently overturned a similar conviction of the former virginia governor. the lawyers for sheldon silver, the former state assembly speaker have asked a different judge for similar leniency in his corruption case. the fdr drive will be closed in both directions in the overnight hours starting tonight. the department of transportation says it will be closed 96th street. the closures will allow the rockefeller university construction to continue above the roadway. it will be shut down from 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and closures on sunday and monday during the overnight hours. and the summer streets program is coming back for a ninth year. it's sponsored by city bike. and tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., park avenue will
6:38 am
park. it will be packed with activities, a zip line, a giant slide, a dog park and plenty of treats for humans. summer streets will run tomorrow and for the next two saturdays after that. >> always a good time. never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist amy freeze here. a beautiful start this friday morning. wow, one world trade and beautiful sky, lady liberty in the distance, a nice kick-off the weekend. temperatures make it into the low to mid-80s today. a slight increase in humidity. but all in all, the sticky situation comes into play for saturday afternoon where temperatures will be flirting with the 90s and we will be seeing storms in the area. today, sunny and nice, expect the mid- to upper 70s and low to mid-80s for the afternoon. and now it's sunshine across the board for the entire northeast. the weather pattern changes though.
6:39 am
for tomorrow. and also, the chances for rain down the stretch, we will look at a wet wednesday. more details coming up in a few minutes in the exclusive accuweather forecast. for now, saturday, 88 with storms. sunday, high of 84. hi, we have late running construction on the cross bronx expressway. i am sorry to everybody at the george washington bridge, that construction is causing delays at the george washington bridge. news copter 7 is showing us that mess. level was great earlier, not anymore. so over an hour delay inbound into the cross bronx. let's go over here on to our maps and talk about what's going on with p.a.t.h. weekend suspension starting 12:10 tomorrow until 5:00 a.m. monday. that starts tomorrow and lasts until december 20th.
6:40 am
33rd street line. that occurs on sundays. and we have journal square to 33rd at this point with 15 minute delays. and then newark, hoboken, new york penn station, new jersey transit will cross honor. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. over to you. >> thank you. new details from a sex attack in greenwich village. also ahead, new york city
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
police released new video of a suspect wanted for an attempted rape. it happened early saturday. the 20-year-old victim says the man put her in a bear hug and then sexually assaulted her. the suspect stood at least 5'6" medium length dark hair. the city health department wrapped up a night of spraying targeting the mosquitoes that could potentially carry the mosquito virus. trucks sprayed bronx and staten island. one big target overnight, cemeteries where the mosquitoes could breed. officials say so far, no mosquitoes have tested positive for set. florida governor rick scott -- for zika virus. >> florida governor rick scott
6:44 am
entire square mile where 15 case of zika virus were reported. mosquitoes have been drastically reduced and there are no new cases reported. florida has already put $26 million into combating zika virus. today, the chicago police department will release videos connected to the deadly police shooting of a teenager. the 18-year-old was shot in the back last week. investigators say three officers have been relieved from duty. a preliminary investigation shows a body camera on one offir time of the shooting. the video will be released online this morning. and we are hearing the 911 calls george zimmermann made after he says he was punched in the face at a florida restaurant. >> what's going on there? >> a man just punched me in the face. >> okay, is he still there? >> yep. he said he's going to kill me. >> does he have any weapons. >> you need to send like three
6:45 am
says he was attacked after he was talking about shooting trayvon martin in self defense. he says the man punched him in the face. some eyewitnesses dispute the account. good morning america is coming up next. let's check in with robin roberts thrive times square. >> good morning to you -- roberts live in times square. >> good morning. donald trump, facing criticism from president barack obama after making claims of election rigging while a w up by double digits. we will break it down for you this morning. and we are just hours away from the opening ceremony for the rio olympics. we are there for all the pageantry and the challenges the athletes are facing from health concerns to the ioc's controversial ruling allowing two-thirds of the russian olympic team to compete. and the exambassadors
6:46 am
central park. >> don't want to miss that. >> i like that song. >> great weekend. >> that's all you get. >> next time, robin. >> all right. >> have a good one. let's check in with amy freeze now with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> good morning to the both of you. what a spectacular day. a terrific line-up for weather. we have beautiful sky, temperatures are easy to take. the humidities are low. so it's the weekend as ll at the right time. not completely flawless, there will be changes that you need to know. heads up for saturday because we're looking for storms that day. out the door, what a beautiful sunrise. a time lapse version. thank you for setting this up. wow. eyewitness bringing you the sun as it comes up this morning. and it looks so outside. feels good out here as well. and now temperatures will continue to climb throughout the afternoon. this great shot looking down
6:47 am
clouds around. and that's what we expect for most of the day. could become fitterred sunshine this -- filtered sunshine. and a breeze. and after this gorgeous day, we will see higher humidity this evening. a bit more muggy. the storms come in tomorrow and that will create a thunder threat across the area. but sunday's beautiful. so if you can put up with wet weather, at least the threat of wet weather on saturday, we're back to beautiful by the end of the weekend. temperatures right now ra from the 50s at the fork all the way back into long island, some spots close to the upper 60s and low 70s right now. a handful of degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. that results in temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s in most spots with the outliers like montauk at 59. monticello at 57. and toms river at 55. on the road today, getting to those weekend get away spot, wall to wall sunshine and no threat of rain.
6:48 am
thumbs up for the long bike rides and swimming and beach activity, all just fine for today. tomorrow, there's a threat. that's what we're talking about here on too futurecast. -- on the futurecast. by mid morning, showers and thunderstorms keeping in. and it could create drenching downpours and come with gusty winds. clear out by 6:00, 7:00. sunday looks terrific with temperatures back into the mid- 80s. most spots so the thunderstorms that happen could create a downpour at times. and a threat of showers and thunderstorms on saturday for the catskill, jersey shore and the hamptons. all three dry for sunday. we will go with 48 for the high. and tonight, back to the low 70s. 88 is the forecast high for today. and 84 for tomorrow. and nice little difference. and it will feel better as well. and a look at the exclusive accuweather forecast. looking at temperatures hotter on saturday, cooler on sunday.
6:49 am
mid-80s through monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday. there's your exclusive accuweather forecast. back inside to you guys. >> all right. thank you. >> enjoy it. >> yeah, looking good. >> how about the commute? not looking good. but we have a glimmer of hope. cross bronx expressway eastbound into the sheridan, we have this construction. that construction is being picked up. so we have news copter 7 up above showing us how crews are out there trying to get this picked up. but this delay, this constructionla running construction is causing a delay back across the george washington bridge. in fact, it's over an hour to both the upper and lower levels. depends on which deck you choose. i would choose night and go to the lincoln or holland or mass transit. we still have only one lane open but crews are out there. supposed to be picking up the cones. you can still see the police out there as well. so thank you john for those pictures. we will head back to the maps.
6:50 am
a bus, that's delayed as well. 60-plus at the george, lincoln 20, holland 20. buses inbound, new jersey buses, delays. long island railroad, metro north okay. p.a.t.h., starting tomorrow at 12:10, until monday at 5:00 a .m., weekend suspensions. lasts until december 19thth. this is the -- december 19th. hobo begin to 33rd not to be confused with journal square at 33rd line. >> thank you. a traffic stop sends a trooper to the hospital. see the incredible close call. and the fun way nasa is and the fun way nasa is celebratin if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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terrifying moments for an ohio state trooper after pulled someone over. >> his dash cam captures the moment another car comes down the road hitting him. the highway patrol posted this video of the crash to facebook. in it, you can see the sergeant go over the hood of the suv and roll off. police are using the video to urge drivers to be cautious around patrol cars and police. that sergeant is expected to be okay. >> scary stuff. nasa has released a game to celebrate the fourth
6:54 am
rover curiosity on the red planet. >> the game allows to you search for resources on mars. it's free to download. the real rover has driven almost 8.5 miles on the real life mars. but your phone battery will run out before you can do that. >> oh, wow. kind of cool though. your top stories plus a final check on weather and your commute when we come back. >> news copter 7 showing us this back up on the george to 90 minutes. hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back.
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developing in brooklyn, a dollar van driver dead after being snot the parking lot of a brooklyn autozone. >> marcus solis is in east flat bush with the story. >> reporter: an unusual twist to this as the victim drove himself to a nearby police station seeking help before dieing from the injuries. night in the autozone parking lot. police say there was some sort of a dispute between the dollar van driver and another man. and it ended in gunfire. the 28-year-old shot in the chest, rushed to kings county hospital after he got himself to the 63rd station. he was pronounced dead. police looking for the suspect who drove off in his own car, possibly a nissan or mazda. another suspect possibly may
6:58 am
are live in east flat bush, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the reward is up to $10,000 now for help in catching the killer who beat, sexually assaulted and strangled a woman. investigators now believe it was a random attack by a stranger. you can see right now, police are still at the scene in howard beach. they have dna now being analyzed. and they say her cellphone will help track her movements. cellphones were near her in the final minutes of her life. late running construction on the cross bronx expressway is causing huge delays. >> yeah, let's check in with news copter 7. >> reporter: this has become a familiar story. now day three of this late running construction, just as the morning commute gets underway. we have delays on the cross bronx and huge delays at the inbound george washington bridge. live pictures from news copter 7. this is the problem area,
6:59 am
just before the expressway. construction supposed to be picked up before 6:00 this morning. you can see the crews are still out here in the roadway. the center lane has been re- opened. the left lane remains shut down. this should re-open momentarily but big delays at the george. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you. heather -- >> such a nightmare. a nightmare. over to the maps and we will talk about the buses going to the geor bridge, delayed. long island railroad, metro north on or close. 60-plus george, 30 at the lincoln. holland, 20. >> thank you. sunshine today. beautiful, high of 84. look at the weekend, saturday is the wet day. high of 88. and then sunday, the better half, 86. exclusive accuweather forecast, low to mid-80s through the week. >> enjoy. >> thank you. >> good stuff. that's the news for now. i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm lori stokes. good morning morning comerica is up next.
7:00 am
good morning, america. dangerous twisters hit the south. a tornado tearing through new orleans flattening buildings, residents rushing to the rescue. livestreeping the pull someone from the rubble and flooding on famous bourbon street. now more threats this morning. new trouble for donald trump of the showing he's in a fry fall as the president lashing out on his latest allegations. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> now hillary clinton taking on donald trump's sons and these pictures. a search for a serial killer. a shooter on the loose in phoenix now linked to nine attacks. this time a man and his 4-year-old child targeted. the urgent manhunt right now.


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