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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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talking about the heartbreak they are suffering and right now telling us they just want this killer caught. a steady flow of mourners continued to file into the funeral home in ozone park queens. friends, family and complete strangers all here to remember 30-year-old karina vetrano. >> i think she was a beautiful person. >> reporter: investigators have scoured the crime scene at spring creek park in howard beach and aggressively fol homicide case, but still no suspects. >> you just have no choice. you got to stick together and hopefully we find this [ bleep ]. >> reporter: as many did their very best to cope with this devastating loss, they feel their quiet community has forever changed. >> it's so sad. it really is. it's just a sad, sad story. it's not safe anymore to walk around. i'm even afraid myself to be on foot and walk around in the neighborhood.
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approached karina's parents at the wake but didn't know what to say. what can you say to her parents? the reward in this case has been up to$10,000. i'm carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we've got a commuter alert for people to get across the hudson on this friday night. at one point there were 90 minute delays at the holland tunnel. now the delays are cut to 45 minutes. delays outbound but an hour inbound and 45 minute outbound delays already at the george washington bridge and traffic on the george washington bridge was backed up more than an hour during the morning rush a third day in a row. it's all due to late running construction on the cross bronx expressway. the work is being done overnight. 1 lane is supposed to be open by 5 a.m., the second by 6 a.m., but today all the construction wasn't cleared
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enough time overnight to get the work done. police in westchester county are investigating the death of a 15-month-old girl found unresponsive inside a home. officers responded to a 911 call this morning at a home in mount vernon. the lifeless girl was discovered in a bedroom and rushed to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead. officials tell eyewitness news that an arrest is imminent. >> any time there's an infant death, absolutely. if it's a homicide. it's not the norm for a child to die. >> police say there was some kind of trauma to the child's face. some tense moments this afternoon in newark when a s.w.a.t. team moved into a warehouse after reports of a gunman inside. it turned out to be a squatter armed with a bb gun. two men were rescued from the roof of the building.
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purchased the warehouse and were walking through when they found a person they thought had a real gun. they went to the roof and called police. after several minutes members of the s.w.a.t. team entered and took one man into custody. police in the bronx are hoping surveillance video will help them track down a truck used in a frightening hit and run. the video from outside bay chester shopping center captured in red pickup truck veering into the side of a 38-year-old duane steneth was struck and is in serious condition at the hospital. a rare moment today, donald trump backtracked from his claim that he saw video of an american plane delivering $400 million to iran. in fact, he sent out this tweet admitting the mistake and confirmed no video of his claim actually exists. trump has been in a free fall in the polls this week. also today hillary clinton faced some huff questions from reporters. political reporter dave evans
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the newsroom with much more on today's events. >> in the primary donald trump was fond of bragging about his strong poll numbers, but his campaign is in big trouble now. republicans are scrambling to try to help, but trump claimed the media were just inventing things. >> at every turn he stokes division and resentment. >> hillary clinton today hit donald trump but also said she understands why trump is so popular with many americans especially in blue coll of the appeal is xenophobic and racist and misogynistic and offensive and we have to acknowledge, that but let's not lose sight of the real pain that many americans are feeling because the economy has left them behind. >> reporter: late today in iowa trump and his running mate were trying to make up for a horrible week blasting
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hillary clinton lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country. >> reporter: today clinton launched a new tv ad claiming trump is just too dangerous. >> you have to ask yourself do i want a person of that temperament with control of the nuclear codes and as of now i'd have to say no. >> reporter: and the latest polling shows trump in a free fall now even in the red state of georgia. one website predicts who has the best chance at winning has a better than 80% chance now, trump just 18%. but trump is now showing he can backtrack when pushed. yesterday he claimed he saw a secret video of $400 million in cash delivered to iran. >> and the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? >> reporter: but that video was not what trump claimed. today trump tweeted a correction. the plane i saw on television
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cash for iran. monday trump is planning a big economic speech in detroit. he pulled together a new team of economic advisors, but his central message now that the economy is awful just doesn't ring true. unemployment is relatively low and the stock market has had a good run lately. some good economic news today, a hiring boom in july showing the u.s. economy remained strong despite britain's decision to leave the european union. th five thousand jobs were -- 255,000 jobs were added last month keeping the unemployment rate at 4.9% and stocks rallied. the dow ended the week up 191 points, s&p 500 gaining 18 and the nasdaq soared nearly 55 points. tonight a horrific case of animal abuse on long island. an emaciated miniature poodle was left abandoned and tied to the front of a gate at the
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the dog was found in critical condition and covered in fleas. investigators are now searching for the person responsible. we now have more live from the animal shelter. >> reporter: the dog is recovering hearing at the animal shelter. the vet treating it's one of the worst flea infestations she's ever seen. >> he's weak. he gets tired very easily. >> reporter: but this is a big miniature poodle looked like just a few days ago. he was covered with fleas and was severely emaciated. someone abandoned him tuesday morning outside the smithtown animal shelter. they tied him to a fence using an oxygen tube and drove away. >> he has a low red blood cell
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>> reporter: the dog has been named chip. they think he's been 8 and 10 years old. >> he loves to be held, love to be cuddled. >> we have a staff member here. she's one of our supervises that's going to be -- supervisors that's going to be adopting him. we're all in love with him, so we're happy he'll be in the family still. >> reporter: she'll have to remove most of his to 8 because of decay, but she -- his teeth because of decay, but she says his overall prognosis is good. >> as lo body weight is good and we can take care of the the anemia, we should have a good outcome. >> reporter: there is a reward for finding the suspect. the only thing they really know is the person was driving a four door dark colored sedan. >> hopefully they find that
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you. no drinking and driving, a new push for tougher laws against distracted drivers that goes way beyond just texting. >> also ahead if you were driving this weekend, get ready for a major road closure in manhattan. >> big news for yankee fans, an emotional mark teixeira announces his retirement. laura behnke is coming up with sports. >> nice night for baseball in the bronx, temperature at 6:00 80 degrees. increasing clouds heading through the evening hours, more
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drinking coffee or doing your makeup while driving could soon cost drivers a whole lot of money. a controversial new bill calling for hefty fines or even a driver's license suspension is making its way through the legislature in new jersey. many are now wondering does this distracted driving bill go too far? here's anthony johnson. >> reporter: we're not just talking about drinking coffee motorists pay more attention to pouring sugar and cream in the cup than keeping their hands on the steering wheel. the goal of this proposal is to crack down on motorists who multitask. >> you should be concentrating on the road regardless, not on your phone. you shouldn't be eating and driving because you're putting yourself and others at risk. >> reporter: eric admits his car is an office on wheels and talking on the phone and using a computer while driving come with the job. >> i've noticed
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i'm obviously not paying as close attention to the road as i should. >> reporter: according to government statistics in 2014, there were some 400,000 distracted driver accidents which resulted in 3,000 deaths. there are 3,000 people who didn't make it home for reasons that are entirely preventible and those reasons are keeping your eye on the road. >> reporter: lorenzo works in an auto body shop and says a lot of repair work he's doing involves distracted drivers. >> 40% of the people tell me it the proposed fines for the distracted driver violations are the first offense would be 200 to 400- dollar, $400, the second 400 to $600, a third offense 600- dollar, a 90 day -- third offense $600, a 90 day suspension on your license.
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heard with seatbelt safety and no doubt seatbelt laws save lives and they hope the distracted drive law will do the same. we have two weekend commuter alerts, the first fdr drive closed both directions overnight to allow the rockefeller university construction above the roadway to continue. the drive will be shut down from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. tomorrow. the closures continue overnight sunday and monday as well. the fdr will be closed again street to96th street. the 33rd street line will stop running for pass riders. service will not resume until monday at 5 a.m. the work will continue on the weekends now through december. path is adding weekend service to the world trade center and will have free shuttle bus service from there to west 29th street. a special night out, a
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?[ music ] ? great scene there, that's a police officer in asbury park showing off his dance moves while dancing with the co that little girl there at a free concert in springwood park. they danced to the song could you be loved? the post read what the world needs now is love sweet love and it's been viewed tens of thousands of times. >> looking for a partner now. >> look at that. love her. >> there we go. i'm going over by you. >> they're having a great time. >> that's great.
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tomorrow? sandwiched between some sun, right? >> exactly. i'm not going to give you a window from late morning to early evening, but that doesn't mean six hours of rain. it's going to send you inside for a half hour at a time. you were talking about asbury park? >> yes. >> beautiful picture of asbury park and sunshine on the shore this afternoon. it won't be as pretty tomorrow, although i think you'll get your share of hazy sunshine. it will be more humid. rip current risk is high mo we get more of a land breeze of we're just shy of 80, high in the low to mid-80s, close to average, sunset tonight 8:06. clouds are increasing tonight. so is the humidity, might be a light night isolated shower. saturday storm threat is late morning to early evening, but it's just a round or two. dry air and delightful by sunday. we're all huddled around the 80-
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the heat to the west ahead of the front. 80s, low 80s and upper 70s this evening. i think we're fine overnight. maybe there's an early morning isolated shower, better threat late morning to early evening like noon to 5:00, maybe 11:00 to 4:00 in spots. there's our cold front. it's awful close. that's encouraging because that would mean they can get through a little earlier, salvage the late afternoon, early evening. it's picking up a little moisture to the south. there could be an isolated shower overnight as the humidity begins to increase. there is a slight chance we get a gusty thunderstorm tomorrow with heavy downpours. notice clouds and humidity moving in tonight, showers starting to blossom late morning far north and west. around lunchtime maybe it's one or two in new york city. i think we're probably quiet at 3:00 in new york city. this shows lingering showers at
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focusing on connecticut, long island and the jersey shore. this moves out quickly during the evening hours and the humidity starts to lower a little. we have our thunder threat tomorrow, beautiful breeze sunday, low humidity, lots of sunshine. that's a great day. boaters, southwest wind 10 knots. beam wear the skies could get dark maybe midafternoon along the coast. this is earl looking more impressive because the center went over the bay of campeche and it ramped up in winds to 60. terrain of mexico. tonight more humid, late night storm, clouds and hazy sun, best threat of storms midday to early evening. tomorrow night that moves out and we see lower humidity. here's a good look at your seven-day accuweather forecast. we're up to nearly 88 tomorrow. sunday is gorgeous, better half of the weekend. that great comfortable weather continues on monday and tuesday. humidity creeps back wednesday through friday next week. those storms posted there are
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the dog days of summer kick in midweek next week. we'll have an update at 11:00 tonight. sports are next. >> all the way back in spring training mark teixeira talked about playing another four, maybe five years, but that was then. now he starts to move on. >> there's a new boss in town. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me,
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yeah. this will work as a coffee table. don't! ah! it says...fragile. get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. plus free installation, tv equipment, and epix included. call now. this is a bit of a surprise. >> did not really see it coming. wednesday night mark teixeira was having all kind of fun as
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the veteran first baseman as teixeira announced he will retire after this season after 14 years in the league, the last eight of them with the pin stripes. he warned everyone at this press conference that teixeiras are cryers and then proceeded to break down. tex won a world series with the yankees in 2009, his best season in the bronx, but he said now it's time to do something new and he doesn't want to be a distraction as he as a yankee. >> i got toly out my dream and had more success than i could ever imagine and -- got to live out my dream and had more success than i could ever imagine and it felt like it was the right time for me to step away from the game. i gave you everything i had, but i tried my best and i'm proud to have a world series ring with the yankees, and i'll never forget. >> that teixeira announcement not the only big deal today at
6:27 pm
back making his return to the bronx tonight after he was traded to the indians last weekend. while he was always happy with the pin stripes, it's time to move on. >> it's kind of weird. it's not the most exciting thing to pitch against these guys after playing with them the last year and a half. i'm ready to just get back to baseball. >> the mets fresh off their subway series splits, they continue an interleague stretch as they visit the tigers in detroit tonight looking to win back to back games the first time in a mo last night it was all about the new guy, jay bruce, who made his presence felt with his first let as a met, just happened to be a three-run home run against the yankees. that would keep the mets on top where they would stay. new york the rivals splitting that subway series. as hall of fame weekend rubs up in canton with the nfl preseason opener on sunday, the jets and giants are home preparing for next week as they open the exhibition schedule thursday and friday
6:28 pm
is the defense. mohammad wilkerson remains on the physically unable to perform list. so he's taking this time to observe his group and likes what he sees. >> it's been great. as long as we keep pushing each other, these first couple days of camp i'm liking what i'm seeing. i can't wait to get out there. the giants have a whole new look on defense which was pretty necessary after being at or near the bottom of most statistical categories last season. the biggest rebound came on the defensive line addition of damon harrison and vernon and combine that with a healthy paul and expectations are high. >> we look really good and the past few days we've been doing pretty good against the offense. if we continue to build on that, i feel we can be one of the best defensive lines. the quest for olympic glory almost here, the opening ceremony in rio tonight as the games get underway and one group getting a lot of
6:29 pm
the way the u.s. is looking for a third gold medal. >> this team right here, very outgoing 1 through 12, everybody outgoing, different personalities, enjoy being around them, push each other at practice, work hard, you know. i would say this might be one of the best teams. >> these guys will be the athletes to see in rio now. they've got a lot of people following them around looking for autographs and taking pictures. >> i love how they decided chartser themselves out a cruise -- charter themselves out of a cruise ship. >> their own village. time for us to look at what we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. >> parking meter proliferation at 11:00, drivers in one community in brooklyn used to park for free, but a surge of meters means they now have to pay, how the neighborhood is fighting back. >> and a new outbreak spreading
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to treatments, those stories and more tonight on eyewitness news at breaking news tonight. deadly takedown in the street. police releasing new body cam video. a deadly shooting in an american city. officers chasing a suspect, opening fire. an unarmed black teenager shot in the back. tonight, we take you moment by moment into the violent takedown. did police go too homes flattened in new orleans. major flooding in the southwest. the new alerts tonight. russian connection? the bombshell allegation. the former cia chief calling donald trump a risk to national security, claiming he's been turned into an "unwitting agent" of vladimir putin. meth mayor? the elected official caught in a police sting, accused of dealing meth in a suburb just outside of


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