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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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today. >> reporter: joe and sandra, earlier today a catholic mass was celebrated at st. helen's church in howard beach, the church where she grew up. as this community has come together to remember her life, police are now searching for the person responsible for her death. the church bells toll as the casket is carried out of st. helen's church in howard beach. hundreds crowd the sidewalk to say a final farewell to the 30 friends say had a passion for life. even those who didn't know her gathered outside to pray. she was an avid runner who loved rainbows. through her blog encouraged those around her to love and respect themselves. >> pay my respects even though i didn't know her. living in such a tight knit community, you feel like you did. it's horrible. >> i felt like she was my
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to her family. >> reporter: karina was killed tuesday while out for a jog in howard beach. when she didn't return home, her father called police and went looking for her. she was found later that night off the running trail face down. she was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. a vigil was held earlier in the week. and friday night, hundreds came to pay their respects. karina's killer has not been caught. but her story has dominated national headlines and sent a small queens neighborhood where so many had felt so safe. >> i feel for her family. who wouldn't? god forbid it would be my daughter. you know, i wouldn't know how -- how would i react. it's very bad. >> everyone is going to be thinking of her. it's -- it's just sad. >> reporter: and as the
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are now reviewing possible dna evidence found at the crime scene, hoping that will lead them to her killer. we're live in howard beach tonight, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, diana. storm clouds spread out across the area this afternoon with a few downpours. lee goldberg is in this evening for jeff smith. he has a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> showers in howard beach. the end of her live shot. sunshine coming out over lower manhattan. 67 right now. the showers are not severe. brief heavy downpours and lightning and wind gusts near 30 miles per hour. where it has not rained, it feels like it's 95 to 100. parts of the hudson valley. all of this heat and humidity has been building and the atmosphere is boiling over a
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to courtland manner and another downpour over new york city. that will be over in 15 minutes or so. a downpour in staten island. we will be watching ocean county over the next hour or so. new york city north and west now pretty much clear. any way manhattan and the bronx. we still have to watch queens for the next half hour or so. wind gusts can be 30 miles per hour. if you're headed out this for a few showers. and then we dry out. you're going to love the rest of the 7-day forecast. that's a few minutes away. joe and sandra, back to you. >> thank you, lee. you can get alerts all the time using the abc7ny app. new details in the death of a 15 month old girl in westchester county. police arrested the toddler's mother and authorities are
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hoff has the latest information. mallory. >> reporter: joe, the mayor tells me when this 26-year-old mom was questioned, she changed her story multiple times. he says ultimately that is what led to her arrest. if you take a look here, you can see a growing make shift memorial outside of this apartment. police say the two other children, ages 6 and 9, are now in the custody of child protective services. mount vernon police say the mother has been arrested and will be charged with first degree manslaughter in her daughter's death. police responded to a 911 call at 5:30 in the morning. that call was made by the child's aunt. when they arrived, they found the 15 month old unresponsive. there are indications that the toddler was dead for several hours. the toddler had internal
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cold. detectives are investigating the possibility that the body may have been placed in the freezer. >> as far as i know, the mother was a good mother. she stayed with her children out here. she didn't let them go astray. she always had the baby in her hands. >> what we know is there was significant head trauma to the toddler. based on the coroner, the symptoms, the injuries appears as if her stomach was squeezed. there are things that just don't add up. of the toddler was very unusual. the matter of whether she was put in the freezer is under investigation. >> everything is unjustifiable where that is concerned. and it's really, really heart breaking. >> reporter: the mayor tells me child protective services has actually made visits here before. the mother will be arraigned on monday. live in mount vernon, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness
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an assault by a stranger at a subway station in brooklyn. it happened thursday afternoon in brownsville. police say a man who was caught on surveillance video struck a 37-year-old woman in the back of her head with a wooden stick. it happened on the stairs leading to the manhattan bound platform. he then ran away. the victim was treated for a bruise to her head. politics now. we turn to the presidential campaign. donald trump is set to speak in yesterday he tried to repair relations with fellow republicans. trump is now endorsing house speaker paul ryan who faces a primary challenger in his wisconsin congressional district. trump read a statement about ryan at a rally in green bay. he also backs senators john
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latest marriage poll shows the democratic candidate ahead of trump. and one poll from georgia shows hillary clinton has the lead there despite it being a red state. the chicago police department says the district where a black teenager was fatally shot by officers last week had just received body cameras before the incident. nine videos were released yesterday in the shooting of paul o'neil. at a stolen car as it drives away from them and then a foot chase where they handcuffed the fatally wounded driver. the police chief was concerned about some of the things that he saw on the videos so he stripped three of the officers of their powers. >> a lot of people are upset by what they saw and quite honestly they have a right to be upset. there are a lot of questions to answer and a lot of work to do to continue to build the trust that is so important between
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community that we serve. >> protesters took to streets last night in chicago after that video was released. and more protests are underway there today. police in belgium say a man who attacked two police officers has been shot and killed. police say the man pulled a machete from a bag at a security check point in front of a police station south of brussels. he was shouting god is great in arabic. the prime minister said, quote, first indications suggested it was an act both officers are recovering but one suffered severe cuts to her face. a teenager accused of going on a stabbing rampage in london appeared in court today. he will be kept in police custody. he is accused of a stabbing attack on wednesday in london's russell square that killed 64- year-old retired teacher darlene horton and injured five others. police found no evidence of
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radicalization in the case. a s.w.a.t. team swarms a home in new jersey. how they managed to rescue five people held against their will for hours inside that newark home. also ahead, a brooklyn church answers drivers' prayers and fuels plenty of happiness. and a battle between business owners and birds. ?? ??
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yeah. this will work as a coffee table. don't! ah! it says...fragile. get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. plus free installation, tv equipment, and epix included. call now. >> a s.w.a.t. team used pepper spray to end a four-hour standoff at public housing -- at a public housing complex this morning. no one was hurt. an assault rifle, handgun and ammunition were found. police say 32-year-old shabaz rogers held five people fence
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it stemmed from a domestic incident. a couple of security scares today at the olympics in rio. an apparent blast shook the area near the finish line of the road race. an officer says it was a controlled explosion of an unattended bag. and at the olympic equestrian center, a military bullet flew through the roof of the media tent and landed on the floor. no one was injured. drivers lined up for free gas in brooklyn this morning. a church in crn the gas and organized the give-away. miracle center international planned to fill up at least 150 cars. the pastor says they are simply trying to spread love. >> we just want to put a smile on the faces of the people just to let them know that jesus loves them. people are going through difficulties and hard times. sometimes a kind gesture like this let's them know that we're out there. >> i'm sure the drivers were smiling. >> absolutely.
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how about this, new york city summer streets program returned to manhattan today. from the brooklyn bridge to central park and then park avenue were closed to cars so people could go out and, well, have fun. biking up and down the stretch was one of the more popular activities. an obstacle course for dogs was one of the special events there as well. summer streets returns next saturday and the saturday after that. >> always a good time. >> checking out the course there, wasn't he. u this evening for jeff smith. we love having you here. the reason that jeff is not here is because jeff became a father. >> take a look. does he look familiar. >> yeah. that's little jordan smith. >> yes. congratulations to jeff and jen, the proud parents of jordan. happy healthy fella named after michael jordan. i don't know. we'll have to ask jeff. >> i've been calling him air jordan. >> have you. >> you know he's going to have
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like jeff. >> that's one tall family right there. >> congratulations. >> 7 pounds, 6-ounces and looking good. >> that was a long time ago for you. your babies are bigger than me now. >> it was a sunday and i left when jessica's water broke. i'm so excited for jeff to start the journey. >> it is awesome. congratulations. >> happy to be in for him. >> we're seeing sun. >> all clear in manhattan. about to be clear in queens. in brooklyn. wonder thing. we're good for the evening. this wasn't going to be a washout. just a little interpretation and now we're on the -- interruption and now we're good to go. there's a little hint of a rainbow in the lighter area of the clouds. >> yeah. >> yeah, you don't see it. that's okay. a little rainbow came out after the showers came there. i took a freeze of it. i will post it on facebook and twitter after the newscast. you can go out there without
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is picking up. the humidity is going to nose dive. by 11:00, it will be way down. 86 the high today. many spots getter close to 90. there are your sunrise and sunset times. got some showers that are cooling things off a little bit, kind of a steam bath there. a pair of 8s in lake hurst. look, it's the catskills. it's still 90 in williams port. look at the cold area over canada. it's not that we get colder after the dry front but it's a due front for us. any showers and storms will be over long island and the jersey shore for the next two hours. after that, we clear out, dry out. a great day tomorrow. really warm upper humidity is low. a nice breeze in the afternoon.
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showers over parts of northern rochester and rockland moving through. manhattan is clear but we still have downpours near queens and back through brooklyn and headed to jfk and nassau county as well. this will go to freeport. more storms going from middlesex into mammoth. after that, that's it. just a couple of storms during th towards fairfield. you can see the air shift and the drier air coming in. this is futurecast. it showing basically after 7:00, the storms are moving off shore. a beautiful day tomorrow. breezy in the afternoon. that helps the lower humidity come in. we're high and dry. we have three amazing days coming up sunday, monday and tuesday before the humidity comes back. an early thunderstorm south and east of new york city. tomorrow a high of 87. lots of sun and low humidity
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night. here is your 7-day accuweather forecast. the next three days are warm but they're the sticky august days. they're beautiful. sunshine and low humidity. then we start developing the dog days of summer wednesday through saturday where even though you see the thunderstorms there, don't worry, those are not washouts. just late day storm threats. kind of florida weather with mid and upper 80s during the day. i hope that little air jordan likes that one. >> i'm sure he will like anything. >> how about this a pulled off trick shots this summer and posted the videos online. tremendously popular. >> check out his feed training a shot from the roof of a hotel 250 feet away. [cheering and applause] >> the former vanderbilt university star player now coaches at a high school in nashville. he hopes his amazing trick shots deliver an important message to his players.
5:18 pm
needle in a haystack. you have wind factors, 250 feet up, 80 feet out from the basket. it's hard to equate for all of the factors. anything is possible. anything that you put your mind to. >> ma docks is not sure how many attempts he made at the shot before he actually got it in but he reached his goal of doing it in less than 30 minutes. >> impressive. >> i think he got fouled on it, anthony johnson. what do you think. that was spectacular. the yankees do battle with the indians, trying to take on the top team in the american league central this afternoon. but cleveland brought out the big bats today. could the yankees keep score. college football season kicks off and ruckers is getting back on the field with getting back on the field with a new
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>> it was a hot steamy day for a baseball game. perfect weather for the ball to carry. sanchez just called up to the majors this week got into the swing of things early, driving this double to left center field. in the 2nd gave the yankees an early 1-0. davis drives this long home run to left field. that gave the tribe a 4-2 lead. the pitcher was on top of his game, striking out sanchez in
5:22 pm
miller strikes out mark in the 9th as the indians beat the yankees by a final of 5-2. the mets are back at it tonight, taking on the tigers in detroit. but there is something to be concerned about with noah syndergaard getting roughed up again last night. appeared to be working hard on every pitch. the mets have struggled the past month. they have not been able to win two games in a row since july they beat the marlins and nationals. football fans, you don't have to wait much longer. tonight in canton, ohio, the next class of hall of famers will be inducted. at one point it seemed like he would never retire but brett farve will highlight the ceremony. he played one season with the jets will have his name added to the list of football immortals. he has the most consecutive starts as a request and took his team to one super bowl
5:23 pm
we have the hall of fame game. hike. meanwhile, practice begins on monday for ruckers. they ended last season in disarray with players being arrested and a coach caught putting pressure on a professor to change a player's grade. now they have a new coach and a new culture. >> the new football coach at rutgers university wants his players to have fun but he is preparing them for the challenges to t big 10 program back on track. chris ash knows winning football. he was the defensive coordinator for ohio state when they won the 2014 national championship. he wants to bring that spirit to rutgers, but it will take a while. >> i have no timetable set for how long it's going to take for the plan to work. but it's an incompetent fallible plano owe infallible plan in my opinion. >> reporter: this will be their
5:24 pm
and defensive lines are ready for any level of competition. >> we have talent. i think we have leadership. and i'm very excited about what we have up front. >> reporter: after ash got the job, he had just three weeks to recruit. one obstacle is new jersey's top football players are routinely picked by some of the top football programs in the country like michigan. now the challenge is keeping the best players at home. to keep the best players here, yeah. sure. but it's important to get the right ones that fit into our culture. >> reporter: rutgers maps to develop closer ties with high school football coaches in the region to find the best talent. >> we have to have great incompetent ares and relationships built on trust. that means the high school coaches trust us, trust in our plan and how we're going to take care of their players and develop them. >> reporter: after a 2015 season full of scandal and criminal allegations, rutgers
5:25 pm
going to look a little closer at that. you know, rutgers had the arrests to start last season. so the coach is trying to change the culture at rutgers. that will come up tomorrow when we talk to coach ash again. he made that shot and you saw i missed that shot. >> you had an air ball there. >> i was hoping that you didn't pay attention to that. >> then you put it on tv. >> yeah. and that comes after a coach makes a shot from what was it 250 feet away. >> exactly >> we need to have a talk later, pal. >> see you, anthony. beautiful boats gliding across the water today for the 26th annual hong kong dragon boat festival. it celebrates the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. and over the years, it has grown to include more than 30 boats, quickly becoming one of the largest dragon boast
5:26 pm
for cash prizes and trophies. the festival continues tomorrow. >> always a great time. >> it is for sure. >> there is growing frustration among beach goers and business owners in suffolk county because of federally protected birds. >> the county officials are going too far, shutting down beaches to protect the birds. in fact, business owners near smith point county park complain most beaches have been closed most of the sum. >> that has dramatically cut into their reporter kristin thorne. >> reporter: craig burke hart owns smith point bait and tackle in shirley. it has been family owned since 1952 but he is in danger of losing the business. >> i'm going to lose it to this, this fight that i can't win. >> reporter: it's all because of this bird the piping clover. it's an endangered species and has been nesting like every year at the park. the beach is usually closed a month or two every summer for
5:27 pm
more than two months with no end in sight. it's taking a major toll on nearby businesses which rely on people who go to fish, surf and play at the beach. >> i'm not saying the bird has to be gone. but i don't believe my business has to be gone. my kids shouldn't have to suffer. >> reporter: burke hart suffers if the birds are even there. he showed us a recently of an empty nesting cage. staff went out to look and tell eyewitness news they saw nests and no birds. mark owns religion surf and skate and says his bottom line is down 50% this summer. >> taking a big hit. i'm cut in half, you know. it's a shame. they have to open it soon. >> reporter: and then there's smith point beverage. they say their sales are down sharply too. >> a lot of the businesses on the strip only have a sharp window of opportunity to make the money to carry it through the winter. it affects ughs. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the suffolk county executive's
5:28 pm
every single day looking for the birds and they spotted some. she says if they open up the beach, they could face a $25,000 federal fine. the suffolk county executive's office says these business owners aren't the only one who's want the beach back open. they do too. in shirley, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> chaos at a concert in jersey. coming up, video captures the moment a rail collapses at a concert in camden, hurting more than 40 p
5:29 pm
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number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news at 5:00 with joe torres, sandra bookman and meteorologist jeff smith. now eyewitness news continues. >> here is a look at tonight's top stories. mourners gather for the funeral of a woman killed while out for a jog in queens. no arrests have been made in the death of the 30-year-old. her father found her lifeless home from a run tuesday night in howard beach. police arrested the mother of a 15 month old girl found dead inside a mount vernon apartment. the mother will is expected to be charged in connection with the death. police are looking for a man who hit a woman in the head with a stick at the brooklyn subway stags. it happened at the l stop in brownsville. good evening again, i'm sandra
5:32 pm
joe torres. not the kind of excitement that music fans wanted. a railing collapsed during a concert in camden. the. >> entire scene was caught on camera. abc's andrea bankurt has details. >> reporter: the excitement to see snoop dogg caught on camera. within seconds, the celebration spilling over, turning into chaos. video capturing the moment that the railing separating fans in camden, new jersey collapsed. fans cascading down like a wave, slamming into the ground. >> they have got a collapse. >> reporter: another angle shows how people flipped over each other, landing on the concrete floor, three feet below. security quickly escorting the two music stars off the stage as crewed helped the injured.
5:33 pm
>> i literally fell seven feet. i luckily fell on top of someone so i didn't hit the concrete. >> reporter: most injuries were minor cuts, bruises and broken bones. witnesses say fans were pushing up against each other before the collapse. >> everybody is rushing to the front and people are pushing me too. then people start falling off the edge. >> reporter: now questions about how and why that railing new jersey, adrian bankurt, channel 7 eyewitness news. authorities in northern france say candles on a cake caused a fire that killed 13 people and injured six others at a birthday party. it broke out in a basement room in normandy. investigators say the person carrying the cake with lit candles tripped on the stairs and dropped it. sound insulating material on the walls quickly ignited and the guests had no time to
5:34 pm
spain say high temperatures and dense vegetation are complicating the efforts to fight the forest fear. the fire claimed the life of a forest worker on thursday and forced the evacuation of 2500 people in three towns. in syria today, rebels launched a new against deposit forces. government siege. the opposition says the government lines were broken. but syrian state media says the syrian army is in control. one group says the rebel forces have advanced. veterans in new jersey say they're waiting on governor christie. he has yet to decide if they will be allowed to use medical marijuana to treat their ptsd symptoms. the new jersey legislature
5:35 pm
allow for ptsd treatment. if christie signs the bill, new jersey will be the 18th state to allow such use. tourism representatives in florida say it's been a slow season. that's even before the zika outbreak. today planes in miami sprayed pesticide throughout the area. governor rick scott insists the state is safe. next week new york city health officials will conduct more aerial mosquito spraying to combat the spread of zika. it will be the six from the air this seas on. they are targeting four burrows, staten island, brooklyn, queens and the bronx. the aerial spraying will take place in nonresidential areas monday through wednesday. like mosquitoes, scammers have been swarming new york with zika prevention methods. new york's attorney general launched a crackdown on phony protection products. here is kimberly richardson. >> what do you think this is
5:36 pm
nonsense. >> reporter: not exactly but officials say buying these colorful stickers, these wrist bands, any of these products is simply a waste of money. >> whenever you have a crisis and people are anxious, that's an opportunity for fraudsters. that's an opportunity for scammers. they take advantage of people's anxiety and desperation. >> reporter: and so new york attorney general eric snyderman is now going after 7 companies. just issued cease and desist letters to the businesses which claiming these items prevent and protect you from getting the virus. the items include ultrasonic devices which claim to repel mosquitoes. as well as wrist bands that contain botanical-based oils. >> it's not like these guys are making hundreds of millions of dollars. we just want to stop it. if people persist, we will go after them for damages.
5:37 pm
and some bodegas. they say look for anything in spray form that contains at least one of the following five ingredients. >> oil of lemon eucalyptus or something called ir-3535 which is in a product that is brand name skin so soft. >> reporter: there have been confirmed cases of zika in new york but no mosquitoes have tested positive for the virus. kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a happily ever after 75 years and counting. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a couple celebrates a diamond anniversary with one new celebration in their new home. home sweet home never sounded so sweet for an army veteran. the community gives him and his family a big gift.
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>> seven and a half decades of wedded bliss. that's right. a couple from poughkeepsie has been happily married for 75 years. to celebrate their long-lasting love, they renewed their love at the nursing home where they now live. >> reporter: coming down the aisle, elizabeth could not help
5:41 pm
[cheering and applause] >> reporter: renewing their wedding vows, carl and elizabeth show how strong their love has been and will be. >> love and honesty and be good to each other. >> reporter: the couple who just moved into the river valley care center in poughkeepsie has been overwhelmed that staff and administrators wanted to celebrate. >> staff and residents alike, to celebrate what is really just a beautiful celebration in general. >> reporter: carl and elizabeth first met at children, later dated in high school. after that, carl proposed. >> we eloped because they didn't want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. >> reporter: after a church wedding, carl's father bet him the marriage would not last. >> he says i'll tell you what, if it lasts over a year, i'll
5:42 pm
bucks. >> i heard it was a thousand. >> huh? >> i heard it was a thousand. >> well, maybe it was. >> reporter: he paid in cash and their love flourished. carl went off to war. they had a daughter who passed away in 2015. one thing was constant. >> he just said he loved me and that's all that matters. >> you are truly a blessing to the world, to society and for the other. >> reporter: elizabeth and carl then kissed each other. their love stronger than ever. >> 75 years. wonderful years. >> reporter: reporting from poughkeepsie, channel 7 eyewitness news. a 10-year-old in north carolina can teach us all a heart warming lesson about hard work.
5:43 pm
school supplies and clothes. his mother says when he told her what he planned to do, she was overwhelmed with pride and posted about it on facebook. >> i wanted to help my mom so she could pay her bills and i could pay for my own school supplies. >> a north carolina security company was so moved by him that the company set up a drop- off location for people to donate clothing and supplies to him. he doesn't want to stop working. donations to other kids. >> wonderful young man. >> yes. a wounded warrior and his family are settling into a new home this weekend. earlier this week, retired u.s. army ranger cut the ribbon and began moving into the house in california. a local home builder and nonprofit paid for everything. he was severely wounded in combat during his ninth tour of duty in the middle east.
5:44 pm
everything. it feels like it's not real. it hasn't hit me yet that this is my home. >> the retired army ranger needs many more surgeries on his injured legs so the house was built to accommodate the wheelchair he will use as he recovers. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, kittens are safe after they were found in an unusual way. now they may be named after pokemon characters. rough rescues in arizona leave drivers trapped in massive amounts of mud. and we have the sunshine back in mid town. dark skies off to the south. that's because of showers still over long branch and nassau and into fairfield as well. as we go into the evening
5:45 pm
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>> new video first responders rescuing two men whose u-haul truck got stranded scottsdale, arizona. heavy downpours from thunderstorms in scottsdale and phoenix swamped low lying streets and knocked out power to thousands of customers. forecasters call for drying over the weekend but more wet weather next week. >> that is a lot of mud. >> it doesn't take much out there. we can take it no problem but they flood right away. >> the rain looks to be out of here for the night. >> yeah. just tracking some over the island, leaving connecticut,
5:48 pm
we're good. just a little interruption today. you're also noticing a nice breeze out there. really pretty picture. pretty dramatic there. great lighting on the empire state building. then the darker skies. our temperature is at 76. probably bouncing back up to the 80-degree mark. the humidity is still there. there's the cold front. that's a wind shift line. northwest winds coming in here. the downpour that had small hail near dan bury. going towards monroe and redding and tremble. showers diminishing over nassau county. the beach is getting a little wet briefly. it will dry out and have a nice sunset. for the next hour or two, we will focus on somerset, right
5:49 pm
next hour or two. northern ocean should get showers too. overall, clearing in the overnight. nice breeze, drying. sunshine tomorrow. still very warm. we get into the upper 80s but the dew points are way down. look at futurecast. the showers are moving off shore. lingering showers south of i-78 could linger until 8:00, 9:00. then clear skies. tomorrow morning, in the mid- 60s to low 70s. then during the afternoon that's a little overdone in terms of showers. maybe a spray sprinkle in the catskills. the due points go from the 70s down to the 50s tomorrow. it should be comfortable despite the fact that we have temperatures in the upper 80s again. air quality goes back to being good tomorrow. it's refreshing. uv index at 8. pollen count has spiked because of the rain. wind is light early.
5:50 pm
feet. look for a chop in the afternoon hours. the rip current is moderate to low tomorrow. yankees-indians game, warm but dry. i want to check the tropics. remember earl has dissipated for the most part. it is still an area of low pressure and could turn into a tropical system over the pacific. it would be named something different. but the remnants potentially in the pacific. we will watch this area in the bahamas. there's a small chance for development later on. here is your 7-day accuweather forecast. after we get rid of the thunderstorms early in new york city, it's a great stretch of weather. mid to upper 80s and low humidity. unusual for august. then we get the heat and humidity back. that's wednesday through saturday. but if you have a vacation week and have time off, it's just late day thunderstorms. more humidity late week. that's about it.
5:51 pm
this story is precious. five abandoned kittens are safe thanks to a pokemon go player. >> bound to happen. >> yeah. that player called 911 after hearing an alarm go off. when the deputy arrived, he found the kittens running around in the parking lot. near them was a box that read sorry for leaving them like this. caught them all yesterday. the spca took them in of course. >> something good has finally out of pokemon go. >> spca volunteers are considering naming them after pokemon go characters. >> there's no shortage of characters to pick from. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00 -- not every towel is a clean fit for your family.
5:52 pm
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>> bath towels are something that you and your family rely on every day. they're an important item for students heading back to college. you want the towels to feel soft and last. consumer reports has tips on buying towels that will hold up. here is eyewitness news anchor da a huge selection of towels can be a challenge. here is what you need to know. thick and heavy towels will dry you off better. egyptian or pima cotton is the best quality. the longer fibers are stronger and less likely to pill. shop carefully. >> there are a lot of towels out there that are labeled pima or egyptian but they're not. if the prices are too good to be true, they probably are not the real thing.
5:55 pm
rayon blends. be aware the towels that are so soft in the store won't stay that way. they're treated with a special finish that will wash out. >> using liquid fabric softener will make the towels feel soft but it decreases absorbency. >> reporter: instead of the timer setting, use the machine's moisture sensor. if you have a teen at home, colored towels be ruined by acne medications that can leave bleach spots. some manufacturers claim they can resist these stains. the bs were painted on quickly with the gel and then washed. both the real simple and the sonoma towel from kohl's came through fine. l.l. bean showed bleaching but when tested with a smaller amount, they did not bleach.
5:56 pm
white towels and they all came through the test unscathed. so white towels are a great option for teens. david navarro, eyewitness news. a consumer reports suggests when you buy colored towels, buy a matching washcloth and store it so when they fade, you can ask for your money back. enter a code along with their user name and password. the code is sent by text message and expires after ten minutes. well, now people who don't have cell phones can't use the site. the social security administration has alternatives. but until then the recipients will have to use e-mail, call or regular mail or go to a social security office. 30,000 workers from
5:57 pm
effective immediately. it covers 12 organized groups of workers in maintenance, fleet services and other ground service. the union says the deal brings the compensation in line or slightly ahead of delta and united. next on eyewitness news at 6:00, a mother under arrest for the death of her toddler. we find out new details about how the child dad. police search for a man who attacked a woman on the subway
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one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports, and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. >> a writer, artist, avid runner. today family and friends came together to remember the young woman killed during her evening jog. first, new developments in the death of a toddler in westchester county. girl's mother. good evening, everyone. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. police say the mother will be charged with manslaughter in the death of the 15 month old. the toddler was found dead early yesterday morning. mallory hoff is in mount vernon now with new details about the police investigation. mallory. >> reporter: sandra and joe, an investigator tells me this woman's story simply did not


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